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  • Dallas pastor defends Wright's concern for U.S.

    03/31/2008 3:19:43 PM PDT · 2 of 32
    CaptBlack to LibertyRocks

    I love how they add in that the talks were moved for “security concerns.”
    Riiiight, like someone from the “Right” would really do anything to that guy. He most likely bailed, IMAO, because he didn’t want to face the heat.
    If anybody has to worry about “security concerns” at speaking engagements, it’s CONSERVATIVES.

  • Bush seeks to salvage legacy at NATO, Putin summits (No bias here, no sir.)

    03/31/2008 3:11:25 PM PDT · 7 of 10
    CaptBlack to NormsRevenge

    Seeking to reassert himself on the world stage in the twilight of his term [and how does the writer know what Bush is seeking?], Bush will press NATO for more troops in Afghanistan, try to keep up momentum in the alliance's eastward expansion and attempt to ease strains with Russia.

    But with Bush even more unpopular overseas than at home, he could have a hard time swaying world leaders at this week's Bucharest summit as they look to whomever will succeed him in January 2009.

    "Many of them are looking forward now to the next president in Washington and are already thinking about what the 2009 summit will bring," said Julianne Smith, a Europe analyst at Washington's Center for Strategic and International Studies. [Ahh, the old quote from ONE ANALYST at some think tank somewhere...]

    Lame-duck status will not be Bush's only obstacle as he ventures abroad for the first in a series of international conferences marking his final year in office. [But wait, there's more!]

    Overhanging his travels will be the 5-year-old Iraq war, which has damaged America's credibility with friends and foes alike. [Really?? As far as foes, why would we care about "credibility" if they are truly foes? And friends? Which ones? And in what way do we lack "credibility"?]?The latest spike in fighting has increased doubts [Among whom? And exactly how? Many conflicts experience a "spike" in fighting just before the end as the enemy gives a last rousing attempt] of further drawdowns of U.S. forces before Bush leaves office.

    He will also be trailed by a financial crisis at home that has roiled global markets and sharpened criticism of his economic record [Bush's economic record??? He wasn't the one that initiated the sub-prime debacle!!], once seen as a bright spot of his legacy [Really?? All I've EVER heard is constant gloom and doom since the day Bush darkened the door of the Oval office. Links, please!!].

  • Bush seeks to salvage legacy at NATO, Putin summits (No bias here, no sir.)

    03/31/2008 2:57:50 PM PDT · 5 of 10
    CaptBlack to NormsRevenge

    Yeah, I’ve often wanted to ask the journalist how they could know something like what President Bush is “seeking” when he does anything. Did he interview with them? How do they know that’s his motivation?
    If they don’t know, then how is this article classified as straight news and not conjecture/opinion?

  • Chinese military 'hacked into Pentagon'

    09/05/2007 3:04:29 PM PDT · 8 of 18
    CaptBlack to mojito

    Well at the rate that we keep bringing them over to work at “internships” at Microsoft, Google, Sun, et al, I wouldn’t be surprised at their increased skill level.

    I’m totally baffled at why we play fast and loose with a country that clearly does not mean us well.

  • Many Liberians may be ousted from U.S.

    09/05/2007 3:00:35 PM PDT · 71 of 72
    CaptBlack to DoughtyOne

    I’m not suggesting that we pull up the ship to Liberia and all that garbage, I’m commenting on the incoherence of our policies towards foreigners.
    On the one hand, we ship back people who literally are running for their lives. It’s something the U.S. has offered since it’s inception (and most Western countries). Sanctuary or asylum isn’t a dirty word entirely; we’ve often allowed people to find asylum here over the course of the nation’s history. That’s different than blatant illegal immigration.
    My crack was at how we allow folks who come here illegally and who can’t even claim to be running for their lives to stay here, some of whom are criminals of the worst kind, and many of whom become a drain on our system. But those Liberians—well, they gotta go NOW!
    Of course politics is to blame. The Liberians don’t have a Vincente Fox/Calderon to demand rights for them in our country. Or a political party that’s willing to indulge in demographic Russian Roulette to get their votes...

  • Many Liberians may be ousted from U.S.

    09/05/2007 12:53:43 PM PDT · 47 of 72
    CaptBlack to DoughtyOne

    Of course they’ll make these poor saps leave, who might actually have a legitimate claim, i.e., covered under our law (”asylum” or “refugee” status), but Jose Maria Conchita Alonso Reyes La Reconquista gets to stay even though he came here illegally and has no such claim.

