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  • Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race

    06/24/2015 6:43:19 AM PDT · by cyborg · 21 replies
    NPR ^ | 06/22/2015 | Caitlin Dickerson
    As a young U.S. Army soldier during World War II, Rollins Edwards knew better than to refuse an assignment. When officers led him and a dozen others into a wooden gas chamber and locked the door, he didn't complain. None of them did. Then, a mixture of mustard gas and a similar agent called lewisite was piped inside. "It felt like you were on fire," recalls Edwards, now 93 years old. "Guys started screaming and hollering and trying to break out. And then some of the guys fainted. And finally they opened the door and let us out, and the...
  • Berlin Protest Chant Jew! Jew! Cowardly Pig...

    07/22/2014 11:04:54 AM PDT · by cyborg · 24 replies
    Tablet ^ | Yair Rosenberg
    Across Europe, many pro-Palestinian rallies have been taking a disturbing turn. Under the guise of opposing Israel’s actions in Gaza, thousands of protesters have given expression to virulent anti-Jewish sentiments–and often acted on them. In France, mobs have shouted “Death to the Jews,” and eight synagogues have been attacked. One journalist even overheard a man who “spoke loudly about ‘hunting Jews and killing them.’” In the northern suburbs of Paris, the neighborhood of one of France’s largest Jewish communities was ransacked, with cars and businesses destroyed, including a kosher grocery store that was burned down.
  • Just for Today...My 9-11 tribute

    09/11/2009 1:34:02 PM PDT · by cyborg · 21 replies · 800+ views
    Me I wrote it this morning | 9-11-09 | cyborg
    Just for today… I won’t worry about money and paying bills because there was once a man or woman on their way to work in the Towers with money on their minds. I won’t pester or fight with my husband because on the morning of 9-11, a husban and wife had a fight and he left angry and she is left with a lifetime of regret. I won’t worry about what I’m eating or drinking because I’m alive to eat and drink. I won’t ask God for more stuff because I should be thankful for the breathe in my lungs...
  • Funniest Obama/Hillary Youtube Ever (adult laughter therapy alert rated PG13)

    05/13/2008 10:44:22 AM PDT · by cyborg · 4 replies · 155+ views
    Put the coffee down and watch. It's a little er...well keep the young ones away. You're supposed to be 18 to vote anyway. Brought a good laugh in season.
  • Urgent Prayer and Good Thoughts Request

    03/21/2008 4:48:33 AM PDT · by cyborg · 167 replies · 861+ views
    3/21/08 | cyborg
    Hi everyone. My mother was recently diagnosed with a very rare cancer that affects about 1,000 people a year. It's called pseudomyxoma peritonei. It has been an journey of misdiagnoses, wrong advice,etc. and now after a laparotomy we know what's causing my mother's belly to get so big. I saw my mother about two or three weeks ago and she dropped a lot of weight. I don't mean to depress anyone on this Easter weekend but a lot of folks are going to church and I'd appreciate the prayers.
  • FReeper Nurses need help (CARE PLANS!!!)

    01/31/2008 7:20:16 PM PST · by cyborg · 14 replies · 109+ views
    Monday I start doing care plans. The next week is clinicals and I have do a care plan for each one of my patients and I'm feeling a little 'intimidated'. Want to know what your first care plan experience was like,etc.etc.etc. and some pointers for doing mine.
  • Air Force captain takes second in 2nd Annual Boston Marathon at Ali Base, Iraq

    04/20/2006 3:57:37 PM PDT · by cyborg · 6 replies · 215+ views ^ | Air Force captain takes second in 2nd Annual Boston Marathon at Ali Base, Iraq
    ALI BASE, Iraq -- For the second time the Boston Marathon came to Iraq and more than 250 men and women ran either individually or part of four-person teams. One of those running was Air Force Capt. Casey Jackson, with the 407th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron. Captain Jackson, who is deployed here from Ramstein Air Base, Germany, is an avid runner with three international marathons under his belt. The 5-foot-7-inch, 140-pound man placed first among all Air Force members and second place in the individual race with a time of 3 hours, 2 minutes, 17 seconds. He finished behind Navy...
  • NYU and the Ayn Rand Club

