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  • SC: Gov. Sanford not heard from since Thursday (Updated)

    06/24/2009 12:31:24 PM PDT · 321 of 325
    CatherinePPP to WVKayaker

    Well, call it what you will, but it seems my suspicions were well-founded. :-(

    Look, I don’t think anybody’s against a man going out where he wants to without asking his wife’s permission first, I certainly wouldn’t prevent my husband from doing that. But to completely leave town for a whole week including a holiday weekend most men spend with their kids (especially sons), without telling her where he’s going, or even leaving her with contact information in case one of his children may have an emergency? I’m sorry, that’s really a red flag for a marriage in trouble.

    And in fact, that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

    Sometimes, you don’t really need a degree in psychology at all... just a little common sense.

    It’s too bad though, I was hoping to be wrong about this one.

  • SC: Gov. Sanford not heard from since Thursday (Updated)

    06/23/2009 2:41:10 PM PDT · 300 of 325
    CatherinePPP to WVKayaker

    I don’t think Miss Behave was saying men should never go off on their own. Of course, men need their alone time and they don’t need to be second-guessed about it. Since I trust my husband to be faithful to me, I don’t need him to tell me every little place he goes. That would be really neurotic.

    Still, I do find it a little strange that he would choose to do this on Father’s Day of all days, leaving his boys with their mother on a day that they’re supposed to be male-bonding with their dad. Sure, every day should be Father’s Day in a way, but every day is Christ’s day too and it would still be weird if somebody skipped out on his family on Christmas, don’t you think?

    Oh well, maybe he just isn’t a holiday kind of guy. But I’m hoping that it turns out he is doing something important that requires secrecy like visiting Iraq. And I’m REALLY hoping he isn’t just having an affair because we sure don’t need any more of that.

  • Sen. Ensign Resigns GOP Leadership Post After Admitting Affair

    06/18/2009 5:29:26 PM PDT · 160 of 164
    CatherinePPP to napscoordinator

    Really, even if it was not another soldier he cheated with? I didn’t know the military was so strict. I’ll stand corrected.

    Anyway, I really can’t defend Ensign for it too much, what he did was really wrong. It just seems like making him quit his job over it is extreme. But I do wish we could find more politicians who are upstanding people in their personal lives AND also good advocates for the country. Ensign has been a good conservative senator from all accounts but he’s not a good role model.

  • Sen. Ensign Resigns GOP Leadership Post After Admitting Affair

    06/17/2009 6:15:26 PM PDT · 144 of 164
    CatherinePPP to MaestroLC

    Well, I think that’s appropriate. But I hope he doesn’t really have to leave the Senate completely over this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a serious thing and my respect for him has gone down, but he shouldn’t have to quit his job over it. We wouldn’t ask a soldier or police officer who committed adultery to quit his job, so why a politician.

    Would I vote for him now? It depends who else was running I guess. The system makes us choose between two, usually, and there are some worse things out there than adultery. All else being equal I’d prefer a senator who has good family values but I’d still rather have a cheater than someone who is in favor of abortion or something.

  • ABC: Palin Pregnancy a 'Damaging Revelation'

    09/01/2008 3:48:14 PM PDT · 150 of 228
    CatherinePPP to Dianna

    Sorry, when I was a kid, that was the normal word we used. No offense was meant by it. Honestly I think people get too worked up about silly things like using PC language these days. No matter whether you call them “special needs babies” or “retarded babies” they have the same right to life, their parents love and the society’s respect as any other child.

  • ABC: Palin Pregnancy a 'Damaging Revelation'

    09/01/2008 3:03:12 PM PDT · 98 of 228
    CatherinePPP to Krankor

    I don’t see anything damaging about it exactly. “Teenage girl makes an error in judgment.” Hardly an unusual headline there! And I think that the reactions of the Palin family reflect very well on them. You can tell Sarah and her husband are good parents because their daughter trusted them to tell them the truth and ask for help. And the girl’s boyfriend is also being responsible and marrying her. So yes, the teenagers made a mistake but everyone involved is making the best of the situation and there’s nothing damaging about that.

    I do have to say that if Sarah was my friend, though, and I knew she could afford it, I would advise her to quit her job. Now she has a retarded baby and a pregnant teenage daughter who will both need her help, as well as two other daughters who need a mother’s guidance. That is an awful lot to handle at the same time as a demanding full time job. I kind of hope she stays on as VP because I am afraid that McCain would pick some stupid RINO instead of another young conservative like her, but I have to admit that I feel a little conflicted about hoping for an outcome that I really think is worse for her family. But will it make me less likely to vote for her, NO WAY!


