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    06/17/2016 11:13:09 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 18 replies
    Vanity ^ | 6/17/2016 | Dick Bachert
    The 20 minute video at the link below was published in November, 2015 and has so far had nearly 6 MILLION views. It needs to go to 60 MILLION OR MORE. See if you can help that happen! As I watched, I kept thinking how in God's name could ANY sentient, logical citizen vote for this woman. I'm a rather peaceful guy, but I then moved on to a thought that frightened me: I could easily support the new president negotiating with the current owners of what the French owners at the time called “Devil's Island”, buying the place then...
  • Why the Media Hates Trump, and Why You Shouldn't

    06/06/2016 9:01:17 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 13 replies
    Email from the net ^ | June 5, 2016 | Fred Marshall,III
    Without an understanding of the increasingly centralized, global ownership of media outlets, it's hard to grasp the incredible power and influence of the half dozen companies who own the media.  If this is news to you, you have some catching up to do.  Search the internet for "who owns the media", and see what you find.  Both my late dad and I have written about this periodically over the last many years. It is a known fact within the journalism trade that reporters cover stories their editors tell them to, and are steered away (and sometimes prevented) from reporting stories...
  • Federal Park Ranger Mocks Founders, Constitution ... While Leading Tour of Independence Hall!

    04/20/2016 7:05:39 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 5 replies
    PJ MEDIA ^ | 4 19 2016 | J. Christian Adams
    "The foundation of every state is the education of its youth."(Diogenes, Greek Philosopher, 412 323 BC) "All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." (Aristotle, Greek Philosopher, 384 322 BC) "What is being taught in the classroom today to the children will determine the course of the nation 25 years from now."(Lincoln) I'm betting this MORON came out of the government schools! I'm also betting that this nation is closer to the drain than at any time in my lifetime. "YOU'RE FIRED!" Thus sayeth...

    03/09/2016 7:27:07 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 15 replies
    Vanity ^ | 3 9 2016 | Dick Bachert
    (The two links herein MAY have to be copied and pasted by any who care to visit those sites.) Today's radio show (aka "rant") with Dr. Lori Wilson out of WLBB in Carrollton, Georgia. I succeeded in dragging Lori kicking and screaming into a discussion of the most serious domestic threat we face today: Islam and why Trump is probably the only candidate to effectively deal with it! If you have an interest in listening, go to this link and the center "PODCASTS" Menu and click on "The Wednesday Show with Dick Bachert" for the current program. How come...

    02/03/2016 6:51:18 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 25 replies
    Ray McBerry ^ | 2 3 2016 | Ray McBerry
    There is a dangerous silence which currently exists among polite and public company in America today regarding the issue of race, a silence which is more dangerous than any perceived outrage by any of the parties which have a stake in the outcome. As a white Christian Southerner -- and a white Christian American -- I know very few people who look like me who think less of black Americans simply because of the colour of their skin. I'm sure there are those who do; I just do not keep company with them. Likewise, I have many black Christian friends...

    01/25/2016 1:19:49 PM PST · by Dick Bachert · 18 replies
    TOWNHALL ^ | 1/25/2016 | Kurt Schlichter, Colonel, USA Ret.
    I have never, ever had anyone tell me that he had too much ammunition. Not in a combat zone, not in a civil disaster, not even in peacetime. Never. Nor have I lived through a time where our governing class was so deeply corrupt, so utterly foolish, and so dangerously focused on the perpetuation of its own power that it risked bringing down everything we have built not merely in the United States but in the entire West. Right now, if you are watching the news, you have questions about the future. And the answer to all of them is...

    11/16/2015 9:07:53 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 15 replies
    Vanity ^ | 11/16/2015 | Dick Bachert
    With the horrific murders in Paris, there is renewed conversation about the lack of human intelligence concerning these savages. If you've wondered why there have been failures in that area, this is a good time to republish some of that background! DB 11/16/2015 The INSANITY of the TERRORIST ATTACKS we are now experiencing – and will cost many, many more American civilian lives -- can be laid at the feet of earlier DEMOCRATS! Does any sane person think these “NEW” Democrats will solve the problem, especially a party headed by a president born of a muslim father and raised in...

