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  • Ukraine Creates Internet Army To Combat Russian Trolls

    03/28/2015 9:45:28 PM PDT · 9 of 9
    dangus to nickcarraway

    “Minks agreement.”

    That’s Minsk Protocol. A “minks agreement” would be among weasels. Oh, right.... never mind.

  • Catholicism in Space: Houston, Do We Have a problem?

    03/28/2015 9:07:54 PM PDT · 37 of 69
    dangus to Larry Lucido

    In fairness, the “blog” isn’t just some random dude’s opinions. It’s a publication of a research organization at Georgetown University which is authorized by the US Catholic Church to analyze priestly vocations, attendance statistics, etc.

    I’m a little critical of the post because the answer (which is “no, there is no problem”) isn’t very clear. Yes, living among the stars would create a few questions of how to interpret tradition in a very untraditional context, but the traditions in question aren’t mere human tradition; there is theology behind them, and the theology will certainly guide the solutions.

    Of all the questions he puts forth, the question of calendars is the most intriguing and is one that no denomination can avoid: when is Sunday? Every 7th rotation? Or every 7*24 earth-hours? When exploring the colonization of other planets, most Sci Fi looks to certain obvious issues: oxygen content, environmental poisons, temperature, available moisture. But could human beings thrive on a planet with 35-hour days?

  • Michael Sam says gay NFL players 'do not have the same courage' to come out

    03/27/2015 8:45:03 AM PDT · 30 of 44
    dangus to TangledUpInBlue

    Remember how they announced with no uncertainty that at least four NFL stars would come out? The best they could dig up was a has-been NBA bench-sitter being forced into retirement, whose homosexuality came as quite a shocker to his female lover of the past 8 years.

  • Did (Western) Allied troops rape 285,000 German women? [tr ed]

    03/26/2015 8:15:35 PM PDT · 82 of 85
    dangus to ansel12

    I’m suggesting that the German women may have been a bit more practical-minded then the reminisces of American soldiers give them credit for.

  • Did (Western) Allied troops rape 285,000 German women? [tr ed]

    03/26/2015 10:42:20 AM PDT · 50 of 85
    dangus to C19fan

    There were 1.5 million American servicemen stationed in Germany eventually. Did 1 in 6 of them have sex with the local women? I’m supposing that the author might label, “rape” any instance of sexual relations between a soldier from an occupying army and a local from the occupied territory. It may not be the sort of violent, brutal horror of war that the term brings to the imagination, but it is also a deeply problematic ethical issue. And I might even argue that the women who were the more readily “seduced” were probably also among the more innocent of the charge of supporting the genocidal madness of Hitler: passive, independent, willing to approach “the enemy...”

  • FrankenCandidate

    03/26/2015 8:33:34 AM PDT · 9 of 14
    dangus to MeshugeMikey

    I just grabbed the first Frankenmugshot I found when I Googled him.

  • FrankenCandidate

    03/26/2015 8:10:19 AM PDT · 4 of 14
    dangus to dangus
  • FrankenCandidate

    03/26/2015 8:09:14 AM PDT · 2 of 14
    dangus to Kaslin


    03/25/2015 7:16:49 PM PDT · 5 of 30
    dangus to ebb tide

    The pope may be a liberal. He may have sent up a trial balloon. But the end product is excellent:

    55. Some families have members who have a homosexual tendency. In this regard, the synod fathers asked themselves what pastoral attention might be appropriate for them in accordance with Church teaching: “There are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family.” Nevertheless, men and women with a homosexual tendency ought to be received with respect and sensitivity. “Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided” (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons, 4).

    56. Exerting pressure in this regard on the Pastors of the Church is totally unacceptable: it is equally unacceptable for international organizations to link their financial assistance to poorer countries with the introduction of laws that establish “marriage” between persons of the same sex.

  • University of Scranton stands tall and says “No!” to abortion coverage for its employees

    03/25/2015 11:32:05 AM PDT · 17 of 17
    dangus to the OlLine Rebel

    Several, including The University of Scranton, The Commonwealth Medical College, Johnson College, Lackawanna College, Marywood University and Penn State - Worthington/Scranton.

  • University of Scranton stands tall and says “No!” to abortion coverage for its employees

    03/25/2015 11:21:28 AM PDT · 16 of 17
    dangus to ConservingFreedom

    You don’t have to tell me. I went there.

