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  • W. Mark Felt is Deep Throat

    05/31/2005 5:43:55 PM PDT · 559 of 677
    DiamondDon1 to cyncooper
    Well I am glad you know the whole truth.

    As for me, there are too many questions about how the #2 at the FBI could have possibly known what was going in Nixon's inner circle. While the FBI knew about the situation after the fact, they did not know what was on the tapes until the tapes were transcribed and released (i.e. the famous Rosemary Woods tape deletion incident...).

    The fact that Woodward was a former Navy officer and that he had previously been linked to Haig is apparently an inconvenient fact that should just be ignored. I got it now, ignore the inconvenient, accept the non-plausible.

    While it may be possible that Haig used Felt as a conduit (i.e. Haig confirming Felt as "Deep Throat") the information was too far removed to be originally from Felt.

    At this point, I really could not care less if Haig is outed or not, but to accept the "truth" coming from Felt after decades just smells like another red herring.


  • W. Mark Felt is Deep Throat

    05/31/2005 2:34:29 PM PDT · 501 of 677
    DiamondDon1 to CaptainK
    Felt was not is a position to know anything about what was on the tapes or missing from the tapes at the time it was reported. At the time "Deep Throat" reported that there may be erasures on the tapes, the tapes had not been released by the White House to be reviewed by anyone, including the FBI. Remember, the "Executive Privilege" argument? So if they had not been released, how did the FBI know then?

    Haig was in the White House at the time, and he wanted Nixon gone. Any questions?


  • W. Mark Felt is Deep Throat

    05/31/2005 2:27:39 PM PDT · 496 of 677
    DiamondDon1 to Mo1

    Other than the fact that Felt was not in a position to know all that "Deep Throat" knew, I agree completely...</sarcasm>


  • W. Mark Felt is Deep Throat

    05/31/2005 2:25:29 PM PDT · 494 of 677
    DiamondDon1 to CaptainK

    What a complete and utter surprise that Haig (the actual "Deep Throat") would say the Felt was "Deep Throat"!

    Nothing suspicious here, just move along...move along.



  • W. Mark Felt is Deep Throat

    05/31/2005 12:59:54 PM PDT · 470 of 677
    DiamondDon1 to CaptainK

    Hello Captain K!

    Mark Felt is not "Deep Throat". He may have been used by the actual "Deep Throat" to convey the story to Woodward but he was not in a first hand position to know what "Deep Throat" knew. Here is an e-mail I got from Len Colodny author of "Silent Coup" (the book concluded that Haig was actually "Deep Throat") along with an e-mail from Vanity Fair...



    >>Without doubting that Felt talked to Woodward. The rest of the story
    >>makes no sense, that Woodward had a long past relationship with "Deep
    >>Throat"is not explained in this story. Why
    >>would Felt trust Woodward a metro reporter for only nine months and
    >>there is the tape
    >>gap, the "Deliberate Erasure" how would Felt ever have known that
    >>How Felt would
    >>have gone from a confirming source to a direct source is also a
    >>that needs to be answered. As we said in "Silent Coup" I still think
    >>"Deep Throat" is a device to cover those Woodward did actually know,
    >>had strong motives to see Nixon gone.
    >>I think there is a lot more to this revelation than meets the eye,
    >>especially just a few months
    >>after Joan Hoff challenged Woodward at UT to put "Deep Throat" on
    >>tape, catching Woodward by surprise. I suspect what we have here is a
    >>"red herring".
    >>Let us all wait to hear more from Woodward himself.


    I don't think Felt really says it in the story, which is very
    Instead, there's a lot of third and fourth hand quotes. Like Felt told
    his girlfriend, who later told others. But there's nothing in the story
    where Felt tells the writer, "I'm Deep Throat, here's what I did and
    I did it."