    10/20/2015 9:22:54 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 15 replies
    Vanity ^ | 10 20 2015 | Dick Bachert
    HAVE YOU CALLED YOUR SENATORS DEMANDING A "YES" VOTE ON S.2146? If it is your misfortune to live in a BLUE STATE, call anyway. You may tie up the line while one of the brain dead morons that put YOUR clown in the office is trying to call, preventing him/her/it (pick a pronoun!) from voicing his/her/its OPPOSITION to S.2146! 888-995-2086 or 202-224-3121

    10/18/2015 2:26:24 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 48 replies
    The Freedom Watch ^ | 10 18 2015 | Dick Bachert
    “Irwin Schiff, imprisoned for his resistance to the federal income tax, died yesterday (10/16/2015). Efforts by his son, the noted financial commentator Peter Schiff, to secure his release from prison so that he could die with his family were unsuccessful. Schiff’s sad passing illustrates an essential truth about the state: if you resist its orders, you will be dealt with by force.” ************* Personal comment: R.I.P., Irwin. I sat at Irwin's table -- and snapped this photo -- at the Tupper Saussy pretrial rally in Chattanooga years ago. The man was a patriot and a fighter for justice while receiving...
  • Days Are Numbered For The Orwellians Amongst Us.

    10/15/2015 10:29:19 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 17 replies
    The Strident Conservative ^ | October 14, 2015 | Nelson Hultberg
    In the early days of man’s history, tyranny was ideologically crude and built upon openly seizing power and suppression of the people. Not a lot of fancy theories were trotted out to justify it. Men like Akhenaten, Attila, Genghis Khan, Henry VIII, and Cesare Borgia ruled because they were brazen enough to want to rule, strong enough to recruit the needed henchmen, and smart enough to know that most people would let them be dictatorial. But with the coming of modernity (circa 1800 A.D.), tyranny has had to take on a more subtle and sophisticated approach. It now needs to...

    10/13/2015 10:24:23 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 74 replies
    Vanity ^ | 10/13/2015 | Dick Bachert
    Every day brings us closer to what I'm convinced will be a VERY UGLY time in what remains of America, the IDEA! The "progressives" (aka "communists") will continue pushing until they provoke a reaction from those who still remember what freedom was. As was the case in 1775, the flash point will almost certainly be a thrust to seize private firearms and related items. It is then that we will see what their plans are for those MILLIONS OF ROUNDS of ammunition and thousands of weapons now in the hands of previously UNARMED bureaucracies. Oh, did I mention that millions...
  • Islam's Effects on Germany

    10/03/2015 11:06:55 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 17 replies
    Vanity ^ | 10 3 2015 | Dick Bachert
    At risk of being tagged a one trick pony, I submit for your consideration a 30 minute video dealing with the impact of virtually unrestrained muslim immigration on Germany. It's in German with subtitles so you'll need to give it your full attention. In it you'll see what happens to the culture of a nation when the formerly relatively homogeneous population and their leaders fail to REQUIRE that immigrants -- even those who speak the language -- ASSIMILATE at a deeper CULTURAL LEVEL. The destructive process is called "balkanization" (a pejorative geopolitical term, originally used to describe the process of...

    09/19/2015 8:24:47 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 9 replies
    Vanity ^ | 9 19 2015 | Dick Bachert
    During the Friday, 9/19/15 edition of FNN's “The Five”, the hosts were posed questions from viewers. Each was asked two questions. One question was “Who would you most like to interview?” The other was “Whose political campaign would you like to run?” Kimberly's G's response to the first was “Winston Churchill. I just love Churchill.” To the second, her reply was “Carly Firorina” after which she mumbled something like “Yea Carly.” Kimberly is a very bright gal, but I suspect she is missing some vital information relative to her two selections as they each clearly hold very, very different views...

    09/18/2015 7:50:11 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 14 replies
    Vanity ^ | 9 18 2015 | Dick Bachert
    HISTORY OF U.S. DEPORTATIONS and REMOVALS Throughout history, sovereign nations have frequently expelled those people the government considered threats. Many foreign states also have a history of not expelling those threats – but KILLING THEM. We don't do that here. At least, not yet! But, should those legitimately targeted for expulsion violently resist, we could see that at some point. Here's a short list of earlier American actions in that area: Following the Indian Removal Act of 1830, many members of the "Five Civilized Tribes" did not wish to assimilate. In 1838, President Andrew Jackson began relocating those Indian tribes...