    09/01/2008 10:48:55 AM PDT · 892 of 3,051
    CatherinePPP to WackySam

    Well, that’s too bad the daughter did that, but I don’t think it says anything bad about Sarah Palin. The daughter is 17 and sometimes 17-year-olds will do something stupid like premarital sex. It doesn’t necessarily mean her parents are bad parents. The teenager and her boyfriend are getting married now and I hope they will turn things around and have a good life together. I don’t think we ought to throw stones.

  • Specific, real life, example of the Palin Effect...

    08/31/2008 7:31:57 AM PDT · 29 of 48
    CatherinePPP to healy61

    Yes, it’s just that unfortunately, McCain has a history of bending to his liberal colleagues on things. So, I hope that the conservative support he gets is much louder than the liberal support, so that he has the motivation to carry our water instead of theirs, that’s all. If he gets it in his head that ex-Hillary supporters are his major constituency we’re in for a tough four years.

  • Dems WILL regret saying Sarah was NOT pregnant!!

    08/31/2008 7:26:58 AM PDT · 64 of 85
    CatherinePPP to Rca2000

    This is the stupidest “smear” I have ever heard of before. First, because it is so obviously and provably false, but second, because even if it WERE true, it would not make Palin look bad anyway! Adopting her disabled grandchild would be a responsible act, no matter whether her daughter had behaved stupidly or was a victim, it still would be a good deed on Palin’s part so why would anyone care about this. Good grief.

  • Specific, real life, example of the Palin Effect...

    08/31/2008 7:13:47 AM PDT · 17 of 48
    CatherinePPP to repubzilla

    Well... I don’t know about this. I mean I think Palin was a great choice, but should I really be excited that McCain appeals to liberal lesbians? Maybe your neighbor likes his positions on global warming and immigration. I’ll be happier about a surge in support from conservatives and moderates than one from liberals. I don’t want McCain to feel any more beholden to them than he already does!

  • Deputies arrest Casey Anthony, take her to jail

    08/30/2008 6:04:17 PM PDT · 56 of 61
    CatherinePPP to Kimberly GG
    how does one know what a dead body smells like? She was a nurse. She probably knew. Grandma may just be in denial now or she may be lying to help her daughter. I hope it's the former. I could understand why a woman might want to believe her granddaughter is still alive even against all odds, especially if the alternative is believing her own daughter may be a murderer. I hope that's all it is with her.
  • Deputies arrest Casey Anthony, take her to jail

    08/30/2008 6:00:22 PM PDT · 55 of 61
    CatherinePPP to sherryalhasan

    Yeah it could have been an accident, possibly even an innocent one, but if so she should have called the police immediately and told the truth right away! Innocent people don’t tell so many lies for no reason. I think at best, she must have been negligent in the death.

  • Whos going to take care of the baby? (mccain ad idea)

    08/30/2008 5:16:56 PM PDT · 31 of 62
    CatherinePPP to minus_273

    Wow, what a ridiculous thing to attack her about. Palin’s mother is alive, probably she will come and help look after the baby, just like millions of other grandmothers do.

    I wouldn’t have blamed Palin if she said “no thanks” because she was so busy with her family, but if she and her family have decided they can make it work then why not? Many working women do a good job raising their children.

  • CNBC says it's PALIN!!!!!

    08/29/2008 7:36:58 AM PDT · 143 of 183
    CatherinePPP to KavMan

    Ok! I’m behind that. Much better than Ridge or Lieberman.

  • Tim Pawlenty, Global Warming Alarmist

    08/28/2008 6:08:56 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    CatherinePPP to vadum

    I don’t like this about Pawlenty, but I guess I can live with it. At least the man is pro-life, unlike some of the VPs McCain was considering. I seriously don’t think I could vote for him if he picked Ridge or Lieberman or Hutchison. I can vote for McCain-Pawlenty even though they’re far from perfect. They are better than the alternative. I can’t say I’ll be thrilled if they win though. It’s going to be a long four years either way I’m afraid.

