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  • Riots Are The Legacy Of Slavery? Try Legacy Of Welfare

    05/05/2015 5:22:26 PM PDT · 17 of 17
    conservatism_IS_compassion to jazusamo


  • 'Let's get those Nazi dogs:' How 70 years ago, enraged by the horrors they found at Dachau,

    05/05/2015 4:57:24 PM PDT · 60 of 64
    conservatism_IS_compassion to E. Pluribus Unum
    This story puts me in mind of Black Rednecks and White Liberals - Thomas Sowell.

    Sowell asserts that the British established a squadron of ships to interdict the slave trade, strictly on moral grounds - and the Royal Navy policy was not to to grant shore leave to British seamen when docking in African ports. There would always be riots any time they did.

  • Adolf Hitler’s Suicide and Nazism’s Irrational Rationality

    05/05/2015 1:41:55 PM PDT · 28 of 35
    conservatism_IS_compassion to FiddlePig
    western Communists and sympathizers (Roosevelt included?) were NOT enthusiastic supporters of the war against Hitler until the “precious” Soviet worker’s “paradise” was attacked June 22, 1941. Then all were on board with war to save the world. Some even argue Roosevelt baited the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor with economic actions against Japan (oil, metal embargoes, etc.).
    The New Dealers' War:
    FDR and the War Within World War II
    by Thomas Fleming is a testament to that. It doesn’t say that FDR only got excited about opposing Hitler after Germany invaded the USSR - it simply notes that American harassment of German U-boats intensified “throughout the summer of 1941.” The start of the summer of 1941 was of course the Summer Solstice. Which just happens to be the date of the German invasion of the USSR . . .

    The New Dealers’ War starts out with a discussion of the political context of Pearl Harbor. It appears that the Roosevelt Administration mousetrapped the pacifists (who were 80% of the public) with a strategic leak of classified information the week before Dec 7. If you didn’t know better, you would think that the leaker knew the Japanese attack was imminent.

    Another very interesting book which discusses pre-Pearl Harbor America is

    Freedom's Forge:
    How American Business Produced Victory in World War II
    Arthur Herman
    This book discusses the fact that from the Fall of France (June, 1940) onward, FDR - who had been in the Navy Department during WWI and knew that American war production was never a factor in that war because it took so long for mobilization of the economy - took vigorous action not only to keep the British war effort afloat but to DRAMATICALLY build up the American arms industry.

    FDR was told by his mobilization chief - Bill Knudsen, head of Chevrolet - that mobilization would take 18 months. In that time, precision machine tools were manufactured, facilities were built, and production workers were trained by starting to produce hardware. And during that time whatever war materiel we had, we sent to Britain. Thus, the American military was poorly equipped at the time of Pearl Harbor - and yet immediately afterward, American production began to weigh heavily against the Axis powers. A cynic would notice how close December 7, 1941 is to 18 months after June 22, 1940 . . .

    BTW, the start of the American production mobilization included the famous technology transfer from Britain which include RADAR, the Merlin engine plans (which Packard had to translate to American production practice), etc.

    Was an irony of the three totalitarian nations in the 20th Century, one (USSR) ended up in on the Allied side.
    Before Pearl Harbor, American conservatives commented that the pity of the war between Hitler and Stalin was that they couldn’t both lose. FDR didn’t see it that way at all; America built a truck assembly plant in Iran to put together the Studebaker-made parts shipped over on Liberty ships. That was far more efficient than shipping the assembled trucks over because the assembled truck took up ten times as much space on a ship as the parts did. Russian drivers picked up those trucks - fully loaded with other materiel, pretty much whatever Stalin wanted - and drove them where they were wanted in Russia. Those trucks were crucial in providing mobility to a Red Army which had been outclassed in that department.
    The time to have discontinued those shipments was after the Battle of Kursk in mid-1943, after which the Germans were permanently on the defensive. That would have delayed Allied victory until August, 1945 - when, of course, the A-bomb would have been decisive in Europe as well as Japan. And Pax Americana - the condition existing after 1990, say - would have existed by default. But the Roosevelt Administration was far too pro-Soviet for that.
  • Baltimore Is Not About Race

    05/05/2015 10:56:54 AM PDT · 5 of 8
    conservatism_IS_compassion to KeyLargo
    Common Sense

    SOME writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness POSITIVELY by uniting our affections, the latter NEGATIVELY by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher.

    Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer. Government, like dress, is the badge of lost innocence; the palaces of kings are built upon the ruins of the bowers of paradise. For were the impulses of conscience clear, uniform and irresistibly obeyed, man would need no other lawgiver; but that not being the case, he finds it necessary to surrender up a part of his property to furnish means for the protection of the rest; and this he is induced to do by the same prudence which in every other case advises him, out of two evils to choose the least. Wherefore, security being the true design and end of government, it unanswerably follows that whatever form thereof appears most likely to ensure it to us, with the least expense and greatest benefit, is preferable to all others. - Thomas Paine

    My experience is that “liberals” are entirely unable (/unwilling) to define a distinction between “society” and “government.” Turns out that Thomas Paine put paid to that attitude all the way back in 1776.

    This article is about LBJ’s proclaimed “Great Society,” which, as Paine makes clear, is an absurd thing for a politician to claim to be able to make.

    In 1984 Charles Murray documented the economic results in his famous book:

    Losing Ground:
    American Social Policy, 1950-1980
  • Unnoticed for years, malware turned Linux and BSD servers into spamming machines

    05/05/2015 9:11:39 AM PDT · 45 of 46
    conservatism_IS_compassion to tacticalogic

    A 5K iMac.

  • Unnoticed for years, malware turned Linux and BSD servers into spamming machines

    05/05/2015 7:23:04 AM PDT · 43 of 46
    conservatism_IS_compassion to for-q-clinton
    Concerned that all systems are vulnerable so I practice good security practices to minimize my risk for all systems I use.
    That’s good practice. What is not good practice is to have a system that you think is so vulnerable to viruses that you find yourself destroying the utility of it by running bloatware antivirus programs. And then giving up on antivirus because it is such a hassle - then panicking when someone erroneously tells you - in good faith - that something is wrong with your system.

    Running a system which you have confidence in enables you to come the closest you can to “best practice.” For me, that’s OS X.

    You, OTOH, may be quite well grounded in the ins and outs of Windows, and happy in that environment - excepting only that it is still enough of a hassle that seeing others avoid some of that hassle causes a visceral reaction in you. You have invested so much time and attention, and money, in Windows security that you need to believe that anyone who places their trust in anything else is being a simpleton.

    Or so it seems to me, simpleton that I may be.

  • Just lost my job. Please pray for me and all those looking for work.

    05/04/2015 2:14:11 PM PDT · 63 of 129
    conservatism_IS_compassion to infool7

    Prayer of agreement BUMP.

  • Unnoticed for years, malware turned Linux and BSD servers into spamming machines

    05/04/2015 6:34:40 AM PDT · 40 of 46
    conservatism_IS_compassion to for-q-clinton
    So it is in the wild.
    In principle. It’s another Trojan, and presumably some Macs are vulnerable, and presumably it isn’t in Apple’s directory of bad apples yet.

    But that’s the thing - having a (Windows) system which was vulnerable to viruses made me paranoid - and, being paranoid, I was easily spooked into falling for a Trojan.

    It’s so much better to feel secure against viruses, and therefore be that much less susceptible to trojans.

  • Unnoticed for years, malware turned Linux and BSD servers into spamming machines

    05/04/2015 6:20:12 AM PDT · 39 of 46
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Swordmaker
    I haven't checked my big install on my iMac, but then I installed a XTools on it. . . so I expect it's got everything there.
    In fit of ambition I installed XTools on my first iMac under an early version of OS X. Never did anything with it, and PROBABLY it’s not on my current sys since I’m pretty sure that, whereas XTools came free with that first iMac I would have had to have bought XTools for my later Mac, and I’m rather sure I didn’t do that.

    What would be an easy way to check that?

  • Heartache: Swarthmore College board fails to divest from fossil fuels

    05/03/2015 9:16:31 AM PDT · 11 of 19
    conservatism_IS_compassion to rktman
    I, Pencil

    . . . in which our intrepid hero, a pencil, explains that it was created not by Eberhard Faber alone but, in effect, by society, including not only Eberhard Faber but the people who provided the wood, graphite, etc - but also the machinery which those people used to provide those supplies - and also the producers of the food the people who provided those supplies ate, and the cars they drove, and so forth and so on.

    So, indeed, society - not government, but society - made the pencil. Including, yes, the providers of gasoline and electricity, and the feedstocks required to produce them. To think that you can exclude any component of society in the production of anything is naive.

  • FReeper Book Club: The Debate over the Constitution, Federalist #40

    05/03/2015 5:05:03 AM PDT · 25 of 25
    conservatism_IS_compassion to LibertyBorn
    Incidentally, I would be fascinated to hear your perspective on how the broadcast of election results was critical to events involved in the notorious Florida 2000 election. People have so many widely-varied views on those events.
    You are a Bush supporter in the Florida panhandle who is determined to vote. You get to the polling place and there is a line out the door and around the corner. You are going to have to wait for an hour or more, past the closing time of the polling place. . . . and then you hear on the radio that Gore has already won Florida.

