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  • FBI Mysteriously “Loses” Five Months of Text Messages Between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page…

    01/21/2018 6:46:30 PM PST · 31 of 94
    chuckles to dontreadthis

    Unless they have their own servers, they cannot be lost. The vendor the government uses has the servers. They have redundant backs on their backups. Whether its ATT or Verizon, or Google, or whoever, these T messages are still somewhere.

  • First post to "Q" ping list. Please read and let me know if you want off or on it

    01/20/2018 1:05:38 AM PST · 192 of 196
    chuckles to ransomnote

    please add me to the q ping list

  • Q predicted "meteor strike" on Monday, at exact coordinates!

    01/19/2018 10:20:32 AM PST · 10 of 79
    chuckles to MNDude

    Who the hell is Q and why should I care?

  • Malaysian man slaps woman allegedly for not wearing headscarf, video goes viral

    01/17/2018 1:47:57 PM PST · 15 of 19
    chuckles to nickcarraway

    So, are they from a Sh%t hole or not?

  • Homeland Security pursues charges against leaders of sanctuary cities

    01/16/2018 5:46:40 PM PST · 11 of 31
    chuckles to smileyface

    Please, please, please, tell me this isn’t the Onion. First I thought maybe Sessions would start to earn his paycheck, but them I see it’s Homeland Security. That will do just fine. Put a couple of these idiots in jail for 5-10 and we will see how many want to hide Meskins then.

  • Woman being hailed as hero for stepping in during shooting at Norman business

    01/13/2018 10:04:18 AM PST · 24 of 32
    chuckles to PJBankard
    ..."Gunman confronted his wife at work?"....

    Yes, he came to "kidnap" her. Her co worker was the one shot and the co worker then picked up his shotgun when he went for a pistol, and she shot him with his own shotgun with one hand.

  • Woman being hailed as hero for stepping in during shooting at Norman business

    01/13/2018 10:01:37 AM PST · 23 of 32
    chuckles to null and void

    She was shot and she picked up his shot gun and then shot the perp. The perps wife was not shot, I don’t believe.

  • Woman being hailed as hero for stepping in during shooting at Norman business

    01/13/2018 10:00:00 AM PST · 22 of 32
    chuckles to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin

    He was arrested alive after the woman shot him in the face with a 12ga. The woman shooter was doing good just to get him shot. She was shot in one arm with a 12ga. If it was a pump, she was doing good just to get a shot off once. She would have had to shoot him one handed. I would imagine she had part of her arm blown off unless it was just a few pellets.

  • What, Indeed, Is the Quran?

    01/09/2018 9:51:31 AM PST · 32 of 50
    chuckles to agrace

    Revelation was written around 94-100 AD. Mohamed lived in the 600’s AD. The Bible was finished 500 years before Mohamed was conceived.

  • Woman dies after contracting flesh-eating bacteria from oysters

    01/09/2018 12:19:05 AM PST · 13 of 20
    chuckles to SanchoP

    I think that’s backward. The month NEEDS and “R” in it. Course, October has an R in it. Must be a cut on her leg.

  • Rumors Swirl That the Secret Zuma Spacecraft Launched By SpaceX Was Lost

    01/08/2018 5:06:09 PM PST · 16 of 43
    chuckles to SunkenCiv

    All I need to know is who is reporting that it’s dead. If it’s CNN or MSNBC, then we know what’s going on.

  • Liberals Thrilled About New Device That Performs Abortion In 3 Minutes

    01/07/2018 2:45:32 PM PST · 28 of 32
    chuckles to Joe Dallas

    ping for later vomiting.

  • Where does a pastor get his authority?

    01/07/2018 2:18:16 PM PST · 26 of 502
    chuckles to tiredofallofit
    The Bible says we are all "kings and priests. We are all given the authority to give the "Word" and cast out devils in the name of Jesus.. If I am saved, I will at least have a personal testimony I can give.