  • British journalism student gang-raped by asylum seekers in Calais squatter camp

    08/28/2008 9:40:43 AM PDT · 41 of 48
    CatherinePPP to PotatoHeadMick

    The most depressing thing is that there were 100 witnesses— 100 men who were not taking part in the rape and NONE of them had the moral courage to stop the rapists. 100 men! Any rapist in the world would back off if 100 men started crowding around and threatening him.

    What a useless group of people. None of them deserve to be allowed in as immigrants if they won’t even help this girl when there are *100* of them standing around. They’re not fit to be citizens of anywhere.

  • "Violent" drawings in school

    08/27/2008 6:46:18 PM PDT · 50 of 53
    CatherinePPP to Hugin

    Really, you think they used to let boys fight and roughhouse in school in the old days? I think they used to strap boys who acted like that in school. Boys were expected to be respectful and obedient to their teachers and parents and it never stopped them from being masculine or tough in the past. They had time to play sports, horse around with their friends, go hunting with their dads, etc and still do their chores and say “Yes sir.” Boys still have time for all those things today (assuming they have good parents.)

    I think letting children run around doing whatever they want all the time is more of a problem in our society than expecting them to behave themselves in school. When you read stories about pioneer life those boys were expected to work hard and do what they were told and they sure grew up to be manly enough. So I really doubt if that’s the problem.

  • "Violent" drawings in school

    08/27/2008 2:54:39 AM PDT · 19 of 53
    CatherinePPP to reaganaut1

    I think it’s natural for kids, especially boys to play fighting games, but I don’t think it’s necessarily bad for teachers to restrict that kind of thing at school. Boys can get pretty wild when they’re playing cops and robbers or ninjas or whatever, and it makes it harder for them to pay attention. They’re not allowed to play fighting games at Sunday school either. It’s mostly so they’ll pay attention to the lessons IMHO.

  • Records: Casey Anthony wanted to put Caylee up for adoption

    08/26/2008 9:03:33 AM PDT · 24 of 109
    CatherinePPP to Red Badger

    Unfortunately she probably is dead and gone, but with a mother so unstable, she could also have sold the child to a pedophile or left her in a park or something and there’s a chance she might still be rescued. It seems slim, but it is human nature to clutch at slim chances. If they find the body, we will see if Grandma continues trying to defend her daughter or drops her like a rock, I guess. I hope they will find her alive and find someone to give her a better life, but I have to agree it seems pretty doubtful at this point.

  • Records: Casey Anthony wanted to put Caylee up for adoption

    08/26/2008 8:52:40 AM PDT · 13 of 109
    CatherinePPP to Red Badger

    Maybe, but I thought it was interesting that the grandmother was the one who called the police and got her daughter arrested in the first place, and only started defending her and making up stupid stories about stale pizza later after the trail seemed to be cold. Maybe she’s trying to coax her daughter into thinking she’s on her side. I might do that if I had a daughter I thought was a sociopath and feared for my granddaughter’s life.

    Or maybe grandma is a psycho too, I guess these things do run in families sometimes. Sad story.

  • Records: Casey Anthony wanted to put Caylee up for adoption

    08/26/2008 8:47:45 AM PDT · 7 of 109
    CatherinePPP to Red Badger

    You know I think that little girl’s grandmother may not be as deluded as she acts. At first she was the one who called the police and was frantic about the girl’s disappearance and said the car smelled like a dead body. Only later did she start publicly defending her daughter. Maybe she doesn’t really think the daughter is innocent at all. I think she may be trying to be the “good cop” and get her daughter to tell her what happened because she still hopes the granddaughter may be alive somewhere and able to be rescued.

  • Why Isn't New Mommy Sarah Palin Qualified To Be Vice President?

    08/25/2008 8:31:48 PM PDT · 43 of 61
    CatherinePPP to AZLiberty

    Maybe, but the campaigning phase is pretty intense. She’d have to be traveling almost non-stop from now until November. I wouldn’t blame her if that was her reason for opting out.

    But if McCain picks her and she thinks she can do it, I wouldn’t have any problem with it. She seems like a nice conservative lady with a lot of charisma. I’ll be happy if McCain picks any solidly conservative running mate at this point. He has several really appealing possibilities at this point, and a few more decently good choices. I just don’t want to see him flake out and pick some RINO.

  • Plot to Kill Obama: Shoot From High Vantage Point

    08/25/2008 8:27:06 PM PDT · 104 of 220
    CatherinePPP to Aria

    Well they were all drugged out on meth, so small wonder if they were saying stupid things to the police, making over-adrenalined leaps out of windows onto awnings, hatching brainless schemes to shoot people in the first place, etc. This was probably not a very serious assassination threat to be honest, I doubt these doped up clowns could have hit the side of a barn in the state they were in. But good for the police for catching them just the same.