    Interestingly, I actually know of a family who fled Liberia and one of the local churches (WA state) in our denomination has assisted them in their flight from some seriously ugly bloodletting.

    But it’s OK to deport THEM.


    I just keep forgetting that Mexicans have an inherent RIGHT to come to the US ILLEGALLY whenever they please.

    Ahh...I get it...

  • Fragging Fred Thompson

    09/05/2007 9:24:11 AM PDT · 25 of 53
    CaptBlack to Parmenio

    Hugh Hewitt is still one of my all-time favorite radio personalities but when he starts one of his “rah-rah” drives for a given candidate, I tend to turn off the radio myself. I wish he’d just stick to analyses of current events and promoting conservative ideology. He’s a great guy and undoubtedly has been immensely helpful to conservatism, but I think he has something of a bad track record (at least with me) on who he supports for office (think Arlen Specter over Toomey, and Arnold over McClintock).
    I used to call into his show a lot and e-mail him on this very topic. It became particularly irksome when he was so onboard for Arnold over against Tom McClintock. Hugh’s mantra is this thing about “electability.” He seems to miss the basic point that a person’s talent and abilities can CREATE electability; it’s not a zero sum game between announced candidates.
    At the end of the day, I always have to come back to the realization that so many of these guys like Hugh are party men first and foremost, and ideologues after. That tends to make the (short-sighted?) pragmatists as well. I grant that this is a somewhat crude representation of someone as sharp and multi-faceted as Hugh, but I think it captures the gist of his approach.
    With that in mind, I think it’s fascinating to realize that some of the most principled conservatives, who are all about adhering to and promoting the ideas behind conservatism (as opposed to cheerleading for who is “electable,”) are women—Anne Coulter and Laura Ingraham. I love just about any article by Anne (I can’t think of any I didn’t like) and I have to say the Laura Ingraham show is running neck and neck with Rush for my all-time fav radio show.
    Anyways, I have nothing against Mitt Romney really (other than he just seems “nice” but still very much a “politician”), and I don’t know much about Fred Thompson. I just wish conservative analysts would stop trying to be so clever by half in divining this or that one’s “electability” and scrutinizing their every movement and focus on what the candidate stands for. As Rush so often says, “Conservatism works every time it’s tried.”
    If pundits and “analysts” would believe that, maybe they’d spend less time reading the tea leaves and this and that poll, or dogging the primary opponents of “their guy”, and start putting pressure on candidates to clearly articulate their beliefs. If that happened, I don’t think it would take long for the “electable” candidate to appear.

  • Bush Laws in Schiavo Case, Texas at Odds

    03/23/2005 9:34:23 PM PST · 1 of 9
    I'm so tired of the death-loving, fact-avoiding, truth-denying Leftist.
  • Edwards Counsels Kerry Against Surrender

    11/03/2004 7:57:12 AM PST · 7 of 30
    CaptBlack to Leapfrog

    Yeah, so we won't hear a peep out of Kerry if Bush contests Pennsylvannia which is closer for Bush than Ohio is for Kerry. NOT.

  • Early voting

    11/02/2004 10:33:17 PM PST · 7 of 7
    CaptBlack to joglers

    if it's a tie, doesn't it go to the congress for a vote? The republican controlled congress?

  • Bush gets one from Maine

    11/02/2004 9:46:33 PM PST · 12 of 16
    CaptBlack to Josh in PA

    totally hugh.

  • Danziger Racism Exposed (Again!)

    10/12/2004 8:24:35 PM PDT · 13 of 21
    CaptBlack to CaptBlack
    Don't forget this doozey as well (from the same article):

  • Danziger Racism Exposed (Again!)

    10/12/2004 8:15:23 PM PDT · 8 of 21
    CaptBlack to K4Harty
    The cartoon is:

  • Danziger Racism Exposed (Again!)

    10/12/2004 8:02:54 PM PDT · 1 of 21
    Ok. Here goes...I tried and tried to search and see if this was posted already. If I'm doing something wrong, please correct me but here it is just in case!
  • ABC News Poll, Kerry won debate 45-36, but Bush is still up +4.

    09/30/2004 10:03:47 PM PDT · 68 of 86
    CaptBlack to Perdogg
    I'm stunned that people really care about this debate. The debate, moderated as it was by Jim Lehrer and covered by the MSM would have been a "Kerry victory!" if the man had wet himself publicly and came in drunk. What's the worry?

