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Posts by DarkSavant

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  • Pledge of Allegiance: American, not Muslim

    03/31/2015 9:59:46 AM PDT · 7 of 7
    DarkSavant to Arthur McGowan
    The Pledge of Allegiance is a Progressive, Socialist piece of mind-control. It explicitly DENIES one of the self-evident truths in the Declaration of Independence. Namely, in calling the United States “indivisible,” it denies the natural right of secession and to “alter and abolish” abusive government. “Conservatives” need to stop this shameful fetishization of the Pledge.

    What are you talking about? /s

    Isn't this how we properly teach children to respect out Lord and Savior Government?
  • How bad can the Pope Francis vs. Pope Benedict XVI frame game get? Check this out!

    03/17/2015 5:27:18 AM PDT · 21 of 28
    DarkSavant to NRx
    I believe it has been argued by more than a few Catholic scholars and theologians that the V-II declaration on religious liberty flatly contradicts the historic teaching of the Catholic Church.

    I read the doc. It's so ambiguously written that it essentially says nothing, so it could be read in the light of tradition. In any case, I don't believe it's infallible.
  • Why Catholics Can’t Sing And The Crisis Of Catholic Education

    03/02/2015 8:28:50 AM PST · 8 of 31
    DarkSavant to Alex Murphy
    Reintroduce Gregorian Chant and other Sacred Music from the Church's treasury and people will sing again.Even if they don't, get a good choir and let the laity absorb the beauty.

    Right now most parishes are stuck in folksy sounding 70's music that sounded bad and dated when they were written.
  • Rand Paul Draws Liberal Fire As The Left Discovers Its Inner Love Of The Fed

    02/25/2015 11:37:14 AM PST · 19 of 21
    DarkSavant to entropy12
    I never ever said get rid of the FED.

    I will. Get rid of the fed.
  • Should Christians Confess Sins to An Earthly Priest?

    02/24/2015 7:19:43 PM PST · 61 of 177
    DarkSavant to onyx

    Excellent. I think this needs to be posted more often.

  • Washington Grandmother Set to Lose Home & Life’s Savings for Not Selling Flowers for Gay Wedding

    02/19/2015 7:05:51 AM PST · 22 of 37
    DarkSavant to cld51860
    So, let me get this... um.. straight... Any gay person walks into any business, they basically have a “right” to that businesses labor, regardless of any other considerations. The government is mandating this, therefore it is tyranny.

    The Civil Rights Act started the path we're on now. Good intentions gone awry.
  • Remember That Thou Art Dust (Ash Wednesday)

    02/18/2015 11:15:12 AM PST · 19 of 20
    DarkSavant to NewCenturions

    A Spiritual Work of Mercy... of sorts :)

  • Remember That Thou Art Dust (Ash Wednesday)

    02/18/2015 7:06:49 AM PST · 13 of 20
    DarkSavant to ladyL
    According to Catholics, Lent is derived from the 40 days Yeshua spent fasting in the wilderness, but it is admitted that the observance of Lent was unknown to the disciples and it did not find its way into the church until several centuries after the time of the Messiah. Lent was an indispensible preliminary to the great annual festival in commemoration of the death and resurrection of Tammuz — which was celebrated by alternate weeping and rejoicing. So the 40 days of Lent is connected with the Babylonian goddess Ashtoreth/ Astarte/Ishtar (the origin of the word Easter), and the worship of Tammuz.

    It never ceases to amaze me the contortions anti-Catholics go through to lambast anything Catholic.
  • There’s Nothing Shameful about Walker’s Being a College ‘Dropout’

    02/12/2015 12:13:49 PM PST · 51 of 109
    DarkSavant to dead

    I forget who said that he would prefer to pick a name randomly from a phone book that from the roster of Harvard’s professors. In any case, he was right.

  • Pope Francis to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Paul VI’s Use of the Vernacular

    02/04/2015 8:52:22 AM PST · 9 of 13
    DarkSavant to Arthur McGowan
    Next up: Pope celebrates the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Pope celebrates the Black Death. Pope celebrates Anniversary of Sex Abuse Scandal.

