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  • Inspection by Air Quality Mgt (Vanity)

    09/07/2017 2:44:03 PM PDT · by christie · 28 replies
    I live out in the country on 10 acres (Califonria). We are allowed to burn certain times of the year (with permit). It is not burn season. And it's been over 100 degrees for weeks. No way I've been burning anything. But this morning I got a visit from the Air Quality Management District (in an unmarked truck). He said he received a report that I had been burning on the property. No specifics of when this incident occurred. He left me his card. Just now he called back and said he needed to make an appointment to inspect the...
  • Missing from the Home Front

    11/14/2006 9:36:04 AM PST · by christie · 34 replies · 862+ views ^ | October 26, 2006 | T.J. Banes
    The yellow car magnets saying "Support Our Troops" are nice. So are the little flag pins worn by TV anchors. But Eastside resident Nancy Goodin, 62, depends on prayer while her son Robert is serving his second tour of duty in Iraq. Families of soldiers stationed in the Middle East cope in different ways. Those left behind say they are most content when they are doing something for their loved ones. That's what spurred Indianapolis resident Sandy Doell to write "Mom's Field Guide -- What You Need to Know to Make It Through Your Loved One's Military Deployment" (Warrior Angel...
  • Thank God!

    11/03/2004 8:09:17 AM PST · by christie · 27 replies · 291+ views
    November 3, 2004 | christie
    Kerry is going to concede!!!!
  • New documents further illustrate Hussein's terror ties

    11/02/2004 11:42:03 AM PST · by christie · 24 replies · 517+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | November 2, 2002 | Deroy Murdock
    Before voting today, Americans should consider further evidence that Saddam Hussein ran a terrorist state whose behavior merited his ouster by the 33-member, U.S.-led Coalition. Documents recently released by the Cybercast News Service detail Baathist Baghdad's terror ties, thus reinforcing a key rationale for Operation Iraqi Freedom. The memos and letters between Saddam Hussein's office and top IIS leadership include numerous examples of collaboration between Baghdad and anti-American Islamic terrorists. If accurate, the papers provide damning proof of Hussein's philanthropy of terror.
  • AWOL

    10/29/2004 6:15:28 PM PDT · by christie · 28 replies · 1,398+ views
    National Review Online ^ | October 28, 2004 | Deroy Murdock
    .AWOLIssues that should come up before Deroy Murdock In the final inning of a seemingly endless presidential playoff, at least three issues surprisingly remain outside the ballpark. It is extraordinary that John Kerry huddled during wartime with enemy officials opposite whom U.S. diplomats negotiated for peace. Kerry did so in May 1970, while an inactive Navy reserve officer, even as Hanoi killed American soldiers and tortured U.S. POWs. "I have been to Paris," Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 22, 1971. "I have talked with both delegations at the peace talks, that is to say the...
  • (((KERRY'S QUOTES ON IRAQ - flip-flop)))

    10/26/2004 11:28:08 AM PDT · by christie · 18 replies · 1,633+ views ^ | October 26, 2004 | christie
    I have put together some of Senator John Kerry's comments on Saddam Hussein and Iraq--in chronological order. This site can be found at John Kerry's Quotes on Iraq January 11, 1991: Sen. John Kerry, [Congressional Record, p. S251]: "Mr. President, I believe such thinking is dangerous, and I believe it is flawed because it requires us to surrender the most important responsibility of the Congress: The power to make war. This is not a vote about sending a message. That message was already on the table. This is a vote about whether or not to put ourselves in...
  • Deroy Murdock's

    10/20/2004 11:15:12 PM PDT · by christie · 22 replies · 1,359+ views ^ | October 20, 2001 | Deroy Murdock
    . Saddam Hussein's Philanthropy of Terror by Deroy Murdock Media Fellow Hoover Institution at Stanford University Adapted from a September 22, 2004 presentation at the Hoover Institution Introduction Here he is, the man they called “The Butcher of Baghdad,” Mr. Saddam Hussein, shortly after U.S. soldiers pulled him from his so-called spider hole in Iraq. How bewildered he must have felt. Not so long before, he was sitting pretty. Here he was in his glory days, perhaps relishing the fact that he had invaded Kuwait, burned its oil fields in a dastardly act of eco-vandalism, killed some 5,000 of his...
  • Tammy Bruce: Kerry's last cell phone call from Christopher Reeve?