  • University of Scranton stands tall and says “No!” to abortion coverage for its employees

    03/25/2015 7:59:45 AM PDT · 13 of 17
    dangus to ConservingFreedom

    This is huge news. U of Scranton is a Jesuit school that has been terribly enmeshed in left-wing social issues. Any political incorrectness of any type is a huge breakthrough.

  • University of Scranton stands tall and says “No!” to abortion coverage for its employees

    03/25/2015 7:59:45 AM PDT · 12 of 17
    dangus to ConservingFreedom

    This is huge news. U of Scranton is a Jesuit school that has been terribly enmeshed in left-wing social issues. Any political incorrectness of any type is a huge breakthrough.

  • University of Scranton stands tall and says “No!” to abortion coverage for its employees

    03/25/2015 7:56:41 AM PDT · 11 of 17
    dangus to ConservingFreedom

    >>>> Concerned Clergy for Choice <<<<

    >>Nope. I don’t believe this group has a single member. <<

    Of course. It does. But it’s not Catholic.

  • University of Scranton stands tall and says “No!” to abortion coverage for its employees

    03/25/2015 7:55:49 AM PDT · 10 of 17
    dangus to ConservingFreedom

    >> Concerned Clergy for Choice <<

    Nope. I don’t believe this group has a single member.

  • 10 Christian T-Shirts That Undermine The Church’s Credibility

    03/25/2015 7:34:14 AM PDT · 14 of 35
    dangus to Star Traveler

    I think the author wants the Church to stay invisible.

  • 10 Christian T-Shirts That Undermine The Church’s Credibility

    03/25/2015 7:33:13 AM PDT · 13 of 35
    dangus to InvisibleChurch
    Yes, I absolutely agree that none of these shirts will do much to save anyone's souls. But does someone expect that there is a T-shirt -- or a church sign -- or a tract leaflet -- that will? Can they be judged instead on amusing alternatives to offensive or empty T-shirt slogans? In which case, "Do the Jew" is an embarrassing failure.

    On the other hand, the article's interpretation of "I <3 Church Boys" is simply way off. The author states, "We don’t need to encourage them to see our gatherings as a smorgasbord of safe, potential dates" Well, actually, we do need them to see the Christian community as where to meet the fulfillment of both genders' emotional and spiritual design to have companionship and be fruitful and multiply. The shirt isn't supposed to be what a parent makes their kid wear, but what a young woman might wear to say, "This is what I want!"

    The author states, "I have a hard time not feeling that the church is still in the business of telling young women that their job is to marry a Christian man, have his children, and fulfill his wishes." But the T-shirt says, "This is how to fulfill MY wishes."

    Frankly, my wife would love it.

  • ‘Sick to my stomach’: O’Keefe strikes again! Cornell dean says ISIS, Hamas welcome on campus [video]

    03/25/2015 5:54:28 AM PDT · 6 of 24
    dangus to CaptainAmiigaf

    Has someone told him that ISIS doesn’t like gays?

  • Cruz Makes Inroads in the Most Important Primary of All

    03/24/2015 1:46:41 PM PDT · 18 of 21
    dangus to bestintxas

    Unfortunately, Drudge + Rush + Mark Levin + whoever else you want to add in don’t matter one hill of beans in the Republican Presidential primary, as is made obvious by the repeated selection of the most anti-conservative candidate available.

  • Ted Cruz Should Try Speaking to People Instead of at Them

    03/24/2015 8:29:52 AM PDT · 64 of 81
    dangus to SeekAndFind

    Let’s suppose Cooke is right, and he is off-putting in person. THat effects, say, 0.00001% of the electorate.

  • Cruz Makes Inroads in the Most Important Primary of All

    03/24/2015 7:38:52 AM PDT · 11 of 21
    dangus to bestintxas

    Sadly, this isn’t true at all. Hence, McCain.

  • The One True Church

    03/23/2015 1:15:45 PM PDT · 10 of 26
    dangus to Theo

    If salvation comes through faith in Christ, the question that must be answered is “who is this Christ that we have faith in?” If we believe in Him, we believe in His teachings. And what are those teachings?

    Thomas Jefferson believed in the historical person named Jesus. Yet he denied so many teachings of Jesus, he disregarded the whole of the Bible. Is that having saving faith?

    Mormons believe in Jesus. And they believe He is divine. But they also believe they are all divine. And that the Bible is a corrupted work that must be completed and corrected in the Book of Mormon. Is that having saving faith?

