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  • Proposition H Supervisors ridiculed

    11/06/2005 1:41:52 PM PST · 1 of 27
    The three supervisors pushing San Francisco's Proposition H handgun ban are in for some heavy ridicule, they are nominated to the gun control hall of fame -- -- also on the ballot, "a coalition of anti-war groups placed Proposition I on the Nov. 8 ballot, which they say would make San Francisco the first city in the country to have a policy that opposes military recruiting in public schools."
  • Jane Fonda to Appear at Galloway Speech 9/18/05 (Madison, WI)

    08/29/2005 4:49:04 AM PDT · 31 of 31
    corsair to Diana in Wisconsin

    "We were elated when Jane Fonda, wearing a red Vietnamese dress, said at a press conference that she was ashamed of American actions in the war, and that she would struggle along with us.... Our losses were staggering and a complete surprise. Giap later told me that Tet had been a military defeat, though we had gained the planned political advantages when Johnson agreed to negotiate and did not run for reelection." - Bui Tin, Colonel, People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN).

    More Jane Fonda Quotes -

  • Bigger French Role in U.S. War on Terrorism Heralds Warming Ties

    08/29/2005 3:34:35 AM PDT · 21 of 26
    corsair to Sam the Sham
    Sam the Sham declared "unlike the Brits they never gave a damn about multiculturalism or political correctness when it came to dealing with militant Islam." ?? Then why did Brigitte Bardot get convicted and fined, and maybe jailed for hate speech, because she criticized Moslems in France? " country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims." Brigitte Bardot convicted for thought crimes and speech crimes and also see Bardot racism conviction upheld France has a huge and growing Muslim population and at one point there were more mosques being built than churches, or was it... more mosques in France than churches, as Bardot had complained.
  • Fonda considers Cambridge degree

    06/16/2005 7:31:59 AM PDT · 9 of 9
    corsair to stuartcr

    That's right. How bad can it be if Jane Fonda leaves the U.S. and takes up residence in Cambridgeshire? Good for us, bad for them. Because she can attract her own kind, Fonda could turn Cambridge University upside down and inside out.

  • Fonda considers Cambridge degree

    06/12/2005 1:34:02 PM PDT · 1 of 9
    If she goes through with this, Jane Fonda will come out as a Womyn, and be ordained a minister of the Gaia faith, and she will channel the spirits of ancient Druids.
  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 8:21:29 PM PDT · 41 of 88
    corsair to philetus

    I think downtown L.A. is about 110 miles from the border, but it's not enought to make a difference, amply demonstrated by Channel 54 in Los Angeles having a billboard that reads "Los Angeles, Mexico".

  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 8:18:29 PM PDT · 40 of 88
    corsair to John Jorsett
    The headline should have been "Los Angeles mayor-elect under cloud of suspicion" Followed by "Los Angeles' newly elected mayor of Mexican ancestry opposes citizen action to stem invasion of illegals from Mexico. Federal government has been ineffective for many years, leading to citizen action, meanwhile President Bush has proposed *another* amnesty for illegal immigrants."
  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 8:12:41 PM PDT · 37 of 88
    corsair to OKIEDOC
    "liberal Mexifornian"

    KTNC-TV Ch. 42-Azteca America

    KAZA-TV Ch. 54-Azteca America Los Angeles

    KTNC-TV Ch. 42-Azteca America San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose

    KAZH-TV Ch. 57-Azteca America Houston


    Remember the billboard? Channel 54 in Los Angeles, Mexico.

  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 8:03:59 PM PDT · 34 of 88
    corsair to Torie

    Not knee jerk, just jerk.

  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 8:03:29 PM PDT · 33 of 88
    corsair to lemura

    fantastic! Is that common knowledge around L.A.?

  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 8:02:15 PM PDT · 31 of 88
    corsair to Torie

    Why would Antonio Villaraigosa care about facts? He already has President Bush on his side, Bush already called the Minutemen "vigilantes".

  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 7:53:53 PM PDT · 15 of 16
    corsair to zarf

    Thanks zarf, I knew that, but I just fancy myself a better headline writer than any wire service or newspaper.

