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  • I am (Palin's shirt at Iowa Fair)

    08/12/2011 6:32:36 PM PDT · 158 of 164
    daylilly to Retired Greyhound

    It is hard to read, but at the top of the back of her shirt, it has a quote with a signature. It was “I am love...” with more to follow. Might be an expression of christian beliefs. Barbaric thoughts has more pictures and one of them shows the quote.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 3 July 2011

    07/03/2011 9:43:44 PM PDT · 242 of 261
    daylilly to Alas Babylon!

    Bray, thanks again for another great essay.

  • Pretty bad news

    06/30/2011 7:20:49 PM PDT · 293 of 317
    daylilly to 2ndDivisionVet

    There is a lot of good advice from some of the comments to you, about fish oil and omega3. One more thing, the thing that got my morning glucose reading down for the first time was a diet from a book called Mastering Leptin by Byron Richardson. He also has a blog with information.
    He talks about spacing meals apart and not eating snacks between meals. This helps your pancreas function as it should and allows it to have some rest time between meals. The book explains it. When I first started on his diet, my numbers dropped down right away and have stayed down consistently. Amazon carries the book. Best of luck to you, and your wife.

  • Pretty bad news

    06/30/2011 7:06:32 PM PDT · 291 of 317
    daylilly to 2ndDivisionVet

    2ndDivisionVet, you’re doing the right thing. I was in the same situation two years ago, numbers not exactly the same but pretty close. I got mine down with a low carb diet, a few supplements and dropped 35 pounds in just a few months.
    The only thing I can see that I did was some supplements to get me jump started. It took a few months to get things to the normal range. I didn’t start exercising until after I lost the weight. There is a good fiber supplement that also helps. Investigate glycemic load concepts as well. That is how much a particular food can spike your blood glucose. If you need any help with advice I could probably help you. I decide what kind of things to eat based on the glycemic load, or how much of a portion size to eat.
    I want to help, will pray. Have hope. I know what you are doing can be successful.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 June 2011

    06/05/2011 6:41:02 PM PDT · 363 of 382
    daylilly to Alas Babylon!; bray

    Do I thank Bray for the excellent essay? Thanks for posting AB

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 5 June 2011

    06/05/2011 6:40:48 PM PDT · 362 of 382
    daylilly to Alas Babylon!; bray

    Do I thank Bray for the excellent essay? Thanks for posting AB

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 15 May 2011

    05/15/2011 5:15:04 PM PDT · 226 of 240
    daylilly to rodguy911

    “Hate to say it but I am already sick of Mitch Daniels.”

    Double and triple that. You live in Florida. He impacts my life much more. He is a snake.
    Remember the pro life bills he has signed, that he said he supported after he signed it? Before the session, he was telling the legislators to pull back those bills and just do his education bills. Legislator said we can do two things at one time and filed the bills anyway. I don’t consider that to be much “support”. Some people like him in his state and some don’t. I’m sure someone will say they like him. Personally, I don’t. He isn’t the worst we could have had but he certainly isn’t the best and I don’t know that he has any principles.

  • Palin, Trump may be media darlings, but they donít excite Jewish Republicans

    05/10/2011 7:34:28 PM PDT · 73 of 124
    daylilly to 2ndDivisionVet

    There is a Jews for Sarah group

    Korn has a radio show, and often defends Sarah when the press has a hissy fit. Does he count?

  • Believe it! Butler is back in Final Four!

    03/26/2011 4:32:42 PM PDT · 3 of 43
    daylilly to tcrlaf

    I’m so very impressed and pleased by what Butler is doing this year, again. Under pressure, no matter what happens,they don’t quit.

