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  • One Car Bomb Away

    08/18/2008 11:02:41 AM PDT · by cowdog77 · 6 replies · 217+ views
    Joel Rosenberg's Weblog ^ | 8/18/08 | Joel Rosenberg
    "....Pakistan now enters a dangerous moment of instability. It is not yet clear who will replace Musharraf, and as I’ve written before, Pakistan has long been one car bomb away from a bin Laden-ally seizing power. Should an al Qaeda-type Radical gain control of the country and its nuclear weapons, we could be facing an apocalyptic moment....." For all his many flaws, Musharraf was steadily becoming a Reformer. After 9/11, he became a key ally of the U.S., helping us in our war against al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan rather than interferring. He and his security forces worked...
  • Rice Offers Iran Prospect of Normal Ties

    01/23/2008 10:24:23 AM PST · by cowdog77 · 45 replies · 631+ views
    Reuters ^ | 01/23/08 | Sue Pleming
    DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Wednesday she believed the nuclear stand-off with Iran could be resolved diplomatically but that Tehran must not be allowed to become a nuclear weapons power. Just one day after getting agreement on a draft U.N. Security Council resolution against Tehran, Rice offered the incentive of a "more normal relationship" and expanded trade if Iran gave up sensitive nuclear work, according to the prepared text of her speech to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. "Ultimately, though, we believe that we can resolve this problem through diplomacy," Rice said...
  • United States: State Sponsor of Judeophobia

    12/12/2007 3:03:33 PM PST · by cowdog77 · 46 replies · 120+ views
    Arutz Sheva - Israel National News ^ | 12/07/2007 | Pamela Geller
    Last week, a line was crossed. A terrible line was crossed at Annapolis. With the world looking on, the President of the United States sponsored Judeophobia. Jew-hatred was okay, understandable even. Under the auspices of a global "peace" conference, the White House sanctioned Jew-hatred. The Jew is contemptible, inferior, ignorant, politically and socially disenfranchised: separate entrance ways, service entrances for the Jews, refusal to touch or shake hands with a Jew, refusal of audience members to wear the translation earphones when Ehud Olmert spoke. "Saud Al-Faisel's ears, underneath his red keffiyah, were left bare. And no, it wasn't because he...
  • Panicked Olmert - Leaks Bush Visit Plan to Cover Deep Crisis

    12/05/2007 10:40:33 AM PST · by cowdog77 · 16 replies · 14+ views
    Israel Insider ^ | 12/05/2007 | Israel Insider
    What a difference a week makes. The depth of the crisis facing the US and Israel may be difficult to fathom, but the Prime Minister of Israel appears hard-put to confront it or even acknowledge it. Back in Annapolis, Ehud Olmert enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame and glory, and the fleeting embrace of George W. Bush. But after the Joint Understanding was filed away, and the reporters filed their stories, the Israelis began to realize the extent of the bait-and-switch that had been pulled on them, and what a sea-change in relations with the United States they were facing....
  • Report Alleges Missing Plutonium at Los Alamos (Don't's just plutonium)

    12/01/2005 7:47:35 AM PST · by cowdog77 · 15 replies · 498+ views ^ | Nov 30, 2005 | Keay Davidson
    Report Alleges Missing Plutonium at Los Alamos More than 600 pounds of plutonium are unaccounted for at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, according to a report by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research expected to be released today, the San Francisco Chronicle reported (see GSN, Nov. 28). The institute culled data from five publicly available reports and Los Alamos and Energy Department documents. While there is no indication that the missing plutonium has been stolen or is being used illegally, the missing material raises “a vast security issue,” according to the report. “The security implications … are...
  • TAKE NOTE: Names of "Conservative" Congressmen Obstructing Spending Cuts

