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  • Ravens, Jaguars Players Kneel During National Anthem After Trump's Attacks On NFL

    09/25/2017 9:09:46 AM PDT · 68 of 68
    CSM to BookmanTheJanitor

    It’s even worse, these morons don’t even realize that the Star Spangled Banner contains a celebration of the end of slavery. A fifth stansa was added post Civil war with the purpose of that celebration.

    So, they kneel to protest a song that celebrates the end of slavery and stood to celebrate a tribute to the monarchy that FORCED slavery on the colonies.

    Complete idiocy.

  • Five Reasons to End Government Smoking Bans

    03/03/2017 9:07:18 AM PST · 56 of 94
    CSM to dp0622

    “The average smoker is low education low income.”

    Yeah, and we should extend your attitude to all things. Let’s ban low education and low income folks from all other economic activity!

  • How Tennessee Could Be About To Start A Constitutional Crisis (Article V)

    02/24/2017 9:54:37 AM PST · 86 of 87
    CSM to cba123

    “We really, really, really need to not do this.”

    So you are satisfied living in a a post-Constitutional America?

    “Our founders created a very good system.”

    Let me nit-pick first. The “founders” didn’t create the system. The Framers did.

    Second, Article V in the very system the Framers created is what is at discussion. They created this as the final way for the States and the People to force Constitutional discipline.

    “Leave it, the way it is.”

    How is it? The courts make things up almost every day that changes the living document. This has been happening for a century! In fact, just the other day, the 5th circuit court GUTTED the 2nd Amendment.

    “We will not like what happens, if we open up things now, to changes.”

    The progressives of both parties change it at their own whims now. That is reality and your position allows for that to continue.

    I suggest that you read “The Liberty Amendments” to better understand the subject.

  • How Tennessee Could Be About To Start A Constitutional Crisis (Article V)

    02/24/2017 9:45:46 AM PST · 85 of 87
    CSM to Perseverando

    “If two-thirds or 34 states pass a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention,”

    Article V is not a “Constitutional Convention.” It is a Convention of the States. I expect better from Zero Hedge. They are usually more reliable.

  • Hollywood Director Tweets Threat To Trump Supporters After Berkeley Riot

    02/02/2017 8:57:33 AM PST · 40 of 40
    CSM to rktman

    Remember all of the rioting when President Obama banned all future refugees from Cuba? Yeah, me neither.

  • Barbra Streisand blasts Donald Trump: 'I completely agree with Meryl'

    01/10/2017 11:02:11 AM PST · 60 of 69
    CSM to Zakeet

    Dear Babs,

    Is insulting someone worse than throwing people in Jail? Whatever happened to the guy that made the youtube video that Hillary claimed caused Benghazi.....

  • Man Receives $128 Fine for Warming up Car in His Driveway

    01/09/2017 1:12:11 PM PST · 55 of 95
    CSM to nickcarraway

    “But it wasn’t thieves who targeted Taylor Trupiano’s vehicle.”

    I beg to differ, it certainly WAS thieves that targeted him.

  • College Football Playoff Rankings: Nov 29, 2016

    12/05/2016 2:07:20 PM PST · 43 of 43
    CSM to IrishBrigade

    Looks like that game WAS decided on the field. Bama beat Florida, so the better team won and will move on. Had Florida won, they would have proven themselves better on that day and should have moved on. Woulda and shoulda aren’t worthy now for that game.

    I still think Penn State got jobbed. They won the Big 10 title AND beat the Buckeyes on the field.

  • College Football Playoff Rankings: Nov 29, 2016

    12/02/2016 8:37:11 AM PST · 41 of 43
    CSM to IrishBrigade

    Yes, I am fully aware that Florida could win the SEC and by my standards that would put them in the tourney over Alabama. The same could happen with Colorado vs Washington and with VT over Clemson.

    Yes, I would be completely fine with all of those outcomes. It should be decided on the field of play. Period. If the Conference Championships are to mean anything, then it should be the ticket to the tourney.

    If the CFP wants legitimacy, then they need to take the role of “opinions” out of it.

    Of course, if they expanded to 8 teams, they could take all 5 conference champs (making me happy) and then 3 at large bids (making you happy.) Until then, let it be decided on the field.

  • What to Do if You Are Targeted at Work for Violence, Harassment or Hate Speech

    12/01/2016 10:31:23 AM PST · 18 of 24
    CSM to mdittmar

    They sourced the Southern Poverty Law Center. A well known organization that has been proven to be liars.

  • College Football Playoff Rankings: Nov 29, 2016

    11/30/2016 8:57:04 AM PST · 29 of 43
    CSM to Flycatcher; commish

    I’m with you both. In fact, given that they only have 4 spots, the only decision from the committee should be which conference champ is left out. In my opinion, the current 4 slots should only be awarded to conference champions.

