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  • Obama wins over heavily-Republican suburbs

    11/05/2008 5:25:52 PM PST · 3 of 91
    dark_lord to Impy

    Duh. The Blues move into Red territory to escape high taxes and fees. But they bring their stupid ideology with them — which creates high taxes and fees where ever they move.

    They are a plague. A virus.

    May they all die. Soon.

  • Austin owned energy company has plug-in hybrids(claim 100 MPG)

    03/30/2008 7:20:54 AM PDT · 13 of 90
    dark_lord to Dane

    $40K for a Volt — GM is insane. As Yogi Berra would have said, it is deja vu all over again. The Japanese will just sell hybrids for $4K - $5K over the cost of the equivalent gasoline only car (to cover cost of battery pack, electric motor, additional monitoring electronics and safety features.) And the US (Ford & GM) will again lose market share due to their stupidity, and the Japanese will gain.

  • Volunteers sought to use high-tech border cameras over Internet

    03/14/2008 11:59:58 AM PDT · 11 of 37
    dark_lord to SwinneySwitch

    OK. So La Raza rounds up a bunch of volunteers, has them sign up for targeted shifts — and that is when the stampedes will move through.

  • The 12th Amendment

    02/18/2008 11:28:33 AM PST · 2 of 7
    dark_lord to Bear_Slayer

    Yes. In fact they could even vote for a VP from the other party — or a 3rd party. But what is interesting is that if the Electoral college doesn’t have a majority 270 votes (for VP) then it goes to the Senate, which is constrained to choosing between the top two Electoral vote receivers.

  • Armchair Politickin’ Pt 2 - The VP Nod

    02/10/2008 11:01:58 AM PST · 8 of 18
    dark_lord to dark_lord

    That’s Kay Bailey Hutchison.

  • Armchair Politickin’ Pt 2 - The VP Nod

    02/10/2008 11:01:16 AM PST · 7 of 18
    dark_lord to Maelstorm

    Kay Bailey is the senior United States Senator from Texas. She would ensure carrying Texas (3rd most electoral vote state.) And she would help in the South.

  • Chertoff announces alternative to border fence in Hidalgo

    02/09/2008 4:26:24 PM PST · 22 of 35
    dark_lord to VU4G10
    ...modify levees along the Rio Grande with an 18-foot sheer face on the river side...

    Actually, this doesn't seem too bad. An 18 foot sheer face is a nice fence. I don't think too many people would bitch if we built an 18 foot high concrete wall. Of course, that assumes the water level in the river doesn't rise, so of course that 18 foot sheer rise would have to be above the HIGH WATER MARK!. In which case, most of the time the rise would be much greater than 18 feet. And...if that was the approach, they should just do this down the entire length of the Rio Grande -- a levee on the American side with a sheer face, 18 feet above the high water mark (flood stage.)

    That would make one heck of a fence indeed.

  • Russian bomber cuts into Japanese airspace (fighters scrambled)

    02/09/2008 5:57:31 AM PST · 3 of 4
    dark_lord to maquiladora

    Next time, just shoot the sucker down. Send a diplomatic note — oops.

  • Huckabee Complicates GOP Contest

    02/06/2008 5:35:03 AM PST · 9 of 77
    dark_lord to colorcountry

    > Huckabee is a candidate in his own rights. He’s beating Romney.

    Really? Delegate count as of Wednesday morning is:
    Romney - 207
    Hucklebee - 139

  • The Demise of "The RINO" (Or: Be Careful What You Ask For)

    02/03/2008 12:34:41 PM PST · 3 of 112
    dark_lord to Tennessee Nana

    Since there is no difference between a Democrap and a RINO — who cares?

  • How conservative can achieve a brokered convention

    02/02/2008 8:11:32 PM PST · 42 of 50
    dark_lord to Clintonfatigued

    Or — you could just vote for Fred Thompson. He’s probably still on the ballot on most Super Tuesday states anyway — I know he still is in Illinois.

  • Huckabee: A Vote for Romney may be a Vote for Hillary

    02/02/2008 9:13:32 AM PST · 26 of 140
    dark_lord to nckerr

    Perhaps the game plan is a McCain/Huckleberry ticket. He’s getting funding from somewhere. And of course that ticket is a guaranteed sure fire loser in the general — since the pair of them have done pretty much everything they can to pi$$ off every true conservative in the USA.