  • The Right-Wing War Against Sarah Palin [CINOs Krauthammer, Will, Pete Wehner, etc]

    03/14/2011 4:41:25 PM PDT · 43 of 53
    daylilly to 2ndDivisionVet

    This is an educated guess on my part, but she said something last week on Judge Napolitano’s TV show that might be a reason for the latest round of attacks.
    She said the GOP was taking baby steps in trying to cut spending and people were going to grow tired of or be dissatisfied with what they are doing [Boehner & house leadership]. She said this in context of the newest CR.
    That would be a reason for the country club republicans to go after her.
    She is right on to have said that, and she is right, people are going to be tired and dissatisfied with what the leadership is doing in the House. She is also right that the little they are doing is baby steps. Pence also gave a speech in the last few days saying they need to do more and do it now. [imho we need adult leadership in congress]
    She urged the newly elected tea party people not to be drawn into the vortex.
    Those would be fighting words for traditional establishment Republicans.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 March 2011

    03/13/2011 10:10:01 PM PDT · 149 of 156
    daylilly to FreeReign

    Thanks for the additional information.
    I knew he wasn’t for the right to work law, and some bills on social issues. He spoke out on some of them before the legislative session started.
    To me, he does not act on principle, don’t even know if he has any principles. I’ve heard other stories about him and to me they all point to a lack of character or courage, or both.
    The story here is going to end far differently than it did in Wisconsin, because Daniels is NO Scott Walker unfortunately.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 March 2011

    03/13/2011 4:20:58 PM PDT · 141 of 156
    daylilly to FreeReign

    All I know about the teachers in Indiana is that they are being laid off. Their pension fund is set to be bankrupt in 2019. They were hit hard in the pension fund when the Chrysler deal happened.

    State treasurer Mourdock took that to the Supreme Court, where he didn’t exactly win but they left the door open for further consideration.

    I’m not crying for the teachers, they make much more than most people in the private sector. But I don’t know what is going to happen to them.

    Daniels took away collective bargaining for public sector employees when he first took office in an executive order. That may apply to teachers but I’m not sure about that.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 13 March 2011

    03/13/2011 4:11:50 PM PDT · 139 of 156
    daylilly to rodguy911; altura; Recovering Ex-hippie

    I’m in the middle of something in Indiana related to Daniels. It feels like the sort of things Fishtalk says about Delaware. I don’t know if I’m up to what she does when she posts but I am going to try.

    First a new story on the Hill about Daniels:

    Daniels is endorsing Lugar in 2012 after the Tea Party made him an issue and endorsed a different candidate.

    The tea party candidate is the state treasurer Richard Mourdock, at least many tea party groups do support him. I don’t know that anyone speaks for the entire state. It is an effort that is being organized.

    This is from Mourdock’s campaign website, contrasting his positions to Lugar. There were some things I didn’t know which I am ashamed to admit since I do pay attention, close attention to such things.

    This is from Mourdock’s announcement speech, where he discusses Lugar regarding the Indiana tea party:
    “Mr. Lugar even went so far as to say that the Tea Party needs to: “get real.” Please understand, I know you ARE real. I understand the “reality” in which you live and it is that of the heartland that IS Indiana. YOU are not disconnected from reality, it is those living in that fantasy land of Washington DC where taxpayers are seen as revenue sources and burdensome regulations are seen as the product of a good day’s work.… It is the elite of Washington DC who must “get real.” “

    This next part is more interesting to me, because in 2006 I contacted everyone listed on the Rep Indiana website about Lugar, and I could never vote for him again. I received no replies, but Mourdock said a number of people on the state committee talked to him as individuals and asked him to run against Lugar. Not the state Republican party but individual committeemen. They he started calling county chairs. Ended up seventy four percent of the county chairs endorsed Mourdock. The remaining ones did not endorse Lugar but said they would not be endorsing anyone until after the primary. Source is here:

    So what kind of a mess is this, that all of a sudden Daniels is saying he is endorsing Lugar after he said he would not when the tea party made their statements about Lugar and being opposed to him?

    Looks like more of the same establishment Republicans forcing a really bad establishment politician down our throats, which is what happened in 2010 with Dan Coats. In the primary, two tea party candidates ran against Coats and divided the vote so Coats won. [Marlin Stutzman, Hofstetter] If you put the votes of the two together it would have knocked out Coats. So now we are stuck for six years with the establishment doesn’t have a spine Dan Coats.
    Marlin Stutzman was elected in the fall to the House of Representatives.

    The tea party in Indiana is trying to be united this time behind one candidate, which would be Mourdock. He is very popular, has independent voter support, is pro life, strong on fiscal conservative credentials and is a constitutional conservative. There are other conservatives who want to run but he is probably the strongest candidate and he lacks nothing on conservative credentials. He has a lot of support among the Republican party elected officials.