    Many people I met in Seminary take roughly the same attitude towards the innovations in Liturgy. I hope to live another 20 years so the last remnants of the VII forces are gone. The young priests who objectively look at VII will know what to do.
  • Fox News Megyn Kelly Admits When It Comes To Vaccines: Some Things Require ‘Big Brother’

    02/04/2015 7:08:49 AM PST · 88 of 93
    DarkSavant to Jan_Sobieski
    I despise totalitarian regimes...and those who run them. Your Thomas Jefferson quote could apply to any of the following. Glad it is not law (yet)... 1. Force abortions (too many kids in a state of Emergency) 2. Forced sterilizations (too many kids in a state of emergency) 3. Seizure of property, citizens, bank accounts

    Once we get on the forced vaccination train, there's no getting off.
  • Fox News Megyn Kelly Admits When It Comes To Vaccines: Some Things Require ‘Big Brother’

    02/04/2015 7:06:10 AM PST · 87 of 93
    DarkSavant to BlueStateRightist
    1. Vaccines are oppressive and represent overreach by the government. I don’t agree with this. Without question, the anti-vaccination movement creates more risk (morbidity and mortality) for the population than the vaccination proponents ever will. But, I’m a physician (who gains nothing from promoting vaccination) and perhaps I drank the Kool-Aid a long time ago.

    MANDATORY Vaccines are oppressive and represent overreach by the government. Do you seriously want to give the feds the power to inject chemicals into your child's body without your consent? Is this what passes for liberty now?
  • Dr. Rand Paul: Vaccines Can Lead to 'Mental Disorders'

    02/03/2015 10:04:42 AM PST · 102 of 147
    DarkSavant to GunRunner
    The state governments mandate them for public school, as does the military. There is no evidence that any of the vaccines are "questionable". If you want to believe cranks and have your kids be at risk from entirely preventable diseases, fine, that's your right. Keep them home and out of public schools and schools that mandate vaccination. Also keep them out of public places like DisneyLand.

    For the record, I am vaccinating my kids.

    As long as you don't support measures to shove vaccines down my children's throat through force, I'm fine with that.
  • Dr. Rand Paul: Vaccines Can Lead to 'Mental Disorders'

    02/03/2015 7:10:01 AM PST · 92 of 147
    DarkSavant to GunRunner
    Infectious diseases running rampant are a risk to all, including older people who aren't vaccinated. You may be fine living in a country where young kids get sick and/or die from entirely preventable disease because their parents are ignorant. I'm not.

    And when the government mandates everyone gets a questionable vaccine against the parent's wishes that causes severe health defects, what then?

    I trust Parents before the Government, do you?
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/03/2015 6:46:33 AM PST · 66 of 69
    DarkSavant to CynicalBear
    Take it up with the Holy Spirit. Or failing that just keep inserting words into scripture. I’ll take it as written.

    Or maybe, just maybe, you are reading it out of context. Which makes more sense, you are reading the passage incorrectly, or Paul hypocritically went against the rules laid out by the Holy Spirit?
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/03/2015 6:16:23 AM PST · 64 of 69
    DarkSavant to CynicalBear
    Paul set the rules. I didn’t. The Holy Spirit inspired Paul. Second guess the Holy Spirit all you want.

    Paul broke his own rules? The ones inspired by the Holy Spirit? Wouldn't that make him a false prophet?
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 4:32:46 PM PST · 62 of 69
    DarkSavant to CynicalBear
    Or Jesus, and all of the apostles, knew that Paul had been married, had successfully raised a family and had proven himself.


    According to scripture, he did not have a wife. I don't see a "proven himself" escape clause in there. If you're going to interpret scripture this way, be consistent.
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 4:01:39 PM PST · 60 of 69
    DarkSavant to CynicalBear
    I don't question what the apostles wrote by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As for Paul not being married it is well understood that he was a member of the Sanhedrin who have a requirement that they be married and at least 30 years old. As for their commendation of not being married, they do not say that is for leadership. Paul does specifically spell out requirements for leadership.

    Paul said he was unmarried. Your interpretation says a man must be married WITH children.

    Whether Paul was unmarried by divorce, widowed, or never married is inconsequential. The scripture as you interpret it says a Church Leader must be married, therefore Paul is not fit for leadership.

    An absurdity.

