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    01/25/2016 7:00:22 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 43 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | 1/25/16 | Danusha V. Goska
    The Oscar Blackout protesters are peddling a neurotoxin to African Americans. "You are helpless", they insist. "Organized and all-powerful white supremacists control every detail of life. You can do nothing to create art. Your only hope is to note every moment when white people appear to have more than you. Rage against and envy that greater amount of something. The more angry and destructive the protest, the better. Think Ferguson, think Baltimore. Shame, mock, and vilify whites. Only then can the good things of life be yours." This message ruins lives.
  • 371 attacks on French soldiers guarding Jewish schools and synagogues

    02/26/2015 5:59:35 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 31 replies
    Gallia Watch ^ | 2/22/15 | Gallia Watch
    Since January 15 the French army’s “Opération Sentinelle” has protected 722 Jewish schools and synagogues, some 24/7 even when the establishments were empty. The operation came to be regarded as too dangerous for the soldiers who were regularly targets of attacks. Over time the men were worn out. (snip)
  • "O when the spivs go marching in" ["I am Charlie"]

    01/12/2015 10:08:44 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 5 replies
    Alexander Boot ^ | 1/12/15 | Alexander Boot
    (snip) Instead of ‘Je suis Charlie’, the demonstrators should have been shouting ‘J’accuse’. And the objects of appropriate rage were all there, at the head of the rally, putting their heads on one another’s shoulders and looking oh so statesmanlike. They should have been pinned to the wall and asked, fists at their noses, how they allowed this tragedy to happen and what they are going to do to make sure such tragedies don’t happen again. Those 17 people didn’t die in an Alpine avalanche or a car accident. They were monstrously murdered by the enemies in our midst, those...
  • Mass Rapes at Berkeley?

    12/08/2014 10:35:49 AM PST · by CondorFlight
    PJ Media ^ | Dec. 7, 2014 | Zombie
    Just days after a new California law redefining rape came into effect, several shocking but unsubstantiated rape allegations have been leveled against fraternities on the UC Berkeley campus. One stunning university police report cites accusations of a mass rape at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, where not just one but five victims were supposedly drugged and raped on the same night at the frat house near campus. In another allegation, a specific perpetrator was named, arrested, and shamed publicly — only to be later declared “factually innocent” as the rape charge was quietly dropped, after his reputation was ruined. Suspiciously,...
  • General Aviation pilot crashes in Atlantic Ocean

    08/30/2014 4:34:47 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 14 replies
    Fox11online ^ | 8/30/14 | Peterson Air Force Base
    COLORADO – Two F-16 fighter jets under the direction of North American Aerospace Defense Command assisted the FAA today with an unresponsive general aviation aircraft. The aircraft took off from Waukesha Airport in Wisconsin and was on its way to Manassas Airport in Virginia when it crashed into the Atlantic ocean, approximately 140 NM SW of Washington, DC. (snip)
  • Ethiopian Airlines’ Flight 702 Squawks “HiJacking”

    02/16/2014 8:33:36 PM PST · by CondorFlight · 158 replies
    Airline Reporter ^ | 2/16/14 | Airline Reporter Staff
    At 5:00pm Pacific Time, Ethiopian Flight 702, a Boeing 767-300 was flying over Sudan when it started squawking 7500. The transponder code, is supposed to indicate a “hijacking.” (snip) The flight, operating from Addis Abba to Rome has been confirmed by Rome Airport not to have arrived yet. As of now, it is over France, but has recently taken a steep northeast heading. Based on flight tracking, it appears the plane is headed to Geneva. Emergency crews are standing by.
  • Duke Lacrosse Case Reveals the Judicial System's Flaws

    10/11/2013 7:19:16 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 22 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 10/11/13 | R.B.Parrish
    The Supreme Court this week refused to hear an appeal from the Duke lacrosse players stemming from the false accusations of rape in Durham in 2006. Effectively, that ends their civil rights lawsuit, and precludes their ever having a day in court in which their full stories may be told. And that in itself provides a paradigm of the state of justice in America today.
  • 11 Year Old Hurt in Post Cease Fire Attack [20 more rockets so far]