    I noticed a SOCAL news article from earlier today, the headline read Hispanic when actually Mexican would have been more accurate, but, the legacy media must conceal their deceptive agendas wherever possible.

  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 7:46:38 PM PDT · 11 of 16
    corsair to G-Man 1

    Clear Channel - Los Angeles, California.

    In San Francisco, Clear Channels station there says things like "Tu Azteca America".

  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 7:45:37 PM PDT · 10 of 16
    corsair to zarf

    But I like my title better.

    L.A. mayor-elect under cloud of suspicion,
    because he is.

    I have noticed other Freepers posting a story with their own modified title, so I thought it would be okay.

  • LA mayor-elect breaks with governor on civilian border patrols

    05/19/2005 7:05:17 PM PDT · 1 of 16
    Comments from Blade Runner Nation( "Newly elected mayor of Mexican ancestry opposes citizen action to stem invasion of illegals from Mexico. Federal government has been ineffective for many years, leading to citizen action, meanwhile President Bush has proposed *another* amnesty for illegal immigrants."

    "This is a safe position for the new mayor until you stop to realize that no agency of the federal government including the newly established Department of Homeland Security has been effective in stopping the flood of illegal immigrants at California's border with Mexico."

    "Los Angeles County disagrees [the county supervisors voted to have sheriff turn illegals over to INS]."

  • Fonda movie refused by theater owner

    05/17/2005 7:28:34 PM PDT · 1 of 54
    Hooray! For Ike Boutwell, and this news tip courtesy of Cabot Egan posting on alt.war.vietnam.

    Treason is a capital crime with no statute of limitations.

  • Jane Fonda protest report (No spit in Seattle Apr. 27, 2005)

    04/29/2005 1:37:25 PM PDT · 1 of 74
    Sarge6000 on Hannity & Colmes tonight, (FoxNews Friday, Apr. 22, 2005).
  • "Christianity Is My Spritual Home" (Jane Fonda Tells How She Was Saved...)

    04/27/2005 3:58:58 PM PDT · 91 of 101
    corsair to k2blader

    k2blader wrote To: meandog

    "No matter what wrongs she's committed in the past (and still does to this day), Jane Fonda might well be a Christian."

    I agree, Jane Fonda might be a Christian, but it's really irrelevant to most of the discussion about Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda's alleged adoption of Christianity is just one of the red herrings used by Jane Fonda and her defenders to divert attention from the most troublesome parts of Jane Fonda's life.

    red herring - is something intended to divert attention from the real problem or matter at hand; a misleading clue.

    Jane Fonda's supporters rely on red herrings to divert attention from Jane Fonda's real flaws, including those flaws that rise to the level of treason.

    Here are three of the most common Jane Fonda red herrings.

    1. We need to forgive Jane Fonda and move on.

    2. She apologized.

    3. She is a born-again Christian.

    None of the three red herrings above is atonement for treason.

    ANS-1. Individuals can forgive Jane Fonda in their hearts, but Jane Fonda is still at large for treason, namely, giving "aid and comfort" to foreign powers at war with the United States.

    ANS-2. Jane Fonda's so-called apologies amount to "I'm sorry I got caught." The latest apology in her book and in her latest media blitz can be taken more as an apology to her supporters that she was caught.

    Americans are at heart, a gentle, forgiving people and we are suckers for an apology, but by accepting the so-called apologies, we take Jane Fonda of the hook for her real offenses, namely subversion of U.S. military forces at a time of national peril and war, and rendering aid and comfort to an enemy, namely, treason.

    ANS-3. The alleged Jane Fonda conversion to Christianity takes our eyes off the ball again. Is Jane Fonda a born again Christian? Yes, or no, only God knows for sure, and it doesn't erase her record of subversion and treason because there is no atonement, no admission of her errors except to say things like she is sorry she "hurt people."

    In fact, aside from her embarrassment at being caught giving aid and comfort to the enemy AA gun crew, she does not acknowledge that she was in fact giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and she is defiant in defending her other actions such as her propaganda broadcasts on Radio Hanoi.

