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  • Why Ezra Klein is an Idiot

    09/15/2014 3:33:35 AM PDT · 3 of 9
    cdcdawg to servo1969

    There is not enough internet to explain all of the reasons that Ezra Klein is an idiot.

  • Ted Cruz walk-off: cynical, or 'Sister Souljah moment'?

    09/13/2014 6:49:02 AM PDT · 5 of 21
    cdcdawg to 2ndDivisionVet

    Will that help or hurt him in the long run in US politics?


    Was it a deliberate move to claim credit for standing up for Israel?

    No. Cruz’s support of Israel has never been in doubt.

    This was not a calculated political move; at least I hope it wasn’t, because he didn’t gain anything from it. It’s a dustup that has no long-term implications. Sister Souljah represented a cultural undercurrent among a HUGE voting block for Democrats. Clinton cynically exploited the obviousness of the situation, and got a lot of praise from a fawning media. It helped him with working class white voters, peeling just enough away from Bush and Perot to get over the line at 43%. This situation has none of those dynamics in play.

  • Will Superintelligent Machines Destroy Humanity?

    09/13/2014 6:37:01 AM PDT · 29 of 93
    cdcdawg to Comment Not Approved

    “Probably the best anti theft device you can have nowadays. Plus nobody asks to borrow his car since they can’t drive it.”

    That’s a win-win. I hadn’t thought of the anti-theft aspect of it.

  • Will Superintelligent Machines Destroy Humanity?

    09/13/2014 6:20:55 AM PDT · 21 of 93
    cdcdawg to cripplecreek

    “Actually I think Issac Asimov lays out a more realistic scenario in “Inferno” with a character asking himself who is the slave.”

    That is a bit like something from Faulkner. Something along the lines of “In 1865 Abe Lincoln freed the ******s from the Compsons. In 1933, Jason Compson freed the Compsons from the ******s”.

    I’d never made that connection before, but it’s the same theme.

  • The rise of Scotland the terrible

    09/13/2014 5:54:34 AM PDT · 5 of 63
    cdcdawg to RoosterRedux

    This potentially disastrous situation is the result of 20+ years of wretched leadership in the U.K. The Left has caused the country to unravel, and now the people are grasping at straws for a solution. They know something is wrong, they want it fixed, but the political system isn’t really offering them anything (sounds familiar!). A good number of Scots apparently want “freedom”. From what, and to do what? All of the nationalist rhetoric seems to point toward mashing the accelerator on what has sent the U.K. on the road to its present situation.

  • The Illusion of Neutrality: The secular state cannot be neutral in matters of religion

    09/13/2014 5:44:25 AM PDT · 5 of 12
    cdcdawg to rhema

    This is a thought provoking piece. Thank you for posting it.

    The secular state is a fairly new invention, and its ability to function over the long term or even medium term is very much in doubt. As long as the culture that under-girds it holds up (meaning that it’s actually secular only in an official sense) it can chug along. Once that is gone, in favor of something like “diversity”, there is no way it can help but become tyrannical. The United States was a Christian country, despite any interpretation of anything in the Constitution. That required some conformity that was mostly not enforced by the government, but by society. To the extent the government did participate, it was as an extension of the culture. As that culture is degraded and eroded, we are in uncharted territory. The Left seized the media and the schools for that very reason, and have made huge inroads in the churches.

  • America Under Cultural Dhimmitude

    09/12/2014 9:19:44 PM PDT · 21 of 29
    cdcdawg to melsec

    Yes, we are headed toward the day when that which is not forbidden is compulsory. I remember back when we thought we had won the Cold War. Not really.

  • America Under Cultural Dhimmitude

    09/12/2014 8:46:15 PM PDT · 12 of 29
    cdcdawg to 2ndDivisionVet

    “Yeah, what ever happened to professionalism...”

    Isn’t it amazing how many problems are solved or avoided with just basic manners and decency?

  • Vikings star Adrian Peterson indicted in child injury case

    09/12/2014 8:38:05 PM PDT · 113 of 169
    cdcdawg to maggief

    “... Peterson disciplining his son with a switch, which is a flexible rod.”

