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  • David Warren: The French Connection (How long before Muslims in Canada start to riot?)

    12/13/2005 6:48:38 PM PST · 22 of 24
    CelticLord to NZerFromHK

    Canada is the most multicultural country in the world.
    You can come off the boat from somalia or wherever and
    start a good life with nothing in your pockets. Free medicare, social assistance and good jobs are all there for the taking by the visible minorities.
    Best buzzword one can put on their resume. Guaranteed secure
    Totally different situation in France.
    Immigrants were basically housed in their own districts
    or ghettos or whatever you want to call it. Kind of like
    new orleans and the gov't never really gave them any advantages to have a better than average shot at a good life by sacrificing the rank and file frenchman.
    In canada however that is different. The anglo saxon white
    english speaking person in Canada is sacrficed for the likes
    of the people who rioted in France.
    As I said......this stuff will never happen in Canada as
    much as I would like to see it happen....unless we have
    some serious changes in the way we are governed.
    Something to think might see it happen....but it might be the white english speaking people who riot. So ironic. The RCMP will take care of the terrorist element
    but we aren't talking about the terrorist element here.
    We are talkinga about the average visible minority element
    in Canada. They have it made.

  • Canada shrugs off U.S. warning to back off

    12/13/2005 6:30:18 PM PST · 34 of 90
    CelticLord to PeoplesRepublicOfWashington

    Paul martin is more concerned with the visible minority,
    the frenchman and the first generation immigrant. All who
    could give a rat's ass about America.
    Just the other day somebody cornered martin when he was
    walking out of a store with a christmas wreath.
    The reporter asked him if he would call it a christmas wreath
    or holiday wreath. Martin stammered, became flush and
    was at a loss of words. He didn't want to offend the
    canadian secularits (this from a guy who proclaims to
    be christian). His is a 240 dollar wreath..ha ha ha. You think a moron like this cares what he says
    about the united states.
    Get real folks.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    12/01/2005 8:05:16 PM PST · 96 of 97
    CelticLord to The_Media_never_lie

    Someday it will get back to the way it was and should
    be. I'll do my part to make it happen.

  • Oxford (Nova Scotia) Makes Christmas the Season

    12/01/2005 8:02:57 PM PST · 5 of 7
    CelticLord to NorthOf45

    People in eastern canada are the salt of the earth.
    A hell of alot of great fighting lads came from the
    east in wars canada fougth in.
    They are not tainted by the french factor and the
    visible Minorith BS as is the case in queerbec and
    God Bless em........

  • Chinese descendants to receive compensation for head tax

    11/19/2005 7:07:15 PM PST · 3 of 3
    CelticLord to Partisan Hack

    So here are just some of the groups the liberals feel
    the country owes money to.....and they are furiously payin them off.
    Japanese, Italians, Chinese.........
    Bet ya fifty bucks they will start paying money to visible
    minorities or refugees who enter the country for "undue
    hardships" they may suffered in their own country.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 6:29:45 PM PST · 79 of 97
    CelticLord to Buffettfan

    But wouldn't think they would "get it" after awhile
    knowing how the typical white canadian english speaking feels? Problem is the typical canadian likes to sit
    on a nail and yell ouch....too tolerant and forgiving.
    Probably contributing to their downfall.
    So long as quebec controls the electorate and ontario
    keeps letting in minorities by the truckfull (and breeds
    socialists and liberals) this country is doomed to eventual is happening right now.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 6:27:17 PM PST · 77 of 97
    CelticLord to Zack Nguyen

    They don't hate them but are willing to discrminate
    against them (the whites) based on the colour of their they can be more liberal and gracious to the the expense of the established majority,
    which in Canada is declining fast.
    The weird thing is the people who make these decisions
    and have done so since trudeau are white.
    What is the big common factor with this group.....from
    quebec, pro french or sympathetic to the quebec cause.
    That cause is the threat of separation. In other words
    we will give you the world in Canada and even more just
    because you "threaten" to separate.
    Maybe all the white english speaking people should make
    the same threat nowadays?

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 6:09:35 PM PST · 71 of 97
    CelticLord to Myrddin

    My crazy ex abandoned me and our child to go and live
    in California. She is east european. Working and living
    there illegally, under the table.
    You can bet there are alot of spanish people getting breaks
    and perks in california akin to the preferential treatment
    the french and minorities get up here in the great white

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 6:07:14 PM PST · 70 of 97
    CelticLord to America's Resolve

    I have said many times it won't be long before white
    english males in canada will be able to apply for
    refugee status or get the silver spoons that all the visible minorities and french speaking people

  • Canada - H5N1 avian flu viruses found in Manitoba, but not Asian form of virus: source

    11/19/2005 6:05:32 PM PST · 12 of 12
    CelticLord to BearWash

    People who have suggested this probably come from
    the U.S or Australia....such good buddies and partners.....separated by thousands of
    They like to proclaim they are "bed buddies" anyway.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 5:57:49 PM PST · 68 of 97
    CelticLord to Melinda in TN

    A fact of life in canada....french, coloured, visible
    minority, oppressed refugee (even if you just claim
    you are but could in fact be a murderer)...if you hold one
    of these have it made in the great white

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 5:55:27 PM PST · 67 of 97
    CelticLord to SauronOfMordor

    In previous articles and this one I have proclaimed
    exactly how rampant of a problem this is.
    The french stuff, the minority stuff, the multicultural
    stuff, the cbc all wants to make one puke.
    What the white english male veterans fought and died for
    has come back to slap them in the face, disgrace them and
    embarrass their offspring.
    This is the Canada of today.
    And to think the ones responsible for this are white
    people themselves...but the french factor is the decoy.