    11/21/2012 3:27:19 PM PST · by CondorFlight · 8 replies
    The Jewish Press ^ | Nov. 21-22, 2012 | staff
    11:18 PM 20 rockets against Israel since cease fire began 11:08 PM 11 year old child hurt in first round of Gazan cease fire missiles 11:01 PM Hamas and Islamic Jihad declare the cease fire to be an Israeli failure. 10:58 PM Nachal Oz, Alumim, Sdot Hanegev, Shaar Hanegev 10:45 PM Iron Dome shoots down post-Cease Fire Rocket 10:36 PM Gan Yavneh, Be’er Tuvia, Gaderot, Chevel Yavneh, Gan Yavneh, Ashdod (post cease fire) ------ 9:59 PM : Red Alert siren in Ashdod, Kiryat Malachi, Be’er Tuvia, Chevel Yavneh, Hof Ashkelon, Yoav 9:58 PM: Red Alert siren in Be’er Tuvia 9:40...
  • U.S. officials look for recruits to form Libya’s new army

    11/12/2012 8:18:05 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 11 replies
    Al Arabiya News ^ | Nov. 7, 2012 | HADEEL AL-SHALCHI
    U.S. officials in Libya have begun to look for recruits whom they plan to train to form Libya's new army, a former commander of Libyan rebels who toppled Muammar Qaddafi said on Tuesday. ----- A team of about 10 Americans from the embassy in Tripoli visited a paramilitary base in the eastern city of Benghazi 10 days ago to interview and get to know potential recruits, according to militia commander Fathi al-Obeidi. “The American team asked us for a tour of our base and we granted them permission to walk around freely,” he told Reuters. “They stood with many of...
  • Blind Activist Escapes House Arrest in China

    04/27/2012 12:24:38 PM PDT · by CondorFlight
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ^ | April 27, 2012 | ANDREW JACOBS and JONATHAN ANSFIELD
    BEIJING -- Chen Guangcheng, the blind rights lawyer who has been under extralegal house arrest in his rural village for the past 19 months, has escaped from his heavily guarded home and is in hiding in the capital, rights advocates and Chinese officials said on Friday. American officials would not confirm reports that Mr. Chen has sought refuge in the American Embassy. ----------------- A self-taught lawyer once lauded by the state media for his work defending farmers and the disabled, Mr. Chen, 40, angered local officials after taking on the case of thousands of women who had been forcibly sterilized...
  • RNC calls for ‘united Israel governed under one law for all people’

    01/22/2012 8:41:44 PM PST · by CondorFlight · 30 replies
    Jewish Telegraph Agency ^ | Jan. 20,2012 | Ron Kampeas
    WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The Republican National Committee adopted a resolution calling for "a united Israel governed under one law for all people." The resolution passed last week at an RNC conference in New Orleans. Some liberal bloggers suggested that the resolution effectively called for a single state in Israel and the West Bank, with citizenship rights extended to all. With a preamble that describes the land of Israel as God-given to the Jews, the resolution resolves "that the members of this body support Israel in their natural and God-given right of self-governance and self-defense upon their own lands, recognizing that...
  • Role playing "America"

    11/27/2011 6:38:46 PM PST · by CondorFlight
    American Thinker ^ | Nov. 27, 2011 | R. B. Parrish
    OK, here are the rules. Some of you have forgotten or never read them in the first place, and some of you need a refresher. So here they are again: Certain Judaeo-Christian concepts and limitations apply.* * (You are not called upon to believe these concepts, only to adhere to them while playing the game. The game does not work without these concepts.) All men have a few inalienable rights. . .
  • Scotland: Glasgow districts boycott Israeli books

