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  • BREAKING: Paul Ryan Is In Some DEEP Trouble

    10/23/2016 7:38:02 AM PDT · 73 of 91
    Carthego delenda est to Pravious

    “Our elected representatives don’t represent us.”

    Bingo! But they most definitely are representing someone....

  • America Has Stashed Thousands Of Tanks, Artillery In Secret Caves In Norway For War With Russia

    10/23/2016 7:34:30 AM PDT · 28 of 38
    Carthego delenda est to Ruy Dias de Bivar

    “Twenty five years ago it was revealed that the USSR had placed stashes of guns and ammo across the USA for use if war ever broke out between us. They have not to my knowledge been found.”

    They’re stashed right next to the billions of rounds and thousands of firearms Obama’s DHS has stashed, just waiting to be distributed to foreign troops, Black Lives Matter sorts, and anyone else willing to fight and kill those who will not submit to the Globalist New Order.

  • Pigeon Racer Fined $5,500 For Killing Hawks

    10/22/2016 5:41:35 AM PDT · 43 of 43
    Carthego delenda est to Daffynition

    “It’s sad, b/c the doves mate for life. But that’s nature.”

    I have mourning doves that I put seed out for too. There’s another regional dove that I can’t remember the name of, and in recent years, some variety of Asian dove that’s here as well. But I really love having the Gambel Quail that come to feed on the seed. In the spring, I’ll see just one mated pair at a time show up, quickly fill their gullet, and then rush off. A few weeks later they’ll show up with a dozen or so little chicks, all about the size of an Eisenhower silver dollar, zipping back and forth around their parents as they learn what to eat. Some years I’ll have as many as a dozen pairs with all those chicks show up throughout the day.

    Some pairs seem to have worse luck than others with their chicks as I notice their flock slowly decrease in size. After a few months, when all the chicks are almost adult sized, EVERYBODY shows up for breakfast and dinner at the same time. There’ll be 75 or so quail running around, plus all the various doves! I love it!

    However, being ground nesting birds, their young are fairly easy pickings for a variety of predators. If a fox or coyote finds their nest, he can eat all the young in one sitting. Then there’s the roadrunners. They LOVE eating the baby quail, and are faster runners than the young quail who cannot fly yet. Since the roadrunners have their young at about the same time as the quail, once the 3 or 4 roadrunner eggs hatch, both parents are on a non-stop quest to catch every lizard, small rodent, large insect, and baby quail within a mile to feed their incredibly ugly chicks. I have no love for roadrunners. If a person is unfortunate enough that a roadrunner likes to regularly perch on a vehicle or part of their house, they will leave behind droppings that put a dozen city pigeons to shame.

    For about the past 3 weeks I hardly see any quail or pigeons at all coming to the feeder. At first I figured one of the many feral cats had decided to make the feeder some sort of personal buffet as they have done in the past. But I didn’t see any more than the normal cats around. Then one afternoon, while I was out in my shop, I could hear all the quail eating at the feeder. Something spooked them again as they all flew off at once. So I went over to investigate. Sure enough, there was some kind of small bird of prey eating a quail. It saw me and flew off with its prize. The mystery was solved. The hawk, or whatever it is, has been parked near here now for about 3 weeks, which keeps all the quail and doves fearful, and in hiding. The feeder area remains mostly vacant of all my little friends. I’d be a liar if I’d say I haven’t thought of shooting the hawk, but I don’t want to do that, and instead now call the “bird feeder” a “hawk feeder”. This has happened before, and at some point the hawk will move away. I anxiously await that day!

  • Pigeon Racer Fined $5,500 For Killing Hawks

    10/22/2016 5:16:47 AM PDT · 42 of 43
    Carthego delenda est to Sans-Culotte; Augie

    “You could stick the fox’s head on a pole as a warning, too I guess.”

    It used to be that around here, many ranchers would hang coyotes that they had shot on the barb wire fence lines at various places around their ranch. It didn’t have much, if any, effect, so the practice seems to have ended. I don’t know if foxes lack of reaction would be any different. Both animals are very clever.

  • Pigeon Racer Fined $5,500 For Killing Hawks

    10/21/2016 7:47:20 AM PDT · 18 of 43
    Carthego delenda est to Sans-Culotte

    “Wasn’t there a way to better protect the pigeons? If I had a henhouse that a fox was raiding, I’d shore up the defenses of the henhouse rather than kill foxes.”