    And Daniels wants to endorse Lugar. Probably thinks he owes him a favor.

    The tea party in this state is trying to build and gather strength. There are a few groups and the Indianapolis tea party is trying to organize more groups in other counties, including my county.

    I don’t like Daniels. I REALLY do not like Daniels. I’m not alone in this state. I like the Lt. Governor, she is a solid conservative, and he picked her so he would have some support among conservatives. He likes to take credit for things he hasn’t done, and is now sending her out to events where he has problems.

    Just wanted to give this thread an idea of what is going on in this state, since MD will probably be on lots of talk shows in the run up to the election. It might be a good thing if the fleebaggers continued to stay out of state in Indiana, and he had to keep calling more sessions of the legislature, because it might prevent him from running for president. He said he was not going to do anything about running for president until this problem is resolved.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 6 March 2011

    03/06/2011 6:45:22 PM PST · 243 of 253
    daylilly to chiller

    Pence said he wouldn’t announce until the session of the legislature ends. Which was supposed to be the end of April, until the fleebagging craziness happened. Who knows when the legislature will finish now?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 February 2011

    02/28/2011 8:26:36 PM PST · 252 of 255
    daylilly to llandres

    Job growth events. Twice, to people that I know.
    My cousin’s employer had a big press event with the Governor. Supposedly going to create lots of jobs. The next morning the company laid off all the employees except a small handful, and a couple of weeks later took them all back as contract employees instead of full time employees with benefits. But no NEW jobs as promised.
    Then in my husband’s hometown, Daniels did a big press availability about a new business moving into town to create lots of jobs [and hope] but after the press event the new business never opened and never created a single new job. They’ve lost at least half of their population since that business closed down, in the last few years.
    Still hanging on to the HOPE that that new business will come to town and create jobs.
    A friend said that they saw an investigative report on a local TV station investigating this issue. That job growth events were smoke and mirrors. They interviewed Daniels and went through the claims and the numbers and couldn’t verify Daniels’ numbers. I’ve been looking for it so I could document this but haven’t found it yet.
    With all the press involved in his idea to run for president, no one has looked into it.
    Daniels never does a follow up after he does these press events, when things don’t work out as he said they would.
    He disappoints a lot of people.
    There is more but this is enough for me.
    And then he brags on his website about how many state employee jobs he has eliminated since he’s been governor. That might be a positive and might be a negative depending on how he did it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 February 2011

    02/27/2011 8:43:01 PM PST · 238 of 255
    daylilly to altura

    “Stay in Indiana, brother. I like you but ...”

    Why would you wish something like that on Hoosiers? I voted for him last time but hope I never need to decide again. I know more about him than I did in 2008. He does not need to be president. He’s getting a pass from the national media from some negatives on his record. I wonder who is pulling those strings.

  • Iron Dog Live Stream

    02/26/2011 3:50:57 PM PST · 122 of 148
    daylilly to Al B.

    I was going to post that they were in the lead, but you got here first. The speed average is impressive for team #11.
    Go Todd!

  • Iron Dog Live Stream

    02/25/2011 6:33:52 PM PST · 106 of 148
    daylilly to Al B.; Jemian

    Thanks Al,for posting the picture.

    There was an entry posted that (11) Palin/Quam and (7)Davis/Davis had gone ahead and cut the trail when they were trying to get out of Nome. There was 7 feet of new snow, storm surge in the bay, flooding at every waterway where it is usually covered with ice. If they can go over the ice, the trip is faster. Very, very dangerous, and very brave for the four that went ahead to cut trail.

    I believe the trail was cut before the race started, but with the bad weather it had to be done again. Cory Davis is a rookie to this race, so a shout out to him.
    I checked out all the links on the C4P website, so that is how I saw this info.
    I’m clumsy with posting pictures so I appreciate that you did.

  • Iron Dog Live Stream

    02/24/2011 6:23:26 PM PST · 103 of 148
    daylilly to Jemian

    C4P has a thread about the race, and have sometimes posted info before it gets on the Iron Dog website.
    They have links to other sources, like the facebook page for the race and sometimes Alaska news sources.
    They have info on the happenings in Nome. The guys are on the trail again, and haven’t been out too long. Under a yellow flag, in three groups to Unlakeet. Lots of pictures, I’m sorry I don’t remember how to post pictures.

