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  • Pro-Life Groups Expect Massive Turnout of Evangelical Voters

    11/06/2012 3:40:17 PM PST · 4 of 12
    Dan C to madison10

    I consider myself a fiscal / social / moral evangelical conservative and I proudly voted for Romney today. I’m not voting for him to be my pastor or Sunday school teacher... I’m wanting a presidential candidate worthy of my vote. That said, I have heard a few acquaintances who voiced misgivings about his religious beliefs but I am confident in the end they will vote for Romney over Obama simply on the pro-life position alone.

  • The View From Minnesota - Just One Guy's Opinion (Vanity Post)

    11/06/2012 1:39:36 PM PST · 21 of 22
    Dan C to jacquej

    As an election clerk / judge, I can also say that the process is quite easy. If you have already registered, just go to the polls and sign in. You’ll get a ballot where you can mark in ink a circle next to those you are voting for (just like the old SAT exams) and then once done you will be directed to insert the ballot into the tabulator. The paper ballot is retained for a year - so in contrast with some other silly states, we have a paper record to fall back on if we end up with mechanical errors.

    If you are not registered, bring a form of ID such as a drivers license, utility bill, mortgage or rent statement, etc. which shows you reside in the district and they will provide you with an on-site registration form. Once completed and checked by the clerk, you will sign in and then be given a ballot.

    The whole process should take less than 5 minutes if you are registered; 10 if you need to fill out a registration card.

  • The View From Minnesota - Just One Guy's Opinion (Vanity Post)

    11/06/2012 1:33:56 PM PST · 20 of 22
    Dan C to MplsSteve

    I hope it is not just wishful thinking - but my gut tells me that if there is any year that MN goes republican, it is this one. I’ve lived and breathed politics in this state - including a stint as a mayor in a metro suburb (endorsed Republican by the way) - and now work as one of the very few conservatives in municipal administration. I get front row seats at the polls and even in an enclave of DFL leanings in an otherwise conservative / religious area, the Dems are not excited. They may grudgingly pull the lever for their party to preserve their agricultural welfare programs (crop subsidies) but few are expressing outward excitement. My own mayor is in the DFL leadership for the county and even she is pretty quiet about political stuff these days.

    We took the state senate for the first time since it went partisan (1970’s) in 2010 and reclaimed the house as well. Lost the governor’s race by a handful of votes. I don’t know if this state is moving right or the lefty part of the DFL shifted the scale and we all stayed the same... but there is a chance MN goes for Romney tonight. My signed election predictions handed to my staunch Republican council member last night said at the bottom that the biggest single shocker of election night will be MN going for Romney. Again... it might be wishful thinking but win or lose it will be a whole lot closer than anyone would have guessed 2 months ago!

  • I weep for our Country.

    03/21/2010 1:30:18 PM PDT · 31 of 65
    Dan C to bolobaby

    They don’t take in anywhere near what they spend now. They’ll just borrow more from generations yet to be born (those who survive the Stupak abortion act that is.)

  • Stupak CAVES!!!! Will vote yes! Ugh!!!!

    03/21/2010 1:10:29 PM PDT · 22 of 41
    Dan C to ConservativeMan55

    I hope he enjoys his thirty pieces of silver.

  • Banished! City forbids Bible studies in homes.

    03/13/2010 7:21:49 AM PST · 133 of 249
    Dan C to Popman

    I’ve been a mayor of a larger suburb and am presently a city administrator in a smaller rural town. From both experiences I can attest that often (of course not always) city councils find out about this stuff when the reporter writing the article suddenly calls for comment on the actions of their 3rd level down employee.

    There are 2 ways good (but unaware) councils deal with this: if the employee is not in a union, you bust them down to private in front of the cameras. If in a union you spend 8 months and thousands of dollars working through closed door hearings and subsequent appeals and then in the end announce you busted them down to private.

    The council may quite possibly be nuts, but there may be a chance they just had a low level code enforcement person they’ve never met shove this on their radar.


    11/04/2008 5:15:00 AM PST · 79 of 388
    Dan C to gridlock

    I’m the clerk / head election judge for our city and here in central Minnesota we are off to a brisk start to voting. A tad bit more traffic than normal but the influx of people is definitely a steady stream.