  • Pro-Life Hero Wins Olympic Medal in Beijing

    08/25/2008 6:07:54 PM PDT · 16 of 17
    CatherinePPP to wagglebee

    What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing this. I am so happy for this beautiful and good-hearted young lady that she got to fulfill her Olympic dream in the end as well as doing the right thing and putting her family first.

  • Why Isn't New Mommy Sarah Palin Qualified To Be Vice President?

    08/25/2008 6:01:07 PM PDT · 21 of 61
    CatherinePPP to Non-Sequitur

    I don’t see why that’s any big deal. Those are the things McCain already has plenty of experience with. In four years, he’ll be ready to retire and she’d have the experience. Then we’d get a president with strong conservative principles. That’s the benefit to putting a younger, up-and-coming conservative on the ticket.

    But like Jindal, I don’t think Palin wants it. I don’t know if she is wary about tying her future to McCain or if she just thinks her family obligations are more important right now. She just had a baby with Downs Syndrome and maybe she thinks she has enough on her plate right now. I think we will be hearing more from her in the future though!

  • BREAKING--Obama may announce CHET EDWARDS as running mate in minutes

    08/22/2008 12:11:40 PM PDT · 256 of 412
    CatherinePPP to Paladin2b

    Well. He doesn’t actually sound that awful. As Democrats go, I mean. I wouldn’t LIKE any Democrat he picked, but this guy sounds less objectionable than most.

    Maybe it’ll prompt McCain to choose a conservative running mate for himself. That would be good.

  • Biden emerges as favourite for Obama running mate

    08/21/2008 10:36:53 AM PDT · 29 of 47
    CatherinePPP to Schnucki

    That’s good, he’s harmless. I’d be worried if it was Hillary.

  • The Right’s Pro-Choice Freakout: Veep’s Abortion View Irrelevant

    08/21/2008 7:34:05 AM PDT · 27 of 46
    CatherinePPP to Invisigoth

    What? Of course it matters! John McCain will be the oldest president ever elected. We need to have a VP we can feel comfortable with stepping into the position if McCain has a health issue.

    Plus the VP will probably be the assumed standard bearer of the party in 4 or 8 years.

  • (Shut up and sing alert): Toby Keith Praises Obama

    08/20/2008 1:33:36 PM PDT · 48 of 49
    CatherinePPP to Publius804

    People really pay too much attention to the opinion of entertainers in my opinion. Toby is a good singer, that’s all. He has the right to vote for whoever he wants and it doesn’t make me dislike his music, but nobody should be looking to him or to any other entertainer for political commentary.

  • On Abortion, Obama Acts ‘Above His Pay Grade’

    08/19/2008 7:29:38 AM PDT · 8 of 11
    CatherinePPP to silverleaf

    Oh, I spoke too soon then. :-( I guess the baby was still alive at the time the article was written. I’m sorry to hear she died in the end anyway. The doctors should have been a lot more careful. If they had brought her to the emergency room immediately after delivering her she might have had a better chance.

  • On Abortion, Obama Acts ‘Above His Pay Grade’

    08/19/2008 7:06:47 AM PDT · 5 of 11
    CatherinePPP to Invisigoth

    What a touching story! Of course, the doctors should have checked more carefully to see if the baby could be revived in the first place. But sometimes it’s just in God’s hands and no one else’s. This wasn’t a couple who was trying to kill their baby, they thought she was already dead and they must be overjoyed to find out that her life could be saved. I’m happy for them.

  • Who do you THINK McCain will pick for VP?

    08/18/2008 9:14:21 PM PDT · 110 of 230
    CatherinePPP to Cinnamon Girl

    I think he’s probably going to pick Pawlenty. That would be OK with me. He has better choices available IMHO, but Pawlenty isn’t bad.

    I don’t actually mind Joe Lieberman that much, but as vice president ABSOLUTELY NOT. But I don’t think McCain would do something that stupid.

  • Court Rules Boy Must Pay Child Support to His Rapist

    08/18/2008 5:11:11 PM PDT · 49 of 59
    CatherinePPP to caregiver1
    She made a decision to become a parent, she then decided that he would be a parent whether he wanted to or not

    I don't see any place where it says she became pregnant intentionally. It sounds like having premarital sex at too young an age was a mistake they both made together, not one she forced on him.