    Getting behind a pulpit is a different calling. That is a gifting from the Holy Spirit and God will equip those He calls. Not everyone has the same gift. Wanting to is not the same has having it. Jesus is the Head of the church and the under Sheppard is the pastor. If a Messenger of God is an angel, then the church preacher can be called an angel, aka Revelation, "The angel of the church at Ephesus".

    The question for the lay person is, Is this person called of God or is he a pretender. That is where the gift of discernment of spirits come in. We are not given a gift of discernment, but a gift of discernment of spirits. We should be able to tell if a person is led by the Lord or is faking it.

    If the person is not following the Lord, it will quickly become evident.

    many today get their authority from a church governmental body to teach "their" dogma. That may or may not be the doctrine of the Bible. This is the problem with seminaries today. They teach what man has decided is "truth" in order for the facility to turn out a pastor in their denomination. Most teach error for the entirety of their term as a pastor and never have the Holy Spirit teach them the Bible Truth.

    If God has revealed the truth to you, you certainly have the authority to start your own church and preach there. Ordination has nothing to do with anything of the Bible. Any authority worth having comes from Jesus and His work on the cross. When Peter told Jesus that He was the Christ in Matthew, and The Father Himself had to tell him this, Jesus established His church on the Holy Spirit revealing who Jesus was as the cornerstone of His new church. If you confess Jesus as Lord and Savior as the Son of God, you have the authority to preach that. So just having your own testimony that Jesus saved you and He is the Son of God makes you a member of God's family and gives you the right to be a Son of God. They pretty much have the authority from the King to represent Him as a Son.

  • What Is the Meaning of Christ’s Circumcision?

    01/04/2018 11:23:21 AM PST · 63 of 71
    chuckles to delchiante
    I had a little trouble understanding where you were coming from in your post at first. It sounded like you might be agreeing with me, but I wasn't sure.

    The spring Feasts were fulfilled with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but the Fall Feats are still in front of us. Being Old Testament and New Testament doesn't matter, it's all the same Book. Actually, Christians get to be under the Abrahamic covenant. The Mosaic covenant is the one to avoid. The covenant with Abraham was through faith and God did everything. The only works involved with Abraham was his faith and obedience.

    The Easter thing is straight out of Babylon. If we wish to follow God, then we should celebrate Passover for His death, Unleavened Bread for His burial, and First Fruits as Resurrection Day. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, I've NEVER personally seen Passover or First Fruits land on Easter. It's always at least a week apart, usually more. Usually the Jewish calendar, being 30 days each month and 360 day year, the day will eventually land on the same day, but I've never seen Easter do this. The Sabbath was made to be on the 7th day in Genesis 1, and written into Law in Leviticus 23. No where in Scripture can you find God changing it to the first of the week. God even made a Commandment to make it clear what day we are to set aside for Him. Sunday worship comes from man changing it to worship the sun god of the pagans.

    You are correct that Rome changed the times, laws, and calendars, and it was predicted this would happen by evil doers. To make believers stop worshiping on the proper days is a way to confuse people to follow the wrong person when the time came.

    This is why all the confusion in the last days. "The Day that no one Knows" is Trumpets. Every Jew knows that. It's 2 days and it only starts when the New Moon is seen, which no one knows the day or the hour that will happen. All the other Feasts are done in the middle of the month with a full moon. This is why Paul told the Thessalonians they were not in the dark and they knew perfectly well the Lord would come as a thief in the night, A Jew knows that the High Priest would walk the walls and catch watchers sleeping and set their garments on fire so they would be naked. He is known as the "thief in the night". Our High Priest is Jesus and He will come when gentiles are asleep and leave them behind to face the Beast. Several places we are told to "Watch!" How can we watch if we don't know what day it will be? Christians all over the world are sitting in pews every Sunday convinced when Jesus comes they will be taken out, saved from the Beast. NOT TRUE! They will be left behind to face execution for their faith. These will be the souls under the Altar in Heaven beheaded because they wouldn't take the mark. The ones that knew the day, and knew to watch and prepare are taken out to be the Bride of Christ. We will be hidden away for the 7 years of Tribulation on the earth. Noah and the Flood is a type and shadow of this time. Noah built the Ark as God told him, then entered the Ark WHEN GOD TOLD HIM 7 DAYS BEFORE THE RAIN STARTED. Noah knew what to do a full week before the rain fell because God told him exactly what He was doing. The Bible tells the ones that have ears to hear, and eyes to see, exactly what He is going to do and the day He will do it. Just because we won't heed God's Word doesn't make what He has revealed to us untrue. You can follow God, or man and the world. I can guarantee He will not do anything on Christmas and Easter. If we know what these days are and we know where they came from, why are we still hanging on to something that is even forbidden in Scripture? Traditions of men!!