  • To Be a Republican Lawmaker in Madison

    02/17/2011 9:37:18 PM PST · 22 of 49
    daylilly to daylilly

    We are fortunate to have individuals who are willing to take the arrows [Rush Limbaugh said this today]. The followup post said the lawmakers had been literally pushed around by the protesters. Where do we find such men and women?

    Just like the founders did, who risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Many of the signers of the Declaration did not go unscathed from their stand.

    These guys in Wisconsin are NOT sunshine soldiers.

  • To Be a Republican Lawmaker in Madison

    02/17/2011 9:31:52 PM PST · 19 of 49
    daylilly to takenoprisoner

    Actually, there was a report that they were found in Illinois. Rockford I think. Can you get asylum in Illinois?

  • To Be a Republican Lawmaker in Madison

    02/17/2011 7:56:11 PM PST · 1 of 49
    There is also a followup post from this author, with a few more comments about the courage of the Republican legislators. Talk about a steel spine! There ought to be a way to offer them moral support. Followup post:
  • Iron Dog start and finish to be televised, webcast live

    02/12/2011 6:59:50 PM PST · 14 of 19
    daylilly to Jemian

    Thanks for posting this. I hope to be able to see it. I’m rooting for Todd. I noted he had a new partner this year and his partner from last year is partnered with a rookie.
    Also found out that a relative of mine lives in Wasilla, and her husband competed in the Iron Dog several years ago. I didn’t know that she lived there.
    It is so hard to get news in the lower 48 about this race.

  • Sarah Palin Turns Down Coveted Keynote Speaking Slot At CPAC Conference

    02/03/2011 11:51:38 AM PST · 52 of 71
    daylilly to US Navy Vet

    The Tesoro Iron Dog race runs in February. First event is the 12th. Todd always runs the Iron Dog. Sarah has always been there to encourage her husband, this is a huge big deal for him.
    CPAC is always in February.
    Connect the dots?

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 9 January 2011

    01/09/2011 8:48:07 PM PST · 261 of 263
    daylilly to maica

    Unfortunately, with privacy rights, health “professionals” don’t tell family members what the diagnosis is. My family didn’t find out about my father’s diagnosis until it got to the point where they wanted us to take a guardianship over him. Via the county prosecutor. Doctor never said a word.

  • Murkowski's lead more than 10,000 votes

    11/16/2010 8:45:35 PM PST · 105 of 185
    daylilly to GoCards

    I heard differently from the campaign. The information in the Anchorage paper was incorrect during the primary and possibly is now. Need a different source of information than ADN.

  • Murkowski concedes GOP Senate race to Miller

    08/31/2010 8:28:59 PM PDT · 6 of 19
    daylilly to q_an_a

    Everything has consequences, including this concession. Some are good, some are bad. Here is one analysis of consequences:

    My view is that this is a good result, good consequences and I join your cheer.

  • "Doc Drop: Miller Camp Cites Possible Vote Tampering By Murkowski Observer"

    08/30/2010 7:23:27 PM PDT · 114 of 128
    daylilly to Hostage

    The Murkowski observer was named in a post on this morning. Joe Miller’s letter was linked and I read it. The guy’s first name was Mike. The post was withdrawn this afternoon. That is the only place I’ve seen the name. Unless it reappears you may not find it. The guy works for the NRSC in Washington, not sure if he was hired [also] by Murkowski. I’m wondering why that post was withdrawn.

  • Webster wins Fla. GOP nod to challenge Grayson (Florida primary)

    08/24/2010 9:31:21 PM PDT · 43 of 46
    daylilly to Signalman

    For you, and anyone else who is interested:

    website of Daniel Webster

    worth donating to him

  • It sure felt good to cast my vote for Allen West

    08/24/2010 8:51:57 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    daylilly to Josh Painter

    Conservatives4Palin just posted that he won the primary [4 to 1]

  • Guard Evacuates Downed Helicopterís Passengers

    02/19/2010 5:27:30 PM PST · 3 of 4
    daylilly to SandRat

    I know one of the soldiers. He had broken bones and went for surgery. He should recover but it will take a long recovery.