    >>>-----Original Message-----
    >>>From: Hurlbut, Elizabeth []
    >>>Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 11:16 AM
    >>>Subject: Deep Throat's Identity Revealed - Vanity Fair Exclusive
    >>>Please click on the URL link below for the full story. Please
    >>>Beth Kseniak at 212-286-7297 with any questions.
    >>>New York, N.Y. -- After decades of hiding the truth, even from his
    >>>family, W. Mark Felt, number two at the F.B.I. in the early 70s,
    >>>himself to be the source who leaked secrets about Nixon's Watergate
    >>>cover-up, telling lawyer John D. O'Connor, the author of Vanity
    >>>exclusive, "I'm the guy they used to call Deep Throat."
    >>>O'Connor reports that Felt, aged 91, is a retiree living in Santa
    >>>California, with his daughter, Joan. After witnessing the decline of
    >>>Felt's health and mental acuity, and after receiving his and Joan's
    >>>permission to reveal this information, O'Connor decided to write
    >>>article for Vanity Fair. The Felt family cooperated fully, providing
    >>>photographs for the story and agreeing to sit for portraits.
    >>>Felt's family did not learn of this aspect of his past until 2002,
    >>>Felt's close friend and frequent social companion Yvette La Garde
    >>>Joan that Felt had confided to her he had indeed been Washington
    >>>reporter Bob Woodward's source. Joan confronted her father, who
    >>>initially denied it, but after she explained La Garde's disclosure
    >>>responded, "Since that's the case, well, yes I am." Then and there,
    >>>pleaded with him to announce his role immediately so that he could
    >>>some closure, and accolades, while he was still alive. Felt
    >>>agreed, then changed his mind. He seemed determined to take his
    >>>with him to the grave.
    >>>Joan tried to elicit further response from her father about his role
    >>>Deep Throat while they were watching a Watergate TV special. When
    >>>name came up as the possible informant, she says, she deliberately
    >>>questioned her father in the third person: "Do you think Deep Throat
    >>>wanted to get rid of Nixon?" Joan says that Felt replied, "No, I
    >>>trying to bring him down." He claimed, instead, that he was "only
    >>>his duty."
    >>>Felt was initially adamant about remaining silent on the subject,
    >>>thinking disclosures about his past somehow dishonorable. "I don't
    >>>[being Deep Throat] was anything to be proud of," Felt indicated to
    >>>son, Mark junior, at one point. "You [should] not leak information
    to anyone."
    >>>Felt told his daughter, Joan, that he worried "what the judge would
    >>>think," fearing, perhaps, that a court might look down on his
    >>>"He was amenable at first," his grandson Nick tells O'Connor. "Then
    >>>was wavering. He was concerned about bringing dishonor to our
    family. We
    >>>thought it was totally cool. It was more about honor than about any
    >>>of shame [to] Grandpa.... To this day, he feels he did the right
    >>> O'Connor reports that after learning their father's secret, Joan
    >>> Mark junior urged him to go public, explaining that they wanted his
    >>> legacy to be heroic and permanent, not anonymous, and adding that
    >>> perhaps he could profit from his revelations. Felt argued with
    >>> saying he didn't want the story out there. Joan recalls saying:
    >>> Woodward's gonna get all the glory for this, but we could make at
    >>> enough money to pay some bills, like the debt I've run up for the
    >>> education. Let's do it for the family." With that, both children
    >>> remember, Felt finally agreed. "He wasn't particularly interested,"
    >>> Mark says, "but he said, 'That's a good reason.'" The Felt children
    >>> were motivated by the desire to have their father's legacy
    >>> and heroic, not anonymous.
    >>>At that time, Felt agreed to cooperate, but only with the assistance
    >>>Woodward, now assistant managing editor at The Washington Post.
    >>>to Felt's wishes, Joan and O'Connor spoke to Woodward by phone on a
    >>>half-dozen occasions over a period of months about whether to make a
    >>>joint revelation, possibly in the form of a book or an article.
    >>>says that Woodward would sometimes begin these conversations with a
    >>>caveat, saying, "Just because I'm talking to you, I'm not admitting
    >>>he is who you think he is."
    >>>According to O'Connor, Woodward's chief concerns were: Was this
    >>>something that Joan and O'Connor were pushing on Felt, or did he
    >>>actually want to reveal himself? And, was Felt actually in a clear
    >>>mental state? To make his own assessment, Woodward told Joan and
    >>>O'Connor, he wanted to come out and sit down with her father, whom
    >>>had not seen since August 1999, around the 25th anniversary of
    >>>resignation. At that time, Woodward had appeared at the house
    >>>unannounced, telling Joan he was a friend of her father's. Felt had
    >>>dodging reporters all week but seemed totally comfortable with
    >>>and even went to lunch with him.
    >>>In recent years, Woodward spoke by telephone to Joan, Mark junior,
    >>>twice to Felt himself "without anyone else listening," says Joan.
    >>>memory gradually has deteriorated since the original lunch, [but]
    >>>remembered Bob whenever he called.... I said, 'Bob, it's unusual for
    >>>to remember someone as clearly as you.'" She says that Woodward
    >>>responded, "He has good reason to remember me."
    >>>According to Joan, Woodward later scheduled two visits to see her
    >>>father, but had to cancel both times, then never rescheduled. "That
    >>>disappointing," she says. "Maybe [he was] just hoping that I would
    >>>forget about it." Joan and Woodward still correspond by e-mail, she
    >>>says, and Joan thinks very highly of him. "He's so reassuring and
    >>>top-notch," she says.
    >>>During one phone conversation, O'Connor reports Joan said to
    >>>"'Bob, just between you and me, off the record, I want you to
    >>>was Deep Throat my dad?' He wouldn't do that. I said, 'If he's not,
    >>>can at least tell me that. We could put this to rest.' And he said,
    >>>can't do that.'"
    >>>Mark junior tells O'Connor: "Making the decision [to go to the
    >>>would have been difficult, painful, and excruciating, and outside
    >>>bounds of his life's work. He would not have done it if he didn't
    >>>it was the only way to get around the corruption in the White House
    >>>Justice Department. He was tortured inside, but never would show it.
    >>>was not this Hal Holbrook [who played Deep Throat in All the
    >>>Men] character. He was not an edgy person. [Even though] it would be
    >>>most difficult decision of his life, he wouldn't have pined over
    >>>O'Connor reports that Yvette La Garde shared Felt's secret with her
    >>>eldest son, Mickey, a retired army lieutenant colonel based at NATO
    >>>military headquarters (requiring a top-secret security clearance).
    >>>Mickey La Garde tells O'Connor that he has remained mum about the
    >>>revelation ever since: "My mom's condo unit was in Watergate and I'd
    >>>Mark," he tells O'Connor. "In one of those visits, in 1987 or '88,
    >>>confided to [my wife] Dee and I that Mark had, in fact, been the
    >>>Throat that brought down the Nixon administration. I don't think
    >>>ever told anyone else."
    >>>The July issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands in New York on June 8
    >>>nationally June 14.

