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  • Flat Is the New Fair

    10/02/2011 2:43:38 PM PDT · 104 of 110
    cc2k to JDW11235
    Fine, I'll repeat myself. And since you seem to distrust 10 day old accounts, I'll do it from my "original" account so it will be more credible.

    JDW11235 wrote:
    “Jeez you’re posting stupid.”

    He or she also has a join date of 10 days ago, buyer beware indeed!
    This was explained above. I've actually been here since 1998 or so (maybe 1999, I don't actually remember).

    Actually, the computer that failed is back, and I can log in with the old account now (and I did post a few things on that account when I got the computer back), but I think I'll probably use this (the ¢ommon ¢ents) account going forward.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 2 October 2011

    10/02/2011 7:23:49 AM PDT · 121 of 259
    cc2k to upchuck; ken5050
    upchuck wrote:
    NOBODY give a crap what Juan says or thinks or does..

    Agreed. For that matter all the Sunday shows are amusing but pretty worthless.
    He's good for entertainment, though. It's fun to watch the others react to him.

    One of these days, I expect that Brit Hume will turn to Juan Williams after one of his nonsensical lefty talking points and open his rebuttal with (channeling Chevy Chase) "Juan, you ignorant slut." Sometimes the look of shock and disbelief on Brit's face when he follows one of Juan's comments is just great. The look says as much or more than his (Brit's) follow up words.

  • How can congress pass a bill with only 3 members present?

    09/29/2011 4:41:38 PM PDT · 16 of 34
    cc2k to RushingWater
    This happens more than you might think.

    It's also common in the Senate. It has happened with some really offensive treaties in the Senate.

    One of the reasons Mike Lee, the TEA Party Republican Senator who replaced Bennett from Utah, moved his family to Washington DC, was so he could be there at the end of the day on Thursday or Friday, right before the Senate adjourns, and say, "I Object!" to anything that they try to sneak by on unanimous consent.

    To answer the question, the house is in a "pro forma" session today. The rules are different and a quorum isn't necessarily required. Anyone could have objected to this to stop it. It was a very limited CR until next Thursday I think, to give the House the time to read, debate and pass or amend the Senate Continuing Resolution that will carry through mid November. That's when the Super Committee deadline for action comes up.

  • Undecideds rule Florida GOP Senate race, ... (McCalister leading at 17%, 58% undecided)

    09/28/2011 2:59:34 PM PDT · 10 of 44
    cc2k to seekthetruth

    Ping for Florida

  • Sacrebleu! Ethno-linguistic flareup in U.S. Senate campaign (FL)

    09/28/2011 2:56:42 PM PDT · 1 of 18
    This dust up isn't helping Hasner at all. There's a few French Canadian-Americans who have Retired to Florida and become naturalized citizens. Making fun of LeMeiux's name doesn't help win over those votes.

    Not that I mind, I'm supporting McCalister in this race.

    Related story, Undecideds rule Florida GOP Senate race, ... (McCalister leading at 17%, 58% undecided)

  • Undecideds rule Florida GOP Senate race, ... (McCalister leading at 17%, 58% undecided)

    09/28/2011 2:26:20 PM PDT · 8 of 44
    cc2k to fieldmarshaldj
    fieldmarshaldj wrote:
    Name or no name, Nelson’s in trouble, and unless the Republican is extremely poor or extremely unpopular (KH), he cannot bank on reelection.
    Well, the anecdotal sampling I've done with veterans is that Nelson does pretty good with his pandering to that group. If he manages to squeak by, it will be the Vets that carry him. That's where I really think a retired Colonel with 20 years of service is going to draw more than a career politician.

    Also, the crosstabs for favorable/unfavorable were interesting. Hasner had bigger unfavorable numbers basically across the board. I didn't see anyplace where his favorable number was higher than his unfavorable. Of course, with 70%+ in the "Not sure" category, it's hard to say whether that will be a problem. I was also surprised that LeMieux was viewed more unfavorably and less favorably by moderates and liberals (the few there were in this poll). Being moderate doesn't even impress moderates and liberals.

    I also agree with you about this polling outfit. I don't necessarily trust them. So take everything from them with a grain of salt, and save a grain of salt for any of my observations based on their polling results, too.

    VRW Conspirator wrote:
    FUnny thing is if Charlie Crist, the ex governor, had played his hand right and conceded the last Senator race without an independent run, he would be a shoe-in for a nominee.
    I'm not so sure about that. He would have had the best name recognition, that's for sure. But the hug would have come back to haunt the orange guy. Even Bill Nelson is smart enough not to hug President Downgrade. Conservatives wouldn't have voted for Crist.

    Plus, your premise really means an entirely different landscape than we have today. If Crist had fought fair or conceded, we might not have had Governor Scott (because a "party unity" endorsement from Crist would probably have pushed McCollum over the top in last summer's primary).

    I'm really glad that Crist chose the path he did. He took the high speed train to irrelevancy and saved us some fights.

  • Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Bill to Avert Shutdown

    09/28/2011 1:30:38 PM PDT · 24 of 24
    cc2k to Prokopton; henkster; samadams2000
    My apologies to all, I was away for the day yesterday, and most of today.
    Prokopton wrote:
    The House wanted money cut from “green” programs to pay for the spending. Did the Senate vote for that? If not, it is another complete cave by Boehner and another win for the progressives.
    Reid and the Senate Democrats agreed to the House spending cap. They also did cut $1 Billion from the FEMA emergency funds passed by the house to "preserve" $1 Billion more in the "green energy" slush funds. So now we have Reid and the Democrats on record for cutting $1 billion that the Republicans approved for disaster victims, just to protect the "green jobs" scam. I'm not sure, but that could turn out to be a political point later.
    henkster wrote:
    Boehner did NOT win this round. This round should not have been fought. By continuing the practice of passing continuing resolutions instead of insisting the Mary Reid pass a budget as the House did, Boehner has surrendered to the half-assed unaccountable spending practices of the democrats.