  • White males need not apply (Internal e-mail reveals hiring ban at Public Works)

    11/19/2005 5:50:39 PM PST · 65 of 97
    CelticLord to Tall_Texan

    Many places of business (telecommunications, manufacturing etc.) in ontario have special rooms reserved with carpets and beads specifically for muslims. They are called muslim prayer
    rooms. I have never seen a similar "christian prayer" room
    at any of these places.
    This country has gone and is going to SH** in a handbasket.
    We need a!!

  • The Canada He Fought for is No More ... Canadian letter to the editor

    11/18/2005 5:48:49 PM PST · 21 of 28
    CelticLord to NZerFromHK

    Here is the reality of Canada today as I have said so
    many times on here. Finally the vets are saying exactly
    what I am saying in nicer terms.
    I'll be blunt......the canada of today is this...
    A/ White english speaking canadians (especially males)
    are discriminated against and don't get the same treatment
    or perks that minorities and french speaking people get.
    Get a load of the guy that just took over the parti quebecois in quebec.
    B/ Canadian Traditions and cultures are ridiculed and
    over ridden by the cultures and traditions of minorities.
    They can't get away with it in the country they left. They
    would be shot or imprisoned. Over here they can flourish
    with it and use it to their advantage at the expense of
    the established norm....which is quickly disappearing.
    For example, and a small one at that...What happened to "Merry Christmas"?
    C/ French Quebec runs canada. Since Trudeau. Look at the
    leaders, look at the ministers, look at the policy of
    official bilingualism, look at great public service jobs with great pensions and job security for people who
    speak one official language (french) both (french and
    english...or at least try to learn both) or people
    who don't speak good french or english (dis and dat).
    They are the real winners.
    Most of the gov't or civil service jobs have notices
    like "only visible minorities need apply" or "bilingualism
    imperative or mandatory". This kind of stuff has even
    crept into non gov't positions let alone the public service.
    D/ The canada of today promotes homosexuality.
    E/ Multiculturalism is one of the worst things that ever happened to Canada.
    I could go on and on.
    These my friend are the reasons veterans say what they say.....I am just being direct, blunt and honest.
    It isn't going to get better unless quebec and ontario
    lose their electorate power (Seats) and unless something
    dramatic happens with regards to the official bilingualism
    policy and the bad situation that today immigration policies
    is creating.
    The white english person is going down in canada. Why
    do you think avet would say something like he said
    in the article?
    The people who are dissatisfied (me for one) should
    seriously consider getting the heck out. Maybe we can
    claim refugee status in some other country?
    If I was younger and circumstances were different I would
    leave here tonight. But I'll just have to take care
    of business my own way and start speaking out more.
    Some day this will come back to haunt the people responsible
    for the canada of today that started it's downhill slide
    in 68. At least I can only hope so...and I am sure I am
    not alone.

  • Toronto gripped by US gun violence

    11/11/2005 6:00:28 PM PST · 84 of 105
    CelticLord to 2harddrive

    Toronto is probably the most multicultural city in the world.
    Currently the diverse minority population (mostly imports
    within the last 10 to 20 years) matches or outnumbers the
    english white majority. That majority is fast becoming
    a minority. The CBC (socialist canadian media rag tag crapola) had a story on their website a few months ago showing a cop from bangladesh, a doctor from china and a banker from haiti. The caption was that Toronto will be a city populated by minorities by 2010. The minorities will be the majority. Of course the CBC didn't show the unemployed
    guy from somalia or the drug dealer from vietnam.
    CBC were quite proud of it. The immigration policies in
    Canada and specifically T.O where every gets in and the
    weather is not as bad as it up a little further north
    is why you have a big problem with gun violence in T.O.
    That is a fact jack.

  • Vets Win Right to Sell Poppies in (Canada) Post Offices

    11/06/2005 11:14:16 AM PST · 25 of 26
    CelticLord to Sam Gamgee

    Sharia is not law in ontario....and never will be.
    McGuinty shot it down.
    I am not sure what you meant by "almost caused him from
    allowing it"?

  • Vets Win Right to Sell Poppies in (Canada) Post Offices

    11/05/2005 6:25:04 PM PST · 23 of 26
    CelticLord to Sam Gamgee

    That word is the most disgusting that Canada has imported
    in the last half century.
    It'll be the downfall of us all.

  • Vets Win Right to Sell Poppies in (Canada) Post Offices

    11/03/2005 4:45:58 PM PST · 15 of 26
    CelticLord to Sam Gamgee

    The fact that the veterans had to take a stand against
    something so stupid is a reflection of the times.
    This never should have been an issue but in todays
    "Canada" this type of thing is common and believe me
    it will only get worse.
    As Canada continues to let in an enormous amount of immigrants and minorities are becoming more and more
    part of the infrastructure (eventually taking it over)
    you will not see the customs and traditions from such
    important events as remembrance day hold true perhaps as early as the next generation.
    Tomorrows majority population will be the minority of
    yesteryear while the majority of today will become the minority of tomorrow. It is quickly happening now.
    Canadas official motto is "Bring me your huddled masses
    and all the customs and traditions you had in your country
    that you left because it was inept or you could not make a living there. Bring those customs and traditions and shove
    them down the throat of the common citizen who has established roots and customs here for over a hundred years. Canada and it seems the liberal gov't that perpetually runs this gigantic land mass will see to
    it that the rights of the minority and immigrant override the status quo". This is Canada.
    Nobody should be surprised something like this happened.
    The Canada of today will supply continuous cannon fodder
    like this to the FREEP website. It will keep them in

  • Canada seen as having 'soft belly,' terror expert says: 'Very worthy target'

    11/03/2005 4:32:29 PM PST · 28 of 41
    CelticLord to Allan

    When I was in the army reserves in the eighties we
    also learned how to throw many grenades, fire SMG, use
    a rocket launcher, Anti Tank Karl Gustav etc etc.
    We also used radios from the vietnam
    I hope the equipment today is better but somehow I doubt it. Said it before and will say it again..the typical
    canadian soldier is superior to the american one but
    canada does not have the numbers or technology.
    The canadian military needs to merge with the america one right now...more money and more toys.