    Do you then stand in line all that time, "for no reason at all?” In retrospect, you certainly would. In prospect, not everyone did. A couple of hundred more Bush votes would have prevented the whole FL 2000 fiasco. And without that premature, incorrect call, more Bush votes than that would have materialized.

    At Any Cost:
    How Al Gore Tried to Steal the Election
    by Bill Sammon

    Think of it this way: Suppose, as a fantastic counterfactual, that at the moment the networks are about to call Florida for Gore you are Governor JEB Bush, and you are able to freeze time for a week and raise money, without any “Campaign Finance Reform” limits on individual contributions, to pay the networks not to make that (we now know to be premature and erroneous, remember) call until the voting in the Panhandle is actually completed. How much money would you be willing and able to raise???

    That tells you how much of a political contribution to the Gore campaign that premature, erroneous call was. And the networks exist at the sufferance of the FCC, which theoretically licenses the use of “the public airwaves” in “the public interest.”

    And lest you think it unfair of me to exempt that fundraising from campaign finance “reform” limits, recall that the networks made that call knowing it would help Gore, and they were not subject to any CFR regulation at all. How much does JEB Bush raise in that counterfactual??? Half a billion? A billion?

    I’m a First Amendment guy. The problem we have is monopoly journalism, created in the first instance by the AP in particular but the wire services in general. And reinforced by the FCC, and by the FEC. It’s not that journalists have too much freedom, it’s that we all have the right to the same treatment as journalists get. Journalists are not noblemen, and they are not priests of the official US religion - they are people. Difference is, they have printing presses, and I don’t - yet. In principle I have the right to own one, though.

    The FCC systematically makes broadcast channels scarce and valuable (read, expensive). Suppose technology (e.g., cell phone tech) makes bandwidth free, though. That would reduce the importance of the FCC - so, naturally, the FCC isn’t going to actively enable that technology.

  • The Thorium Powered Car

    05/02/2015 5:05:16 PM PDT · 44 of 81
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Sherman Logan
    Also, what are the results of a serious traffic accident?
    As I thought I had suggested, insurance against the risk of an accidental spill of radioactive isotopes would be utterly unaffordable. Such an event would be far too likely, and the cost of such an event would be far too high.
  • Exclusive: Conservative Leaders Blast CBS News over Anti-Christian Bigotry

    05/02/2015 4:49:45 PM PDT · 108 of 113
    conservatism_IS_compassion to exnavy
    The bias against all things traditional American is obvious on the alphabet news channels.
    It certainly is. The motive for it is hiding in pain sight - journalists don’t do anything, and therefore take the opposite view to that of Theodore Roosevelt:
    It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.
    The opposite of giving credit to the person who sticks his neck out and tries to accomplish something is cynicism towards the very idea of accomplishment. The succinct statement of which is,
    You didn’t build that.
    That attitude flatters the person who does nothing, and sneers at anyone who actually tries.

    The actual problem is that journalism is homogeneous. Adam Smith warned in 1776 that

    People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices. It is impossible indeed to prevent such meetings, by any law which either could be executed, or would be consistent with liberty and justice. But though the law cannot hinder people of the same trade from sometimes assembling together, it ought to do nothing to facilitate such assemblies; much less to render them necessary. - Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations
    If it is "impossible indeed to prevent such meetings” among tradesmen generally, is doubly impossible in the case of journalists who, after all, communicate not merely with other journalists but with the public at large.

    But the real systematic “meeting” of journalists is the virtual meeting of all major journalists with is the Associated Press newswire. That “meeting” started in 1848, and by the end of the Civil War was an establishment to be reckoned with. It has been in process continuously ever since, and therefore if Adam Smith’s warning means anything at all, it means that people of the trade of journalism are in cahoots with each other and in conspiracy against the public interest - and have been since memory of living man runneth not to the contrary.

    The existence of multiple news services is actually not even relevant; there could be five newswires of equal size without changing the principle that the journalists within each of them would do the same thing that they all do within the AP. They would still follow the same incentive to cynicism that they do now.

    The existence of the AP long predates the Sherman Antitrust Act, but SCOTUS found the AP to be in violation of that act in 1945. But back then, the AP was “too big to fail.” In the 21st Century, the rationale that newswires are the only way to conserve scarce/expensive telegraph bandwidth flies in the face of the technological fact that the cost of nationwide, and even worldwide, transmission bandwidth has been made trivial by the advance of technologies such as satellites, lasers, and fiber optics. The only question is who will undertake to sue the pants off the AP and its membership, joint and several liability, for libeling Republicans by tar and feathering anyone (even Hispanic Democrat George Zimmerman) who they can portray as being a white man.