    03/29/2006 3:11:11 AM PST · by cyborg · 7 replies · 241+ views
    Dear Friend of ARI: As you know, the Objectivist club at NYU is planning to hold an event in support of free speech on March 29. At the event they plan to display the Danish cartoons while engaging in a panel discussion on free speech. This event was planned as a public event -some of you might have RSVP'd for it. Unfortunately, this morning we found out that the University, under the pretense of security, is limiting the event to "members of the NYU community" only. This is in contradiction to their own policy regarding free speech. The only way...
  • When honesty pays (an update about my stolen car)

    01/07/2006 8:09:26 PM PST · by cyborg · 39 replies · 511+ views
    Last year my car was stolen from my driveway. It was stolen by a little brat fifteen year old and his buddies. His mom was really nasty to me and didn't want to give me three hundred dollars to fix my car. Thanks to a two page letter I wrote expressing my open,honest opinion about the future of this young man's life, I was awarded $1100 by the court. This is almost the whole value of the vehicle. I posted about this last year so I thought I'd share the outcome. Good things to happen in the court sometimes!
  • Catch of His Life

    12/15/2005 9:34:34 PM PST · by cyborg · 11 replies · 529+ views ^ | December 15, 2005 | ASSOCIATED PRESS
    Catch of his life: Trapped by fire, mom drops baby from window to baseball player ASSOCIATED PRESS 5:58 a.m. December 15, 2005 Associated Press This image from video released by the New York Fire Department shows a crowd gathered by an apartment building in the Bronx before a baby was caught by a Housing Authority supervisor during a fire. NEW YORK – A mother trapped in a burning third-floor apartment prayed and then dropped her 1-month-old son out a window to the crowd below. The infant was caught safely by a man who plays catcher for his employer's baseball team....
  • California to Secede From Union

    11/13/2005 10:35:27 PM PST · by cyborg · 173 replies · 4,102+ views
    Sacramento—In a bold, yet unexpected move, California has decided to dissolve all ties with the United States of America. It is reported, that on Tuesday, November 15, 2005, the California legislature will vote to secede from the Union. The vote comes in an answer to the agonizing defeat of Governor Schwarzenegger’s propositions at the voting booths. The voters have made it clear that they don’t want any change in California. They have demonstrated to Governor Schwarzenegger that they want to leave things alone, keep the status quo. “I’m glad the propositions went down,” stated Autumn Keely, a registered Democrat. “I’m...
  • Veteran's Day Reminder: The Price of Freedom

    11/11/2005 3:00:16 AM PST · by cyborg · 89 replies · 816+ views
    Freedom isn’t cheap. It’s the most expensive asset in America. Without freedom, all other assets would become negligible. If we take a look at a balance sheet, freedom would be listed as a long term asset, the kind of asset that takes years and years to pay off. Who pays it off? The United States Armed Forces. The men and women in the military make that payment on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Over the years, those sacrifices made have been an installment to freedom. Each deployment and death has made life in America all the more perfect....
  • Tom Delay and Party of Lincoln Are Guilty As Charged (satire)

    10/21/2005 2:23:53 PM PDT · by cyborg · 12 replies · 358+ views
    HOUSTON—In a desperate move to escape guilt, Representative Tom DeLay turned himself in Thursday at the Harris County sheriff’s office and was fingerprinted, photographed and released on $10,000 bail on conspiracy and money-laundering charges. DeLay was accompanied by his lawyer Dick DeGuerin and arrived shortly after noon at a Harris County Sheriff’s Department facility at 49 San Jacinto. According to sheriff's Lt. John Martin, Representative Delay was booked like we would book any other Republicans involved in a scandal, like the criminal that they are. Dick DeGuerin told reporters that DeLay was put through the process because of a political...
  • McKinney Blasted for FEMA Question