  • The sickness of Canadian Anti-Americanism

    11/01/2005 5:27:14 PM PST · 108 of 119
    CelticLord to Fair Go

    Fun loving...of course. Just look at our beer consumption
    and all the great comedians that go stateside for
    obvious reasons.
    Fair will never meet a more fair minded
    person than a Canadian. worse or better than a typical yank.
    Heroic, Brave..........look at WW2. I wouldn't group
    todays typical canadian in that category but the same
    thing can be said about todays typical american.
    Friendly...too much at times.
    World Peace......made a contribution in WW2.
    Did I miss anything?

  • The sickness of Canadian Anti-Americanism

    11/01/2005 5:22:29 PM PST · 107 of 119
    CelticLord to Fair Go

    I Haven't seen anyone invade Canada or take it over lately?
    Canadians actually have a better standard of living than
    Americans...or at least as good as. The only thing bad up here besides the french factor and the "minority" thing
    is the weather but you get thick skinned and use to that
    after living generations up here.
    Actually nice once in awhile breathing in fresh, clean, cold air. As I said before Canada and the U.S are
    basically one in the same....whether you like it or

  • The sickness of Canadian Anti-Americanism

    11/01/2005 2:52:47 PM PST · 104 of 119
    CelticLord to Fair Go

    I wonder how many american governors get invited to the white house? Bush basically perceives martin as the governor of another U.S state. Although this particular governor controls one hell of an amount of natural resources that the united states needs. Don't hold your breath waiting for solar energy. America will always need fruits from the garden known as and demand....and Canada has plenty to supply. This is a fact of life.

  • The sickness of Canadian Anti-Americanism

    11/01/2005 2:51:28 PM PST · 103 of 119
    CelticLord to Fair Go

    I don't really mean to be insensitive or blunt ..BUT....who really cares what is going on in is so far removed from the rest of the world. Having said that it is probably a great place to live. The weather and all the descendants of irish prisoners would suit me just fine thanks!!!
    Trudeau had his own agenda and he pushed it through. Quebec, bilingualism and that order.
    I think you are overreacting with the body bag stuff. I don't know what connection you are drawing between a suicide bombing at a particular restaurant and a connection to Canada? Please explain that one.
    Finally those school girls that were beheaded. They were christians done in by muslims. They go back and forth
    at each other much like the protestants and catholics use to in Ireland. Once again nothing to do with Canada.
    So far as what liberal politicians (namely ex ones like carolyn pariah) should not be surprised.
    A liberal is a liberal and when you add in the french factor the audacity is only compounded.
    I really think you are hung up and over reacting way too much on all of this.
    Take a deep breath and have a sleeman.
    Should come naturally to aussies?

  • The sickness of Canadian Anti-Americanism

    10/31/2005 5:50:25 PM PST · 92 of 119
    CelticLord to Fair Go

    Have you ever watched Bill O'reilly on fox?
    I watch him know the O'reilly factor?
    Check out all the great things he has to say about
    american might be surprised what you
    hear. He is very critical of the american press.
    You've got enough problems of your own on your side of
    the fence without looking north of the border.
    I admit the CBC is sickening, they have such a holier than
    thou attitude and agenda that they would not survive if
    they were not funded by the federal gov't.
    Don't be so sure about a regime change doing anything.
    The root of the problem in canada (as I said a canadian
    problem not an american one) is the french factor and
    the liberal gov't mantra of letting "minorities rule
    the roost in Canada". This has been a problem since Trudeau
    and it does get worse every year. Until you have a leader
    from the west who can't speak both languages I would not
    expect much to change.
    Once again none of this should concern you or any other
    american. You have much more serious problems to deal
    with in your own country.

  • The sickness of Canadian Anti-Americanism

    10/31/2005 11:09:06 AM PST · 84 of 119
    CelticLord to Fair Go

    Quit running around looking for quotes from crackpots.
    I could get the same kind of crap from crackpots stateside
    who have it in for the U.S. Remember guys like mcveigh,
    muslim terrorists living in michigan and illinois etc. etc.
    Canada is not a threat to the united states and it never
    was. Canada should be grateful it has the United States
    situated next to it and the U.S should be grateful it
    has Canada situated next to it.
    For every "so often Canadian" speal you come up with I can easily substitute the words with "so often American".
    Oh yea in case you forgot Canada has more land mass than
    the United States but a population less than the state of
    California. I think that should put things into perspective
    for you. Canada is basically just like another american
    state hanging off the mother country. Think of it as a
    huge backyard with inexhaustable natural resources.If you want to rag on someone pick the mexicans, aussies or brits. Last time I checked none of them had much to offer
    the U.S (unlike canadian oil and gas for example) other
    than illegal immigration, the croc hunter and princess
    diana (for all your fluffy tabloids) in that order.
    This stuff doesn't outrage the typical white english speaking canadian. becoming a minority. It only makes them laugh and head to the fridge
    for another beer.
    Nuff Said.