    These debates don't mean much. I didn't even watch. It was a foregone conclusion it was going to be called for Kerry. I went out with a friend and had some good beer, a good dinner, and good conversation.

  • FOX News Really Inept but alas, they're all we've got

    09/15/2004 4:50:15 PM PDT · 11 of 18
    CaptBlack to Tribemike
    Since Lee left the scene, we have been trying to play "nice" and it just emboldens the enemy...kind of like Jimmy Carter's approach to foreign policy.

    But that's just it--they don't see the Left as an enemy of any kind. They don't realize that the stakes are the difference between a viable society and a hopeless downward spiral. Sometimes, a part of me wonders if maybe the Dems don't have some dirt on certain Republicans that keeps them at bay. There doesn't seem to be any other explanation for why nearly an ENTIRE PARTY prefers the gelded approach.

  • POLIPUNDIT asks: How come John McCain is nowhere to be seen?

    09/15/2004 3:49:44 PM PDT · 8 of 9
    CaptBlack to Checkers
    I said the EXACT same thing a few days ago. Still no McCain.
  • Scarborough on NOW doing CBS, bloggers etc!

    09/14/2004 7:27:30 PM PDT · 60 of 209
    CaptBlack to rocky88
    I'm making a friendly wager that it will die down, there will be no hearings on it ala Hugh Hewitt's initiative, and the "Anybody but Bush" sheeple will go into the booths hanging their nasty chads on the idea that Bush "avoided" Guard service.

    The killing part is that, if it's true, Bush didn't take a physical, so what?? The REAL danger to avoid would have been pilot training! If he wanted to skate, he should've claimed some kind of bogus medical deferment and avoided flying a notoriously dangerous jet aircraft!

    What's so freakin' ominous about not taking a physical?? I'm a former Guardsman now Reservist and the OIC for a small maintenance flight and I'm hear to tell you that it's not the end of the world, or the end of a career to reschedule for a physical. These folks need to get a life.

  • From A Democrat - "Why John Kerry Is Losing Democrats."

    09/13/2004 12:02:24 PM PDT · 33 of 138
    CaptBlack to CaptBlack
    I forgot to mention also how he says that John Kerry served in Vietnam and got some medals but George Bush's service was a bit foggier.

    Nice little partisan dig in there based, of course, on lies.

  • From A Democrat - "Why John Kerry Is Losing Democrats."

    09/13/2004 12:00:04 PM PDT · 30 of 138
    CaptBlack to Happy2BMe
    I notice that there was a soft, thinly disguised attempt to indict Bush along with Kerry as bringing the election to a new low. Sounds like homey still can't handle the truth.

    "Flip-flopper" is no where even NEAR a "low", while calling someone:

    • Hitler
    • Stalin
    • Murderer (he knew 9/11 was coming and let it happen
    • Criminal (under the UCMJ, "AWOL" is a serious crime punishable even by death in some instances)
    • Liar (he misled, etc., etc.)
    • Racist
    • Unfit for command
    • Stupid

    ...truly IS a low.

    What, pray tell, has Bush said that even closely compares to that? This guy is just angry, not repentant. If he were more truthful, he'd call a spade a spade and just admit what everyone plainly knows when they are being honest: George Bush, whatever faults he may have, is a man of PROVEN CHARACTER and the way he's run his campaign shows it.
    John Kerry, on the other hand, is a man of PROVEN CHARACTER as well--proven that he's an inconsistent, self-seeking, opportunistic FOOL--and the way he's run HIS campaign clearly shows it.

    There is NO equivalency between the two--period.

  • Dems to Launch Ads Attacking Bush's Service

    09/13/2004 11:49:33 AM PDT · 62 of 101
    CaptBlack to nikos1121
    Bush was on active duty two years. We're not talking weeknds here, we're talking 24/7 right?

    Right. All pilot training that I'm aware of takes place in Active Duty flight training programs; the Guard does not have it's own flying programs. Guardsmen and Reservists train side-by-side with Active Duty members until the completion of their training.
    Typically, the candidate goes to Active Duty training for almost 2 years and then returns to their Guard unit where their status is eventually returned to "Traditional Guardsman", i.e., the "one weekend a month" that most are familiar with. For pilots, this also includes 4 hour periods (in most cases) in the evenings to keep current.