    The lawsuit should also, of course, name the FCC for enabling the transmission of those libels, and the FEC for enforcing unconstitutional “Campaign Finance Reform” laws in contravention of “the freedom of . . . the press.”

  • Kemp: Forward Oil Prices Anchor Around $75

    05/02/2015 3:10:07 PM PDT · 7 of 7
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Go Gordon
    Wait until a new president is elected. If it is a republican that turns back the punitive regulations and taxes of the Obama administration, our economy will skyrocket and the supply of oil will lag demand, causing process to go back over $100/barrel.
    I doubt that. Yes, a Republican POTUS and Congress could deregulate and cut back on punitive taxation, and that would juice the economy.

    OTOH there are a LOT of shale wells which have been drilled but not yet completed. Therefore the response time of shale oil/gas production would be the time to ramp up the completion of existing wells, not the time to get drilling rigs in place.

    The other thing which could/should be done would be to take the export “sanctions” off of American oil/gas exporters. That would cut into the Saudi system of exporting to America cheaper than they export to Japan and others who can’t “Drill, Baby, Drill.” That would immediately bump up the price American producers can get for oil, thereby immediately incentivizing an increase in shale production. Unless the Saudis cut their price to Japan . . . which, either way, would tend to improve Japan’s economy.

  • The Thorium Powered Car

    05/02/2015 1:08:15 PM PDT · 38 of 81
    conservatism_IS_compassion to TexasGator
    1. The car would require tons and tons of shielding to protect people from radiation.

    2. The reactor would cost millions of dollars.

    3. The operator would require a license from the NRC.

    4. The operator would have to post a hefty ‘decommissioning fee’.
    Although I took the “power option” in my mechanical engineering curriculum in college half a century ago, at this late date I know little to nothing about thorium and its byproducts. But on general principles I assume that (1) would be true of any nuclear power source adequate to operate an automobile. Which would lead inexorably to (3) and (4) - and that “decommissioning fee” would have to include impossible assurances as to safety from accidental damage in vehicle operation.

    In conjunction with (1), (3) and (4) would make economy of scale mandatory, leading inexorably to (2) as well.

    Whoever says “fission powered automobile” has to say, electric car energized (almost certainly via battery) by a central nuclear power plant.


  • Urgent Prayer Request for Johnny Random Freeper (Update at #237)

    05/01/2015 6:32:12 PM PDT · 243 of 301
    conservatism_IS_compassion to JRandomFreeper

    Prayer of agreement Bump.

  • Baltimore, a Great Society Failure

    05/01/2015 1:38:22 PM PDT · 27 of 27
    conservatism_IS_compassion to SeekAndFind
    Jimmy Carter’s pledge of “a government as good and great as the American people” was, like Johnson’s “great society” promise, inherently fraudulent.

    Government is a necessary evil, so it cannot be good.

  • Baltimore, a Great Society Failure

    05/01/2015 1:35:42 PM PDT · 26 of 27
    conservatism_IS_compassion to SeekAndFind
    Baltimore, a Great Society Failure
    SOME writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness POSITIVELY by uniting our affections, the latter NEGATIVELY by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher.

    Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer. Government, like dress, is the badge of lost innocence; the palaces of kings are built upon the ruins of the bowers of paradise. For were the impulses of conscience clear, uniform and irresistibly obeyed, man would need no other lawgiver; but that not being the case, he finds it necessary to surrender up a part of his property to furnish means for the protection of the rest; and this he is induced to do by the same prudence which in every other case advises him, out of two evils to choose the least. Wherefore, security being the true design and end of government, it unanswerably follows that whatever form thereof appears most likely to ensure it to us, with the least expense and greatest benefit, is preferable to all others. - Thomas Paine, Common Sense

    Johnson's pledge of a “great society” was always premised on the identity of “society” and government. And indeed, your typical liberal will be unable to distinguish between the two because their rhetoric has systematically obfuscated the fact that the difference between “society” and “government” is freedom. As Paine demonstrated two centuries ago.
  • The Apple Watch Gets One Thing Very Right: It's The First Smartwatch That's Not A Distraction

    04/29/2015 5:16:11 PM PDT · 29 of 31
    conservatism_IS_compassion to doorgunner69; Swordmaker
    used Norton, got sick of the bloat, used free stuff for years now, no problems on my or wife's machines.

    never open attachments from odd sources or at all. I run free Avast and do a scan every so often along with real time protection. No infections, no drama.