    It’s not a win at all. He should have said “we did our job and passed a budget; we invite Mr. Reid to do his job and do likewise.”
    Well, since the battle was fought, there were losers and bigger losers, and for the most part, Reid and the Senate Dems lost more. They agreed to the House caps, and to salvage a bit more for the "green jobs" scam, they had to cut aid to disaster victims. That might not have been the best move for them. They can try to say that "the TEA party" cut disaster funds, but the reality is that the Senate Dems cut $1 billion from what the "TEA Partiers" allocated for disaster relief.

    I agree with you on the other point. I was all over my Congress Critter, and I called the Speaker's office as well when they returned from the August recess. My suggestion was that at the beginning of September, they should have sent a letter to Reid saying something like this:

    Senator Reid,

    In the House of Representatives, we've already passed 7 appropriations bills. You have 4 weeks to work on those.

    Later this month, the House will consider a continuing resolution for departments where the appropriations bills have not yet been completed in the House. We hope to work with the Senate on that.

    On the other hand, it will be difficult to include funding for departments that the House has already funded for fiscal year 2012. You, Senator, will be holding up funding for those departments. For example, we don't feel it's an emergency, when, for example, you've had since June 2nd to work on the Homeland Security appropriations bill that the House passed. Senator, please start working on these appropriations bills so that these departments can be properly funded after October 1, 2011, for Fiscal year 2012.

    Speaker Boehner
    It's a shame that Boehner didn't apply some pressure for the Senate to start doing something.
    samadams2000 wrote:
    Our leadership needs to be replaced. They have presided over the looting of this country. I want them out. I want them ridiculed and if possible arrested.
    The first step in that is for us to find some decent primary challengers in OH-5 and VA-7. What are the TEA Partiers doing in those districts?
  • Undecideds rule Florida GOP Senate race, ... (McCalister leading at 17%, 58% undecided)

    09/28/2011 1:00:42 PM PDT · 1 of 44
    It's still early. The Primary for the Senate race is next August, I think. But McCallister, the true conservative who is leading in his battle against the Ruling Class, well connected "Tallahassee Triplets."

    I've seen this McCallister guy, and he has my full support for this. I actually voted for him for Governor last year after seeing him several times in the last month before the Primary last August. He's a veteran, a retired colonel who was at McDill directing Special Operations. I think he's the best Republican candidate to peal away the veterans from Bill Nelson. And, in Florida, I don't see a clear path to victory over Nelson without very strong support from Veterans.

  • Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Bill to Avert Shutdown

    09/26/2011 5:30:54 PM PDT · 1 of 24
    It looks like Boehner won this round.
  • Senate To Vote On Bill To Stop Government Shutdown

    09/26/2011 5:23:09 PM PDT · 9 of 13
    cc2k to Sub-Driver
    Pelosi tweeted a few minutes ago:
    From @NancyPelosi on Twitter:
    Tonight, Senate joined House Dems in protecting while meeting disaster assistance needs-House must act on CR this week

    Also, from FoxNews:

    Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Bill to Avert Shutdown

  • Florida Straw Poll Results Focus Less On Cain (Winner) Than Perry (Loser)

    09/26/2011 4:02:08 PM PDT · 3 of 8
    cc2k to cc2k
    Oh, and our corrupt, bully of an Hernando county REC chair, Blaise Ingolglia, was quoted in the article:
    From the article:
    Blaise Ingolglia, the co-chair of the organization putting on the "Presidency 5" event, said this, according to NBC's "First Read":
    Iowa is a test of the organizational strength. Iowa basically is a paid straw poll. ... This is actually more of a true representation of how the voters are going to vote in Florida.
    Ingolglia wasn't alone. Alex Patton, a Florida GOP consultant and pollster, said the events in the Sunshine State last week — the Thursday debate and the Saturday straw poll — would "separate out the wheat from the chaff."

    I'm pretty sure those quotes are from September 22, before the straw poll. I've heard some establishment types trying to walk back from that since Hermain Cain's victory Saturday.
  • Florida Straw Poll Results Focus Less On Cain (Winner) Than Perry (Loser)

    09/26/2011 3:55:59 PM PDT · 1 of 8
    I have to wonder if the validity of such straw polls would be questioned in any way if Rick Perry or Mitt Romney had won this Florida straw poll.

    Go Herman Cain!

  • GOP's Cain says win in Fla. straw poll not a fluke

    09/26/2011 8:23:56 AM PDT · 2 of 24
    cc2k to kingattax

    Ping for the Hermain Cain list?

  • GOP's Cain says win in Fla. straw poll not a fluke

    09/26/2011 8:21:31 AM PDT · 1 of 24
    It seems the Propaganda Ministry has decided that Mr. Cain was a "protest vote" for the straw poll in Florida and indicates that the GOP is needing more choices. Those racist TEA Partiers couldn't have meant to vote for the black guy. </sarcasm>

    I'm also posting this to draw attention to the reactions and comments of the lefty moonbats over there on NewsVine.

    Feel free to comment over there if you wnat. ;)

  • Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay ‘Jew’ tax rate [on Video]

    09/26/2011 8:10:23 AM PDT · 48 of 84
    cc2k to dragonblustar
    dragonblustar wrote:
    It was posted on the side bar last night but has been taken down for reasons unknown.
    I noticed that as well. I'm not sure. Do we have Obama supporters among the sidebar mods? Sometimes I wonder, based on what gets pulled or reclassified from "news" to "blogs" or "chat."
  • Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay ‘Jew’ tax rate [on Video]

    09/26/2011 5:48:26 AM PDT · 21 of 84
    cc2k to MrB
    MrB wrote:
    See FR’s “four hour rule”, even that sometimes is amended when a topic is hot enough.
    So, are you saying that since that post is over four hours old, nobody is interested in the comments there?