    Deut 12:29-32 tells us NOT to follow the traditions of the Gentiles. Jer 10:1-5 specifically tells us a tree in the house is a Gentile idol. We know all these things, yet we still do them. We know Halloween is strictly pagan, yet even churches have get together's on that day to give their children a slice of pagan life so they won't feel left out of the lost world. How many observant Jews go out on Halloween to get candy for their children?

    As for your point about the "daughters" of Rome, Yes, I'm hoping that people can see no matter what church they attend, they have been tainted by Rome. No matter what they want to believe about their origins, most of them came from some splinter of Rome. In Scripture, women are religions or denominations. A daughter comes from one of these women. Being a daughter of the Harlot is no better than being the Harlot if you continue her habits.

    The problem with Jews is they missed Jesus, but they have the background we should learn from. The problem with Gentiles is we have Jesus, but we have no clue about the rest of the Bible. What God is looking for would fit with the Messianic movement of the Jews. If Jesus was born an observant Jew, lived as an observant Jew, died as an observant Jew, and ascended as an observant Jew, wouldn't it behoove most of us to learn the Bible to understand how we are to imitate Jesus? A Roman Caesar in 330 AD had no clue how to set up a Christian movement and could only copy his own idol worship inherited from Babylon. We can point to Islam and understand they are following the moon god from Babylon, but we cannot seem to see the same for us and the sun god of Babylon. Just like you said about thor's day, we can't seem to get it that sun day is not the Lords day as listed in Leviticus 23:3. Just last night in my church, we discussed Genesis 1 and many were still hanging on to a day could have been any amount of time to God. God said 6 times that and evening and a morning were the (such and such) day. He emphasized 6 times that a day was a day, but we still try to squeeze Darwinism and millions of years into the Bible. If we can't believe God created everything in 6 days, then we miss many more clues given in the Bible. In 2 Peter, Peter tells us that 1000 years is a day and a day is 1000 years in prophesy. We should be looking for something to happen in 6000 years of history and know that the next 1000 years will be Jesus' reign on Earth. He just got through with telling about Noah's Flood and the destruction of the Earth, but for some reason, we cannot read the words on the page and start to try to fit 1000 years as millions and millions of years. Was it happenstance that the Bible mentioned the rain started when Noah was 600 years old?

    It would benefit every Christian to at least study once, the Feasts and Festivals of the Lord to understand more of Prophesy. Then they should study Judaism in general to understand more of what Jesus was talking about. Another one would be a study on spiritual language. Tree's are people, women are churches, birds are demons, wolves are demons, locusts are demons, bread is Jesus, living water is Jesus, Serpents and dragons are Satan, beasts of the field are demons, water is words, a flood comes from the devil and a spring comes from Jesus. There are literally dozens more and need to be learned to have ears to hear. Just as an example, read Isa 4:1.

    And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, "We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; Only let us be called by your name, To take away our reproach."

    7 women are in letters in Revelation. They are all "so called" Christians. They will eat their own food, means they will make up their own doctrine. Wearing their own apparel, means they are self righteous and they call evil; good and good; evil. Only let us be called "Christian" instead of witches and Satan worshipers. He is saying that these churches are not even close to what God has laid out plainly in Scripture. In 90-100 AD, John wrote 3 John :9, which said a Greek church would not even allow him to enter the church, let alone speak. This is JOHN, the one Jesus loved, was forbidden to visit a church. This abomination is not new.

