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  • Guns fly out the door on Black Friday

    11/24/2012 8:25:15 AM PST · 8 of 33
    DecentAmerican to JohnPierce

    And God bless you for this report and for peacefully exercising your freedom. There is no doubt that the line was full of conservatives, as if the line had been full of greedy selfish lazy racist liberals, they would have not stood in line, but instead the late comers would have cut in front of others, they would have made a mess outside, and they would have broken the glass, stole the guns in a big mob, and insisted it was owed to them .

    This though does not give me hope, but instead sadly reminds me of the America we once were, of honest, hard working, free, and God loving destroyed beyond recognition by racist liberals turning it into a pitiful socialist state. God help us, we will never be the same, as there are no more braze souls willing to fight.

  • Justin Bieber wanted for questioning after 'roughing up' a photographer (I'll eat your face off)

    05/28/2012 8:51:30 PM PDT · 40 of 42
    DecentAmerican to ImJustAnotherOkie

    I guess its easy to poke fun at this kid, but give him a break this time....he is pro-life and I hear that his views lean conservative....

  • Man with 30 kids wants state help to pay his child support

    05/19/2012 4:38:05 PM PDT · 32 of 50
    DecentAmerican to IbJensen

    On recent count, less than half of US births these days are white.

    Golly gee, wonder why?

    This man just fathered more Obama supporters, living on entitlements, so why in the world would he stop? And with more welfare for each new kid, why would these sluts use birth control?

    The demon in the whitehouse will not stop until this country is destroyed.

  • Man with 30 kids wants state help to pay his child support

    05/19/2012 4:37:40 PM PDT · 31 of 50
    DecentAmerican to IbJensen

    On recent count, less than half of US births these days are white.

    Golly gee, wonder why?

    This man just fathered more Obama supporters, living on entitlements, so why in the world would he stop? And with more welfare for each new kid, why would these sluts use birth control?

    The demon in the whitehouse will not stop until this country is destroyed.

  • Man with 30 kids wants state help to pay his child support

    05/19/2012 4:37:40 PM PDT · 30 of 50
    DecentAmerican to IbJensen

    On recent count, less than half of US births these days are white.

    Golly gee, wonder why?

    This man just fathered more Obama supporters, living on entitlements, so why in the world would he stop? And with more welfare for each new kid, why would these sluts use birth control?

    The demon in the whitehouse will not stop until this country is destroyed.

  • NAACP Annual Report Card for the 112th Congress - every GOP in the House and Senate received an F

    05/08/2012 1:07:13 PM PDT · 27 of 30
    DecentAmerican to Beave Meister

    But..but...since the NAACP believes so firmly in racist Affirmative Action policies, does that mean minority GOPers like West, Scott, Rubio and others, despite getting an F, automatically get accepted into NAACP good favor?

  • Bashir: Conservatives Cool With Slaves Building White House But Can't Accept Black President There

    04/06/2012 2:16:15 PM PDT · 59 of 97
    DecentAmerican to governsleastgovernsbest

    Hey racist liberal pig mean the slaves that the Democrats fought so stringently to maintain, and the Republicans fought to set free and give civil rights to? You mean when Lincoln freed the slaves, and the Democrats formed the KKK, and then ended up killing thousands of blacks and Republicans who defended those blacks. Those slaves?

    Goodness Gracious, so MSNBC has this racist nutjob, and race baiters Jackson and Schultz, all certifiable ignorant, uneducated , racist morons.

    DEAR NBC - UNIVERSAL.....honestly, do you get together in board rooms and think of ways of FAILING?

  • Tyler Perry Pulled Over, Says Racial Profiling

    04/06/2012 9:41:06 AM PDT · 66 of 72
    DecentAmerican to ZirconEncrustedTweezers

    “Did his security detail teach this trick to all black people?”

    I can’t answer that, but it makes me wonder if this guy is teaching Asians how to drive...


    Gosh Marion Barry, is that you?

    BTW, if Perry was Asian and pulled over, he would not complain of the race card, as Asians are the model minority. Quiet, law abiding, hard working, contribute to society.

  • Tyler Perry Pulled Over, Says Racial Profiling

    04/06/2012 8:13:53 AM PDT · 34 of 72
    DecentAmerican to And2TheRepublic

    So, here’s what seems to be going on.....racist black liberals have been waiting for YEARS for something like the Trayvon case to come about, so that they can insist that they continue to be persecuted with racism by THE MAN in this day and age. Of course, it turns out to be a big facepalm, as Zimmerman is Hispanic, is an Obama-supporting Democrat, had defended a black man in a previous police brutality case, did not make a racial slur on the 911 call, and was acting in self defense.


