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  • Police: Jewelry store robbers threaten to kill woman, 77

    10/12/2012 6:02:25 PM PDT · by Cicero · 10 replies ^ | 10/10/2012
    CONROE, Texas - A jewelry store owner fired shots at three people who tried to rob him and threatened to kill his mother on Wednesday. Conroe police said two men and a woman walked into Wilkins Jewelry, 1712 N. Frazier St., about 10:30 a.m. One of the men asked Mitch Wilkins about getting a ring cleaned while the other man and the woman asked Wilkins' 77-year-old mother for help picking something out. Detectives said the men pulled out guns. Wilkins said he was pistol-whipped. "He vaulted over this case, and when I turned around he had a pistol in my...
  • Illegal Immigrants Flee (video of Arizona accident)

    09/07/2010 12:00:46 PM PDT · by Cicero · 28 replies · 1+ views
    UBoomerU TV ^ | 02/01/2009 | Unknown
    Police video of a traffic accident, with illegal immigrants streaming out of the van like a wrecked clown car.
  • Caption President Barack Obama and the Fly

    06/23/2010 1:42:44 PM PDT · by Cicero · 46 replies · 1+ views
    Yahoo/AP | 6/23/10 | AP photographer
    Since this is an AP photo, I don't think I can post to it or link it directly. But there is a link to the photo below. Same fly as on Drudge, but a better camera angle. My caption: BEELZEBUB, LORD OF THE FLIES
  • Prayer Request -- For My Mother.

    03/20/2010 4:40:17 PM PDT · by Cicero · 117 replies · 1,334+ views
    Self | 3/20/2010 | Self
    I am requesting prayers for my mother, who died this morning in Danbury Hospital, in Connecticut. After the doctor called from the hospital we drove down from Vermont yesterday, myself and two of my older daughters. We got there about 5:00 pm and stayed with her until about 9:30 in the evening. When we arrived, she was breathing very hard, although she was on oxygen, and seemed to be pretty bad. She was unable to talk, but after we had been there for a while she managed to open her eyes a little, although I'm not sure how much she...
  • 25% of D.C. Plows Out of Commission

    02/09/2010 9:52:51 AM PST · by Cicero · 39 replies · 1,129+ views
    WTOP ^ | 02/09/2010
    WASHINGTON - As the region braces for another major storm, one local government is having trouble keeping their plows on the roads, WTOP has learned. As many as 60 of the District's snow plows are not working -- bad news for thousands of residents still waiting for their streets to be cleared.
  • New World Record: Barack Obama Jumps Five Sharks!

    10/09/2009 11:24:10 AM PDT · by Cicero · 2 replies · 179+ views
    10/09/2009 | Self
    Fonzie: "O.K. I admit it. He's Five Times Greater than I am. He's the Boss!"
  • Barack Obama's New World Record: Jumps Five Sharks!

    10/09/2009 11:20:59 AM PDT · by Cicero · 1 replies · 211+ views
    10/09/2009 | Self
    Fonzie: "I admit it. He's five times greater than I ever was! He's the Boss!"
  • Apple joins an exodus of companies from US Chamber of Commerce

    10/07/2009 7:25:37 PM PDT · by Cicero · 19 replies · 907+ views
    BetaNews ^ | October 6, 2009 | By Scott M. Fulton, III
    A massive energy bill that has already passed the House, and is currently before the Senate, would create new government programs that would not only encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by utilities and energy companies, but set limits over time as to the quantity of that reduction over the next several years. The US Chamber of Commerce (USCC), a private business federation that is not affiliated with the federal government, went on record last August as being skeptical of any legislative or regulatory effort that assumes greenhouse gasses truly endanger human health. Late last month, the Chamber voiced...
  • Lament for a Nation