    I never said this poster shouldn't have posted it. I just provided a link for anyone interested in this topic to see other comments about this article.

  • Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay ‘Jew’ tax rate [on Video]

    09/26/2011 5:28:04 AM PDT · 7 of 84
    cc2k to NativeNewYorker
    NativeNewYorker wrote:
    Searched and did not find this posted. Amazing amazing clip.
    It was posted last night. You might be interested in the 100+ comments on this thread:

    Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay ‘Jew’ tax rate ^

  • Patriots Concerned Over Obama Leaving 3000 Soldiers in Iraq. SIGN PETITION

    09/26/2011 5:23:28 AM PDT · 30 of 36
    cc2k to vanzorge; trooprally
    Feel free to forward this to the organizers of this. I'm trying to be helpful here, not overly critical.
    vanzorge wrote:
    i hear your feelings about this. do you have any suggestions about what would be a better way to word the petition?
    Well, a petition is a request for action.

    Actually, I've read this petition about “The 3000” several times and I still can't figure out what action they are requesting. Thats what the organizers should open with. "We, the undersigned, request that you {take some action}.” Follow on after that with the reasoning behind that request and the justification for it.

    Also, you really shouldn't change the petition after people have signed it. But you could invite the signers of the current petition to sign the new one.

    I also wouldn't put it only on the WhiteHouse site. I'd do that in addition to another petition site like iPetitions.

    Finally, when I first read this post, I clicked the link on the “Sign the petition HERE” line. Once I was there, I saw no information other than the unfocused rambling letter. When I clicked the "Blog" tab on that site, I saw, “There are no blog entries yet. Check back soon to track the progress of this petition.” Also, out to the right, I see this:


    Contact Petition Sponsor


    (No links added)

    So, I made my first comments here without reading the website from the first link.

    I'll leave with two more tips.

    First, for search optimization, make your link text the title of the petition, or a shorter version with keywords. Like this:

    Please, sign our Letter to complain about 3000 troops being left behind in Iraq. ( <-- Click the link )
    When you have the better petition, You can use different keywords, like "Petition to bring home all of our troops from Iraq," or "Petition to keep a defensible United States military force in Iraq."

    Search engines pick up the keywords in the link text and the "target page" of the link gains rank for the words in link (the underlined blue text). You don't want your petition to rank for "Click here." You want it to rank for keywords related to the petition, so use those keywords in your link.

    Second, whatever site you use for your petition, make sure that someone who lands on the petition can get to your website. Some people will find you by way of the petition. There's nothing on your current iPetitions petition to get anyone who goes there back to your website. Either they like it and they sign, or they don't fully understand it and don't sign and get frustrated that there is no other information available. Use all the features of the petition site you choose.

    If you use iPetitions, cross post every blog post and news release about this petition to the iPetitions "blog" and use the "Links" section to link to all your other information about the petition. The first link should be your website. After that, other links to related information, for example to a FreeRepublic keyword search, A Twitter #the3000 hashtag search, and maybe a facebook fan page. You could also get some RedStaters to blog about it with a "the3000" tag and have a search for that tag on

    There's just no excuse for having that iPetition site completely devoid of any information other than the letter itself (or the new petition).

  • Sarah Palin Has Until Late December to Jump In, and Still Win

    09/25/2011 9:32:55 PM PDT · 76 of 157
    cc2k to KevinDavis
    KevinDavis wrote:
    The key for this election is to get at least 4% of the people who voted for Obama. Basically we need the moderate Dems and the indies..
    Sorry, but you are misinformed.

    First, it's not about the popular vote totals. It's about electoral votes. With the Census and redistricting and reallocation of House seats, if we had an exact rerun of 2008, with exactly the same states going to Obama and McCain, Obama has already lost about 10 electoral votes, I think. More of the states Obama carried lost electoral votes than gained. McCain states gained more than they lost. Still, Republicans need to flip some states. Florida (29 EV) is important, so are Ohio (18 EV) and Pennsylvania (20 EV). Even Colorado (9 EV) and New Mexico (5 EV) can help.

    This is one reason that Rubio is considered likely to be the VP no matter who gets the nomination. Florida is critical. It's probably the largest block of electoral votes that Obama had in 2008 that are in play and vulnerable in 2012.

    Also, we need some of the people who were so turned off by McCain that they stayed home in 2008. Palin actually minimized that damage in 2008, but some conservatives did not vote for McCain in 2008. The Republicans are far more likely to win in 2012 if they can keep their base motivated than by trying to "convert" Obama voters. Don't get me wrong, I do think some Obama voters will switch to the Republican side in 2012, especially among the independents. They will likely go for "anybody but Obama." But that shouldn't be the focus of the Republican candidate. If you think that alone will carry the election, you're following a losing strategy.

  • Are there any California freepers knowledgeable about mortgages?

    09/25/2011 6:20:36 PM PDT · 25 of 27
    cc2k to LouAvul
    I'm not a lawyer, but she needs one.

    In Florida, there are some attorneys who have had success when the paperwork gets lost in all this "mortgage backed securities" shuffle. In a whole lot of cases, the bank servicing the loan can't produce an actual promissory note and the actual paperwork with the borrowers signature. If that's the case, there are additional steps that the owner can do to get free and clear title to the property.

    I'm not saying your friend will be that lucky, but it's something to explore.

    Other than that, starting to file for bankruptcy can get the lender's attention. It might be possible to restructure the mortgage or get some concessions through that route. If not, bankruptcy is usually the only real way out.

    If she's not interested in living there long term, it's best to find another place to live (a rental home or rental apartment) before she gets very far behind on the mortgage and has credit issues. It's a lot easier to find a rental before you default on a mortgage.