    Dunno why you are so paranoid.
    See, that’s the point. I run OS X without all of that rigamarole you have “just” been doing. When I click on a link I don’t worry about “attachments from odd sources” - if anything tries to run that I didn’t ask for, OS X will straitly warn me about it. I don’t go looking for “odd source” free stuff, of course. And I don’t run as a admin privileged user unless I’m loading software intentionally.
    You talk about the things you “just” do that I am trusting that I don’t have to do under Unix/OS X - and then you call me paranoid.

    But to do all that trusting I have to see through the FUD which everyone who actually is functionally paranoid (including you) has a motive to throw at Unix users out of, basically, jealousy.

    And to help me see thru that FUD I trust Swordmaker. A lot. That’s why it is well worth my while to be on his ping list. At least one reason . . .


    04/29/2015 4:14:48 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    conservatism_IS_compassion to apoliticalone
    It is very important that the MSM broadly represent the demographics of the democratic republic we like to call the USA, or it is a sham of shills concocted to feed us propaganda.
    The “MSM” is the confluence of two processes:
    1. Wire Service Journalism, and

    2. government-licensed broadcasting.
    Both depend for their legitimacy on the claim that “journalists are objective.” However, for them to claim to actually be objective is to assert that they don’t need to try to discount “where they sit” when analyzing “where they stand.” Therefore, journalists who claim objectivity for themselves - or who work for an institution which they know will claim objectivity for them - are not even trying to be objective.
  • Hillary 1994: Lock Up Offenders Forever, Build More Prisons

    04/29/2015 2:33:48 PM PDT · 11 of 12
    conservatism_IS_compassion to GeronL
    She also once said dissent was patriotic, now she wants to force Christianity to change its beliefs
    1. And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord, went unto the high priest,

    2. And desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogues, that if he found any of this way, whether they were men or women, he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem.

    3. And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven:

    4. And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?

    5. And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest - Acts Chapter 9
  • Tesla Could Be Changing The Dynamics Of Global Energy

    04/28/2015 2:53:35 PM PDT · 40 of 44
    conservatism_IS_compassion to bananaman22
    The general rule is that any time you produce more of something than was produced in all previous history, you will learn enough in the process to slash unit cost by about 1/4.

    It’s why Moore’s Law has been working; there has consistently been a market for geometrically increasing numbers of transistors - and that justifies the cost of the R&D required to continue moving up the curve.

  • Help! I hate my kid's coach

    04/28/2015 11:54:57 AM PDT · 22 of 44
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Veggie Todd
    you could volunteer to be an assistant coach and see how hard the job really is.
    Not a course I would recommend. I tried that on my daughter’s softball team - and the idiot head coach badgered a girl into going outside her comfort zone in trying to catch balls he hit to her.

    In no time flat he had knocked out the poor girl’s tooth! And there I stood, wondering if I was liable for what had happened.

    Note to coaches: You have to teach a kid to walk before you can teach her how to run.
  • OFFSHORE VS. SHALE, Which will prevail in the long-term?

    04/28/2015 10:56:58 AM PDT · 12 of 12
    conservatism_IS_compassion to thackney
    When you’re talking “long term,” the idea of controlled nuclear fusion - historically always “ten years away” - might actually mature.

    Consider the possibility that the successor to “Watson” might be sicc’d on the problem . . .

  • Exclusive: Ted Cruz’s Marriage Message To Pastors: Stand With God And Be On “The Right Side Of . .”

    04/28/2015 9:48:54 AM PDT · 30 of 40
    conservatism_IS_compassion to ImJustAnotherOkie
    As much as I respect and admire, Ted Cruz, I don’t want to be preached at by the president, and it won’t fly with the country either.
    The problem is not that politicians are preaching Christianity - even Washington’s Farewell Address
    Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connections with private and public felicity. Let it simply be asked: Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of justice ? And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.

    It is substantially true that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government. The rule, indeed, extends with more or less force to every species of free government. Who that is a sincere friend to it can look with indifference upon attempts to shake the foundation of the fabric?

    did not explicitly do that - but that we have a political party in power in the WH which is comfortable persecuting Christians. Chaplains being given orders which Christian pastors can’t abide by, Hobby Lobby, etc.

    In this milieu, being afraid to sound too much like a Christian should make you unacceptable as a politician.

    As a legal matter, the Constitution

    Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth.
    does not make Christianity America’s established religion but it does document the fact that, socially, Christianity was the religious norm of the ratifiers of the Constitution. To require Christians to actively condone anti scriptural behavior is to violate the free exercise clause of the First Amendment.

    Obama tries to finesse that by referring to “freedom of worship” as if the “free exercise” clause was only applicable to behavior between 11 AM and noon on Sundays.