    Consider the following:

    1. "Every day our leadership would listen to world news over the radio at 9:00 a.m. to follow the growth of the American antiwar movement. Visits to Hanoi by people like Jane Fonda and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and ministers gave us confidence that we should hold on in the face of battlefield reverses. We were elated when Jane Fonda, wearing a red Vietnamese dress, said at a press conference that she was ashamed of American actions in the war, and that she would struggle along with us." - Bui Tin, Colonel, People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) in Wall Street Journal article, Thursday August 3, 1995 (A8). -- Reference: Following Ho Chi Minh: The Memoirs of a North Vietnamese Colonel by Tin Bui (1999 PB) Read also, General Bui Tin of the North Vietnamese Army tells all.

    2. "The GRU and KGB helped fund just about every antiwar movement and organization in America and abroad... What will be a great surprise to the American people is that GRU and KGB had a larger budget for antiwar propaganda in the United States than it did for economic and military support to the Vietnamese." - Russian defector Staanislov Lunev in 'Through the Eyes of the Enemy'(page 78).

    3. Michael Benge was an American civilian held POW by the North Vietnamese communists. After being asked if he would like to meet with Jane Fonda, Benge told his captors he would tell Fonda "...about the real treatment we POWs were receiving, which was far different from the treatment purported by the North Vietnamese, and parroted by Jane Fonda, as 'humane and lenient.'" Benge said that when the Vietnamese found out his intentions; "I spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees with outstretched arms with a piece of steel re-bar placed on my hands, and beaten with a bamboo cane every time my arms dipped."

    Other Jane Fonda red herrings include bulimia, her mother's suicide and her three philandering husbands.
    Richard Rongstad
    Republic of Vietnam 1969-1970
    Vietnam vet against John Kerry

  • Jane Fonda's book tour

    04/26/2005 7:55:05 AM PDT · 186 of 188
    corsair to Redwood71

    Please stop this story.

    This is a clever blend of fact and fiction. Driscoll and Carrigan have repudiated the part of the story with Fonda palming the SSNs and the POW being beaten over that. Michael Benge has verified his portion of the story, he was beaten because of the Jane Fonda visit.

    Spreading B.S. about Jane Fonda helps Jane Fonda, because she and her supporters can say; "Look at the lies they tell about our Jane", then the facts about Jane Fonda get questioned and rejected even though they are true.

    Check the Bogus Jane Fonda Story at

  • Will Justice Indict Berger?

    07/23/2004 7:42:53 PM PDT · 16 of 110
    corsair to E. Pluribus Unum
    Nothing will come of this.

    Nothing ever does when DEMO(N)cRATS are involved.

    Think of the security violations of John Deutch and Wen Ho Lee and compare to the penalties paid by your average ensign, 2nd Lt., corporal or petty officer third class -- think brig, stockade, fine, reduction in rate and rank, less than honorable discharge, maybe Leavenworth, but not these rats.

    I don't know how Clinton's former CIA Director Deutch got off, but Wen Ho Lee and his lawyers and support groups played the race card.

    What card will Sandy Berger play?

    My guess is if this case follows the Janet Reno Waco massacre trajectory, Berger will hold a press conference and admit responsibility but avoid mention of accountability and the media will swallow it, and Congress and the Attorney General John Ashcroft and everybody else will move on. Berger's best defense strategy might be to cop a plea now before the election. If things drag out until after November 2, Ashcroft's hand would be strengthened, and Berger could get hammered, like he should be hammered. Or, maybe not (:>).