    Again, I'm not a lawyer, and this isn't legal advice.

  • Patriots Concerned Over Obama Leaving 3000 Soldiers in Iraq. SIGN PETITION

    09/25/2011 5:04:35 PM PDT · 20 of 36
    cc2k to trooprally; All; mdmathis6; LeoWindhorse; upchuck; vanzorge; no-to-illegals; combat_boots; ...
    Sorry for the FReply All, but I think this is important. This is a poorly thought out petition,and it might do more har than good. Please read my comments below.
    trooprally wrote:

    I thought Item 2 is pretty specific.

    "The sole purpose of this website is twofold;
    1. to raise public awareness about this issue ( News and Update page)
    2. to petition President Obama to make a full and open disclosure about his rationale for leaving the 3000 troops behind, and to explain what security measures will be taken to insure their safety

    I will see if the originators of the web site and letter.

    Thanks for the interesting thought of putting this on the WH's web site.

    [Mr] T

    After reading your reply, and then thinking about it while doing some other chores, then coming back and reading your reply and the petition again, I'm even more concerned about this.

    I won't be signing this as it is written now.

    First, it's not clear, does this group want a stronger presence left? Or do they want all troops returned home? If it's one of those two things, why not ask for it?

    Second, I don't want anyone who signs the petition to receive a full explanation of “what security measures will be taken to insure their (our troops) safety.” I certainly don't want specific details about that topic made public, or even disclosed to anyone with no "need to know."

    This is the enemie's dream come true. Have the details of our defenses published on the Internet or in the New York Times or other published media.

    If you want all troops returned home, none left in Afghanistan, then petition for a complete withdrawal.

    If you want a stronger force left, so that our forces can properly defend themselves, petition for that.

    The way it is written now, this petition is weak and nonsensical. It's not well thought out at all, and it could do more harm than good.

  • Patriots Concerned Over Obama Leaving 3000 Soldiers in Iraq. SIGN PETITION

    09/25/2011 3:55:22 PM PDT · 16 of 36
    cc2k to trooprally
    I have a few questions.

    First, other than venting our feelings, what is the purpose of this petition? What are you petitioning for? The petition at the link seems very unspecific about what action you are requesting.

    Second, have you considered posting this also on The White House Petitions website? The We The People" feature there? Track it here and on the other petition site, so you know when you actually hit the 5000 signature level there, or catch them playing politics with that taxpayer funded site.

  • FR Weekly Cooking Thread *Recipes* Sept 24, 2011

    09/25/2011 9:23:15 AM PDT · 34 of 39
    cc2k to bgill; illiac
    Thanks, that’s interesting. Maybe I could marinade the strips with the seasoning, sear it, and into the over to cook through.
    My recipe was more for steaks than for thicker pieces like I think you had with the boneless ribs.

    Now, I'm wishing I had braised ours last night. The steaks we got were tough, with a bit of gristle that wasn't really visible in the package.

    I'm filing that recipe for "Beef Braised in Rosemary Wine Sauce," away for another time, though, for the future. I'll probably use beef stock, and I'll probably combine the herbs and spices with the red wine and some of the olive oil and marinate the meet for an hour or more before cooking. That does look delicious, though, and your report is good info.

  • Breaking: Florida Straw Poll Results: Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll

    09/24/2011 3:13:13 PM PDT · 66 of 500
    cc2k to tutstar
    I saw the tweet a few minutes ago.

    Herman Cain
    Great day at the straw poll here in Florida: 10 standing ovations is a clear sign of momentum!

    If you want to follow Herman Cain on Twitter, he's @THEHermanCain
  • Has Anyone on FR Ever Had Scarlet Fever?

    09/24/2011 2:11:08 PM PDT · 33 of 74
    cc2k to My Favorite Headache
    It sounds like she had a reaction to the penicillin, and possibly has some infection going on as a secondary thing with the rash.

    I'm also not a doctor. I am, however, highly allergic now to penicillin and penicillin derivatives. I discovered this almost all the way through a run of amoxyl when I was in my early 30's. I had a rash everywhere, including my tongue, inside my cheeks, and visible down my throat. It was horrible.

    You do have to watch her carefully. The histamine reaction causing the rash is probably more threatening now than the infection. That's what the prednisone and other steroids are about. Benadryl will help too, and some benadryl cream applied topically probably would help even more.

    Once the rash starts to go down, any infection that is remaining will need to be addressed. That's what the zithromax or other antibiotics are for.

    You might want to have her tested for reactions to penicillin when this is over, and if she's allergic to it, make sure she avoids that in the future.

  • FR Weekly Cooking Thread *Recipes* Sept 24, 2011

    09/24/2011 7:43:43 AM PDT · 8 of 39
    cc2k to bgill
    bgill wrote:
    I have some boneless beef thawing and need some new ideas. No bbg or grilling, please.
    If it's something like round steaks or round tip (sirloin tip), try the Spicy-Sweet Steaks and Onions. I made those last week, and mysteriously, another package of sirloin tip steaks appeared in my fridge yesterday. I think She's telling me it was good and she wants to have this again.
  • ACLU: Ala. town cannot impose church sentences

    09/23/2011 3:28:55 PM PDT · 4 of 17
    cc2k to Free ThinkerNY
    You know, as much as I dislike the ACLU overall, I can actually see their point on this.

    Does the judge (the government) select the church that these criminals are "sentenced" to? Or have a list of "approved" churches? Or can the criminal select any wiccan coven or even establish his/her own "church" for tax purposes and stay home while avoiding taxes?

    If the judge gets to pick the church, or give a list of churches, that's pretty much "establishment" of acceptable church(es), and runs afoul of the first amendment.