  • Canada - More Dangerous To USA Than Mexico

    10/30/2005 2:30:56 PM PST · 57 of 206
    CelticLord to Dane

    Wrong.....nowhere in canada accepts sharia law.
    It does not exist here and never will.

  • The sickness of Canadian Anti-Americanism

    10/29/2005 7:27:34 PM PDT · 36 of 119
    CelticLord to Cuttnhorse

    Canada jumped into WW2 before the United States.
    They fought with honour and bravery against the nazi threat. At the end of that war I believe Canada had the
    worlds third largest navy. Canada was prosperous and everyone had a job. As in the states the man could go to work and wifey could stay home, take care of the house and
    kids and life was good. People could retire and materialism
    didn't mean as much as it does today. Canada was on the right track until Mister Trudeau and his maverick ways took over. Funny...the CBC just did a movie about the
    "Maverick Trudeau". What the CBC didn't show you and what alot of you don't realize is what really happened when Mister Trudeau took over. Mister Trudeau started putting
    half an hour of french in schools for everyone, even though
    half an hour of french does nothing and nobody had a choice on the matter. They should have had the choice
    for full immersion or no French way back then. Everyone I know who has taken half an hour french throughout their
    school days found it a complete waste of time. What
    they learned was insignificant and did not make them bilingual. I've not an axe to grind with the French because they founded this country along with the brits but this was kind of a slight to english speaking people.
    Talk about a waste of school time. Mister Trudeau also started putting french on all the cereal boxes and everything else in Canada you had to read. Once again another slight shot to english speaking people. Did you know the average non french speaking canadian (the majority by the way) spend half their lives reading the directions on boxes in their kitchens because scientists purposely place the frech directions in a place that right handed people (once again the majority) will always end up reading the french side first. The Quebec revolution took over and since Mister Trudeau the center of the canadian universe is Quebec. I am kind of making a joke here. Having two languages on a cereal box isn't that bad. It shows a sense of culture....but it does once again
    like the half hour of french a day in school...waste time. It did not matter in mister trudeau
    eyes or in the eyes of his successors what the majority
    of Canadians felt, what opinions they had or what suggestions they had. Canada was founded by two nations and the government from that time forward was going to make
    sure everything was fifty/fifty. Todays Canada shows favouritism to the individual who is bilingual. Todays Canada trumpets the liberal motto of "we are a nation of minorities". Having said all of that I wish I had the time
    and money to learn two languages. They say it helps fight alzheimers and dementia but everyone should have a choice
    and there should be no "big social or economic advantages"
    for one so fortunate to be able to speak both.
    Parents raising kids who can speak one or more languages
    are definitely doing their kids a favour. Especially
    in Canada.
    On another note relative to your points,there is no nation on earth that accepts as many unskilled
    immigrants as Canada. They bring them in and take care of them if that is what is required. Free medicine, social name it. This is the under 30 crowd
    you talk of and I would have to agree they are becoming
    more of a voice every year while Canada continues to let
    in a vast number of unskilled immigrants who probably had
    an axe to grind with the americans when they fled there
    own pathetic country. As to the French Canadian attitude
    towards the americans.....that is just a personality thing.
    Look at how well France and America get along and it should be no surprise how French Canadians (descendants came from France) perceive and treat Americans. But I can
    say americans feel the same way about the French.
    You know kind of like an irish/english thing.
    So long as the official Canadian TV broadcaster (CBC)
    and all the left wing media continue to walk in lockstep
    with the Federal Gov't you will have this perception.
    The fact is the Federal Gov't is ran by quebec and the
    French Element and it has since the days of Trudeau.
    Just look at the leaders since then, including him and
    the picture should become clear to you.
    The bottom line is the attitude the french and the americans have towards each other is harmless. As I said
    it is simply a personality conflict like the limeys and
    the irish.
    Pretty simple if you look at the big picture.
    I don't appreciate people who dream up articles like this one over such a simple premise trying to make it look
    our two countries are like the arabs and jews.
    One has to laugh.

  • A Canadian haven for black U.S. babies (Barf Alert!)

    10/04/2005 6:10:23 PM PDT · 57 of 58
    CelticLord to zimdog

    I should have left the word "immigrant" out and just
    used minority, since we are all "immigrants" except
    the native indians.
    I think you know what my point was.........I hope
    yours was just stating my oversight with respect to
    the above aforementioned inclusion of the term "immigrant".
    Canada has alot of serious problems and the plight of
    the white english speaking male is fast becoming one
    of them.

  • A Canadian haven for black U.S. babies (Barf Alert!)

    10/01/2005 6:38:45 PM PDT · 40 of 58
    CelticLord to CzarNicky

    The chinamen are the main populace in british columbia.
    A black person there would very much be in isolation
    as the article said.
    Canada has turned into a country that discrminates against
    white english people and has a mandate to become
    a country run by immigrants and minorities.
    They get all the good jobs, special services etc.
    I want out of this pig really stinks.
    Alot of white english people hate it up here anymore and
    the maple rag is just that......a rag.
    The only redeeming thing about canada is the health
    system is free and social assistance is pretty good if
    you need it. Besides sucks.