  • What Is the Meaning of Christ’s Circumcision?

    01/03/2018 11:47:56 AM PST · 60 of 71
    chuckles to agere_contra
    Thank you for a reasoned response. How did Jerusalem fornicate with the kings of the world. Only the RCC did that since Rome to Henry the 8th.

    It's neat how you called the Beast "pagan Rome". That's the whole point I was making. The Beast will be someone from Assyria. The false prophet will be a pope. It is located on 7 hills. It will be from the old Roman empire. Rev 17 :10-11 speaks of

    Rev 17:10 There are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time.

    Rev 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, is himself also the eighth, and is of the seven, and is going to perdition.

    The kingdoms in order are



    Babylon ( Daniel 7:19:23)



    Rome ( Rev 17:10-11)

    And finally a new kingdom coming from the reconstituted Roman empire I call "Rome 2"

    Many forget that the Roman Empire was Europe plus the Middle East and North Africa. They assume the Beast will be from Europe. The "One is" is Rome at the time of John. The one that was and is not is the 8th. The only empire that hasn't returned is Assyria. Assyria was, but has not returned.

    Do a word search on "The Assyrian" and what you read will describe The coming Beast. Even the Pharaoh that forgot Joesph was an Assyrian Pharaoh.

    Now as far as Israel,..They are Gods people. There is a replacement theology that is just antisemitism. The whole Bible is the relationship between God and His people. We have been "grafted in" or adopted into the Family of God, but Israel is still the center of attention all the way to Revelation. Jesus will come back on a white horse to rescue Israel from the antisemitic army on the Last Day. In Zech 12 and 13, God tells us Israel will repent when they see Jesus and His wounds in the Last days. Being the Bride of Christ is the best deal by far, but God will not leave His people and His covenant with them. We have a better covenant, but they were blinded to add us in to God's family.

    Now back to the original principle. The RCC took pagan religion and spliced it into true Christianity by celebrating Dec 25th, the birth of Tammuz, celebrating Easter instead of Passover and First Fruits, adding Halloween, and New years. The Bible gives us days to celebrate in Leviticus 23 and we refuse. The RCC forbids to marry which is doctrines of demons. The RCC worships Madonna and child, which is straight out of Semiramis and Tammuz. If you bow before a statue of anybody, including Mary and pray to them, that is idol worship and blasphemy.

    That's enough for now, but I still wanted to thank you for at least making a civil response for real discussion.

    Please read Revelation 2 and the letter to Thyatira and see if anything there could apply to RCC's. You can still go in the Rapture, you don't have to be numbered with the ones left behind in the Tribulation. It sounds to me like the Beast will treat the RCC particularly bad. You will be ruled with a rod of iron and dashed to pieces. Sickness and the plagues will strike you. All I ask is to put some study into this before the last days. If you are still convinced, then well and good. I and others just see things that others don't seem to see, and we do care. If we can never speak to each other in civil terms, there will never be change. I had hope the present pope would open some eyes about infallibility and God's Vicar hearing directly from God. He is obviously just a liberal man that reads scripture very different than most. I don't know where the line will be, but at some point he will bless gay marriage, bless sodomy, bless abortion, or change thousands of years of tradition that should open some eyes. It has to come from within the church because you will never listen to someone who is not a Catholic.

    The real church will look more like Jesus' church in the first century. They were converted Jews that still went to Synagogue and followed Leviticus 23, just as Jesus did. Denomination is the "traditions of men" spoken of in Scripture. We have been freed from the oral law and His yoke is easy and His burden is light. If I had one available, I would attend a Messianic church because they have an understanding I'm still learning. All I know is a Christian denomination misses much of what Jesus taught because they are not Jews. For Salvation, all you need is faith that Jesus was the Son of God, come in the flesh, and He gave His life to pay my sin price, and I belong to Him forevermore. Salvation and Rapture are two separate things however. I for one don't want to meet the Beast.

  • What Is the Meaning of Christ’s Circumcision?