    I’m too close to the forrest right now to get a sense of what tilt this particular slice of the electorate is heading towards. About 10 a.m. we will process the absentee ballots and that’ll give a bit more of an idea of how this area is voting. I say if McCain breaks 70% here - he’s got a fighting chance to win MN. Pawlenty (Governor) won with almost 70% here and barely squeaked out a victory in 2006. Bush won the area with something on the order of 65% and lost the state by 3+ percent.

  • New Suvery USA poll for Minn 49(O)-46(Mccain). Coleman retakes lead.

    11/03/2008 5:05:14 AM PST · 136 of 159
    Dan C to Ravi

    Yes, 85% turnout in MN is expected. We regularly set the standard for voter turnout in elections and in my area (St. Cloud region) the election officials are telling us to prepare for 90+ percent turnout in our local area. I’d believe it.

    The other thing I’ve commented on for a few weeks here is that outstate MN is going McCain in significant numbers. People I know that are life-long dems are voting McCain. Even a former Dem state staffer I’m friends with is considering McCain (still truly undecided) which is awesome! If we can garner enough votes to counterbalance the big cities... MN is very winnable for McCain.

  • Minnesota Poll: Franken, Coleman are neck and neck

    11/02/2008 5:59:37 AM PST · 30 of 35
    Dan C to LiveFreeOrDie2001

    This is one family in MN who will be voting for Coleman. I admit I’ve been rather annoyed with him with his anti-ANWAR votes and his tendency to rush to the left to make compromises far too easily than he should... but he’s 1000% better than either of his opponents in this race.

    I’m still holding out some limited hope that McCain carries Minnesota. Outstate is going to vote solidly McCain and that will no doubt assist Coleman in getting re-elected. It’s the Twin Cities that I worry about in terms of voter turnout.

    They are calling for rain next Tuesday here in MN so perhaps some of the welfare voters will stay home.

  • Partial early ballots: Dem voters outnumber GOP

    10/29/2008 12:28:44 PM PDT · 14 of 18
    Dan C to Boiling Pots

    As the clerk of a small town in Minnesota, I can attest that most of the absentee ballots coming in thus far have come from GOP get out the vote efforts. Their absentee ballot application is a smaller version of the State’s official form so to fit better on an oversized postcard. I’d have to guess that 60% or more have come in with GOP cards.

    We don’t open any of those ballots until well into election day, so I don’t have any inside knowledge of how the numbers will end up around here. I do know there are a lot of fairly hard-core dems in this area either not voting for president or voting McCain. Obambi might win Minneapolis and St. Paul but the rest of the state seems to be McCain territory. I still put about a 20% chance McCain actually wins Minnesota if he can pull large enough percentages in the non-metro areas of the state.

  • Drudge Report Headline Oct.28, 2008. Must See !

    10/28/2008 5:05:21 AM PDT · 42 of 63
    Dan C to COUNTrecount

    My admittedly paranoid fear is that the mainstream press will purposefully show McCain gaining great ground in the polls - then show him crashing and burning right after the messiah’s infomercial. I try my very best to keep the tinfoil hat off my head... but with the press seemingly so in the tank for Obambi, I’m left to wonder to what depths of partisan manipulation those folks will stoop.

    It feels like the press corps has a lot in common with Hollywood these days in terms of culture. There are good, conservative people in Hollywood - but the culture forces them to be quiet if they wish to hang with the A-list crowd. I cannot believe there aren’t good reporters left out there - but apparently the first impact of an Obama administration is to create a chilling effect on all who would speak contrary to his organization’s desires.

    Where did I put that tinfoil roll... I need another layer...

  • Election 2008: Iowa Senate Election (Reed vs Harkin)

    10/27/2008 8:38:43 AM PDT · 5 of 19
    Dan C to Old Retired Army Guy

    I asked the same question of a friend of mine who is originally from Iowa. He explained that the residents of Iowa are generally conservative - but because of the relatively small population of the state, the three main universities located there with their large student populations tend to skew poll results farther and farther left every cycle.