  • Vietnam Veterans for a Free Boston (Enlighten the Media)

    07/23/2004 7:16:37 PM PDT · 4 of 4
    corsair to onedoug


  • Vietnam Veterans Conference During Dem Convention (The Truths That Kerry Lied About)

    07/23/2004 7:02:45 PM PDT · 2 of 7
    corsair to USMCVIETVET

    I talked on the telephone last week with a former Vietnamese Sea Commando (Nasty Boat 20-mm gunner) and SEAL (LDNN) named Kiet who wanted to attend the Boston conference put on by Steve Sherman, but Kiet had a scheduling conflic. He said the 75th Rangers wanted him to speak at their event. My point is, Kiet and a lot of the other Vietnamese I have had contact with don't like Kerry and don't want him elected President. The older generation of Vietnamese expats understands the link between John Kerry and the antiwar politics that washed South Vietnam down the drain, the younger generation I am not so sure about, unless they really paid attention to their parents. Second generation Viet kids also get dumbed down by the teachers' unions just like all the other kids.

  • Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go!(26 ex-Diplomats and Military - LA Slimes)

    06/13/2004 7:54:23 AM PDT · 46 of 54
    corsair to Clara Lou
    Clara Lou wrote: "Bump. How many of these are Kerry supporters. One admits it. What about the rest? What are their personal agendas?"

    Clara Lou, I think you are are referring to the usual suspects. The way I see it, their personal agendas are to further their personal politics through Democratic Presidents. It's alarming to me, and it's part of a disturbing trend for former military officers to be become very openly and publicly involved in partisan politics. See my page Democratic Party General Staff: The Usual Suspects -- One of them, Admiral William Crowe, also led a charge of admirals and generals in support of Bill Clinton. Be sure to check CDI, Hippies and Celebrities (Barf Alert)

  • Claudia Bermúdez vs. Barbara Lee

    06/13/2004 7:35:33 AM PDT · 5 of 14
    corsair to Baynative
    It gets better Baynative, and deeper.

    As Claudia says, her father Enrique Bermudez (Commandante 380) was assassinated by Sandinistas, after he signed a cease fire agreement, but Claudia also says the Sandinistas have assassinated over 700 Contra leaders since the cease fire.

    My first inkling of Claudia Bermudez came on talk radio Wednesday afternoon (June 10) with Brian Sussman (KSFO AM 560). Bermudez had just returned from Simi Valley where she paid her respects to Ronald Reagan and Reagan's family. Sussman and Bermudez discussed Reagan, John F. Kerry, and Claudia's bid to unseat Barbara Lee (CA-D-9).

    Claudia Bermudez calls herself a Reagan Republican, and indeed, her website opening page currently begins with a tribute to Ronald Reagan -

    Sussman and Bermudez discussed John Kerry's trip to Nicaragua to meet with Daniel Ortega and other Sandinista leaders, citing a photo of Kerry with Ortega that is available on the Internet. Sussman mentioned that Kerry voted against aid for the Contras. Sussman said Kerry "supported communists", in this case, meaning the Sandinistas.

    Sussman to Bermudez: "He (Kerry) was tied in with the death of your father."

    Claudia's message is this; "Please help the Republican National Committee and me defeat Barbara Lee, who was the only member of Congress to vote against authorizing military action against Usama bin Laden. She is a Representative so out of touch with the needs of our Country that she has failed to protect out sons, daughters, sisters and brothers. She has voted against supplying our troops with Body Armour, against providing them with proper medical coverage and the supplies not just to do their job in protecting our freedom, but also to protect themselves from harm...."

    "... My opponent also voted against banning the burning our Flag." Bermudez adds that Barbara Lee is " anti-family that she voted against repealing the marriage tax penalty and voted against allowing prescription drug benefits for Medicare recipients. She is so anti family that on May 20, 2004 she voted against making the $1,000.00 child tax cut permanent.

    Claudia Bermudez says she has been living 23 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Claudia's web site is

  • Claudia Bermúdez vs. Barbara Lee

    06/13/2004 7:10:16 AM PDT · 1 of 14
    This political race should provide sharp contrasts and clear choices for voters in the heavily Democratic stronghold 9th District in Alameda County, including City of Oakland and surrounding communities.

    Incumbent Barbara Lee has built herself quite a reputation, according to, Lee's record shapes up as a Hard-Core Left Liberal.

    Barbara Lee is also a member of Black Congressional Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus with the likes of Socialist Congressman Bernie Sanders (VT).

