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  • The Best and Funniest Country (esp. the South and Mid-West) Expressions [Vanity]

    09/21/2012 3:48:36 PM PDT · 118 of 249
    Can i say that here? to KittenClaws
    “They’re so poor they don’t have a pot to pee in nor a winda to throw it out of”

    I heard this exact phrase just the other day.

  • Food stamps a helping hand, not a handout

    09/07/2012 10:33:01 AM PDT · 12 of 57
    Can i say that here? to SmithL

    Considering that food, second only to air, is one of the highest priorities in survival, every first dollar that every individual has should go towards it.

    Food stamps do not subsidize food. An honest person will spend any and every dollar available to feed their family at the expense of comforts and lifestyle.

    Food stamps subsidize cell phones and gas, car payments, and everything else that the receiver is then free to spend those first dollars on.

  • Poll: Akin-McCaskill race still a tossup

    08/30/2012 12:43:51 PM PDT · 25 of 34
    Can i say that here? to soycd
    So, a poll from the left says he's leading because they want him to stay in.

    A poll from Family Research Council says he's leading because they want him to stay in.

    And being the pessimistic Republicans we are, we assume the Democrats know what they are doing and the conservatives don't. I see.

  • Missourians recanting; Todd Akin just might win. (Vanity)

    08/25/2012 11:41:46 AM PDT · 91 of 99
    Can i say that here? to pistolpackinpapa
    Well somebody has. There has been a 20 point swing in the polls. It went from Akin up by 11 to down by 9 now. Somebody changed their mind.

    It hasn't translated into a 20 point increase in support for McCaskill. Her support went from 45-49% in the St. Louis Post Dispatch poll. A 4 point jump in the height of the controversy isn't exactly earth shattering.

  • Missourians recanting; Todd Akin just might win. (Vanity)

    08/25/2012 7:53:51 AM PDT · 53 of 99
    Can i say that here? to Gay State Conservative
    Wow! One voter.Well,that's it then,we can stock up on champagne in Missouri..

    No one I know cares about this AT ALL. Whether on Facebook, conversations, etc. Not a single person I know has changed their mind about Akin.

    To my knowledge, none of us voted for Akin; everyone I know voted Steelman or Bruner, but we support him now as the candidate.

  • Time to move on from Todd Akin

    08/21/2012 7:43:59 PM PDT · 69 of 79
    Can i say that here? to Truthsearcher

    I live in Missouri. I voted for Steeleman. I can’t picture a scenario that will improve on where we are now. If he drops out, we get...Talent?

    He lost to McCaskill last election and the only hope he would have of winning this go round is that fact that Missourians are energized about this election; we showed up in droves for this primary.

    Pulling the elected candidate in favor of some “chosen” republican establishment type does nothing but alienate those of us who showed up to be heard. We are supposed to prefer a chosen moderate over an elected conservative who made a gaffe?

    Add to that the fact that his comment becomes the litmus test for whoever takes his place. “Mr. Candidate, you favor abortion, right?”. Suddenly the media and the left are pushing to replacement to alienate the conservatives even further. A guaranteed win for McCaskill.

  • The Bloody GOP MO Senate Primary

    08/07/2012 1:56:04 PM PDT · 10 of 12
    Can i say that here? to Da Bilge Troll

    I pulled the lever for Steelman today. I was impressed with her campaigning during the Governor primary in 2008 when she lost to Kenny Hulsoff.

    Regardless of who wins, I feel like any of the 3 would defeat McCaskill this year and we will be better off for it.

  • As Baptists Prepare to Meet, Calvinism Debate Shifts to Heresy Accusation

    06/22/2012 10:55:37 AM PDT · 163 of 448
    Can i say that here? to Persevero
    You are walking into the purpose of the law now, which is an entire other subject. A very deep subject.

    Agreed. A very deep subject, but arguably necessary to this discussion as far as the idea that man would never choose God on his own.

    So you have to take the Scripture as a whole.

    Again, agreed. But this means we must reconcile your quote and mine, "justification that brings life for all men" vs "Moreover, whom He predestined, those He also called; and whom He called, those He also justified; and whom He justified, those He also glorified."