    11/10/2005 8:51:06 AM PST · by cowdog77 · 26 replies · 1,027+ views ^ | 11/9/05 | Tim Chapman
    As of yesterday, there are still some Republicans whose position on cutting spending is unknown. Below are the Republican members who are not committed: Bartlett, Roscoe (R-6th MD) Bass, Charles (R-2nd NH) Boehlert, Sherwood (R-24th NY) Bradley, Jeb (R-1st NH) Castle, Michael N. (R-DE) Davis, Thomas M. (R-11th VA) Ehlers, Vernon J. (R-3rd MI) Ferguson, Mike (R-7th NJ) Fitzpatrick, Mike (R-8th PA) Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. (R-11th NJ) Gerlach, James W. (R-6th PA) Gilchrest, Wayne T. (R-1st MD) Inglis, Bob (R-4th SC) Johnson, Nancy L. (R-5th CT) Johnson, Tim (R-15th IL) Kelly, Sue W. (R-9th NY) Kennedy, Mark (R-6th MN) Kirk,...
  • Under the Ramadan Moon ~

    10/19/2005 3:57:23 PM PDT · by cowdog77 · 9 replies · 560+ views
    Omega Letter ^ | 10/19/05 | Jack Kinsella
    President Bush hosted another dinner this year for Muslim leaders at the White House for the traditional meal that marks the end of a daily Ramadan fast. Hosting Islamic leaders at the White House has become an annual event, one which began in 2001 after Islamic terrorists slammed three aircraft loaded with innocent Americans in the World Trade Center and Pentagon building and crashed a fourth filled with passengers into a field in Pennsylvania. I always thought that an odd tradition to start, given the circumstances. Sort of like hosting an annual Shinto celebration in Washington, starting right after Pearl...
  • One More Time, All Together Now ..."It's only coincidence".

    10/09/2005 2:18:54 PM PDT · by cowdog77 · 43 replies · 1,561+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 10/9/05 | World Net Daily
    Pat Robertson, a former GOP presidential candidate and host of the "700 Club" daily Christian TV show, noted, "If you read back in the Bible, the letter of the apostle Paul to the church of Thessalonia, he said that in the latter days before the end of the age that the Earth would be caught up in what he called the birth pangs of a new order. And for anybody who knows what it's like to have a wife going into labor, you know how these labor pains begin to hit. I don't have any special word that says this...
  • This Narcotic We Call Government

    09/30/2005 9:19:18 AM PDT · by cowdog77 · 5 replies · 236+ views
    FDR spoke to a nation mired in the depression,"Continued dependence" upon welfare induces a spiritual disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. Doling out relief is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit." By welfare, subsidized food, public housing and free medical care, government thought to end poverty.In New Orleans we saw the failure of 40 years of the Great Society. After Katrina passed, young men who should have taken charge in helping the aged, the sick and the women took to the streets to shoot, loot and rape. The police, their numbers cut by deserters,...
  • "Compassionate Conservatisim Wiped Out"

    09/24/2005 12:46:25 PM PDT · by cowdog77 · 20 replies · 638+ views ^ | September 23, 2005 | Jonah Goldberg
    Is this the end of 'compassionate conservatism'? ~Jonah Goldberg Here's my silver-lining hope this hurricane season: George W. Bush's compassionate conservatism gets wiped out like a taco hut in the path of a Cat. 5 storm. Outside of people inside the administration, I've never met anyone who really likes the president's "compassionate conservatism." To the extent conservatives praise it at all, they celebrate the fact that compassionate conservatism got Bush elected. This is no small or insignificant feat, note the realists. Without victory, nothing else is possible. "It's the lady that brought us to the dance," they explain. Now, don't...
  • Tears, anger as many poor are stuck (Now, I wonder....who's fault it that???)

    09/23/2005 2:50:13 PM PDT · by cowdog77 · 155 replies · 3,478+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 9/23/05 | DEborah Hastings
    Tears, anger as many poor are stuck 09/23/2005 By DEBORAH HASTINGS / Associated Press Wilma Skinner would like to scream at the officials of this city. If only they would pick up their phones. "I done called for a shelter, I done called for help. There ain't none. No one answers," she said, standing in blistering heat outside a check-cashing store that had just run out of its main commodity. "Everyone just says, 'Get out, get out.' I've got no way of getting out. And now I've got no money." With Hurricane Rita breathing down Houston's neck, those with cars...
  • Open Letter to Deadweights ~ From Sensible People

    09/20/2005 11:16:50 AM PDT · by cowdog77 · 13 replies · 1,956+ views
    Bears Repeating | State Rep Mitchell Aye - Georgia
    "We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional, and other liberal bed-wetters. We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim they require a Bill of NON-Rights." ARTICLE...
  • God's Final Warning to America