    10/01/2009 1:28:16 PM PDT · by Cicero · 3 replies · 275+ views
    Ottowa Citizen ^ | Sept 30, 2009 | David Warren
    There is nothing new under the sun: and I mean, nothing. It is a point brought home to us with increasing force by the expansion of the Internet. Conceive of an "original idea." Now, select two or more keywords suggested by it. Use them as search terms, and you will soon find that, say, 438,000 other people have entertained said "original idea," and a dozen are currently blogging on it. Before beginning today's column, my search terms were "Gorbachev" and "Obama." Yes: a lot of people have entertained the idea, that Mikhail Gorbachev was to the late great Soviet Union,...
  • Los Angeles profits from Michael Jackson stimulus

    07/04/2009 10:04:58 AM PDT · by Cicero · 22 replies · 757+ views
    The Times (UK) ^ | July 4, 2009 | Chris Ayres
    Los Angeles is a city in mourning. And by that we mean Los Angeles is a city with dollar-signs spinning in its neon eyeballs, thanking its lucky stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the Celebrity Death of the Century. What with the housing market and the Dow Jones and the unemployment figures, it couldn’t have come at a better time. With only three days to go before the Funeral To End All Funerals — or the Memorial To End All Memorials, as it might more accurately be called — this city has suddenly found itself the direct recipient...
  • The New Fashion Rage in Mug Shots

    06/22/2009 8:52:08 AM PDT · by Cicero · 16 replies · 2,358+ views
    Snopes ^ | Jan 14, 2009
  • Twitter grows up: Lessons from the Iran experience

    06/21/2009 7:00:37 PM PDT · by Cicero · 28 replies · 874+ views
    BetaNews ^ | 6/18/2009 | Carmi Levi
    It was do or die for Twitter last week. To its credit, it didn't die. Every promising new technology reaches a point in its life cycle when it either grows up and becomes part of the everyday landscape, or it flames out and becomes a footnote to history. And as history illustrates, it's a process that often repeats itself like clockwork over surprisingly long periods of time. Almost twenty years to the day since student leaders of a massive protest in China's Tiananmen Square used then-novel fax machines to bypass traditional media, organize themselves and share their message with the...
  • Drudge: Obama Greeted in Mexico by Man who died days later of flu symptoms

    04/25/2009 2:52:45 PM PDT · by Cicero · 91 replies · 6,613+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 04.25.2009 | Drudge
    The money paragraph to which Drudge links (Bloomberg): "The first case was seen in Mexico on April 13. The outbreak coincided with the President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico City on April 16. Obama was received at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu, Reforma newspaper reported. The newspaper didn’t confirm if Solis had swine flu or not."
  • Gold soars as Fed monetizes debt (vanity)

    03/18/2009 1:33:38 PM PDT · by Cicero · 55 replies · 1,615+ views
    03/18/09 | Self
    The fed has announced that it will monetize more than a trillion dollars in debt, and gold soared $60 in the next hour. Inflation is coming down the track.
  • Beckstrom resigns National Cybersecurity Center post (fired by Napolitano?)

    03/07/2009 9:30:57 AM PST · by Cicero · 19 replies · 1,346+ views
    BetaNews ^ | March 6, 2009 | Angela Gunn
    The buzz online today may have been about Robert Scoble's exit from Fast Company, but there's a major change afoot at the top of the NCSC: Rod Beckström, the director, has submitted his resignation to DHS head Janet Napolitano effective in one week (that is, Friday the 13th). The move comes after rumors of ferocious power struggles at NCSC, which Beckström has led since its inception last year. The politics at DHS, which oversees NCSC, can't have been much fun for the co-author of The Starfish and the Spider, a book advocating for "the unstoppable power of leaderless organizations." In...
  • Check out Drudge on Obama (Vanity)

    02/26/2009 9:53:23 AM PST · by Cicero · 54 replies · 2,292+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 2/16/09 | Matt Drudge
    Drudge has outdone himself today. Just check out his page. Effete Obama sipping wine while the world economy disintegrates. Check to deficit chart on the upper left. And I count 25 stories on this world-wide economic disaster and other leftist Obama mischief such as gun control.
  • Caption Obama as posted on Drudge

    01/31/2009 12:48:07 PM PST · by Cicero · 83 replies · 1,704+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 1/31/09
    "Recovery will take years, not months"
  • No time wasted for change to

