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  • [N. Korea]Donald Trump's warning to Kim Jong-un: make a deal or suffer same fate as Gaddafi

    05/18/2018 1:04:13 AM PDT · 8 of 47
    DBeers to Postman Pat


  • Cultural-appropriation Outrage Shows People Are Desperate To Be Offended

    05/04/2018 4:41:38 PM PDT · 28 of 41
    DBeers to Kaslin
    The 'outrage' over Cultural Appropriation is brought to us by the same divide and conquer identity politics Marxist inspired Leftist useful idiots that are faux outraged over among many supposed social justice causes such as wealth disparity, systemic racism and white privilege.

    Class Appropriation or Cultural Appropriation is all about faux outrage over how the oppressive Bourgeoisie Commodifies and Exploits the Culture of the oppressed Proletariat...

  • Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones

    05/03/2018 1:40:19 PM PDT · 141 of 176
    DBeers to joesbucks

    You are obviously intentionally BLIND. Enough said...

  • Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones

    05/03/2018 11:42:45 AM PDT · 113 of 176
    DBeers to joesbucks
    Well hello. Wasn’t all the opposition to Obama to undermine him and get rid of him or keep him from being elected? Rush is stating the obvious, but in such a way to garner sympathy for DJTm

    Are you seriously equivocating legitimate political opposition with illegitimate government weaponized political opposition?

    Leftists SUCK; Obama SUCKS; however, I have yet to see evidence of Conservatives using the IRS, FBI, or DOJ to target them...

  • Outrage and Anger Over Death of Alfie Evans

    04/30/2018 6:46:33 PM PDT · 7 of 9
    DBeers to ebb tide

    Thank you for posting this article.

  • Why Michelle Wolf's Worst Attacks Were Worse Than You Think

    04/29/2018 2:42:02 PM PDT · 19 of 82
    DBeers to ethom
    in my opinion, the closest ideology evidenced in the world past and present as similar to the fictional Gilead premised Handmaid's Tale is Islam. In Islam women are at best second class citizens and at worst sex slaves...

    Comparing and Contrasting the Handmaid's Tale with Islam is far more a legitimate exercise in reality than Comparing and Contrasting the Handmaid's Tale with Christianity which is more an exercise in delusion...

  • 'Mass firing' at conservative site RedState

    04/27/2018 6:41:45 PM PDT · 38 of 53
    DBeers to golux an aside: Ask and answer for yourself: Why the distinctions; for example between Conservative, Neo Conservative, and Compassionate Conservative? I suggest it is because there are objectively differences; further, said differences are Leftist in nature...

  • 'Mass firing' at conservative site RedState

    04/27/2018 6:36:43 PM PDT · 37 of 53
    DBeers to golux
    Neocons are "leftists" now?

    P.S. Do some research beyond the mass media fakenews narratives: NeoCons have ALWAYS been Leftists.

  • 'Mass firing' at conservative site RedState

    04/27/2018 6:30:49 PM PDT · 36 of 53
    DBeers to golux
    Feelings? We have always projected military power overseas.

    There is a difference between the objectives of Self Defense, National Security, Regime Change, and National Building. Many times the objectives overlap; in essence a consensus is made. Take Syria for example: NeoCons/RINOs (Graham and McCain) want Regime Change while Conservatives simply want to Eradicate ISIS and get out...

    IMHO going after Iraq WMD was the right decision; however, what followed and how it was executed was all wrong (hope and change nation building) was all NeoCon...

  • 'Mass firing' at conservative site RedState

    04/27/2018 3:36:02 PM PDT · 28 of 53
    DBeers to golux
    What does "neocon" mean...


    NeoCons aka RINOs aka Leftists; historically, Democrats strong on military intervention for ideological 'humanitarian' reasons aka compassionate Conservatism. NeoCons 'feel' it's okay to impose a 'good' ideology aka nation build...