    It’s weird that they felt the need to tell us what a switch is. Is that not common knowledge anymore?

    Meanwhile, if you drafted Welker, Rice, and Peterson, Fantasy Football is off to a rough start!

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 8:26:03 PM PDT · 43 of 46
    cdcdawg to GilesB

    “you can misunderstand with the best of them.”

    You obviously approve of these people being raped and killed because they don’t like Israel enough to suit you.

    See how I did that? I took something you said, and twisted it to fit my argument. That’s what you did at the very beginning. You can bray about Jesus and the Apostle Paul all you want, but what you did was dishonest or stupid. Take your pick. I’m leaning toward the latter.

    “Christians should not be concerned about what’s in it for them, when the issue is supporting others - especially when it comes to supporting God’s chosen people.”

    I think Christians in the ME are probably suffering for their faith more than you or I ever have, so that’s pretty easy for you to say. How is the view from up on that shetland?

    I’m sure your heart is in the right place, but I’m also sure your head is up somewhere. I hope you vote for conservative candidates, and donate to good causes to the extent you can. I’d rather there be more people who blindly support Ted Cruz (and Israel) than oppose him. Apart from that, I don’t care to converse with you any more.

  • 245 Confirmed TheatersAtlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?

    09/12/2014 12:33:10 PM PDT · 5 of 83
    cdcdawg to shove_it

    I really hope it’s better than the second installment. I really liked the first. They got a lot out of a really tight budget.

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 12:25:08 PM PDT · 41 of 46
    cdcdawg to GilesB

    I agree that somebody is on his/her high horse. “Bless your heart” was a way of saying that I think your read on my original post was stupid. “Good grief” is my expression of disbelief that anyone would get that upset with “bless your heart”. I can be more direct if you need it.

    “The point is that you make no sense. You justify the hate - or at least you chastise Ted for calling for stopping the hate. But without justification.”

    What part doesn’t make sense? You left that out. I never justified the hate. You made that up. I said it wasn’t the time for that lecture. Point out how I justified it. If I intended to justify it, I wouldn’t be arguing with you now. You are looking for nuance where there ain’t none.

    “There were NO Christians in that room being slaughtered while Ted was speaking.”

    That is pretty weak. I’d say those populations feel like they are being pummeled. I doubt there’s going to be any gay marriages in your church tomorrow, but I’d bet it’s still an issue for you.

    “My assumption was the most reasonable conclusion for one to take from your original post...all of your other explanations make even less sense.”

    Your assumption does not appear to have been based on reason. You still haven’t explained how you arrived at that conclusion. Is it possible that my original point was that this was not the time, nor the place, for Ted Cruz to give that lecture; and that doing so accomplished nothing? You see that as blaming Israel. That is NOT the most reasonable conclusion. It’s not reasonable at all. You are looking for nuance where there ain’t none.

    “You use the US aid in your argument - the implication being that it is a justification for their were, after all, defending their actions to some degree. Now you concede it DOESN’T justify their WHY did you mention it? If it isn’t a statement to support your defense of their behavior, it is just superfluous blather.”

    It’s THEIR state of mind. They do think they have been left out for slaughter. They do resent the aid the U.S. gives Israel. It’s not justified, but it’s what these people believe. Do you think THAT justifies their slaughter. I don’t think you believe that, but that’s the sort of reasoning you used with me.

    “Read that quote again and see if you can find the paradox within it. Isn’t Christianity all about changing hearts, starting with our own?”

    So, until such time as these people support Israel, and become better Christians (there’s that high horse again), you are fine with them being slaughtered. Again, I don’t think that about you, but I am making the point that your original reasoning was anything but.

    “Finally, you justify the behavior of these “Christians” by listing a series of “What’s in it for me?” questions on their behalf. Odd.”

    What’s not odd is that you didn’t address any of them. That was very much expected. If they began supporting Israel, what would happen?

    “If they are the Christians they claim to be, their hatred of Israel is a very pertinent topic at a conference entitled with their Christianity. It is probably a more important topic than any other.”