    10/19/2005 1:42:35 PM PDT · by cyborg · 21 replies · 1,374+ views
    By DAVID PACE Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff defended his actions before and after Hurricane Katrina, telling lawmakers Wednesday he relied on Federal Emergency Management Agency experts with decades of experience in hurricane response. "I'm not a hurricane expert," Chertoff said several times in responding to criticisms from members of a special House panel set up to investigate the dismal federal response to Katrina, which killed more than 1,200 people, flooded New Orleans and forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands. Chertoff, a former prosecutor and Justice Department official, took over the Homeland Security...
  • Rocky Sequel to Knock Out Social Security

    10/19/2005 3:52:16 AM PDT · by cyborg · 26 replies · 1,133+ views
    Los Angeles—For yet a sixth time, there is to be another Rocky sequel. The film, titled Rocky Balboa, was announced Monday by Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios and original distributor MGM, which will team up to produce what a press release notes as a return to the style and grit of the 1976 franchise-launching original. The story will pick up with the fictional prize fighter retired and a widower in a retirement home—meaning no Adrian—who, now broke and after a attempting to overdose on Viagra, agrees to take on Apollo Creed for a third time in a nursing home bout to...
  • Rush Limbaugh is Still the Passion

    10/10/2005 4:38:23 AM PDT · by cyborg · 171 replies · 3,146+ views
    Three weeks ago I lost my father. His health had deteriorated for a number of years, but the last few months things had been improving. And then one morning he couldn’t breathe. By the time my mother called 911 he was gone. After getting the phone call, all time seemed to stop. Nothing mattered. I sat there stunned, wondering why it had to happen now. Why didn’t I have a chance to say goodbye? There are pivotal moments in everyone’s life. It had become abundantly clear that this was one of those moments. I could only hope that I was...
  • Sustainable Living

    09/28/2005 2:57:16 PM PDT · by cyborg · 47 replies · 1,986+ views
    Any freepers have some really good ideas/links/sources for sustainable living? Self sufficient living, mountain living,etc.etc. My interests are in living off an organic garden and perhaps a dairy goat to fulfill the occasional craving for raw cheeses. I'm also interested in solar heating and hydroponic growing for the winter time. Thanks.
  • Seven day spiritual fast

    08/26/2005 8:02:44 AM PDT · by cyborg · 51 replies · 671+ views
    I am embarking on a seven day spiritual fast. No solid foods, just fresh juice and water. Lots of bible reading, prayer and intense meditation. If anyone would like to join me, even just for prayer and not fasting, let me know. A lot of our freeper family need prayer for health and family. I need prayer for financial help and family well being. Thanks.
  • Pataki Orders Broad Overhaul of Agencies That Watch Medicaid

    07/21/2005 7:54:53 PM PDT · by cyborg · 9 replies · 196+ views
    Gov. George E. Pataki today ordered a broad overhaul of the state agencies that protect Medicaid from fraud and abuse, creating an independent inspector general's office and bringing in a former federal prosecutor to help reorganize the policing of the program, which is New York State's largest expense. Skip to next paragraph PROGRAM DISORDER A series examining the security, effectiveness and cost of New York's Medicaid program, the largest of its kind in the nation and the state's biggest expense. • Exploiting a Safety Net • High Costs, Little Scrutiny The inspector general is expected to take over some authority...
  • Attorney General in New York Pushes to Punish Medicaid Fraud

    07/21/2005 7:26:38 AM PDT · by cyborg · 9 replies · 196+ views
    Attorney General Eliot Spitzer called on state lawmakers yesterday to return to Albany to pass two bills that he said were urgently needed to help prosecute fraud in the state's Medicaid system. Skip to next paragraph Related As Medicaid Balloons, Watchdog Force Shrinks (July 19, 2005) New York Medicaid Fraud May Reach Into Billions (July 18, 2005) In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Mr. Spitzer said the state needed a false claims act, which would increase civil penalties for fraud and encourage whistle-blowers, along with another law that would create a...
  • As Medicaid Balloons, Watchdog Force Shrinks