    >>>Elizabeth Hurlbut
    >>>Public Relations Assistant
    >>>Vanity Fair
    >>>212-286-6051 phone
    >>>212-286-4701 fax


    10/10/2004 3:44:13 PM PDT · 229 of 458
    DiamondDon1 to blogblogginaway

    Game, Set, Match...


  • "Nuisance" Remark

    10/10/2004 3:24:53 PM PDT · 17 of 112
    DiamondDon1 to dawn53
    Page 6 of NY Times Magazine:

    Kerrys Undeclared War

    When I asked Kerry what it would take for Americans to feel safe again, he displayed a much less apocalyptic worldview. ''We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they're a nuisance,'' Kerry said. ''As a former law-enforcement person, I know we're never going to end prostitution. We're never going to end illegal gambling. But we're going to reduce it, organized crime, to a level where it isn't on the rise. It isn't threatening people's lives every day, and fundamentally, it's something that you continue to fight, but it's not threatening the fabric of your life.''


    This guy is a space case...



    09/25/2004 1:20:37 PM PDT · 6 of 19
    DiamondDon1 to Ramonan

    Are we sure that Kerry will take the time to CUT???


  • Boxer Hardly a Candidate of the Mainstream(CA Needs a Knockout)

    09/25/2004 1:18:45 PM PDT · 18 of 35
    DiamondDon1 to kellynla

    Hey Kelly:

    So far I have not seen one, single, solitary commercial for Jones...are we sure he is running? Perhaps I just missed the numerous commercials, but I thinks not.

    The silence is deafening...


  • New Questions On Bush Guard Duty [CBS USES FORGERIES TO SMEAR THE PRESIDENT!!!!!]