    More important than the genocide being committed against them? They are actually being literally killed for their faith. Oh, but the people in that room weren’t being killed right then and there, so no big deal. Right?

  • Third Time’s the Charm: Mitt Romney should run in 2016. He could win.

    09/12/2014 10:50:16 AM PDT · 60 of 125
    cdcdawg to Buckeye McFrog

    He came in 2nd.

  • 'Evangelicals for Marriage Equality' Launch Draws Harsh Criticism

    09/12/2014 10:22:37 AM PDT · 6 of 18
    cdcdawg to SeekAndFind

    “I saw a lot of emotion. I saw appeals to injustice and craven caricatures of Christianity, but I didn’t see any real arguments,” writes Walker. “In 800 words, there’s not a coherent argument about the nature of marriage. And that’s what this debate Americans are having is about, isn’t it?

    “It’s about one question: What is marriage? This isn’t just about Christianity’s teaching on marriage. It’s about the definition of marriage for society. It’s about whether marriage is malleable, or whether marriage has a fixed social purpose that’s been recognized throughout all of human history as something distinct from other relationships.”

    What he said! There’s some good, concise language in there. Save for future use.

  • Third Time’s the Charm: Mitt Romney should run in 2016. He could win.

    09/12/2014 10:11:34 AM PDT · 5 of 125
    cdcdawg to C19fan

    Good grief. I have no doubt that he could win those independents yet again!

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 9:47:09 AM PDT · 38 of 46
    cdcdawg to X-spurt

    Against my better judgment, I will “option” to get into this with you. Here goes:

    Identify, in this or any other post I have ever made, anything that indicates that I agree with liberals supporting Muslims (or liberals on pretty much anything else).

    The field is wide open. Dazzle me with how “on target” you are.

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 9:41:32 AM PDT · 37 of 46
    cdcdawg to GilesB

    “First - keep your condescending “bless your heart” crap to yourself. Saying something you don’t mean is tantamount to lying.”

    Good grief.

    “So - since you didn’t intend to imply that it was Israel’s fault that “Middle East Christians are being slaughtered” - what, pray tell, was the reason for using that statement in a defense of their antisemitism? Why am I justified in hating Joe just because Fred gave me a black eye? Why are you wrong to ask me to support Joe when Fred is threatening me?”

    Nowhere did I indicate in any way that Israel is at fault for Christians being slaughtered. Identify where I did, or admit you are wrong. It’s a matter of focus. If Abdul is punching you, it might not be the best time for Ted to lecture you about your lack of love for Chaim. Or, I could be wrong.

    “So the US has given aid to Israel while not doing much to help the plight of these that is a good reason for them to hate Israel? I understand that certain wealthy people have been very generous to some people in need. I have a very great financial need at the moment - is it logical for me to hate these needy folks who received help because I didn’t get help?”

    No, that’s not a good reason for them to hate Israel. Did I say it was? Where? They should not resent Israel. They do. If they didn’t, their plight would be the same. If they all suddenly had a change of heart, nothing would change.

    ‘“ initial reaction would have been ‘F you, Ted, what have they ever done for us?’” Really? You are that shallow? That venal? You refuse to support anybody who has not done something for you? and you support such an attitude from these so-called Christians? SHAME ON YOU! I see nowhere in the Bible where Christ calls us to love and be kind and pray for those people who have done stuff for us...but nobody else.”’

    The word INITIAL was included for a reason. They need help, not a lecture. Again, when Abdul is punching you, I doubt you want to hear a lecture from Ted about your relationship with Chaim.

    “It would have been easier, more logical, and more honest to admit that you did intend to imply that Israel is responsible for the actions of the muslims...because to deny it makes your original statement even more ludicrous.”

    That makes no sense at all. Nothing I said could be taken as a construct under which Israel is responsible for the Muslims’ actions. If Abdul is punching you, and Ted starts lecturing you about your lack of love for Chaim, I don’t see how Bob could really say that Chaim caused Abdul to punch you. It seems to me that Abdul punching you is the real issue.