    07/18/2005 9:12:59 PM PDT · by cyborg · 15 replies · 459+ views
    New York Times ^ | July 19, 2005 | Michael Luo and Clifford J. Levy
    New York's Medicaid program pays more than a million claims a day, feeding a $44.5 billion river of checks to radiologists and ambulance drivers, brain surgeons and orderlies, medical centers and corner pharmacies. Many who get those checks pocket more money than they deserve, and millions of taxpayer dollars are believed to be lost every day to theft and waste. Skip to next paragraph Andrea Mohin/The New York Times Falling Behind: Boxes of cases in the attorney general's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, where the size of the staff has failed to keep up with the program's growth. PROGRAM DISORDER High...
  • New York Medicaid Fraud May Reach Into Billions

    07/17/2005 10:43:41 PM PDT · by cyborg · 39 replies · 1,429+ views
    The New York Times ^ | July 18, 2005 | CLIFFORD J. LEVY and MICHAEL LUO
    New York Medicaid Fraud May Reach Into Billions * E-Mail This * Printer-Friendly * Single-Page * Reprints By CLIFFORD J. LEVY and MICHAEL LUO Published: July 18, 2005 It was created 40 years ago to provide health care for the poorest New Yorkers, offering a lifeline to those who could not afford to have a baby or a heart attack. But in the decades since, New York State's Medicaid program has also become a $44.5 billion target for the unscrupulous and the opportunistic. Skip to next paragraph Andrea Mohin/The New York Times A barker lured customers to Dr. Dolly Rosen’s...
  • Disputing government racial bean counting (vanity)

    07/06/2005 10:33:30 AM PDT · by cyborg · 23 replies · 547+ views
    Today I declined to fill out an EOC/AA form asking for racial demographic information. My supervisor said that even though I declined that under New York State law, a race would be picked for me. The paper stated that this is suposed to be voluntary. It's supposed to ensure that the business is not discriminating and meeting it's affirmative action goals. How is it voluntary if they end up picking a race for you anyway? I think the supervisor is getting tired me because I ask too much questions but she said it's their policy but the state requires them...
  • Tourists arrested for false Central Park robbery story

    06/29/2005 6:06:47 PM PDT · by cyborg · 10 replies · 352+ views
    ROCCO PARASCANDOLA and ANTHONY PARDO STAFF WRITERS June 29, 2005 Two tourists from Norway were robbed in Central Park by a knife-wielding man -- or so they told police before their story quickly unraveled Tuesday and they were arrested for filing a false report, police said. The "victims" reported to police late Monday night that they were near the East Side boathouse when the suspect confronted them at knifepoint. advertisement advertisement "Give me the camcorder or I'll kill you," the suspect supposedly said, grabbing it from one of the men, then taking from the duo a ring, a watch, a...

    06/23/2005 5:53:26 PM PDT · by cyborg · 6 replies · 258+ views
    This petition is in response to the proposed New Zealand Black-Caps Tour of Zimbabwe later this year. Please sign your name to this petition if you feel the Black-Caps or any cricket playing nation should not tour Zimbabwe. This list will be forwarded to the ICC and the New Zealand Government. # Robert Mugabe, re-elected in March 2005, in a poll condemned internationally as corrupt, has cast his country into poverty and despair # New Zealand Cricket faces a US$2 million (NZ$2.8 million) fine from the International Cricket Council if it refuses to tour Zimbabwe for anything other than security...
  • What happened to primechoice?