    Barbara Lee's voting record includes NO on:

    • military border patrols to battle drugs and terrorism
    • authorizing military force in Iraq (HJ Res-114)
    • emergency $78B for war in Iraq & Afghanistan
    • permitting commercial airline pilots to carry guns
    • $266 billion Defense Appropriations bill
    • deploying SDI
    • shortening gun show purchases waiting period from 3 days to 1 (with instant background check)

      Tax happy Barbara Lee also voted YES to pay the United Nations but voted NO on:

    • making the Bush tax cuts permanent
    • $99.5B economic stimulus: capital gains & income tax cuts
    • Tax Cut Package of $958B over 10 years
    • eliminating the Estate Tax
    • eliminating the "marriage penalty"
    • repealing the estate tax ("death tax")
    • $46 billion in tax cuts for small business
  • Recaption This Cartoon

    01/28/2004 9:33:58 PM PST · 4 of 4
    corsair to corsair
    The 9-month bump.
  • Conduct Unbecoming: Kerry and the Special Forces Officer

    01/28/2004 7:06:07 PM PST · 1 of 13
    I am a Vietnam War vet. Stephen Sherman covers many of the reasons I oppose John Kerry as a candidate for anything except to be Jane Fonda's towel boy.
  • Congressional Black Caucus opposes Bush nominee: a black female judge

    10/17/2003 11:39:30 PM PDT · 59 of 61
    corsair to El Conservador
    Another Senator Byrd 1960: Harry Byrd Democratic Party Senator Harry F. Byrd of Virginia filed as an Independent candidate for president. Byrd collected 15 electoral votes from Alabama (8), Mississippi (6) and Oklahoma (1).
  • Geoff Moore, winning in the trenches

    09/16/2003 5:33:55 PM PDT · 7 of 8
    corsair to mhking
    Have Geoff Moore lighten up. He looks much too serious in that photo!
  • Lawmaker Wants to Put 'French' Back in Fries

    09/16/2003 5:27:36 PM PDT · 60 of 69
    corsair to presidio9
    Since I don't take my cues from either Hurricane Sheila Jackson Lee, Bob Ney or Walter Jones, I never stopped saying french fries and french toast or french kiss. I never stopped thinking the French are even sillier than Sheila Jackson Lee, Bob Ney and Walter Jones, either. ("Rep. Bob Ney, head of the House Administration Committee, ordered the changes in March. The Ohio Republican took the action at the suggestion of Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican.")
  • Lawmaker Wants to Put 'French' Back in Fries

    09/16/2003 5:21:34 PM PDT · 58 of 69
    corsair to bicycle thug
    My reading of history says sauerkraut became liberty cabbage during World War I, not WW-II. Whadya think bicycle thug?
  • Bono: It takes only a dollar a day to stop an African dying of Aids

    05/30/2003 12:58:00 AM PDT · 35 of 92
    corsair to dfwgator
    I like your idea and I want to help Bono so I'll improve on your idea. We get the U.N.; that's Bono's "international community"; to declare that all bleeding heart "we are the world - save the children" entertainers are international citizens and must pay; oh, about a 80% confiscatory tax on gross receipts. That way every concert and every recording can be a "Live Aid" concert. Using Bono's numbers, AIDS would be stopped in two years, tops. Not much improvement. Huh. Yeah, you're right, nevermind.
  • Bono: It takes only a dollar a day to stop an African dying of Aids

    05/30/2003 12:35:03 AM PDT · 33 of 92
    corsair to Pokey78
    Bono wrote; Unless we, as an international community, go to war against this killer, there will be at least 25 million Aids orphans in Africa by the end of this decade. — "we, as an international community"? Triggers my bullshit detector. — so Bono then wrote; Lord of the Flies syndrome is emerging: children bringing up children. It's hard not to be evangelical about the facts. It's hard for the heart not to be moved by the immense loss of lives. It's hard for the head not to see the security implications of the destruction of the African family, African economies, African hopes. — Bono might move me with his plea if would give up his celebrity lifestyle and take all his money and all the money he can suck out of the other wealthy elitist celebrities and goes to be evangelical about it by living in Africa amid the AIDS epidemic victims; helping them, nursing the sick and dying and cajoling the survivors to change their lifestyles to stop the spread of AIDS. — Bono - throw the bum out.
  • Bono: It takes only a dollar a day to stop an African dying of Aids