    Help me out here:

    If they support Israel, will Israel help them?

    If they support Israel, will the U.S. help them?

    If they support Israel, will the Muslims stop the butchering?

    If they support Israel, will God smile upon them? Best chance of the lot.

    What was the point?

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 9:13:31 AM PDT · 34 of 46
    cdcdawg to Jewbacca

    My impression is that they are largely not fans of Israel or Jews, but are also not foaming at the mouth to wipe them out, either. They do think that Israel has too much influence. There is some blame placed on Israel for the instability in the region, but I think events have largely superseded those attitudes. That’s a far cry from Islam.

    I agree with you that a strong Israel is in their long-term interests, to the extent they have long-term interests that don’t involve evacuation, but they have no ability to help or hurt those prospects. It’s no accident that the only two societies that have prospered in the region are Israel, and Lebanon when it was majority Christian; the two places that don’t have any oil.

    I just don’t see anything good that was accomplished by what Senator Cruz did. His support of Israel is not in question, nor is his lack of support amongst American Jews. Nothing was gained on behalf of those suffering populations.

    I appreciate your willingness to engage on this on a level apart from “you’re a Bircher”, “you side with the Muslims”, etc ... I honestly don’t see what Cruz was driving at.

  • Syrian Government: Go Ahead, Bomb Our Country!

    09/12/2014 8:59:35 AM PDT · 9 of 21
    cdcdawg to TangledUpInBlue

    How many Syrians do we have to kill to keep Syrians from killing other Syrians? Maybe we can find exactly the right faction to support:

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 8:45:17 AM PDT · 31 of 46
    cdcdawg to beandog

    Since you are now happy, what was Cruz’s point?

    If they support Israel, the Muslims will stop killing them?

    If they support Israel, Israel will help them?

    If they support Israel, the U.S. will help them?

    If they support Israel, God will smile upon them?

    Let’s hear your brilliant analysis. Pick one, or come up with your own.

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 8:30:12 AM PDT · 29 of 46
    cdcdawg to beandog

    Christians in the Middle East are a huge threat to Israel. My bad, I stand corrected. Cruz was right. There, you happy, moron?

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 8:29:05 AM PDT · 28 of 46
    cdcdawg to Jewbacca

    “What have you done?”

    When I can, I send money to relatives, and encourage them to leave. I’m glad you do what you do. I doubt you have stopped to lecture them on their need to support Israel, which was my point. Even if they should, are Christians in the Middle East really a threat to Israel?

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 8:23:41 AM PDT · 27 of 46
    cdcdawg to Zionist Conspirator

    Nothing Bircher in what I said. Bless your heart.

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 8:22:19 AM PDT · 26 of 46
    cdcdawg to jstaff

    It wasn’t the time or place for that. I think Cruz is the best hope of the conservative movement within the GOP. Sorry if I kind of, almost, sort of, but not really, touched a 3rd rail.

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 8:17:09 AM PDT · 24 of 46
    cdcdawg to X-spurt

    If that’s what you got from my post, then bless your heart.

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 8:16:05 AM PDT · 23 of 46
    cdcdawg to lormand

    If that’s what you read into my post, then bless your heart.

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 8:15:27 AM PDT · 22 of 46
    cdcdawg to GilesB

    “So Israel is to blame for what the muslims do?”

    That’s what you got from my post? If so, bless your heart.

  • Assyrian Christians Support Cruz After Walkout

    09/12/2014 4:56:33 AM PDT · 3 of 46
    cdcdawg to Biggirl

    Cruz displayed disappointing ignorance of his audience. Middle East Christians are being slaughtered. It might not be the best time to demand that they support Israel. The United States has done a great deal to aid in the survival of Israel, and virtually nothing to stop the persecution of these Christians. As much as I like Ted Cruz, had I been a member of that audience, my initial reaction would have been “F you, Ted, what have they ever done for us?”. That was not the time, not the place, to lecture about Israel.

  • Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sexually assaulted stripper: lawsuit

    09/10/2014 3:54:41 AM PDT · 5 of 45
    cdcdawg to markomalley

    “Jana Weckerly, 27, wants more than $1 million in damages after Jones kissed her, groped her genitals, made her rub his penis and forced her to watch as the businessman received oral sex from a different woman, according to the suit filed Monday night in Dallas County, Texas.”

    Translation: She and her stripper friend gave him a lapdance in the VIP room, and her stripper friend took it a bit further. They have been trying to blackmail him since then, and he hasn’t paid up.

    Gross? Sure. Actionable? Yes, by his wife. Actionable by the stripper? Please.

  • Ray Rice likely to keep $25 million

    09/08/2014 5:10:04 PM PDT · 12 of 62
    cdcdawg to 11th_VA

    How long until he’s an analyst for the NFL Network or ESPN? I say within 6 years.

  • 'Sharia Police' Patrolling Streets in Germany

    09/07/2014 7:18:11 AM PDT · 9 of 31
    cdcdawg to mandaladon

    “This is an open and tolerant city, which is proud of the fact that people of different religions and convictions live together in peace.”

    And that is why you will fail. “A liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.” Robert Frost

  • Christians in the Middle East Arm Themselves As Genocide Comes to Their Front Door

    09/05/2014 11:19:32 AM PDT · 9 of 12
    cdcdawg to Kaslin

    Luke 22:36

  • Christians in the Middle East Arm Themselves As Genocide Comes to Their Front Door

    09/05/2014 11:05:34 AM PDT · 7 of 12
    cdcdawg to Kaslin

    It will be interesting to see if Christians from Syria and elsewhere start showing up in Lebanon as refugees.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Farage and Murdoch In Private Meeting In New York City

    09/05/2014 9:46:40 AM PDT · 3 of 8
    cdcdawg to RoosterRedux

    I guess we will see if Farage is willing to “play ball”.

  • The President Is Not Checked Out

    09/05/2014 7:35:01 AM PDT · 32 of 79
    cdcdawg to Kaslin

    He’s doing what he’s always done; he’s faking it. He’s wearing the suit, and going to the thing, and making the speech, and sitting in the office, and talking about that issue, and doing the other Presidential thing, and doing the photo op, and whatnot, just like all the other Presidents did it.

  • How to Save the Life of the Next Michael Brown (Barf Alert)

    09/04/2014 10:48:03 AM PDT · 12 of 25
    cdcdawg to ThomasMore

    She’s a really deep thinker. A poet and so forth. Leads “anti-bias retreats” and whatnot. Brilliant.

  • A Call for a Low-Carb Diet

    09/02/2014 6:19:23 AM PDT · 37 of 107
    cdcdawg to Black Agnes

    Another one is that salt causes high blood pressure.

  • A Call for a Low-Carb Diet

    09/02/2014 5:29:35 AM PDT · 19 of 107
    cdcdawg to usconservative

    A quick word on the Atkins Diet. When our media idiots report on it, and when many of our friends and acquaintances comment on it, having been informed by the media idiots, all they consider is the first two weeks of the diet. I’d say a good 90% of the criticism is based on the notion that the first two weeks are how you are supposed to live the rest of your life.

  • A Call for a Low-Carb Diet

    09/02/2014 5:17:22 AM PDT · 14 of 107
    cdcdawg to Pharmboy

    Two groups of people have had a disproportionate impact on health policy for the last 50 years: Runners and vegetarians. Particularly vegetarians. The entire “fat makes you fat” lie was to stop you from eating meat. It’s that simple. Fat intake has gone down, obesity has gone up. When do we get to tar and feather them?

  • A Call for a Low-Carb Diet

    09/02/2014 5:11:51 AM PDT · 8 of 107
    cdcdawg to Pharmboy

    I don’t understand. The government said that fat made us fat, they drew up that food pyramid thingy to solve everything, and it worked every bit as well as most of their solutions. We need to eat 875 servings of grains every day, and burn it off with 29 hours of daily cardio. Let’s Move!