    05/27/2011 11:44:11 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 20 replies
    YNET ^ | May 24, 2011 | Yaniv Halily
    Two and a half years ago, shortly after Operation Cast Lead, the West Dunbartonshire Regional Council, located west of Glasgow, approved a bill that called to boycott goods produced in Israel. Following the botched raid on the Turkish Flotilla to Gaza last May, the council expanded the boycott to include a ban on the purchase of English translations of Israeli books and the distribution of these books in public libraries throughout the council's jurisdiction. West Dunbartonshire was joined by the large Scottish city Dundee. . . Legal advisers instructed Dundee's mayor to refrain from legally enforcing the boycott in order...
  • Scotland: Glasgow districts boycott Israeli books

    05/26/2011 9:12:26 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 29 replies
    YNET ^ | May 24, 2011 | Yaniv Halily
    Two and a half years ago, shortly after Operation Cast Lead, the West Dunbartonshire Regional Council, located west of Glasgow, approved a bill that called to boycott goods produced in Israel. Following the botched raid on the Turkish Flotilla to Gaza last May, the council expanded the boycott to include a ban on the purchase of English translations of Israeli books and the distribution of these books in public libraries throughout the council's jurisdiction. West Dunbartonshire was joined by the large Scottish city Dundee. . . Legal advisers instructed Dundee's mayor to refrain from legally enforcing the boycott in order...
  • Duke lacrosse accuser's boyfriend dies after stabbing

    04/13/2011 7:27:43 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 51 replies
    WRAL ^ | April 13, 2011
    Durham, N.C. — Family members of a man who was stabbed in his home April 3 say he died Wednesday evening. Crystal Mangum, the Durham woman who falsely accused three Duke University lacrosse players of rape in 2006 has been charged with assaulting him. Durham police could not be reached for comment on whether her charges would be upgraded. Mangum, 32, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and was being held in the Durham County jail on a $300,000 bond. Police said Mangum stabbed Reginald Daye, 46, in the torso with...
  • Duke and Scottsboro: Crystal Mangum and Victoria Price

    12/19/2010 6:10:55 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 4 replies
    Opinion Forum ^ | Dec. 19, 2010 | R. B. Parrish
    In the 1930s, two white prostitutes falsely accused nine black men of gang-rape, in order to avoid facing other police charges. Before the ensuing Scottsboro trials were over, the main accuser, Victoria Price (the second accuser had recanted) was transformed by the white public into a woman of the purest virtue, the epitome of Southern woman; and any challenge to this image was indignantly resisted: (snip) Times change, and the colors are different, but human nature remains the same. Two years out of high school Crystal Mangum claimed to have been once dragged into a bathroom and gang-raped by some...
  • Proceedings begin in Mangum arson trial

    12/09/2010 10:30:38 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 5 replies
    News and Observer ^ | Dec. 9, 2010 | JESSE JAMES DECONTO
    DURHAM -- Prosecutor Mark McCullough opened Crystal Mangum’s arson trial today with the names of her three children... “That residence had a fire started in it while they were in it -- by her,” McCullough said, pointing his finger at Mangum. “This case is not complicated.” Defense attorney ...Dexter did not deny the basic facts of the case: That Mangum piled her boyfriend Milton Walker’s clothes in the bathtub and set them on fire, then threatened to stab Walker, all in the presence of two police officers who had gone to the couple’s home after Ariana called 911 to say...
  • Justice to Appease

    12/02/2010 12:26:26 PM PST · by CondorFlight · 1 replies
    Opinion Forum ^ | Dec. 1, 2010 | R. B. Parrish
    We usually depict Justice as blindfolded, but we never show her as deaf; we know that she — and prosecutors — sometimes dance to the tune of the mob. A few years ago in an eastern city activists demanded action after police had been unable to stop a rash of assaults against gays. Police finally thought they had a suspect for one incident — a student at a university — and without investigating they arrested him in class during an exam. He was handcuffed and taken to jail late on a Friday afternoon — meaning he would have to remain...
  • Justice to Appease

