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  • Apple And Samsung: Here’s What Happens When The Money Begins To Run Out

    12/26/2014 4:39:19 PM PST · 79 of 93
    CitizenUSA to Wonder Warthog

    Before people reply telling me that Apple sells crap at high margin, I should add that whether Apple is hype or not, there are only two things that matter: #1 Apple’s customers believe they are getting good value for the money spent, and #2 Apple is able to make and sell its products at a profit.

  • Apple And Samsung: Here’s What Happens When The Money Begins To Run Out

    12/26/2014 4:30:29 PM PST · 78 of 93
    CitizenUSA to Wonder Warthog

    I disagree with your assessment of Jobs. I think you’re confusing the free market with open technology. The two things are not the same. Agree or disagree with Apple’s “closed and proprietary” marketing strategy, but don’t try to claim it isn’t capitalistic. It is. It’s just that Apple decided long ago to be the Lexus of the computer market. One doesn’t have to sell cheap to the masses to make huge profits as part of the free market.

  • In the Absence of Fathers: A Story of Elephants and Men

    12/26/2014 4:05:41 PM PST · 23 of 26
    CitizenUSA to WorkingClassFilth

    That’s an excellent question. However, I think there are ways to transport the bull elephants back into the park. The biggest fence keeping families apart is welfare. On the other hand, if we cannot roll back the social welfare state, the only other recourse is more government authority to round up and imprison the roving bands of young males. That, by the way, is our current approach, and it doesn’t work nearly as well as encouraging the families to stay together in the first place.

  • No Longer a Republican

    12/25/2014 3:45:01 PM PST · 75 of 109
    CitizenUSA to ExCTCitizen

    “I’m staying as a Republican, so I can FIGHT the RINOs, instead of letting them win. If they win, it will because of us CONSERVATIVES leaving and liberals will win. What we need to to go and join the local party and fight from within.”

    I believe that is the best advice. If conservatives don’t have enough votes to reform the GOP, how can they be strong enough to win elections on their own? RINOs do not own the GOP. They hold a lot of power and won’t give it up easily of course, but the winner is still the person with the most votes, right?

  • Jeb Bush, Eyeing Presidency, Quits Firm That's Profited From Obamacare

    12/25/2014 2:29:56 PM PST · 27 of 40
    CitizenUSA to Yaelle

    Oh, he’s no phony apparently. The news has already reported Jebbie wants to avoid pandering to conservatives (to win the nomination). If so, I have to respect him for being honest. It’s also about the only thing I respect him for. The Bushes epitomize everything that’s wrong about the Republican Party. They are not exactly the same as Democrats, but they have their own brand of liberalism. Brand X (Democrat) or Brand Y (CoC owned RINO) both taste like crap. What’s interesting is that Bush Brand Y actually considers tasting like crap a winning strategy!

  • GOVERNMENT FUNDED NON-PROFIT Holds “Blacks Only” #Ferguson Meeting

    12/25/2014 2:37:37 AM PST · 20 of 38
    CitizenUSA to Soul of the South

    Sadly, we face enemies within the Republican Party as well as without, i.e. Democrats. Both must be defeated.

    Regardless, it amazes me that even liberal Republicans would fund these types of organizations. One cannot serve one’s chamber of commerce masters if one cannot win elections...

  • GOVERNMENT FUNDED NON-PROFIT Holds “Blacks Only” #Ferguson Meeting

    12/25/2014 1:48:55 AM PST · 18 of 38
    CitizenUSA to publius911

    Why in the world do we allow the government to fund any of these groups??? We know the Democrats collude with the education establishment, the media, and many nonprofit groups, but why would Republicans—even moderate ones—allow funding of such enemy organizations as the one in this article? Most of these leftist organizations would probably dry up and blow away if they didn’t have access to government fiat money.

  • IRS warns of possible shutdown (AWWWW)

    12/18/2014 2:09:02 PM PST · 46 of 56
    CitizenUSA to US Navy Vet

    This is not really good news. This is further ineptitude from Republicans.