    Since Calvanism seems to make the more absolute statement, how does Calvanism reconcile those two Biblical statements?

  • As Baptists Prepare to Meet, Calvinism Debate Shifts to Heresy Accusation

    06/22/2012 5:49:11 AM PDT · 121 of 448
    Can i say that here? to Persevero
    It teaches that men are totally depraved, and that left to their free will, they will choose evil every time. Unless God in His Mercy restrains you from evil. He gives you the gift of salvation. In your sin, you’d never take it. In His mercy, you do.

    I realize I'm coming into this discussion late, but I've read the posts to this point and haven't seen this brought up yet....

    Paul makes the point twice in Romans (4:14 & 5:13) that apart from the law, there is no transgression. They were still subject to physical death, "even over those who did not sin by breaking a commandment (5:14)".

    Paul says in Romans 7:9 that he was "once alive apart from the law.." the implication seeming to be that his knowledge of the law brought conviction which led to repentance.

    The story of Josiah in 2 Kings 22 provides a similar example. The book of the law was found. Josiah became aware that they were violating the law and immediately initiated repentance.

    The story doesn't mention any intervention of the Holy Spirit causing them to repent. In 22:19 God responds, "Because your heart was responsive and you humbled yourself before the Lord when you heard..." It appears that God's grace and mercy was a response to their choosing. There is no indication in the scripture that God chose them to be responsive.

    In Romans 5:18, Paul says, "Consequently, just as the result of one trespass was condemnation for all men, so also the result of one act of righteousness was justification that brings life for all men." If God chooses the elect, is Paul offering a false promise, or is he ignorant of God's intentions?

  • Get real, getting married before age 25 is not too young

    06/10/2012 5:58:00 AM PDT · 24 of 81
    Can i say that here? to Conservaliberty

    Apparently Jennifer Nagy has never witnessed the effects on urban areas where no one gets married and young men run around making babies with every single girl they can find. I hope she included a demand for abstinence as part of her proposal, but I won’t hold my breath.

    I’m sure everyone she knows spent their 20’s “growing up” in college, but I don’t think these “intellectual elites” understand was a stabilizing for marriage is on young men who actually consider themselves adults at age 18.

    We live in a rural area and the 20-somethings that have a wife and kids go to work and try to provide for their families. The ones who don’t spend all their time and money partying and barely staying out of trouble.

  • Udder nonsense: Raw-milk confiscations begin

    05/23/2012 6:15:38 AM PDT · 32 of 53
    Can i say that here? to savagesusie
    Even worse. According to cows and politics, this is Russian communism.

    "RUSSIAN COMMUNISM: You have two cows. You have to take care of them, but the government takes all the milk."

  • ‘RING OF FIRE’ May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse Starting 5:30 pm PDT (7:30 pm CDT)

    05/20/2012 7:57:50 PM PDT · 37 of 43
    Can i say that here? to Yosemitest
    Took the kids out and tried to have some fun getting pics of the eclipse. We only had a small one here in SW Missouri


  • Eduardo Saverin doesn't owe us anything (Is Facebook co-founder a traitor for giving up on America?)

    05/17/2012 5:41:39 AM PDT · 11 of 27
    Can i say that here? to SeekAndFind

    I thought all these whiny big government leftists were also the champions of helping out the developing nations?

    It would seem that opportunities Saverin has to invest his billions will be much more effective in the emerging Asian markets around Singapore than keeping it here in the US where his taxes are just another drop in our 1.5 Trillion dollar bucket.

    It sounds to me like they just don’t want to share.

  • Have You Seen the Attention-Grabbing New TIME Cover?

    05/10/2012 2:54:03 PM PDT · 8 of 96
    Can i say that here? to CitizenM

    She’s only doing it to stay skinny. As soon as she quits, she’s gonna blow up like a balloon.

