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  • David Warren: The French Connection (How long before Muslims in Canada start to riot?)

    12/13/2005 6:48:38 PM PST · 22 of 24
    CelticLord to NZerFromHK

    Canada is the most multicultural country in the world.
    You can come off the boat from somalia or wherever and
    start a good life with nothing in your pockets. Free medicare, social assistance and good jobs are all there for the taking by the visible minorities.
    Best buzzword one can put on their resume. Guaranteed secure
    Totally different situation in France.
    Immigrants were basically housed in their own districts
    or ghettos or whatever you want to call it. Kind of like
    new orleans and the gov't never really gave them any advantages to have a better than average shot at a good life by sacrificing the rank and file frenchman.
    In canada however that is different. The anglo saxon white
    english speaking person in Canada is sacrficed for the likes
    of the people who rioted in France.
    As I said......this stuff will never happen in Canada as
    much as I would like to see it happen....unless we have
    some serious changes in the way we are governed.
    Something to think might see it happen....but it might be the white english speaking people who riot. So ironic. The RCMP will take care of the terrorist element
    but we aren't talking about the terrorist element here.
    We are talkinga about the average visible minority element
    in Canada. They have it made.

  • Canada shrugs off U.S. warning to back off

    12/13/2005 6:30:18 PM PST · 34 of 90
    CelticLord to PeoplesRepublicOfWashington

    Paul martin is more concerned with the visible minority,
    the frenchman and the first generation immigrant. All who
    could give a rat's ass about America.
    Just the other day somebody cornered martin when he was
    walking out of a store with a christmas wreath.
    The reporter asked him if he would call it a christmas wreath
    or holiday wreath. Martin stammered, became flush and
    was at a loss of words. He didn't want to offend the
    canadian secularits (this from a guy who proclaims to
    be christian). His is a 240 dollar wreath..ha ha ha. You think a moron like this cares what he says
    about the united states.
    Get real folks.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    12/01/2005 8:05:16 PM PST · 96 of 97
    CelticLord to The_Media_never_lie

    Someday it will get back to the way it was and should
    be. I'll do my part to make it happen.

  • Oxford (Nova Scotia) Makes Christmas the Season

    12/01/2005 8:02:57 PM PST · 5 of 7
    CelticLord to NorthOf45

    People in eastern canada are the salt of the earth.
    A hell of alot of great fighting lads came from the
    east in wars canada fougth in.
    They are not tainted by the french factor and the
    visible Minorith BS as is the case in queerbec and
    God Bless em........

  • Chinese descendants to receive compensation for head tax

    11/19/2005 7:07:15 PM PST · 3 of 3
    CelticLord to Partisan Hack

    So here are just some of the groups the liberals feel
    the country owes money to.....and they are furiously payin them off.
    Japanese, Italians, Chinese.........
    Bet ya fifty bucks they will start paying money to visible
    minorities or refugees who enter the country for "undue
    hardships" they may suffered in their own country.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 6:29:45 PM PST · 79 of 97
    CelticLord to Buffettfan

    But wouldn't think they would "get it" after awhile
    knowing how the typical white canadian english speaking feels? Problem is the typical canadian likes to sit
    on a nail and yell ouch....too tolerant and forgiving.
    Probably contributing to their downfall.
    So long as quebec controls the electorate and ontario
    keeps letting in minorities by the truckfull (and breeds
    socialists and liberals) this country is doomed to eventual is happening right now.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 6:27:17 PM PST · 77 of 97
    CelticLord to Zack Nguyen

    They don't hate them but are willing to discrminate
    against them (the whites) based on the colour of their they can be more liberal and gracious to the the expense of the established majority,
    which in Canada is declining fast.
    The weird thing is the people who make these decisions
    and have done so since trudeau are white.
    What is the big common factor with this group.....from
    quebec, pro french or sympathetic to the quebec cause.
    That cause is the threat of separation. In other words
    we will give you the world in Canada and even more just
    because you "threaten" to separate.
    Maybe all the white english speaking people should make
    the same threat nowadays?