    Catholics believe that faith comes from grace which is imparted at Baptism even before a child is capable of comprehending that faith, let alone proclaiming it. Just as long as the Baptism is done in the name of the Trinity. But then Catholics also believe that the entirety of faith is mysterious, and that no proclamation can perfectly convey the infitinely deep contemplations in Christ. Is that saving faith?

    Antinomianists believe that faith alone saves, and that people are no longer under the law, so no particular action is necessary to signal that the faith is there. But if Christ says, “do this,” and you refuse to do it, can you say you believe in Him?

  • University of Chicago Newspaper: Free Speech Should be Curtailed so Muslims Aren’t Offended by It

    03/23/2015 11:06:55 AM PDT · 29 of 39
    dangus to rightistight

    The Maroon? This isn’t a satire? Has no-one in Chicago heard of Bugs Bunny? As in “What a maroon!”?

  • Cruz launches ad in Spanish

    03/23/2015 8:01:44 AM PDT · 5 of 113
    dangus to caligatrux

    I’d at least find out what he said, first.

  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/21/2015 6:29:38 AM PDT · 307 of 314
    dangus to BroJoeK

    Don’t be too mystified about the cotton sitting on rail cars. The effect was like OPEC: The North was the South’s market for that cotton. With the cessation of trade, the price of cotton went up five-fold, MORE than making up for lost volume. Also, keep in mind, the cotton wasn’t owned by the government, but by the wealthy plantation owners whose fortunes the war was being fought to protect. They could no more have requisitioned the cotton cost-free than they could have requisitioned more rifles or warships cost-free. Finding alternative markets for cotton would have meant sea-faring, but the South’s PROBLEM was a lack of an industrial base to build up a navy.

    The South’s problem wasn’t a lack of cash; They couldn’t simply buy more guns, more steel, etc.

    The doom of the South was that they were insanely quick for war. Confederate apologists always take Lincoln’s talking down war and interference as insincere politics, but that’s absurd: if he were planning an invasion, the last thing he would do would be to politically undermine the case for war. The Union was withdrawing from nearly all southern bases. The notion that Ft. Sumter was some sort of effort to build a single, stronger base is belied by the utter failure to defend it.

    A strategy for the continuation of the Southern cause would have been to build economic strength while exhausting all political and legal avenues to defend the notion of the States’ political autonomy.

  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/20/2015 6:59:48 PM PDT · 296 of 314
    dangus to dangus
    Image didn't come out. Here it is again:
  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/20/2015 6:59:05 PM PDT · 295 of 314
    dangus to BroJoeK
    The Panic of 1857 is called a panic precisely because it was driven by finances, not macroeconomic trends; it's not that the South snapped back faster; it's that it wasn't directly affected.

    Yeah, there's a modest increase in the 1850s, but nothing near enough to bring it up to previous historical norms. Calling that a 50% increase is misleading through cherry-picking data; it's true if you cherry-pick 1851 (7.4), but why not pick 1850 (11.7) or 1856(12.4)? So what's your source's agenda is cherry-picking data?

  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/20/2015 6:28:24 PM PDT · 290 of 314
    dangus to Bubba Ho-Tep

    >> The bulk of the population growth in the US you cite was in the north, driven by European immigrants, very few of whom were attracted to the south because of the lack of opportunity there. The southern white population growth was much smaller. For example, between 1850 and 1860, Mississippi’s white population grew by 58,000 while it’s slave population grew by 126,000. <<

    As you say, they didn’t move to the South because of the lack of opportunity. They’re still demand drivers.

    Your data on Mississippi is accurate, but not typical. Mississippi exploded because slave owners — and their slaves — were departing the border states; nationally, the growth in the slave population was declining, while total population was accelerating. This is where the stuff about border states’ slave trade shrinking and the deep south’s growing is misleading: there was simply a movement from one area to another, not new growth in the Deep South.

  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/20/2015 1:47:20 PM PDT · 282 of 314
    dangus to BroJoeK

    The fascinating thing is that most blacks today apparently believe in the mudsill theory today, hook, line and sinker: they believe that conservatives and free-marketers urgently try to hold black people down. Of course, it also drives promoters of massive/illegal immigration.

  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/20/2015 1:27:45 PM PDT · 281 of 314
    dangus to BroJoeK

    Please note that my comment predicted a very slow death of the institution of slavery, although perhaps faster than the death of the abusive conditions in post-war Dixie. But your post is very interesting, and made me research further.