    Once the pregnancy occured, they are BOTH parents whether they want to be or not. That is the way the world works. Both the girl and the boy have to take responsibility for that. When the boy is told to pay child support, he is paying it to the baby he fathered, not to the girl who he and his parents may hate now. It doesn't matter how he feels about her anymore, he has to support his son.

    It's really not as complicated as people are trying to make it. Girls must do the right thing and bear their babies even if they were too young to make a good decision when they had sex. Boys must do the right thing even if they were too young to make a good decision too. If that means getting a part-time job to pay $50 a month to help support his child, then he should do that. A 15-year-old girl who became pregnant would have to make sacrifices too.
  • Ridge: GOP would accept abortion-rights VP

    08/18/2008 4:57:18 PM PDT · 108 of 108
    CatherinePPP to Norman Bates

    I heard clips from it. It sounds like he did a really good job. I certainly admire his service, and he sounded really sincere about being pro-life. I’ll be very unpleasantly surprised if he goes and picks a VP who is not pro-life now, and I’ll have to wonder if it was just another political spin act. But I don’t think it will happen. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that he meant what he said about that. If it turns out I’m wrong though, it would really change my opinion a lot.

  • Court Rules Boy Must Pay Child Support to His Rapist

    08/18/2008 1:08:14 PM PDT · 35 of 59
    CatherinePPP to PercivalWalks

    Well, I don’t know about this. Yes the boy was underage, but the girl was only four years older than he was. They were a couple of teenagers who did something stupid, not an adult taking advantage of a child. Calling her a rapist is a little extreme unless there was something that happened that the news story didn’t mention like threatening him or something like that.

    If the teenage boy was the older one, I would say that it is still the girl’s responsibility to carry the baby to term, so now that the teenage girl is the older one, it seems only fair to expect the boy to help support the child.

  • Ridge: GOP would accept abortion-rights VP

    08/17/2008 10:58:05 AM PDT · 83 of 108
    CatherinePPP to mainerforglobalwarming

    I don’t think I could do it either. Not this year. McCain is already stretching my limits nearly as far as they can go. Normally a vice president does not have very much effect on policy, but McCain is old and in ill health and whoever he picks as VP will probably be the new nominee in four years even if McCain does not have any health crisis in office. I couldn’t live with my conscience if I helped to put a pro-abortion RINO into that position.

    But, I don’t think McCain is stupid enough to pick Ridge anyway. He has several other tolerable to good choices to pick from. I don’t like him very well but I really don’t believe he is that stupid or shallow. He sounded sincere about pro-life beliefs in his faith interview so hopefully he will at least stand by that element of conservatism if nothing else.

  • Pregnant Woman Killed By Bus - Doctor's Save Baby

    08/15/2008 2:29:52 PM PDT · 11 of 15
    CatherinePPP to Diana in Wisconsin

    No, she did have a husband, Rafael Sanz. The NYC mayor met with him at the hospital to give his condolences.

    It’s a shame this happened to them, they sound like they were a nice young family. I’m glad the baby will be all right.

  • Pregnant Woman Killed By Bus - Doctor's Save Baby

    08/15/2008 2:23:20 PM PDT · 10 of 15
    CatherinePPP to Free ThinkerNY

    A sad story, but it’s uplifting to see that all those strangers rushed over to try and help her and that her baby’s life was able to be saved.

  • Eric Cantor: He’s Young, He’s Conservative, He’s against Dividing Jerusalem -- John McCain’s VP?

    08/06/2008 4:56:58 PM PDT · 86 of 111
    CatherinePPP to Ziva

    Sounds good to me. I don’t see a downside to it. Like Jindal, he seems to be a competent young conservative who few Republicans have any reason to dislike. I think that’s really the kind of person McCain needs to choose.

  • Democrats quick to rap Cantor as VP prospect

    08/06/2008 7:02:52 AM PDT · 2 of 31
    CatherinePPP to MeanWestTexan

    Cantor seems like a good guy with a conservative record. I could get behind him.

  • Young people finding Obama way cooler than McCain

    08/05/2008 12:08:07 PM PDT · 80 of 87
    CatherinePPP to SmithL

    Unfortunately, it’s true that we ended up with a candidate who is not, well, he isn’t the most charismatic candidate we’ve ever fielded. McCain is not exactly Ronald Reagan, you know?