  • Quebeckers embrace new Governor-General (but not the Rest of Canada...ignorant MSM)

    09/27/2005 6:40:36 PM PDT · 20 of 23
    CelticLord to Moose4

    She has puppets of white, english speaking canadian males
    that she sticks with voodoo pins basically 24 X 7.
    You know..your typical white english saxon or irish/scottish mainstay clone. I heard she has a palace
    full of these little dolls.
    When she isn't doing that she is signing papers to give
    more plush secure jobs to immigrants in the gov't so they can collect nice pensions and pump out more immigrant
    kids to aspire to the liberal notion of total
    domination by the minority peoples of canada within
    two generations. Oh yea she is also putting more
    french information on all canadian cereal boxes coast
    to coast.
    This pretty well sums up the job of "the new" governor
    You know who I really feel for..the native american indians.
    Here we have the white anglo man in canada who took over from the indians. Then we have the french in canada who
    took over from the white english speaker. Finally we
    have the immigrants taking over from the white english
    speaker. Notice the french don't get taken over by anybody
    in present day canada.
    Poor indians..........imagine how they must feel.

  • David Warren: No bother (Canada is beyond salvage, according to Warren)

    09/25/2005 12:19:24 PM PDT · 23 of 28
    CelticLord to goldstategop

    Chretien always appeased the separatists and their movement
    by cutting breaks for Quebec and giving plush jobs to
    french speaking canadians. Lucien Bouchard and the typical
    separatist scared him into submission. We have never
    had a canadian leader call the separatist bluff and we probably never will because our leaders are either french, sympathetic to the french or from Chretien was no different than Martin.
    Martin goes the extra step..not only does he continue
    with the Chretien sympathetic tradition vis a vis quebec...he also plans to make Canada a country ran
    by immigrants at the expense of the white english speaking
    male (ironically since he is almost that himself except
    for his quebec roots). The federal gov't of canada
    actively discriminates against white english speaking
    only males....unbelievable.........would the vets ever
    be rolling in their graves. They sure as hell didn't end
    up fighting for themselves or their offspring?
    Trudeau started this entire mess......he ain't rolling in his grave..fighting blackflies in montreal....classic line.
    I have to get the mulroney book.
    Yes Canada is a disgraceful major joke.
    Watch how the gov't gives away all our natural resources
    next. They are already selling out to the Chinese by
    moving industries and jobs over there. The Chinese are
    expert copiers and are laughing at Canada all the way
    to the bank and the people republic court of ridicule. I predict China will own a canadian province
    or two in twenty years or so if they haven't flamed out
    with pig flu, pollution or natural disaster by then.

  • Canada Offers Help to USA

    08/31/2005 5:37:57 PM PDT · 28 of 45
    CelticLord to RKV

    McLellan or whatever her name is "advised all canadians
    to avoid travelling to the gulf of mexico states".
    Do ya think??
    I was planning on taking my canoe down there and going
    on a tour of new orleans with an AK-47 and lots of hambone.
    Seriously though..........I would expect the Canadian
    gov't to help in any way they can.
    We canadians could stand for our lame gov't to "do the
    right thing" as spike lee says and help out these unfortunate souls.
    Idiot army engineers and city works didn't invest enough
    money to make the levees withstand more than a category
    3 hurricane. Should of coughed up the dough, taken lessons
    from the dutch and you wouldn't have the widespread chaos
    you have down there.
    Best of Luck New Orleans.....All I have to worry about
    up here is the coming winter and the french factor......I think I can handle it as I do every year.
    How do I handle it.......drink alot of beer!!

  • Gay Human Rights Complaint Against Calgary Bishop Dropped - Was All About Getting Media Attention

    08/28/2005 2:14:26 PM PDT · 8 of 17
    CelticLord to little jeremiah

    The symbol of the canadian maple leaf means nothing.
    It has no pride, meaning or symbolism.
    It might as well have a picture of the village people
    on it or a combination of the fleurs des lis and third
    world flags.
    Bring back the ensign from WW2.
    At least it stood for something.
    Canada is a nation run by mindless people who have
    no sense of pride or loyalty to the people that built
    and defended this nation.

  • Last Canadian Victoria Cross Winner Dies

    08/08/2005 8:15:47 PM PDT · 36 of 36
    CelticLord to Snowyman

    First of all it is easy to come online with your comments
    after the dust settled for a few days, following the accolades from the federal gov't and the media.
    I do have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. Just when
    I think Canada is at the bottom of the barrel I get surprised with "normal" and expected "reactions", as opposed to all the abnormal and unexpected reactions one
    usually gets from these two sources. I was
    taken aback and I was wrong about that aspect. I admit it.
    Secondly, people should care about the likes of Carolyn
    parish. I think you should remember that Canada gets alot
    of air time down in the states and people like Carolyn
    aren't doing any favours with regards to the perception
    of Canadians south of the border....and yes that is something we should all be concerned about.
    As far as Paul Martin....once again pleasantly surprised.
    Good job Paul. I was wrong again.
    You are right........this isn't about buzzwords. Another
    topic for another discussion.
    What you said about a child's perception of a veteran
    in or out of uniform is correct. I wasn't talking about
    kids here. I was talking about adults and the general non
    innocent adult population. And I wasn't talking about
    commemoration ceremonies at a local cenotaph (sp). Of
    course you have respect at these events because the
    disrespectful stay away. You don't see athiests protesting
    religion in a Catholic Church do you?
    BTW...I am ex Military myself.
    All I can say is when I see things like this perhaps there
    is hope for Canada yet...but this is just a brief moment of
    light in an otherwise darkened tunnel.
    I think you should be keeping things in perspective here
    and thoroughly evaluate how the Canada of today is being
    governed and how the system in Canada works. Although once
    again another topic for another discussion.
    I suppose I mistakenly let this variance creep into this
    conversation when it should not have creeped in.
    This topic was about honouring a war veteran. The country
    is going to do that, much to my surprise and it is
    very nice to see.
    I should re-iterate if there is one thing I am
    not it is confused. Maybe when I am deciding on what kind
    of beer I should be picking up given the circumstances
    at my time of choosing.....but that's about it.
    One thing to munch on..........Why isn't November 11th in
    Canada a national holiday, like Veterans Day in the United
    States....hmm......Shucks I guess I am confused on that one
    also? Oh yea....whatever happened to the line "Merry Christmas in the Canadian Media"?
    I wonder what guys like Smoky thought of that?Again....another discussion for another topic.
    Finally I really have to hammer on your line "some get it,
    some never will. If you don't get it you don't belong here".
    You are right. But I will tell you there are millions
    in Canada (and more than we would like to think) that
    don't get it. I don't think I have to explain this one
    to you. Unless you want me too?
    I've nothing but respect for the likes of smoky smith.
    I feel the same about a war hero or just a clerk who
    served in the war. They were all there for the same
    reason contributing in their own unique way.
    Have a nice day.
    Stimulating conversation anyway.