  • The Apple Watch Gets One Thing Very Right: It's The First Smartwatch That's Not A Distraction

    04/27/2015 4:52:51 PM PDT · 25 of 31
    conservatism_IS_compassion to doorgunner69; Swordmaker
    Regardless, why do Apple users need all these tech announcements? No one else seems to need them.
    Frankly, because of FUD.

    When I was a Windows user, I suckered for a phishing attack. Why did I sucker for it? Because I wasn’t using antivirus - which I found to be burdensome back in those days because it was cantankerous and hard to use, and because I didn’t have broadband - and consequently I was paranoid about virus contamination. The phishing attack practiced on my fears, and caused me to do something I shouldn’t have done. So when Apple came out with OS X based on Unix, I took refuge in the greater robustness of Unix and got a Mac, figuring that I didn’t need to nearly so concerned with virus attacks on a system which was designed to continue running even if a program crashed.

    And so it has proved, with the exception of the FUD. Chiefly, “Macsweeper” ads which try to promote the idea that a Mac needs antivirus. And if it needs antivirus, it follows that even if you do have antivirus, someone gets hit by the virus before the new virus is detected and categorized. So if I am credulous of “Macsweeper,” I am right back where I started with Windows. Insecure, and vulnerable to the phishing attack practicing on that insecurity.

    Enter Swordmaker and his ping list. I trust him, what he says has the ring of truth, and I am a happier computer user because of his pings. So if it’s all the same to you, I prefer to have access to Swordmaker’s pings. Even if they get to be more numerous than usual. Which I admit is the case at present, for reasons I have gone over before.

  • The Apple Watch Gets One Thing Very Right: It's The First Smartwatch That's Not A Distraction

    04/27/2015 1:52:40 PM PDT · 21 of 31
    conservatism_IS_compassion to doorgunner69

    Yeah, we all drive - but driving is irrelevant, at best, to FReeping. Consumer digital tech is sine qua non for FReeping. Which is why it is relevant to me when Swordmaker provides technical information regarding Macs.

  • The Apple Watch Gets One Thing Very Right: It's The First Smartwatch That's Not A Distraction

    04/27/2015 9:48:34 AM PDT · 18 of 31
    conservatism_IS_compassion to doorgunner69
    Great, FR can go on just great without the endless advertising, right?
    A couple of points:
    • there has in fact been a surge of Apple posts recently. That reflects the announcement and now the release of a new category of Apple product, but also a surge in anti-Apple propaganda, some of it - Cook-inspired - actually being accurate.

    • It is a continual refrain, unrelated to Apple in particular, that “the media” are unremittingly negative. Well, guess what! in a capitalist nation, good news tends to come in the form of claims that some product - often but not always actually new - is “the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

      But guess who makes those claims, and actually pays to have those claims publicized. Why, producers buying advertising space, that is who. And just as we have been learning, painfully and astonishingly slowly, that journalism is left-wing propaganda even when it is reporting the truth (because they don’t tell the whole truth, and “half the truth is often a great lie”), we know that advertising has to be discounted almost as much as journalism does.

    I am not promoting the idea that Apple is infallible, and it has joined the regrettable chorus of opposition to religious freedom which inheres in “gay rights” which is seen in far too many other quarters as well. I am even considering disposing of my (significant, for me) holding of AAPL over the issue. But the fact is that AAPL has in the past couple of decades been getting things right. First by switching to Unix, which is inherently more robust than the OSes which are designed to naively trust every input because it was assumed that the user had control of the inputs. Came the Internet, and that assumption was silly. Even before that, “sneaker net” transmission of viruses was a problem. AAPL then proceeded to take over the music player market with its iPod, the smart phone market (at least, the profit in making the smart phone), the tablet, and now, seemingly, the smart watch.

    Given that this forum did not exist before the advent of modern digital technology, and could not exist without it, the progress of consumer digital technology hardly seems to be inherently outside the range of interest of its participants. IMHO.


    04/26/2015 5:56:21 PM PDT · 117 of 126
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Former Proud Canadian
    ABC is just another liberal propaganda arm. PROPAGANDA! Don't expect actual journalism
    My theory is that any journalism which claims to be objective - not limiting itself to claiming to try to be objective, but claiming actually to be objective - is propaganda.
  • Apple Won’t Always Rule. Just Look at IBM.