    Exactly. You’d never kill all the foxes.

  • Pigeon Racer Fined $5,500 For Killing Hawks

    10/21/2016 7:44:00 AM PDT · 16 of 43
    Carthego delenda est to junta

    “Her sentencing by the judge was hilarious, community service at a homeless shelter kitchen where the heir supervised her help staff do the kitchen work, till the judge found out.”

    I know of one even worse than that. There’s an ultra-libtard woman who lives in area. She’s an ‘activist’ of sorts. Went to Iraq to be a ‘human shield’, but left a day before the war began. She goes out and protests at nuclear sites and then prides herself on getting arrested when security has to drag her off. Well, her luck ran out when she went to protest the US detainment of the high value savages at Gitmo, by going to Ft Huachuca in AZ and trespassing to get herself arrested. The federal judge was quite lenient IMO, having pity on this ‘poor old woman’, and only sentenced her to 500 hours of community service. Clever as she was, she put the land she owns and lives on in some sort of tax exempt land trust that would qualify for her ‘community service’ by doing nothing but working on her own land!!! This same bitch used to brag about being friends with Janet Reno.

  • Obamacare Premiums Up ... 50% In IL, AZ, PA; 93% In NM: When Does The Death Spiral Blow Up?

    10/21/2016 7:15:19 AM PDT · 16 of 27
    Carthego delenda est to Rockitz

    No wonder it’s skyrocketed here in New Mexico. All the libtards are jumping up and down saying “Oh boy! Oh boy! More free stuff!!!” I know a guy, and he’s healthy. Since he started receiving “free” Obamacare, his visits to the doctor have steadily increased. He’s to the point now that he sees a doctor every week for some imaginary ‘problem’. He recently had some surgery done on one of his feet, and had pins sticking out of his toes for a while as he hobbled around on crutches. Prior to the surgery, he walked fine and I NEVER heard him say anything was wrong with his foot. Now, after the surgery, he constantly complains about his foot and wants to file a lawsuit against all doctors and medical personnel involved. I know of many other libtards here in New Mexico who also scheme to get on disability. They deliberately go to the ‘free’ doctor’s’ and continually complain about some sort of medical issue that ails them, all for the purpose of creating a documented account of many doctor’s visits to use as ‘evidence’ as to why they can no longer work and must receive disability.

  • Should obese passengers pay more to fly?

    10/21/2016 6:14:57 AM PDT · 67 of 82
    Carthego delenda est to cnsmom

    “Airlines should install a couple extra wide seat and a halfs throughout the plane. There should be an up charge for those seats.”

    The only way it would work though, would be to mandate people over a certain size purchase those seats. Lawyers would have a field day, despite logic.

    One possible way to avoid discrimination lawsuits may be to make all seats even smaller, so that very wide people cannot possibly fit into them, mandating that they buy two seats, just so they can fit.

  • Should obese passengers pay more to fly?

    10/21/2016 5:54:15 AM PDT · 63 of 82
    Carthego delenda est to mikey_hates_everything

    “Put all the big and fat people together and let them work it out among themselves.”

    I was thinking along those lines too, but it really wouldn’t work unless some changes were made. Airlines could possibly have a section for large people, but rather than have 3 seats across, only put 2 seats in the same space. Charge more for the oversized seats, but not like 1st class seating because there wouldn’t be the added service. Unfortunately, even though the airlines have most likely thought of this solution already, their legal teams have advised against it due to the inevitable discrimination lawsuits.

  • Hillary Supporter Goes Nuts With Peanut-Butter Smear

    10/21/2016 5:39:58 AM PDT · 27 of 30
    Carthego delenda est to Maverick68

    “I’ve never struck a woman in my life, however....”

    Looking at her photo, it appears her nose is a bit crooked. There may have been someone in her past that doesn’t have the same control and restraint of their emotions as you do. Then again, judging by her behavior in this incident, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she managed to give herself a nose job in one of those “hold muh beer and watch this!” moments.

  • NEW: Charges Likely In Voter Registration Fraud Case (Virginia)

    10/21/2016 4:29:10 AM PDT · 27 of 43
    Carthego delenda est to USS Alaska

    “What is wrong with FR?
    Every single reply becomes a new post?
    Is it just my computer?”

    You’ve been diverted off the rails of the interntz and are now in a new dimension. You’ll need to report to the censorship board and apply to start back at the very beginning.

