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  • The Brutal Battle Against Medical Kidnappers

    06/28/2017 12:21:54 PM PDT · 6 of 25
    catroina54 to MeganC

    Why aren’t these doctors and social workers being prosecuted for kidnapping?
    because the wheel of corruption involves CPS, the courts,law enforcement etc.
    being the family found an atty willing to take them on, most likely the case against the social worker follows.
    as for the physicians,they simply will repeat as needed that this was based on their findings and i could never understand why the treating team from CT was not involved in defense of the family based on THEIR findings and diagnosis.
    the social workers have immense power and capacity to destroy you and your kids.
    ANY interviews involving them,even for adults,request the session to be taped/permission to tape as then they cannot fabricate,enhance or enter false statements.
    and if they ask why,simply state that you want an authentic and true record and wouldn’t that even help them with their notes and filings ? LOL as that definitely would shut their mouths from going above and beyond what is stated.

  • Houston Methodist Hospital Gives Chris Dunn Death Sentence for Christmas

    12/21/2015 5:50:42 PM PST · 23 of 26
    catroina54 to Slyfox

    how to get something done fast here ?
    what do you recommend as you have experience ?
    and I don’t mean to put you on the spot so to say BUT you definitely KNOW MORE THAN ME and most likely a few others that are concerned and will act.

  • Houston Methodist Hospital Gives Chris Dunn Death Sentence for Christmas

    12/21/2015 5:01:34 PM PST · 21 of 26
    catroina54 to Amendment10

    I’m sayin this w/all respect to Gov Abbott,
    let’s contact him and ask for him to intervene as this individual’s life’s at risk due to this garbage legislation which also includes the TX probate codes for guardianship which they are also seeking.
    -and guardianship trumps POA in TX.(and maybe in other states as well, but i can only speak of what goes on in TX)

  • Hospital Trying to Seize Guardianship of Disabled Patient From His Family in Order to Kill Him

    12/13/2015 2:16:56 PM PST · 24 of 24
    catroina54 to momincombatboots

    TX is not what they tout themselves to be.
    - they claim to be proLife,profamily,respecting the law abiding and responsible,
    and then write in LAW scatology such as this along with their DEMAND for a TX court appointed guardian if a person is disabled or rendered “incapacitated”.
    NOW in this situation, no one is wresting guardianship away from the family as they have no TX court appointed guardian.
    THE STATE DOES NOT CARE who is,was,remains a law abiding,loving care giver.
    How their code is written leaves your family member and the family wide open for legal interference
    under the probate code section 683 which in plain english states that ANYONE upon discovering that an incapacitated individual , (which they interchange with disabled as needed), is residing within the county WITHOUT a TX court appointed guardian,THEY can file for applicant and DRAG EVERYONE through their kangaroo courts.
    Understand ? anyone can file applicant for guardian,and drag you through this illegal system.
    Being this proceeds in rem and the court appointees are granted MORE ILLEGAL AUTHORITY,they fleece the proposed ward’s SSI SSD and whatever else is around.
    WHEN they obtain the guardianship via false testimony whatever, they then have the literal physical possession of the ward, can place the ward whee THEY WANT,prohibit or allow certain visitors, make the medical decisions,etc.
    Power of atty means NOTHING.
    NOW what TX neglects is another statute stating that ALL disabled,regardless of the degree of incapacitation, HAVE FULL RIGHTS
    so how any of this bs goes on nonstop is unexplainable.
    it violates the ADA and Olmstead as well, and TEXAS gets away with this.
    so where are the attorneys ?
    where are these bs groups alleged to PROTECT the rights of the disabled ?
    how are these laws in existence ?
    no one protests them LEGALLY via lawsuits and the lawsuits should be filed and the cases running and the correct decisions made.
    I am contacting TX right to life hoping they get my point and MAYBE a state wide action gets done regarding these laws.
    I continue to stick my neck out, have been further victimized by these people via stalking and harassment, have been warned I am endangering my adult aged disabled son AS HE IS A WARD OF THEIR COURTS as that’s all TX guardianship accomplishes and THEY are free to come and get him based on more bs via their ex parte communications, remove him,isolate him again-
    this is ALL ILLEGAL but TEXANS allow this to continue.

    ref TX probate code section 683 court initiation of guardianship and all the rest of this junk legislation
    ref gross v rell CT when an employee made the decision that Mr Gross needed a guardian, the illegal powers given to these court appointees seem similar to what goes on in TX.
    and if you have the stomach for it read through any antiguardianship blogs, read what the APS,DADS, disability rights TX and National disability rights are alleged to do in a rapid manner, read the ADA and Olmstead as the disabled are discriminated against,singled out via legislation that ONLY BENEFITS THE STATE, and their rights openly violated.