  • Feds Still Studying Why Majority of Lesbians Are Obese

    08/30/2014 8:22:49 PM PDT · 33 of 125
    cdcdawg to SeekAndFind

    Is it possible that they are fat because they eat too much? How much money will it take for an answer?

  • Feds Still Studying Why Majority of Lesbians Are Obese

    08/30/2014 8:20:37 PM PDT · 28 of 125
    cdcdawg to SeekAndFind

    Other studies will include determining whether or not the chicken preceded the egg, and if six actually equals a half dozen.

  • Robert Richards, Marine Guilty in Taliban Desecration, Dies at 28

    08/30/2014 7:16:55 AM PDT · 9 of 52
    cdcdawg to mgist

    Killed by a very sophisticated form of “friendly fire”. They persecuted this guy for being a bit mean to our enemy. Dead at 28 from a combination of meds for PTSD? How much did they have him taking?

  • Two Teenage Girls Arrested Over French Synagogue Suicide Bomb Plot

    08/30/2014 7:08:45 AM PDT · 6 of 13
    cdcdawg to markomalley

    When I look at the people promoting multiculturalism and “diversity is our strength”, etc ... I always see an over-representation of Jews (liberal, secular). Then, I see something like this, a plot to bomb a synagogue. It simply doesn’t add up. It’s one thing when we’re talking about economic policy or arguing over homo “marriage”. This influx of Muslims into the West is a direct threat to Jews. Mind-boggling.

  • Conservative-Bashers Steve Schmidt, Henry Barbour Advising Rick Perry

    08/27/2014 4:59:43 AM PDT · 11 of 35
    cdcdawg to Mount Athos

    It’s because Rick Perry is NOT a conservative. He has some leanings toward conservatism, and he has some good instincts, but he doesn’t know why. He cannot articulate the conservative ideology, and will always disappoint as a result. Hiring these two hacks is just more proof. He’s better than Romney or Jeb, but that’s about it.

  • Rock Songs That Can’t be In the QuickHitz Selection

    08/26/2014 10:04:04 AM PDT · 39 of 155
    cdcdawg to HandyDandy

    Sugar Magnolia into I Know You Rider into Not Fade Away back into Sugar Magnolia. Bound to be out there somewhere at about 35 minutes.

  • Rock Songs That Can’t be In the QuickHitz Selection

    08/26/2014 9:55:10 AM PDT · 23 of 155
    cdcdawg to Squawk 8888

    Whipping Post and Mountain Jam by the Allman Bros.

  • The Mideast Through the Eyes of a Lebanese Expat

    08/26/2014 5:15:52 AM PDT · 4 of 8
    cdcdawg to SJackson

    “We seek religious harmony instead of religious intolerance as practiced by the Islamists and jihadists.”

    Harmony with them is impossible. Always has been. I’m surprised that Christians in the Middle East have not migrated together for protection. I guess centuries of oppression have made that virtually impossible. Thanks to the Arab invasions, they all pretty much speak the same language, the vast majority are Catholic or Orthodox of some variety, and they are ethnically similar. I wonder how our open borders crowd would feel about a massive influx of Christians into Lebanon and Syria. When Lebanon was majority Christian, it was the most productive society in the region.

  • Dear Millennials: Hollywood, Your Favorite Bands, and Your College Professors

    08/26/2014 4:50:30 AM PDT · 10 of 15
    cdcdawg to Kaslin

    “Ninety eight percent of the businesses, inventions, and great ideas that made America a cultural, economic, and military superpower came from old dead white guys of the sort who are sneered at on college campuses as bigoted, awful relics of bygone eras. That’s ironic if you think about it because without those men the colleges where they’re being sneered at wouldn’t exist.”

    That’s not what these kids are taught during Black History Month.

  • Ferguson On Steroids: 10 Shot Overnight In Chicago

    08/24/2014 8:03:24 AM PDT · 8 of 62
    cdcdawg to george76

    Same as using the N-word. It’s okay when they do it. Well, there’s the dead person, so it’s not exactly the same, but .... racism, white privilege, etc ...