    Perhaps it's your interpretation that is woefully incorrect.
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 2:08:21 PM PST · 57 of 69
    DarkSavant to CynicalBear

    How does it make sense that both Paul and Jesus say the celibate life is preferred, then turn around and say a Church Leader must be married? It makes no sense. Paul even went as far as to say he who DOES NOT marry the virgin is doing better.

  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 2:00:56 PM PST · 55 of 69
    DarkSavant to metmom
    Jesus allowed for celibacy. Paul allowed for celibacy

    I posted the scripture earlier. They both believed the unmarried celibate life to be superior.
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 11:43:23 AM PST · 47 of 69
    DarkSavant to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
    But I want to keep on point: Which is more important. My reading of 1 Timothy 3:2 tells me quite clearly that Paul has no problem with married men serving in the clergy. And that is my basic point. Not wishing to go off in a million different tangents.

    Fair enough. Have a great day.
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 11:31:52 AM PST · 43 of 69
    DarkSavant to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
    It’s easy. Did you ever hear of Adam and Eve? Did you ever hear of Abraham and Moses? Did you ever hear of God’s plan to be fruitful and multiply? Did you ever read what Jesus said about marriage in the Bible? Celibacy does have its value, for single people, for the unmarried, you should refrain from sin.

    Paul said, very clearly, it was better not to marry.

    38 So then, he who marries the virgin does right, but he who does not marry her does better.
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 11:29:40 AM PST · 42 of 69
    DarkSavant to CynicalBear
    Prove that Paul was never married and didn't have children. Let me help a little there. All indications say that Paul was part of the Sanhedrin. To be a member of the Sanhedrin you had to be married and at least 30 years of age.

    1 Corinthians 7:8: So I say to those who aren't married and to widows--it's better to stay unmarried, just as I am.

    He was unmarried, whether he was always single, divorced, widowed, etc. is irrelevant. Timothy says he must be married.
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 11:23:06 AM PST · 39 of 69
    DarkSavant to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
    Celibacy is only an ideal condition for those unable to limit physical intimacy to the confines of Holy Matrimony.

    Huh? How did you reach that conclusion?
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 10:59:53 AM PST · 34 of 69
    DarkSavant to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
    I think you seem to agree with me that there is no mandatory celibacy requirement for service in the priesthood. Right?

    I already said so THREE TIMES.

    Do you agree celibacy is the Christian ideal based on Jesus and Paul?
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 10:47:04 AM PST · 32 of 69
    DarkSavant to CA Conservative
    The verse also says a bishop must have his children under submission. So you are saying someone must be married AND must have children to be considered to be a bishop? Someone married but without children cannot be a bishop? So in your opinion, Paul was saying that he himself was not qualified to be a bishop?

    And if your kid dies, you can't be Bishop anymore ;)
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 10:42:19 AM PST · 31 of 69
    DarkSavant to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
    Paul SPECIFICALLY mentions in his letter to Timothy it is OK for a bishop to be married. Read that passage again. 1 Timothy 3:2 It’s there. Unless you have some sort of spin on it that I’m not getting. Jesus NEVER says ANYWHERE in the gospels that celibacy is a requirement for service in the priesthood. NO ONE does. In fact Jesus had married men among his disciples including Peter.

    For the last time. I never said celibacy was a requirement. I said celibacy had a scriptural context. There's a big difference between those two statements.

    You are reading into the Bible. I am reading it as it is written and not making up these conclusions. Priests were in fact married men in the Bible, they were expected to be married.

    Again, Paul was not married.
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 10:33:04 AM PST · 28 of 69
    DarkSavant to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
    Jesus advocated celibacy
    Paul advocated celibacy

    Therefore, there's good reason for Church leader to be celibate. Like a said, not a requirement, but it definitely has a scriptural context.

    Do you now concur that celibacy is, in fact, the ideal based on Jesus and Paul?
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 10:20:17 AM PST · 26 of 69
    DarkSavant to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
    No, celibacy is NOT the ideal.

    Jesus and Paul said otherwise.

    10 The disciples said to him, “If this is the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry.” 11 Jesus replied, “Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given. 12 For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.”