    01/21/2009 8:25:11 AM PST · by Cicero · 34 replies · 1,282+ views
    BetaNews ^ | Jan 20, 2009 | Angela Gunn
    While President Obama and several million of his fellow Americans were shivering on the National Mall this morning, Macon Phillips and his team were swapping out files and posting the all-new Phillips is the Director of New Media for the White House and had the signal honor of f1srt p0st!!!1 on the new White House blog. Phillips reiterates several of the promises previously made by the new Administration concerning community, transparency and participation, including the vow to publish all non-emergency legislation to the web site for five days, so the public can read and comment before the President signs...
  • NBC Fires Weather Channel Environmental Unit

    11/22/2008 8:25:11 PM PST · by Cicero · 75 replies · 4,644+ views
    NBC Universal made the first of potentially several rounds of staffing cuts at The Weather Channel (TWC) on Wednesday, axing the entire staff of the "Forecast Earth" environmental program during the middle of NBC's "Green Week," as well as several on-camera meteorologists. The layoffs totaled about 10 percent of the workforce, and are among the first major changes made since NBC completed its purchase of the venerable weather network in September.
  • The Best Air Race Pilot Ever

    11/03/2008 2:54:43 PM PST · by Cicero · 14 replies · 1,342+ views
    Something to cheer us up on election eve. I don't know who was flying that plane, but maybe it was "Ace" McCain.
  • Caption Obama

    10/29/2008 6:51:31 PM PDT · by Cicero · 39 replies · 1,175+ views
    Drudge ^ | 10/29/08
  • Caption Obama

    10/06/2008 7:16:53 PM PDT · by Cicero · 60 replies · 1,750+ views
    Drudge ^ | 10/06/08
  • Many Obama supporters never received 3am VP wake-up text

    08/25/2008 2:42:26 PM PDT · by Cicero · 14 replies · 201+ views
    BetaNews ^ | Scott M. Fulton, III
    Many Obama supporters never received 3am VP wake-up text By Scott M. Fulton, III, BetaNews August 25, 2008, 12:30 PM "Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee," read the Obama campaign's early morning SMS message to his supporters. Trouble was, even by that time, many already knew it, and some weren't even getting the message. The original plan was for Barack Obama supporters nationwide to be the first to receive the news of his vice presidential running mate. But well over two hours before many of those supporters received what ended up being, perhaps in an...
  • Wanted: Hungry and lazy gorilla impersonator (Chicago)

    04/25/2008 10:07:43 AM PDT · by Cicero · 22 replies · 108+ views
    Craig's List ^ | 4/17/2008 | Anonymous
    Someone emailed me this link. I thought I'd post it here as a public service in case any Freepers know someone who might want to take this job.
  • Marine Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Chessani . . . Trial Set for April 28, 2008

    01/01/2008 3:27:39 PM PST · by Cicero · 31 replies · 177+ views
    ANN ARBOR, MI – Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Chessani, USMC, will be arraigned in a Camp Pendleton courtroom on Friday, November 16, 2007, at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time almost two years to the date of the anniversary of the so-called “Haditha Massacre.” Chessani faces criminal charges that he failed to properly report and investigate a possible “law of war” violation stemming from a November 19, 2005, house-to-house battle involving four Marines from LtCol Chessani’s battalion. If convicted, LtCol Chessani faces 2 ½ years imprisonment, dismissal (dishonorable discharge) from the Marine Corps, and loss of all retirement benefits. The Thomas More...
  • Sen. Reid proposes doing cartwheels . . . developing

    12/06/2007 6:30:42 PM PST · by Cicero · 43 replies · 136+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 12/06/2007 | Drudge
    Sen. Reid proposes doing cartwheels down center aisle of Senate chamber; draw attention to Republicans blocking legislation... Developing...
  • Multi-Middleman 'Mpack' Attacks Use Google AdWords to Lure Victims