    Your passage states that “In the decades before 1860, Deep South cotton production doubled, and doubled again, while cotton prices rose much faster than inflation — even including Federal import tariffs.”

    I find this assertion about prices flatly contradicted by the data I can find. While production increased sharply, prices were very stagnant, having collapsed prior to 1830 and remaining quite low until the Civil War created a shortage.

    I wonder if perhaps you are falsely figuring that an increase in demand of slaves means that slave plantations must be thriving? If the price of labor is booming, and the price of a product is so stagnant, then perhaps the death of slavery would have been coming faster than I foresaw it. The population of slaves in the decade prior to the Civil War increased 23%, compared to an overall population growth of 36%. This means that supply wasn’t keeping up with demand, resulting in higher labor costs, resulting in LOWER profits.

  • Father: Schock Might Have Been ‘A Little Careless,’ But Most Allegations ‘Lies And Innuendos’

    03/18/2015 7:57:17 PM PDT · 19 of 30
    dangus to nickcarraway


  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/17/2015 11:30:45 AM PDT · 158 of 314
    dangus to ifinnegan

    Well, Ironically, Southern Democrat President James Buchanan *did* invade Mexico, and installed a puppet, anti-clerical regime in 1860. The French then invaded, but after Lincoln was killed, Southern Democrat Andrew Johnson invaded and set up another even more anti-clerical state in 1865. Sentiments on both sides of the Civil War were so high in favor of the anti-clerical Mexican state that the Hampton Roads peace conference actually discussed a Confederate-Union alliance to invade Mexico.

    U.S. interests also supported the Trotskyite Mexican Revolution (1910-1918), until their puppet Pancho Villa outraged Wm Hearst by attacking New Mexico.

  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/17/2015 11:11:59 AM PDT · 153 of 314
    dangus to Pollster1

    Of course, they couldn’t. The decision to attack union forces which had withdrawn from 5 bases to Ft. Sumter was suicidally stupid. The big problem facing the South wasn’t invasion from the North, but what to do with millions of slaves as slavery became an increasingly obsolete economic strategy.

    Lincoln’s plan to let slavery “wither on the vine” was much better for Dixie than the Confederacy’s plan to make the Southwest slave-dependent: The Great West wasn’t endless, and the region from the Ogallal Aquifer West could never have displaced southern cotton, or for that matter, rice, hogs or sugar. The plantation owners would have been much more wealthy controlling land as the US immigration population bulged and they gradually reduced their dependence on slavery.

    But the problem was that the South feared retribution as slaves gained their freedom; they couldn’t imagine their slaves being their countrymen.

  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/17/2015 9:25:35 AM PDT · 92 of 314
    dangus to central_va

    My opinion of Southerners has nothing to do with it. They weren’t doomed to fail because they were genetically inferior; they were doomed to fail because their socioeconomic system was based on unjust and therefore wildly dysfunctional.

  • Could the South Have Won the War?

    03/17/2015 8:23:22 AM PDT · 13 of 314
    dangus to iowamark

    A key point many may overlook is that the South could not have achieved their goals with a “two-state” solution: the confederacy would have been a failed state. Keep in mind, that the war was not triggered by an attempt to ban slavery in the deep south, but to limit its growth to the West. Mere secession would have left the South not only with a large, enslaved population inclined to insurrection, but also with a white population that was largely doomed to mere agriculture, and yet could not compete with slave plantations. “Victory” without conquest of the North would thus result in a tiny, super-rich elite governing over a nation plagued by grinding poverty and unrest.

    So the question is not could the South have repelled the North, but could they have conquered it; could they have won without home-team advantage? Could they have invaded cities like Boston and New York?


    03/11/2015 8:35:12 AM PDT · 45 of 70
    dangus to the OlLine Rebel

    I’m hearing a few Christmas-only stations since the 1990s; I didn’t mean to refer only to those. But EVERY pop station used to play lots of Christmas songs when I was growing up in the northeast. Usually, they were dreadfully low quality (Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time) and often pro-charity but strangely anti-Christmas (John Lenin’s Happy Christmas [spelling deliberate], Do They Know its Christmas?, In a Ghetto)


    03/10/2015 2:49:03 PM PDT · 43 of 70
    dangus to the OlLine Rebel

    Every one of the songs you used was *very* popular. I’m only referring to the way Billboard normalizes radio play with sales. Back in the days before Apple, Pop music got LESS radio play in December, since many stations switch to Christmas-dominated formats temporarily, but almost half of sales came in the Christmas season. Their weekly top 100 was a balance of airplay and sales.