    09/09/2004 10:46:34 AM PDT · 394 of 945
    DiamondDon1 to TastyManatees

    Question from the audience:

    Regarding Layman's Silver Star letter (which he does not remember writing), note the "justified left and right sides" of the letter. This letter too did not have mono-spaced type. There is no date on the letter...



  • US soldiers in Iraq say 1,000 death toll meaningless

    09/07/2004 5:32:17 PM PDT · 28 of 56
    DiamondDon1 to Libloather

    If the Democrats actually pretended to be Americans and did not bad-mouth the war while our soldiers are in harm's way, the death toll would be closer to 500...the blood is on their hands.

    Democrats claim to be patriotic...but for which side?


  • Washington Post graphic shows Kerry's boat fleeing!!!

    08/24/2004 12:21:26 PM PDT · 145 of 169
    DiamondDon1 to Ichneumon
    Hello Ichneumon:

    Just a thought regarding:

    Kerry's boat hit something in the water, like a treestump or sandbar or whatever

    Mayhaps the Kerry boat hit the fishing wier? You know like this:

    1. PCF-3 boat hits the mine (or it is set off by VC unknown).

    2. Kerry makes the sharp turn (to get around the wier) but hits the gas before clearing the wier, hits the wier and wham, the boat is rocked. The wier could have been made of wood which when broken could have a large "CRACK" or "POP" (hence second supposed mine).

    3. Rassmann on the "starboard" side is thrown off by both the acceleration and the hitting of the wier. Kerry is tossed about unable to see Rassmann leave.

    4. Now Kerry thinking he is being attacked really puts pedal to bronze star medal err I mean floorboard.

    Possible???? It appears to match the WP graphic and associated statements...


  • Kerry and the Three Purple Hearts

    08/14/2004 2:23:30 PM PDT · 22 of 36
    DiamondDon1 to RipSawyer

    I am not doubting the fact that there are true American heroes that received 3 purple hearts, but what I am trying to find out is how many got 3 purple hearts and got their ticket out of country.

    So far, sadly no info...


  • Kerry and the Three Purple Hearts

    08/14/2004 1:42:09 PM PDT · 15 of 36
    DiamondDon1 to streetrepair

    Well unfortunately since Kerry was not listed, the database must not be complete.

    I do appreciate the effort though...


  • Kerry and the Three Purple Hearts

    08/14/2004 1:00:44 PM PDT · 2 of 36
    DiamondDon1 to RonDog; kellynla; Reagan Man
    Where do we find out information about the others that received purple hearts?

    Diamond Don

  • Kerry and the Three Purple Hearts

    08/14/2004 12:48:16 PM PDT · 1 of 36
    Thank you in advance for your help!
  • Bush tries to save Arlen Specter

    04/11/2004 10:16:44 AM PDT · 20 of 24
    DiamondDon1 to paltz
    Maybe the President should to his support for: Senator Toomey Spector!


  • "Getting it Right" CARTOON and IA Prez Watch editorial on Condi Rice

    04/10/2004 10:25:43 AM PDT · 19 of 26
    DiamondDon1 to IPWGOP
    On your ping list please...


  • The question that all Conservatives and Republicans have failed to ask about 9-11.

    04/03/2004 12:12:42 PM PST · 30 of 85
    DiamondDon1 to DoughtyOne
    Hey D1!

    Not to disagree (obviously disagreeing here...) BUT, when you said:

    The Republicans control the House. How the hell did this commission get legs at this time in an election year.

    The House leadership is about as impotent as any group of people I have ever seen.

    Ever thought that what we have here is "terrorism" being debated and specifically 9-11 where Bush truly shines. By "yielding" to the left for a kangaroo court oops..."commission" the war and terrorism is in the public eye...a war Kerry voted for (before voting against the funding).

    As crappy as the RATS get, it is better this fight than the fight on the economy (where the RATS talk down the economy...this is only a second tier sidebar now).

    We're doing great here...


  • MoveOn Balks at Proposed FEC Rules Changes by Scaring Nonprofits (FEC Email Needs FReeping! NOW!)

    04/02/2004 3:57:27 PM PST · 32 of 104
    DiamondDon1 to ElephantMan
    Sent my e-mail to Mai T. Dinh!