  • I just voted early in MN

    10/24/2008 3:37:52 PM PDT · 35 of 42
    Dan C to DocT111

    I’m a city administrator / clerk for a city in Minnesota and I know that the rule is that however a candidate lists their name in the official filing documents, that is how it is displayed on the ballot. Even if an error was made in the filing, the error is printed unless a judge grants a change.

  • MN: O-50%, M-44% (Democrats Oversampled by 7-points)

    10/20/2008 2:17:10 PM PDT · 27 of 33
    Dan C to mwl8787

    I am a city clerk here in MN and I can attest to the fact that the voting systems in place here are some of the best in the country. A paper ballot record is kept of every vote cast and after every election 5% of precincts are randomly chosen to be fully audited to confirm that the tallies generated are accurate.

    Furthermore, we do have a relatively good voter ID process and election judges have to declare their party identity - and equal numbers of each party must be present during the entire election process.

    As for my view on whether or not the state is in play for McCain... it is a long shot given the population density in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the inner-ring suburbs; but it isn’t impossible. There is hardly any Obambi support in the outstate areas where I’m at.

  • Media Declares Obama The Winner

    10/20/2008 7:37:11 AM PDT · 28 of 46
    Dan C to TNCMAXQ

    I don’t know if I’m just injecting a bit of wishful thinking into the mix, but here in outstate Minnesota (defined as anything outside of the Twin Cities) there is a real sense that McCain is going to win these areas by huge numbers. I’m a member of a watershed board in my area (good people but tend to be liberal tree huggers) and out of the 9 members I believe only one is leaning Obambi. If he can’t even win the “moderate” votes around here, there’s at least a chance that MN squeaks by for McCain at the end of the night.

  • McCain Closing Gap

    10/19/2008 6:09:47 AM PDT · 2 of 15
    Dan C to DocT111

    I still have the fear that the media-driven polls are tightening up not to come back down to reality... but to put an exclamation point on Obambi’s numbers after his 30-minute infomercial airs.

  • Google trends on the debate - A decisive McCain victory.

    10/16/2008 1:10:31 PM PDT · 20 of 28
    Dan C to sbMKE

    I’ve been doing my own ‘monitoring’ for a few weeks - but I’m casually checking in on my everyday middle-of-the-road, independant friends and neighbors to see what they think of the presidential election

    Most of them were initially drawn to Obama because of his ability to give speeches better than McCain. Now most of them are muttering about how they just aren’t comfortable with Obama’s associations with shady people and wondering out loud how much more is being hidden from their knowledge. They aren’t jumping up and down in support of McCain but I believe most if not all of those I’ve been polling have either switched to McCain or got off the fence and are breaking McCain.

  • Internal Obama Poll Reports He Is Up By 2 In Pennsylvania

    10/14/2008 3:23:10 PM PDT · 45 of 197
    Dan C to DRey

    Having been both a successful candidate and a campaign manager of a few local & regional races here in Minnesota, I can attest to the fact that you never telegraph negative internal polling numbers to the press. I seriously doubt McCain’s people would be so free with discussing being down 6 points if this was actually the case. So either McCain’s folks have indeed thrown in the towel or else this is something else. I believe this is about whose base is fired up more. Beyond the group of Obambi cult worshipers, there are a lot of Dem-leaning folks who are ambivalent about the election but will vote if it seems like their vote will swing things. If those people believe their guy is going to win by such huge numbers it doesn’t matter - there’s a chance they don’t show up to vote at all. Looking at the numbers Palin is pulling in alone, I’m inclined to think those on the Right (and those who aren’t keen on USA going socialist) are far more scared, mad and motivated than their counterparts.

  • Renominate Miguel Estrada

    11/04/2004 7:39:44 PM PST · 15 of 36
    Dan C to Mercat

    >how old is Bork?

    I'd guess he is in his mid-60's

  • Renominate Miguel Estrada

    11/04/2004 7:17:22 PM PST · 4 of 36
    Dan C to lord of the righties

    I thought the same thing... give them Bork!

  • Now that we have 04, who do we want in 08?