    12/01/2010 5:19:35 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 5 replies
    Opinion Forum ^ | Dec. 1, 2010 | R. B. Parrish
    We usually depict Justice as blindfolded, but we never show her as deaf; we know that she — and prosecutors — sometimes dance to the tune of the mob. A few years ago in an eastern city activists demanded action after police had been unable to stop a rash of assaults against gays. Police finally thought they had a suspect for one incident — a student at a university — and without investigating they arrested him in class during an exam. He was handcuffed and taken to jail late on a Friday afternoon — meaning he would have to remain...
  • New arrest order for Duke lacrosse accuser

    08/26/2010 8:43:25 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 36 replies
    ABC 11 WTVD ^ | Aug. 26, 2010
    DURHAM (WTVD) -- A judge has ordered former Duke lacrosse accuser Crystal Mangum arrested again. Officials say Mangum violated the terms of her pre-trial release related to the visitation hours with her children. (snip)
  • End the Lacrosse Cover-Up

    05/11/2010 11:04:02 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 24 replies · 800+ views
    Bleacher Report ^ | May 11, 2010 | R. B. Parrish
    Before the attempted frame-up of innocent lacrosse players in Durham, lacrosse had a good reputation. It may have been seen as an elite sport (or, more truly, a regionally delineated sport); but it was also seen as honest, fun, exciting, and one of the few “sports” remaining which still concerned itself with “sportsmanship”. Then came the lies and the false accusations, and a university which was more concerned with the immediate PR fallout than with standing behind its falsely-accused students. And since it fit the convenient narrative which was being constructed, lacrosse was also lambasted. In Durham, three lacrosse players...
  • Duke Lacrosse Team: Just The Facts, Please

    05/07/2010 1:44:15 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 34 replies · 796+ views
    Bleacher Report ^ | May 5, 2010 | R. B. Parrish
    Since the current tragedy at the University of Virginia, the media has frequently brought up the Duke lacrosse case, as though the latter had some kind of relevance to the former. Because such associations are likely to be made in the future, let’s get a few facts straight: The Duke lacrosse players did not commit a crime in Durham; they were the victims of a crime (several crimes in fact: false accusations, and much more). Their community rushed to judge them, including preachers, newspapers, politicians, and assumed whatever “truths” were most convenient for their own agendas. The comparisons with Scottsboro...
  • Lacrosse: An Ancient Sport In Modern Crosshairs

    05/07/2010 12:43:43 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 21 replies · 705+ views ^ | May 7, 2010 | Carol Joynt
    What's getting slammed now, as it did with the Duke scandal, is the "culture" of lacrosse, as if the moment a boy picks up a lacrosse stick he overnight becomes a raging idiot who is probably prone to violent and abusive behavior. Any right-minded person knows there's no basis for such a broad stroke. Over the years I've encountered some true messes in lacrosse, players with poor conduct and a bad attitude who had no right in that or any other game. But those bad apples can be found in any sport. When the Love murder was made public, and...
  • Bias in reporting: Same old lacrosse player

    05/07/2010 9:09:26 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 11 replies · 661+ views
    Daily Caller ^ | May 7, 2010 | Anchorman
    The game of lacrosse originated with Native Americans , largely the Huron and Iroquois tribes. Westerners—missionaries and fur trappers—first saw it in the 1600’s. The Indians would play the game as symbolic warfare, with hundreds of men at a time, for days on end, with fields that knew no boundaries. Some historical records suggest that they would sometimes play to the death. George Huguely played lacrosse on a field that knew no boundaries. He played it to the death– his ex-girlfriend’s death; or so the reporting goes. But the story line is bogus. Granted, there is little doubt of his...
  • Slaying the lacrosse monster

