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Articles Posted by DemforBush

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  • The FRiday Night Movie - Champion (1949)

    05/01/2015 7:57:24 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 12 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | N/A
    Midge Kelly (Kirk Douglas) is a tough guy drifter who doesn't think much of boxing at first. Once he gets a taste of success, though, he's determined to climb the ladder all the way to the top. Even if it means using all the people around him as rungs on that ladder...
  • The FRiday Night Movie (Double Feature) MST3K - The Final Sacrifice (1990)

    04/24/2015 5:51:06 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 17 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | N/A
    Long past time for some Mystery Science Theater 3000 around here. A maniacal cult leader named Sartorious seeks to uncover an ancient temple that will bring him power over the earth. And the only one who can stop him is a hockey-haired drifter named...Zap Rowsdower. Truly, Canadian cinema at its very finest!
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Casablanca (1942)

    04/24/2015 5:42:55 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 28 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | N/A
    Bogey, Bergman and Claude Raines star in this WW2 noir classic. 'Nuff said!
  • For classic Alabama barbecue, only white sauce will do

    04/22/2015 7:54:37 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 67 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 4/22/15 | Elizabeth Karmel
    When people think barbecue sauce, they usually think something tomato- or vinegar-based. But today, I want to convince you to consider another breed of barbecue — white...
  • German defense minister: widely used rifle [G36] has no future

    04/22/2015 11:01:52 AM PDT · by DemforBush · 19 replies
    Yahoo/AP ^ | 4/22/15 | GEIR MOULSON
    BERLIN (AP) — A widely used assault rifle has "no future" with the German military in its current form, Germany's defense minister said Wednesday, escalating a dispute over the weapon's alleged shortcomings. Ursula von der Leyen said last month that a study showed the G36 rifle has a "precision problem, particularly at high temperatures."....
  • The FRiday Night Movie - The Maltese Falcon (1942)

    04/17/2015 7:59:15 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 23 replies
    ZippCast ^ | N/A | N/A
    One of the definitive (some would say THE definitive) films noir tonight.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - The Final Countdown (1980)

    04/10/2015 7:53:59 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 45 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | N/A
    A little change of pace tonight with our first science fiction film at the DfB Theatre. A mysterious Pacific storm engulfs the USS Nimitz, sending it back in time almost 40 years, just hours before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Starring Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, and Katharine Ross.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Zulu (1964)

    04/02/2015 8:07:12 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 18 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | n/a
    Our first bona-fide epic at the DfB Theater. Stanley Baker and Michael Caine star in this masterful tale of The Battle of Rorke's Drift (1879), where a mission station of 150 British soldiers faced off a force of 4,000 Zulu warriors. In widescreen format, HQ image.
  • Indiana Pizzeria Closes Over Backlash From Owner’s Anti-Gay Remarks to Media

    04/01/2015 8:24:04 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 48 replies
    Yahoo/The Wrap ^ | 4/1/15 | Matt Donnelly
    Memories Pizza, a takeout restaurant in Walkerton, Indiana, has closed its doors following outrage over remarks the shop owner made regarding same-sex marriage...
  • The FRiday Night Movie - And Then There Were None (1945)

    03/27/2015 8:33:52 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 17 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | N/A
    A bit of Agatha Christie tonight. 8 strangers are invited to dinner at the estate of a mysterious (and absent) host, and at that dinner, dark and murderous secrets begin to be revealed. C. Aubrey Smith and Walter Huston star.
  • Former CFO on Food Stamps After Controversial Viral Video About Chik-Fil-A

    03/26/2015 11:04:11 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 77 replies
    ABC News ^ | 3/21/15 | Joseph Diaz and Laura Effron
    A former CFO is now on food stamps after a video he posted on YouTube two and half ago criticizing Chick-Fil-A went viral and destroyed his career. Adam Smith, 37, was the CFO of a medical device manufacturer in Arizona, until the summer 2012, when he -- and thousands of other people -- started protesting against Chick-Fil-A for the fast-food chain’s anti-gay stance...
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Nightmare Alley (1947)

    03/20/2015 8:13:25 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 11 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | N/A
    Tonight, an excellent film noir set in the seedy world of the carnival side show. A young but ambitious carney (Tyrone Power, in one of the best performances of his career), scams and schemes amongst the mentalists, strongmen, and geeks hoping to find the perfect routine to take him out of the sideshow and into the big time. Co-Starring Joan Blondell and Coleen Gray.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Kanal(1957)

    03/13/2015 8:08:48 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 13 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | N/A
    Tonight's movie is both an excellent WW2 film, and a fine bit of historical fiction. Kanal is the story of the final hours of a doomed Polish resistance group, fighting against the Nazis, as well as the odds and hope in what would become known as the Warsaw Uprising. Directed by Andrez Wadjda. In Polish with English closed captioning.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Beat The Devil (1953)

