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  • The “Self-Driving Car” is Only an Oxymoron

    08/16/2017 11:13:34 PM PDT · 19 of 64
    CurlyDave to precisionshootist
    ... The market does NOT want driverless cars. The public is being lied to in an attempt to sell them something they instinctively don't want and for countless good reasons most importantly is the threat to individual liberty...

    You might not want driverless cars, but I am part of the market also and I want them.

    Not quite sure about the "threat to individual liberty" you seem to see. But, as an older guy, I see driverless cars as increasing my individual liberty. The day when someone tells me I should no longer drive may never come.

    People in high cost areas can afford real houses. 2+ hours drive to work isn't nearly so painful if I can doze while the car handles traffic for me. A coffee machine that brews me a cup 15 minutes out and hands it to me is going to be the big new option.

  • Seahawks Doug Baldwin wonders why sitting for anthem is bad when fans curse, yell and wear hats

    08/16/2017 10:18:28 AM PDT · 34 of 36
    CurlyDave to Leaning Right
    ....I look in the stands at some of our games, both home and away, and I see people that are drunk with their hats still on, yelling. How come you guys aren’t talking to them? How come there’s not a discussion about them?...

    The difference is that the fans are paying for their tickets.

    The players are being paid to play the game and put on a show.

    If the fans decide they don't like what they are seeing, the league and the players are out of luck. If the league and the players don't like the fans they can either get new ones or go out of business.

    It is the classic customer - supplier relationship.

  • Trump 'seriously considering' a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    08/15/2017 11:35:44 AM PDT · 47 of 48
    CurlyDave to Theodore R.
    But isn’t Arpaio facing 6 months for a misdemeanor in a federal district court?

    The original article says ...the colorful former Arizona sheriff who was found guilty two weeks ago of criminal contempt for defying a state judge’s order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected undocumented immigrants...

  • Trump 'seriously considering' a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    08/15/2017 11:34:05 AM PDT · 46 of 48
    CurlyDave to Az Joe
    ...Arpaio was convicted of misdemeanor criminal contempt in a federal court...

    The original article says ...the colorful former Arizona sheriff who was found guilty two weeks ago of criminal contempt for defying a state judge’s order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected undocumented immigrants...

    Now when do federal court enforce state judge's orders?

  • Trump 'seriously considering' a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    08/14/2017 11:56:49 PM PDT · 14 of 48
    CurlyDave to PCPOET7

    Can the President pardon state offenses?

    I always though he could only pardon federal offenses.

  • Is It Time to Treat Violence Like a Contagious Disease?

    08/14/2017 3:40:10 AM PDT · 9 of 11
    CurlyDave to Daffynition
    I heard a group of doctors discussing this on a radio-tlak show this morning.

    Well, I bet they got the treatment wrong. If we are going to consider violence to be like a disease, the correct treatment is jail. And plenty off it.

    If we used public caning as a treatment, that would create an actual cure.

  • Child Miners Aged 4 Living a Hell on Earth so YOU Can Drive an Electric Car: Awful Human Cost...

    08/08/2017 12:44:32 PM PDT · 18 of 68
    CurlyDave to nickcarraway

    Do you guys really believe 100% of this without further corroboration?

    What were conditions in the mines like before electric cars?

    I seem to remember that cobalt goes into a lot of aerospace materials and defense items also.

    How much of the human misery is caused by their corrupt governments? If child labor were really outlawed would they use machines and the kids would starve?

  • Teens in stolen car crash had 126 arrests; murder charges possible (w/video)

    08/08/2017 12:12:00 PM PDT · 9 of 57
    CurlyDave to DCBryan1
    ...Others who knew the boys said they had good hearts but fell in with the wrong crowds...

    These guys were the wrong crowd, all by themselves.

  • US military to shoot down consumer drones (DJI drones also banned in military)

    08/08/2017 9:23:08 AM PDT · 14 of 19
    CurlyDave to Buckeye McFrog
    ...I could foresee an Air Force base not being able to scramble for an attack because they were being swarmed by drones and spending all of their energy on that.

    I suspect that 10 or so drones dancing in low over the runway could make takeoff an iffy prospect. With 20+ minute duration per drone, how many drones would it take to effectively close a runway for several hours? Even a terrorist group can afford 100+ drones, it is child's play for any government.

  • FBI Leaked Classified Flight Plan of AG Loretta Lynch to Set Up Bill Clinton’s Tarmac Ambush

    08/08/2017 9:16:05 AM PDT · 32 of 67
    CurlyDave to Erik Latranyi
    ...They cannot prosecute Bill Clinton, so if it is all his fault, nobody can do anything but complain.

    His Presidential immunity ended when he left office. As a practical matter, "political immunity" is a different story, but he can be arrested and prosecuted.

  • Bill de Blasio Will Push for Tax on Wealthy to Fix Subway

    08/06/2017 3:52:37 PM PDT · 33 of 34
    CurlyDave to catnipman
    typical kommie solution for ‘fixing’ overcrowded public transit: spend 1/3 of the new tax money extorted from “rich” people on adding 800,000 new SUBSIDIZED riders, most of whom are probably jobless and/or illegal aliens who will now compete for subway space with folks with jobs who already can’t get to work because of EXISTING overcrowding!...