    If the judge doesn't get any say in which churches are acceptable, then he's just turning the people free. Why pretend that they are going to church when they could call anything "their church."

    Plus, church is not a punishment. I'm sorry, but I don't want to go to church with people who don't want to be there and wouldn't be there if the judge hadn't "sentenced" them to come to church. There's no salvation in church if you don't come of your own choice.

  • SITREP -September 23rd 2011

    09/23/2011 1:58:20 PM PDT · 2 of 2
    cc2k to seekthetruth; All
    Ping for FL

    I notice that Mr. Nugent claims that the Democrats were for the CR before they voted against it. I'm not sure if that's true or now. I don't know that they ever supported the CR that the Republicans put forward. But it's a good story.

    At this point, I would say it's 70% likely that Nugent's story is true, and maybe 30% likely that Boehner, Cantor and others wanted to make the "TEA Partiers" look bad and get the some bad press. The Establishent is not happy with TEA Partiers demanding real change in Washington.

    Anyway, we'll see what Reid does this weekend and next week.

  • SITREP -September 23rd 2011

    09/23/2011 1:55:03 PM PDT · 1 of 2
    This week's update from Mr Nugent.
  • House Republicans Regrouping on CR, Pondering Two Options

    09/23/2011 8:34:51 AM PDT · 7 of 9
    cc2k to Mouton; concerned about politics
    Mouton wrote:
    Time to support the primary challenger. This was not time to re group, it was time to reload. Instead, we get the usual flip flop back to business as usual. At this rate, every time Harry the turd farts, Boehner will not even lite a match or so it seems. Weed, er Reed is not running this show much longer as he will be gone in 14 months along with his majority so why go along now to make them look good. This was a legitimate reason to bounce the green cars unless of course Beohner believes that is a winner for him.
    I agree. Actually, I posted on another thread about this. We need to find primary challengers who:
    • Live in these districts (OH-5, VA-7, CA-22, TX-5 at the very least, preferrably every district)
    • Who are not "career politicians."
    • Who will stand on principles, not cave in to pressure

    Reid will be there for over 5 more years. I hope not as "Majority leader," but as part of the Democrat leadership in the minority. But there's no way to remove him before 2016. He just won his seat again in 2010.

    concerned about politics wrote:
    Did Oboma get his 1.5 in green slush, or did they manage to get that part removed?
    No, the bill that passed after midnight was the same as the one Wedenesday night, with one additional amendment (link is PDF of the amendment). They took away $0.1 billion from the green engery slush fund that loaned Solyndra the $0.535 billion. That's it. And 24 of the 48 that voted against the thing on Wedenesday night bought that solution. They alegedly were upset over $24 billion (annually, which was actually about $3.23 billion over the 7 weeks), but for a measley $0.1 billion that might be a bit embarassing to the White House, they were bought off. I don't buy that.

    I'm about to write piece about the 24 infiltrators who did this. I'm pretty sure Boehner and Cantor wanted the negative press for the TEA Partiers, and they scheduled the vote Wednesday specifically so they could lose and the media ruling class propaganda ministry would blame the TEA Party for the looming government shutdown.

    Boehner, Cantor and the rest of the leadership do not like the TEA Party. They spent millions from their "leadership PACs" in the 2010 primary season to defeat many of the TEA party candidates (and trying to defeat others like Rand Paul).

  • Morning Joe Sloughs Off Solyndra: 'No There, There'

    09/23/2011 8:11:16 AM PDT · 26 of 33
    cc2k to RedStateGuyTrappedinCT; ilovesarah2012; FlingWingFlyer; roj; Lazamataz; Old Retired Army Guy; ...
    The White Hut people are extremely confident on this.

    I hope all of you realize that the FBI has locked up, burned or shredded anything incriminating. Scarborough and Ford are right, there's "No there there."

    Do you really think the name "Solyndra" would have appeard in any headlines in the Washington Post, LA Times, any Approved Propaganda wire story, or any network or cable network news story propaganda piece if Obama and his minions didn't really believe they had all the incriminating evidence locked up or destroyed?

    All we can hope for is that they might have missed something, or left witness they didn't notice. I am not hopeful.

    PS. This is not a ping list just my "FReply all" button. There's a script for that.

  • House Republicans Regrouping on CR, Pondering Two Options

    09/23/2011 7:52:58 AM PDT · 3 of 9
    cc2k to radioone
    Old News.

    The CR Passed after midnight last night.

    After releasing the amdent on the House Rules Committee website at 8:09pm EST, they held the vote at 00:50 this morning (yes, that's ten minutes 'til 1 AM).

    If we wanted "secret bills" passed after midnight, we could have kept Pelosi in charge.

    I'm also beginning to believe that the whole failed vote Wednesday night was an attempt to discredit and embarrass the TEA Partiers who opposed the bill (the ones that voted against it still, after the $0.1 billion pinprick aimed at Obama's green energy slush fund).

  • House of Representatives passes spending bill (Dingy Harry Reid, Senate need disaster aid)

    09/23/2011 6:10:17 AM PDT · 4 of 9
    cc2k to freeangel
    freeangel wrote:
    Now, THAT’S funny. The Senate democraps will be responsible for shutting down government. Hussein better get his slaves in line.
    Nope, it will be Boehner's fault because he didn't just pass the measure that the Senate sent over without amendment(s). That will be the story. The Republicans "poisoned" the bill with spending offsets, and that last minute poke (pinprick) at Obama and his "green energy grants."

    It's all the Republican's fault when the government shuts down.

    I'm also very disappointed at the way this was passed. I found out about 8:30 (EST) last night what they were planning. The amendment was posted on the Rules Committee website at 8:09pm. They voted at 00:50 this morning (yeah, ten minutes to 1 O'clock in the morning).