  • WWFD - What Will Fred Do?

    01/20/2008 1:28:27 PM PST · 27 of 106
    dark_lord to Josh Painter

    Fred will do what Fred will do.
    But. I think he will stay through Super Tuesday. Where a number of states have the opportunity to baffle the MSM.
    I think this:
    (1) McCain can’t rally the base. He will sink on Super Tuesday.
    (2) Huckleberry Hound will deflate. The hillbilly fundamentalist moron vote is not deep.
    (3) Romney, like Kerry, can buy the nomination. That may happen.
    (4) Julie Crossdresser is going no where after Florida.
    (5) Thompson, if he stays in, will have a shot. Ultimately, if Romney doesn’t get enough delegates, will have to deal with Fred. They will cut out both the Huckster and Julie Crossdresser.

  • What's Next For Thompson?

    01/20/2008 6:47:40 AM PST · 81 of 233
    dark_lord to counterpunch

    (1) SC is strong evidence that the Republican party is not particularly conservative anymore. True conservatives are probably < 15% of the population.
    (2) SC is strong evidence that most primary voters still form their impression of candidates from the MSM. The number that go to conservatives websites and blogs is tiny. So — when the MSM “blacks out” coverage of candidates like Fred — and portray him negatively — that has an effect.

  • In Defense of CEO Compensation

    09/15/2007 6:02:52 AM PDT · 9 of 24
    dark_lord to Kaslin

    > If Company A were paying its workers $25,000 per year when the workers were really adding $30,000 to the bottom line,
    > why wouldn’t Company B offer them a few thousand dollars more to switch?

    I have no comment on CEO pay. But as to why companies may underpay workers in some areas, there are two reasons.
    1st, for many workers the company makes no analysis of the worker’s actual contribution to the bottom line. Therefore there is no basis for determining whether those workers should be paid more — or less.
    2nd, in way too many companies the “horizon” is at most 3 years, often it is only the current year. The people who make the decisions regarding workers pay would rather pay the workers as little as possible, and accept attrition as the good workers leave, because they themselves believe that while in the long run this will damage the company, they don’t care about the long run because they don’t plan to be there. In other words, they accept long term damage in exchange for short term expense reduction. In fact, they even LIKE the attrition of the good workers, because that is also an expense reduction. And they get their bonuses not based on what will happen in 5 years, or 10 years, but what happened in the previous year. A 5% expense reduction can result in bonuses of several hundred thousand dollars for these senior managers — so they do it, and leave before the damage is revealed.

  • Techies Rejoice: High Tech Careers on the Rebound

    06/29/2007 3:33:13 PM PDT · 9 of 21
    dark_lord to HarmlessLovableFuzzball

    Yeah. Sure the college students will trust this. Since a mere 5 years ago corporations halted all college hires in IT — some of them did it 2 years in a row — and many withdrew previous offers. College students got burned big time — while professionals with many years of skills were laid off and unemployed for months — up to two years in many cases.

    Like the immigration bill, the issue here is trust. Invest 4-5 years in a degree just to find your job went to India. I think many will wait to see.

  • Democratic candidates: Pandering to peaceniks

    02/17/2007 4:52:09 AM PST · 8 of 10
    dark_lord to JohnHuang2
    Hillary, Obama and the rest of the Democratic slate seem to think that once the American forces are removed, these conflicting forces will fade into the woodwork, and all will be well in Iraq. Or, they don't care what happens in Iraq.

    Oh, they care. They just figure they will blame the total chaos caused by an expedited "withdrawal" on Bush. So in 2009 when there is regional war over there, well, Bush will be blamed, and their base will buy that. The MSM will push the concept and so the middle will buy into it as well.

  • An educational capacity shortage

    04/14/2006 2:41:21 PM PDT · 2 of 4
    dark_lord to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    > It is vitally important to the economy and well-being of this state that we promote interest in high-demand health care jobs and funding for educational capacity to train South Carolinians to fill these jobs in our state.

    Economics 101 -- pay more, more people will work in the field. Who wants to be a nurse? The hours stink, the wages are low (based on the educational requirements). I suggest this condition has been created because of WOMEN who are willing to invest highly (in their education) but accept rotten wages.