  • Dems to Launch Ads Attacking Bush's Service

    09/13/2004 11:25:59 AM PDT · 35 of 101
    CaptBlack to nikos1121
    As a current AF Reserve officer (in the Reserve Components for 15 years) I can tell you that when you are in training (particulary PILOT training) you are ON ACTIVE DUTY ORDERS. Bush went through nearly TWO YEARS of pilot training during which time he was on ACTIVE DUTY.

    This latest accusation that he didn't serve in the "regular" Air Force is just more bull crap from a desperate party that has no conscience.

  • NY Times: CBS Defends Its Report on Bush Military Record

    09/10/2004 8:09:20 PM PDT · 9 of 36
    CaptBlack to jern
    One thing that needs to be constantly kept in mind when Democrats start the shrill and desperate defense that there were typewriters capable of superscript is that everyone acknowledges that though such typewriters existed, they were very much HIGH END, i.e., BIG BUCKS equipment.

    As a former enlisted Air Guardsman of 5 years and an AF Reserve officer for 10 more and counting, I can tell you, the LAST thing a Guard unit is going to have is ANYTHING "high end"!

  • The Democrat Party's Watergate

    09/10/2004 8:02:44 PM PDT · 7 of 8
    CaptBlack to Yashcheritsiy
    I'm sorry to unload like this, but I've been boiling inside with this question for 2 days:


    I thought he was so opposed to questioning someone's military service and so forth? He sure came out swinging when it was the SBVT group exposing Kerry for the unadulterated fraud and opportunist that he is.

  • CBS's Handwriting Expert is Not.

    09/10/2004 7:36:22 PM PDT · 5 of 23
    CaptBlack to randog
    And, though it's been posted elsewhere, it's worth noting again that the CBS "expert" seems to have a bit of experience in legal subterfuge as indicated here.
  • Finger-pointer in a tough spot (White House fights back)

    09/10/2004 7:33:41 PM PDT · 3 of 10
    CaptBlack to Indy Pendance
    After weeks of Republican criticism of Kerry’s decorated war service in Vietnam

    What the??? What "Republican" criticism of Kerry's war service?? Talk about out-and-out undisguised bias!!!

  • Seattle Talk Show Host Issues Bush Death Threat?

    05/27/2004 9:20:35 AM PDT · 8 of 22
    CaptBlack to TexasGreg
    He didn't call for people to go kill the President, but for him and Rumsfeld to be charged with War Crimes. While utterly idiotic and so hyper-biased as to be beyond reason, the guy DIDN'T call for people to go murder our President.

    Hence my question mark at the end of the title...

  • Seattle Talk Show Host Issues Bush Death Threat?

    05/27/2004 9:09:11 AM PDT · 1 of 22
    Just an update on this story. I didn't see it posted anywhere else, but if it has already, my apologies!
  • Is China Prepared to Fight?

    03/23/2004 8:28:50 PM PST · 9 of 120
    CaptBlack to ASTM366
    It would be a shame if we had to nuke the ChiCom Navy in its harbors.

    We won't have the advantage for long at the rate they are going and the rate we AREN'T going. China is going to be the country that bites us in the butt and big.

    I'm amazed out how we seem to forget their potential and their intentions.

  • Med student flunks for saying no to abortion

    03/23/2004 3:42:36 PM PST · 8 of 14
    CaptBlack to Cedar
    That could never happen HERE.
  • President Bush Proposes New Temporary Worker Program [Transcript]

    01/20/2004 5:28:00 PM PST · 346 of 346
    CaptBlack to Southack
    "That sounds great except you haven't dealt with how they are going to enforce a new proposal when they can't seem to enforce the current policy. Who is going to hand out all these jail terms and fines and so forth?"

    Wrong question. It is not "who" will enforce it but "how," and the difference between the new Bush plan and the old status quo is that 8 million illegals will have *registered* with the government...something that they have not done so far to date under the old system.

    Once registered, they will be tracked and punished should they offend our country's rules.

    Umm, it was the right question. I specifically asked "how" first. Read my post. And you still didn't answer how.

  • President Bush Proposes New Temporary Worker Program [Transcript]

    01/07/2004 4:40:11 PM PST · 188 of 346
    CaptBlack to Southack
    especially with increased fines and jail terms for those who continue to employ illegals.