  • Will Ottawa's anti-Americanism have a cost?

    08/06/2005 11:47:25 AM PDT · 44 of 78
    CelticLord to GermanBusiness

    Agree with you one hundred percent.
    Canada is indeed racially intolerant to the white english
    speaking. It is so GD ridiculous it makes you want to
    pack up, burn the maple leaf and go somewhere where you
    are appreciated and treated equally.
    I can understand why you left this multiculturally soiled
    blanket. Every day it gets smellier and smellier.
    I pray that the U.S issues an ulitmatum to our leftist
    quebecois leadership (make no mistake that french canadians
    and quebec run canada from the dual language on my pop
    tarts to plum gov't jobs to french speaking or bilinguals
    first, immigrants second, disabled third, special interest
    fourth,and white english males last).
    I dare say you will soon see gov't job applications with
    a check box for preference for homosexuals to obtain
    employment in the public service.
    Mark my words.
    Maybe I should change my sexual orientation?..but I still
    have that english male problem?
    Something has to give. Trudeau, the charter of rights and
    everything since trudeau has been a disaster for the white
    english speaking male in Canada or people who have been
    here for generations (save the french canadians).
    I tell is disgusting.
    Uncle Sam......make some noise........PLEASE!!!!
    Something else...if you watch the CBC lately they refer
    to what tony blairs new rules as anti-extremism steps......
    when everyone else on the planet calls a spade a spade...........they are anti TERRORIST policies.
    Never hear that from the CBC which is....guess what....ran
    by the ruling liberal party of power in Canada.

  • Last Canadian Victoria Cross Winner Dies

    08/03/2005 6:32:56 PM PDT · 29 of 36
    CelticLord to Snowyman are confusing me.
    I think what loyalist said is true.
    Todays Canada has no place for the likes of smoky.
    But you have to go further with the analysis/rebuttal?
    I think what loyalist is saying (but I admit trying to speak for another person is intrinsically wrong..but I'll
    do it anyway till you guys clear the air) is that the antics and accomplishments of this guy would definitely not be trumpeted or extolled by our present gov't......trudeau and everyone post trudeau.
    I wonder if the CBC will even mention it?
    Do you think any of Canada's major newspapers will have
    some big spread on it. Do you think people like Carolyn
    Parish or Paul Martin (who showed up a day late during
    D-Day ceremonies overseas) would make some kind of
    positive comment on the behalf of this very ordinary dude
    who obviously lived with heightened reactive instinct to
    kill or be killed?
    Not that this has anything to do with this but was
    smoky gifted intellectually and academically or was he
    just an average snow?
    The buzzwords in Todays Canada are multiculturalism, official bilingualism, distinct society, gay marriage, refugee status, illegal immigration, special interest groups, racial intolerance (unless you are unfortunate enough to be white and english like smoky), special privileges and services for immigrants...and last but not least......other peoples traditions and cultures can over ride and secede the current Canadian cultures and traditions..and if you say
    anything you are branded as an intolerant racist.
    I think this is what Loyalist was saying.
    Snowyman threw in a comment that can be interpreted in two
    ways. On the one hand he says he disagrees with loyalist, but on the other hand he says "guys like snowy belong here but it is a shame we have too many who don't"? Now he is either crticizing
    the likes of Loyalist and is happy with todays Canada
    and its status quo.....or he is agreeing with his
    statement after disagreeing?
    Please clarify? should remember that your Dad was touring a WAR
    museum. I would expect the staff you spoke of knew your
    dad was a veteran. I would not expect him to have any troubles there and there reaction was quite logical.
    Heck.....they would probably be like that with any old
    man whether he was a vet or not. The young people they have
    working at places like this are well versed in etiquette.
    If he was walking around in his old uniform or out of uniform in most other places in canada (anywhere else in ottawa, downtown toronto or other parts of socialist, peace loving canada) you might
    be surprised by the lack of attention or negative reaction
    he might get. The point I am making is that you can't
    give a real reflection on how todays young society views
    the world wars or veterans for that matter based on the
    reaction you get a war museum.
    That's it ..that's all.
    In closing.....I will say that War sucks and it is a terrible thing to be in. It is too bad the world is not
    run by people who believe in john lennon's fairy tale imagine...but man was born of sin and the closest we'll get
    to lennons imagine is in dreams only.

  • Canadian Government Pondering Reinstating MP Canned for Anti-American Rampage (Libranos desperate!)

    07/31/2005 4:00:45 PM PDT · 18 of 21
    CelticLord to surely_you_jest

    Carolyn pariah is the type of girl who you remmeber from
    high school that was always overweight munching on twinkies looking for attention.
    She came from a rich family and her daddy groomed her for
    a life in politics.
    Once she settled into politics she adopted the dogturd
    canadian liberal mantra as her own.
    That being........gayism is great, frenchism is better......hand out the shop and give frankincense and
    myhr to illegal immigrants, refugees and white speaking
    english males are trash.
    Carolyn is an anti american, pro immigrant, anti white
    socialist. The likes of her are exactly how nazi germany
    rolled over France.
    Have another doughnut.