    I tried to call my Congress Critter about it. First time, I was transferred to some staffer's voicemail box which said he was out of the office today (thursday at the tim) and Friday. Then I called the House Switchboard and was told everyone went home. There would be no votes last night. That's what the operator told me.

    Also, at first I thought that failed vote earlier this week could have been a double-cross from the Dems. Now, I'm wondering if Boehner, Cantor and the leadership did it intentionally to make the TEA Partiers look bad.

    If we wanted secret bills passed after midnight, we could have left the Democrats in charge.

    Also, 24 of the 48 who were trying to hold spending down by ~ $3.23 billion over the 7 weeks this CR will fund the government were bought off by a $0.1 billion politically motivated poke at Obama's clean energy grants. That's pathetic. Those twenty-four aren't just political whores. They are cheap whores to boot.

    Can we please, please get serious primary challengers in OH-5 (Boehner's district), VA-7 (Cantor's district), CA-22 (Kevin McCarthy's district), and TX-5 (Hensarling's district)?

    The TEA Party needs to clean house, starting at the leadership.

  • (Live Thread) Republican Presidential Debate #6 - Sep. 22, 2011 - Orlando, FL. (9pm ET FOXNEWS)

    09/22/2011 9:19:01 PM PDT · 1,765 of 2,112
    cc2k to All; TomGuy; comebacknewt; Leofl
    I'll open with my observation/question before responding to others. My own observation. I'm having to watch this over again. I thought I heard someting absurd from Perry about the fence, and his preference against it.

    Did Perry actually say "I want boots on the ground and aviation assets on the ground"? One time I think it was even "Aviation assets in the ground."

    Shouldn't the aviation assets be in the air? Just askin'

    TomGuy wrote:
    E-verify would never work without FED enforcement and deportation of those caught by it.
    Actually, it could work if it were privately run.

    The enforcent has to be against the employers. The penalties for hiring someone who is not in the country legally should be so bad that nobody will want to chance having illegal(s) on the payroll.

    Once you do that, businesses will find the method to keep them safe from those penalties. You don't have to mandate the method.

    Once employers stop employing illegals, there will be no job opportunities and these people will go elsewhere (back to their home country, or to another more "friendly" country.

    comebacknewt wrote:
    Looks like the circular firing squad is out in force again tonight. Bash, bash, bash away at each other.

    Newt seems like the only guy who realizes Obama is the true enemy.
    I thought Cain did well, too. He answered all the questions, and he took it to Obama without saying much against any of the others. He did mention Romney's plan to tax people making over $200,000 while allowing people under that income level to be tax exempt for interest/dividends/capital gains. He didn't do that in a bad way (althought he should have avoided Romney's name specifically).

    I like Cain. I actually cut the "Mc" off of one of my 2008 "McCain - Palin" bumper stickers. Though I would prefer Sarah at the top (and I don't think she'll run for VP again.

    But Cain was also not allowed rebuttals when Romney mentioned him by name. The cameras weren't on him, but he should have been waving, pounding on the podium or otherwise getting attention and standing up for his allowed rebuttal time.

    Fox was definitely pimping Romney. And he did extremely well, but you get confidence when you realize that the organizers/moderators are on your side.

    Leofl wrote:
    So if Gov Perry gets the nomination, you will stay home? So you could take another 4 years of the obamessiah?

    We will never get a 100% candidate
    I'm not 100% sure what I would do with Perry at the top of the ticket. Probably hold my nose and vote. For the primaries, though, I have this position:

    Read my lips … No new Texans!

    I'm pretty sure Obama and his campaign team want Perry to run against. Republicans might be misunderestimating the hatred of George W. Bush from the left, and the disappointment with him from the right (TEA party types). I have dozens of letters to my Congress critter from 2001 through 2005 where I was opposed to Bush and his massive spending and expansion of the federal government.

    Perry's immigration position is too much a clone of George W. Bush. At least tonight, his accent and voice didn't sound as much like George W. Bush as he has in the past. But I'm watching the rerun right now, and his voice tones are still too "Bush-like." That also will work against him.

    I think Romney won tonight, but I think Fox stacked it in his favor. I'll also say that if it's Romney vs. Obama, we're in for 4 more years of socialism, and I will probably stay home (or more likely leave the top line on my ballot blank), because I don't care too much which socialist wins.

  • (Live Thread) Republican Presidential Debate #6 - Sep. 22, 2011 - Orlando, FL. (9pm ET FOXNEWS)

    09/22/2011 6:32:22 PM PDT · 307 of 2,112
    cc2k to Recovering Ex-hippie
    Recovering Ex-hippie wrote:
    He sounds good though....Fair Tax, start vetoeing bills that need to be axed.
    I liked both Paul and Johnson on the Vetoes. I think Johnson would do it, too.

    I wish that Paul had extended his veto threat to anything that doesn't say which specific enumerated power in the constitution authorizes Congress to enact a bill. Paul has repeatedly sponsored the "Enumerated Powers Act" requiring exactly that.

    As for the FairTax, I'm for the idea of a consumption tax, but the actual FairTax bill when you read it is a nightmare. There are many constitutional problems with it, and there's a major problem of it being "revenue neutral." We are taxed excessively now. I don't believe we're paying exactly the right amount of total taxes but paying it the wrong way. Thats what the FairTax addresses.

  • Solyndra Language Paves Way for CR Passage in House

    09/22/2011 5:36:48 PM PDT · 1 of 3
    Call your Congress Critters now. I don't think the vote has happened yet.

    I emphasized two words in that last paragraph. I hope these leadership clowns have actually talked to the ones that voted against this last night and know before they start the voting whether the votes are there.

    I am glad they did not capitulate and accept the Democrat demands to remove the spending cut offsets for the FEMA funds.

    Hey, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, et. al. How about this. The conservatives who voted against this did so because you're spending more money in September than you promised in April. Why not reduce the spending levels to the $1.019 trillion (annual number) that was passed in April. Why spend the extra $24 billion?