    1 Corinthians 7: 32 I would like you to be free from concern. An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord’s affairs—how he can please the Lord. 33 But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world—how he can please his wife— 34 and his interests are divided. An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world—how she can please her husband. 35 I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the Lord. 36 If anyone is worried that he might not be acting honorably toward the virgin he is engaged to, and if his passions are too strong[b] and he feels he ought to marry, he should do as he wants. He is not sinning. They should get married. 37 But the man who has settled the matter in his own mind, who is under no compulsion but has control over his own will, and who has made up his mind not to marry the virgin—this man also does the right thing. 38 So then, he who marries the virgin does right, but he who does not marry her does better.

    No where in the Bible does Paul state that celibacy is a requirement for service in the priesthood. Fact is no one in the Bible does.

    And I'm not saying it is. The Bible does not say it is a REQUIREMENT, but it points to being unmarried as the ideal. That's what I'm saying.
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 10:08:18 AM PST · 24 of 69
    DarkSavant to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
    No where in the above passage does Paul insist that celibacy must be a requirement for service in the priesthood. Quite the contrary, if you read Paul’s letter to Timothy, he HAS NO ISSUE WHATSOEVER with a married clergy.

    Is celibacy the ideal Christian life?

    Does it stand to reason that at least most of our spiritual leaders should follow the ideal laid out by Christ?

    ” A bishop then must be blameless, the HUSBAND OF ONE WIFE (emphasis added), vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach.”

    Paul was an apostle, a leader of the Church, and unmarried. Was he saying he was not suited for ministry because of this?

    A discipline can change, but there is a good scriptural reason for the current discipline.
  • Must Bishops Be the Husband of One Wife?

    02/02/2015 9:14:44 AM PST · 15 of 69
    DarkSavant to Trapped Behind Enemy Lines
    And if you study the history of this policy, you also see quite clearly that it was implemented many centuries after the founding of the Church and for reasons which have nothing to do with anything that can be found in the Bible.


    Matthew 19:11-12
    1 Corinthians 7

    Celibacy is the Christian ideal.
  • About those “catholic-rabbits” criticized by the Pope

    01/23/2015 1:50:21 PM PST · 9 of 10
    DarkSavant to piusv
    Anyone else notice that Francis made a point of rebuking this good Catholic woman who had 8 children with a “irresponsible parenthood”? Whatever happened to “Who am I to judge?”

    He always saves the contempt for Catholics who live the faith. His contempt for the spiritual bouquet did it in for me. A year ago you could say it was slip of the tongue, imprudent, or a translation error. That ship has long sailed.
  • Rabbits and NFP

    01/23/2015 1:35:15 PM PST · 25 of 68
    DarkSavant to Brian Kopp DPM
    I actually had an argument with another Catholic about licit uses of NFP just yesterday. She maintained NFP was by it's very nature "open to life" and therefore one could use it in perpetuity regardless of circumstances. When I showed in Humanae Vitae that this was wrong, she said it was "just the sort of fundamentalism Francis was talking about."

    To say this has made your average Catholic's ability to evangelize more difficult is an understatement.
  • Francis lambasts international aid, suggests Catholics should limit children

    01/20/2015 10:29:00 AM PST · 89 of 102
    DarkSavant to marshmallow
    However, IMHO, there is still a problem with the Pope's words as reported. Specifically, his use of the disparaging phrase "like rabbits" as well as his off-hand, derisory reference to the pregnant lady with seven children. Sadly, +Francis' words reinforce the popular pejorative stereotype of Catholics who heroically follow Church teaching and do not use artificial contraception. He could have made the point in a far more charitable, concise and less bombastic manner. However, as is by now routine, whenever a microphone is placed in front of him and a captive audience beckons, the sound of his own voice appears to be self-intoxicating.

    There's what I've seen time and time again. He makes a 'compassionate' statement, followed by a completely uncharitable blast on Catholics who devoutly follow Church teaching. It's maddening.
  • Pro-Choice Mario Cuomo Was Still A Catholic Politician

    01/07/2015 12:13:37 PM PST · 37 of 43
    DarkSavant to Arthur McGowan
    Thing is, the Catholic Church, before the creation of national bishops’ conferences by Paul VI, WAS very decentralized. The local bishop answered to no one in Washington, and communication with Rome was infrequent, and in Latin! So letters were not only infrequent, but short!