    That sounds great except you haven't dealt with how they are going to enforce a new proposal when they can't seem to enforce the current policy. Who is going to hand out all these jail terms and fines and so forth?

  • President Bush Proposes New Temporary Worker Program [Transcript]

    01/07/2004 4:10:29 PM PST · 162 of 346
    CaptBlack to Southack
    Then they are in their same boat as today; ineligible for government benefits, amnesty, blue cards, green cards, social security, as well as representing increased penalties to any employer who would hire them over one of their fellow illegals who did register.

    I'm certainly no expert in this area, but I don't think the penalties that you mention today are actually being dealt to illegals today. That seems to be the crux of the problem to me. Just this morning I heard that there are already States that are required by law to provide a number of "basic services" to illegal aliens.

    Also, what if illegals opt to ignore this new initiative altogether and continue the status quo? What does this new program do to reduce the number of illegal aliens already here?

    I totally understand that up to 8 million souls are involved in this issue and dealing with them is no walk in the park, but at the same rate, it makes me uneasy that the proposal leans more on the "let them in" side, than it does the "we've got to protect our borders post 9/11" side.

  • As Obesity Rises, Health Care Indignities Multiply

    11/29/2003 3:57:15 PM PST · 32 of 42
    CaptBlack to WackyKat
    And when I go to Walmart, it seems that almost everyone is fat.

    Stop! Stop!
    Oh my sides!!

  • The Palestinian "Humiliation" Dilemma

    11/28/2003 4:01:35 PM PST · 12 of 38
    CaptBlack to pabianice
    Bush CANNOT believe the "Palestinians," in their blood-soaked campaign to exterminate Israel, want anything other than the slaughter of all Jews. There has to be a lot going on behind the scenes about which we just don't know anything.

    Powell, on the other hand, may just be stupid enough to believe them.

    So let me get this straight: BUSH is the one who called it a "humiliation" but that's OK because there is probably stuff going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. So, basically, he's making a determined bad call ON PURPOSE, but that's OK. Nothing to see here, folks! Bush knows exactly what he's doing. Move along!

    Powell, who isn't even mentioned here, by the way, gets slammed for being dumb enough to believe what the President knowingly misrepresented.


  • Mail server flaw opens Exchange to spam

    11/18/2003 10:11:26 AM PST · 5 of 11
    CaptBlack to Salo
    "If the guest account is enabled (on Exchange 5.5 and 2000), even if your login fails, you can send mail, because the guest account is there as a catchall," he said. "Even if you think you've done everything (to secure the server), you are still open to spammers."

    That says it all right there. He says it right there:

    Any "admin" STUPID enough to enable the guest account on a server open to the Internet deserves not only to have his Exchange server "used", but deserves to go out the door with the resulting flood of spam. That's like complaining that the ability to allow write permissions for the "anonymous" user on an FTP folder is a "security flaw". Give me a break!

    This is the most trumped up "security issue" I've seen to date. If some idiot doesn't know how to set up a secure Exchange Server then he shouldn't be touching the machine. This isn't a security flaw; it's a profound lack of competence on the part of the clown that doesn't follow WIDELY KNOWN best practices.

  • Dyson: Why did McGruder target Rice in "Boondocks" strips?

    11/17/2003 5:06:42 PM PST · 10 of 29
    CaptBlack to AmishDude
    Why does Michele Dyson talk about an angry, bitter hack like MacGruder months after the fact?

    (from the article)
    "In discussions about the comic strip, people would ask me whether I thought the series was humorous comment poking fun at serious events in government or whether I saw it as cheap shot using sexism as the weapon of attack.

    The topic still is coming up, even now, almost a month later, so I decided to give it some "back of the envelope" figuring."

  • Daschle: callous bigoted and dangerous

    11/16/2003 8:59:03 PM PST · 24 of 60
    CaptBlack to luv2ndamend
    I'm not trying to be a nay-sayer or a jerk, but, he's preaching to the choir.

    The problem is that WE know these things and the WRITER knows these things, but the "leadership" that we elected to the majority in the Senate routinely goes about its business with a telling cluelessness that demonstrates clearly that THEY don't know this.

    They don't oppose these people in the spirit that the times demand. They actually think these people are somehow a "balance" to their position; a yin to their yang. The reality is, the Democrats no longer represent a political viewpoint that can be in any way shape or form be reconciled with our historical form of government. They are completely, totally, and PURPOSEFULLY antithetical to it. In a word, they are simmering traitors.