  • NEW: Charges Likely In Voter Registration Fraud Case (Virginia)

    10/21/2016 4:23:25 AM PDT · 24 of 43
    Carthego delenda est to Godebert

    This young and dumb idealistic little libtard, unfortunately for him, needs to be made an example of. I’d bet he really thought he was being very clever registering dead people. From the photo posted above, he looks like a good natured young kid. He obviously has some ambition since he got involved in registering people, but he’s a perfect example of how the Department of Propaganda and our public ‘education’ system creates these little libtards. He’s in for a rude awakening, finding out the hard way that even though he’s willing to cheat, lie, and steal for candidates he idolizes, they’ll be distancing themselves from him as far as possible. I hope that after he’s finished paying off all his fines and gets out of jail that he will have actually learned something.

  • PICTURES: Scorpion carries out weapons testing over White Sands

    10/20/2016 7:26:14 PM PDT · 25 of 27
    Carthego delenda est to Texas Fossil

    “Did you know Karl, K5DI?”

    I just saw the friend I previously mentioned and asked him if he knew either of the people you mentioned, and a big smile came across his face when I mentioned Karl, K5DI. So though I’m not sure if I’m familiar with Karl, my friend certainly is. There’s that saying about some number of degrees of knowing people, and I guess we’re fairly close in there! I didn’t finally move to New Mexico until ‘90 or ‘91, so our timeframes are just a bit different. It’s still a fairly small, tight knit type community in these parts, but it certainly has grown, especially the whole Cruces and El Paso area.

  • Hunting Myth Buster: Never gut a deer near your treestand

    10/20/2016 5:06:42 PM PDT · 17 of 18
    Carthego delenda est to Qiviut

    “...the vultures found it first.”

    It’s amazing how quickly and cleanly they can tear apart a whole animal or what’s left of it. I have a place where I move such squirrels or other formerly alive nuisances, and in the warmer months, when the vultures are around, they seem to always get there first. I’ll dump the remains and there won’t be a vulture in sight, but then very shortly there’ll be a few of them there picking it clean. They must have excellent eyesight and perhaps an incredible sense of smell.

  • Hunting Myth Buster: Never gut a deer near your treestand

    10/20/2016 8:46:58 AM PDT · 14 of 18
    Carthego delenda est to elteemike

    “Next morning went over to investigate...Nothing but a few bloody shreds left.”

    I shot a ground squirrel near my garden about a week ago. I was also very busy making tomato sauce, so I decided I’d grab a shovel and dispose of its body a little bit later. I went out to move it just before dark and it was already gone! Either a coyote, a fox, or maybe even a skunk found it in just the few hours it had been laying there, and hauled it off for dinner. Nature certainly doesn’t waste much.

  • Hillary Clinton in 2002: George W. Bush Was ‘Selected, Not Elected’

    10/20/2016 8:16:16 AM PDT · 9 of 14
    Carthego delenda est to Behind Liberal Lines

    “George W Bush was selected”

    Is she speaking as one with first hand knowledge of how things work? As in, it’s her ‘turn’ now? Hope not.

  • GOP opponent calls for Schakowsky's resignation in light of undercover videos

    10/20/2016 8:07:49 AM PDT · 8 of 9
    Carthego delenda est to KeyLargo

    Schakowsky resign??? In Illinois, her and Creamer’s deeds are reason for promotion!

  • The Russians ARE coming! Putin's armed fleet heads for Dover as Moscow moves ships [tr]

    10/20/2016 7:59:31 AM PDT · 23 of 30
    Carthego delenda est to Sasparilla

    “Another Clinton irony, if we are nuked by the Russians, chances are the bomb’s uranium came from the USA”

    Or if a NATO country is nuked by Russia, the uranium signature will point to the United States.

  • PICTURES: Scorpion carries out weapons testing over White Sands

    10/20/2016 7:48:36 AM PDT · 10 of 27
    Carthego delenda est to Texas Fossil

    “Lots of my ham op friends worked at the labs & military bases. Good bunch of guys.”

    We may have a mutual friend, Doug R. He worked at White Sands, has lived in both Cruces and Silver, and is still a ham, in more ways than one.

  • The Morning After: What All Newspapers Are Leading With After Last Night's Debate

    10/20/2016 5:17:04 AM PDT · 39 of 72
    Carthego delenda est to Zakeet

    The following video shows exactly why Trump is wise is saying he won’t just unconditionally accept the election results. For those who do not know how easily electronic vote counting machines can be rigged, this is a must see video.