  • U.S. Navy Helicopter Crashes Outside Lewisburg

    02/19/2010 6:59:14 AM PST · 4 of 16
    daylilly to HiTech RedNeck

    I know someone who is still trapped in the wreckage.

    A witness said there was a lot of black smoke, and they said it looked like a crash.

    So far, I don’t know of any casualties.

  • Barack Obama faces mid-term humiliation after Senate exodus

    02/16/2010 5:09:39 PM PST · 15 of 37
    daylilly to Graybeard58

    “Evan Bayh, a popular, centrist senator from Indiana

    There is no such animal.”

    Around here a few people were overjoyed when he said he wouldn’t run but most did not care. Who is he supposed to be popular with?

  • Skillman Weighs Gubernatorial Run

    02/12/2010 9:08:09 PM PST · 5 of 13
    daylilly to fieldmarshaldj

    I’d vote for her there too, but I think her talents would be best used as governor right now. IMHO Washington is something different.

  • Skillman Weighs Gubernatorial Run

    02/12/2010 7:43:11 PM PST · 2 of 13
    daylilly to Admin Moderator

    Is this exerpt all right regarding copyright issues? I kept it brief but I haven’t posted anything for a long time and wasn’t sure.

  • Skillman Weighs Gubernatorial Run

    02/12/2010 7:41:45 PM PST · 1 of 13
    This is good news. Daniels picked her for lietenant governor because she was a strong leader in the legislature. She is pro-life, a Christian, and she has a similar background to Sarah Palin. I mean that she worked her way up through state government. She is more conservative than Daniels is on social issues, she is a fiscal conservative. I don't know any negatives about her. I have a lot of friends who know her personally, and I've heard no negatives from them. Other conservatives in the legislature think very highly of her and she has a good work ethic in public office.

    The body of the thread is very short and abbreviated because the station picked this up from AP.

  • Palin FNC Ratings Sky High

    01/13/2010 8:15:47 PM PST · 79 of 105
    daylilly to Mears

    “The glasses are great.”

    I agree with you on that, she is a genuine person. It makes her seem more like me. Like so many other people. She’s great with glasses.

  • Leptin-controlled gene can reverse diabetes

    01/05/2010 5:42:00 PM PST · 10 of 17
    daylilly to decimon

    There are books to read on the subject:

    The Rosedale Diet by R. Rosedale

    The Leptin Diet by Byron Richards

    Mastering Leptin by Byron Richards

    You can help yourself with leptin sensitivity by what you eat, how often, don’t eat before bedtime, etc. Supplements maybe, but you do not need to take a leptin supplement. Richards’ recommendations have been very helpful to get my glucose numbers down to normal.

  • US President Palin? You betcha! (I think they are starting to be believers.)

    12/14/2009 2:02:25 PM PST · 10 of 112
    daylilly to GonzoII

    Very few people in this world are Einsteins, and at some point in his life Einstein was not well thought of.

    The article says a lot of things that are interesting but not necessarily true, the author uses positives about Sarah in a backhanded way.
    Like this one:

    “Second, although she’s kept her trademark hairstyle and red jacket, she’s reinvented herself when it comes to showing off her grasp of issues”

    Well, she no longer has Steve Schmidt and Mark Wallace and the campaign staff deriding her from giving an answer that they wrote for her. She was trying to stick with the script during the campaign as much as possible. Now she is giving answers that she believes in.

    Gonzo, I know you didn’t write this article, your point is well taken, Sarah Palin is a leader who figured out how to get things done. The press really irritates me. I wish I could figure out how to stop their nastiness.

  • Palin Mainstreaming The Birthers? I Donít Think So

    12/04/2009 3:59:29 PM PST · 12 of 12
    daylilly to Starman417

    Thank you for posting this. It brings up reasonable points that other writers missed. A good read.

  • Going Rogue:An American Life -- 300,000 Copies Sold on the First Day!

    11/19/2009 5:09:15 PM PST · 22 of 23
    daylilly to Will88

    You might want to remember that institutions buy a lot of copies of books like this, public and academic libraries in particular. They buy multiple copies [my library has bought 6 copies so far] and they have lists of people who are putting it on hold. This will accelerate for a few months, they will buy more copies as more people request the book.