    01/03/2018 1:09:15 AM PST · 51 of 71
    chuckles to NorthMountain
    "....That's where I quit reading and lose all respect for the author."...

    Then you need to read your Bible a little closer.

    If the RCC doesn't believe they are the Harlot, who do they say it is? The RCC has copied many things of the Babylonian religion. They killed more saints than all other entities on earth. That's what astonished John in Revelation. There were no popes until Constantine in the 300's AD. There are many more indications but I'm wasting my typing if you won't even read it. The fate of the church at Thyatira awaits you if you won't change.

  • What Is the Meaning of Christ’s Circumcision?

    01/02/2018 7:28:39 PM PST · 36 of 71
    chuckles to Jamestown1630
    If there is a billion Catholics in the world, It's a big stumbling block for a billion people. The Bible is clear that Catholics are the whore of Babylon. This idol worshiping religion is a stench to God and He asks them to come out of her in Rev 18:4. The letter to Thyatira is to the RCC in Rev 2. Thyatira was the daughter of Semiramis of Babylon fame. The RCC was born when Constantine forced everyone to join the RCC even without repentance in the 4th century. The RCC has murdered more saints than all other religions combined, ergo Rev 17:6-7. There is so much in the NT I don't see how anyone could miss it. Look up the "doctrines of demons" in 1 Timothy 4:2.

    The popes changed the Sabbath from the 7th day to the 1st day of the week. They stopped celebrating the Leviticus Feasts days for pagan days like Christmas on Dec 25 and Easter( Ishtar or Astarte) not on First Fruits. The RCC could be saved, but what are the odds? They have made Mary into Jezebel and worship idols. Eating things sacrificed to idols is referring to your Eucharist. The first pope is easily provable to be in the 4th century. James, the brother of Jesus, took the church when Jesus ascended. There was a Jewish church founded by the Apostles 300 years before the RCC was even thought of. Look back through your history of 12yo popes, bastard boys becoming popes, the buying of offices, and on and on. The Bible is infallible, not the RCC. It is the Babylonian pagan idol worship combined with a similitude of Christian tradition. That is called adultery in Bible terms.

    This was written in love, not to make you mad. If we can never have this conversation, the RCC will die in it's sin. They have heard lies and obfuscation for so long, they cannot even read the words on the page. I've been there. I was raised baptist and no one ever spoke about the Holy Spirit. I was almost 60 when I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I could not even read the words on the page until the scales fell off. John 1 tells us the Word is God. The Ruach became Flesh and then became Logos. Jesus came to save, but His Word will judge us. Don't listen to me or anyone else with your relationship with God. Read the verses and pray God will show you the truth. The Woman rides the Beast would be a good start. If you are wrong, wouldn't you want to know? If you are right, what would it hurt? There are no popes, nuns, or cardinals in the Scriptures. it's made up to make you think you owe allegiance to men over Jesus. As a Christian, you are a priest and King. A vote in Italy doesn't affect your station with God. You are a saint when you accept Jesus as Savior. It has nothing to do with how good you are or what church you attend, but what your relationship is with Jesus. If you are the child of the King, you are automatically a prince. A prince in Bible terms is an angel, or messenger of God. Just as I broke off of the Baptist denomination, you can leave the RCC and you are still the child of God. They cannot excommunicate you or hurt your salvation in anyway. Francis is just a man, a fallible man, a socialist man. He would deny Jesus to get more food stamps for Venezuela.

    If you do a study on Nimrod and Babylon and see the pagan foundation of much of what we believe today, you can see how paganism has worked it's way deep into what Christians believe today. Look up Madonna and child to see the beginnings of Mary worship thousands of years before Mary. Look up Tammuz and Semiramis and see what they represent. Look up Semiramis coming back as an egg to hatch as the mother of god. It has to wake any thinking person up. A Christian today would look closer to a believing Jew than a Catholic or a Baptist. The RCC is almost totally man made and confused verse reading.