    Note! The transfer of rights occurs regardless of your child’s disability label and/or level of need, unless you have made other legal arrangements.

    I am having a problem accessing messages so please id anything,keep it on the thread.

    I do NOT mean to rant BUT MY SON AND THIS FAMILY WENT THROUGH HELL AND WASTED THOUSANDS to recreate him as a WARD which was the ONLY WAY to get him OUT OF FOSTER CARE AND they ALL LIED and apparently DO NOT KNOW their own TX laws, statutes and codes.

  • ‘Texas sucks’: Greg Abbott strikes a nerve after asking Obama to ‘stop trashing America’

    04/13/2015 7:45:49 AM PDT · 30 of 41
    catroina54 to clintonh8r

    you’re dead wrong here.
    sign on and link up w/other constitutional conservatives and get news and pass news around and rebuke the braindead when they invade.
    and we can do the same blasting huffpoop,salon,KOS etc via twitter, as disagreeing in their echo chamber leads to being banned- but on twitter your message and links get out.

    It’s not what you’re thinking.

  • 'Huge gaps' in Clinton email record, Benghazi probe chief says

    03/08/2015 9:20:18 PM PDT · 16 of 34
    catroina54 to InterceptPoint

    But I’m curious how you know that Gowdy has no interest in any of this.

    Inside info? Do you have a source.
    gowdy knew about this 6 months ago.

  • Arkansas Homeschool Children Still Being Held By County DHS without Charges or Reason

    02/23/2015 7:01:44 AM PST · 28 of 34
    catroina54 to Jack Hydrazine

    there are no charges, no crimes and cps operates within the civil court level/hearings and their OWN set of statutes and laws.
    they don’t need any formal charges or crimes,they don’t need to produce evidence- what they state you did is what it is as in guilty till proven innocent.
    people stuck here suffer massively and it would be a miracle finding a judge to step in and “interfere” with the system and get those children home.

  • Firearms legislation review - A small price to pay to avert murder

    01/03/2015 10:08:58 AM PST · 21 of 32
    catroina54 to Paine in the Neck

    Childers was executed for the crime of carrying a revolver etc

  • CPS Threatens Dad: Let Your Kids Play Outside and We'll Take Them Away

    12/26/2014 7:00:26 PM PST · 66 of 117
    catroina54 to Ray76

    definitely signing anything from them is a mistake.
    there is hope he can get his statement on the record of signing under threat etc.
    anyway,this website remains an immense resource, and some resources are also applicable when dealing with court initiated guardianship and getting the truth on record the same when dealing with a pack of lying hyenas.

    CPS is to be shut down and replaced with an authentic legal system,not these kangaroo hearings where YOU ARE GUILTY until you prove otherwise and meanwhile your kids are in the foster care system.

  • BREAKING: NYPD Confirms # Eric Garner Was A Member of Organized Crime in Staten Island

    12/05/2014 8:08:24 AM PST · 32 of 146
    catroina54 to ilovesarah2012

    also found it very strange this comes out now,incident dates from July- and some on tweettie were outraged that some called bs on this new development.

    if Garner were a member,he wouldn’t be troubled.

  • Cardinal O’Malley: ‘If I Were Founding a Church, I’d Love to Have Women Priests’

    11/17/2014 7:25:05 AM PST · 20 of 45
    catroina54 to Shark24

    why not ask them to think logically.
    IF there were to be priestesses,wouldn’t Christ have ordained His own Mother,who is without sin- first ?