    11/03/2004 8:45:25 PM PST · 61 of 174
    Dan C to gmelone

    J.C. Watts?
    Tim Pawlenty (MN Governor)?
    Zell Miller?


    11/03/2004 8:58:20 AM PST · 12 of 58
    Dan C to spotbust1

    Ditto to your comments. In the whirlwind of the past 12 hours or so and now Kerry's admission of defeat I caught myself, paused and thanked God for what I had been praying diligently over for many, many months.

    As an aside, when the dust settles and the last polling tidbit parsed, I believe the results will show that the exit polling wasn't in error... but it was Christians and moral conservatives who turned out in unprecidented numbers that skewed the results and gave President Bush an opportunity to lead us anew.

  • Gracious Winners

    11/03/2004 8:38:38 AM PST · 72 of 131
    Dan C to Mighty_Quinn

    As someone who has won and lost elections myself and been in charge of others that went both ways... I'd say the NOBLE thing for US to do is give credit to Kerry for not listening to the likes of Edwards... and keeping the country from going through days of needless hell.

    I'm shocked that Kerry, given what I know of his character (thanks Swifties,) would be so gracious at this moment. He loses a race - but he retains at least a portion of his self respect and now takes McCain's place as the voice of loyal opposition to the President for the MSM.

    In a few days I'll go back to giving money to the swift boat vets in order to continue to get out the whole truth... but today at least I will tip my hat and say to Kerry, good show.

  • E-mail FOX and let thm know...

    11/03/2004 3:18:18 AM PST · 7 of 24
    Dan C to sonofatpatcher2

    I just did too. Reminded them that it was people like me who took the time to badger my cable outlet to carry Fox and it is people like myself who gave them ratings.

    Told them not to fear about appearing to be too right wing in their perspectives because in recent months nobody who has paid attention would ever accuse them of that (given their 'fair' (meaning politically correct & sensitive) and 'balanced' (don't want to run out ahead of the pack... sit nicely in the weeds with the other MSM) reporting.

    Uggh. What a disappointment they have become in recent weeks and months!

  • Democratic Leader Daschle Loses Seat 3 minutes ago

    11/03/2004 1:18:02 AM PST · 20 of 51
    Dan C to Sally'sConcerns

    fox still won't call this one.... when the heck can I go to bed!!!!!

  • Dascle Thune Update

    11/03/2004 12:55:12 AM PST · 19 of 21
    Dan C to Callahan

    I've been where you are. It is a lonely place to be - but life goes on one way or the other.

    God Bless and thank you for your efforts!

  • GOP predicts Ohio, Bush win

    11/02/2004 8:09:00 PM PST · 2 of 30
    Dan C to urbanrights

    Was praying for 300+ now just hoping for 270!

  • Kerry Spot: "Good News And Bad News" (Geraghty asleep at the switch)

    11/01/2004 8:08:48 AM PST · 6 of 21
    Dan C to The G Man

    Exactly! I turned off the phone last evening so I could focus on giving neighbor kids sugar shock (while the better half took our little ones out in search of their own sugar shock).

    I'd bet a lot of people were like me and were focused on other things than panic polling.


    10/30/2004 8:42:40 PM PDT · 32 of 57
    Dan C to math=power

    >I think Bush is going th lose NH and I think MN and HI are just pipe dreams.<

    I've lived in MN for nearly 20 years now - and I have to admit that while fears & doubts creep into my own mind about the improbability of MN going to a Republican... I can say with some assurance that this is no pipe dream. MN truly is up in the air at the moment with some indications of a slight trend/lean towards Bush.

    I'll believe it when I see it... but I'm working towards the goal anyhow.


    10/30/2004 8:32:03 PM PDT · 23 of 57
    Dan C to math=power

    I don't think Bush would have taken time out of his end-game schedule to visit us in Minnesota if Florida was slipping away. Florida's 27 EV's trump MN's 10 in a close race.

    There are some very good indicators coming from even a casual review of the news from the campaigns.

    Bush is running all over the place in BLUE states in addition to stops in Florida & others.

    Kerry is going to places that should be solidly in his base (but seemingly aren't or are the only places he can gather enough crowds for the MSM cameras.)