  • I will be announcing THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR on Monday at 5:00 o’clock

    01/02/2018 5:30:39 PM PST · 19 of 100
    chuckles to SMGFan


  • Scientists Expect Chocolate to Go Extinct by 2050

    01/02/2018 11:17:22 AM PST · 158 of 205
    chuckles to Lazamataz

    If it gets too hot in Belize, just replant in Louisiana. Then if it gets hotter, replant in Kansas. This isn’t rocket science.

  • CHP officer killed in Christmas Eve freeway crash in Hayward **SUSPECT REMAINS UNNAMED**

    12/30/2017 1:55:38 PM PST · 26 of 28
    chuckles to Sivad
    Your reply makes no sense. I have no clue what website in California you are talking about. All the info I gave is from the Bible.

    The post wasn't about me. It's about people that won't live for God as they are required per Scripture. If you live amongst the heathen, then don't be surprised when you fall short of the teachings of God.

    I say basically the same thing to public school parents. Why do they send their child to a place that is hostile to God? Their children aren't led in prayer. They worship Baal and Molech. I home schooled my daughter and she turned out as God wants children to turn out. Abortion is murder, sodomy is an abomination, adultery is sin against your own flesh, ect. It's simple, not complicated. Look up "The Stockholm Syndrome". The Americans that were kidnapped by Indians in the 1800's became Savages like the people they lived with.

    If you stay in Sodom you and your family will be beguiled and not see the difference.

    I'm not judging anyone, but am giving you truth. A universal truth. If you live with thieves, you will steal. This is the difference the country sees when elections come. The whole country is red except at the coasts. People in San Francisco cry and scream because Trump was elected and can't seem to accept most real people didn't want a lying criminal that sells uranium to our enemies as president. People in Texas and Oklahoma had a toast to celebrate our good fortune. What was the difference,.....where we live. I live in the Bible Belt. I go to church every week and on Wednesday. I teach Sunday School at my church every week. I have a Bible study at my home every week for about 15 people. We feed the homeless, give goods to the flood victims, and help battered women. Someone from NYC or LA would look at me and see a fanatic or extremist. My Lord was extreme for me and expects me to return his investment with interest.( Mat 25:24-30) To act like you can continue to live amongst Satan worshipers and not be affected is just not real.

    I'll give another example. Look at the talking heads on TV. Look especially at the conservatives. Most if not all are Catholic. They all live in Jersey or NY. They will appear on national TV and state they are for LGBT rights or they support abortion, or both. What if just ONE would stand up for God and say they believe sodomites will not go to Heaven and give them chapter and verse. They would be fired, because NYC is totally sold out to Babylon. As a Christian, they have denied Christ,( Christ is the Word) in front of man. Christ will now deny them before The Father. You can't sin on purpose and expect Grace. If you say abortion is not murder and shedding innocent blood, then you are lying on purpose.

    There is only one "church" that will be spared the Tribulation in the Last Days. The church of Philadelphia is the church of brotherly love. They will keep the commands of Jesus and be Raptured. All the rest have something they will have to correct to be Raptured. The saints left behind will have to stand up for Christ and be beheaded for their robe of righteousness.

    Just as Abram was told to leave Ur of the Chaldees, we are told to leave the land of our fathers and head to the promised lands. Chaldea was a land of idols and demons. Babylon is the same in the Bible. Don't stay in the land of the lost but walk towards the light. Places like California have spirits in them that must be cast out or you have to leave them. Just as an example, does anyone deny New Orleans has some bad spirits living there? These spirits are there telling you do do wrong. If you hear it enough, you will act on it. Reading lies in the newspapers, hearing lies on TV every day, your neighbors spouting the same lies, your job telling you you must accept those lies as truth,.. what will you eventually do?

    Most of the rest of the country have a low opinion of California, New York, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, ect. California even brags that they start stuff and the nation soon follows. The rest of the country doesn't want men that think they are women. They don't want women to kill their babies. They don't want illegals with more rights than citizens.

    Last statement,....If you lived in LA, would you march against LGBT telling them to repent before it's too late? If not, then GET OUT before it's too late because you can't affect them by doing nothing!