    SOMEDAY, when the jackboots are on our collective necks, our Republican leadership might finally come to that conclusion on their own.

  • Kennedy Calls Bush Minority Nominees 'Neanderthals'

    11/15/2003 10:16:36 AM PST · 301 of 332
    CaptBlack to Republic
    Like Zell Miller, I would expect the mass exodus of joe six pack to continue, leaving, first, their party in spirit, like Zell and others actually switching to a different party.

    I'm fast losing respect for Zell Miller because, for all his fine talk (and yes, I realize he often votes with "our" side), it seems unconscionable that he hasn't switched parties by now. He allowed the Senate to be ruled by the Dems and then complained about how far they've gone astray. If he's going to retire anyway he could use that switch as a psychological blow to the conscience of Democrats all over the nation.

  • Kennedy Calls Bush Minority Nominees 'Neanderthals'

    11/15/2003 10:05:14 AM PST · 299 of 332
    CaptBlack to Old Sarge
    Big deal. He'll get a pass, like always. Let's put our umbrage where it truly belongs - ON OUR WUSSY GOP LEADERSHIP, RIGHT, DR. FRIST?

    You are exactly right. I shudder to think of how my squadron would perform with leadership like what I see in the current crop of Repub "leaders."

    Instead of being "shocked" by his language, how about someone on the Republican side garner some intestinal fortitude and call that fat, lying, murderous traitor what he IS to his face?

    Instead of all the usual, "I support our troops...blah, blah, blah..." I hear from the Republican leadership, I'd take a Senate with some grit any old day. Heck, it might be a tremendous "morale booster" if those of us in the military (being mostly conservative) could actually see that our so-called leadership is fighting as hard in their arena as they ask us to in ours.

  • US Army 'going to Linux'

    11/06/2003 5:25:08 PM PST · 15 of 15
    CaptBlack to yhwhsman
    I wonder how that squares with this:

    Wednesday, June 25, 2003

    Microsoft wins biggest order in its history $470 million Army software deal covers 494,000 computers


    Microsoft Corp. has won a six-year contract worth more than $470 million to provide software to the U.S. Army, the biggest order ever for the company's programs.

    The deal covers 494,000 desktop computers, Microsoft spokesman Keith Hodson said. The Army will buy the software from a Microsoft reseller, Softmart, based in Downingtown, Pa. Hodson declined to say how the companies will divide the revenue.

    The Defense Department has questioned the security of Microsoft and rival products in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    One of the department's server computers was attacked in March using a flaw in Microsoft's Windows program. The contract demonstrates that the Army has decided that Microsoft's security is sufficient, said Rob Enderle, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc.

    "It looks like whatever that problem was, it wasn't great enough to stop the sale, or it was fixed," Enderle said. "The Army wouldn't buy this stuff if it still had exposures they couldn't mitigate."

    In fact, Army leaders "stated openly that they put a lot of faith in the security of our platform," Hodson said, citing Microsoft's overall security model, its Trustworthy Computing initiative, and the enhanced security features in its Windows operating systems.

    Full article here...

  • Wanted: Great Christian sermons to (legally) download

    11/05/2003 5:25:09 PM PST · 5 of 61
    CaptBlack to Joe Republc
    Be sure to visit Desiring God for John Piper's audio sermons (mp3 or Real Audio).
  • GOP Fails to Break Pickering Filibuster

    10/31/2003 5:30:48 PM PST · 96 of 99
    CaptBlack to andy58-in-nh
    This is insane. Why couldn't the Republicans run the Senate when THEY were in the minority? The Democrats have managed to run the Senate from both positions because they are united and committed to winning at all costs. The Republicans are just happy to have the bigger offices. Ugh.

    This is exactly what I've been saying for months now. It makes no sense: How can the Democrats be capable of running the Senate in minority position too? If so, why couldn't the Republicans??

    The typical "after [insert legislation/White House initiative/phase of moon/monthly visitor] passes, then Frist can get tough" placebo ain't working with me anymore.

  • My Email to ABC's This Week with Georgie boy

    10/20/2003 1:22:30 PM PDT · 7 of 17
    CaptBlack to GeorgiaYankee
    But I still have to ask:

    Do we not enjoy freedom of religion here? Is it not within a person's God-given civil liberties to think that another person's religion was spawned from Hell?? What exactly would be wrong with that anyways?