    05/18/2005 10:03:31 PM PDT · by cyborg · 25 replies · 488+ views
    I haven't seen him post in about three months and was wondering how he is doing with the cancer battle.
  • My Life as a Thin Person

    05/12/2005 8:07:40 PM PDT · by cyborg · 49 replies · 1,620+ views
    To see her now—hips framed by low-slung pants, navel shot through with a $500 belly ring—it strains the imagination to envision Lisa Marie Sohr, a resplendent Long Island hottie, as an obese woman. She moves with the insouciance of someone who has always been 120 pounds, except when she stands up, when she looks a bit as if she’s been fired from a slingshot. (“It’s like, whoa—I’m used to going for the big lunge.”) Yet Sohr can recall the day her weight became not just an unsupportable physical millstone but a metaphysical one: It was her 33rd birthday. The New...
  • Spanish only signs

    05/12/2005 5:53:30 AM PDT · by cyborg · 70 replies · 573+ views
    a certain apartment complex in Nassau County | 5/12/2005 | me
    I've frequented many illegal immigration threads, yet I've never participated in any serious activism. I'm not that political but I've had enough. I was driving down a main street and noticed a quite large ad for apartment renters in SPANISH ONLY. It really bothered me because I think it's discrimination as anyone who doesn't know spanish won't be able to read the sign. I wrote to the county EOC a very brief note asking what can be done. I do believe in property rights but with the history of racial red lining on Long Island that was as bad as...
  • Freaky Mark Levin Call

    05/06/2005 3:17:07 PM PDT · by cyborg · 63 replies · 2,787+ views
    WABC | 5-6-2005 | Mark Levin Show
    Did anyone hear that freaking phone call on Mark?
  • Depressed about anti-christian bias (vanity)

    05/01/2005 11:11:35 AM PDT · by cyborg · 163 replies · 2,294+ views
    5/1/05 | me
    I attend a running/walking club in Central Park every week. I just listened to a show by the club leader denouncing my christian faith as uncompassionate/not full of love. Not only is he agreeing with his guest, but adding on things like not having condoms in Africa is putting people at risk,etc. I wrote him a letter expressing my dismay about his beliefs in things like liberation theology,etc. and that won't be buying anything at his store/participating in his walking club. His guest is Matthew Fox who was excommunicated.
  • TO THE PICTURE POSTING TROLL (extreme vanity)

    04/18/2005 4:30:08 PM PDT · by cyborg · 449 replies · 5,668+ views
    my little brain | april 17,2005 | me
    Today I did what I usually do... Well heck you guys know I'm plain obsessed with FR. I have been since I logged on two years ago, more than two years since I lurked for a month till I couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore. I've rarely gone for more than a week without posting except for one time where I had some personal problems that really needed tending to and I had myself zotted. I am a renaissance freeper. I discuss many different issues on this forum. Some people have asked me if I was South African because I...
  • Mugabe on the skids? (vanity)

    03/31/2005 9:17:20 PM PST · by cyborg · 11 replies · 273+ views
    a Zimbabwean insider | anonymous
    First Sitrep - 15.00 hrs.Eddie Cross Bulawayo, 31st March 2005 I have been out since early morning - watching the poll after actually voting at a local school. We are also in touch with MDC structures across the country. At 15.00 hrs my read of the situation is as follows: - 1.There has been a nationwide effort to restrict MDC presence in the polling stations. Many different methods were used and we might yet see efforts made to expel them from the polling stations before vote verification and counting begins. This effort has by and large been overcome and my...
  • George Washington Votes for Life

    03/29/2005 7:40:26 PM PST · by cyborg · 103 replies · 861+ views
    In 229 years, we’ve come from Nathan Hale’s immortal words—“I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”—to, “Terri Schiavo will be better off if we just remove the feeding tube.” After all, she’s in a persistent vegetative state, hooked up to a ventilator and in a veritable coma from which there is no return. She can’t speak. She can’t communicate in any way, shape or form. She is a merely a vegetable that is living by Michael Schiavo’s benevolence and medical technology. Right? Wrong. It’s time for Americans—liberals and especially, ‘the government shouldn’t be involved...
  • IAN SMITH HOSPITALIZED (may have passed but can't confirm)