  • Statement from Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter Regarding Possible Voter Fraud

    10/20/2016 4:46:34 AM PDT · 52 of 52
    Carthego delenda est to tumblindice

    “Thoroughly rat-riddled.”

    Yes indeed! This organization is incredibly misleading. I sincerely hope that through the efforts of the Indiana State Troopers, Patriot Majority founder Craig Varoga and his underlings are sent away for a long time. This organization is a prime example of embodying exactly that which they accuse conservatives of: these guys are the archetype of “astro-turf” “Tea-baggers”.

    “And although it describes itself as a grassroots group, a single $6 million donation from an unnamed source made up one-fourth of Patriot Majority USA’s $23 million in 2012 revenue. More than half of its haul, $12 million, came from anonymous donors that gave more than $1 million each, its tax return indicates.”

    I’d be willing to bet that the $6 million was money directly from Soros.

  • More Soros voting machines

    10/19/2016 5:22:48 PM PDT · 32 of 48
    Carthego delenda est to thefixisin

    For those who don’t know, many states issue paper ballots, but count them using a tabulator. The tabulator can be rigged using a data card to alter the results, even in such a way as to change a small percentage of them, or just enough to give a candidate the lead. Short of being a computer expert and having authority to examine the data card in the tabulator, the only way I am aware of to catch this sort of fraud would be to open the vault the paper ballots are deposited in, after being counted by the tabulator, and once the polls close, and then do a hand count of the results indicated on the paper ballot and compare such with the electronic results the tabulator printed out. It is doubtful than many poll workers will do this, due to fear of ‘doing something wrong’ or not wanting to take the time for a hand count. I firmly believe that this is the method Hillary and her Uniparty supporters plan to utilize to attempt to give her the presidency.

    Here is an excellent video that shows exactly how this type of election fraud works. The worst part about it is that it could be done on a massive scale and nobody will be the wiser.

  • Danney Williams abandoned son of president Bill Clinton, will file paternity suit against former ...

    10/19/2016 2:54:32 PM PDT · 36 of 72
    Carthego delenda est to Zakeet

    The Arkansas rumor mill back in his earlier years had it that Bill is sterile.

  • Illinois judge cites “cisgender” subjects in transgender bathroom ruling

    10/19/2016 2:16:21 PM PDT · 31 of 40
    Carthego delenda est to Mr. K

    “Are they just making-up words now”

    EPA is calling plowed farm fields “mini mountain ranges”

  • Voter Fraud is Real; Here's the Proof (

    10/19/2016 12:24:59 PM PDT · 11 of 38
    Carthego delenda est to fwdude

    “How difficult would it be to determine how many of these confirmed deceased registered voters voted?

    As I write this, I’m sitting in the county clerk’s office as a poll challenger for early voting. At the end of each day we have an agreement with the clerk to receive a list of everybody who voted that particular day. So at the end of the day, myself and a few others will be researching those names to look for any anomalies. It can be difficult to know if somebody voted in place of a dead person, especially since there is no voter ID required to vote here.

  • Nobel Prize committee gives up trying to contact Bob Dylan

    10/19/2016 12:00:46 PM PDT · 76 of 78
    Carthego delenda est to DoodleDawg

    “He’s playing Texas - El Paso tonight”

    Just for kicks, I looked up prices for tonight’s show since El Paso is the nearest major city to me. All that’s left are mediocre seats. They have tickets for either $87.50 or $118.50. Last time I went to see him I think I paid about $15. I guess it’s been a while, lol.

  • Two local Democratic operatives lose jobs after video sting on voter fraud

    10/19/2016 11:40:31 AM PDT · 42 of 46
    Carthego delenda est to Carthego delenda est

    Evidently, “Tiny Pic” didn’t like an actual photo of Schakowsky with her husband Creamer...

  • Two local Democratic operatives lose jobs after video sting on voter fraud

    10/19/2016 11:34:53 AM PDT · 41 of 46
    Carthego delenda est to Farmer Dean
    He just has that kind of face....
  • Two local Democratic operatives lose jobs after video sting on voter fraud

    10/19/2016 11:25:50 AM PDT · 40 of 46
    Carthego delenda est to janetjanet998

    “In the “voter fraud” video, Foval looks — somehow — even worse”

    Wow, reading this article from the Chicago Tribune, it attempts to portray Creamer and Fovalas the victims. It’s amazing how the propaganda put out by all the MSM somehow passes for journalism by so many fools.