    Pay $50/hour and the field will be flooded by highly educated, intelligent, hard working men. But that will happen when a certain place freezes over.

  • Liberals Want Their Own Network to Counter ... Their Own Networks

    07/30/2004 5:40:16 PM PDT · 21 of 28
    dark_lord to pookie18
    If you spend any time on the "liberal" boards, you would know that they think that mainstream media is conservative because:
    (a) The media is owned by rich white guys, and rich white guys are conservative, so they make their media reflect their personal views, therefore the media are conservative.
    (b) All of the media was positive about the Iraqi war in the first days of the invasion, and the invasion of Iraq is a conservative position, therefore the media are conservative.
    (c) Most of the media are not openly espousing gay marriage, open borders, the immediate imprisonment of gun owners, and raising the tax rates to 90% for anyone who works in non-union private industry, therefore the media is conservative.
  • Catholic official says he was forced out because of Kerry support

    07/30/2004 5:12:58 PM PDT · 6 of 33
    dark_lord to narses

    What's his bitch? He was using property not his own for a purpose for which it was not allocated.

  • Living in an Enlightened Theocracy: The Constitutional Debate over Marriage

    07/15/2004 6:30:17 PM PDT · 2 of 6
    dark_lord to Simi Valley Tom
    In reading and hearing about the debate in Congress and elsewhere, it has become clear that many self-proclaimed conservatives and Republicans, including Sen. John McCain, don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to politics, history, morality, and religion.

    John McCain merely took the tradional "states rights" position, while pointing out that the already extant Marriage Act has been in place for years and not one court has ruled against it --- thus why amend the Consitution?

    My perspective -- I would be happy to see such an amendment passed, but even if passed by the Senate, the House, signed by the President and confirmed by 38 states --- it would not prevent "civil unions" which is what the gays want anyway. It's all about the money. The Christian church lost this a long time ago when they permitted the States to issue marriage licenses.

  • Did Jesus Command his Apostles to Include or Exclude the "Gentiles"

    07/04/2004 12:55:42 PM PDT · 20 of 49
    dark_lord to missyme


    You are correct that in the early church there did arise some conflicts between those who entered the church as 'Jews' and those who entered the church as gentiles. Paul, Peter, and James were involved in resolving these issues.

  • Moore Eyes $10,000 Reward for 'Fahrenheit' Errors

    07/04/2004 12:47:55 PM PDT · 54 of 68
    dark_lord to Starboard

    Yes. It is just like the academics that "prove" that biblical inerrancy is wrong. First, they define the meaning of "inerrancy" the way they want to -- then they prove that the bible is "errant". And when you point out to them that no one who claims the bible is inerrant is using their definition -- they ignore you.

  • Tin-can Sailor needs Submarine info (Vanity)

    07/02/2004 3:19:59 PM PDT · 6 of 30
    dark_lord to Bob

    Well...back in 1977 we DID still have some diesel boats that we were selling to the Iranians (yeah, back when the Shah was running things). Perhaps this was a diesel boat?

  • The fall guys: American men take the blame

    06/22/2004 5:29:23 PM PDT · 100 of 142
    dark_lord to Clear Rivers
    So? Who watches TV and is influenced by commercials to buy stuff? Women. Who makes the commercials that make heterosexual white men look like idiots? Gay men.

    This is not new.

  • Latest atrocity proves this war is religious

    06/20/2004 3:44:19 PM PDT · 14 of 19
    dark_lord to angkor
    The use of kidnap & behead operation is exactly the opposite of the way they need to go. They don't then come off as heroic jihadi martyrs, they look like cold-blooded and savage thugs. Nothing more.

    But don't forget the leftists are the ones who coined "Better Red than Dead". They are appeasers, and wimps, not warriors. A tactic of head chopping off in, say, the NorthEastern states of the US will bring every freaking coward to the polls after the NYT spends every issue screaming "If we only give them what they want they will leave us alone please don't hurt MEEEE!!!!"

    At least, that's what I think.

  • Fifth column treason and slander?

