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  • No happy ending in '05 for Hollywood, as ticket sales drop again

    12/24/2005 4:32:25 PM PST · 24 of 165

    Another sign that Hollywood is in trouble. They just closed down a multiplex near me.

  • The Man and the Birds

    12/24/2005 11:57:06 AM PST · 5 of 10

    Hope for the world

  • Catholic League Denounces Cal State Dept. Head's Holiday Décor Ban, July 4th & Christmas Insensitive

    12/23/2005 9:19:18 PM PST · 10 of 14

    "well-intentioned,but misguided"


  • The Recognition and Treatment of Depression

    12/23/2005 8:56:14 AM PST · 6 of 7
    catonsville to wizardoz

    Am I more depressed this morning, but I can't link to the original article

  • Union Board Votes To End Transit Strike

    12/22/2005 12:04:54 PM PST · 7 of 9
    catonsville to durasell

    I spent the first 30 years of my life a Brooklyn native, and back than, almost every year , the subway union would threaten or engage in a strike. Was Mike Quill union boss than, if so he was the most hated man in the city.?

  • There is no forgiveness without blame. So go ahead, point your finger this Christmas season.

    12/20/2005 8:10:27 PM PST · 9 of 27

    If you judge people, you have no time to love them
    .......Mother Teresa

  • Demeans Christian Faith: Writer For New Series Is Practicing Homosexual

    12/20/2005 7:38:36 AM PST · 75 of 108
    catonsville to wideawake

    An atheist priest who believed in Abortion.

  • Iraqis Vote by the Millions(Estimated 70% turnout!)

    12/16/2005 8:18:03 AM PST · 10 of 16

    We take for granted free elections. ( and many of us still do not vote). For the people of Iraq it is a wonderful new experience.

  • Jewish leaders to devise strategy

    12/05/2005 8:30:25 PM PST · 8 of 66
    Foxman pulls in over $500,000 in salary as the head of ADL.
    To finance that outrageous amount he has to convince all those rich widows in Boca that the next pogrom begins in 30 minutes. He also appeals to secular, mainly atheistic Jews and others who hate ALL religious expression.

    His campaign against Mel Gibson produced the most contributions in ADL history.

    The sad part is his willingness to sacrifice Evangelical support for Israel and the relationship between Christians and Jews in this country to get money. He makes some Christians angry, he makes many Jews even more so.

    (Check the Jewish bloggers, overwhelmingly against Foxman. The ADL is just not that important any more.}
  • Why avoid using 'Merry Christmas'?

    11/30/2005 3:00:09 PM PST · 17 of 112

    I REALLY do not believe that the Hindu guy shopping for his kids at my local Sams Warehouse would be offended if I or a store employee wished him "Merry Christmas"

  • Offering Abortion, Rebirth (Abortion... this article says it all.... without knowing it.)

    11/30/2005 2:38:52 PM PST · 108 of 152

    The most famous abortionist of them all went a different route. God stopped Nathanson's abortions and gave him back his soul

    The Hand of God --- A Journal from Death to Life
    by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind

    Bernard N. Nathanson, MD

    (206 pp., $25.00, ISBN: 0-89526-463-3, Regnery Publishing, Washington, DC, 2000.)

    Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder in 1969 of the National Abortion Rights Action League, helped make abortion legal. As director of New York City's Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health, the world's largest abortion clinic, and the nation's most prominent abortionist, he presided over 60,000 abortions.

    Nathanson chronicles the abortion movement from 2737 B.C., when the Emperor Shen Yung is said to have decreed abortion as a means of birth control. It seems the practice is nearly as old as the social life of man. He gives an historical account of the use of abortifacients up through the present. Today, 1.5 million fetuses are surgically aborted annually in the United States.

    In this memoir, Dr. Nathanson describes his Jewish upbringing, his religious struggles throughout his education and medical training, and the threat he felt when asked to be a character witness at a friend's hearing before Joseph McCarthy's Senatorial Committee.

    His first encounter with abortion was the pregnancy of his intended, Ruth. His father urged marriage but sent him five hundred Canadian dollars for an abortion. The search for the abortionist in Catholic Montreal, the resulting hemorrhage, and the outcome are graphically portrayed. His next encounter occurred when he aborted the fetus of a woman he had impregnated during his medical training. He felt no remorse at the time, but rather pride in a job well done.

    He characterized the physicians he supervised when he took over the directorship of New York City's Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health as a professional "press gang" mercifully unencumbered with ethical or moral baggage. He was reminded of the work of Robert Lifton, a psychiatrist who examined Nazi doctors who had presided over the mass slaughter in death camps and then returned to ordinary family life at the end of the working day. He termed this phenomenon "doubling," the division of the self into two functioning wholes.