  • Call for Canada to regulate Catholic Church

    07/21/2005 6:53:34 PM PDT · 34 of 42
    CelticLord to Frank Sheed

    Catholicism will always triumph over contest.
    Let the games begin.

  • The Quebec Question

    07/12/2005 5:04:09 PM PDT · 4 of 4
    CelticLord to MikeEdwards

    Quebec will not separate.
    They have it too good.
    Free Handouts from the federal gov't.
    Distinct society. Illegal to have english signs in Quebec.
    Official Bilingualism. Two languages on everything sold
    in Canada coast to coast....and the first side one looks
    at is usually the french side. The scientists do studies
    to make sure it is the dominate side.
    Let's see....what else do they have......plush gov't jobs
    for life with great pensions. Relocation of gov't jobs
    to the quebec side of the border. Quebec inundation of
    Ontario taking away jobs of english speaking people.
    Man they got it great and since Trudeau they have had
    the gov't totally on their side.
    They are the preferred peoples over the anglais....pure,
    plain and simple. They will keep the vote close to garner
    sympathy and play the scare card in gov't, so the gov't
    will keep giving them more.
    They are a smart bunch the french and they play the game
    like a fiddle. Long as you have the gov't going to bat
    for you 24 X can't lose.
    Much like the cards being played for special interest
    groups, immigrants and refugees.
    Tell me something I don't know.

  • Canada also on target list Americans, British, Australians, Spanish hit

    07/09/2005 3:52:17 PM PDT · 31 of 32
    CelticLord to BigSkyFreeper

    Once I start milking the system up here and get meself
    welfare, handouts and refugee status as a white boy
    all be well in maple *ag nation.

  • Jesus would Vote with Me in Favour of Gay 'Marriage' Says Canadian Senator (LUNATIC ALERT!!!)

    07/07/2005 6:51:01 PM PDT · 21 of 33
    CelticLord to Jorge

    What else would you expect from a member of a party that
    promotes homosexuality, gives preference to the rights
    and agenda of special interest groups over the majority
    rights and interests of the Majority.
    People like her come up with baloney lines to justify
    the bad decisions they make....just like my ex.
    We should be crying.....but might as well laugh at
    the stupidity and naivity of it all.
    It never fails to amuse me that people like this say what
    they say and think nobody is listening?
    These people will never open themselves up to debate.
    Herself, like the liberals just prefer to push legislation
    down everyones throat regardless of how they feel.
    Official bilingualism, gay marriage, special interest, preferential treatment at all gov't levels for the minorities....and it goes on and on.
    Nobody should be surprised by comments such as hers.
    This is what we have come to accept in Canada......someday
    it may change.....but for now we almost need some kind
    of revolution or the rise of some charismatic leader who
    can put all this stuff in the garbage.

  • U.S.-Canada Border Leaves Many Jittery

    07/06/2005 5:54:21 PM PDT · 26 of 27
    CelticLord to mske

    As I was air.

  • U.S.-Canada Border Leaves Many Jittery

    07/06/2005 6:02:12 AM PDT · 24 of 27
    CelticLord to CelticLord

    Lol.....Immigration and security are inextricably linked,
    they go hand in hand. Can't talk about one without the other.
    What would you propose a great wall of china on the borders
    with the national guard stringing it like north korea.

  • U.S.-Canada Border Leaves Many Jittery

    07/06/2005 5:59:06 AM PDT · 23 of 27
    CelticLord to The Coopster

    Sittin on the fence yapping about the borders.
    Get a job.

  • U.S.-Canada Border Leaves Many Jittery

    07/05/2005 7:18:12 AM PDT · 19 of 27
    CelticLord to The Coopster

    Typical american know it all........your minority opinion
    creates some of the typical stereotypes everyone has of
    Mexico is the third world problem....not Canada..that for
    all intents and purposes is as wealthy or wealthier than
    the U.S....except for morality and the "nation of minorities and frenchy crap".

  • Canada's Ambassador Declares War on Fox News

    07/04/2005 12:25:02 PM PDT · 78 of 90
    CelticLord to billnaz

    McKenna is just wasting more money and time on stupid things like the Canadian Liberal gov't wastes time and
    money doing studies on immigrants gaining weight after
    living in Canada for 10 years. Lol....
    I do have to agree that McKenna makes alot of good points...points americans should be aware of.
    But I watch fox news and the fact is they only lambast
    the CBC, Canadian Left wing media and rejects such as
    Carolyn Parrish. Everything they say about these three things are bang on. I could not see McKenna disputing this.
    On the same side of the fence I would like Fox news to
    pick up on some more crap that smells up here..namely...
    gay marriage, multiculturalism favouring minorites over
    the majority, official bilingualism, refugees, preference
    for minorities and french speaking people to get the best
    gov't jobs with the best pensions (regardless of their I.Q)
    and some other things.
    Fox news should promote the things McKenna says.....and they should also mention more of the things I just said.
    Mabye this will prompt some changes over time since Fox
    reaches such a large audience.
    Who knows?