    If you can’t win your own conference, then you shouldn’t be eligible to win the national championship!

    If they want to include teams that don’t win their conferences, then they need to expand their playoff to 8 teams. Take all power 5 champs and then 3 at large teams.

    If they take any team that is NOT a conference champion, they will show that their system is bunk! I don’t care if OSU (or UM) is higher ranked than the winner of PSU/UW. Decide it on the field! Period!

    My dream would be that Colorado beats Washington, VT beats Clemson and Florida beats Alabama. What would the “committee” do then? Hmmm...

    Oh, and go WMU Broncos! It’s nice to have a season for my alma mater to pay attention too....

  • "Brace For Economic Disruption" SocGen Sees "Sharp Rise In Gold" As India Plans Cap On Cash Holdings

    11/21/2016 12:46:34 PM PST · 55 of 57
    CSM to entropy12; Garth Tater

    “Again, this debate began because of the post saying if electricity goes out, credit cards will not work. I responded with “use personal checks” during those rare occasions.”

    I couldn’t imagine being any type of business and accepting checks during a community wide power outage. Imagine the fraud that we all know occurred during Katrina. Businesses would be insane to accept checks during such times.

    Cash is king and it always should be.

  • Ford Calls Donald Trump – Says Plant Will Not Move to Mexico, Will Remain in Kentucky

    11/18/2016 1:07:48 PM PST · 143 of 148
    CSM to jjotto

    “The Louisville plant being talked about builds the Ford Escape and its Lincoln MKC twin.”

    Exactly right.

    “Moving Escape’s 300,000 units to Mexico while leaving the more expensive MKC’s 30,000 units in Louisville isn’t much of a victory.”

    You are right, that would be a disaster. However, that is not at all what is happening. I’ll explain later.

    “The Fusion/MKZ is already built in Mexico.”

    True. That doesn’t change in any future cycle plans for Ford.

    “Something about this story doesn’t add up.”

    OK, so here are the facts.

    First, to address this recent news flurry. The Lincoln built in Louisville Assembly is nearly common with the Ford Escape. The Escape is a very good selling vehicle for Ford and they need more capacity to build more. As a result the next generation, 2020 MY, Lincoln C-platform Cross over is going to move to Mexico. That will allow the next generation Escape, 2019.5 MY, to be built at higher volumes in Louisville Assembly.

    It will also allow for the very low volume 30-50K units of the Lincoln version to be more differentiated from the Ford badge.

    The article is referencing the Mid Cycle Action (MCA) changes, which is not a full platform refresh. It is only an updated tophat and updates for federal regulations and safety improvements. It would be considered a 30-50% “refresh” to that vehicle.

    The 2019 MY, and beyond, C-car platform is completely new. It will include a new Focus, C-max, Escape and Lincoln Escape. It will also include versions of these vehicles in Argentina, Germany, Russia and China. The Focus, C-max and Lincoln Escape are forecasted to have reduced volume expectations and are being consolidated in one new greenfield plant in central Mexico.

    That moves the Focus and C-max out of Michigan Assembly. That capacity will now be used for the new Ranger (bringing that model from Australia) and eventually an additional SUV model that is TBD....(Hint: Check the rumor boards, they are all accurate..however I am obligated to not say the name.)

    The Lincoln Escape will still be moving out of Louisville, however it will be replaced by more volume to produce the Ford Escape.

    The F series will still be at Dearborn Assy, Kansas City and Kentucky Truck Plant. Transits will still be at Ohio and Kansas City 2. The Mustang and Town Car will remain in Flat Rock, MI.

    The C-car platform moves have been in development in the Ford Product Development area for over 2 years, so this is nothing new. It is far to late to change those cycle plans at this time.

  • Could Ford moving to Mexico move Michigan into Trump's column?

    09/19/2016 11:07:47 AM PDT · 63 of 71
    CSM to BobL; polymuser

    “I agree. International travel sounds exotic and a lot of fun, but no doubt it gets old fast, even for execs.”

    I am a senior buyer in the auto industry, in fact I am employed by one of the OEM’s. I can tell you that the global nature of this industry is exhausting. There are times that I begin my day on conf calls at 6 am with Australia and then move around the globe until ending the day at 6 pm with conf calls to Mexico.

    There is nothing we would like more than to have our supply base much more local. Not only would it be much more convenient to gather the team, but the reality is that the American worker is the BEST at problems resolution, productivity, etc. The others just don’t culturally understand anything but straight line instructions.

    Sadly, as the government targets coal, the same alphabet agencies target all types of manufacturing.