    He left his directorship of the clinic in 1972 to devote himself to his obstetric and gynecology practice. At last he had the time and space to think. The hand of God was present, he felt. A marvelous new technology was appearing in hospitals --- ultrasound. He began to observe the fetal heart, see the human fetus, measure it, observe it, watch it and indeed bond with it and love it. A study in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) some ten years ago reported that when ten pregnant women came to an abortion clinic and were shown ultrasound pictures of the fetus they carried, only one went through with the abortion. Nine left the clinic pregnant. That is how powerful the experience is. Nathanson found himself bonding with the unborn.

    He wrote an article for this same Journal in 1974 stating that there was no longer any doubt in his mind that human life exists within the womb from the very onset of pregnancy. His modest assertions brought the largest response to an article that the NEJM has ever encountered. Most were from the same physicians who had excoriated him for being an abortionist four years earlier, but now, as the abortion pie had grown and they were busy reaping the rewards, they had changed their minds. He was overwhelmed by the vituperation, the phone calls, and the threats against his life and family.

    Nathanson now regrets the years he spent traveling around the country lobbying legislatures and politicians to relax their laws (before Roe v. Wade). When he was "pro-abortion," his practice languished because his colleagues would not refer patients to him. He has become a pariah in the medical profession. Now, although he is "pro-life," he remains exiled by the medical establishment.

    In The Hand of God, Nathanson also alludes to physician-assisted suicide. Dutch physicians have purportedly euthanized patients, half of whom had not requested the procedure. Early reports from Oregon suggest that the same thing may be happening there. Ultimately, Dr. Nathanson, the abortion doctor who changed his mind, underscores the tragic lack of concern we have for fellow human beings --- whether they are unborn or terminally ill.

    This is an extremely important odyssey --- medically, ethically, and finally spiritually --- of the abortion king who did his last about 1978. He considers himself a paradigm for the study of the systematic demise of one system of morality and the painful acquisition of another more coherent and reliable one. It is a must read for every person who will ever be faced with a decision regarding birth or death --- their own or that of someone important to them.

  • "The Christians Are Coming, The Christians Are Coming"

    11/28/2005 12:01:15 PM PST · 1 of 34
    As a Jew I am, Like Mr.Englehardt, embarrassed by Abe Foxman. Please do not take this guy seriously
  • DEBKAfile Exclusive: US Marines are locked in battle with Syrian troops

    11/24/2005 5:41:28 PM PST · 103 of 141
    catonsville to PUGACHEV

    Sometimes a claim a story was in DEBKA is used to prop up something that has no real basis in fact.
    Check the page or the achives

  • Foxman uncovers conspiracy to "Christianize" America

    11/15/2005 4:01:53 PM PST · 16 of 91
    It is interesting ,that as the ADL and Abe Foxman became marginalized and less important, the more extreme Foxman's rhetoric has become.

    He is just about losing it
  • Cat Show Plans Memorial Service for Dog

    11/14/2005 12:40:36 PM PST · 9 of 53

    This was an unique and exceptional dog

  • Ink has gone to Rainbow Bridge, Freepers Thanked

    11/13/2005 6:10:49 PM PST · 112 of 115
    catonsville to DollyCali

    Thank You.

  • Five questions non-Muslims would like answered

    11/13/2005 8:27:56 AM PST · 65 of 129
    catonsville to garyhope

    Prager is known for the clarity of his arguments. The best talk show host.

  • Ink has gone to Rainbow Bridge, Freepers Thanked

    11/10/2005 3:17:44 PM PST · 63 of 115

    The late entertainer Steve Allen was asked to contribute a work to a Long Island animal group that was raising money for a new
    shelter. He wrote this heart-breaking classic.


    Old Men miss many dogs.
    They only live a dozen years,if that,
    And by the time you are sixty, there are several
    The names of which evoke remembering smiles.
    You see them in your mind,heads cocked and seated.
    You see them by your bed, or in the rain,
    Or sleeping by the fire by nights
    And always dying.

    You are young but they are old. They go,
    The German shepherd and the poodle,
    The bassett hound and mutt.
    They are remembered like departed children
    Though they gave vastly more than ever they took,
    And finally you're seeing dogs that look like them.
    They pass you in the street but never turn
    Although it seems they should, their faces so familiar.
    Old men miss many dogs.

    I lost my 17 year old Terripoo on July 11th.

  • Veterans Day: For the Uncle I Never Knew But Cannot Forget

    11/09/2005 2:37:23 PM PST · 6 of 24
    catonsville to bogeybob
    Columnist George Will was at Pearl Harbor and witnessed a family sliding what appeared to be a box down a tube close to the Arizona Memorial.

    He was told that it was not uncommon for survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack on The Arizona to ask to be cremated and their ashes sent down the long tube so they could once again be with their buddies.
  • Rita evacuee shot dead in Maryland

    10/18/2005 9:01:43 AM PDT · 3 of 8
    catonsville to LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget

    Woodlawn is in Baltimore County just outside the city limits.
    Tough crime ridden area.