  • The Selfishness Debate: Ayn Rand vs the Dalai Lama

    04/30/2012 10:27:25 PM PDT · 34 of 42
    Can i say that here? to albionin

    An excellent reply and I am better for having read it. While I disagree with her assessment of religion (though sadly, I admit it is not all without merit), I agree with your points completely on the mindset and beliefs of the looters and the moochers.

    It seems that you and I may have reached our opinions of leftists from opposite sides of the same coin. I came to your conclusion by living among those who had their humanity stripped away by “well intentioned” welfare programs and public assistance. I understood it to be evil when my aunt told me that she made more money NOT working. Watching my family members “race” to see who get on permanent disability first, like it was a competition.

    I have never doubted that the “sympathy” of leftists was driven by the fact that they despise the poor and that they found them to be incapable of any meaningful existence on their own. They dole out welfare like table scraps to a mangy dog and expect the recipients to be grateful.

    Take care.

  • The Selfishness Debate: Ayn Rand vs the Dalai Lama

    04/30/2012 8:40:43 PM PDT · 32 of 42
    Can i say that here? to albionin

    First, let me say, no persuasion will be forthcoming.

    Next, let me say thank you. An interesting, thought provoking discussion on such a potentially divisive topic is a rarity, but it is one of the hallmarks of Freerepublic.

    This is interesting because I agree with her rebuke of Altruism as portrayed in her books. But what I notice in the characters is that they are unable to invoke altruism in themselves. It is always demanded of others, but never of the characters demanding it. Not that I can remember anyway. It was demanded of Hank and Dagny by their family members, but those characters gave nothing.

    Is there any character in her stories, or examples in her other writings of a person, real or fictitious who actually personified Altruism? Do you recall what her assessment was of that person?

  • The Selfishness Debate: Ayn Rand vs the Dalai Lama

    04/30/2012 6:44:05 PM PDT · 30 of 42
    Can i say that here? to albionin

    That is an interesting response worthy of a good chewing over. The first thing that your example would require is that the Objectivists acknowledges the deity of Christ, which, while I greatly admire Rand’s books, I don’t recall being one of her themes.

    If I am accurate that most Randian Objectivists reject the deity of Christ, then by their measure, he was simply a man sacrificing himself for undesirable others benefiting neither them nor himself. If so, the honest Objectivist (again assuming they reject his deity) would proclaim Christ to be evil.

    Personally, I agree with most of Rand’s concepts. They seem to be in line with Adam Smith’s idea of the Invisible Hand. Each man, acting in his own self interest, will find it in his best interest to make sure that he treats his neighbor fairly in order to continue doing business with each other.

  • Dentist pulled out ALL boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her

    04/28/2012 3:48:54 PM PDT · 56 of 77
    Can i say that here? to DIRTYSECRET

    I’m having a hard time deciding if you are trying to be serious, or if you forgot the sarcasm tag. If not, that might be the most astoundingly ignorant thing I’ve ever read on this site.

    Here is some mildly humorous education reading for you.

  • The Selfishness Debate: Ayn Rand vs the Dalai Lama

    04/28/2012 6:49:18 AM PDT · 28 of 42
    Can i say that here? to albionin
    Altruism is not good according to objectivism. It is evil. “A love above and apart from one’s self interest is not only evil it is impossible” and that is what objectivism holds. And to hold that love apart from ones self interest is exactly what altruism demands.

    I think the difficulty with this statement comes when you get to the issue of religion. The Bible states, "no greater love has any man shown than that he lay down his life for his friend.....

    Romans 5:7 "Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. 8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

    By your definition stated here, the event that the Bible declares the greatest act of love would have to be considered the greatest evil.

    Not trying to start an argument, just pointing out why some people would have a problem with Rand's philosophy on altruism.

  • 'Warming hole' delayed climate change over eastern United States: study

    04/27/2012 5:22:29 AM PDT · 17 of 23
    Can i say that here? to allmost
    "For the sake of protecting human health and reducing acid rain, we've now cut the emissions that lead to particulate pollution," he adds, "but these cuts have caused the greenhouse warming in this region to ramp up to match the global trend."

    That's interesting. He just said that environmental regulations are causing global warming.