    Some businesses buy a number of copies as sales promotions for other products. There is more to this than individual sales. These figures don’t usually get published.

  • John Allen Muhammed execution LIVE THREAD (Died by injection at 9:11 p.m. EST)

    11/10/2009 8:55:42 PM PST · 559 of 616
    daylilly to libh8er

    This guy’s second wife just had a book published and it was released last week. I have seen it.

    What he did in DC was a terrorist act, but the guy was terrorizing his wife and children before he did that in DC.
    There were charges against him filed by his wife that the local police and the FBI did not follow up on or act on. She worked as a legal aide, did her own paperwork, took it to court and got judgments against him. They caught him after he had kidnapped his children, he had them out of the country for over a year.
    Then when he was doing the shooting in DC, the police had to follow up on her paperwork and court judgments to hold him until they had other evidence from the DC shootings.

    Bottom line, they could have had him in jail and he wouldn’t have been on the loose in DC shooting anyone, if they had followed up on the domestic violence in his house.
    He’s still a terrorist but he did it to his family before it happened in DC.

  • Palin Book Tour To Start Nov. 18 - includes Noblesville, Indiana

    11/08/2009 4:44:14 PM PST · 64 of 64
    daylilly to InvisibleChurch

    Often they do come in loud in clear. It depends on who is there. The traffic used to be horrible, but we got some new streets around here and now it has improved. People used to park in front of my house and walk over to Verizon so they didn’t have to pay the parking fee.

  • Palin Book Tour To Start Nov. 18 - includes Noblesville, Indiana

    11/07/2009 5:44:28 PM PST · 62 of 64
    daylilly to InvisibleChurch

    Practically in. my. backyard.

    When she came for a rally in 2008, it was 1/2 mile from my backyard. Thank you Governor Palin!

  • Fred to Newt: We're not 'deaf, dumb'

    10/27/2009 5:08:54 PM PDT · 20 of 88
    daylilly to Jelly Belly

    Can you ping the Fred list?


    10/22/2009 2:57:07 PM PDT · 85 of 105
    daylilly to Never on my watch

    Some of the billboards around the accident area were on fire, as was a cell tower and that includes traffic cameras, according to the websites of some of the TV stations.


    10/22/2009 2:55:04 PM PDT · 84 of 105
    daylilly to opus86

    I 69, which feeds into I 465 at this spot, is the busiest highway in the state of Indiana. It goes up to Fishers. These towns are some of the fastest growing around here.
    The Major Moves initiative of the governor was to widen I 69, which they are in the process of doing, to be finished in 2012.
    This road is closed today and we don’t know when it will be reopened. It depends on whether there is damage to that overpass bridge.
    The truck burned under a bridge. They are checking for damage soon, maybe tomorrow.

  • Letterman Apologizes To Wife On Mondayís Show [Perverse Conduct Greeted With "Applause and Cheers"]

    10/05/2009 8:46:52 PM PDT · 8 of 64
    daylilly to Steelfish

    I live near Letterman’s mother Dorothy and saw her on Sunday the 4th at a restaurant. She was very unhappy. I would guess he has his work cut out for him with his mother as well.

  • Baron Hill (IN-09): This Is My Town Hall Meeting. I Set the Rules.

    09/03/2009 5:39:23 PM PDT · 27 of 36
    daylilly to TenthAmendmentChampion

    This district goes back and forth between Dem- Rep, there is no big lead for either. It is always a slim margin. There is a great chance he could lose his next reelection run.

  • Zogby: Obama Down to 45% Approval Developing.......

    08/21/2009 5:53:40 PM PDT · 436 of 472
    daylilly to InterceptPoint

    I do the Zogby polls, I volunteered and they email me the poll. They do ask all these questions, did you vote last time, are you a likely voter, which party are you affiliated with.
    I didn’t get sent this poll. I get one every four to six weeks. So I don’t know how he does it.
    They also ask what state do you live in, and other wonderful questions. I don’t know why he doesn’t poll the same people every time. I’ve been doing his polls for several years, since before 2004 I think.