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  • Names, Stories, and Pictures of the Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

    05/17/2007 7:45:28 PM PDT · 623 of 627
    Diddle E. Squat to cll

    Thank you for your remembrance of them. Take care.

  • The question after the election disaster of 2008 will be, which betrayal did in the GOP?

    05/17/2007 7:42:44 PM PDT · 299 of 368
    Diddle E. Squat to Jim Robinson
    The question after the election disaster of 2008 will be, which betrayal did in the GOP?

    21. Quitters.

  • Giuliani reaffirms abortion-rights stance in Houston

    05/11/2007 2:23:38 PM PDT · 39 of 53
    Diddle E. Squat to Spiff

    Thanks for so quickly proving my point. But since I am and always have been pro-life, I actually am a member of the “fetus wing”. Of course I’ve never used that term, but nice try. Nor have I ever type that last ‘quote’, though if I haven’t used the term ‘extremist’ in regards to some of the out of control nutters lately then consider that an oversight. Yes, I post on other websites, because I can actually discuss with people who don’t agree with me on every single issue. Is that somehow bad now? Wow, a whole whopping 38 posts in almost 2 months, were you disappointed that you couldn’t dig up any dirt? Are you aware that I also post on other websites about politics, sports, business, and the weather? And what’s the point in snooping around like that? Is that supposed to be intimidating, or a purity test, or are you going to ask me to wear a yellow star now, or what? Used to be FR spoke out against Pellicano-esque tactics, now the recent goon squad employs them. I found it particularly disgusting the way that little video was frothingly posted repeatedly on the purge thread, ya know, the video of a guy pummeling over and over someone on the ground. Reminded me of what the Dem union goons did to Don Adams. Sad irony, how some have become what they fought so hard against.

  • Giuliani reaffirms abortion-rights stance in Houston

    05/11/2007 1:12:59 PM PDT · 25 of 53
    Diddle E. Squat to NapkinUser

    And why exactly did you go to my homepage just now? Looking for a reason to whip the bloodthirsty mob into another purge because someone posted something you didn’t like? How brave. So you’ve probably also scanned my recent posts and can easily see a vast dropoff.

  • Giuliani reaffirms abortion-rights stance in Houston

    05/11/2007 1:03:25 PM PDT · 19 of 53
    Diddle E. Squat to Xenalyte

    Say, didn’t you use to attend or teach at HBU?

  • Giuliani reaffirms abortion-rights stance in Houston

    05/11/2007 1:02:42 PM PDT · 18 of 53
    Diddle E. Squat to Spiff
    It is quite telling about where the reporter stands on this issue that he could find 3 pro-abortion/pro-choice students at Houston Baptist University to quote, but he couldn't find a single pro-life student there. Liberal idiot, biased reporting.

    The Houston Chronicle is a biased joke, but you've committed the same sloppiness, misrepresentation, and dishonesty that the media regularly employs. There are only two students quoted. The first did not specifically state her position on abortion, but her statement suggest that she may indeed be pro-abortion. However the second interviewed clearly said that he is pro-life: "Andrew Miller, 19, said he opposes a woman's right to choose abortion..."

    Not that facts matter to the goon squad these days.

  • Lost World Warning From (Under) North Sea

    04/23/2007 2:36:11 PM PDT · 5 of 67
    Diddle E. Squat to blam
    Anthropologist Brian Sykes says that the Rhine and Thames were once the same river.

    That is an odd conclusion, since each flows downhill.

  • Will FR embrace socialism to make way for Rudy Giuliani as a Republican presidential candidate?

    04/23/2007 2:26:35 PM PDT · 5,316 of 18,465
    Diddle E. Squat to Politicalmom
    Jesus never continued to associate with people who refused to repent and change their behavior.

    Really? And yet he allowed Judas to remain with the apostles even though he knew that Judas would eventually betray him.

    Not that Jesus wouldn't draw a line at some point, and it is up to our interpretation of scriptural guidance and judgment as to where we also should draw that line. He did throw the moneychangers out of the Temple, and Paul shook the dust from his shoes at times. But he also told the story of the Prodigal Son, where the father never gave up hope during the son's time of sin. Jesus also said to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and dined with the tax collector, and allowed the harlot to wash his feet, suggesting that he was not completely rebellious and withdrawn from flawed human institutions and slow to wall off or reject anyone still in their imperfections. "Go and sin no more" was the advice and goal, but he did have Peter as the rock, despite his thrice betrayal on just a single day. Ananias and Sapphira illustrated that we never know when patience will run out or an example will be made of our sins, so clearly continuing in sin is risking grave peril, including eternal damnation. But yet Paul continued to advise and work with rather than reject various churches involved in some pretty bad problems. In fact Paul used a pagan holy site to make a point in one of his sermons, the alter to an unknown god. So perhaps God can use the imperfect to advance his cause, and doing so doesn't have to mean condoning the imperfections/sinful side? Rahab was a harlot, why was her story of how she aided the Israelites included in the bible?

  • Will FR embrace socialism to make way for Rudy Giuliani as a Republican presidential candidate?

    04/23/2007 12:43:05 PM PDT · 5,096 of 18,465
    Diddle E. Squat to wagglebee
    Yep. The Rudy Rooters are hard core leftists through and through.

    Hmm, I support a Giuliani-F.Thompson ticket, so that make me a "Rudy Rooter", yes? You use that term as if it is an evil thing.