    Still, Obama is such a weak candidate that it shouldn’t matter.

  • Who Is Nancy Pelosi And Why Should I Dislike Her?

    08/05/2008 11:59:11 AM PDT · 6 of 67
    CatherinePPP to Apollo 13

    Uh, because she is a liberal and this is a conservative website?

  • New survey says Obama lead in Massachusetts falls to just 9 points

    08/04/2008 6:35:22 PM PDT · 32 of 45
    CatherinePPP to LdSentinal

    Boy, is it just me or have all the polls really been stinking this year? The Republican is going to be within single digits in Massachusetts? The Democrat is going to be within single digits in South Dakota and Texas? Does anyone believe any of this?

    I think the media just sells a lot of newspapers when they claim every single state is close... really... how could Massachusetts and Texas BOTH be that close, it seems completely impossible.

    I bet McCain’s map ends up looking exactly like it did for President Bush and these pollers all look like idiots.

  • Murderess Mary Winkler Gets Her Kids Back

    08/04/2008 5:41:47 PM PDT · 25 of 35
    CatherinePPP to Krista33

    This is exactly correct. Even if he really was an abuser, it’s still better to err on the side of caution and let the children live with their grandparents, who don’t have any history of violence.

  • What the Troy Police intentionally inflicted on Alycia Martin (Thomas Athans was the john)

    08/04/2008 5:33:47 PM PDT · 3 of 5
    CatherinePPP to WmShirerAdmirer

    Well she could have avoided all this embarrassment to her “dignity” by just keeping her drawers on and not breaking the law by becoming a prostitute. I might have some sympathy for her if she was sorry about being a prostitute and trying to turn her life around, but sounds like just a bunch of liberal whining that she got caught and it’s so misogynist and she’s an innocent whipping girl and blah blah blah. She should have thought about her dignity a long time ago if it means that much to her. Maybe she should think about letting this embarrassment lead her to make a few life style changes.

  • Parents forget child at airport

    08/04/2008 7:29:54 AM PDT · 18 of 24
    CatherinePPP to Schnucki

    Good Lord, how could anyone not notice their 3-year-old wasn’t with them on the flight?

    I could understand that in their rush to get on the plane they might not notice she wasn’t with them, especially if they made the mistake of assuming an older child was holding her hand (sometimes, when you are under pressure it is easy to forget your older kids just aren’t as responsible as you wish they were!) But how could they not notice she wasn’t there once they got in the plane and sat down? The PILOT had to tell them? Those parents must be idiots.

  • Homosexuality – punishable by death (Norway)

    08/04/2008 7:22:16 AM PDT · 22 of 31
    CatherinePPP to marthemaria

    Wow, this is ridiculous. I don’t approve of homosexuality but it is insane to take a life over it. The gay activists here should start worrying about serious issues like this instead of annoying everybody by trying to force other people’s kids to learn about homosexuality and whatever.

  • Brit to be a grandad at 30

    08/02/2008 3:39:08 PM PDT · 19 of 26
    CatherinePPP to Jane Austen

    Well, I don’t know what the law is in England, but she’s only 3 years older than the boy, which usually makes it not statutory in the US, right? Plus she was probably 17 when she got pregnant, if she was 18 when she gave birth.

    Of course they shouldn’t have been having premarital sex in the first place, but still a couple of teenagers making a mistake like that isn’t the same as a molesting adult taking advantage of a teen.

    Maybe you’re right and they won’t be good parents, but at least they owe it to the child to try, instead of just killing it. I can’t blame them for that!

  • Brit to be a grandad at 30

    08/02/2008 3:19:12 PM PDT · 13 of 26
    CatherinePPP to max americana

    Well, at least they didn’t abort their babies. That shows more maturity than many teens unfortunately have.

    It would be even more mature of the boy to marry his girlfriend. I hope he’s planning on doing that. It’s too late to undo the mistake he made having sex so young, but it’s not too late for him to turn his life around and be a responsible person now. I hope he succeeds at it.

  • Texas Senate: Incumbent Cornyn’s Lead Slips to Ten Points

    08/02/2008 3:12:08 PM PDT · 3 of 18
    CatherinePPP to Clintonfatigued

    I don’t get it... “only” a ten point lead? I thought a ten point lead was pretty huge. I don’t see how he loses 10 points by November unless he gets in a scandal or something.