    05/06/2010 1:29:08 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 11 replies · 536+ views
    Bleacher Report ^ | May 5, 2010 | R. B. Parrish
    As we all know, lacrosse payers are uniformly oversized brutes, usually from privileged backgrounds of wealth and power, callous in their disregard for lesser beings, and certain that their rich daddies will buy them out of any trouble. If we didn’t realize that we soon would, once we started following the general press accounts. This distorted image has yet to be rectified; but lies piled up over time accumulate in layers, as Solzhenitsyn noted, and harden like sediment on the sea floor; and any fresh disturbance can stir them up again and muddy the waters afresh.
  • Illogical and Specious Parallels

    05/06/2010 7:23:25 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 1 replies · 234+ views
    Bleacher Report ^ | May 5, 2010 | R. B. Parrish
    “Accused UVA Murderer Came from A Life of Privilege; George Huguely Attended Prestigious Prep School, Vacationed in Palm Beach” (ABC) In the wake of this week’s tragic loss of a University of Virginia lacrosse star, one thing could be certain: that the media would race to discover truths that aren’t there; and manufacture its own fictional, but philosophically honed, narrative. For example, someone reading the above could come to the conclusion that vacationing in Palm Beach somehow results in a propensity to commit crimes; or that having a nanny is a sure path to moral decay. (Comparable statistics on how...
  • Large blast heard in Afghan capital near embassies [Car Bomb]

    08/14/2009 9:25:32 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 39 replies · 2,968+ views
    Reuters ^ | Aug. 14, 2009
    A large blast ripped through the centre of Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Saturday, Reuters witnesses said, and smoke could be seen rising above the city's diplomatic quarter. . .
  • Gattis rape suspect jailed this month (another Duke rape scandal?)

    11/25/2008 5:09:55 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 12 replies · 936+ views
    Duke Chronicle ^ | November 25, 2008 | Shuchi Parikh
    A man charged with the second-degree rape of a then-freshman in February 2007 was arrested on the same charges Nov. 14. Michael Burch, a Durham resident, is currently being held in Durham County Jail on $1.85 million bond, Durham Police Department clerks said. (snip) Burch, who is not a Duke student, was arrested in February 2007 for allegedly raping a then-18-year-old freshman at around 3 a.m. Feb. 11, 2007 at an off-campus party at 405 Gattis St. The party was hosted by members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and police had found marijuana, cocaine and Oxycontin in the house....
  • Suspect, out on bond, charged again with rape

    11/24/2008 8:00:16 PM PST · by CondorFlight · 11 replies · 738+ views
    WRAL TV ^ | November 24, 2008
    Durham, N.C. — A man accused of raping a former Duke student last year is in jail again, charged with the same crime against a different woman. The first victim's father says the new charge could have been prevented if bond had been set higher in the case involving his daughter. Michael Jermaine Burch was charged in February 2007 with the second-degree rape of a Duke freshman in a bathroom during a party at a residence at 405 Gattis St. After getting out of jail on a $50,000 bond, Burch was arrested again Nov. 14 on charges of second-degree rape,...
  • Another Democratic official charged in satanist sex crimes

    07/02/2008 12:21:32 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 46 replies · 996+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | July 2, 2008 | Ray Gronberg
    Another Democratic official charged in satanist sex crimes By Ray Gronberg : The Herald-Sun DURHAM -- Police say they've arrested and charged a third person in connection with an ongoing rape and kidnapping investigation. Diana Palmer, 44, is charged with being an accessory after the fact, Durham Police Department spokeswoman Kammie Michael said Wednesday afternoon. Palmer is first vice chairwoman of the Durham County Democratic Party. Her arrest came five days after police arrested the party's third vice chairwoman, Joy Johnson, 30, and Johnson's husband, Joseph Scott Craig, 25. Craig faces three counts of second-degree kidnapping, one count of second-degree...
  • 'Soldier dies at Sarkozy's ceremony'