    05/30/2003 12:15:49 AM PDT · 31 of 92
    corsair to Pokey78
    I think those African countries better get started now. For just $365 per person per year, one African can be saved by his or her own government. How many African governments are willing to save 10 of their own citizens? Just $3650 will save 10 Africans for one year according to Bono. And, just think! With matching funds from Bono, 20 could be saved!

    Don't you just love celebrity idiot jackasses from other countries that go around looking for new ways to spend Americans' dollars?

    Bono should campaign across the Irish countryside to save Africa, go into every pub and demand that every Irishman sacrifice a pint a day to save an African.

    Throw the bum out.
  • Kelsey Grammer & Cast of Frasier Anti-Gun Propagandists

    05/14/2003 8:34:37 PM PDT · 43 of 66
    corsair to PatrioticAmerican
    I never watch Frasier, or Frazier, or whatever it is.

    I'd rather tune in to "I Love Lucy", "Three's Company", or the Cartoon Channel, if there's nothing on Discovery, TLC, or the History Channel.
  • New York Times Staff Memo from "Arthur, Howell, & Gerald" (The Smoking Gun)

    05/14/2003 12:07:06 AM PDT · 97 of 100
    corsair to timydnuc
    The Old Gray Whore is dying from within, and none to soon for me. I'll just miss the toilet paper.

    That "bares repeating". (:>).

    Don't forget fishwrap and lining bird cages, plus I can use it under my car when I change oil.

  • What Drove 2 Britons to Bomb a Club in Tel Aviv?

    05/12/2003 12:25:46 AM PDT · 3 of 5
    corsair to miltonim
    The first mistake in the story is to describe Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif as "Britons".

    They may be residents or citizens of that unfortunate land, but they surely are not "Britons".

    The story makes it very clear that first and foremost, they are both anti-Jewish Moslem terrorists.

  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/09/2003 3:10:20 AM PDT · 113 of 113
    corsair to merry10
    merry 10 wrote; not that I am a big tennis fan, but...if we complain about Serena probably inadvertantly sitting on the flag,we need to complain about all the people with their very tattered post 9/11 flags still flapping on their cars.

    (1) merry10, I don't agree with you "Serena probably inadvertantly sitting on the flag", but I'd go along with possibly, if it can be proved that Serena has diminished mental and visual capacity. Serena Williams is a finely tuned gifted athlete with excellent vision and capable of hitting tennis balls rocketing towards her at high speeds. You're asking that people believe Serena Williams "probably inadvertantly" sat on the flag for several different photographs and stood there not noticing the flags dragging on the ground while a series of at least 10 photographs, if not twice or three times that many, were snapped by just one photographer of several present.

    (2) Excellent point about the tattered flags on cars. The people that do this make me gag. Any idiot can wave the flag, wrap herself or himself in the flag or sit on it as Serena did, but few people take the time to learn and understand the history and traditions in the care of and display of the U.S. flag. I don't know about your "we" part, but I've mentioned this to more than a few people, all strangers, none of them celebrities as far as I know. If just one celebrity could be nailed to the idiot wall on network television news for driving a car with a tattered flag in the breeze, other people doing it might take notice.

  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/08/2003 3:00:36 PM PDT · 107 of 113
    corsair to Katya
    "His daughters are about the sweetest girls you could ever meet"

    Where did you meet them?

    "I've heard plenty of tennis afficianados complain that their domination of the sport is making the game boring. I couldn't tell you what the political affiliation of these whiners is, but I can tell you that they're all white."

    Not a surprise to me, I'd guess that most tennis aficionados are white.

  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/08/2003 1:44:36 PM PDT · 101 of 113
    corsair to Catspaw
    Catspaw wrote about Ken Adelman's alleged necktie that is a flag; "I'll ping you the next time Adelman's on FoxNews wearing his flag necktie."