    06/20/2004 10:00:31 AM PDT · 35 of 41
    dark_lord to Elkiejg

    The problem with censorship here, however, is that this "war" has no defined exit point. Unlike fighting Japan, or Germany, when we knew that when they surrendered the war was over -- when do we finish this one? Will it be 10 years? 20 years? 50 years? Now imagine the DemonRats in office (it is inevitable) with the full legal power of censorship. And don't think censorship won't mean shutting down websites -- LIKE THIS ONE!!!

  • 9/11 panel: One jet might have been stopped

    06/17/2004 5:15:29 PM PDT · 121 of 125
    dark_lord to BruceS

    Bush did, in fact, give the shoot down order. It was propogated to the the NORAD commanders from Cheyenne mountain NORAD command at 10:08AM. Cheney initially thought that the flight that went down in Penn. was shot down...although as we know now it was not.

  • AP Survey: Bush Gets Little Credit on Jobs

    06/11/2004 4:00:08 PM PDT · 49 of 52
    dark_lord to Libertarian444
    This cuts both ways. It is in fact a reasonable position to not give Bush too much credit for job creation. It is also a reasonable position to not blame him too much for job loss. This poll may simply mean that Americans are rather more economically sophisticated today, and so neither blame nor credit the President for jobs availability.

    Except, naturally, for the leftist Dims, who of course are dumber than a box of rocks and believe whatever pap is fed to them by the appropriate liberal media channels.


    06/11/2004 3:35:19 PM PDT · 117 of 120
    dark_lord to dennisw



    06/10/2004 5:02:13 PM PDT · 112 of 120
    dark_lord to dennisw
    Perhaps some one can add to this. Yesterday Rush Limbaugh said CNN is doing very well in ad revenues. That they get higher paying advertisements than does FOX. This is due to the leftist and feminist habits of the media buyers in the ad agencies. This is the story Rush tells. That ad agencies are willing to screw their customers and put them on CNN rather than FOX.

    Sure, I can add something. The viewers that watch CNN over FoxNews are actually DUMBER. Therefore, they are more likely to buy stuff because they "saw it on TV". TV advertisers sell more stuff to idiots than they sell to people who think about what they buy. There are more dumb people who watch CNN than watch FoxNews -- ergo the ad time is more valuable on CNN.

  • Put your Bush/Cheney 04 Stickers on your cars!

    06/08/2004 5:56:16 PM PDT · 36 of 138
    dark_lord to pollywog

    Now I would NEVER suggest actually doing this, but it sure would be fun to print up a bunch of RUMSFELD/ASHCROFT stickers in red, white, and blue -- and stick them on the rear bumpers of a bunch of those liberal weenie volvos on the Left coast!

  • Military Families Protest Iraq Services

    06/07/2004 4:32:49 PM PDT · 3 of 20
    dark_lord to steplock

    Having spent 6 years active duty, I can tell you that being extended twice would seriously bite. Especially when you look at the total size of the US military force -- how many fat-butted, pencil-pushing (I guess today that would be key-tapping) REMF are hanging out on US soil military bases with no fear of forward deployment, while some of these guys are going long.

  • Secularism gone awry in battle over LA's seal

    06/05/2004 6:51:12 AM PDT · 7 of 8
    dark_lord to TomDoniphon68
    Los Angeles was originally called "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciúncula", meaning "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels of the Little Portion".

    But the first legally registered name was "El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles", which means " The Town of the Queen of the Angels".

    It then became known as "La Ciudad de los Angeles" meaning "The City of the Angels", and then finally just Los Angeles.

  • Newsroom Conservatives are a Rare Breed

    06/04/2004 4:35:04 PM PDT · 6 of 6
    dark_lord to television is just wrong

    This looks like an affirmative action opportunity!!!!!!!!!

  • Your Mother’s Army

    06/04/2004 4:28:41 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    dark_lord to swilhelm73
    As the press reported in the 1990s, Kennedy didn't like the word "enemy"; she relied instead on the term "peer competitor."

    This is not much different from that of other senior officers. When I was in we didn't refer to the Russkie's as our enemy, they were our "opponent". Of course, there was a reason for that. An enemy, you exterminate. An opponent, you might someday reach accommodation with. The jihadi wahabbi islamofacists are our enemies. We must exterminate them, like bugs. The Russians, we defeated -- and now have an accommodation with them.

