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  • 'Twittered' eligibility case lawyer faces threat of sanctions

    04/10/2009 5:49:43 PM PDT · 36 of 38
    canaan to Steel Bill

    “I spent considerable time in Europe in my younger days and what is going on here has got nothing to do with a transition to European socialism.”

    How do you characterize the change you see, though?

  • Obama "birth certificate" conference in Washington April 3-4 (Anyone aware of this conference?)

    04/04/2009 6:05:06 PM PDT · 37 of 37
    canaan to canaan

    “Hawai’i tourism, products and businesses are being “quarantined” to prompt full disclosure concerning Barack Obama by Hawai’i state officials and school officials. “Big surprise” at Obama birth certificate conference turns out to be a worldwide boycott of the State of Hawai’i.”

  • Three police officers shot in Philadelphia [Correction: Pittsburgh]

    04/04/2009 5:09:37 PM PDT · 273 of 321
    canaan to WhistlingPastTheGraveyard

    LOL. No, I’m here many times a week, reading posts, sometimes commenting.

    I commented on a sexist statement, and the misogynists surrounded me. My attempting to defend myself and my opinion is no more than the right you would claim to defend your own positions, sister. How interesting that you would assume I am a woman - do you know no men who subscribe to equality?

    I honestly had no idea how many sexist people were still out there. I have stood up for my beliefs, but I have no overbearing interest in arguing with people with very antiquated beliefs about women, IMO. I did not come here to discuss sexism. I came here to discuss political issues. I had no idea the price was tolerating sexism.

  • Three police officers shot in Philadelphia [Correction: Pittsburgh]

    04/04/2009 5:03:48 PM PDT · 270 of 321
    canaan to AH_LiveRight

    Wait a minute - I suggest that using “ette” to demean someone is reinforcing the meme that women are inferior, and then quite a few people come out saying women ARE inferior, and I’m a “feminazi”?

    I object to sexism and misogyny, yes. If you look at my views from the viewpoint of these posters, yes, I must seem very different. But a person expecting equality is not the extreme person (and women have had the vote for 50 years - they didn’t get it until after black people did - so I’m pretty sure there are no more suffragettes).

    Someone else could look at some posts here about protecting the 2nd amendment, and call them all gun crazies. Does that make it accurate? If someone threatens your guns or your religion, do you stand up for it? Yet somehow I’m different, for standing up for women’s equality...? I read blatently sexist posts, but *I* am the condescending one?

    “militant feminazi”??? because I don’t condone sexism? It’s hyperbole, with a design. I suggest that the name-calling is nothing more than an attempt to shut me down, rather than examine your own position.

    I did not respond to that original post to ignite a sexist firestorm. Some of you and I are very far apart on issues of fairness, and we will never come to a meeting of the minds. While I am not suggesting that one gender is superior, the others are. But *I* am the extreme one? Wow.

  • Three police officers shot in Philadelphia [Correction: Pittsburgh]

    04/04/2009 4:38:16 PM PDT · 265 of 321
    canaan to Dan Nunn

    I’ve noticed that many seem to scorn science, but there is more variability within gender than between them.

    If you truly believe that “women’s strengths” haven’t been used by men over history to make women “inferior”, then we live on different planets.

  • Three police officers shot in Philadelphia [Correction: Pittsburgh]

    04/04/2009 4:35:18 PM PDT · 264 of 321
    canaan to Texas Eagle

    So physical strength equates to superiority?

    I guess I won’t waste MY time waiting for you to tell me why the majority of graduates from medical, veterinarian, and psychology schools are now women.

    Same logic.

    Why, oh why, do some seem to feel that conservatism means that men are superior to women? Why, when I appeal for fair treatment, do claims of superiority emerge? Very strange to me. Differences are simply that - superiority and inferiority are cultural judgments. These archaic sexist memes suggest Saudi Arabia, not American enlightenment. It’s disheartening, to say the least.

  • Three police officers shot in Philadelphia [Correction: Pittsburgh]

    04/04/2009 4:23:06 PM PDT · 262 of 321
    canaan to Dan Nunn

    I’ve been here a few months.

    But how odd that the qualities that would be considered “women’s strengths” are the less valued in society, but the ones that are considered “men’s strengths” are the ones society is structured around. I guess that’s not “man-made”, though (/sarc). And there can be differences without value judgments attached.

    I don’t care to discuss this any further, as we are obviously light years apart on the issue. I will continue to point out misogyny when I see it, however. I will mention, though, that it’s amazing how overtly racist statements aren’t tolerated, here and in society, but blatently sexist statements are.

  • Three police officers shot in Philadelphia [Correction: Pittsburgh]

    04/04/2009 3:24:13 PM PDT · 247 of 321
    canaan to Texas Eagle

    “If women aren’t inferior, why does Title IX exist?”

    OMG. Are you actually serious? I’m sorry, I can’t advance you from the stone age. I won’t try.

  • We just can't let this go on another any longer.........

    04/04/2009 1:34:55 PM PDT · 249 of 257
    canaan to FrogMom

    But part of the definition of fascism is extreme nationalism. Obama disses America, and says he’s a citizen of the world, so I don’t see him as a nationalist. Otherwise he seems like a fascist to me.

  • Three police officers shot in Philadelphia [Correction: Pittsburgh]

    04/04/2009 1:19:29 PM PDT · 228 of 321
    canaan to Varda

    If standing for equality is a liberal argument, then you have d*mned yourself. I want to be on the side of equality for all - I’m American, through and through.