    Instead of reforming the tax code so that fewer IRS personnel need to be employed, Boehner’s RINO leadership took the chicken out route and simply slashed IRS funding. What’s that change? It means that those of us who pay taxes are likely to get even worse service, and it doesn’t change any of the collections or payouts IRS performs.

    It’s so much easier to cut funds from an agency than to make hard choices. It’s another FAIL!

  • Senate battles fuel Cruz coalition

    12/16/2014 3:16:53 AM PST · 92 of 115
    CitizenUSA to Jim Robinson

    I find it absolutely amazing that the GOP leadership can walk away from last election with the idea that we elected Republicans to increase immigration and fund Obamacare. I mean, seriously. How could any thinking person come to the conclusion that last election was a demand for more cooperation and bipartisanship? It literally boggles my mind, Jim.

    That said, I can only come up with two explanations. One, the Republicans are completely out of touch with reality. Two, the Republicans know we voters oppose this bipartisan crap, but they just don’t care. I personally think the latter is more likely.

    I took a lot of heat for saying we should vote for the lesser of two evils BTW. I still believe it’s wise to take the best one can get at a given point in time, but I’m so eager for conservative alternatives to the likes of Boehner and McConnell. Just because one votes to do the least damage, it doesn’t mean I want peace with the RINOs. An election hardly means the battle is over!

    No one ever said restoring the country would be easy.

  • Senate Averts Shutdown Fears [until Wednesday]; Fights Over Nominees

    12/13/2014 4:19:16 PM PST · 26 of 38
    CitizenUSA to spokeshave

    I agree with Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga. We’ve seen the RINO wing of the Republican Party sell us all out before, and I wouldn’t pay to see it again. He’s absolutely right about that.

  • Senate Averts Shutdown Fears [until Wednesday]; Fights Over Nominees

    12/13/2014 4:15:59 PM PST · 23 of 38
    CitizenUSA to Jim Robinson

    I love (HATE!) the lopsided reporting. Yeah. It’s all Cruz’s fault, but what’s the big deal about simply voting on the amnesty? Harry Reid can speed things up by simply holding the vote, and I’m sure the current senate will back up President Obama. Ah, but then the senators will be on record of supporting amnesty, and we can’t allow that!

    No, Senator Cruz is fighting the good fight for us. He’ll lose of course, but (most of) the rest of the Republicans just don’t seem to get it through their thick heads we didn’t elect them to go along to get along. We want them to FIGHT FOR US!

  • Report: Jeb Bush Asks McCain For Advice On Not Pandering To Conservatives

    12/12/2014 5:40:53 PM PST · 91 of 108
    CitizenUSA to Theodore R.

    Let’s not get too specific...

  • Report: Jeb Bush Asks McCain For Advice On Not Pandering To Conservatives

    12/12/2014 3:30:51 PM PST · 55 of 108
    CitizenUSA to Maceman

    “And loses the general election.”

    I know! Hilarious, isn’t it. So centrist loser McCain—a man who would have lost by a much, much greater margin without Palin—is giving advice on how to run to the middle to win elections? What a joke! Well, McCain’s a joke, so there’s no surprise there.

    BTW, low info voters, the likes who keep reelecting McCain, will be the death of this country!


    12/07/2014 5:54:51 AM PST · 32 of 98
    CitizenUSA to goldstategop

    Well, we better be careful, because if the Republicans don’t do much better than before, aka Bush redux, we’ll be turning everything back over to the Democrats in 4 to 6 years.

  • Jeb girds for battle with base

    12/03/2014 4:53:27 AM PST · 17 of 89
    CitizenUSA to goldstategop

    Because the Bushes are true centrist moderation.