    But the way they normalize for Christmas sales made January light-pop have an advantage. By the late 1980s, light-pop songs peaking in January held the top spot on the annual charts almost every year: Careless Whisper (1985), That’s What Friends Are For (1986), Walk Like An Egyptian (1987), Faith (1988). My Prerogative was #2 for the year in 1989, despite being #1 for a single week in January.

    Eventually, Billboard seems to have recognized the urgency of the problem, and started keeping better track of when singles were actually sold, so middle-aged people replacing their Bon Jovi albums with “Careless Whisper” weren’t counted.


    03/10/2015 7:30:04 AM PDT · 40 of 70
    dangus to CowboyinILL

    7 1985 “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” Tears for Fears


    03/10/2015 7:27:10 AM PDT · 39 of 70
    dangus to clbiel

    OK: single-length (3:00 or longer) song from the Grease Soundtrack that wasn’t for comedy (”Beauty School Drop Out). (Sandy, at 2:31 was filler.) You’re very kind; you didn’t bring up “Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing!!!!!”

    Summer Nights
    You’re the One that I Want.
    Hopelessly Devoted to You.
    Greased Lightning
    Born to Hand Jive


    03/10/2015 7:19:50 AM PDT · 38 of 70
    dangus to the OlLine Rebel

    Thanks. And yes, of course, I did.

    I recognize you chose the top 7 hits of each year as an impartial starting point... and that was a very sensible decision! The tough part is that is that Billboard’s year-end ranking methodology often promoted the blandest songs. Actual sales, weeks at the top, etc., were actually not considered as much as market penetration. If you ever try doing this again (next year?), now that you’re identified the weeklings, maybe you could nominate additions to the competition? It was fun, and I appreciate your effort.

  • I don't trust Google. Nor should you

    03/09/2015 9:47:23 AM PDT · 41 of 61
    dangus to rktman

    As a point, the name is based on a play on word of “Googol,” but also of “googly,” which meant to have wide eyes, as one who stares in amazement has.


    03/09/2015 9:40:39 AM PDT · 29 of 70
    dangus to the OlLine Rebel

    OK, personal opinion of the most significant chart-toppers of the 1980s by decade:

    1980: Another Brick in the Wall, pt. 2
    1981: Rapture
    1982: I Love Rock and Roll. (Tough choice over Eye of the Tiger.)
    1983: Billie Jean
    1984: Owner of a Lonely Heart (Lots of competition: When Doves Cry, All Night Long, 99 Luftballons)
    1985: Take On Me (Money for Nothing, Don’t You (Forget About Me), Everybody Wants to Rule the World)
    1986: Rock Me, Amadeus (Kiss)
    1987: Living On a Prayer
    1988: Sweet Child O’ Mine
    1989: Like a Prayer


    03/09/2015 9:28:45 AM PDT · 28 of 70
    dangus to heylady

    I can’t believe Queen made it past the second round. It’s fun and harmless, but generic and unexceptional. They were too early to be nominated, but every song from the Grease soundtrack is superior.

  • Democrat Leadership Jeopardy!

    03/06/2015 12:58:33 PM PST · 3 of 3
    dangus to blueunicorn6

    Pet peeve:

    Anyone who says “Lewis” should lose. The city may be called “Saint Lewis,” but the saint it was named after is “Loo-ee.” My peeve is that people feel that you must use a perfect accent for any Spanish names, but fully Anglicize all other pronunciations. If you’re going to say, “Whore-hay” and not “George” when you see “Jorge,” then you should say “Loo-ee” not not “Lewis.”

    Also, it’s “Pahree,” not “Parriss”; “Moh-ree-al,” not “Monchree-awl”; “Or-lee-ahn” not “Or-leenz.”

    Better yet, just stick with “Mecksickoh,” instead of “Mehheekoh.” And so help me, if I hear one more person roll an “r” when they say, “Goo-odd-uh-luh-ahrrrrrrrrah,” I’m going to go completely ballistic.

  • Initiating Petition to Demand Terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Be Run Through a Meat Grinder Alive

    03/06/2015 8:54:05 AM PST · 3 of 16
    dangus to Reaganite Republican

    Pork Sausage.