    The real problem is that the thugs among them, no more than 30 or 40% of the males, will consider the working riders as walking ATM machines and will rob them at every opportunity,

  • Deputy Attorney General: Special counsel Mueller needs permission to expand Russia investigation

    08/06/2017 3:35:17 PM PDT · 98 of 159
    CurlyDave to McGavin999
    I have a feeling this is going into areas nobody expects. They may well be looking into the Russian influence and the Dems...

    If you really believe that, I have a nice bridge for sale.

  • This Time, It's a Bubble in Rentals

    08/06/2017 12:27:02 AM PDT · 12 of 28
    CurlyDave to dragnet2
    ...Something is going to give...

    IMHO, what is going to happen is the advent of the self-driving car.

    I lived in the SF Bay area for almost all of my working life. Housing close to jobs is always crazy expensive and further out housing is affordable but miserable due to commuting. Car pooling sucks like a Hoover because you always have to get to work early and leave late. No personal time left at all.

    But, if I have a car where I can sleep on the way to work and nap on the way home, a 3 hour trip each way doesn't sound so bad. And when I get to work, I tell the car to go earn some money as an Uber. If I have an emergency I call it on my phone and it is right there in a few minutes.

    No it isn't ideal, but suddenly I can live where house prices are reasonable and still have some time with the family. And I can sleep through traffic. This makes life in the far-out areas bearable.

  • Leak: Trump Administration to Investigate Colleges for Discriminating Against White Applicants

    08/02/2017 12:12:39 AM PDT · 50 of 60
    CurlyDave to Enterprise
    They need to take a hard look at civil service recruiting, hiring, and promoting also. Just sayin’ Amen, brother.

    Back when I lived in the SF Bay area, I remember going into the local Post Office. It was impossible to find anyone who spoke English as a first language, and when they saw my white face, their accents deliberately got thicker and their attitudes got worse.

    Time to clean up the civil service mess along with draining the swamp.

  • Apple beats Street

    08/01/2017 11:51:39 PM PDT · 25 of 37
    CurlyDave to Swordmaker

    Now the interesting question is: “will Apple pull up the FANG stocks, which have had a few bad days in a row lately?”

    I am going to bet that the entire tech sector gets a boost.

  • Apple beats Street

    08/01/2017 11:47:57 PM PDT · 24 of 37
    CurlyDave to Vision Thing
    I’m no apple fanboi, but I bought shares when the p/e multiple showed no respect for the ridiculous religious devotion of apple consumers. It was a no-brainer to buy. Glad the market is starting to acknowledge the apple consumer. Gonna cash out soon.

    I have shares with a cost basis of $4.50. Every year they pay dividends which are almost equal to their original purchase price. If I had cashed out every time I read that I should, I would be a lot poorer than today.

    As a guy who actually uses his computer in a small business, I am a big Apple fan. I don't really care what it costs to buy, the fact that it just works all day long, every day means that I can just use it.

    DW also has a business, and she switched to Apple 15 years ago because she saw my computer work while her Windows machine failed on a regular basis. They just plain work, and the hardware lasts like a mother-in-law's curse.

    Same for our iPhones. No futzing, no lost contacts.

    We don't have a ridiculous religious devotion, we just like to have our stuff work. We use it to make a living.

    One of the most amazing things in the world to me is that no one thinks twice about a carpenter having a $200 hammer, and top of the line tools, or a plumber having professional pipe wrenches. But if we choose to buy computers that are more durable and easier to use, we are "fanbois" and somehow suspect...

  • 7 deadliest jobs in the world: Besides high risk involved, these also feature long hours & low pay

    08/01/2017 11:04:59 PM PDT · 34 of 50
    CurlyDave to Redwood71
    My goodness, how can you call this a list when you forgot military and law enforcement. These guys and gals put their life on the line every time they slip on the uniform. And I can promise you, it isn’t for the money....

    The reason it is a correct list is that it is based on actual results.

    Despite what law enforcement would like us to believe, their job is not nearly as dangerous as these.

  • Joy Reid: Are We Going to Be the Last Western Country to Elect a Woman President?

    07/30/2017 6:36:43 AM PDT · 68 of 104
    CurlyDave to davikkm
    ... Joy Reid asked her panel if the United States of America was going to be the last country in the West to elect a woman as president...

    Ask God to send us a Margaret Thatcher, or a Golda Meir, and we will have a woman President.

  • Ravens star, 26, who is also pursuing a PhD in math at MIT, RETIRES abruptly after shock study ...

    07/27/2017 10:49:25 PM PDT · 42 of 85
    CurlyDave to FredZarguna
    Understands math, but apparently not how selection bias invalidates statistical inference: the "study" is no study at all. The brains examined were donated by family members who believed the decedents had CTE. All that the "study" established is that CTE is easy to identify in late term.

    It certainly does NOT imply or even come close to suggesting that 99% of football players will suffer from the disease.

    I think he understands it better than you do.

    He never said there was a 99% chance of him developing CTE.

    His actions say that the chances of him developing CTE if he keeps on playing football are higher than he wants to take. If we were talking about my brain, that would be somewhere around 0.001% as an acceptable risk.

  • Which Trees Offset Global Warming Best?

    07/26/2017 8:34:14 PM PDT · 31 of 48
    CurlyDave to TigerLikesRooster
    Which Trees Offset Global Warming Best?

    The ones we cut down and turn into lumber.

    This sequesters the carbon for the longest time and is scientifically correct, even though it will explode liberal heads.