  • Jeb girds for battle with base

    12/03/2014 4:52:24 AM PST · 15 of 89
    CitizenUSA to mrsmel

    Yeah, I’d really love to know how Jeb Bush is any different from Hillary or the rest of the Democrats. Oh, I know! He’s a more competent, big government guy than the Democrats. Like his brother, he’ll make government much larger, but he’ll do it efficiently...


  • EU says UK must dole out MORE benefits: Brussels takes legal action ...

    11/30/2014 4:28:12 AM PST · 26 of 41
    CitizenUSA to moose07

    UKIP keeps growing, so there’s that.

  • EU says UK must dole out MORE benefits: Brussels takes legal action ...

    11/30/2014 4:10:42 AM PST · 20 of 41
    CitizenUSA to billyboy15

    What power of enforcement? Why, the EU will send England a sternly worded letter. Seriously, I don’t see how they can force England to do anything if the English themselves refuse to implement it.

  • Top Occupy organizer trained Ferguson protesters

    11/30/2014 2:32:00 AM PST · 17 of 49
    CitizenUSA to pepsionice

    It will soon be time to RICO them...

  • Top Occupy organizer trained Ferguson protesters

    11/30/2014 2:31:04 AM PST · 16 of 49
    CitizenUSA to 2ndDivisionVet

    She’s actually right that change is more likely during a time of crisis. However, that change could very well be the American people finally tiring of the left’s whining and crying and crushing them!

  • Congress CAN pull financial rug from under Obama's immigration amnesty: Republicans given boost

    11/26/2014 11:32:40 PM PST · 6 of 25
    CitizenUSA to jackal7163

    Congress has sole constitutional authority to direct spending should they choose to use it. The law, however, would have to be specifically written to prohibit the president from spending any government funds on his immigration amnesty. Congress traditionally gives the executive branch fairly broad discretion on a range of issues. That’s why the EPA is now regulating CO2 as a pollutant for example.

    That said, the president retains veto authority over anything passed by Congress, including changes to existing law. If the Republicans are not willing to confront the president on spending—shutting down the government if necessary—then they surrender their trump card, and if Republicans think the president will give up or cooperate, they are sadly mistaken. Holding up the president’s appointments, while important, isn’t going to stop him.

    I don’t think moderates like McCain still understand the president is not going to negotiate or cooperate in good faith. We’ve had six years of hope and change, and I think the president sees this as his last chance to wreak havoc on the country. Just like Obamacare, implement as much as possible, and then dare Republicans to try and roll it back. History is on Obama’s side in that regard, because we have no evidence that moderate Republicans have the will to undo it. They like much of what Obama does!

  • FDA Finalizes Menu Labeling Rules

    11/26/2014 11:12:58 PM PST · 13 of 26
    CitizenUSA to Conscience of a Conservative

    “Congress required the FDA to make these rules, by law”

    That appears to be the case. Obamacare is the gift that just keeps on giving.

  • AP: Surging Black Friday Sales Put Guns In Hands Of Wrong People

    11/26/2014 9:30:19 PM PST · 10 of 50
    CitizenUSA to goldstategop

    “How about we pass a law making newspapers or cable news broadcasts free?”

    I love it! Yeah, we can call the news a public utility, sort of like the Internet. That’s certainly enough justification, in liberal minds, to regulate, tax, and subsidize it (for the poor and needy of course).

  • Gallup: Obama Approval Plunges with Working-Class Whites to 27 Percent

    11/26/2014 7:56:09 PM PST · 8 of 59
    CitizenUSA to Nachum

    I gotta wonder...what in the world is wrong with that 27%?!!?

  • In Darren Wilson's Testimony, Familiar Themes About Black Men

    11/26/2014 7:46:06 PM PST · 27 of 35
    CitizenUSA to Ex-Pat in Mex

    Jesus cast out demons many times. He also specifically explained that some symptoms were not caused by demons, while others were. I find that very interesting, because if He was simply making things up, why bother differentiating between the two? Why not just say all illnesses were demon caused?