  • Entrepreneurial Rocket Firms Face Different Hurdles

    05/31/2004 6:24:09 PM PDT · 4 of 9
    dark_lord to KevinDavis
    So I wonder how Scaled Composites LLC will make out.

    SpaceShip One

  • (Texas State Senator) Frank Madla's Staggering Bar Tab

    05/28/2004 4:08:06 PM PDT · 6 of 28
    dark_lord to SwinneySwitch
    I'm not defending this guy, but I do want to make an objective point, which is this: anyone who has done business travel with a small group knows it is common for one person to pick up the tab for a single meal for the whole group. Sometimes, one person will pick up several tabs in one night - a bar tab, a meal tab, and a bar tab. Next night, someone else in the group picks it up. Etcetera. Therefore, the size of the bills are easily explained. And if you look closely at the dates on the bills above, that fits the pattern. Some days, several tabs in one day...then sometimes a gap of 2 or 3 days with no bills -- obviously someone else picked up the bills on those days.
  • Arab Anti-Semitism: It's Getting Personal

    05/24/2004 6:46:28 PM PDT · 9 of 87
    dark_lord to SeenTheLight
    According to the FBI’s Hate Crimes Statistics Report for 2002, there were 155 anti-Islamic incidents and 931 anti-Jewish incidents.

    There is no suprise in these numbers. But -- assuming that Encyclopedia USA is correct, then the Jewish population is apparently 2.3%, and the Muslim population is only 0.1%. So, the fact that the anti-Jewish incidents are 6 times larger than the anti-Muslim incidents appears less dramatic if the Jewish population really is more than 20 times larger than the Muslim population.

  • How Many Liberals Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?

    05/20/2004 3:57:44 PM PDT · 42 of 63
    dark_lord to KJacob
    My favorite example is their drive to ban DDT. Now they sit back and ignore the millions of people in the third world who die form malaria.

    Yes, the liberals are idiots on this, but...are you asserting that only the US can produce DDT for the 3rd world? There is no reason they cannot produce it for themselves. Now it is true that the liberals try to use the UN to prevent 3rd world countries from doing so, but considering they can produce drugs, guns, and anything else that is restricted or banned I see no reason why they can't make as much DDT as they want.

  • Investor's Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP poll (Bush 42%, Kerry 41%, Nader 7%)

    05/19/2004 4:05:07 PM PDT · 8 of 36
    dark_lord to ambrose

    I had a hard core democrat tell me today "I hope they kill Nader soon."

  • Hard America, Soft America

    05/17/2004 4:04:37 PM PDT · 8 of 16
    dark_lord to mjbowers
    The theme of Hard America, Soft America is that from the ages of 6 to 18 Americans grow up in a downy world that is largely devoid of competition and accountability, but from the ages of 18 to 30 the texture of their lives radically changes as it becomes rocky and subject to the laws of nature. One either produces or they are fired.

    He obviously never worked for the phone company.


    05/16/2004 9:42:25 AM PDT · 6 of 8
    dark_lord to kattracks

    ??? A NEWSPAPER EDITOR has a contract worth at least 1.8 million for 2 years??? I'm obviously in the wrong line of business!!!

  • Budget cars en route from China

    05/16/2004 9:35:36 AM PDT · 49 of 187
    dark_lord to Dog Gone
    This is how the Japanese entered the American car market. Remember the Japanese cars of the late '70s? Small, junky, rust prone little cars -- but great for poor people who couldn't pay much for a car. As time when on, the Japanese made those cars better and better -- and we all know how THAT worked out.

    The PRC is now entering the game the same way. In 10 years they will probably be making top of the line cars for the American market. They are going to eat our lunch and use our business processes, tools, and technology to do it.

  • List of Gannett publications that cannot be posted to Free Republic per their copyright complaint

    05/13/2004 5:16:06 PM PDT · 352 of 368
    dark_lord to Jim Robinson
    I suggest that you merely run a program that checks each new posting, scanning for the URL to these sites. Then (if it can run dynamically) block the post, otherwise (if after the fact) replace the post with a standard 'block publication' notice.
  • Female GI In Abuse Photos Talks

    05/12/2004 6:00:24 PM PDT · 214 of 237
    dark_lord to NYC Republican
    One thing I didn't see much discussion of is, would she have recognized this situation as an 'illegal order'? To us now, it might seem obvious, but....consider the following.