    If the TEA Party types are "mollified" and agree to this blatantly political $100 million move, instead of the $24 billion in spending cuts they were asking for, they really deserve some serious negative feedback. That's too big a compromise, IMO.

  • Nine Presidential Candidates Who Weren't Great Students in College

    09/22/2011 3:10:11 PM PDT · 11 of 35
    cc2k to SeekAndFind
    SeekAndFind wrote:
    What about Barack Obama? How was he as a student? Anybody have any idea?
    Good luck finding out.

    His records have been sealed, locked up and hidden away.

    There's some speculation he was a "foreign exchange" student, too.

  • House Floor Remarks in Opposition to Klamath Dam Removal

    09/22/2011 2:59:41 PM PDT · 8 of 30
    cc2k to Congressman Tom McClintock
    Just Dam!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I wish you luck. As a U.S. Taxpayer, I hope you save us the expense of destroying these dams, and the added expense of subsidizing the windmills and solar farms that might eventually replace them for power generation (unless the enviromentalists decide that too many birds will be killed and people in your district should do without power).

  • Oops, Obama Touts His Jobs Plan Today At An Ohio Bridge That Won't Qualify

    09/22/2011 2:51:27 PM PDT · 18 of 30
    cc2k to Lmo56
    Lmo56 wrote:
    The bridge isn't in danger of collapsing - it is just being overused. The new project would be a new span to offload traffic from the existing bridge ...
    Maybe you didn't read my full post.

    Or maybe I should have added a </sarcasm> tag in there somewhere.

  • Oops, Obama Touts His Jobs Plan Today At An Ohio Bridge That Won't Qualify

    09/22/2011 2:41:32 PM PDT · 13 of 30
    cc2k to Lmo56
    Actually, this bridge might collapse sooner than expected. Getting a visit from "The Won" seems to be hazardous.

    Solyndra is one well known example, but there are others. Like Cardinal Fastener.

    Did Obama actually touch this bridge? If he did, any bets on how long before it falls?

  • The 14 Most Corrupt Members of Congress

    09/22/2011 1:13:00 PM PDT · 33 of 53
    cc2k to Virginia Ridgerunner; freespirited
    Virginia Ridgerunner wrote:
    Hmmm...most of the people on this list are Republicans.
    I noticed that, too.

    And I did a bit of digging. Perhaps you, or other FReepers could do some more digging on this.

    CREW which is mentioned in the headline is “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington” (Sounds like a lost cause to me, but who am I to judge?) It's run by Melanie Sloan. Saving you the trouble of clicking on the link, here's an excerpt from that page:

    About Melanie Sloan:
    Melanie Sloan serves as CREW's Executive Director and is a nationally recognized expert on congressional ethics. Prior to starting CREW, she served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Columbia where, from 1998-2003, she successfully tried cases before dozens of judges and juries.

    Before becoming a prosecutor, Ms. Sloan served as Minority Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee, working on criminal justice issues for then-Ranking Member John Conyers (D-MI). Ms. Sloan also served as Counsel for the Crime Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by then-Representative Charles Schumer (D-NY). There, she drafted portions of the 1994 Crime Bill, including the Violence Against Women Act. In 1993, Ms. Sloan served as Nominations Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, under then-Chairman Joseph Biden (D-DE). Prior to working for the Congress, she was an associate at Howrey and Simon in Washington D.C.
    freespirited wrote:
    Isnt this a Soros-funded outfit?

    IIRC, the person in charge used to work for Conyers.
    Not sure about the Soros connection. It wouldn't surprise me. You're right about the Conyers connection, plus Schumer and Biteme.

    See the quote from the CREW website above for some info about their Executive Director.

  • Bill Clinton: Obama's Approach To The Deficit Is "A Little Confusing"

    09/22/2011 8:35:22 AM PDT · 10 of 14
    cc2k to jefferson31415
    jefferson31415 wrote:
    Not sure what to make of this clip from President Bubba.
    I'm not sure either. Seem like Slick Willie is easily confused. At some point, wasn't he also confused about the meaning of the word "is"?
  • The Guess What's the Biggest Driver of U.S. Government Revenue?

    09/22/2011 8:32:54 AM PDT · 9 of 35
    cc2k to Cboldt
    Cboldt wrote:
    That one co-relationship, without more, doesn’t tell squat beyond the fact that “the government has inflated the money.”
    That's the biggest revelation from that graph.

    However it's very interesting to note that various years on that graph had very different top marginal tax rates, and yet, those rates seem to have little effect on this relationship.

    There have been other graphs, usually on a time scale, showing revenue (tax receipts) as a percentage of GDP and top marginal tax rate which show there is no relationship between the top marginal rate and the revenue collected. The revenue collected tends to fall in a very narrow band, and it's usually lower in relationship to GDP during or immediately after a recession, IIRC. That's certainly the case today.

    Either way you look at it, growth in the economy yeilds more revenue for the government. In the end, nothing else matters. Changing tax rates doesn't change revenue levels.

    This graph actually shows that total GDP perhaps isn't as important as median household income. I'd be interested to see whether Per Capita GDP has a similar relationship.

  • Oops, Obama touts his jobs plan today at an Ohio bridge that won't qualify

    09/22/2011 7:23:39 AM PDT · 6 of 11
    cc2k to maggief
    Is anyone else concerned about the safety of this bridge.

    Every place that Obama visits seems to fail. There have been many. Solyndra is perhaps the best known. But wasn't Biden in Ohio this week, in the neighborhood of another business that Obama went to that has failed and closed? IRRC, it was Cardinal Fastener and Specialty Co., and Obama visited there touting wind power back around his innauguration time. It seems like there have been several other businesses that have failed after an Obama visit.