    Therefore, it’s not a stretch for believers to say demons still exist and are currently active in the Good vs. Evil spiritual war described in the Bible. As described, that war isn’t simply spiritual. It has physical manifestations.

    In other words, it’s entirely possible Darren Wilson was demon possessed at the time. It’s also possible that Darren needed no help from demons. Maybe he was just a thug.

  • In Darren Wilson's Testimony, Familiar Themes About Black Men

    11/26/2014 7:36:53 PM PST · 24 of 35
    CitizenUSA to RightGeek

    The gentle giant...


    11/26/2014 7:29:41 PM PST · 31 of 95
    CitizenUSA to dontreadthis

    The shadow president: Valerie Jarrett.

  • Rand Paul: Partisan Primaries Are ‘Biggest Obstacle’ to Attracting Nonpartisan Voters

    11/26/2014 6:48:02 PM PST · 5 of 25
    CitizenUSA to headstamp 2

    Yeah. That’s just what we need. We need more open “nonpartisan” primaries so Democrats can pick our candidates, too.

    I agree. Rand Paul is only slightly better than his dad. They are not conservative. We can ally with them on some issues, but have no doubt they oppose us on issues very near and dear to conservatives. In my opinion, they put libertarian ideology ahead of reality.

  • Top Democrat (Schumer) sets off intraparty fury after saying Obamacare passage was a ‘mistake’

    11/26/2014 4:55:54 PM PST · 27 of 47
    CitizenUSA to shove_it

    The Democrats crammed Obamacare down America’s throat. It’s not like there was a shortage of RINOs willing to compromise, but the Democrats chose to go it alone. Politically, this was a bad move. Had they cooperated with the minority and actually attempted to craft something that addressed the needs of the uninsured without screwing the rest of us, they might have done some good. Instead, they revealed themselves as big government statists unwilling to cooperate to reach solutions amenable to both the rule of law and the vast majority of Americans.

  • Thousands protest at US embassy in London over Ferguson case

    11/26/2014 4:43:48 PM PST · 8 of 79
    CitizenUSA to Berlin_Freeper

    Blame the media for this. They have done everything possible to inflame the situation by making it seem less clear cut than it actually is. It’s hard enough to sell papers and keep viewers these days without sensationalizing the news. Forgive me if I’m not sympathetic when so called reporters, aka social justice propagandists, get a taste of the mob’s violence.

  • Modernized Blackjack takes off after avionic upgrade

    11/23/2014 5:28:53 AM PST · 8 of 30
    CitizenUSA to Fred Hayek

    An aircraft with analog instruments can probably kill people as well as one with digital multifunction displays.

    America puts way too much faith in technology. Tech improvements become incrementally smaller and take much more time and money to develop. Technology is not our greatest strength and over reliance on it may soon become a great weakness.

  • The Policy at the Heart of the Jonathan Gruber Controversy

    11/16/2014 4:03:40 AM PST · 10 of 23
    CitizenUSA to Sherman Logan

    I see your point, but I don’t consider the free market to be rationing. There are certainly limits to what the free market can provide of course, but it tend to expand to meet demand. When I use the term rationing, I mean a fixed allotment of health care based on what government decides to dole out.

    If the left has its way, the health care pie won’t only stop growing. It will likely shrink. The best health care technologies will be reserved for those well connected to the government. The rest of us will likely receive much poorer care and the only recourse will be to petition the government bureaucracy for mercy or pay for it entirely out of one’s own pocket, i.e. no or prohibitively expensive independent insurance.

    Many Americans are probably voting for the above, health care rationing, without realizing it. Actually, maybe some know but just don’t care as some “free” care is better than working and paying for it. If a bunch of elderly people are sent prematurely to hospice, so what? So long as one is young and able to get free abortions and condoms, who cares? It’s sickening, but that’s what we’re faced with.