    03/06/2015 8:45:30 PM PST · by DemforBush · 12 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | N/A
    Humphrey Bogart stars in this semi-spoof film noir about a group of swindlers looking to make a shady uranium mine deal in Africa. Neither the deal, nor the group is quite what they seem, however... Directed by John Huston. Co-starring Jennifer Jones, Peter Lorre, and Gina Lollbrigida...
  • The FRiday Night Movie (Double feature) - Too Young the Hero (1988)

    02/27/2015 8:56:41 PM PST · by DemforBush · 5 replies
    Mantronix RetroTV Youtube account ^ | Published on June 8, 2014
    Our second feature tonight is the incredible but true story of the youngest American serviceman to serve in WW2. Rick Schroeder stars as Calvin Graham, who enlists in the Navy at just 12 years of age. Before his 13th birthday, Graham would be both a decorated veteran and a military prisoner...
  • The FRiday Night Movie - M (1931)

    02/27/2015 8:25:29 PM PST · by DemforBush · 6 replies
    Youtube ^ | N/A | N/A
    An elusive child killer is stalking the streets of Berlin. The police have been unable to catch him, and panic so grips the city that even the city's underworld is determined to stop him at any cost. Peter Lorre stars in what has been called "The best film to ever wind up in the public domain." Directed by Fritz Lang. In German with English subtitles.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Kansas City Confidential (1952)

    02/20/2015 8:04:56 PM PST · by DemforBush · 8 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    A great little heist/noir flick tonight. A down on his luck nobody (John Payne) is implicated in an armored truck heist and, after being worked over by the local police who are sure he's guilty, sets out to find who set him up and why. The truth behind it all might be a lot deeper and more dangerous than even he thinks, however... Co-starring Colleen Gray, and a perfect trio of heavies in Neville Brand, Lee Van Cleef, and Jack Elam.
  • The FRiday Night Movie (Double feature) - This is the Army!

    02/13/2015 8:32:05 PM PST · by DemforBush · 3 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    By request, our first musical at the DFB Theater. This patriotic WW2-era film stars George Murphy, Joan Leslie, Ronald Reagan, and just a Who's Who of actors and performers of that period. Written by Irving Berlin.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Scarlet Street (1945)

    02/13/2015 8:17:54 PM PST · by DemforBush · 7 replies
    What do you do when you have a cast and director who make a great film noir? You get them back together to make another one! The stars and director from (the previously shown) The Woman in The Window are reunited for this gritty noir of misguided love, deceit, and murder. Starring Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, and Dan Duryea. Directed by Fritz Lang. Quality 720p print.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - ATTACK!

    02/06/2015 8:16:51 PM PST · by DemforBush · 10 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Fox Company is an American infantry unit with a very big problem - its commanding officer. Captain Cooney (Eddie Albert) is incompetent and cowardly, but also protected by powerful politicians back home. Battalion won't move him, and the men endure their weak leadership as best they can. But when Fox is sent into a major battle, Cooney's failures might just be too much for Lieutenant Costa (Jack Palance). Co-starring Lee Marvin, Richard Jaeckel, and Buddy Ebsen.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Duel (1971)

    01/30/2015 8:13:58 PM PST · by DemforBush · 46 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Henpecked traveling salesman David Mann (Dennis Weaver) wants only to get to his next sales meeting in time to save an account. Unfortunately for him, his life becomes a lot more complicated - and dangerous - when he makes the mistake of passing the wrong truck in the California hills. What follows is a tense, scary thriller centered around the ultimate in "Road Rage."
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Tennessee's Partner (1955)

    01/23/2015 8:00:47 PM PST · by DemforBush · 3 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    A good, old-fashioned western tonight. Tennessee (John Payne) is a whiskey-drinking, high stakes gambling, all around rogue with few friends and plenty of enemies. His life begins to change when a good-natured miner named Cowpoke (Ronald Reagan) saves his life during an ambush. But will their budding friendship survive when Tennessee meets Cowpoke's bride-to-be (Colleen Gray), who may not be all she appears to be? Co-starring Rhonda Fleming and Leo Gordon.
  • [Spy Magazine Presents "Soft, Safe, & Sanitized"] Mitch Miller & The Gang-Give Peace A Chance

    01/17/2015 9:20:50 PM PST · by DemforBush · 16 replies
    Spy Magazine Presents "Soft, Safe, & Sanitized" Youtube ^ | Uploaded on Feb 15, 2010 | mythmaster69 You Tube account
    Really, does it get any more awesome than this?
  • The FRiday Night Movie - The D.I. (1957)