    Okay, thanks, Catspaw. I'll look for that, and also do a search.

  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/08/2003 1:42:10 PM PDT · 100 of 113
    corsair to Catspaw
    Catspaw wrote more weird stuff;

    Okay, you just loathe Serena Williams.

    Jealous of her backhand? Her baseline game?

    Give it up Catspaw.

    For some reason I don't understand yet, you are wallowing in the sewer, using insinuation and innuendo to accuse me of hating Serena Williams, then loathing Serena Williams, then being jealous of Serena Williams. I not only hold myself and Serena Williams and Free Republic to a higher standard, I hold you to a higher standard too.

  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/08/2003 1:33:08 PM PDT · 99 of 113
    corsair to mabelkitty
    mabelkitty wrote; (1) I noticed your took the photo out of context. She had one on either side, if I believe correctly, and she was celebrating something.

    I didn't take anything out of context. There are at least ten different photos of Serena Williams, in different poses with the U.S. flag on the ground. In a couple of the photos, the flags of France, United Kingdom, Australia and the U.S. are all seen dragging on the ground. Celebrating something is not a reason to drag any flags on the ground. Celebration is certainly not a reason to drag the U.S. flag on the ground.

    And then mabelkitty wrote; (2) Therefore, your diatribe should actually be directed toward the Art Director and Photographer for deliberately setting her up for attacks such as this.

    My diatribe, (:>). Any criticism of "the Art Director and Photographer" takes second place to criticism of Serena Williams, unless you can prove they physically threatened her or her family, e.g., pointed a gun at her head and told her to pose with the U.S. flag on the ground, or else. You can argue that the people that set up the photo shoot caused the flags to be on the ground, but Serena could have stopped that at anytime and told them to change it. I don't see any evidence of conspiracy by the photographers to compromise Serena, but I do see Serena sitting on the flag and have read what her father said, according to news reports.

    (3) then mablekitty wrote; She is very young, focused, and may not have been aware at that particular time that she was causing distress.

    Ah, yes, the giddy youth excuse for followed by the evil paparazzi excuse as mablekitty wrote; Not unlike Princess Diana when she was asked to stand in front of the sun so her skirt would be see-through. It was a deliberate attempt to embarrass her.

    I hold myself and all my fellow Americans including Serena Williams to the same expectations and standards, and clearly, some people have lower expectations of Serena Williams than I do.

  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/08/2003 1:04:38 PM PDT · 96 of 113
    corsair to Catspaw
    Catspaw wrote You really hate Serena Williams, don't you?

    No, I really don't. That's a silly question.

    But, here's how I would like that photo opportunity to have turned out for Serena Williams and her fellow Americans. Serena Williams looks at the photo set up, and says; "No, I don't like that. The flag of my country shouldn't be dragging on the ground." (She then picks up the flag from the ground). Serena continues; "And, here. What's this? The flags of France and Australia dragging on the ground? What kind of a person do you think I am? I was raised to respect the flag of the country that has given me these wonderful opportunities and to respect other people's flags. Change this set up."

    But, in answer to your silly question; it is true that in light of the facts I do not consider Serena Williams to be worthy of the respect that I show to most of my fellow Americans.

    Serena Williams is a great athlete and very succesful. Athletic gifts, sexy bodies, great smiles, bright lights, fame, fortune, glowing press reports and hordes of butt-kissing fans do not make anybody a good role model, good citizen or a righteous person. There is nothing about Serena Williams that justifies hatred of Serena Williams, or hatred of her father for that matter.

  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/08/2003 12:40:26 PM PDT · 94 of 113
    corsair to Catspaw
    Catspaw wrote about Ken Adelman; "No, Adelman was wearing a flag around his neck. It was not on a flagpole or folded in the proper manner."

    I'd like to see proof, a photo would do for starters, please give date and source.

  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/08/2003 12:36:53 PM PDT · 92 of 113
    corsair to cyborg
    About Serena Williams sitting on the U.S. flag dragging on the ground, cyborg wrote; That's not a fair conclusion of her patriotism.