    09/16/2005 10:48:53 PM PDT · by cowdog77 · 45 replies · 807+ views
    Philo ^ | 1998 | John McTernan
    October 30, 1991: President George Bush opens the Madrid Conference with an initiative for a Middle East peace plan involving Israel's land. On the same day, an extremely rare storm forms off the coast of Nova Scotia. (It was eventually tagged "The Perfect Storm," and a book and movie were made about it.) Record-setting 100-foot waves form at sea and pound the New England Coast, even causing heavy damage to President Bush's home in Kennebunkport, Maine. August 23, 1992: The Madrid Conference moves to Washington D.C. and the peace talks resume, lasting four days. On that same day, Hurricane Andrew-the...
  • Racism Isn't the Problem ~

    09/08/2005 10:51:40 PM PDT · by cowdog77 · 333+ views - Senior Editor | Sept 8, 2005 | Susan Jones
    Dependence on Government, Not Racism, Hurting Black People, Pastor Says By Susan Jones Senior Editor September 08, 2005 ( - A black conservative leader says don't blame racism or President Bush for what happened to thousands of black people during and after Hurricane Katrina. "The truth is black people died, not because of President Bush or racism, they died because of their unhealthy dependence on the government and the incompetence of Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco," said the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of BOND (the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny). Peterson singled out...
  • New Orleans Didn’t Just Go Nuts -- It’s Been Nuts

    09/07/2005 10:52:24 PM PDT · by cowdog77 · 15 replies · 867+ views
    Human Events Online ^ | Sept 6, 2005 | Mac Johnson
    "First out of the gate were the Holy Men of the Cult of Global Warming, who couldn’t wait for the first dead to wash up before they declared the Hurricane irrefutable proof of Global Warming and a direct responsibility of George W. Bush. Next up were the racial ambulance chasers, always looking for another grievous injury to add to their political caseload. Looking at the Sea of Black faces abandoned without transportation, food, water or protection, they somehow managed to look past the City’s Black Mayor, Black Police Chief, Black City Council members and all the other Black office holders...
  • Rice Takes the Gloves Off

    01/27/2005 11:26:30 PM PST · by cowdog77 · 557+ views
    Rush Limbaugh ~ The Truth Detector ^ | 01/27/05 | Rush Limbaugh
    So when Condoleezza Rice goes in there and says, "You will implement the president's agenda, and this is our calling, and this is going to happen," she had better keep an eye on her back. Now, it's a good thing it's the president that has her back, because he does, just like the president has Rumsfeld's back. But I'm going to tell you, she nevertheless, she's going to be pulling knives out of her back starting this afternoon after what she said to some of these people. You're going to see. You say, "Well, Rush, how will this manifest itself?"...
  • How Many Times Can You Kill a Corpse?

    04/15/2004 9:46:37 AM PDT · by cowdog77 · 1 replies · 104+ views
    Hal Lindsey Oracle ^ | 4/15/04 | Hal Lindsey
    How many times can you kill a corpse? -------------------------------------- Posted: April 15, 2004 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2004 The Bush administration threw down the gauntlet at Yasser Arafat's feet yesterday during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. In fact, before the press conference even began, Arafat was already all over the airwaves, denouncing it to all who would listen. Two weeks ago, Arafat began making overtures to Israel's deadliest enemies, Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Both are sworn to the total destruction of the state of Israel, the confiscation of all Israeli land, the banishment of...
  • What Will be Found in Iraq Aftermath~

    02/24/2003 10:54:19 PM PST · by cowdog77 · 3 replies · 155+ views
    Rush Limbaugh ^ | 2/19/03 | Rush Liimbaugh
    Aftermath In Iraq Is the Key To Everything February 19, 2003 "Folks, the Brits have warned all of their nationals in Iraq to hightail it out of there as soon as they can, before the bombs start to drop. The day is drawing closer, folks – and when the war is over, that's when the really good stuff is going to start happening. When the shooting is over – and it will be over quickly – the world will discover that George W. Bush was 100% right about everything he has been saying about Iraq and Saddam Hussein. I'm going...