    01/16/2015 8:36:18 PM PST · by DemforBush · 20 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Double Feature night at the DFB theater! Technical Sergeant Jim Moore (Jack Webb) is a tough, no-nonsense D.I. with a problem - Pvt. Owens. Owens is the platoon screwup who apparently wants more than anything than to get out of the Marines. Moore, though, sees potential in Owens and won't give up on him - "There's a man under that baby powder."
  • The FRiday Night Movie - The Hill (1965)

    01/16/2015 8:20:29 PM PST · by DemforBush · 5 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    From director Sidney Lumet comes this intense military drama about life in a WW2 British "Glasshouse" - a detention camp for offending British soldiers. Life in the camps is hard, but this camp is harder than most, due to the presence of the sadistic Sgt. Williams (Ian Hendry), and the camp's disciplinary measure of choice - a towering mound of sand and rock known only as "The Hill." Trouble starts when a small group of strong-willed offenders (led by Sean Connery, in one of the best performances of his career) arrives at the camp. Will they break on the hill...
  • The FRiday Night Movie - The Earthling (1980)

    01/09/2015 8:19:46 PM PST · by DemforBush · 15 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    We're back, and are kicking off the 2015 season with a fine film from Australia. Patrick Foley (William Holden) is a sick old man, wanting only to return to his childhood home in the Outback before he dies. His plans become complicated, however, when he discovers Shawn Daley (Ricky Schroeder), a sheltered 10-year old boy from Los Angeles who has suddenly found himself orphaned and alone in the Australian wilderness. Uploaded in 10 parts.
  • Zebra - Who's Behind The Door?

    01/08/2015 8:47:20 PM PST · by DemforBush · 36 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Great 80s rock song from a New Orleans-based rock band that just never quite got as big as they probably should have (IMHO).
  • The FRiday Night Movie - A Christmas Carol (1984)

    12/19/2014 10:27:01 PM PST · by DemforBush · 11 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Tis this season! George C. Scott stars in this superb version of Charles Dickens' classic tale of redemption and second chances. In English with Greek subtitles.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Better Off Dead (1985)

    12/12/2014 11:36:52 PM PST · by DemforBush · 33 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Tonight's second feature is much lighter fare. John Cusack stars in this surreal 80s teen comedy. Co-starring David Ogden Stiers, Kim Darby, and Johnny, a sociopathic paperboy who wants his TWO DOLLARS.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Escape From Sobibor (1987)

    12/12/2014 11:17:02 PM PST · by DemforBush · 12 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Tonight, a gripping British made-for-tv film about the true story of the massive Jewish revolt and overthrow at Sobibor, one of the Nazi death camps inside Poland. Adam Arkin, Rutger Hauer, and Joanna Pacula star.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - 5 Fingers (1952)

    12/05/2014 4:25:34 PM PST · by DemforBush · 5 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Tonight's film is a superb spy thriller based upon actual events in WW2. James Mason stars as Diello, the trusted valet to the British Ambassador to Turkey. Unbeknownst to the ambassador, Diello is not at all satisfied with his position, and has some very definite ideas about how a life of comfort and gentlemanly leisure might be possible... Based upon the real life intelligence op "Operation Cicero." Co-starring Danielle Darrieux and Michael Rennie.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Men in War (1957)

    11/28/2014 6:36:31 PM PST · by DemforBush · 25 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    The remnants of an American infantry platoon (led by Robert Ryan), cut off and behind enemy lines, must somehow make it past North Korean snipers, artillery barrages and infiltrators to complete a long march to the last known location of their division's HQ. En route, they encounter a firebrand sergeant (Aldo Ray) and his shell-shocked commanding officer (Robert Keith). Will the chance encounter help,or hinder the platoon's desperate march to safety? Co-starring Vic Morrow, L.Q. Jones, and Nehemiah Persoff.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Rikki Tikki Tavi (1975)

    11/21/2014 6:02:04 PM PST · by DemforBush · 13 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Great animated adaptation of the classic Kipling tale of a young mongoose and his struggles against a pair of vicious cobras. Animated. Narrated by Orson Welles.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Evil Roy Slade (1972)

    11/21/2014 5:54:39 PM PST · by DemforBush · 17 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    A childhood favorite tonight. John Astin stars in this western spoof about the mean, rotten, no good, and hilarious villain Evil Roy Slade. Directed by Jerry Paris, and co-starring Mickey Rooney, Dick Shawn, Milton Berle, and Dom Deluise.
  • The FRiday Night Move - Sleuth (1972)

    11/14/2014 4:04:16 PM PST · by DemforBush · 19 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Mystery lovers will, well, love tonight's film. A vain and eccentric mystery novel writer (Lawrence Olivier) invites his wife's lover (Michael Caine) to participate in a game that will resolve the situation to both of their satisfaction. All is not what it seems, however, in this twist-filled tale that will keep you guessing right up to the last scene. Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz (Barefoot Contessa, etc.) In English, with Greek subtitles.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Stalingrad (1959)