    10/16/2004 5:01:38 PM PDT · by christie · 133 replies · 5,092+ views
    Tammy Bruce radio show - KABC | October 16, 2004
    Tammy Bruce just mentioned on her radio show that Kerry claimed he received a messages from Christopher Reeves on his cell phone last Saturday (October 9) after the debate on Friday night. As we know, Christopher Reeves passed away on Sunday. The only problem is that Reeves "fell into a coma on Thursday after going into cardiac arrest at his New York home.", Des Moines
  • Hannity Played the Sheila Macvicar 1999 ABC News Report: TARGET AMERICA: THE TERRORIST WAR

    10/08/2004 5:29:04 PM PDT · by christie · 18 replies · 2,329+ views
    Hannity and Radio America ^ | January 14, 1999 | ABC News
    . Sean played this segment of the TV show TARGET AMERICA: THE TERRORIST WAR which is available on an MP3 file. was part of a "Crime and Justice" show originally aired January 14, 1999 on ABC News with John Miller, John McWethy, Sheila Macvica, and Cynthi McFadden. Here is the transcript of the segment on the MP3. This is just a small portion of the show. In Germany, Mamdouh Salim, alleged to be a key military advisor and believed to be privy to bin Laden's most secret projects, is also apprehended. The U.S. government alleges he was under secret...
  • ***Terrorism*** Dems, Then & Now

    10/07/2004 5:24:16 PM PDT · by christie · 15 replies · 456+ views
    National Review Online ^ | October 7, 2004 | Deroy Murdock
    . Dems, Then & NowIraq terror-tie facts changed with the campaign season for Kerry and co. To hear Iraq-war critics claim that Saddam Hussein lacked terror ties is to stand on a beach and listen to people deny the existence of sand. Now, comes John Kerry, strolling in his flip-flops, chanting the no-such-thing-as-sand mantra."Iraq was not a terrorist haven before the invasion," Kerry told Philadelphia voters September 24. "Iraq is now what it was not before the war: a haven for terrorists.""The president just talked about Iraq as a center of the war on terror," Kerry said during the September...
  • Sheila Macvicar: 1999 ABC News - TARGET AMERICA: THE TERRORIST WAR (Crime and Justice)

    10/04/2004 12:42:28 PM PDT · by christie · 21 replies · 2,646+ views
    Radio America ^ | January 14, 1999 | ABC News
    . TARGET AMERICA: THE TERRORIST WAR | January 14, 1999 BYLINE: J. Miller, J. Mcwethy, Sheila Macvicar, Cynti McFadden A portion of the TV show is available on an MP3 file. Here is the transcript of the segment on the MP3. This is just a small portion of the show. In Germany, Mamdouh Salim, alleged to be a key military advisor and believed to be privy to bin Laden's most secret projects, is also apprehended. The U.S. government alleges he was under secret orders to procure enriched uranium for the purpose of developing nuclear weapons. These are allegations bin...
  • GLOBAL TEST in Kerry's World: Father Knows Best

    10/01/2004 8:50:17 PM PDT · by christie · 11 replies · 700+ views
    CBSNews/The New Republic ^ | March 2, 2004 | Franklin Foer
    Kerry's World: Father Knows Best By the time John Kerry's father, Richard, published . . . . The Star-Spangled Mirror, in 1990, he should have been a mellow man. Nearly 30 years had passed since his retirement from the Foreign Service, where he'd filled mid-level posts in Washington, Berlin, and Oslo. His central issue, the cold war, had followed him into retirement with the crumbling of the Berlin Wall and rise of glasnost in Russia. . . . The Star-Spangled Mirror is a critique of moralism in America's foreign policy -- and, more than that, it is a critique of...
  • Bi-Lateral Talks with North Korea (Question)

    09/30/2004 7:29:48 PM PDT · by christie · 38 replies · 960+ views
    9/30/04 | christie
    I'm confused. Why does Kerry stress a coalition for the war on terror and going to war with Iraq but thinks we should have bi-lateral talks with Korea. Can someone explain this?
  • Transcript of SENATOR KERRY'S 1997 Speech on Senate Floor: "WE MUST BE FIRM WITH SADDAM HUSSEIN"

    09/29/2004 8:34:45 PM PDT · by christie · 21 replies · 1,125+ views ^ | November 9, 1997 | John F. Kerry
    . WE MUST BE FIRM WITH SADDAM HUSSEIN (Senate - November 09, 1997) Mr. KERRY. Mr. President, I will speak tomorrow on the subject of fast track. I wish to talk this evening about another subject that has not received as much conversation on the floor of the Senate as it merits--because, while we have been focused on fast track and on a lot of loose ends which must be tied up before this first session of the 105th Congress can be brought to a close, a very troubling situation has developed in the Middle East that has ominous implications,...
  • 1999 ABC News Report : The Osama - Hussein Connection