    09/10/2015 6:45:45 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 10 replies
    Vanity ^ | 9 10 2015 | Dick Bachert
    First, the GOOD news: Though still disturbing, the number of police officers killed each year has fallen back to mid-1960s levels. Most of THOSE lamentable 60s deaths were the result of actions by criminals suspects or really bad people during law enforcement efforts at apprehensions. Now, the BAD news: We are seeing something very, very different today. We are witnessing the random executions of cops by those who appear to have been animated by the unfortunate race-baiting and other efforts to disrupt our culture by certain members of the political class and the consequent break-down in the rule of law....

    08/09/2015 3:56:04 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 26 replies
    Vanity | 8 9 2015 | Dick Bachert
    I’ve long been amazed at this fascination with the quadrennial beauty contest known as the (cue the trumpet fanfare) “PRESIDENTIAL RACE.” The most important thing we can remember about all of this is that the Founders constructed the system to put – AND KEEP -- the KEYS TO THE FEDERAL CASH REGISTER IN CONGRESS! It is why they the CONGRESS is in Article ONE of the Constitution and the Executive in number TWO. The current Gang of 535 could bring this out-of-control government spending and the steady usurpation of our freedoms to a screeching halt tomorrow at noon -- IF...

    08/01/2015 12:43:26 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 4 replies
    Vanity | 8 1 2015 | Dick Bachert
    Planned Parenthood is less about “women's health” than it is about providing the last ditch form of birth control for those women who fail to practice adequate contraception. Unless rape is involved, the woman is in control of what happens in these situations. The so-called “Women's Liberation Movement” has essentially given license to women to be as sexually active as many men in this degenerating culture. If you need help conceptualizing or visualizing that, think the sleazy TV production “Sex In The City”. I forced myself to watch a few episodes just to be sure what I'm about to say...

    07/21/2015 7:01:52 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 31 replies
    Vanity ^ | 7 21 2015 | Dick Bachert
    Why would this country elect as president some guy who was known to regale friends with nigger* jokes, had a history of depression, was suicidal from time to time and eventually started an internecine war that took over 600,000 lives and... What? Oh, yeah. THAT WAS LINCOLN! never mind! * A corruption of the word referring to the area near the NIGER River in Africa and now freely used by blacks around the world when referring to one another. To NOT have written the word here would be to accord the dark forces of political correctness an inappropriate and destructive...

    07/11/2015 12:00:19 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 6 replies
    Vanity ^ | 7 10 2015 | Dick Bachert
    In their never-ending pursuit of the perfect “progressive” perpetual motion reelection machine, the delusional Democrats (but I repeat myself) have treated us to some 200 so-called “Sanctuary Cities”. These are almost exclusively Democrat dominated enclaves where the so-called “authorities” have taken the position that illegal aliens may come there with no risk that their presence will be reported to the federales. Under existing federal law, cities are SUPPOSED to REPORT them and said federales are SUPPOSED to then collect them and DEPORT them whence they came. Note the use of the word “supposed”. Due to orders from the White House...

    06/11/2015 10:09:29 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 21 replies
    Vanity ^ | 6 11 2015 | Dick Bachert
    Today, I'm sending this to the Georgia delegation in D.C. I'd urge you to do something similar for YOUR state's guys. Time grows short, people. Very short! (The links to the House and Senate web addys are below.) Since his elevation to the office, Obama has made crystal clear his hatred for America and all she once represented. He and Jarrett have done all they can to weaken and ultimately destroy this nation. I write to you with a very simple message: While my specific interest at the moment is the sovereignty destroying so-called Fast Track Trade measure, until he...

    06/01/2015 10:30:30 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 78 replies
    Vanity ^ | 6 1 2015 | Dick Bachert
    I recently had the following FB message exchanges with Union Pacific Railroad seeking clarification of the functions of the rail cars in the photo below. My requests to UP and the dates of same are as follows: On 5/11/2015: Can someone there please advise me the intended cargo/function of the rail cars shown in the accompanying photos? Thanks. Their nearly immediate initial reply (no date): Hi Richard, That is an AutoMax automotive rack. You can check out the different varieties here: Thanks for reaching out! Best, Alison Freemyer Corporate Relations My NEXT attempt to get the truth: On 5/20/2015...