    11/07/2014 6:38:57 PM PST · by DemforBush · 16 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Tonight, an excellent West German war movie about the military disaster at Stalingrad. Joachim Hansen is Lt. Gerd Wisse, an idealistic young lieutenant who begins to see things very differently while on the Eastern Front. Includes several semi-historical scenes involving German command (Paulus, Hitler, etc.) and some of the best use of actual war footage I've seen in a movie. In German with English subtitles.
  • NBC Calls [Kansas] Senate Race for Roberts

    11/04/2014 8:13:38 PM PST · by DemforBush · 4 replies
    OVERLAND PARK, Kansas – NBC News calls Senate race for Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts...
  • The FRiday Night Halloween Special - Trilogy of Terror (1975)

    10/31/2014 4:42:10 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 15 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Since it's Halloween, a spooky extra feature tonight. Karen Black stars in this made-for-tv movie featuring two pretty good stories, and one absolute classic (the Zuni Warrior Doll)
  • The FRiday Night Movie - The Flim-Flam Man (1967)

    10/31/2014 4:37:13 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 11 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    A good-natured comedy tonight. George C. Scott is Mordecai Jones, a legendary southern con-man who knows every grift like the back of his hand. Michael Sarrazin is the young, idealistic protege who learns the tricks of the trade as they con and hustle their way across the south. Co-starring Sue Lyon and just a Who's-Who of great old character actors (Slim Pickens, Albert Salmi, Strother Martin, etc.)
  • Commander Riker wants to help you with your IT solutions.

    10/28/2014 7:56:42 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 16 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Jonathan Frakes and the Enterprise-D appear in this 90's ad for the (now defunct) software company Boole & Babbage.
  • Actor James Mason does a wine commercial...for Thunderbird

    10/27/2014 9:40:19 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 34 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    I guess Orson Welles wasn't the only actor to hawk cheap wine to pay the bills. Yikes!
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Detour (1945)

    10/24/2014 4:35:34 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 7 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Our second feature tonight is a unlikely little gem of a film noir. Made for as little as $30,000 and shot in just six days, Detour had no budget, no stars, and no time to fix mistakes. Yet somehow, the final product turned out to be a haunting, memorable noir that is now considered to be a classic of the genre. Starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - Breaker Morant (1980)

    10/24/2014 4:33:30 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 40 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    First up tonight at the DfB Theater is of the finest movies ever to come out of Australia. Edward Woodward turns in a superb performance in this true story about the real-life exploits - and still controversial - court martial of Harry "Breaker" Morant, an officer fighting on the side of the British during the Boer Wars in South Africa. Co-starring Bryan Brown (Cocktail, the F/X movies). In English with foreign subtitles.
  • Cat Logic (educating us silly humans)

    10/14/2014 8:14:18 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 2 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Very funny examples of cats and their logic regarding pet toys, water dishes, owners, etc.
  • The FRiday Night Movie - DOA (1950)

    10/10/2014 6:54:57 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 16 replies
    Youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Edmond O'Brien is a dead man walking in this great film noir of a doomed man determined to find who has plotted his demise and why...
  • Orson Welles' wine commercial - the unaired out-takes.

    10/07/2014 7:42:04 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 43 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Paul Masson would sell no wine before its time...which apparently didn't stop Orson from having a quart or two before showing up for the original commercial shoot...
  • Actor Stephen Collins investigated for alleged child molestation

    10/07/2014 5:38:09 AM PDT · by DemforBush · 81 replies
    FoxNY ^ | 10/7/14 | Staff
    NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - Stephen Collins, the actor who played the father and pastor in the hit TV series, '7th Heaven,' is under investigation by the New York Police Dept. for allegedly molesting and exposing himself to at least three underage girls years ago...
  • The FRiday Night Movie (Saturday Matinee Edition) Stagecoach (1939).

    10/04/2014 11:27:28 AM PDT · by DemforBush · 11 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    Our first western at the DfB Theater, and a great one at that. Nominated for five Oscars, John Ford's Stagecoach is an American classic and one of the best westerns ever made, IMHO. Starring John Wayne, Claire Trevor, John Carradine, and Andy Devine.
  • The D.I. with Jack Webb - The Sand Flea Burial Detail

    09/27/2014 8:14:56 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 8 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    My favorite scene from the great old Jack Webb movie, The D.I....
  • The FRiday Night Movie - The Killers (1946)

    09/26/2014 7:21:49 PM PDT · by DemforBush · 8 replies
    youtube ^ | n/a | n/a
    It's double feature night at the DfB Theater, and boy. is our second movie a good one! A loner known only as The Swede (Burt Lancaster) is murdered by a pair of mysterious out-of-towners. An obsessed insurance investigator (Edmond O'Brien), tasked with the simple matter of settling The Swede's life insurance policy, becomes obsessed with finding out just who he was, and why somebody wanted him dead.