    Maybe not fair, but a logical conclusion based on three facts; (1) Richard Williams' attitudes and statements about the flag, (2) Richard Williams raised Serena, (3) Serena sat on the flag.

    Serena Williams sitting on the U.S. flag could mean a lot of things; (1) she was too giddy to notice, (2) she is too ignorant to know any better, (3) she doesn't care one way or the other because that's the way she was raised, or, (4) it was intentional and she was expressing her contempt for the U.S. flag taught to her by her father Richard Williams.

    In view of Richard Williams' comments, number (4) seems the most likely, (3) and (2) also quite likely, and (1) not likely. If Richard Williams had carefully instructed Serena in matters of patriotism and flag etiquette, it's doubtful she would have sat on a U.S. flag, let alone sit on a U.S. flag dragging on the ground.

    It looks like whoever put it there had no clue in the first place.

    This seems like a good explanation. Whoever put the U.S. flag on the ground for Serena Williams to pose sitting on, also had other national flags dragging on the ground. But, if Richard Williams had carefully instructed his daughters as carefully in matters of patriotism and flag etiquette, as he probably did in tennis etiquette, it's doubtful Serena would have done this.

    Look how far down they placed the flag. Looked more like a quick photo op.

    I'd say two possibilities for this; (1) a staffer working for Australian National Open and photographers from the press pool set up the photo opportunity with the flags dragging on the ground and didn't know any better, or (2) a staffer and photographers wanted to make a negative statement about flags.

    I wonder if William Carney would kick Richard Williams' ass.

  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/08/2003 12:04:52 PM PDT · 90 of 113
    corsair to Catspaw
    Why? Was Ken Adelman sitting on his tie? Using this logic I would have to complain about every photograph of a flag, and I would have to complain about about every flag decal on other peoples' windows and bumpers. A flag is a flag. A necktie is a necktie. There would be no cause for complaint unless Adelman was wearing an actual flag that was cut up and/or shaped into a necktie.
  • Richard Williams plays race card

    05/08/2003 11:06:47 AM PDT · 88 of 113
    corsair to Jakarta ex-pat

    Serena Williams Disses U.S. flag

    "Williams said his daughters were the victims of racist prejudice from within the tennis world."

    I'm not prejudiced against Serena Williams because she is black. But, I strongly dislike Serena Williams because she posed for photos sitting on a U.S. flag that was dragging on the ground.

    "Williams also said he will never salute the flag because of racism in America."

    Obviously his contempt and hatred rubbed off on Serena.

    ""It has no meaning for me," he said."

  • Hillary: 'I am Sick and Tired' of Patriotic Critics

    04/30/2003 12:16:47 AM PDT · 145 of 196
    corsair to Brian Allen; Inkie; smiley
    << She sounds just like Hitler at Nuremberg. >>

    Geez, Mate. That's a bit bloody rough, isn't it? On Hitler.

    I thought she was trying to sound like Ted Kennedy.

    Tonight on Hannity & Colmes, Dick Morris said she sounded like she was talking to Bill Clinton.

  • Fake SEAL commits suicide

    04/24/2003 1:26:24 AM PDT · 7 of 24
    corsair to RichInOC
    Now, you're spooking me. If he faked his own suicide, whose body is that? Silbergeld certainly had/has the criminal mindset to do such a thing. I sure hope they check fingerprints in Delaware. It took 8 days from the reported date of suicide for the Wilkes-Barre newspaper to pick up on it, the Times-Leader had initially exposed Silbergeld in print last year, so maybe everything was checked out in that time. Last year I was told that the Dept. of Veterans Affairs IG was looking at Silbergeld real hard, and they probably yanked his ill-gotten vet benefits and may have gotten a judgement and billed him for what he obtained fraudulently. Nobody's saying though. Apparently Silbergeld did have two years active duty USN.
  • Recaption This Cartoon

    04/24/2003 1:11:52 AM PDT · 3 of 4
    corsair to corsair
    The 6-month bump.