    It seems very clear to me you weren’t able to understand what I was saying. Of course “ette” is diminutive, we are agreeing. I was asking you to consider why. You chose to resort to name-calling, instead.

    Does standing up to BO for demeaning what America stands for make all of us a “victim class”? No. Then why does it make women a victim class to stand up for their rights? If standing up for someone’s rights, and standing against gross mischaracterizations, is “political correctness” to you, that’s sad to me.

    Many people may use PC-ness as you suggest, but many people also diminish things as *being* PC to protect the status quo and any inequality that may exist to their favor.

  • Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (TANKING)

    04/04/2009 12:12:43 PM PDT · 186 of 203
    canaan to SonOfPyrodex

    By the way, you are a very good writer, if I may say so.

  • Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (TANKING)

    04/04/2009 12:09:15 PM PDT · 185 of 203
    canaan to SonOfPyrodex

    I appreciate your response. I was reading a lot of responses that suggested violent responses, and I was getting alarmed before I even got to your post.

    I understand your sentiment. I find myself really wondering where this is all going to go. It really seems like BO is destroying America as we know it, and his statements about America at the G20 aren’t helping my opinion. I don’t know what the solution is, if the BC thing doesn’t pan out. I feel fairly certain now that he won’t be re-elected, but will America last that long? But I get uncomfortable, when I think of people taking the law into their own hands. America had origins in violence, in order to effect a rule of law. I want us to continue to be a nation of laws, not violence, but when the “leaders” don’t follow the laws, or create crazy laws, what then? I don’t know.....

    But I appreciate your drawing the distinction of what you meant.

  • Three police officers shot in Philadelphia [Correction: Pittsburgh]

    04/04/2009 11:56:01 AM PDT · 197 of 321
    canaan to Varda

    I am definitely not a liberal, but I have no tolerance for misogyny. Women are 52% of the population, and it’s long past time for the diminutive treatment of them to cease.

    Think about your (and Rush’s) basis for the rationale for this word - “ette” is a “feminizer”, so by using it to put down reporters, of either gender, you are saying that likening someone to the feminine implies inferiority.

    It’s no different than putting down a man by calling him a “pussy” - you’re saying he is “less than” because he is like a woman - that very clearly implies that women are inferior.

    And that, very clearly, is inaccurate.

  • Obama "birth certificate" conference in Washington April 3-4 (Anyone aware of this conference?)

    04/04/2009 10:23:40 AM PDT · 36 of 37
    canaan to canaan

    The conference must be almost over - I haven’t heard an explosion.

    From Andy Martin’s website yesterday:

    “The announcement of the Big Surprise is expected to slowly generate a worldwide response. Martin says no one has yet guessed what the “Surprise” will be.”

    Now he’s not saying “explosion”, now it’s going to be a slow reaction?

    I’m really curious, but I’m starting to think it’s another API type fake-out.

  • Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (TANKING)

    04/04/2009 10:16:38 AM PDT · 182 of 203
    canaan to WOSG

    “Wanting some payback is natural. But it would be better to figure out how to get them aware of what they did wrong instead.”

    Well said. Because it’s not hard to realize that the other attitude of retribution would have led democrats to “take out” republicans during Bush’s term. An “eye for an eye” leaves everyone blind.

  • Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (TANKING)

    04/04/2009 10:11:24 AM PDT · 181 of 203
    canaan to SonOfPyrodex

    “I dread the trigger event whereby my passions will give themselves license beyond my ability to restrain them.

    At that point, no-limit hunting season opens.”

    How would this be different than the shootings we’ve seen in the last couple of days? Undoubtedly, those people strongly believed that their emotions and beliefs were “in the right”, and their actions defendable, just as you would...

    Expressing dissatisfaction by using deadly violence is never to be commended, IMO. Doesn’t matter how strongly the individual believes they are “right”. That’s just falling back on the “might makes right” argument, which basically means a person’s ideas don’t hold water.

    Anyone who wants to protect the 2nd amendment should condemn the use of weapons to express hopelessness, anger, or frustration. Those are emotions that belong in a therapist’s office, not behind a weapon.

  • Three police officers shot in Philadelphia [Correction: Pittsburgh]

    04/04/2009 9:22:17 AM PDT · 162 of 321
    canaan to Varda

    “I heard the reporterette”

    reporterette? Is there any excuse for this made-up word other than misogyny? C’mon, we’re in the 21st century now.

  • Obama "birth certificate" conference in Washington April 3-4 (Anyone aware of this conference?)

    04/03/2009 9:17:55 PM PDT · 30 of 37
    canaan to Think free or die

    Well, whatever the “big surprise” is, it can’t be something which “solves” the issue - if it did, he could have released it already. This conference seems to be about brainstorming, and if the “big surprise” is really important, I don’t think there would be a need to brainstorm.

    But I am curious....

  • Why is the media silent on the Obama birth certificate question?

    03/30/2009 5:46:44 PM PDT · 33 of 41
    canaan to wbill

    “I figure that it’s just something politically embarrassing, like listing his race as “Caucasian”.

    Birth certificates list parents’ race, but not the child’s.

    This article is four months old.......? It’s from back on Dec. 1st.

  • Hawai’i court is asked to expedite Obama birth certificate appeal

    03/29/2009 12:12:53 PM PDT · 108 of 146
    canaan to El Gato

    I don’t understand why people are still suspecting his parents weren’t married - the divorce decrees from Dunham’s mariages to both Obama and Soetero have been posted online....