    06/24/2008 7:46:14 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 3 replies · 13+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | June 24, 2008
    An IDF soldier was reportedly killed Tuesday in the middle of a farewell ceremony at Ben-Gurion airport held in honor of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in attendance of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, President Shimon Peres and other state dignitaries, Israel Radio reported. Channel 1, however, reported that the soldier's condition was serious and he was receiving emergency medical treatment. A police spokesman said the policeman had committed suicide. The soldier apparently fell from a vantage point he was occupying on a high building, from he was securing the event, and a bullet misfired from his gun. (snip) Initially, the prime...
  • Amended lacrosse suit harsher on Duke trustee

    04/23/2008 8:41:57 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 20 replies · 89+ views
    Herald-Sun ^ | April 23, 2008 | Ray Gronberg
    DURHAM -- Three unindicted Duke University lacrosse players have amended their federal civil-rights lawsuit against the school and the city, sharpening their attack on the school's top trustee and levying new allegations of misconduct against city officials. The filing on behalf of current or former players Breck Archer, Ryan McFadyen and Matt Wilson came late last week. In it, attorney Bob Ekstrand alleged that Duke trustees Chairman Robert Steel controlled the school's response to an exotic dancer's false charge that she'd been raped by three members of the 2005-06 lacrosse team. His decisions among other things prompted the Duke University...
  • Duke shows it's clueless [Duke Univ. hosts stripper show]

    02/06/2008 9:47:27 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 30 replies · 141+ views
    News and Observer ^ | Feb. 6, 2008 | Ruth Sheehan
    Two years ago, the infamous Duke lacrosse case started with a group of lacrosse players hiring a pair of strippers to dance and otherwise "perform" at a rowdy house party. Fast forward two years, to Sunday night. While the rest of the world watched the Giants defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, about 300 students and others attended the Sex Workers Art Show, in which strippers and prostitutes were hired to dance and otherwise "perform." (snip) The event was paid for by the Student Health Center, the University Fund, the Women's Center, Sexual Assault Support Services, the Women's Studies...
  • Why the Duke Case Matters to All of Us

    01/30/2008 5:31:10 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 15 replies · 176+ views
    Hawaii Reporter ^ | Jan. 29, 2008
    The three falsely accused Duke students are now suing the city of Durham for their mishap; and rather than being a run-of-the-mill run-for-the-till, this has actually become a fight for an affirmation of our Constitution. In the 1930s in Scottsboro, nine young men were accused by two loose women of rape; the women wanted to avoid getting into trouble with the police, and thought a cry of rape would help. It was axiomatic that the men, all black, had to be guilty; a verdict of innocence would have been too upsetting to the dominant culture to contemplate. Advance the clock...
  • Nifong off the hook for now

    01/29/2008 11:46:17 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 26 replies · 80+ views
    DURHAM -- Former Durham district attorney Mike Nifong is off the hook for the time being from any civil lawsuits. The judge overseeing the Duke Lacrosse lawsuit filed by three exonerated players has put their suit on hold.
  • Attorney General Mukasey and the Invisible People

    12/08/2007 6:27:00 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 1 replies · 55+ views
    Hawaii Reporter ^ | 12/07/07 | Randolph Parrish
    "Attorney General Mukasey and the Invisible People" By Randolph Parrish This is the story of some little people. It's the story of Elmo the cab driver, an immigrant from Somalia who sought a new life in America. Elmo knows what police abuse is like; at home, being arrested means terror; your guilt or innocence doesn't matter. This is the story of Sgt. Shelton, a cop who did an honest job. Most places, you do an honest job, you get rewarded. Sgt. Shelton got investigated. This is the story of half-Jewish white kid whose father was raised by a black family....
  • 3 Teens Charged in Moore County Girl's Slaying

    09/24/2007 9:47:46 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 155 replies · 170+ views
    WRAL TV ^ | Sept. 24, 2007
    Vass — Three teens were charged with murder Monday night in connection with the slaying of a 12-year-old girl in her Moore County home last week. Authorities arrested Van Roger Smith Jr., 16, and Sherrod Nicholas Harrison, 19, Monday afternoon. After a search, the Moore County Sheriff's Office took Michael Graham Currie, 18, into custody Monday night. . . Twelve-year-old Emily Elizabeth Haddock was shot to death Friday in her home on Marks Road outside of Vass, authorities said. The girl had stayed home from school with strep throat and was alone
  • Duke Lacrosse Case: America's Top Sex Crimes Expert Cites Serious Problems