  • U.S.-Canada Border Leaves Many Jittery

    07/04/2005 12:13:09 PM PDT · 14 of 27
    CelticLord to The Coopster

    Not ONE of the 911 terrorists....I repeat not ONE....came
    across from the northern border.
    They were actually all living in the United States for quite some time.
    The border problem is with mexico....a third world nation....not Canada.
    I do agree the Canadian liberal system which prefers refugees, immigrants and minorities is sickening..I have to live in this climate....but Canada should be closing its
    borders to all the rif raff that come over here but they
    don't get it.
    I pretty well am sick of Canada but it is not a nation that
    gave you the 911 terrorists.

  • Alexandre Trudeau — not a very useful idiot

    07/03/2005 1:27:52 PM PDT · 12 of 14
    CelticLord to Alexander Rubin

    The bottom line in my view is Canada basically sucks
    in its current form and has been on the road to despair
    since Trudeau took over.
    It is a great country if you are french, bilingual, a visible minority, gay or any other type of minority.
    Paul Martin has said it time and time again....Canada
    is a nation of minorities, and minority and special interest groups rule the the expense of christianity, conservatism, white english speaking citizens
    and traditional canadian values, customs and traditions.
    Funny thing is Paul has forgotten about the majoritiy
    and the plight of the white anglo saxon.
    Check out civil servant and public service job requirements
    for starters. Even the RCMP is into the act.
    Canada needs immmigrants..that is a fact....but the extent
    to which the gov't is subsidizing, refugeeizing and social
    assisting to make this happen is ridiculous. Not too mention letting immigrants set up their own customs and
    practices at the expense of Canadian tradition.
    I have immigrant friends, and I am not racist but this conservative forum allows one to vent out frustrations a high number of people like myself feel...but usually bite their tongue instead. I am not like that.
    This will never happen in the united states.
    I don't look at the Canadian Flag with pride at all anymore....and this coming from a guy who served in a
    segment of the Canadian Armed Forces.
    That is my statement and I am sticking by it.
    You won't convince me otherwise, and don't bother trying.
    I see too much.
    Just watch the CBC to get an idea how the gov't works
    since the gov't basically pays the bills for the CBC.
    Anyway.....I have made my point.
    I am sorry to say but you seem to be sitting on the fence
    with the party line "we have to fight for changes".
    Sure we have to......but nothing has changed since Trudeau.
    Things have only gotten worse.
    Kind of frustrating when you look at the big picture.
    Special interest groups rule in Canada.
    Did you know the gov't paid for a study the other day
    which had a conclusion.....and I kid you not....that immigrants gain weight after living in ten years in Canada.
    But if you translate is my take on it....
    Immigrants come here starving and underfed and indulge
    on candian food, welfare, assistance etc and gain weight?
    I don't understand studies like that. Are the gov't saying
    canadians don't eat right, are they saying the health of
    immigrants warrants a federal funded study, or are they saying immigrants jeopardize their health coming to canada
    and should think twice before emigrating (doubt this one)
    I don't get it anymore and everyday is a new day of frustration.
    Just sick and tired of it all and I have beaten this topic
    to death. Think it is time for both of us to move on.

  • Alexandre Trudeau — not a very useful idiot

    07/02/2005 8:08:20 PM PDT · 10 of 14
    CelticLord to Alexander Rubin

    Mackenzie King was english speaking only.
    He governed "our finest generation" as you so aptly
    and correctly put it.
    So what if he talked to his dog......we all have our little
    If I was to rate king, diefenbaker, pearson, trudeau, muldoon, cretin and martin.....I have to give king,
    diefenbaker and pearson the nod. Diefenbaker screwed up
    the avro arrow (or was forced to do so by the americans)
    but at least those three did not lead us down the road
    of cereal boxes with english and french, gay marriage,
    multiculturalism and special interest groups.
    It is plain here that you see things one way and I see them the other.
    C'est la vie.

  • Alexandre Trudeau — not a very useful idiot

    07/02/2005 6:21:33 AM PDT · 8 of 14
    CelticLord to Alexander Rubin

    The leaders of a country and the way they govern set the
    tone for how a nation is ran, how it's people are treated
    and how it is perceived from the outside.
    The leaders we have had since trudeau (and including him)
    have all done a terrible job.
    Muliticulturalism, official bilingualism and now gay marriage are a few examples of things that have been
    overly exaggerated and pushed down peoples throats at the
    expense of the majority of this nation.
    When Paul Martin comments about "we are a nation of minorities" in the context of supporting gay marriage that
    is enough to make one puke.
    I never said I have a problem with the people (minus the
    politicians....whom I have a really big problem with) I just have a problem with what Canada has become.
    Plain and simple. And that is a direct consequence of how
    we have been governed post Lester Pearson.
    Diefenbaker was no rose either. I guess the last good leader we had was Mackenzie King during the war?
    I have pride in the past....but that is where it the past. I'll tell you why our veterans fought.
    They fought for the british crown basically. We were still
    under the british monarchy in a stronger way we are now.
    The ensign was part of our flag. Young fellas off farms fought for a noble cause and protecting their home country
    was in their minds. As George Bush says it is better to take the war to the enemy than let them bring it to your shores. I have relatives who have served in WW2 and talked
    to veterans about it. Alot of them just went for the adventure. But as I said..if they saw then what we have become now.....the turnout would have been different. At least sacrifices they made allow me to say what I feel in this country and even those rights are being lessened for fear the gov't brands you a racist over gay rights, bilingualism, multiculturalism or special interest groups.
    It seems the fight won't be won here until the current generation of people who keep voting in this stuff pass on.
    But the problem is by then Canada will be a nation of minorities who are the majority...and all bets are off what
    kind of gov't we will have then.
    Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.
    We'll see I guess if I am still here....alive, dead or
    in absentia.
    This is the way I see it all.
    Happy Independence Day.