  • The Policy at the Heart of the Jonathan Gruber Controversy

    11/16/2014 1:46:11 AM PST · 4 of 23
    CitizenUSA to Cincinatus' Wife

    If only the left could deliver what they promise. It’s tempting. Of course, even the left understands it can’t deliver what it sells (by lies) to the masses. It knows care will have to be rationed, because government simply cannot afford to give premium care to everyone. Death panels anyone? If this isn’t stopped, that’s what’s in store for most of us.

    Sadly, Gruber is partially right. Many Americans will gladly sell their independence for “free” health care, and they might even get decent care so long as their needs aren’t too serious or expensive. For some, anything is better than nothing, especially when they aren’t willing to earn it themselves and someone else is paying. They’ll only learn the joke is on them when they need serious and/or expensive care and find themselves shuffled off to a room for a final dose of morphine or some other end-of-life “care”. At least it will be painless...

  • USDA Christmas Tree Tax Takes Effect

    11/16/2014 12:27:16 AM PST · 79 of 88
    CitizenUSA to fwdude

    I wonder if this is also a means to kill small Christmas tree growers. Only the huge corporate farms are likely to collect and pay the tax. Will small growers be prosecuted for tax evasion if they don’t comply? Seems possible. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but forgive me if I’m highly skeptical of ANY business or industry that asks to pay more taxes.

  • A Suicidal Collapse of Western Civilization?

    11/16/2014 12:05:05 AM PST · 4 of 23
    CitizenUSA to Secret Agent Man

    It’s intentional cultural suicide. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture is the greatest evil in the world, and it must be eradicated. Leftists are self-loathing and self-destructive. Sadly, the rest of us are along for the ride.

    BTW, everything the left claims to hold near and dear will go away as soon as they off themselves, culture-wise. Who will speak for the trees, care for the poor, or defend minorities when western culture is on the ash heap of history? Islam? The Chinese? LOL!

  • Muslim Gangs Continue To Terrorize 55 Neighborhoods, Police Powerless

    11/15/2014 11:26:07 PM PST · 16 of 67
    CitizenUSA to Java4Jay

    The multi-culti leftists had their way in Sweden. Now they are reaping a bountiful harvest. Modern, nihilistic Western thought and culture has absolutely zero chance of survival unless we wake up and fight back...spiritually. One can’t beat something with nothing, i.e. Islamic “submit or die” versus “all cultures are equal” nonsense.

  • U.S. military readiness for war, competitive edge worsening: officials

    11/15/2014 5:08:43 PM PST · 18 of 28
    CitizenUSA to yefragetuwrabrumuy

    There was a very good science fiction short story about a battle between two races. I can’t recall the name.

    One race relied on technology. The other wasn’t nearly as advanced, but they had numbers. At the start of the story, the advanced race easily destroyed the perceived lesser race. Each time they lost, the lesser race improved their technology—not nearly as much as the advanced race, but better nonetheless.

    The advanced race took longer and longer to tweak their technology ever higher. Because it took so long and was so expensive, they couldn’t produce nearly as many warships as before, but the newer warships were much stronger of course.

    In the end, the high tech race was down to one grand ship that possessed nearly supernatural war-fighting technology. Nevertheless, it was overwhelmed and destroyed by sheer numbers of ships that were just good enough to win.

    I submit we’re in the same boat as the advanced race. The F-22 is a perfect example. I don’t doubt it’s the best, but we didn’t make enough of them. Not only that, but we’re betting everything on the F-35. Each time we move to the next generation of technology, we take much longer to produce far fewer.

  • Fox News cuts ties with Ben Carson

    11/09/2014 4:14:10 AM PST · 27 of 153
    CitizenUSA to Torahman

    “Carson will be the next Surgeon General of the United States and a powerful voice for freedom around the world.”

    I’d be fine with that. President of the United States? Eh, not so much—at least not without working his way up and proving he can actually govern as a conservative.

    Barack Obama came out of virtually nowhere. His only claim to fame was winning elections. Doing anything substantial in the offices he (briefly) held while moving up? Not so much.