    03/16/2005 5:07:45 PM PST · by cyborg · 9 replies · 572+ views
    Ex-Rhodesian PM Smith taken ill in South Africa SMITH: Has become frail • Mugabe buries Mangwende • Ex-Minister Mangwende dies • Zvobgo's death a huge blow to Hungwe • Zvobgo: The President Zimbabwe never had • Zvobgo's reservations about hero's burial • Misihairabwi: 'It feels like his enemies have won' • Zvobgo dies • Zvobgo recovers, back in Parliament in weeks • Zvobgo admitted to SA hospital • Zanu PF charges Zvobgo • Zvobgo hits back at opponents By Staff Reporter Last updated: Tue Mar 08 2005 18:14:03 FORMER Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith has been hospitalised in a...

    03/07/2005 7:17:59 PM PST · by cyborg · 115 replies · 1,259+ views
    Men's News Daily ^ | Chris Davis
    Bend over, reach down and grab your ankles. It isn’t a pretty picture, but that’s what will happen with Social Security under the jackboot. So wake up, liberals, get off your butts and call your congressman or congresswoman! We’ve got to fight the privatization of Social Security to the bitter end! We’ve got to rally our base. We must hit the streets and get online to defeat the misguided plan of President Bush. We’ve got to stand up to the party of Lincoln—now hijacked by thugs, known as conservatives—and tell them our seniors are far too important to slowly starve....
  • We Are Liberals: Red, White and Socialist

    03/03/2005 7:56:25 PM PST · by cyborg · 168 replies · 2,033+ views ^ | March 4, 2005 | Chris Davis
    Liberals are fighting mad! We’ve had it up to here with President Bush, Karl Rove, Vice President Cheney and the Halliburton oligarchy! This has to stop here and now! The liberals of the world must unite against the fascism and tyranny that is ruining the country once known as America. There was once a chance for peace in the world, but Bill Clinton has faded into obscurity. Now, we must put up with this hick President from the Redneck State of Texas—a state that has executed more people than any other state since 1976. It appears they love to punish...
  • A Twelve Step Refresher

    02/21/2005 1:07:37 AM PST · by cyborg · 38 replies · 986+ views
    The 12 Steps We admitted we were powerless over our addiction - that our lives had become unmanageable Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings Made a list of...

    02/16/2005 2:28:01 PM PST · by cyborg · 40 replies · 977+ views
    Sean Hannity Show | Feb 16, 2005 | my little brain
    Leo Terrell you need a shot of thorazine. You just made a bet with Jesse Lee Peterson that the republicans would never elect a black person as a major party leader. I would like you to know that your words have been recorded for posterity here at FR and we are watching!

    Desmond Dutcher lives just below 24-year-old Robert Bonelli, Jr. It's a two-family home on Liberty Street in the hamlet of Glasco outside Saugerties. Late Sunday night, police searched the home and found a lot of material they said was part of Bonelli's "lurid fascination" with the 1999 Columbine High School shootings.

    02/04/2005 6:25:13 PM PST · by cyborg · 144 replies · 2,511+ views
    Hannity and Colmes
    Bill Press you're an unmitigated a$$wipe for comparing the general to Hannibal Lecter. That general is a true patriot. You're best luck is that Sean gave you time tonight to show the world that you're a butthead. Oh yeah you're book is crap too.
  • Advice needed on collecting money for a stolen car recovered with damage (vanity)

    01/25/2005 3:05:53 PM PST · by cyborg · 63 replies · 1,286+ views
    My car was stolen from my driveway by a teenager. The policemen recovered the car and I just had it estimated by a mechanic for $2400 worth of damages. The friend was driving and he's underage. I have to go speak to his mom. This car is old and according to the blue book it's valued at $1500. I was thinking of asking for the cost of repair to my car's hood which is mashed in ($300) and two days worth of wages and lost money ($200) and the condition that the boy goes to church and gets counseling. Do...
  • Israeli Bobsled Team (how do you like them apples ROP?)