    06/19/2007 6:11:16 PM PDT · by Cicero · 1 replies · 527+ views
    BetaNews ^ | June 19, 2007 | Scott M. Fulton, III
    Multi-Middleman 'Mpack' Attacks Use Google AdWords to Lure Victims By Scott M. Fulton, III, BetaNews June 19, 2007, 11:46 AM One of Russia's fastest growing markets, and quite possibly a contributor to stabilizing that country's fickle economy, is cut-rate, self-deploying Trojan horse packages. As malware writers there have discovered, rather than baiting and waiting for victims to fall into their traps at random, so that they carry out DoS and identity theft attacks without knowing they're doing so, would-be victims worldwide will gladly pay for the privilege of knowingly carrying out those same attacks. "In terms of social engineering," writes...
  • NYT: Bush’s Push on Immigration Tests G.O.P. Base [Free Republic mention]

    06/02/2007 6:54:04 PM PDT · by Cicero · 32 replies · 1,613+ views
    The New York Times ^ | June 2, 2007 | JIM RUTENBERG and CARL HULSE
    WASHINGTON, June 2 — President Bush’s advocacy of an immigration overhaul and his attacks on critics of the plan are provoking an unusually intense backlash from conservatives who form the bulwark of his remaining support, splintering his base and laying bare divisions within a party whose unity has been the envy of Democrats. It has pitted some of Mr. Bush’s most stalwart Congressional and grass-roots backers against him, inciting a vitriol that has at times exceeded anything seen yet between Mr. Bush and his supporters, who have generally stood with him through the toughest patches of his presidency. Those supporters...
  • Why Are So Many Web Ad Companies Merging Now? (More innovation and creative destruction)

    05/22/2007 2:13:08 PM PDT · by Cicero · 7 replies · 530+ views
    BetaNews ^ | May 22, 2007 | Scott M. Fulton, III
    By Scott M. Fulton, III, BetaNews May 22, 2007, 10:30 AM Just a few months ago, with Microsoft's Web services division still waning in comparison with its others, speculation began on whether it was gearing up to address that problem by purchasing an existing ad brokerage. The focus centered on DoubleClick, one of the oldest and most reputable display ad providers on the Web; and before too long, Google responded to that speculation by pre-empting a Microsoft takeover. That started a tidal wave of major players playing catch-up, including Yahoo's acquisition of Right Media a few weeks later. Last week,...
  • "Ismail Ax" and Islam: A Conjecture (Vanity)

    04/17/2007 3:26:38 PM PDT · by Cicero · 100 replies · 3,781+ views
    Hajj - Dr. Ali Shariati ^ | 4/17/07 | Self
    You are like Ibrahim ... a great fighter against idolatry. ... The axe was in his hand! . . . Ibrahim, the fighter of idolatry, came out of the house of "Azar", the idol-maker of his tribe. He broke the idols; he broke Nimrood. He fought against ignorance, oppression and passiveness. ... You are like Ibrahim! Fight . . . This teaches you to be ready to jump into the fire for Jihad! ... You are like Ibrahim! Sacrifice your Ismail. ... PUT THE BLADE AT YOUR SON'S THROAT SO THAT YOU MAY TAKE THE BLADE FROM THE EXECUTIONER'S HAND!...
  • Big Brother Barks: Govt unveils shouting CCTV cameras

    04/04/2007 8:29:31 PM PDT · by Cicero · 21 replies · 619+ views
    Talking" closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras which allow operators to shout at people behaving badly are to be installed across England, the government announced Wednesday. The scheme lets local council workers in a control centre monitor pictures from the cameras and talk to them if they feel they are doing something wrong. The cameras were piloted in Middlesbrough, north-east England, where they have been used to reprimand vandals and litter bugs, but now loudspeakers are being fitted to cameras in another 20 areas. Britain has some 4.2 million CCTV cameras and the government's privacy watchdog, Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, warned last...
  • Navy Lacks Plan to Defend Against `Sizzler' Missile (Update1)