  • [Catholic Caucus] (Catholic) Church supports move to legalize homosexual acts in Trinidad and Tobago

    04/20/2018 2:08:42 PM PDT · 21 of 21
    DBeers to Mrs. Don-o

    Yes. LOL

  • Democratic Party files suit alleging conspiracy by Trump campaign,

    04/20/2018 2:06:28 PM PDT · 71 of 84
    DBeers to Kaslin

    Dumb move; discovery is a double edged sword...

  • [Catholic Caucus] (Catholic) Church supports move to legalize homosexual acts in Trinidad and Tobago

    04/19/2018 9:47:06 PM PDT · 19 of 21
    DBeers to Mrs. Don-o
    That's the only kind of copulation that is natural, because that's the only kind that is procreative.

    It is my understanding (premised upon Catholic teaching and a well formed conscience) that foreplay which could include oral sex that leads up to and concludes with the sexual act open to procreation is licit. As far as any potential 'anal' foreplay being licit, I never broached the subject nor am I familiar with any determinations on that matter...

  • [Catholic Caucus] (Catholic) Church supports move to legalize homosexual acts in Trinidad and Tobago

    04/19/2018 12:13:51 PM PDT · 14 of 21
    DBeers to ebb tide
    “The Holy See continues to advocate that every sign of unjust discrimination toward homosexual persons should be avoided and urges states to do away with criminal penalties against them.”

    However, Just Discrimination toward persons suffering the homosexual disorder is advocated:


    II. Applications

    10. "Sexual orientation" does not constitute a quality comparable to race, ethnic background, etc. in respect to non-discrimination. Unlike these, homosexual orientation is an objective disorder (cf. "Letter," No. 3) and evokes moral concern.

    11. There are areas in which it is not unjust discrimination to take sexual orientation into account, for example, in the placement of children for adoption or foster care, in employment of teachers or athletic coaches, and in military recruitment.

    12. Homosexual persons, as human persons, have the same rights as all persons including the right of not being treated in a manner which offends their personal dignity (cf. No. 10). Among other rights, all persons have the right to work, to housing, etc. Nevertheless, these rights are not absolute. They can be legitimately limited for objectively disordered external conduct. This is sometimes not only licit but obligatory. This would obtain moreover not only in the case of culpable behavior but even in the case of actions of the physically or mentally ill. Thus it is accepted that the state may restrict the exercise of rights, for example, in the case of contagious or mentally ill persons, in order to protect the common good.

    13. Including "homosexual orientation" among the considerations on the basis of which it is illegal to discriminate can easily lead to regarding homosexuality as a positive source of human rights, for example, in respect to so-called affirmative action or preferential treatment in hiring practices. This is all the more deleterious since there is no right to homosexuality (cf. No. 10) which therefore should not form the basis for judicial claims. The passage from the recognition of homosexuality as a factor on which basis it is illegal to discriminate can easily lead, if not automatically, to the legislative protection and promotion of homosexuality. A person's homosexuality would be invoked in opposition to alleged discrimination, and thus the exercise of rights would be defended precisely via the affirmation of the homosexual condition instead of in terms of a violation of basic human rights.

    14. The "sexual orientation" of a person is not comparable to race, sex, age, etc. also for another reason than that given above which warrants attention. An individual's sexual orientation is generally not known to others unless he publicly identifies himself as having this orientation or unless some overt behavior manifests it. As a rule, the majority of homosexually oriented persons who seek to lead chaste lives do not publicize their sexual orientation. Hence the problem of discrimination in terms of employment, housing, etc., does not usually arise.

    Homosexual persons who assert their homosexuality tend to be precisely those who judge homosexual behavior or lifestyle to be "either completely harmless, if not an entirely good thing" (cf. No. 3), and hence worthy of public approval. It is from this quarter that one is more likely to find those who seek to "manipulate the church by gaining the often well-intentioned support of her pastors with a view to changing civil statutes and laws" (cf. No. 5), those who use the tactic of protesting that "any and all criticism of or reservations about homosexual people ... are simply diverse forms of unjust discrimination" (cf. No. 9).

    In addition, there is a danger that legislation which would make homosexuality a basis for entitlements could actually encourage a person with a homosexual orientation to declare his homosexuality or even to seek a partner in order to exploit the provisions of the law.