  • Exclusive: Democrats Use ‘Pony Express’ to Coordinate Between Clinton Campaign, Super PACs

    10/17/2016 6:39:59 PM PDT · 15 of 16
    Carthego delenda est to WildHighlander57

    You can bet that there are very advanced StingRay type devices being set up and used anywhere the candidates travel to. There is definitely a record of who is contacting who, and probably detailed info of the content of those texts and calls. Determining who the keepers of that information are and if they could be persuaded to disclose such is another matter.

  • Video: Blood-smeared vegans strip off, get branded with hot iron for animal rights [Graphic]

    10/17/2016 5:53:42 PM PDT · 39 of 46
    Carthego delenda est to Ray76

    “Yet they have no problem ripping a helpless plant from gaia’s womb and eating it raw. Monsters.”

    They line up rows and rows of helpless arugula and kale plants with the sole purpose of massacring them at a later date! Can’t they hear the cries! Barbarians!

  • ‘To be white is to be racist, period’ - High School Teacher

    10/17/2016 5:30:53 PM PDT · 55 of 72
    Carthego delenda est to cld51860

    “We already live in one giant reeducation camp. Thanks to the media.”

    Well written!

  • What is Really Happening To Your Votes (shows how scanned votes can be changed)

    10/17/2016 3:14:19 PM PDT · 24 of 34
    Carthego delenda est to blueyon

    “how to we stop this? Can we demand all scanned votes have to be hand counted against the computer total to confirm they match?”

    I absolutely think that at a very minimum, a random sampling of polling places MUST have the election workers/officials do a hand count to see if the results match. This would require that the workers are comprised of members from both parties, and in situations where such isn’t the case, that there are pre determined observers from both parties available to observe the hand count once the polls close and the process begins. I don’t think there is any other way to ensure the tabulators haven’t been compromised.

  • What is Really Happening To Your Votes (shows how scanned votes can be changed)

    10/17/2016 3:06:38 PM PDT · 20 of 34
    Carthego delenda est to PrairieLady2

    “Furthermore, some of the people here on this forum have talked about seeing people going around with a usb key, and inserting them into the voting machines. Who certifies what’s on those usb keys??”

    I have witnessed this happen. I’m an election clerk. One recent election a man showed up with a USB key (I’m no computer whiz) and stated he needed to enter it into the vote tabulator (for those who don’t know, the tabulator is the machine the paper ballots are entered into and the machine (supposedly) counts the ballots in place of humans). I wouldn’t let him or his flash drive near the machine until I called the County Clerk and received permission for him to do so, which the County Clerk did give. BTW, the County Clerk is a Dem. What I don’t get, is why this guy, who supposedly was a representative of the tabulator company (Diebold) needed to put this chip into the machine about midday , when the machine appeared to be working fine. If I recall correctly, our county results of that particular election were very surprising, as in the results definitely seemed to have been manipulated.

  • What is Really Happening To Your Votes (shows how scanned votes can be changed)

    10/17/2016 2:51:07 PM PDT · 19 of 34
    Carthego delenda est to libertylover

    Your plan might work, but it certainly isn’t going to happen this election.

  • What is Really Happening To Your Votes (shows how scanned votes can be changed)

    10/17/2016 2:48:46 PM PDT · 18 of 34
    Carthego delenda est to Biggirl

    “Support True The Vote.”

    You keep saying that, but there’s just no way that one organization can make much difference. It’s up to We The People to get involved. We MUST volunteer to be at as many polling places across the nation working as poll watchers and election officials. If it’s too late in one’s county to be authorized as a worker or watcher, stand outside a polling place taking notes or recording everything. Better yet, conduct an exit poll and then compare results with the ‘official’ results from that polling place. I’m sorry, but there just isn’t any one single organization, or even multiple organizations that can possibly make much difference in combating fraud this election. It is up to honest patriotic Americans to volunteer a day out of their lives to try and restore integrity to our elections by getting involved at the local level.

  • Schakowsky Husband in Plan to Cause Violence at Trump Events

    10/17/2016 2:22:52 PM PDT · 40 of 66
    Carthego delenda est to onyx

    That guy has weasel eyes. He’d stab his own mother in the back as he sat there telling her it was for her own good and how much he loves her.

  • Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Poll Watchdogs Could End Up in Jail

    10/17/2016 12:00:15 PM PDT · 45 of 56
    Carthego delenda est to TheNext

    “Later run them through a face scanner.”

    Do you have a source for an affordable facial recognition program?

  • Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Poll Watchdogs Could End Up in Jail

    10/17/2016 11:57:55 AM PDT · 44 of 56
    Carthego delenda est to Tammy8

    Would that be Hidalgo or Luna? We’ve (seemingly) made some progress in Grant at stopping much of that.

  • Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Poll Watchdogs Could End Up in Jail

    10/17/2016 11:55:34 AM PDT · 43 of 56
    Carthego delenda est to Bryanw92

    “In 2004, we had a poll watcher show up wearing 2 Kerry buttons and a Kerry hat. She stuck a Kerry lawn sign in the ground 6 feet from the polling place door and crossed her arms and just stared at us standing in line.”

    Check with the laws in your state, but there’s probably a set distance from the polling place in which a person can campaign for a candidate. Clearly the “poll watcher” you mention was campaigning for Kerry.

    At the polls in my county, there is absolutely no campaigning allowed within 100 ft of the polls. This includes tee shirts, buttons, and signs. There is a bit of a grey area when it comes to bumper stickers. If a person has one on their car and is just showing up to vote, they get a pass. A number of years ago when I was a poll watcher, a rat poll watcher showed up also. She had her car plastered in rat stickers and parked as close to the entrance as she could. I told her to move her car, to which she refused. I then made a few phone calls and she was told that if she didn’t move her car, which was just a rolling campaign sign, she would be arrested. I’m not sure what to tell you when the cops your dealing with refuse to enforce the laws other than depending how strongly you believe in having honest elections, you may have to risk going to jail yourself to stand up for what is right. Document everything if possible.

  • UFO expert found dead days after texting mum: '... if anything happens to me, investigate'

    10/17/2016 8:05:13 AM PDT · 79 of 82
    Carthego delenda est to metmom

    “I doubt that most people in power got there legitimately.”

    I agree. Most people in power have gotten there through all kinds of treacherous means, stealing the labor of countless others and screwing over those who have entrusted them. A perfect example is Hillary, who at the beginning of her rise to power, literally screwed her way towards the top.

    The department of propaganda is obsessed with attempting to accuse her current opponent of being exactly the type of person Hillary is (the typical libtard blame game). The problem for them is, that for anybody with half a brain, there’s no logic in it. He’s a man who is married to an incredibly beautiful wife, and if he were so inclined to be a sexual deviant, for many years he has had the financial means to ‘buy’ the ‘services’ of any ‘escort’ out there, and to do such in private.

    Whereas Hillary, a woman of only average looks, and certainly below average financial means, repeatedly prostituted her body to those in power above her, as meager as that ‘power’ was, in order to further her ascent on the path she is still on. Once she sold herself to these men (and more recently to women), she’d learn their private faults and secrets in order to use such against them at a later date. These reprobate, depraved, and ultimately demonic actions and manipulations have been her standard modus operandi throughout her whole ‘career’. Absolutely nothing has changed about her, except perhaps becoming more skilled and refined in her ability to seduce, manipulate, blackmail, murder, and control those she and her demonic advisors sets their sights on.

    She has ‘the goods’ on so many people at this point, who cower in fear of the repercussions of crossing her, that the department of propaganda has been ordered to ignore the most obvious example and incriminating evidence of just who this horrible woman is. The DNA of her very own daughter, her own blood, would expose her M.O. of her thirst for power.

    Unfortunately, it seems that such a large portion of our society has turned from God that even if all her fornications, adulteries, murders, and lies were exposed on prime time TeeVee, such would be viewed as nothing more than just the latest episode of a plethora crap, otherwise known as ‘entertainment’ in this current reprobate age. It’s going to take an act of God to shake the earth in an attempt to awaken people.

  • Glenn Beck: Michelle Obama gave ´most effective political speech´ since Reagan

    10/16/2016 2:17:24 PM PDT · 119 of 170
    Carthego delenda est to Dick Bachert

    I hope I don’t have to see that nasty picture of that woman’s butt and crotch in the air again. It’s getting posted all over and sent around.