    03/24/2007 9:43:20 AM PDT · by Cicero · 75 replies · 4,057+ views
    Bloomberg | March 23, 2007 | Tony Capaccio
    Bloomberg does not allow posts. Anyone interested in this important article should go to the source and have a look:
  • FBI Dealing With its Lost Laptop Problem

    02/14/2007 1:18:49 PM PST · by Cicero · 20 replies · 414+ views
    BetaNews ^ | February 13, 2007 | BetaNews Staff
    FBI Dealing With its Lost Laptop Problem By BetaNews Staff, BetaNews February 13, 2007, 2:54 PM Although the FBI still seems to suffer from a problem of losing laptops, a new report indicates that the agency is getting better in keeping track of its equipment. During a 44-month period, the company either reported as lost or stolen 160 laptops. This is a marked decrease from the initial study in 2002, which found the agency lost some 317 units in a 28-month period from October 1999 through January 2002. However, even with the improvement come concerns of data loss. As many...
  • Planned Parenthood pressuring pharmacies (Vanity)

    01/09/2007 1:43:45 PM PST · by Cicero · 77 replies · 1,096+ views
    Letter from Planned Parenthood | 1/09/2007 | Self
    I just received a fund raising letter from Planned Parenthood today, don't ask me why. They want me to declare that: "I will not stand silently as pharmacists are allowed to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions!" It further asks me to sign "Letters of Objection" to Target, Winn-Dixie, and Safeway urging them to clarify their policy. If Planned Parenthood has its way, pharmacists will be forced to sell abortificients and other drugs regardless of their personal or religious beliefs. Also, pharmacy chains will be forced to sell these drugs, like it or not. This is a heads up. As...
  • Governor Warns of Crisis in Wake of Diebold 'Repair' Revelations [Erlich of Maryland]

    10/29/2006 6:30:51 PM PST · by Cicero · 21 replies · 471+ views
    Beta News from Maryland sources ^ | October 27, 2006 | Scott M. Fulton, III
    Governor Warns of Crisis in Wake of Diebold 'Repair' Revelations By Scott M. Fulton, III, BetaNews October 27, 2006, 1:30 PM A so-called "technical refresher" which purportedly involved everyday maintenance procedures conducted on Diebold Election Systems electronic voting equipment in Maryland during the summer of 2005, included the replacement of motherboards on account of their ability to cause systems to freeze without warning, the Baltimore Sun reported yesterday. But state voting officials were never apprised of the equipment replacement, said Giles W. Burger, chairman of the State Board of Elections, in an interview with the Sun, nor were they told...
  • Rev. has beard to thank for relation with pope

    10/23/2006 4:08:59 PM PDT · by Cicero · 22 replies · 519+ views
    Napes News (Florida) ^ | September 30, 2006 | Jennifer Brannock
    Rev. has beard to thank for relation with pope By Jennifer Brannock Saturday, September 30, 2006 The Rev. Joseph Fessio has a rebellious beard to thank for his close, personal relationship with Pope Benedict XVI. The seemingly strait-laced, clean-shaven provost of Ave Maria University laughs when he recalls the strange series of events that led to his association with the former professor. As a seminary student in California in the 1960s, a tough professor classified Fessio as a rebel because of his slightly unruly beard. Feeling the student needed more discipline, the professor recommended Fessio train for his theology degree...

    10/17/2006 1:20:08 PM PDT · by Cicero · 180 replies · 8,317+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 10/17 | Drudge
  • Chinese President to Visit Gates Home

    04/17/2006 7:39:01 PM PDT · by Cicero · 15 replies · 707+ views
    BetaNews ^ | 4/17/06 | Nate Mook
    Chinese President to Visit Gates Home By Nate Mook, BetaNews April 17, 2006, 12:19 PM China's President Hu Jintao will be making a historic trip to the United States this week, but his host will not be U.S. President George Bush. Rather, Hu is traveling to Seattle, Washington to have dinner with Bill Gates in the Microsoft chairman's 66,000 square-foot house that overlooks Lake Washington. President Hu will join a group of 100 dinner guests, including Washington state Governor Christine Gregoire and Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz. A key topic for the evening will be China's efforts to crackdown on software...
  • And a bit of history (including my history) [World War II, great read]