    Minnesota and Hawaii are battleground states. That fact alone must seem like one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse to the dems.

  • BUSH HAS THE MO [NRO, "The Corner" - another chat with Bush insider]

    10/30/2004 5:12:09 PM PDT · 94 of 243
    Dan C to Libertina

    >Does anyone know if the media called the polls "close" the year that Reagan swept every state but one?<

    Yes they did! I use this as one of the ways I calm down my friends who freak out about polls going up or down. I distinctly remember watching the news (one of the big three) the evening before and hearing report after report about how the election was right down to the wire and pundits saying this one was too close to call.

    As a general rule I add 2.5% to the Republicans in polling and subtract a similar amount from the Dems. With the exception of 2000, this rule of thumb seems to serve me well in terms of 'interpreting' poll numbers.

  • Saw Bush in Minneapolis today [IT WAS AWESOME!!]

    10/30/2004 4:59:56 PM PDT · 23 of 78
    Dan C to faithincowboys

    Tice is well respected by folks here in MN. His plain spoken, can-do, buck-stops-here attitude is contageous.

    And I say this as a closet Bears fan living in the heart of Vikings territory.

  • Saw Bush in Minneapolis today [IT WAS AWESOME!!]

    10/30/2004 4:48:17 PM PDT · 5 of 78
    Dan C to ejdrapes

    Another cool thing was the fact that the Target Center staff had to keep opening up more sections in the upper deck to accomodate the overflow of people coming to see the President.

    We can win this one for Bush!

  • Bush Rocks the Target Center

    10/30/2004 4:26:21 PM PDT · 21 of 29
    Dan C to OldFriend

    You know... I had not considered the point that Humphrey, liberal as he was, was still a patriot at heart. But that was back in the day when some democrats had principles.

  • Bush Rocks the Target Center

    10/30/2004 4:06:53 PM PDT · 18 of 29
    Dan C to pissant

    As one of the many folks who were there at the Target Center in Minneapolis... I can personally attest to the feeling of guarded optimism regarding Minnesota's chances next Tuesday.

    As I noted to my friend at the rally - 72 hours away from the election and a Republican President is at a full blown rally in Minneapolis. Hubert H. Humphrey is rolling over and over in his grave today.

    Tice was a class act. His introduction of Bush didn't split hairs. He is 110% behind Bush. God bless him for standing up to the whining of the dems about Tice's appearance today.

  • Bush Lead Widens Among Likely Voters -- Newsweek [Large lead published by Newsweek and Reuters?]

    10/30/2004 3:14:38 PM PDT · 34 of 84
    Dan C to rineaux

    From the Horserace Blog (

    "Note also the weekend-before-the-election trip to MN. That state is gonna be the big surprise of 11-2, I think."

    From his blog to God's ears.

  • Bush Lead Widens Among Likely Voters -- Newsweek [Large lead published by Newsweek and Reuters?]

    10/30/2004 2:55:18 PM PDT · 25 of 84
    Dan C to rineaux

    Just got back from the rally in Minneapolis. Yep, Coach Tice was there to introduce the President - giving him a MN Vikings jersey with #1 on the front.

    Tice hammered on the main reason he is supporting Bush - because every day he wakes up feeling safe because of Bush and wants his family to remain safe. It was powerful.

    Tice and the Vikings establishment took holy hell from the dems in the area once Tice was announced as the person introducing the President. My respect for that man went up again (and I'm a closet Bears fan stuck here in Minnesota :)

    Again I am struck with a sense of awe that Minnesota is truly a battleground state. The President makes a major campaign stop here 72 hours before the election. Hubert Humphry is spinning in his grave today.

    I'm cautiously optimistic that MN will be Bush country on Tuesday!

  • Bush Takes the Lead in Minnesota! (Even under Zogby Special Sauce polling methodology)

    10/29/2004 7:15:22 PM PDT · 49 of 83
    Dan C to Theodore R.

    Don't worry about Jesse Ventura's support of sKerry / Edwards. As a graduate student at the quite liberal Hamline University in St. Paul, the one political fact that liberal and conservative students almost unanimously agree upon is that Ventura was, is, and more than likely will continue to be an idiot.