    1st, the Geneva convention mainly focuses on soldiers in uniform. When not in uniform, those captured are supposed to have identification traceable to military authority. And a bunch of other things. But these folks in the prison were not soldiers, and in fact may be (I say may) specifically NOT covered. And if she was "instructed" to oh, say, take a naked hooded prisoner for a walk on a leash....well, specifically WHERE in the Geneva convention is this action prohibited? And be careful if you pull it up on line and jump on some of the prohibitions, because they may apply only to "Persons taking no active part in the hostilities..." etc. And those prisoners were in fact NOT classified as 'prisoners of war'.

    2nd, the Geneva convention DOES NOT specifically apply to individuals. That is, it specifies no penalties for an INDIVIDUAL that violates it (at least none that I read). It is a treaty between nations. But someone can only be prosecuted for violating it in two cases, really, which are (a) the perpetrators own country prosecutes them (which applies here) or being prosecuted as a war criminal by the other side if one's own side loses a war (which does not apply here).

    So if she was told - hey, the Geneva convention does not apply to these guys, they are not POWs but terrorists (technically, they may fall under the category of 'spies'), we need to soften them up for interrogation, these photos will be great to pass around to prospective prisoners to be interrogated because we will tell them we will pass the photos around their neighborhood and to all their wife's relatives....would she suddenly jump up and go "oh this is so clearly an illegal order"?

    Hindsight is 20-20.


    05/06/2004 4:05:29 PM PDT · 18 of 65
    dark_lord to ArcLight
    Just another day in the battle between Good and Evil. And every day, day by day, people are identifying what side they are on.

    "Hear, you deaf; look, you blind, and see!

  • The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile

    04/25/2004 10:48:01 AM PDT · 7 of 27
    dark_lord to anobjectivist
    One problem with university courses today is that the students evaluate the instructors. Now, that sounds harmless, right? Even beneficial. The students evaluate the instructors, the university reviews the results, and they can weed out the bad instructors and help the good ones improve, right?

    That's the theory. The reality is...a very large percentage of the students expect the instructors to:
    (a) make the class really easy, and
    (b) make the tests easy, and
    (c) give out 60% A's and B's.

    If the instructor does not do this, then the students "punish" them on the evaluations. I have personally seen evaluations, on a scale of 1 to 10 for each question, be 100% 1's (the lowest value) for some instructors.

    For such instructors, instead of a bell curve in the evaluations, you see a capital M formation, caused by a number of students who like being challenged and who felt they learned something evaluating the instructor highly, and another number who are "punishing" the instructor because the class was too "hard".

    General result - such instructors are not retained. Instead, instructors who "give away" good grades, get good evaluations. They are retained.

  • Is Iraq Another Vietnam?

    04/11/2004 2:52:41 PM PDT · 2 of 2
    dark_lord to Gnu Hunter
    Not even close.

    In Vietnam, the North Vietnamese were supported by the Soviets and (to a lesser extent) by the Chinese. The Soviets poured in tens of millions of dollars worth of material, provided extensive training via "advisors" and even flew some of the MIG aircraft against our guys over North Vietnam.

    In Iraq, there will be covert support from Syria and Iran - and that's it (other than hundreds of Al Queda wannabes, which is great, since they will all flock to where our guys can kill them).

    In Vietnam, there were jungles to hide in, our technology was far more primative, and the people were predominantly a single ethnic group. Religion was not a dividing factor.

    In Iraq, there are Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, and a sprinkling of other folks like Turkmen. They don't get along with one another. The Sunnis and Shiites have been killing each other at least as long as they have been jihading against the "Crusaders" and "Jews".

    So -- no matter how the DemonRats try to frame it -- Vietnam it ain't.

  • Shortage of Gas, No Shortage of Oil

    04/11/2004 1:16:37 PM PDT · 3 of 11
    dark_lord to BJungNan
    I liked this quote best, although I don't know if it is true:

    "There has not been a refinery built in America in the last 20 years,” he says. “So, if you produce more crude oil but you can't refine it, it's not going to translate into gasoline."