    03/21/2007 5:27:46 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 42 replies · 1,815+ views
    ABC ^ | 3/31/07
    Duke Lacrosse Case: America's Top Sex Crimes Expert Cites Serious Problems Linda Fairstein Questions Whether Case Will Go Forward By LARA SETRAKIAN ABC News Law & Justice Unit March 21, 2007 ? - With the Duke Lacrosse investigation in its final weeks Linda Fairstein, the former head of the Manhattan District Attorney's Sex Crimes Unit and one of the nation's leading experts on sex crimes, told ABC News that she would be shocked if the case went forward. Having investigated and prosecuted thousands of rape cases, Fairstein has a unique ability to evaluate the strength of the case. A pioneer...
  • Top Lawyers Say Duke Case Is Weak

    03/21/2007 5:13:45 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 3 replies · 205+ views
    ABC ^ | 3/21/07
    Top Lawyers Say Duke Case Is Weak ABC News Gathers Views From Legal Experts on Duke Lacrosse Rape Case March 21, 2007 ? - ABC News spoke to some of the nation's leading criminal defense attorneys and former prosecutors about the Duke Lacrosse rape case. They all say it is a weak case and will almost certainly never go to trial. They point to the lack of evidence, the accuser's changing story, and her credibility.
  • State Bar Says Nifong Skirted System in Handling of Duke Lacrosse Case

    03/19/2007 2:47:58 PM PDT · by CondorFlight · 68 replies · 2,281+ views
    WRAL TV ^ | March 19, 2007
    A North Carolina State Bar response to Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong's request for dismissal of some of the charges against him suggests that Nifong has attempted to skirt the system in his handling of the Duke lacrosse case. In a legal brief filed Monday, the bar suggests Nifong wants the organization to interpret the law according to his view of it. They also said they don't buy Nifong's explanation for withholding DNA evidence, and claimed he's twisting words to make his argument fit.
  • Duke lacrosse makes triumphant return to field

    02/24/2007 2:46:38 PM PST · by CondorFlight · 14 replies · 326+ views
    AP ^ | Feb. 24, 2007
    AARON BEARD Associated Press DURHAM, N.C. - A season lost. Three players indicted for rape. Nearly a year of criticism for everyone associated with Duke lacrosse. On this day, for a few hours, it didn't seem to matter as much.Playing their first game in 11 months, the Blue Devils opened the 2007 season Saturday with a 17-11 victory over Dartmouth in front of a big crowd cheering their every move.
  • Duke LAX Defense Attorneys Meet with Prosecutors

    02/07/2007 3:46:52 PM PST · by CondorFlight · 5 replies · 360+ views
    (02/07/07 -- DURHAM) - The defense attorneys for the three charged players in the Duke Lacrosse case met for several hours with special prosecutors James Coman and Mary Winstead Wednesday. Defense attorneys declined to comment about the meeting. But sources close to the case tell Eyewitness News that this was the first opportunity the defense has had to make its case for why the charges against their clients should be dropped.
  • Natl. Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers Blasts Nifong

    01/12/2007 11:18:48 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 34 replies · 1,463+ views
    “. . . Michael Nifong’s inflammatory statements to the media prior to the May elections, for the sole benefit of Mr. Nifong, turned the complaint of a confused young woman into a vicious political game which has brought the office of the district attorney into disrepute. He has ruined lives and reputations for a paycheck and personal political gain. “This so-called investigation has been a reprehensible sham from the very beginning. The grand jury has a right to facts rather than lies and innuendo, and the public has a right to a fair indictment. Further, Nifong concealed the actual DNA...
  • Trial Date Set for Nifong Ethics Complaint

    01/11/2007 6:35:02 PM PST · by CondorFlight · 18 replies · 876+ views
    WRAL TV ^ | Jan. 11
    Durham — A trial date is now set for the ethics complaint filed against Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong. . . The bar takes issue with comments Nifong made early-on in the case. Nifong's trial is set for May 11. He hired an attorney from Winston-Salem to defend him. A three-member panel will decide guilt or innocence, and then, depending on the outcome, impose a sentence. That could be anything from a warning to being disbarred.
  • Will Nifong go after bloggers?