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 6:09:35 PM PST · 71 of 97
    CelticLord to Myrddin

    My crazy ex abandoned me and our child to go and live
    in California. She is east european. Working and living
    there illegally, under the table.
    You can bet there are alot of spanish people getting breaks
    and perks in california akin to the preferential treatment
    the french and minorities get up here in the great white

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 6:07:14 PM PST · 70 of 97
    CelticLord to America's Resolve

    I have said many times it won't be long before white
    english males in canada will be able to apply for
    refugee status or get the silver spoons that all the visible minorities and french speaking people

  • Canada - H5N1 avian flu viruses found in Manitoba, but not Asian form of virus: source

    11/19/2005 6:05:32 PM PST · 12 of 12
    CelticLord to BearWash

    People who have suggested this probably come from
    the U.S or Australia....such good buddies and partners.....separated by thousands of
    They like to proclaim they are "bed buddies" anyway.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 5:57:49 PM PST · 68 of 97
    CelticLord to Melinda in TN

    A fact of life in canada....french, coloured, visible
    minority, oppressed refugee (even if you just claim
    you are but could in fact be a murderer)...if you hold one
    of these have it made in the great white

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 5:55:27 PM PST · 67 of 97
    CelticLord to SauronOfMordor

    In previous articles and this one I have proclaimed
    exactly how rampant of a problem this is.
    The french stuff, the minority stuff, the multicultural
    stuff, the cbc all wants to make one puke.
    What the white english male veterans fought and died for
    has come back to slap them in the face, disgrace them and
    embarrass their offspring.
    This is the Canada of today.
    And to think the ones responsible for this are white
    people themselves...but the french factor is the decoy.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 5:50:39 PM PST · 65 of 97
    CelticLord to Tall_Texan

    Many places of business (telecommunications, manufacturing etc.) in ontario have special rooms reserved with carpets and beads specifically for muslims. They are called muslim prayer
    rooms. I have never seen a similar "christian prayer" room
    at any of these places.
    This country has gone and is going to SH** in a handbasket.
    We need a!!

  • The Canada He Fought for is No More ... Canadian letter to the editor

    11/18/2005 5:48:49 PM PST · 21 of 28
    CelticLord to NZerFromHK

    Here is the reality of Canada today as I have said so
    many times on here. Finally the vets are saying exactly
    what I am saying in nicer terms.
    I'll be blunt......the canada of today is this...
    A/ White english speaking canadians (especially males)
    are discriminated against and don't get the same treatment
    or perks that minorities and french speaking people get.
    Get a load of the guy that just took over the parti quebecois in quebec.
    B/ Canadian Traditions and cultures are ridiculed and
    over ridden by the cultures and traditions of minorities.
    They can't get away with it in the country they left. They
    would be shot or imprisoned. Over here they can flourish
    with it and use it to their advantage at the expense of
    the established norm....which is quickly disappearing.
    For example, and a small one at that...What happened to "Merry Christmas"?
    C/ French Quebec runs canada. Since Trudeau. Look at the
    leaders, look at the ministers, look at the policy of
    official bilingualism, look at great public service jobs with great pensions and job security for people who
    speak one official language (french) both (french and
    english...or at least try to learn both) or people
    who don't speak good french or english (dis and dat).
    They are the real winners.
    Most of the gov't or civil service jobs have notices
    like "only visible minorities need apply" or "bilingualism
    imperative or mandatory". This kind of stuff has even
    crept into non gov't positions let alone the public service.
    D/ The canada of today promotes homosexuality.
    E/ Multiculturalism is one of the worst things that ever happened to Canada.
    I could go on and on.
    These my friend are the reasons veterans say what they say.....I am just being direct, blunt and honest.
    It isn't going to get better unless quebec and ontario
    lose their electorate power (Seats) and unless something
    dramatic happens with regards to the official bilingualism
    policy and the bad situation that today immigration policies
    is creating.
    The white english person is going down in canada. Why
    do you think avet would say something like he said
    in the article?
    The people who are dissatisfied (me for one) should
    seriously consider getting the heck out. Maybe we can
    claim refugee status in some other country?
    If I was younger and circumstances were different I would
    leave here tonight. But I'll just have to take care
    of business my own way and start speaking out more.
    Some day this will come back to haunt the people responsible
    for the canada of today that started it's downhill slide
    in 68. At least I can only hope so...and I am sure I am
    not alone.