    05/01/2015 10:59:46 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 13 replies
    Vanity ^ | 5 1 2015 | Dick Bachert
    A nation without borders is not a nation! Folks coming here from elsewhere need to undergo the same process my great, great grandfather, Ernst Bachert, did!! I'll bet YOUR ancestors have a comparable story. Born on 20 December,1834 in Hesse-Darmstadt,Germany, both his parents died when he was 13. Alone, he went to Freiburg to learn a marketable trade. He spent the next 6 years apprenticing to learn paper making. At age 20, he left for America, arriving at Ellis Island on October 23rd, 1854. After verification of proper documents, American sponsorship and employment, he was examined for communicable diseases BEFORE...
  • SEPTEMBER, 2016

    03/20/2015 10:22:44 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 12 replies
    Vanity ^ | 3/19/2015 | Dick Bachert
    “OK, Valerie, tell me where we are.” “Yes sir. I’ve sent secure messages to all involved parties and they have responded that they will all be ready.” “The mullahs in charge of the mosques and training camps, our friends in the military, our friends in the minority and black communities, the leaders of the illegal immigrants, our friends running the local armories...all of them...? “Yes sir! They’re ready for your call.” “Alright then. Let’s go on the next national holiday when most of those idiots in the legislature will be away or hungover or both. Tell the mothers to bring...

    01/24/2015 11:55:44 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 72 replies
    Vanity | 1/24/2015 | Dick Bachert
    Let's play Connect the Dots. This is not a rocket scientist level game once you complete the connections. Obama's hatred for the West, Western Europe and especially the Brits goes back to the days when the Brits carved up the old Mesopotamia into what is now much of the Middle East. He returned Churchill bust -- a gift from the Brits – within days of entering the White House and routinely disrespectfully props his feet atop the desk fashioned from the timbers of the famed warship HMS Resolute the Brits gifted to President Hayes in 1880) due to their sometimes...
  • ‘You’re Either a Cop or Little People’: The American Police State in 2014

    01/05/2015 5:13:37 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 76 replies
    The Rutherford Institute ^ | 12/30/2014 | John Whitehead
    For those of us who have managed to survive 2014 with our lives intact and our freedoms hanging by a thread, it has been a year of crackdowns, clampdowns, shutdowns, showdowns, shootdowns, standdowns, knockdowns, putdowns, breakdowns, lockdowns, takedowns, slowdowns, meltdowns, and never-ending letdowns. We’ve been held up, stripped down, faked out, photographed, frisked, fracked, hacked, tracked, cracked, intercepted, accessed, spied on, zapped, mapped, searched, shot at, tasered, tortured, tackled, trussed up, tricked, lied to, labeled, libeled, leered at, shoved aside, saddled with debt not of our own making, sold a bill of goods about national security, tuned out by those...
  • What CHRISTmas Means to Me!

    12/21/2014 7:53:07 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 12 replies
    Vanity | 11/26/1997 | Dick Bachert
    Around this time of year I can get a little blue or down. (The events of 9-11 – and the last two presidential “elections” have made the blue this year a little deeper and darker.) When that happens, I drag this out and reread it until I again remember what this season is REALLY all about. I hope that it also helps you to drift back to those special people and times now gone and what THEY meant to us all. Merry Christmas -- and God bless us every one! ********** In a few days, much of the Christian world...
  • Obama has effectively "legalized" all 20 million ++ illegals

    11/22/2014 10:05:22 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 69 replies
    Vanity ^ | 11/22/2014 | Dick Bachert
    Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu appeared on O'Reilly the other evening. I don't watch O'Reilly very often as I feel he goes a bit overboard with the "Fair and Balanced" thing. But I'm glad I watched that show. Sheriff Babeu made a comment that might have been lost on the casual observer but brought what's left of my alleged brain to its feet. According to the Sheriff, Obama's immigration executive power grab will cover illegals who have been here for 5 years or more. Sheriff Babeu, Joe Arpio in Maricopa County and many other law enforcement officials out there...

    11/11/2014 11:58:12 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 16 replies
    Vanity | 11/11/2014 | Dick Bachert
    Robert McDonald, the new head of the VA, has announced his proposed changes/improvements to the current VA system. I've been in the VA system for a number of years here in Atlanta where there have been reports of poor care. I must say that, without exception, I have experienced very good and courteous care in the Atlanta facilities. The bulk of the problems appear to be in other facilities and, to his credit, McDonald – a West Point graduate and airborne vet himself – has dug down into the situation and concluded that his list of those who need to...
  • Stopping the Progressives, Defeating Democrats Now and Beating the Republican Establishment in 2016

    11/06/2014 10:38:31 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 10 replies
    Blog ^ | 11/4/2014 | Scott Rohter
    The day after First Tuesday in November is Spin Wednesday when all of the journalists in the mainstream media try to spin the results of the recent elections. That’s what all of the liberals are doing right now in the wake of their crushing defeat at the polls. Crushing defeat is the only way to describe it. They are spinning until their heart is content. The fact is that Republicans took control of the Senate and they now enjoy a bigger majority in the U.S. House of Representatives than they have ever had in the last seventy years. It was...
  • AMERICA'S OBITUARY: What Will America’s Final Death Throes Look Like?