    Paul VI did that?!? Man, outside of Humanae Vitae, everything that well-intentioned man did was a disaster.
  • Uber and the Flimsy Case for Regulation

    01/05/2015 12:49:02 PM PST · 28 of 30
    DarkSavant to logi_cal869
    To be clear, you are supporting the lawless usurpation of existing law by a syndicate of corporate suits and investors, not private citizenry, using drivers seeking an income as pawns and victimizing drivers, passengers and pedestrians with their irresponsible actions. You defend this with the emotional argument akin to some sort of 'tea party'. The argument is far from Conservative. To the contrary, it's to the benefit of libs/progs everywhere to draw this out. Standing? The lawless Uber & Lyft have destroyed their standing by not trying to change the laws. Rather, they broke them in the pursuit of profits.

    The laws are stupid, and protect no one. I support any corporation that breaks stupid laws to give the consumers a better product.

    Given their popularity, it sounds like they have a better product that the city cab system.

    Fact is, politicians don't give a whit about the 'safety' or 'quality' of taxi cab drivers. The cab system is a revenue model for the powers-that-be, nothing more. Why should they put resources into changing something that is useless, and will fall into irrelevancy son enough? If a law is not enforced anymore, is it really still a law? The people are clamoring for these services, regardless of whether or not it's legal.
  • “I can’t enjoy anything”

    01/05/2015 10:57:36 AM PST · 4 of 12
    DarkSavant to Sean_Anthony
    Just last August, a study was published in JAMA in which adolescents were screened for depression and then randomized either to a collaborative care intervention or usual care. An accompanying editorial called for integration of depression screening into primary pediatric care, noting that “depression is associated with serious mental health problems (e.g., suicide).”

    Well, WHAT DID THE STUDY SAY?! Sheesh. One of the worst articles I have ever read.
  • Francis reaches out to the margins in his picks for new cardinals

    01/04/2015 8:58:11 AM PST · 7 of 18
    DarkSavant to livius
    The majority of these are not wildly leftist, but they all have one thing in common: they are all mediocre. They’re the typical Vatican II enforcers, that is, not very bright, suspicious of intelligence or learning, and very uneasy with anything prior to 1965, which they regard as a different, “bad” Church.

    I notice the same thing in Francis' Vatican that I see in the corporate world. The intelligent movers and shakers who deserve promotion will stay in place, while the weak people who don't want to rock the boat(or offend the boss) will get the promotion. Such is how most hierarchal institutions operate.

    Hence is the culmination of the debris ordained in the 70s and 80s. The next generation I have high hopes for.
  • Ohio transgender teen’s suicide note plea for change, education

    01/02/2015 7:56:36 AM PST · 66 of 74
    DarkSavant to caligatrux
    The suicide rate among post-op transgenders is huge -- much, much higher than the rest of the population on average, and higher than the suicide rate of pre-op transgenders, as well.

    Do you have a source? I talked to a guy who claimed the opposite.
  • Cardinal Marx: German Bishops Favor Allowing Communion for Divorced/Remarried

    12/23/2014 11:44:06 AM PST · 11 of 27
    DarkSavant to hinckley buzzard
    This is about money. The German church is supported by government funds, collected as a tax on members. Liberalizing rules for allowing communion is hoped to keep members from dropping out of the church--and opting out of the church tax in the process.

    Nailed it. Government destroys everything is touches, including religion.
  • Ted Kennedy's son being investigated for insider trading

    12/10/2014 11:46:15 AM PST · 31 of 44
    DarkSavant to Osage Orange
    Talk...just don’t lie.

    Nothing, I mean NOTHING you say to the feds will help you in court. We have the fifth for a reason, use it.
  • Why Do So Many Churchgoers Have Abortions?

    12/09/2014 10:33:16 AM PST · 66 of 71
    DarkSavant to Rashputin
    This means that: of every 100 women whose partners use condoms, 2 to 15 will become pregnant within the first year of use. So basically, the failure rate does not refer to how many times you have sex, it correlates the number of people (100) who use that method over the course of one year.