  • Toronto gripped by US gun violence

    11/11/2005 6:00:28 PM PST · 84 of 105
    CelticLord to 2harddrive

    Toronto is probably the most multicultural city in the world.
    Currently the diverse minority population (mostly imports
    within the last 10 to 20 years) matches or outnumbers the
    english white majority. That majority is fast becoming
    a minority. The CBC (socialist canadian media rag tag crapola) had a story on their website a few months ago showing a cop from bangladesh, a doctor from china and a banker from haiti. The caption was that Toronto will be a city populated by minorities by 2010. The minorities will be the majority. Of course the CBC didn't show the unemployed
    guy from somalia or the drug dealer from vietnam.
    CBC were quite proud of it. The immigration policies in
    Canada and specifically T.O where every gets in and the
    weather is not as bad as it up a little further north
    is why you have a big problem with gun violence in T.O.
    That is a fact jack.

  • Vets Win Right to Sell Poppies in (Canada) Post Offices

    11/06/2005 11:14:16 AM PST · 25 of 26
    CelticLord to Sam Gamgee

    Sharia is not law in ontario....and never will be.
    McGuinty shot it down.
    I am not sure what you meant by "almost caused him from
    allowing it"?

  • Vets Win Right to Sell Poppies in (Canada) Post Offices

    11/05/2005 6:25:04 PM PST · 23 of 26
    CelticLord to Sam Gamgee

    That word is the most disgusting that Canada has imported
    in the last half century.
    It'll be the downfall of us all.

  • Vets Win Right to Sell Poppies in (Canada) Post Offices

    11/03/2005 4:45:58 PM PST · 15 of 26
    CelticLord to Sam Gamgee

    The fact that the veterans had to take a stand against
    something so stupid is a reflection of the times.
    This never should have been an issue but in todays
    "Canada" this type of thing is common and believe me
    it will only get worse.
    As Canada continues to let in an enormous amount of immigrants and minorities are becoming more and more
    part of the infrastructure (eventually taking it over)
    you will not see the customs and traditions from such
    important events as remembrance day hold true perhaps as early as the next generation.
    Tomorrows majority population will be the minority of
    yesteryear while the majority of today will become the minority of tomorrow. It is quickly happening now.
    Canadas official motto is "Bring me your huddled masses
    and all the customs and traditions you had in your country
    that you left because it was inept or you could not make a living there. Bring those customs and traditions and shove
    them down the throat of the common citizen who has established roots and customs here for over a hundred years. Canada and it seems the liberal gov't that perpetually runs this gigantic land mass will see to
    it that the rights of the minority and immigrant override the status quo". This is Canada.
    Nobody should be surprised something like this happened.
    The Canada of today will supply continuous cannon fodder
    like this to the FREEP website. It will keep them in

  • Canada seen as having 'soft belly,' terror expert says: 'Very worthy target'

    11/03/2005 4:32:29 PM PST · 28 of 41
    CelticLord to Allan

    When I was in the army reserves in the eighties we
    also learned how to throw many grenades, fire SMG, use
    a rocket launcher, Anti Tank Karl Gustav etc etc.
    We also used radios from the vietnam
    I hope the equipment today is better but somehow I doubt it. Said it before and will say it again..the typical
    canadian soldier is superior to the american one but
    canada does not have the numbers or technology.
    The canadian military needs to merge with the america one right now...more money and more toys.

  • The sickness of Canadian Anti-Americanism

    11/01/2005 5:27:14 PM PST · 108 of 119
    CelticLord to Fair Go

    Fun loving...of course. Just look at our beer consumption
    and all the great comedians that go stateside for
    obvious reasons.
    Fair will never meet a more fair minded
    person than a Canadian. worse or better than a typical yank.
    Heroic, Brave..........look at WW2. I wouldn't group
    todays typical canadian in that category but the same
    thing can be said about todays typical american.
    Friendly...too much at times.
    World Peace......made a contribution in WW2.
    Did I miss anything?