    01/20/2005 5:46:44 AM PST · by cyborg · 1 replies · 164+ views
    For more than 150 years the modern Olympic movement has been a worldwide symbol of peace and unity through sport, culture, education and understanding. The Israeli Bobsled Federation is proud and honored to be part of this movement and its goals. As Israel’s youngest Olympic Association, and only its second involving Winter sports, this is an exciting time for IBF as we pioneer new territory for the youth of Israel.

    12/25/2004 6:54:14 PM PST · by cyborg · 299 replies · 5,811+ views
    12252004 | me
    How do I deal with a real Hillary Clinton sycophant in my house? I'm hiding in my bathroom and am so ashamed. I've avoiding talking so as not to start a fight.

    10/25/2004 6:09:42 AM PDT · by cyborg · 58 replies · 1,919+ views
    A Queens boy run over by an alleged drunken driver died of his injuries yesterday, as his heartbroken family branded the man behind the wheel a "murderer." Loved ones of Vasean Phillip Alleyne are outraged that under current state law, alleged killer motorist John Wirta can't be charged with homicide or get more than a year in prison.

    10/13/2004 6:21:10 AM PDT · by cyborg · 121 replies · 3,746+ views
    Oct. 13,2004 | me
    I had an experience last night that almost makes me wish that Kerry would win. Last night I attended a meeting to volunteer for a health expo. I expect most attendees to be left leaning and anti-Bush. However, I was not prepared for what I encountered. I'm sitting there, a bit tired from work but in a really good mood. There's a guy up front talking about Bush,etc. and I'm ignoring him because it's a meeting. Then he starts really getting animated, talking loud with very anti-white rhetoric, very anti-Western rhetoric. I hold up my hand and ask him (very...

    10/01/2004 7:17:31 AM PDT · by cyborg · 57 replies · 2,272+ views
    October 1, 2004 -- STAR Jones is fast becoming the face of a toxic new phenomenon: the celebrity Bride-zilla. Remember when Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas sold the rights to their wedding pictures for $1.8 million in 2000? Compared to Star Jones' recent antics, the Douglas' cash-out almost sounds classy. The news - which broke on Page Six - that Jones was considering corporate sponsorship to finance a wedding day spa (housed in a tent outside St.
  • Westbury High cheerleaders honor a squad member and a recent graduate killed in collision

    The cheerleaders at Westbury High School did not wear their uniforms for yesterday's football game. Instead, they wore blue jeans and white T-shirts with the names and photos of their friends who died the day before. The front of the shirt was "in loving memory" of cheerleader Anelie Thelemaque, the back read "RIP" for June graduate Guy "Myrakle" Victor, and the sleeve held a "get well" wish for classmate Tiffany Hagigal. Early Saturday, while returning from a local restaurant where they had celebrated Hagigal's 17th birthday and her new driver's license, the teens were hit by a drunken driver, police...
  • Calf born with Seven Legs

    09/13/2004 5:56:45 AM PDT · by cyborg · 31 replies · 894+ views
    I tried to cut and paste, but site won't let me hehehe.
  • Islamic radicalism meets Reality TV: Dr.90210 (vanity)

    09/08/2004 6:36:44 PM PDT · by cyborg · 14 replies · 290+ views
    Tonight's episode has a young islamic woman undergoing a virginity restoration. I am not sure whether this is careless in threatening this girl's life or the surgeon's life. It's on now 9 pm est.
  • George Day Medal of Honor Recipient on Mark Levin Show

    08/31/2004 4:20:21 PM PDT · by cyborg · 22 replies · 748+ views George 'Bud' Day on Mark Levin Show to talk about his experiences in the Vietnam War right now.