    So, now, all of a sudden, EVERYTHING bad that happens to a racist black liberal is RACIST. In this Tyler Perry case, there was absolutely no hint of racism, as he did break the law, but he will call it racist.

    This is what the goal of the racist black liberals are:

    — If you commit a crime, you can not get arrested, because you are black.

    — If you suck at your job, you can not get fired because you are black.

    — If you have no qualifications, you still must be hired, because you are black.

    — If you are a D student, you still must get admitted to college because you are black.

    — If you have no talent, you still must get that Oscar, because you are black.

    Those rational among us will consider this racist to the extreme, but to the racist black liberal, this is justice.

    And this, is the America that the demon in the white house has sprialled us down to. Just like Marion Barry in DC wanting to get rid of entrepreneurial hard working Asians, we will not aspire to greatness and achievement, but instead wallow in mediocrity because of the liberal need to be politically correct.


  • (VANITY)CHINK!CHINK!CHINK!BOOGER!(the last an ode to WKRP in Cincinnati)

    02/20/2012 11:12:12 AM PST · 12 of 14
    DecentAmerican to Rinnwald

    well, in fairness to our AsianAmerican friends, most of whom are hard working diligent folk, I would have to say that Asians in this country have long been the silent minority. They withstand, without much complaint, frequent jokes by comedians and comedy shows, and whereas you can’t say even the slightest remotest slur about Blacks, or else you get fired.

    It is a vicious double standard. “Chink” is right up there with the N-word, and while it may be a “real” word, I have to agree wit espn firing the staff at such offense.

    But, then, if you want to avoid hypocrisy, then you have to protest all of those who say that words like boy, articulate, clean, black hole, watermelon, fried chicken, waffles, “you lie”...are all racist.

  • Obama's tuition pitch

    01/27/2012 11:01:16 AM PST · 6 of 9
    DecentAmerican to ColdOne

    clearly, one of the many reasons tuition is so high is that you have tenured professors who are paid way too much. So to follow what Hussein says, professors need to have their salaries and pensions cut.

    So, what so you, so lame racist liberal nutjob university professors, who rallied so much to vote for Hussein, are you willing to listen to your Dear Leader so that these poor students can afford education? Distribution of wealth, as you always proclaim? LOL. Friggin hypocrites, all of you.

    Yes, rally to cut liberal professors salaries. Start with that nutjob racist lady at Rutgers that yelled at Paul Ryan for his wine and dinner.

  • Bill Maher's Tebow tweet prompts calls for HBO boycott

    12/28/2011 2:06:10 PM PST · 30 of 42
    DecentAmerican to Mozilla

    Maher is the pure poster boy for the ignorant, uneducated, racist, intolerant, hypocritical left. He bemoans Americans as “stupid” if someone like Palin can become President, yet fails to recognize the utter stuipidity at those who vote for the collasal corrupt failures of Hussein, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, and Blumenthal. He has made numerous racist comments (like Hussein should go “gangsta” on congress....), yet the race card trash like Sharpton completely ignore this. He has called for violence on conservatives, yet the wacko left does not blink and instead blame the tea party for the Tuscon shootings.

    And...he is a total coward. He has no problem insulting Christianity, but does he dare insult Islam? Why are you a coward Bill, if you hate all religions? Actually, imagine if he did make a joke about Islam, and not only would he instantly be fired, but he may suddenly “disappear” and his hateful body will be found strewn in pieces across the desert highway.

    Trust me Bill, no one will miss you, you rotten maggot.

  • Kim Jong-il’s Real Name was Yuri Irsenovich Kim

    12/28/2011 12:48:34 PM PST · 16 of 35
    DecentAmerican to RockinRight

    Beyond belief for us Westerners, but then again, when you live in an isolated society completely without rational thought, then the irrational becomes truth. It is all soooo “Orwellian”, and rightfully so, as Orwell saw what total government control can do. Striking here is the similarities to Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”, whose sole job it was was to alter history to make Big Brother all knowing. And anyone who was deemed criminal was made into an “unperson”...they ceased to exist becomes all recorded history of them was erased.

    Dear friends, what you see here IS the leftist media in the United States. If you repeat lies often enough, it becomes the truth. Lies like the tea party is racist, or that Palin is stupid, or that Hussein is smart. All lies. And there are many ignorant lefty nutjobs who fall for it, just like the North Koreans. Fortuantely, we are not isolated (yet), but if the current government has its way, they can control internet content, and therefore BECOME the “Ministry of Truth”.

    “those who control the past, control the present. Those who control the present, control the future”. We feel sorry for the North Koreans, but we are fed false propaganda by our own government every day.