  • There Is No Pope in Islam

    03/05/2015 11:55:32 AM PST · 19 of 39
    dangus to Alex Murphy

    Are you incapable of reading more than one sentence at a time? It’s one thing to take the Catechism out of context; you can at least mislead your sheeple on FR who would never look beyond out-of-context quotes. But you’re laughable when you take a single sentence of mine out of context when the greater context is on the same page!

  • There Is No Pope in Islam

    03/05/2015 11:49:50 AM PST · 17 of 39
    dangus to Alex Murphy

    Sorry, Alex: Muslims adore a horrendously distorted notion and tragically incomplete vision of the one, true God. But contrary to claims that “Allah” is some sort of a moon God, it is a semitic word that has meant “god/God” since long before Mohammed came along. Yes, one can use “allah” to refer to a pagan god, just like I just used the word “god” to refer to a pagan god. But the Moon god of Mecca was Sin/Suen, and those pagans of Mecca were not monotheistic, so using “allah” to refer to Sin/Suen outside of Ur or Harran would be contextually improper.

    “Why did Mohammed presume that the Arabs already knew who Allah was?”

    Had Allah meant Sin/Suen, Mohammed would’ve had to suggest to those outside the Cult of Sin that Allah meant Sin, specifically, especially given that Allah is described in so many ways that contradict the depiction of Sin. But since “Allah” meant “the God,” all Mohammed needed to do was to assert the nature of God. OF COURSE, MOHAMMED’S DESCRIPTION OF GOD IS CONTRARY TO CHRISTIANITY. The same catechism from which paragraph 841 is taken contains many condemnations and descriptions of what it labels “indifferentism,” the notion that it doesn’t matter what doctrine one holds or what sect one belongs to.

    Contrary to the common assertion that the Koran doesn’t explain who Allah is, he is repeatedly referred to as “the god of Abraham,” “the god of Mose,” “the god of the Christians,” and so forth.

    Names of Allah in the Koran:

    “Lord of Heaven and of Earth, God of Mercy”
    “God of Mercy” (more than 50 times)
    “God of Moses”
    “God of the entire universe”
    “God of all in Heaven on on Earth”
    “God, Lord of the Heavens of Lord of the Earth”

    Refutations of Sin from within the Koran:

    “There is no God but me.”
    “Your God is the one god.”
    “Abraham was a leader in religion, obedient only to Allah”
    “Thou follow the religion of Abraham, the sound in faith”
    (Obviously Muslims believe incorrectly in what the religion of Abraham was, but plainly it was not that of the Moon God.)
    “To you he has commanded the faith, which he gave to Noah, which we (the angels) have revealed to thee, and given commands to Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus.”
    (Again, there heresy here is obvious; the point is that it is ridiculous to suggest that the Arabs believed Jesus worshipped the moon god.)

  • There Is No Pope in Islam

    03/05/2015 11:11:54 AM PST · 14 of 39
    dangus to NYer

    “Weaponized” Obama. I know how to shrink images... there’s a reason he fits nicely into your browser window. Never confuse evil with stupid, NYer. It makes us do mean things, like this:

    OK, funny note. I was going to post a picture of Helen Thomas in a bathing suit. But my OS won’t paste the very long URL. I’m taking that as a reminder from God that I’m not supposed to be evil.

  • The Battle for Tikrit - Day 3

    03/05/2015 10:36:01 AM PST · 12 of 16
    dangus to demshateGod

    I don’t know how great of a military mastermind he is, but I do know he is in charge of spreading Iranian influence, and the Iranians have dominated Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, several former Soviet states, and, briefly, even Egypt.

  • The Battle for Tikrit - Day 3

    03/05/2015 10:33:03 AM PST · 11 of 16
    dangus to keat

    >> “The situation in Tikrit is a prime example of what we are worried about. Iran is taking over the country,” Prince Saud al-Faisal, foreign minister of the Sunni Muslim kingdom, said after talks with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. <<

    You’ve got a few trillion dollars in oil money, you God-damned, Satan-possessed bastard! Maybe you should’ve “corrected” ISIS when they were using your death-obsessed ideology to spread their ways. Maybe you should’ve jumped in to kill ISIS when they started their slaughter. Maybe you should shut the hell up and start bombing the crap out of ISIS now. Maybe you should mobilize your tens of millions of sheeple to liberate ISIS lands now.

    Face it, you pig excrement: you’re mad because for all their evil intentions, Iran is helping cleanse the Earth of the plague that you and your puppet in the White House helped spawn.