    Next, we'll be saying that anyone that preaches on this passage should be drawn and quartered for hate speech:

    1 John 3:10-12
    10 This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not love his brother.
    11 This is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another.
    12 Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and his brother's were righteous.
  • They Shoot Journeys, Don't They?

    10/20/2003 1:15:33 PM PDT · 3 of 44
    CaptBlack to Ace Correspondent
    A Spanish Judge, Guillermo Ruiz Polanco decided to hold a preliminary hearing of the case brought by the family of José Courso against Lieutenant Colonel Philip DeCamp, Captain Philip Wolford and Sergeant Shawn Gibson.

    Ahhh, I see! So when they get killed then they claim a nationality. It's only when they are alive that they are the independent, supra-national, objective observers whose perspectives are not bound by the constraints of allegiance to any country.

    Ummm...anyways...yeah...the US military decided to take a joyride wasting ammo, diverting their attention and otherwise exploiting the opportunity to show themselves to be blithering idiots by firing on an "innocent" building full of civilians for no apparent reason.


  • Hooked on Rush

    10/10/2003 5:08:19 PM PDT · 67 of 284
    CaptBlack to B-Chan
    Rush Limbaugh is a popular entertainer. He is not a political thinker on the level of a Russell Kirk, a George Sowell, or a William F. Buckley. Sorry if that doesn‘t go down well, but it’s the truth.

    Who's George Sowell?

  • US State Department protests televangelist's nuclear threat; Robertson wants to nuke State Dept.

    10/10/2003 5:01:30 PM PDT · 76 of 87
    CaptBlack to MattAMiller
    He can truthfully hold it. But that doesn't make it not disgusting.

    Obviously not disgusting to him or those who agree with him.

  • US State Department protests televangelist's nuclear threat; Robertson wants to nuke State Dept.

    10/10/2003 4:59:57 PM PDT · 75 of 87
    CaptBlack to John Beresford Tipton
    "but according to him and his denomination, he's a member in good standing." Says a lot about him and his acoloytes, and not favorable.

    Again, I would only say, according to YOU it's not favorable. They obviously feel that they are correct in their opinions. I don't see any "uber religion" present that one can appeal to say, "Those guys are wrong and despicable!". The best we can do is say, "As I understand things, they are wrong."

    What I keep seeing here is that people make moral judgments on another person's religion with an absoluteness that is supposedly self-evident. I don't see where it is self-evident. I, as a Protestant Christian, obviously disagree vehemently with the Muslim faith, especially the violent strain, but I recognize that in their eyes, it's just my misguided opinion.

  • US State Department protests televangelist's nuclear threat; Robertson wants to nuke State Dept.

    10/10/2003 4:54:27 PM PDT · 74 of 87
    CaptBlack to sinkspur
    Being a member of a Church consists of signing your name. Being a religious man requires a heart and attitude that I don't see in Pat Robertson.

    Again, I see the same error committed here that I've seen elsewhere on FR.
    Where is it written that your definition of what constitutes a "religious person" is the definitive one that everyone else must adhere to? I'm not for one moment saying you should agree with his opinion. I'm simply saying that many obviously feel much differently and have a right to that opinion with as much authority as you have for yours.

    It's worth noting that it was extremely common during the colonial period for Presbyterian, Congregational, and Baptist ministers (to name a few denominations) to routinely see calamities as a stroke of justice from the Almighty over sins that the colonies had committed. John Adams' wife expressed a similar fear over what God would do to America because of its participation in slavery. Are all these people now somehow "not religious" because you simply say they aren't so?

  • US State Department protests televangelist's nuclear threat; Robertson wants to nuke State Dept.

    10/09/2003 4:16:35 PM PDT · 52 of 87
    CaptBlack to CaptBlack
    Was he "religious" when he said that "America had brought 9/11 down on itself"?

    And by the way, why is it somehow "received truth" that truly religious people (sincere ones anyways) can't believe that God would punish a nation?

    I read the Bible most every day and certainly every night with my children and seems to me that a large chunk of it is taken up with any number of threats from the prophets against unrighteous nations.

    We can certainly argue over whether we believe that correct or not but it seems pretty well beyond dispute that "religious" people, especially the Judeo-Christian crowd, have often seen the judgment of God in times of national calamities.

    The argument that "religious" people can't truthfully hold that opinion is itself a religious opinion that claims for itself final authority over what people can believe.