    Will we ever live in freedom again in America?

  • A Very Beatable President

    12/22/2011 8:41:12 AM PST · 21 of 44
    DecentAmerican to Kaslin

    “African Americans are solid Democrats”

    I know that to be true, but I have always asked why, why, why? Why must one race of people vote with the rest of the race? That is so ridiculous, it is like all Whites voting Dem or GOP, and we know there is an even split.

    Do blacks not realize (or refuse to understand) that the Democrats is the party of HATE and RACISM, that it founded the KKK, was responsible for Jim Crow laws, fought against Civil Rights?

    I just don’t understand this unified committment to ignorance. Sorry, it just infuriates me.

  • Some Asians' College Strategy: Don't Check 'Asian'

    12/03/2011 5:26:18 PM PST · 97 of 146
    DecentAmerican to Steelfish

    Reverse discrimination against whites and most definitely Asians continues all in the name of political correctness. But it is the bain of the US and European countries only.

    Asian nations do NOT practice affirmative action. If you are white and live in Japan or South Korea, do you really think you can get into college based on your race? NO! They strive for competition there...only the best of the best get into the best schools, the best jobs.

    But here in the US, our demand for “diversity” and political correctness has forced us to stress skin color over excellence. Race over ability. We do not prioritize quality and productivity, like in Asia, instead, we reward mediocrity.

    How are we supposed to compete against other countries where only the best of the best get the highest positions.

    Affirmative action and political correctness got us this current president. If we don’t stop this nonsense, we will continue to spiral this beautiful America into the pits of uselessness.

  • President Gaff-O-Matic (the Obama graffes keep on rolling)

    09/25/2011 8:01:05 PM PDT · 9 of 35
    DecentAmerican to MN_Mike

    Nice comprehensive list, but FAR from complete, as the man is a complete and utter buffoon.

    don’t forget:

    “corpse” man

    Writing “2008” in the Buckingham palace register when it was 2011.

    Reading the wrong teleprompter for the Irish prime minister’s welcome.

    Saying that the march in Selma was responsible for his parent’s meeting and having him, when he was born well before that event.

    Actually....that last one was not a gaffe, as it was an absolute boldfaced lie.

  • Report: "Breitbart Obtains Email Showing McGinniss, Random House Likely Published Literary Hoax"

    09/22/2011 11:30:52 AM PDT · 28 of 43
    DecentAmerican to Nachum

    Dear Ms. Sarah:

    Please kindly sue the arse out of McGinniss and Crown-Random for $200 million dollars, which you have an excellent possilibility of winning given the proof of malicious slander.

    Once winning the suit, please donate the award to the Republican party, and pro-life and Christian organizations.

    Watch libbo nutjob heads explode.

    thank you!

    SARAH/MARCO 2012

  • Obama’s ineligibility: Marco Rubio can’t be President or Vice President

    09/20/2011 10:00:29 AM PDT · 59 of 717
    DecentAmerican to Ordinary_American

    Would LOVE to see the liberal nutjobs raise this issue about Vice President Rubio... not only can he easily turn it around and say that Hussein is not eligible, and they can do dueling birth certificates, but also, they would most likely anger Hispanic voters, and it would be construed as racist, but we expect that from the left.

    Furthermore, I read somewhere that Rubio has an “in” the time of his birth, his parents were allowed some type of duel citizenship with Cuba and the this true? I wasn’t sure, but it sounded logical at the time.

  • Chaz Bono Steps Out for First Time on Dancing with the Stars

    09/20/2011 9:53:02 AM PDT · 54 of 71
    DecentAmerican to SeekAndFind

    judging on dancing alone Chaz wasn’t all that bad. I’m going to be open minded about that aspect.

    But I must say, the real reason to watch is to cheer on JR Martinez, someone I never heard of, but now know was a war hero who was seriously burned in combat, and did a stellar performance. Now THAT was inspirational. So please help cheer him on and vote for him.

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS suppport our soldiers and war heroes!

  • ‘Socialist’: Media Largely Ignore Ideological Declaration by Killer of Five in West Virginia

    09/07/2011 3:09:01 PM PDT · 3 of 11
    DecentAmerican to the invisib1e hand

    ABSOLUTELY, MOST definitely, the WV murders were the result of the HATE speech from the Left, BHO saying “if they bring a knife, you bring GUN”, and crackpot Waters saying for tea partiers to ‘GO TO HELL’, and all the hate that originate from Wasserman-Skank and BHO’s and Pelosi’s and Reid’s nasty mouths.

    All of these liberals need to be jailed for accessory to MURDER. they have blood on their hands.