    15. Since in the assessment of proposed legislation uppermost concern should be given to the responsibility to defend and promote family life (cf. No. 17), strict attention should be paid to the single provisions of proposed measures. How would they affect adoption or foster care? Would they protect homosexual acts, public or private? Do they confer equivalent family status on homosexual unions, for example, in respect to public housing or by entitling the) homosexual partner to the privileges of employment which could include such things as "family" participation in the health benefits given to employees (cf. No. 9)?

    16. Finally, where a matter of the common good is concerned, it is inappropriate for church authorities to endorse or remain neutral toward adverse legislation even if it grants exceptions to church organizations and institutions. The church has the responsibility to promote family life and the public morality of the entire civil society on the basis of fundamental moral values, not simply to protect herself from the application of harmful laws (cf. No. 17).

  • The Supreme Court just handed the Trump administration a loss on immigration — and Gorsuch

    04/17/2018 12:31:05 PM PDT · 88 of 121
    DBeers to BOARn

    If I am not mistaken, this ruling only applies to legal resident immigrants; NOT illegal aliens. Unlike the mass media headlines, this appears a very minor loss that could be easily legislatively reconciled...

  • There Are Some Problems With Gas Cylinders Videos Used By White Helmets As Evidence Of Douma Attack

    04/12/2018 7:35:56 AM PDT · 27 of 86
    DBeers to Basket_of_Deplorables
    Why would suicidal Jihadists that blow themselves up and murder innocents with bombs attack themselves and innocents with chemical weapons?


  • FLASHBACK: Hitler Also Used Children to Promote Gun Control

    03/25/2018 5:27:49 PM PDT · 84 of 108
    DBeers to E. Pluribus Unum
    The Myth of Nazi Gun Control

    Actually, the article would be better titled, The Myth of Nazi Gun Control Initiated by Nazis False Premise.

    Gun Control in Germany did happen in 1928 by the government in response to and in fear of the rise of the Nazi party. Gun control was political as was the initial rise of the Nazis to power. Once power was achieved politically the tyranny followed with it the crimes against humanity; an unarmed humanity where gun control was enforced by Nazis

    The argument the article makes is that gun control was not initiated by the Nazis because gun control already was already in place says nothing to the fact that Nazis benefited greatly from having an unarmed population they could intimidate and manipulate at home while conquering and then disarming others abroad.

  • Trump: 'Take the guns first, go through due process second'

    02/28/2018 5:25:00 PM PST · 263 of 353
    DBeers to Williams
    Yes I know all the obvious problems with this, but does anyone not wish they had seized that crazy kid’s guns? Seems to me that should not have violated due process. Insane and death threats to shoot up a school should equal arrest and take his guns.

    Trump is not known for nuance and as such it is easy to interpret the specifics of what he says may mean in many ways.

    In my opinion, the removal of weapons from those who are unfit to possess them because they are a threat to themselves and or others is a many tiered issue.

    For subjectively determined potential threats: removing someones God-given right to own a firearm and as such putting them on a list to prevent purchasing and subsequently even confiscating their weapons requires Due Process.

    For subjectively determined immediate threats: temporarily removing someones firearms is not the panacea some claim because the threat is the person, NOT the specific gun they may have today. The threat could use weapons other than a gun and if really determined simply get another gun In my opinion, the threat should be detained with guaranteed DUE Process to follow. Due Process should determines whether or not an individual loses a God-given right.

  • Trump Announces He Signed Memo To Ban Bump Stocks

    02/21/2018 3:29:23 PM PST · 318 of 326
    DBeers to guido911
    “Other devices”? No one’s coming for your vibrator.


  • Trump Announces He Signed Memo To Ban Bump Stocks

    02/20/2018 5:16:41 PM PST · 235 of 326
    DBeers to The Toll
    In doing so, he concedes that inanimate objects murder people.

    In a broad sense I agree with you; however, in a limited sense the issue as premised come under the 'automatic' ban which is already effectively a conceded/mute issue...