    04/03/2006 8:36:34 AM PDT · by Cicero · 5 replies · 738+ views
    Dow Theory Letters ^ | April 3, 2006 | Richard Russell
    And a bit of history (including my history) Richard Russell snippet Dow Theory Letters April 3, 2006 Extracted from the March 31, 2006 edition of Richard's Remarks It's strange, but of all the stuff I've written over 48 years of writing, I get more requests for stories about World War II than any other subject. World War II has been called the greatest single event in human history. I'm no historian, but I suspect that this is true. World War II enveloped the globe in an endless series of the most monstrous battles and tragedies in recorded history. The story...
  • New gadget repels teenagers

    02/18/2006 6:04:56 PM PST · by Cicero · 70 replies · 1,657+ views
    Ananova ^ | February 2006
    New gadget repels teenagers A new gadget repels gangs of teenagers by emitting a high-pitched noise that can be heard only by under 20s. Police are backing the Sonic Teenager Deterrent, nicknamed the Mosquito because of its sound, reports the Daily Telegraph. It annoys teenagers so intensely they have to clutch their ears. Eventually they can stand it no longer and have to move on. But because the body's natural ability to detect some frequency wave bands diminishes almost entirely after 20, adults are completely immune. The £622 black box, which can be attached to the outside wall of shops,...
  • Pigeons Get Backpacks for Air Pollution Monitoring

    02/03/2006 6:25:45 PM PST · by Cicero · 3 replies · 151+ views
    Planet Ark; Reuters ^ | February 2, 2006
    Pigeons Get Backpacks for Air Pollution Monitoring Mail this story to a friend | Printer friendly version UK: February 2, 2006 LONDON - A flock of pigeons fitted with mobile phone backpacks is to be used to monitor air pollution, New Scientist magazine reported on Wednesday. The 20 pigeons will be released into the skies over San Jose, California, in August. Each bird will carry a GPS satellite tracking receiver, air pollution sensors and a basic mobile phone. Text messages on air quality will be beamed back in real time to a special pigeon "blog", a journal accessible on...
  • Windows Security Fix released for graphics rendering bug

    01/05/2006 2:43:56 PM PST · by Cicero · 20 replies · 881+ views
    Microsoft Update | 12/5/06 | Self
    Microsoft has posted a security fix for the windows metafile bug, and it is available at the Windows Update site. I can't speak for earlier operating systems, but I have downloaded and installed it for Windows XP and Windows 2000. Because of the urgency, Microsoft released the fix early. Other updates will be available as usual next Tuesday at the Update site.
  • Caption this Picture (Abramov)

    01/05/2006 8:56:55 AM PST · by Cicero · 14 replies · 1,378+ views
    I found it at:
  • The Designs of Science

    12/29/2005 10:57:57 AM PST · by Cicero · 72 replies · 1,184+ views
    First Things ^ | January 2006 | Christoph Cardinal Schönborn
    The Designs of Science -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christoph Cardinal Schönborn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (c) 2006 First Things 159 (January 2006): 34-38. In July 2005 the New York Times published my short essay “Finding Design in Nature.” The reaction has been overwhelming, and not overwhelmingly positive. In the October issue of FIRST THINGS, Stephen Barr honored me with a serious response, one fairly representative of the reaction of many Catholics. I fear, however, that Barr has misunderstood my argument and possibly misconceived the issue of whether the human intellect can discern the reality of design in the world of living things. It appears from...
  • Sober Helps Catch Child Porn Offender

    12/20/2005 8:29:42 PM PST · by Cicero · 25 replies · 713+ views
    Beta News ^ | December 20, 2005 | BetaNews Staff
    Sober Helps Catch Child Porn Offender By BetaNews Staff, BetaNews December 20, 2005, 3:13 PM For once the never-ending Sober worm actually did some good. A 20 year-old child porn offender turned himself in earlier this week after mistaking a message generated by the worm as an actual communiqué from Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office. The e-mail said "an investigation was underway," which apparently spooked the man into believing the authorities were aware of his online activities. He was charged after police found pornographic images of children on his computer. A spokesman for the Paderborn, Germany police credited the worm...
  • Horror Story's Happy Ending for Bride