    I hate to bet on disasters, but is there a pool for how long after this visit from Obama before this bridge collapses.

  • Taxpayer Monies Illegally Funding ACORN Affiliate

    09/21/2011 8:10:28 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    cc2k to gavjoe
    gavjoe wrote:
    What did Obama know and when did he know it.....
    Obama knew that the law prohibiting funding to ACORN or ACORN affiliates expired September 30, 2010. See my post #8 for the corrected headline and article text.

    These Republicans in the House have been so good at preventing fraud and corruption.

  • House kills spending bill with disaster aid

    09/21/2011 8:01:28 PM PDT · 7 of 10
    cc2k to quantim
    This is actually quite interesting.

    Didn't the Republicans pledge that they would not vote on legislation until it had been available for reading (published on the Internet) for 3 days?

    The vote this is talking about is Roll Call Vote 719. That's the only vote that matches the totals in this article, and in the Reuters article about this.

    That vote was on H.R. 2608 which was the ‘Small Business Program Extension and Reform Act of 2011’ until they amended/substituted the "Continuing Appropriations Act" for that bill. I can't find the "Continuing Appropriations Act" online anywhere. As far as I can tell, this vote was scheduled less than 24 hours after the entire bill was created/substituted into H.R. 2608, and the bill was never published.

    Has anyone seen the actual bill/amendment/substitute they were voting on today?

  • House unexpectedly defeats spending bill [the anti-spending Tea Party movement]

    09/21/2011 7:22:27 PM PDT · 37 of 62
    cc2k to Sub-Driver
    One thing I don't understand.

    Why hasn't Boehner applied some pressure to Dingy Harry and the Senate.

    So far, the House has passed 8 of the 13 appropriations bills for FY 2012. Seven of those were passed before the August recess.

    If Boehner had a spine or any testicular fortitude, he should have sent a letter like this to Dingy Harry.

    What Boehner should have sent to Senate Majority Leader Reid on September 5th;
    Majority Leader Reid:

    As you are aware, Fiscal Year 2011 ends September 30, 2011, and Fiscal Year 2012 starts October 1st. We have sent you seven appropriations bills for Fiscal Year 2012. These bills cover the appropriations for the Defense Department, the Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and many other federal departments.

    This is to inform you that if there is no action on the seven bills which have been sent, the House will probably not consider this an "emergency" situation and is unlikely to pass a continuing resolution to fund departments for which we have already authorized Fiscal Year 2012 spending. You will have had more than 60 days to take action on all of those seven bills. Some, you've had more than 120 days to take action.

    We do recognize that time is getting short, and that there are six additional appropriations bills pending in the House. It may be necessary to fund those departments temporarily with a continuing resolution while the bills are finalized. However, this should not be necessary for those areas for which the House authorized appropriations prior to August 1, 2011.

    John Boehner, Speaker.
    I know, this is just a fantasy. But it's annoying to see the Senate do nothing, and Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, et. al. say nothing and won't rock the boat.
  • As The 'Un-Candidate,' Palin Tests GOP Patience

    09/21/2011 5:20:18 PM PDT · 64 of 68
    cc2k to dsc
    dsc wrote:
    Reagan didn’t annouce until October.
    Actually, Reagan announced on November 13, 1979.

    The rules have changed some since then. In 1980, I think the filing deadlines for the early primaries were either December 31, or maybe November 30.

    In 2012, the filing deadlines in Florida (and New Hampshire and South Carolina perhaps) are October 31, 2011.

    Compared to the deadlines, Palin is waiting later than Reagan at this point. I do think she's in. But she is playing a late entry game. I also think she's the only one who has any chance at all of doing that. I hope she's been rehearsing and polishing her stump speeches, and she's had some researchers getting the information together for her.

    Late entrants don't get the opportunity to brush up and be a "bad candidate" early and learn from their mistakes. I don't think Palin would have had any opportunity for unnoticed mistakes anyway, so delaying her entry really doesn't hurt her at all. Just shortens the window of exposure to the media. Since she has good name recognition that doesn't hurt too much, and there's less risk of the press rattling her or staging a "gotcha moment."

  • Taxpayer Monies Illegally Funding ACORN Affiliate

    09/21/2011 2:43:00 PM PDT · 8 of 11
    cc2k to Iam1ru1-2
    I'm sorry, does your browser show this for the headline and article?

    Taxpayer Monies Illegally Funding ACORN Affiliate

    In 2010February of 2011, a federal law was passed making it illegal to use taxpayer monies to fund the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) or any organization with ties to ACORN. Yet Based on this law, in August, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA) a $300,000 grant.
    Seems like that is exactly the opposite of what the actual article here is trying to say. Yet, the passage here in my post is the truth. Congress Authorized this spending, and placed no restrictions on it with regard to funding ACORN or any of it's affiliates.

    Be sure to thank your Republican Congress Critters and Leadership for funding ACORN for us again. I'll be writing a letter to my RINO Ruling Class Representative about this. He voted to fund ACORN. He may have voted to fund ACORN next year, too. I have to check on that.

  • Taxpayer Monies Illegally Funding ACORN Affiliate

    09/21/2011 1:25:54 PM PDT · 3 of 11
    cc2k to Iam1ru1-2
    I hate to burst your bubble.

    I just searched on Thomas for the phrase, "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now" for all enrolled bills sent to the President in the 111th Congress. There are several prohibitions for funding to ACORN and related organizations in the appropriations bills for FY 2010 (ending September 30, 2010).

    I could not find any prohibition for funding to ACORN in the FY 2011 Omnibus bill that the Republicans passed earlier this year.

    I also can not find any prohibition for funding to ACORN in any appropriations bills for FY 2012 (7 have already passed).

    In short, the ban on ACORN funding expired September 30, 2010, and it has not been exteneded.