    10/27/2014 8:53:41 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 65 replies
    Vanity ^ | 10 27 2014 | Dick Bachert
    (I wrote this shortly after Obama's 2012 election to this disastrous second term) I haven’t slept well since the alleged “election”. Last night, it finally came to me how the last gasp will come. But first, some personal history. For over 50 years I’ve been watching – and doing all I could to resist – the infectious rot of fascism, socialism, communism, progressivism (or whatever the name loony left plasters over their insane totalitarian/utopian social engineering scheme for perfecting mankind). My family and I – and a handful of others it has been my privilege to know – have invested...
  • Sermon by a Notable Atlanta Rabbi on Rosh Hashanah on our Failure to Seriously Confront Islam!

    10/19/2014 12:27:25 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 16 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | 10/3/2014 | Rabbi Shalom Lewis
    Last Thursday Rabbi Shalom Lewis of Congregation Etz Chaim in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia gave what can only be understood as a call to genocide in his Rosh Hashanah sermon to welcome in the Jewish new year. The sermon, republished in full below, calls for a war on Islam and Muslims worldwide. Lewis says a “holy crusade” against Islam is needed to”exterminate it utterly and absolutely.” Rabbi Lewis’s bio on the Etz Chaim website says his “religious services are a stimulating, uplifting blend of the past and the present. Whether on the bima or in his office, he...
  • HIV and EBOLA: How Political Correctness Will Get You Killed!

    10/04/2014 9:05:57 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 23 replies
    Vanity | 10/4/2014 | Dick Bachert
    The ongoing – and expanding –Ebola situation and how it's being handled (or, more accurately NOT being handled) has a parallel with the HIV panic of a number of years ago. It may ALSO be another manifestation of the schizophrenic nature of the hard leftists who unfortunately sit at the levers of power in this country and whose double-mindedness should now be clear to all but the dullest among us. Allow me to explain. A San Francisco (where else?) based and HIV infected “leader”of the homosexual community began a serious campaign encouraging fellow HIV carriers to attempt to bypass or...
  • communist rules for taking over a system!

    09/14/2014 11:31:39 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 24 replies
    Unknown | Unknown | Unknown
  • bill whittle's greatest hits! (partial list)

    09/13/2014 7:11:48 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 12 replies
    Bill is doing OUTSTANDING WORK. He's putting out videos more frequently now. A You Tube search will get them. Please share his material with as many as possible before America is too far down the drain to be saved (if it's not already). Send the links to any leftists it may be your misfortune to know. Watch their heads explode! POLITICAL INSURANCE TIE-DYED TYRANNY PRESIDENT COWARD WHY BENGHAZI MATTERS FERGUSON AND THE REAL RACE WAR MARK ZUCKERBERG WHERE DO YOU LIVE? THE MURDERER IN THE KREMLIN A BRIEF HISTORY OF MENTAL ILLNESS
  • why we must suffer "progressives" (actually, they're communists)!

    09/07/2014 12:17:25 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 21 replies
    Vanity | 9/7/2014 | Dick Bachert
    I accidentally discovered why we have so-called "progressives" (actually, they're communists!) in our midst. In the interest of preserving and expanding my reputation as being something of a Renaissance Man, I periodically surf the Net and YouTube for new terms and subjects. As a member of my cat's "staff" (if you didn't know, dogs have owners and cats have staff), a few years ago, I investigated a strange little parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. It causes toxoplasmosis and scientists tell us that it affects up to half the population. Once infected, a human will live with it for his or her...

    09/04/2014 10:10:12 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 37 replies
    Please read the document below to fully grasp the nature and magnitude of the "problems" in the GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS and "education" in America today! They're REWRITING OUR HISTORY -- AGAIN!!!! This is ESPECIALLY for you parents who, after scrimping and saving for years to send your offspring to "prestigious" colleges and universities, are dismayed that they come back to you filled with ideas so foreign to you that you suspect that they had instead gone to Moscow's Patrice Lumumba University! (Hint: They might have been better off if they had.) The good folks in Charleston are trying to halt this...