  • Fox News cuts ties with Ben Carson

    11/09/2014 3:38:59 AM PST · 17 of 153
    CitizenUSA to twister881

    Ben Carson may be a great guy, but I’d really like to see him actually lead a county or state before he runs for President of the United States. You know, I’m conservative and I’ve had a long and successful non-political career. Maybe I should run for president, too?

    Sorry, but I can’t take this particular campaign seriously. In the old days (before Barack) people actually had to work their way up before running for the highest political office in the land. How do I know Ben would even lead the country toward conservatism? Because he says so?

  • I Would Have Liked to be Sitting at THIS Table Today...[Palin and Cruz]

    11/05/2014 2:39:38 AM PST · 43 of 56
    CitizenUSA to KC_Lion

    I love Sarah Palin, but I don’t agree that people “all over the political spectrum” should exercise their right to vote. I don’t want some people, leftists in particular, to vote. I’m talking about those folks who ignore the original agreement between We the People and our government. People who see the vote only as a means to gain power to cram their statist agenda down everyone’s throats. Why should I want them to vote?

  • Cop ‘Game’ Involved Sharing Nude Pictures Of Drunk Women

    10/25/2014 5:12:13 PM PDT · 33 of 52
    CitizenUSA to LevinFan

    Immorality generally runs throughout American society. How in the world can a leader instill integrity and morality simply by telling people to behave? Sure. Individual cops can be fired, but when the majority no longer gives a flip about morality?

    It’s like these teachers who prey on children. The teachers themselves apparently don’t believe in right or wrong. They’re likely sexually immoral in their private lives. What makes us suddenly think they’ll be more moral in their profession?

  • Cop ‘Game’ Involved Sharing Nude Pictures Of Drunk Women

    10/25/2014 4:39:28 PM PDT · 24 of 52
    CitizenUSA to Dilbert San Diego

    It’s a bad idea to put nude photos on a phone, but these cops were sending even bikini shots. That’s not the issue. Police have zero moral or constitutional right to search a phone unless they #1 believe it contains evidence directly related to the crime and #2 they have a search warrant.

    Some might say the women voluntarily gave their passwords. Regardless, police are acting on behalf of the state. They are authority figures with the full power of the state backing them. There is no such thing as voluntary consent in situations like this, especially when the women are drunk or otherwise incapacitated. The burden of complying with moral, constitutional protections must fall ENTIRELY on the government.

  • Cop ‘Game’ Involved Sharing Nude Pictures Of Drunk Women

    10/25/2014 4:26:22 PM PDT · 20 of 52
    CitizenUSA to Half Vast Conspiracy

    It isn’t just the police. Moral depravity is pervasive in America today. Too many don’t believe in right or wrong. “That’s just your opinion, man!”

    They don’t fear God, and they think morality is something we make up. If a majority votes for something, then that must be morally right, right?

    One can preach sacrifice, service, and integrity as much as one wants, but without God, it’s meaningless. If people won’t self regulate based on a belief in sin and the Lord, the only recourse is much, much stricter laws and government control, and that’s a fool’s errand in itself as government itself is made up of those same immoral citizens.

    We need the Lord!

  • James Dobson: America headed toward 'depravity'

    10/25/2014 5:58:16 AM PDT · 17 of 62
    CitizenUSA to lexington minuteman 1775

    You’re absolutely right. There is a spiritual war going on, and there are only two sides. We as a nation have chosen very, very poorly.

  • FBI Director Warns Google and Apple "If You Don't Decrypt Phones, We'll Do It For You"

    10/19/2014 3:06:49 PM PDT · 46 of 112
    CitizenUSA to Clump

    You make excellent points in this thread. I’d like to add that the government still has all sorts of traditional intelligence gathering tools that do not require cracking phones, but I’m sure they can break encryption, too. It may be more difficult to catch criminals in some cases, but that’s the price of freedom.