    09/28/2004 2:01:28 PM PDT · by christie · 117 replies · 9,243+ views
    Radio America ^ | January 1999 | ABC News
    .1999 ABC News Report : The Osama - Hussein Connection is a transcript of the linked MP3 file. -- Sheila MacVicar, ABC News, January 14, 1999 '". . . [Mamdouh Mahmud] Salim, alleged to be a key military advisor and believed to be privy to bin Laden's most secret projects, is also apprehended. The US government alleges that he was under secret orders to procure enriched uranium for the purpose of developing nuclear weapons. These are allegations bin Laden does not now deny. "It would be a sin for Muslims not to try to possess the weapons that would...
  • Who Is Securing and Rebuilding Iraq?

    09/27/2004 10:40:57 AM PDT · by christie · 16 replies · 537+ views
    CBC News Online ^ | May 6, 2004 | CBC News Online
    Who is securing and rebuilding Iraq?COUNTRIES WITH TROOPS AND MILITARY PERSONNEL IN IRAQIn addition to the United States, which has more than 130,000 troops in Iraq, many other countries have sent military personnel. The number of non-American coalition troops is more than 40,000, though numbers fluctuate. United Kingdom: 9,000 soldiersItaly: 3,000 soldiers, some serving as police and engineersPoland: 2,400 soldiers Ukraine: 1,600 soldiersNetherlands: 1,100 soldiers plus a logistics team, a field hospital, military police and 200 engineersJapan: 1,100 soldiers assigned to reconstructionAustralia: 800 soldiersRomania: 700 soldiers plus 149 de-mining specialists, military police and "special intelligence" membersSouth Korea: 600 military engineers...
  • John Kerry: Heroism, and growing concern about war

    09/27/2004 7:12:03 AM PDT · by christie · 26 replies · 1,076+ views
    The Boston Globe ^ | 6/16/2003 | Michael Kranish
    The Christmas Eve truce of 1968 was three minutes old when mortar fire exploded around John Forbes Kerry and his five-man crew on a 50-foot aluminum boat near Cambodia. ''Where is the enemy?'' a crewmate shouted. In the distance, an elderly man was tending his water buffalo -- and serving as human cover for a dozen Viet Cong manning a machine-gun nest. "Open fire; let's take 'em," Kerry ordered, according to his second-in-command, James Wasser of Illinois. Wasser blasted away with his M-60, hitting the old man, who slumped into the water, presumably dead. With a clear path to the...
  • ***FREEPER EXCLUSIVE*** Let the PJBrigade Help Kerry Connect the Dots . . . between Osama and Saddam

    09/26/2004 6:55:48 AM PDT · by christie · 133 replies · 5,677+ views ^ | September 26, 2004 | christie / TwoStep
    I'm getting a bit tired of John Kerry and the MSM continuing to insist that Saddam Hussein has "nothing to do with al Qaeda." They are wrong. "The invasion of Iraq was a profound diversion from the battle against our greatest enemy, al Qaeda." --John Kerry (Sept. 24-04) They connected the dots in 1998 but Senator Kerry and MSM can't seem to connect the dots in 2004.- - - - - -So, the Free Republic PJ Brigade has come to the rescue. Here is an easy to read chart, citing plenty of evidence of the links between Osama bin...
  • O'Reilly's Review of Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War

    09/25/2004 8:49:11 PM PDT · by christie · 32 replies · 1,605+ views
    Tour of Duty | January 2004
    * * * * Advance Praise for Tour of Duty * * * * "Doug Brinkley succeeds in humanizing John Kerry, something the senator often has trouble doing himself. Tour of Duty is an incisive look at a man who would be president." --Bill O'Reilly Pub date January 6, 2004
  • NICARAGUA: Don't forget 'The John Kerry Committee'

    09/18/2004 11:18:39 AM PDT · by christie · 33 replies · 1,822+ views
    BrookesNews.Com ^ | August 23, 2004Monday 23 August 2004Monday 23 August 2004 | Humberto Fontova
    . Don't Forget 'The John Kerry Committee' Humberto FontovaBrookesNews.ComMonday 23 August 2004 Say what you want about Senator John Kerry, nobody ever called him lazy. He landed in Congress in 1985 and immediately rolled up his sleeves and spat on his hands. The Nicaraguan people MUST end up like the Cuban and Vietnamese! Toward this end the man was tireless. The vision inspired him to such a staggering work load, energized him to such a frantic pace, propelled him to such legislative feats, that his colleagues — even the pinkest — gaped in envy and awe. Back then Nicaragua was...