  • Royal Air Force Pilots Ordered To Shoot Down "Hostile" Russian Jets Over Syria

    10/16/2016 7:33:05 AM PDT · 42 of 56
    Carthego delenda est to TheNext


  • NBC/WSJ Poll: Hillary Clinton Extends Lead Over Donald Trump to 11 Points

    10/16/2016 7:19:05 AM PDT · 67 of 140
    Carthego delenda est to Travis McGee

    “On November 8th destroy the DREEGs”

    “They control....”

    The big question is, do they control the vote tabulator machines to a large enough degree that the vote is pointless. IF, and it’s a very important IF, they have enough control of the electronic voting methods, in particular the vote tabulator machines, they then most likely will have those machines programmed to have their desired outcome, and to do such in a way that doesn’t give Hillary a landslide, but just barely a win.

  • Massive Voter Fraud Could Determine the Election

    10/16/2016 6:56:04 AM PDT · 38 of 42
    Carthego delenda est to right way right

    “Massive voter fraud will bring a bloody revolution.”

    I’ve heard a number of people say this and read it online fairly often. I really doubt such will happen. I suspect the election will most likely be rigged to give it to Hillary, just barely, and to many thinking and observant people it will be obvious that she won by fraud. People will be mad as can be, and the propagandists on the TeeVee will have ‘serious’ discussion about it for weeks, and maybe even months, but when all is said and done, who’s gonna start that “revolution”?

  • Massive Voter Fraud Could Determine the Election

    10/16/2016 6:47:53 AM PDT · 37 of 42
    Carthego delenda est to ExTexasRedhead

    “It’s up to We The People to shut it down by exposing it and documenting it.”

    Exactly!!! Cannot be stated enough to say that it truly is up to We The People to do something about it. It is foolish to think that either the Dems or the Reps will do anything about it since they are now the Uniparty and desire the same outcome. It’s great that there are organizations out there like ‘True the Vote’, but they don’t have the resources to monitor the polls all across the country. They are, at best, a resource that can help We The People to combat voter fraud by detailing what to look for and how to go about doing such. But the bottom line is that it’s up to us, We The People, to get up off our butts, educate ourselves, and take the time and effort o get involved in one of the many ways out there to do all we can to ensure an honest election.

    It’s not difficult. For my part, I started out as a poll watcher, going to whichever polling place my county chairman said I was needed most. After being a poll watcher for a number of years, a position opened up to be a poll clerk in my election ward, so I jumped at the opportunity and have been an official poll clerk for a number of elections now. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for honest people to get involved in this election. I’d almost go so far as to say that it may be even more important to try and stop fraud this election than it is to try and get deadbeats out to the poll to vote. It very well may not matter how many votes we can secure for Trump if the polls are rigged and libtard fraud determines the outcome. There is still time for people to contact their county’s party chairman or county clerk to get permission to be a poll watcher. The outcome of this election will determine if we ever have an honest election in our nation again. It’s that important.

    Again, as you said:

    “It’s up to We The People to shut it down by exposing it and documenting it.”

  • Massive Voter Fraud Could Determine the Election

    10/15/2016 3:18:46 PM PDT · 30 of 42
    Carthego delenda est to Washi

    “Most voting is now absentee. Easier to commit fraud.”

    It still surprises me how many conservatives vote early or absentee.

  • Ryan: Liberals favor a government-heavy agenda for elites

    10/14/2016 9:25:14 AM PDT · 48 of 54
    Carthego delenda est to Olog-hai
  • After Donald Trump’s defeat, the U.S. will have to contend with a ‘war’ between the states

    10/14/2016 8:50:53 AM PDT · 76 of 91
    Carthego delenda est to ShivaFan

    Excellent post. Unfortunately, Joe six pack can’t comprehend it. He’s either too busy working paycheck to paycheck, or a bliss ninny sucking at the government teat. Up to this point, the ruling class overlords have been very careful to keep the pot from boiling over, always ensuring that the pressure relief valve is kept open with a steady supply of mind numbing distractions.

  • Wikileaks Exposes The Possible Assassination Of Scalia

    10/14/2016 7:45:32 AM PDT · 36 of 42
    Carthego delenda est to Travis McGee

    “You think this is just another back-and-forth election? Are you really that naïve?”

    You raise a very good point. I suspect that even among those who follow politics and world events closely, normalcy bias is so ingrained in most that people are not going to see what’s going on until there’s mushroom clouds on the horizon, or something of that nature. “It just can’t happen here. This is America”......