    I’d frankly rather let a criminal walk free (for a time) than give up our constitutional right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. If law enforcement has probable cause that someone has committed a crime, they can get a warrant. That doesn’t seem an unreasonable hurdle to me.

  • Apple and Facebook Offer Coverage for Egg Freezing. Is it a Sign of Progress for Women?

    10/18/2014 3:20:47 PM PDT · 4 of 18
    CitizenUSA to Tax-chick

    The article’s author was probably biologically ready to have children 15 years before she married. She says she didn’t postpone things for a career. She simply hadn’t met her husband. I don’t know what she did for 15 years, but most women who stay single until nearly 30 probably go through a series of (failed) relationships. She’s concerned about the spiritual aspects of preserving eggs, but she’s unconcerned about the prevailing fornication and adultery of millions who postpone marriage until they’re established, meet the right, or whatever? It seems to me she’s missing the forest for the trees.

  • Christians Can’t Accept Houston’s Intimidation Tactics Without Protest

    10/17/2014 5:34:55 AM PDT · 5 of 19
    CitizenUSA to afraidfortherepublic

    Homosexuals long ago won the battle have sex with whoever they want as consenting adults, and no one stopped them from forming monogamous relationships (which they very rarely do). They might have even peacefully achieved legal “marriage” had they worked to slowly alter public opinion.

    The problem isn’t so much what they do in bed. We’re all sinners. No. It’s about their real goal to demand full acceptance and stamp out any dissent. That means infiltrating our schools so that teachers teach our children nonsense that homosexuality is normal, natural, and even laudatory. That means denying us freedom of religion and association. If the homosexuals are generous, they might allow us to silently pray about the sin of sodomy so long as we keep our thoughts to ourselves—but I wouldn’t count on the generosity of sodomites.

  • Beware of the Perfect Storm

    10/14/2014 6:38:49 AM PDT · 8 of 8
    CitizenUSA to MulberryDraw

    Philippians 4:8

    Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

  • Answering Ted Olson

    10/14/2014 6:15:17 AM PDT · 11 of 26
    CitizenUSA to Kaslin

    The problem with this article and so many others on same-sex marriage is simply that appeals to logic, reason, and the rule of law have zero effect on the “marriage equality” proponents. The courts have simply decided to push this through regardless of what We the People want. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before and won’t happen again. Remember abortion?

    I totally agree with the concept that states and communities should have the right to set their own standards, but this battle was fought and lost long ago. Our government and leaders now do whatever they want whenever they want. I don’t even think these rulings on being able to marry who you love will immediately result in polygamy. Why? Because judges who can make up a right to “marriage equality” out of nothing can easily cobble something together that says it doesn’t apply to polygamy.

    That’s the bottom line here. We conservatives aren’t even fighting the same battle. It’s apples and oranges, and the left only believes in winning. They are willing to destroy the civil society, lie, cheat, or whatever so long as they get their way. Until conservatives realize the left is playing us for fools, we have no chance. It’s like a fist fight where we’re using Marquess of Queensberry rules and they’re hitting us with whatever they want.

  • Redeemed: Former Ex-Gay Activist Renounces the Movement, Talks with Hatewatch

    10/05/2014 4:54:44 AM PDT · 16 of 28
    CitizenUSA to melsec

    I don’t doubt that same-sex attraction is real, but I don’t see any difference between it and any other sinful temptation. An alcoholic is certainly tempted to drink alcohol to excess, a liar tempted to lie, and an adulterer tempted to cheat on his spouse.

    Like you wrote, the Lord may choose to free us from those temptations, but in my experience, a weakness typically remains a weakness. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, but God promises us strength to overcome. I don’t know of anywhere in scripture where it says He’ll remove temptation, but as we grow in Christ, we do become better disciplined (generally speaking).

    I feel sorry for those who suffer from same-sex attraction, but the Lord has His purposes and must be trusted. If it means a lesbian must remain celibate, that is far better than burning in Hell.