    Very few people take him seriously and his new grunge pirate look will have even fewer people listening to him. If anything, Ventura's support of K&E will help to kill any forward momentum they hope for in MN.

    I continue to be guardedly optimistic for Bush's chances here in MN. I was 'Up North' this past weekend and I was surprised by how many Bush signs were displayed in areas known to be traditional DFL (Dem) strongholds.

    That isn't a scientific basis for my gut feelings here - but the surprise I felt with this observation has given me a small portion of hope that this might be the first election where the candidate I vote for takes the state I live in!

  • TIPP Poll - Bush, Kerry Tied

    10/29/2004 8:26:57 AM PDT · 99 of 157
    Dan C to fizziwig

    Thanks! I get so tired of the emotional roller coaster some on this board ride on. Bush coughs wrong in a debate or flubs a line in a stump speech and rest assured there will be at least one poster here that declares the election over and that the US is going to cede Alaska back to Russia just for good measure.

    Again, everyone, calm down and do something constructive with your energy. Visit a nursing home and talk to people in the day room - or help rake some leaves across the street and offer to drive an elderly neighbor to the polls. That is how we win this... one person at a time.

  • TIPP Poll - Bush, Kerry Tied

    10/29/2004 8:16:55 AM PDT · 57 of 157
    Dan C to NYC Republican

    Calm down about this. How many of us have simply turned our answering machines on to screen all the political calls that have come in the past few weeks? That fact alone is one reason why polls get skewed a bit near the end.

    And, remember it is all about capitalism here. If you have a close election - people will be more interested in the race and will tune into radio, TV and newspapers to find out who is up or down that day.

    Furthermore, the closer the race, the more polls every side will order (just to double check things) and thus making more money for the polling agencies.

    Bush is going to get 300+ EV. Quit paying attention to the ups and downs of poll numbers and go talk to your neighbor about the campaign instead. Use that nervous energy for something constructive everyone!

  • Battlegrounders (Minnesota Falling Into Bush Camp (NRO, My Title))

    10/28/2004 6:12:09 PM PDT · 27 of 69
    Dan C to LS

    From your post... to God's ears!

  • Kerry's situation weakening, Electoral College working in Bush's favor

    10/26/2004 7:22:47 PM PDT · 85 of 151
    Dan C to etradervic

    Great news for Bush and the nation if Kerry is pulling some of his resources out of Florida.

    Bad news for us here in Minnesota. We'll have to suffer through even more of sKerry's ads, surrogates on local shows, literature drops, phone calls, etc.

    Thank God there is only one week of this left! At this point, beyond lurking often here at Free Republic, I'm just taking time to pray for Bush and a larger majority in the Senate (and picking up SD too!)

  • Then they Voted

    10/25/2004 5:57:23 AM PDT · 14 of 22
    Dan C to Core_Conservative

    The source for this was the Scott Adams / Dilbert email newsletter from about a month ago. I deleted it, so unfortunately I can't give any more info than that.

  • 2004 Projected Presidential Electoral Votes as of 10/25/2004

    10/25/2004 5:44:26 AM PDT · 12 of 31
    Dan C to FlJoePa

    And having driven all over Minnesota this past weekend, based on lawn signs in areas that I know to be the poorest (and most liberal leaning) I am all the more convinced that Bush can pull off a victory in MN! That explains why Kerry & Edwards have been here several times in the past couple of weeks and will be here again this week.

    If nothing else, us Minnesotans can keep those two dems wrapped up here worrying about our 10 electoral votes while Bush grabs other states out from under them.

  • Elaborate stagecraft makes for colorful Kerry rally

    10/21/2004 8:19:47 PM PDT · 7 of 9
    Dan C to Rakkasan1

    I work about 3 blocks away from the Metrodome in Minneapolis and I park in a ramp right across the street so when leaving late from work I got treated to an earful of this 'pagentry'

    While walking to our cars my coworker (recently from Michigan) asked if I recognized who was speaking. I told him it was Walter Mondale.