    04/26/2015 4:18:02 PM PDT · 46 of 49
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Gen.Blather
    I once tactfully pointed out a huge misapprehension to my boss at another company. He reacted with anger and doubled down on what he was doing which caused exactly the fiasco I had warned about. Rather than saying thanks or promoting me he sidelined me in a pigeonhole to suffer career death. Call that a lesson learned and the reason nobody tells the emperor he has no clothes.
    A congressional investigation of the surprise at Pearl Harbor determined that “if you wanted to have a stagnant career as a military officer during the fantastic expansion of forces and of career promotions during WWII, it was only necessary to have correctly predicted Pearl Harbor.” (quote approximate from memory).
  • Mitt Romney on Hillary's Uraniumgate: 'It looks like bribery'

    04/24/2015 10:24:04 AM PDT · 18 of 18
    conservatism_IS_compassion to V_TWIN; EQAndyBuzz
    Someone I know told me cankles has been blackmailing people also but I’m not gonna say who, you should ask her, it’s her responsibility to explain it.
    Same guy told me that one of those e-mails Hillary destroyed was a thank-you to Putin for a donation to the Clinton Foundation.
    I don’t know if it’s true, but - unlike Harry Reid’s slander - that charge will never be disproven. Hillary should have to disprove it.
  • Please pray for my Mom

    04/24/2015 5:03:45 AM PDT · 121 of 143
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    Prayerful bump.

  • NYT Freak Out: Ermagersh! Ted Cruz Has Gay Friends—and Supporters!!!This doesn't fit the narrative

    04/24/2015 2:08:52 AM PDT · 4 of 28
    conservatism_IS_compassion to dp0622
    Why do we always have to be such boy scouts!?
    It’s who we are.
  • The Ins-and-Outs of an OS X Permission Fix

    04/23/2015 4:39:20 AM PDT · 8 of 20
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Swordmaker
    at least $10
    In for (additional) 20 . . .
    (Swordmaker challenge noted)
  • Please keep those donations coming in, folks. We need your support more than ever! [FReepathon XXII]

    04/23/2015 3:55:12 AM PDT · 116 of 136
    conservatism_IS_compassion to SWAMPSNIPER

    Maybe you should reply to this

    Freepathon challenge by Swordmaker to his ping list . . .

  • Audiobook: Madison's Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787

    04/19/2015 3:08:23 AM PDT · 27 of 27
    conservatism_IS_compassion to ProgressingAmerica

    Bookmarked for later download.

  • How to Pretend Apple Watch Is a Failure No Matter What

    04/18/2015 12:24:43 AM PDT · 40 of 117
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Viking2002

    “I carry a pocket watch. With analog hands.”

    I’m with you on the analog hands. Tried the pocket watch thing. It isn’t me.

    Which is why - the ONLY reason why - I can imagine any utility to the Apple Watch thing.

    Who is old enough to be able to afford it, and still has eyesight acute enough to be able to read it??

  • Follow Sweden: Kill the Inheritance Tax Now

    04/17/2015 10:11:37 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    conservatism_IS_compassion to bjorn14

    “Its not about robbing dead people, it about robbing families of wealth to make them serfs of the state. Remember they did not build that so they don’t deserve that.”

    The answer to “you didn’t build that” is twofold:

    - as the experience of lottery winners demonstrates, even keeping
    a fortune - let alone a business - together is far easier said than done. And,

    - Neither society nor government decided to put the in the particular place. The founder of that particular business made that decision and MADE IT WORK. While the rest of society stood around speculating on how long it would be before the new venture folded up, as so many new ventures do.

  • Many say "consumption" drives the US economy. This financial expert says that is completely wrong.

    04/16/2015 11:00:51 PM PDT · 66 of 85
    conservatism_IS_compassion to MarchonDC09122009

    “Appreciate Mr. Tamney’s views on the economy, and making the obvious point that what we produce, rather than consume is the true measure of economic health.
    I’m concerned that his nuanced statement that: “deficits don’t matter”, will be misinterpeted by willing ears all too eager to print money, and continue insane fiscal and monetary policy.”

    Milton Freidman pointed out that the burden of government is not measured by its taxes but by its SPENDING.

    Jack Kemp added the caveat that taxes are (my words) a form of regulatory burden on the economy. Cutting tax rates therefore tends to increase the economy. If done to excess it ALSO causes inflation. But that does not entirely negate the economic benefit. It is always GOVERNMENT SPENDING which causes inflation in the first instance.

  • Many say "consumption" drives the US economy. This financial expert says that is completely wrong.

    04/16/2015 10:10:39 PM PDT · 65 of 85
    conservatism_IS_compassion to dhs12345

    “Consumption can create a need that didn’t exist before. The PDA and basic cell phone created a need for the smart phone. Also, the need for a music player created the ipod which in turn created the Iphone. The iphone may not exist if it weren’t for the Ipod and the huge business that it created.”

    You greatly underestimate Steve Jobs. “The consumer doesn’t KNOW what he wants until I offer it to him.”

    Will the same prove true of the iWatch? Stay tuned . . .