    11/08/2006 2:41:16 PM PST · by CondorFlight · 353 replies · 9,431+ views
    November 8, 2006
    Now that the election is over and this can't be considered just an election ploy : Rumors are said to have been circulating in Durham to the effect that Nifong might consider (legally) going after a couple of bloggers; that if he deals with a couple of them the rest will be intimidated and fade away. This is just a heads up; so that if anything untoward happens, everyone will know about it in advance and be able to make the connection. The rumors are well-sourced.
  • Duke lacrosse accuser wanted money

    11/04/2006 4:50:49 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 10 replies · 1,425+ views
    News & Observer ^ | November 4, 2006
    DURHAM - Four days after she said she was raped, the accuser in the Duke lacrosse case told co-workers at a Hillsborough strip club that she was going to get money from some boys at a Duke party who hadn't paid her, the club's former security manager said. "She basically said, 'I'm going to get paid by the white boys,' " H.P. Thomas, the former security manager at the Platinum Club, said in an interview Friday. "I said, 'Whatever,' because no one takes her seriously." (snip) Thomas said dancers must sign in when they take guests into the club's VIP...
  • 'Go Ahead, Put Marks on Me' - Second Dancer reveals Duke rape set-up

    10/30/2006 4:33:37 AM PST · by CondorFlight · 88 replies · 4,529+ views
    In an interview this morning on Good Morning America on ABC, the second-dancer revealed more of the set-up for the Duke rape hoax-- Oct. 30, 2006 — The second dancer in the Duke rape case has said for the first time that the accuser told her to "go ahead, put marks on me'' after the alleged attack. Dancer Kim Roberts made the new allegation — which she has not shared with authorities — in an interview with Chris Cuomo that will air today on "Good Morning America." Roberts' allegation comes in the wake of Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong's admission...
  • Duke Univ. President insults players' families

    10/25/2006 10:50:12 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 37 replies · 2,477+ views
    3."Colin Finnerty’s parents contacted (Duke Univ. President) Brodhead to ask for permission to transfer credits from other colleges. . . Brodhead refused to meet with them despite several requests. Finally, the person in charge of the annual giving program told Brodhead that, unless he agreed to see the Finnerties, he would resign. Only then did Brodhead agree to meet them. In the meeting, Brodhead remained intransigent and he and Mrs. Finnerty got into terrible argument. The Finnerties walked out because Brodhead started insulting them." (excerpt from a statement at Talk Left by an offical spokesman for Friends of Duke Univeristy)
  • Experts : Lacrosse IDs likely tainted

    10/08/2006 4:49:38 AM PDT · by CondorFlight · 8 replies · 556+ views
    News and Observer ^ | Oct. 8 2006
    Psychologists Gary Wells and Brian Cutler helped design a procedure in 2003 for witnesses to identify crime suspects. Police departments across North Carolina embraced the procedure. The Durham Police Department adopted it almost word- for-word in February. The conduct of the Durham police in the Duke lacrosse case, however, is a case study in violating the new policy, the psychologists said. And as a result, police have injected doubt into a woman's selection of three lacrosse players whom she accused of rape.
  • Boy says he was mistreated by officers

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    DURHAM - Police have launched an internal investigation into allegations that a 13-year-old boy was wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and pepper-sprayed Monday, though he had done nothing wrong... The officers took him to Duke Hospital for treatment of cuts and other minor injuries, where he was left for several hours without his parents being contacted, Lowery said.