    08/29/2014 11:40:23 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 85 replies
    Unknown | Unknown | Unknown
    Got this from a email friend today. She says . . . I ALWAYS check the first gallon before pumping more – simply to MATCH the PRICE (advertised) against the ONE gallon pumped into my car. – I “caught” a SHELL station (here in Mesa, Arizona) that had the price 12 cents per gallon HIGHER than the advertised price on the pump AND the sign out front. – I called the local Department of Agriculture (weights and measures division) from my cell phone immediately – waiting for them to show up. They did, some 20 minutes later. The Department taped...
  • Example of militarized police running over the rights of a poor down trodden black man.

    08/28/2014 11:47:52 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 9 replies
    Vanity | 8 28 2014 | Dick Bachert
    WARNING: LANGUAGE ALERT x 100!!!! Because I have been active in decrying the increased militarization of the police, in the interests of fairness and equal time, the link below will take you to an 8 minute Youtube audio of a highly PROFANE, VULGAR 1989 "conversation" between a "citizen" and a police officer who took "To Protect and SERVE" to levels few of us could or would have. Me? I'd have taken this miserable SOB straight to JAIL!! Can you say "terroristic threats"? Every police officer who hears this recording knows immediately what is happening here. Because, each of us has...
  • Where Does the Carbon Dioxide Really Come From?

    07/30/2014 8:08:59 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 21 replies
    CDA PRESS ^ | July 2013 | IAN PLIMER
    Ian Rutherford Plimeris an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide, and the director of multiple mineral exploration and mining companies. He has published 130 scientific papers, six books and edited the Encyclopedia of Geology. Born 12 February 1946 (age 67) Residence Australia Nationality Australian Fields Earth Science, Geology, Mining Engineering Institutions University of New England,University of Newcastle,University of Melbourne,University of Adelaide Alma mater University of New South Wales,Macquarie University Thesis The pipe deposits of tungsten-molybdenum-bismuth in eastern Australia (1976) Notable awards Eureka Prize (1995, 2002),Centenary...

    06/26/2014 11:00:53 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 8 replies
    You Tube ^ | June 18, 2014 | Brigitte Gabriel
    As I would prefer to avoid a "visit" from the FBI, NSA, etc. sooner than might be necessary, I would ask you to read between the lines for the "bottom line" in what follows. Hint: The security dysfunction at the highest levels of the US government relative to events in the Middle East and our southern border almost certainly means similar "trouble" here on a scale not seen since the 1860s. The a link below is to an EXCELLENT and much needed FACT BASED 5 minute rant on radical islam by a very courageous lady named Brigitte Gabriel! me...

    05/23/2014 6:45:21 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 23 replies
    Grasstopsusa ^ | 5/23/2014 | Don Feder
    It's become a tradition. Every Memorial Day, our family goes to the Concord Battlefield, not far from our home, where Americans first fell fighting for freedom. Now The Minute Man National Park, it's 967 acres of winding trails, flower beds, stately trees and the meandering Concord River. This is the place where America began. Words must be spoken or written – as they were in Philadelphia in 1776. But it's cold steel that gives them force. On April 19, 1775, we showed our mettle. Emerson's poem still stirs the soul: "By the rude bridge that arched the flood, their flag...

    05/23/2014 10:40:58 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 34 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | May 20, 2013 | COLONEL PHIL HANDLEY
    About the author: Colonel Phil “Hands” Handley, USAF (Ret.) is credited with the highest speed air-to-air gun kill in the history of aerial combat. He flew operationally for all but 11 months of a 26-year career, in aircraft such as the F-86 Sabre, F-15 Eagle, and the C-130A Hercules. Additionally, he flew 275 combat missions during two tours in Southeast Asia in the F-4D and F-4E. His awards include 21 Air Medals, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, and the Silver Star. ************ Betrayal in Benghazi Posted By Colonel Phil Handley On May 30, 2013 @ 12:17 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage |...