  • Finally: a clear explanation of why the Left loves the death tax

    04/16/2015 9:24:28 AM PDT · 17 of 22
    conservatism_IS_compassion to SeekAndFind

    Socialism is the “gospel” of cynicism. Socialism rejects the very IDEA of accomplishment or excellence in anything other than criticism.

    It thus obliterates society’s memory and gratitude for achievement. It must, therefore,be expected to impoverish society. It is a destroyer of security for the old, and of long range hope for the young.

  • Tricky Dicky Hillary

    04/16/2015 7:06:23 AM PDT · 21 of 25
    conservatism_IS_compassion to blaveda

    The number of emails is irrelevant, you’re right. What matters is that she destroyed an email which proves she sold influence to a foreigner as Sec. of State. I know it.

    HOW I know it doesn’t matter any more than the identity of Harry Reid’s imaginary friend who told him that Romney hadn’t filed his taxes. In fact it matters even less - because no future event can prove me wrong.

    Even if she were to recover and release all those emails, she couldn’t PROVE that there wasn’t one more . . .


    04/16/2015 1:32:13 AM PDT · 56 of 62
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Nailbiter

    Why Hillary are you still breathing?

    Four dead does not encompass the scope of Benghazi. There is also the fact that annex security personnel were ordered to stand down and leave Amb Stevens AND OTHERS to his fate. Had they obeyed orders, more than four would be dead.

    But even so. The answer to a Hillary nomination is obvious. Nominate the father or mother of a fallen hero of Benghazi for VP!

    Weren’t those heroes “ordinary” enough for Hillary?
    Or do you have to be on welfare to merit her fighting for you??

  • How to Bring Back Traditional Education

    04/16/2015 12:44:39 AM PDT · 4 of 23
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Cincinatus' Wife

    Abandon the in-school lecture in favor of in-home online audio-visual (but not talking head) lectures.

    Make each lecture short - and proceed to working short, few, examples.

    Rinse, repeat.

    Work longer problems which use old AND new information.

  • Take that, Ted Cruz: Jeb Bush heads to Liberty University to pander to the Christian right

    04/15/2015 11:43:54 AM PDT · 11 of 17
    conservatism_IS_compassion to 2ndDivisionVet

    “His not unkind rhetoric on immigration”

    Rhetoric which implies that we must consent to be ruled forever by whatever tyrant appeals to Mexicans is unkind TO US.

    And we reject it without apology.

  • Is 'Social Justice Warrior' a Pejorative?

    04/14/2015 10:34:24 PM PDT · 32 of 32
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Cincinatus' Wife

    My analysis of journalism’s tendentiousnes led me contrast the left’s slant with TR’s famous “it is not the critic who counts . . .

    But journalists ARE critics, nothing else - so they go to the opposite extreme and treat all claims of accomplishment as bogus. Thus, “You didn’t build that.” This cynicism is their way of denying the obvious reality that, e.g., John Rockefeller did a fabulously valuable thing when he converted local natural “pollution” into Black Gold by refining petroleum into fuels.

    Cynicism about the very notion of private accomplishment goes to the.”rule or ruin” nature of the left. They prattle about “progress” BUT THEY LUST FOR POWER AND CARE NOTHING FOR PROGRESS THAT EMPOWERS THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

  • America’s First Strategic Cruise Missile Was Totally Useless (Snark)

    04/14/2015 11:39:39 AM PDT · 35 of 41
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Lazamataz
    The Snark, America’s First Strategic Cruise Missile Was Totally Useless

    That's because it never blew anything up. It would just sit on the launch pad making catty and sarcastic comments about the enemy.

    What a snarky comment! LOL!!!

  • Is 'Social Justice Warrior' a Pejorative?

    04/14/2015 1:00:42 AM PDT · 6 of 32
    conservatism_IS_compassion to Cincinatus' Wife
    Thomas Sowell has it right: any modifier word appended to "justice" converts it to injustice.

    The term the write is looking for is, simply, "bullies." Because "injustice bullies" are, quite simply, bullies.

  • Japan Defies Obama — Plans On Building 43 Coal Plants

    04/13/2015 10:00:23 PM PDT · 36 of 37
    conservatism_IS_compassion to MrB

    Hear, hear!

  • The Potemkin Economy: How the Press is hiding the holes in the economy

    04/13/2015 8:37:02 AM PDT · 5 of 14
    conservatism_IS_compassion to DiogenesLamp

    “that Marty Crutsinger and the other propagandists at the Associated Press will continue to pretend that we’re still in the midst of a six-year expansion.”

    All journalists are propagandists. There is no basis for the presumptuous assumption of “journalistic objectivity.” None.