  • Diamond District gunman stole $2M in gems and watches

    11/12/2014 8:14:58 AM PST · 13 of 18
    catroina54 to from occupied ga

    Some dealers and couriers are most certainly legally armed and I was thinking the same thing that the crime never happened but simply went along the lines that it was all a set up-insurance fraud.

  • Former Cop Headed to Trial for Raping a Child While Other Officers Watched

    11/03/2014 9:03:56 AM PST · 9 of 15
    catroina54 to NEMDF

    I was asking myself this very question as well =
    “Do you know why it is a federal civil suit instead of criminal charges by the DA for the jurisdiction or State of TX?”

    please as time permits let us know-
    thank u
    and of course God Bless and protect the Texas Rangers.

  • [Schizophrenia Treatment:] Risperdal and Invega Side Effects: Gynecomastia (Enlarged Breasts in Men)

    10/19/2014 6:33:29 AM PDT · 34 of 68
    catroina54 to Twink

    and exactly WHAT were your battles w/the public school system ?
    as for retaining an attorney who has the knowledge and will power to go against CPS-where are they ?
    what is dispensed via the court is worse than no legal representation.
    how much does a knowledgeable atty CHARGE per hour ?
    how much do they charge even to simply write a letter,make a phone call ?

    you have a lot to say so why not share your knowledge ?

  • [Schizophrenia Treatment:] Risperdal and Invega Side Effects: Gynecomastia (Enlarged Breasts in Men)

    10/19/2014 6:25:58 AM PDT · 33 of 68
    catroina54 to Twink

    you have a lot to say so why NOT include your 1st hand experience in dealing with social workers and the system ?
    and also give out the statutes that will cover all involved in these kangaroo court civil actions called hearings, and how long your kids were in foster care due to unsubstantiated charges of negligence and abuse.
    YOU do know how it works,right ? guilty till proven innocent.
    and again,what happened to Justina Pelletier ?
    we’re all STUPID ?

  • Missing California woman found in Maine shack after it’s suspected she was swindled out of home

    10/13/2014 5:22:59 AM PDT · 12 of 29
    catroina54 to House Atreides

    gypsies ?
    throughout the US in many states,predatory courts,judges and appointees do this via probate/guardianship hearings.

    This bunch just acted the same and didn’t have to deal with a middle man.
    factual and horrific narratives and all within “legal” bounds.

  • Attorney gains firearms permit for man disqualified for gun ownership;

    10/12/2014 8:13:43 AM PDT · 12 of 32
    catroina54 to Sooth2222

    Well was he “deemed incapacitated because of a stroke” in the first place?-———you’d need to read through that state’s laws and circle every “may” as in may require a physicians letter,may require a social workers letter,who can apply to become a court ordained guardian on and on.

  • Evil Bullies

    08/18/2014 6:37:30 AM PDT · 8 of 11
    catroina54 to yldstrk

    Whenever I see those poor creatures wearing that costume I ache to say, you don’t have to do that here, you are in America now.
    you were in a hurry and forgot to add sarcasm,right ?

    they know damn well where they are and never came into the USA to assimilate. They ARE superior and the ultimate.
    when your zipcode gets designated as their newest resettlement area,you will get it.

  • Ebola question {vanity}

    08/10/2014 7:19:09 AM PDT · 135 of 135
    catroina54 to ballplayer

    How then did the doctors who they are bringing to Emory university for treatment get it?
    They were wearing all the protective gear,had all the decontamination procedures,they were the ones in charge...

    simply a random thought-as i can’t prove IT but I was wondering the same as many,how did it happen when they were all geared up etc ? —could they have been intentionally infected as they were in charge the same way researchers are “dying” throughout the years or didn’t a planeload of them go down as well ?
    and no i’m not into cONspiracies but something’s wrong here and don’t they say that epidemics come OUT from the cities and not into them ?
    wasn’t this epidemic inbound from the rural areas ?
    just a passing thought and of course can easily tolerate all and any impatient with such thoughts unproven.

  • Fla. mom arrested for allowing 7-year-old son to walk to park alone

    07/30/2014 7:55:52 AM PDT · 65 of 78
    catroina54 to Vigilanteman

    same here but
    going along with the current thinking,
    why wasn’t this 8 tr old given the status of an unaccompanied minor and simply reunited with his mother ?