    I can't tell you how many times people tell me if women had better access to birth control there would be less abortions.
  • Communion Alone is ‘Not the Solution’ for Divorced and Re-Married Catholics, Says Pope Francis

    12/08/2014 7:31:49 AM PST · 7 of 50
    DarkSavant to marshmallow
    The Pope continued: “Why can’t they be godfathers and godmothers? ‘No, no, no, what testimony will they be giving their godson?’ The testimony of a man and a woman saying ‘my dear, I made a mistake, I was wrong here, but I believe our Lord loves me, I want to follow God, I was not defeated by sin, I want to move on’. Anything more Christian than that? And what if one of the political crooks among us, corrupt people, are chosen to be somebody´s godfather. If they are properly wedded by the Church, would we accept them? What kind of testimony will they give to their godson? A testimony of corruption? Things need to change, our standards.....

    Both can be Godparents if both show remorse for their sins and promise to SIN NO MORE. Anyone who obstinately goes against Church teaching should not be a Godparent. What is hard about this?
  • Pope Francis: Demotion of Burke not ‘Punishment’

    12/08/2014 4:53:41 AM PST · 11 of 17
    DarkSavant to eater-of-toast
    No surprise that a Jesuit pope uses artful indirection and conceals stern discipline, firm control, and a steely focus on what he wants to accomplish, beneath an outward appearance of leniency, liberality, and jovial absentmindedness. http://chiesa.espresso.repubblica.it/articolo/1350536?eng=y

    Francis is a political animal before a spiritual father, and it shows.
  • 80% of women having abortions Identify as Christians

    12/08/2014 4:43:47 AM PST · 33 of 101
    DarkSavant to Morgana

    The truth is there’s not much difference in behavior between mainstream Christians and the rest of society. Once you get into the deeply religious communities it’s another story.

  • 80% of women having abortions Identify as Christians

    12/08/2014 4:41:58 AM PST · 32 of 101
    DarkSavant to exDemMom
    I can easily see where girls raised in such strict, unforgiving environments might choose not to use contraceptives, and then, when a pregnancy occurs, would choose to abort the baby rather than having to face their parents telling them that they are going to hell for their sin.

    I've read this so many times and I still can't wrap my head around it. They have sex outside marriage, even though the parents and Church are adamantly against. However, they don't use contraceptives because their Church and Parents are against it?
  • For the record: The new papal interview [Updated]

    12/07/2014 4:10:08 PM PST · 12 of 17
    DarkSavant to lastchance
    This statement was posed by the interviewer, “As a Pope you are different because you speak with utmost clarity, you are completely straightforward, you don´t use euphemisms and don´t beat about the bush, the course of your papacy is extremely clear.” Bwahhhhhh Haaaaaa, Snork, Giggle, Pshaw, Snicker, Guffaw.

    Yeah, real softball interview.
  • Top Ten Movies for Fallen-Away Catholics

    12/04/2014 9:14:37 PM PST · 65 of 72
    DarkSavant to PraiseTheLord
    The Mission is increbible.

    Along the same lines, Black Robe.
  • Top Ten Books for Fallen-Away Catholics

    12/04/2014 9:10:21 PM PST · 17 of 19
    DarkSavant to robowombat

    Yup, Graham Greene was probably a grade A jerk. It’s widely thought he suffered from bipolar disorder, which would explain his up-and-down irrational fanaticism. Still, what an incredible author. I will take him, warts and all.

  • Author, Cardinals Spar Over Reports of Conclave Campaigning

    12/04/2014 9:02:58 PM PST · 5 of 7
    DarkSavant to livius
    Yes, it was the last gasp of the Vatican II dinosaurs...some of whom were too old even to vote themselves. It’s a pity they were able to get the voting cardinals to go along with them, and I don’t quite understand why. And anybody who thinks Bergoglio is going to retire in two years is out of his mind. Now that he’s tasted power, and is autocratically remaking the Church in his failed Vatican II image, he’s going to be in until he has to be carried out feet-first.

    Our saving grace is he's incompetent, as the last Synod showed. As the dinosaurs pass and the next generation starts to see VII for what it is, The Church will become a balwark again.

    As the Church stands firm against the emerging to it will be drastically smaller, and more persecuted. Paradoxically, that is when she flourishes the most.