    My friend stopped, turned to me and said "you mean the guy that lost a presidential election by the largest electoral margin - and then lost a senatorial election is the person introducing Kerry? A loser introducing an even bigger loser. Kerry is toast if he has to take time to campaign in Minnesota and pal around with Mondale!"

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    I drove past that gathering and called my wife to tell her to draw some bath water because driving past / through that mob while listening to Mondale at 100 decibels made me feel the need to take a bath.

  • Kerry advertisement pops up everytime I open

    10/11/2004 7:45:08 PM PDT · 21 of 38
    Dan C to RedBloodedAmerican

    >Hit and Run poster.<

    Or, someone on a slow dialup connection trying to download & install one of the spyware elimination programs. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. That's what we Republicans / conservatives do :)

  • Kerry advertisement pops up everytime I open

    10/11/2004 7:35:22 PM PDT · 16 of 38
    Dan C to TomVan

    You might have a hijack situation with your computer. Some types of spyware or malware can get installed on your system without your knowledge which can track your internet usage and actually tailor popups based on your viewing habits.

    Download Ad Aware from (a free download) and run it to rid yourself of many (if not all) of the spyware on your system.

    You can also try using Spybot (I run both Ad Aware & Spybot) which can sometimes find other items not picked up by Ad Aware. That free download is located at

    Hopefully this helps.

  • DRUDGE: NEWSWEEK POLL: BUSH LEAD GONE (Registered voters, not likely voters polled)

    10/02/2004 3:25:48 PM PDT · 480 of 1,107
    Dan C to samtheman

    Having run for election a couple of times (Mayor - won, state senate - lost) and having been the campaign manager for several campaigns including a congressional campaign, I speak with some history when I say that a poor performance in a debate or an interview doesn't always mean there is some sort of evil conspiracy lurking to sabotage things.

    People do get sick, exhausted, overwhelmed, etc. Consider that Bush is basically working two jobs at the moment - being president AND campaigning to be president. The man is approaching 60 years old, is the leader of the free world and is also campaigning non stop. He just got done with a days worth of comforting people who lost everything to multiple hurricanes.

    Granted, I think it was probably poor timing to have him involved with that the day of the debate - but I'm sure there were plenty of campaign management types debating whether it was worse to cancel a trip to view hurricane damage or to risk having Bush tired for the debate.

    If I were the campaign manager, I honestly would have chosen the same schedule for the president. Florida is too important - even if just for symbolism by winning it - to pass on such an important time to genuinely comfort people and to get a decent photo op in the process.

    Bush had a slow night. It wasn't a knock out but it wasn't a blowout for him either. Take your energy and focus it into getting Bush elected. Call family and friends and make sure they are registered. Donate money, time on phone banks, distribute literature, stick a sign in your yard and then pray like mad.

  • DRUDGE: NEWSWEEK POLL: BUSH LEAD GONE (Registered voters, not likely voters polled)

    10/02/2004 3:09:01 PM PDT · 402 of 1,107
    Dan C to pbrown

    >I've been a Repub since March, and I have more faith in Bush than some of you whiners.<

    Amen! You said exactly what I've been thinking for a couple of days now. I've been paying attention to presidential elections since the 70's and the MSM has ALWAYS said the races are too close to call.

    If it wasn't a horserace, the papers & networks would lose readers & viewers which translates into lost profits. Pollsters want a close race so nervous folk from either side will continue to call for more up to the moment polls - so there is a profit motive involved even with polling companies.

    I remember distinctly that one of the nightly news programs said of the Reagan / Carter race that the polls indicated it was too close to call. Then, a day later we all found out they were talking through their hats. This election is no different - other than maybe for the MSM having to carry even more water for their candidate because he is so unattractive, arrogant and boring.

  • `Spectacular' Alzheimer's Breakthrough Possible (also spinal cord injuries)

    10/02/2004 9:23:28 AM PDT · 24 of 29
    Dan C to Cincinatus' Wife

    This story must be fabricated. I heard Ron Reagan say that because Bush is standing in the way of stem cell research, millions will needlessly suffer with such diseases as mentioned in this article.

    The study must have been underwritten by the RNC and the Bush-Cheney re-election team.