    05/02/2014 8:25:12 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 33 replies
    Vanity | 5/2/2014 | Dick Bachert
    This is especially for you parents who have your most precious possessions (your KIDS) in government schools and then scrimp and save to send them to allegedly top notch colleges and universities.  This radical leftist pictured below is the poster girl for the vast majority of those who "teach" (read that "indoctrinate") in those places.  Many of us have understood their intentions for a long time.  The left has now grown so bold that they no longer must conceal their takeover of the educational system here.  Then you are puzzled when your kids come out hating you and the values...
  • Farewell Greatness and Freedom

    04/24/2014 10:08:24 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 2 replies
    Unknown | Unknown | Unknown Marine Vet
    This is what your humble observer has been attempting to say since before the 2012 "coronation" of the king of the radical gaggle enumerated in the sadly sagacious musing of the Marine below. Bottom line: There will be blood or you will become a slave to these criminals -- perhaps, in that order, if it turns out badly for our side, both. If you don't have the stomach for that sort of thing, gently clank your chains and down on your knees. db "The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home."James Madison...

    03/15/2014 12:11:06 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 29 replies
    Vanity | 3/15/2014 | Dick Bachert
    I have just emerged from a 12 hour suspension of my Face Book posting privileges. My suspension was prompted by the FB PC/Tolerance/Diversity Police for what they indicated were hateful comments about Muslims and Islamic terrorists. I should like to take this opportunity to apologize to any Islamic terrorists offended by those remarks – but most especially To the Islamic terrorists in Nigeria who, having nothing better to do one night several days ago, strolled into a village housing a Christian school and slit the throats, beheaded and burned alive 15 children and nuns. I have great difficulty reconciling your...

    03/14/2014 12:46:26 PM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 45 replies
    Vanity ^ | March 14, 2014 | Dick Bachert
    Briefly, here's the story from the owner's neighbor. A Walton County Sheriff's deputy shot my friends dog last night while the dog was in his own yard. The officer said he shot him because "he had that look". This was one of the sweetest dogs ever...a big clumsy pup that would lick your face off. Yes he was a blue nose pit bull but he was a PUPPY who loves to play and chew stuff up! The dog actually belonged to Taylor, a 5 year old little COMPLETELY broken hearted, not to mention confused because a policeman, someone she...

    02/13/2014 10:34:31 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 3 replies
    Vanity | 2/13/2014 | Dick Bachert
    The following comments have been attributed to Democrat political operative James Carville (aka “Serpenthead”, an appellation given him by his own wife). According to the alleged myth-busting website Snopes, owned and operated by a leftist Canadian husband and wife team who have been often caught shading – or ignoring altogether – information inimical to their leftist agenda, Carville never said this: (Begin Carville's “alleged statement”.) "Ideologies aren't all that important. What's important is psychology. The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That's why...

    01/29/2014 1:46:20 PM PST · by Dick Bachert · 61 replies
    Vanity | 1/29/2014 | Dick Bachert
    As this is written, Atlanta is still in the throes of another winter weather situation. The TV is filled with images of major highways littered with abandoned vehicles. Many of their owners are stranded in make-shift shelters until warmer weather makes the roads passable again. The governor and other officials just concluded a news conference to explain how the mess unfolded and that they've learned much from this experience. One of the lessons they “learned” is that, once the potential severity of this event became obvious, dismissing public and private employees all at once to try to get home was...

    01/29/2014 10:12:00 AM PST · by Dick Bachert · 27 replies
    Vanity | 1/29/2014 | Dick Bachert
    The late Judge Robert Bork wrote a controversial book in 1996 called “Slouching Toward Gomorrah” Modern Liberalism and American Decline” He was pilloried in the mainstream media for being a negative conservative alarmist. That same year, former Reagan cabinet member, Dr. William Bennett published his “The Book of Virtues.” In it he attempted to call our attention to a process he termed the “coarsening of the culture.” He was likewise raked over the coals for attempting to point out what, in retrospect, anyone with half a brain would recognize as early attempts to prevent the slide that has brought us...

    01/25/2014 12:21:50 PM PST · by Dick Bachert · 31 replies
    Vanity ^ | 1/25/14 | Dick Bachert
    By now, this story is old news to those involved in the on-going battle to preserve the Second Amendment. For those who are not, here's the story: A national newspaper chain with nearly 100 publications and 1.6 million readers is considering building “state-by-state databases” on concealed weapons permit holders, according to an internal e-mail. The plan, laid out in an email from a top editor at North Carolina-based Civitas Media, could be similar to a controversial project a New York state newspaper carried out in 2012 which included an online map that identified gun owners in two counties by name...