  • Could Ford moving to Mexico move Michigan into Trump's column?

    09/19/2016 11:01:04 AM PDT · 62 of 71
    CSM to Alberta's Child

    “There was a Freeper here a few months back who gave a great summary of what Ford is up against. Believe it or not, Federal fuel efficiency and safety standards are one of the biggest factors in Ford’s move to Mexico.
    The key here is that they’re moving the production of the Ford Focus in particular to Mexico, because that’s their compact car model. What’s happened is that fuel efficiency and safety standards have added so much to the cost of a car that Ford can’t sell the Focus at a competitive price — and by “competitive” I don’t mean competitive with other automakers, I mean competitive with other Ford models.

    When you take a $16,000-$20,000 car and add all of the mandated features to it, it becomes a $20,000-$25,000 car. As a result, many customers who would have been in the market for a compact car like the Focus end up paying a few thousand dollars more for a mid-sized Fusion. The end result is that Ford can’t sell enough units of the Focus to keep their average fleet efficiency above the level mandated by the EPA, unless they’re willing to sell them at a loss.

    Ford is moving the Focus production to Mexico because it’s the only way they can make them dirt-cheap enough to set the pricing at the compact car level here in the U.S.

    Go figure. “

    Great post and the FReeper you mentioned was me. I appreciate your memory and recall. I tired of posting the information when it seemed so pointless.

  • Ford to move all small-car production to Mexico from U.S.: CEO

    09/19/2016 10:46:47 AM PDT · 90 of 91
    CSM to castlegreyskull

    “I tried to be patriotic and bought my first Ford. It is a fusion. I won’t do this again.”

    Hahaha, you bought a car made in Mexico (Hermosillo) and now that Ford is moving small car production to Mexico now you are going to boycott them.

    BTW, this move of production is so that they can bring the Ranger and Bronco back into production at the old small car plant in Michigan. Not 1 American job will be lost due to this move and after this capacity expansion they will still have 85,000 US employees vs about 5,000 Mexican employees.

    If you want small car production to remain in the US, tell the Feds to back off on their thousands of dollars of mandated content and to back off on their impossible CAFE requirements.

  • How can you love Automobiles, knowing they kill so many: Vanity

    08/30/2016 10:52:07 AM PDT · 16 of 46
    CSM to BornToBeAmerican

    “The cool thing is that our Constitution gives us the right to own a gun.”

    The Constitution did not give us anything. God gave us inalienable rights that CAN NOT be taken from us. Period!

    One of those rights is the right to protect ourselves, another is to freely travel and freely assemble with like minded folks. Try that without an automobile...

  • How can you love Automobiles, knowing they kill so many: Vanity

    08/30/2016 10:50:12 AM PDT · 14 of 46
    CSM to BornToBeAmerican

    “Yep, they only talk about guns because no one talks of cars, booze, drugs, cigarettes, etc. Heck junk food kills more people daily than guns.”

    What do you mean “no one talks of” those things? Those are some of the most regulated things in the country AND the liberals are always talking about further controls.

    Quit trying to use tyrannical examples to fight tyranny. Liberty is the only antidote to tyranny.

  • The Perfect Media Manners for Malia Obama

    08/19/2016 1:15:47 PM PDT · 34 of 37
    CSM to akalinin

    “The first amendment definitely needs a re-think. Starting with licensing ‘journalists’, separating them from ‘propagandists’.

    I can hope you aren’t serious, but sadly I fear that you probably are. YOU are the reason for amendment to begin with...

    I will pray that one day you will wake up to realize the fascism you are espousing. Do you know who else “licenses journalists?” Kim Jun Il, Mao, Castro, Chavez, and on and on.

  • Uber to deploy self-driving cars in Pittsburgh

    08/19/2016 10:06:44 AM PDT · 40 of 40
    CSM to CSM

    Here is another one from 1900:


    But the most amusing (from today’s perspective) anti-automobile efforts happened in the Keystone State. At some point before 1910 (I can’t pin down the exact year), a group calling itself the Farmers’ Anti-Automobile Society of Pennsylvania proposed the following not-so-subtle additions to state law (emphasis added):

    1. Automobiles traveling on country roads at night must send up a rocket every mile, then wait ten minutes for the road to clear. The driver may then proceed, with caution, blowing his horn and shooting off Roman candles, as before.

    2. If the driver of an automobile sees a team of horses approaching, he is to stop, pulling over to one side of the road, and cover his machine with a blanket or dust cover which is painted or colored to blend into the scenery, and thus render the machine less noticeable.

    3. In case a horse is unwilling to pass an automobile on the road, the driver of the car must take the machine apart as rapidly as possible and conceal the parts in the bushes.

    -end snip-