    12/11/2005 7:33:07 PM PST · by Cicero · 11 replies · 1,028+ views
    The Age (Australia) ^ | December 12, 2000 | James Button
    Horror story's happy ending for bride EmailPrintNormal fontLarge font By James Button, Europe CorrespondentDecember 12, 2005 Happy bride Gill Hicks.Photo: AP THE car swept to the front of the church. Dressed all in white and with a shy but confident smile, Gill Hicks got out, walked up the steps and down the aisle.Ms Hicks, an Australian who has lived in London for 12 years, lost both her legs in the July 7 terrorist bombings.She also lost 75 per cent of her blood, her heart stopped twice on the way to hospital, and she was thought unlikely to live, let alone...
  • Law and Language (Scalia on the nature of law, great read)

    12/06/2005 11:45:26 AM PST · by Cicero · 35 replies · 1,196+ views
    First Things ^ | November 2005 | Antonin Scalia
    Law & Language Copyright (c) 2005 First Things 157 (November 2005): 37-46. Law’s QuandaryBy Steven D. Smith, Harvard University Press. 222 pp. $45.To purchase this book, click here.Reviewed by Antonin ScaliaSteven Smith takes us on a lively, thought-provoking romp through the philosophy of law. Like most romps, it has no destination, but the experience is worth it. Although Smith protests at the outset of Law’s Quandary that he is “a law professor, not a metaphysician (or even a philosopher),” he cannot honestly be absolved of that sin. He is, after all, co-director of the Institute for Law and Philosophy at...
  • It's all nuts to me, Mr Bush (Rees-Mogg Editorial)

    12/04/2005 8:19:35 PM PST · by Cicero · 33 replies · 934+ views
    The Times (UK) ^ | December 4, 2005 | William Rees-Mogg
    Opinion - William Rees-Mogg The Times December 05, 2005 It's all nuts to me, Mr Bush William Rees-Mogg An elementary lesson in supply and demand, from the fruit of the palm to the soaring price in gold MONEY IS ONLY a specialised form of barter. In the middle of the 19th century, Mademoiselle Zélie, a singer of Théâtre Lyrique in Paris, made a professional tour around the world and gave a concert in the Society Islands in French Polynesia. In exchange from an air from Norma and a few other songs, she was to receive a third part of the...
  • Life is Never Easy, Even When You're Doing Well

    11/04/2005 11:21:50 AM PST · by Cicero · 8 replies · 527+ views
    The Trump Blog ^ | 10/28/05 | Donald Trump
    Life is Never Easy, Even When You're Doing Well Posted: 10/28/2005 9:37:00 AM by Donald J. TrumpChairman, Trump University I talked about this earlier in the week on my daily radio show, but I have more to say. Someone just wrote a book about me. It's the biggest pile of garbage I've ever seen, written by a highly questionable and, some people say, disgraced reporter named Tim O'Brien. I looked up O'Brien on the Internet and found stories comparing him to Jayson Blair. Blair was The New York Times' infamous reporter, who was fired in shame after he was found...
  • Sony to Help Remove its DRM Rootkit

    11/02/2005 7:04:33 PM PST · by Cicero · 47 replies · 1,389+ views
    Beta News ^ | 11/02/05 | Nate Mook
    Sony to Help Remove its DRM Rootkit By Nate Mook, BetaNews November 2, 2005, 4:04 PM When Mark Russinovich was testing his company's security software last week, he came across a disturbing find: a Sony BMG CD he purchased from Amazon had secretly installed DRM software on his PC and used "rootkit" cloaking methods to hide it. With the story sweeping across the Net, Sony is attempting to clean up its mess. DRM, or digital rights management, is nothing new to CDs. Record companies began employing software to prevent users from easily transferring tracks to a PC after the explosion...