    Why don't you go to my homepage and peruse the links section, where I've collected more than 1000 articles in the last 6 years. Articles critical of human-caused global warming theory, race victimization mindsets, racial tribalism, abortion, helicopter parents undermining what's left of discipline in schools, antiwar groups' treason, gay groups' historical revisionism, the politicization of science and medical research, the lies of the 'green' crowd, antisemitism, the double standard against Christians, hate crimes legislation, CFR, China, Putin, CIA treason, the Plame Nonsense, Wesley Clarke, and the scams that funnel public dollars to the networks of liberal groups. Articles defending capitalism, gun rights, President Bush, the WOT, tax cuts, entitlement reform, welfare reform, cultural conservatism, conceal carry and refuting lie by lie the claims of the gun control crowd. And that's just through "C", plus links to articles by Coulter, Steyn, and hundreds of articles chronicling liberal media bias, Democrat corruption, and cases of Democrat vote fraud.

    Collecting those links are only useful for two things: Using them later as facts and sources to refute specific lies and to provide historical documentation/accumulated evidence. If I am a leftist, why on earth would I accumulate so many sources and examples that refute leftist claims, lies, and ideology? Why would I preserve so many examples of media bias or Democrat corruption or voter fraud? If I were a liberal, wouldn't I be trying to let it fade away or at least be indifferent, instead of proactively chronicling all the flaws, lies, crimes, and treason of the left?

    Given my 6 years of efforts to defend conservatism, as witnessed in one form by that collecting of documentation for use against liberal arguments, how on earth can anyone logically call me anything but a conservative, unless they are on a witch hunt?

    Pragmatism in the face of imperfect choices is not a sellout that defines and overrides all other factors. All the car companies donate to gay and other leftist groups, does that mean that I and others can only remain a social conservative if we no longer buys cars? I can find a bicycle or tricycle maker that doesn't subsidize leftists, but those just aren't going to get the job done for what I must accomplish. Do I stick with principle, go without a car, and lose my job? Every conservative makes pragmatic compromises every day, whether they admit it or not.

    The New Testament tells us the life of Jesus, in part to give us examples of how to live and make choices. Jesus went among sinners, saying that they are who he came to help. He didn't shun and withdraw from them, but rather conversed and reached out to them, while refraining from engaging or endorsing the sinful behavior. That doesn't mean that "Jesus endorses Rudy" (I won't speak for Jesus in this election) or that political decisions are always clear-cut either way for a Christian, but it does suggest that an "Isolation from the Unclean" mindset may not always be wise. Jesus took a lot of criticism from the Pharisees for dining with the unclean, because some thought such compromising and pragmatic action amounted to condoning the behavior of the immoral. But it was necessary for him to gather with the sinners to accomplish his goals. YMMV.

    Politics is the art of compromise, and the conservative that gets some or most of what he is trying to accomplish is more effective than the purist who accomplishes nothing. That doesn't mean that supporting someone other than Rudy is taking a defeatist purist position, in fact it may turn out that supporting someone other than Rudy will be the best choice a conservative can make. Or not. That is what healthy debate is for, but it is both ridiculous and dishonest to have some of the long-time conservatives here with a proven track record suddenly historically revised into liberals simply because of a single pragmatic judgment they have made, especially since no votes have been cast yet.

  • Giuliani: Put More States In Play, Or Else We'll Use [sic]

    04/23/2007 11:16:25 AM PDT · 36 of 133
    Diddle E. Squat to meg88

    Oregon is as likely as PA, perhaps even more likely. Oregon and maybe WI are the only shots that anyone (considered so far) beside Rudy has at flipping to the GOP, while the risk of losing states we previously held is much higher.

  • White House slams carpooling, new road fees better (children, minorities hardest hit...)

    02/12/2007 1:54:15 PM PST · 64 of 220
    Diddle E. Squat to lentulusgracchus
    The idea isn't just to build toll roads. It's to make all the principal thoroughfares toll roads -- and then sell them to high-roller investors. Money-runners are desperate for income opportunities. The Bush Administration has been trying to help them out by e.g. passing that law in 2003 that allows the States to convert the Interstates (which we've already paid for) to toll roads -- and then sell them. That's what it's about. It isn't about taxes for the government, it's about trillions of dollars in rents paid to people who don't need the money, from people who can't afford it, for stuff we already own. It's a Big Fix and a ripoff, catered by Castle Bush. Other than that, you can tell I don't have an opinion about this "pigs at the trough stuff". Which, by the way, is one of the reasons the Reagan Democrats are walking away from the GOP. The Party will be ruined after next year, but that'll be okay -- the GOP will have done its job and will have delivered the goods for its real constituents, the Pigs at the Trough. (Note: "Access capitalism" isn't capitalism. It's just access.)

    Complete and total bullshit pulled from your paranoid ass, but that seems to be all that is posted around here these days. Who needs facts and truth when we can all just rant about conspiracy dreams and plug-n-play boogieman. Yeah, its all a communist plot by that evil George W. Bush, the Buildaburgers, Masons, and Mexicans. Yep, every politician is corrupt and wants to record your every thought and keystroke. And of course the tollways are being built so that the Chinese Mexicans can round up your guns and then drive all conservatives to the concentration camps Rudy Giuliani is going to set up at the behest of his secret boss Hillary.

    This place has been overrun by the kooks. Congrats, you won.

  • White House slams carpooling, new road fees better (children, minorities hardest hit...)

    02/12/2007 1:47:50 PM PST · 53 of 220
    Diddle E. Squat to weegee
    Or as in the case of Austin Texas, existing highways can be stolen from the public and converted into toll roads.

    That is a lie, no existing roads were converted to tolls. It was only new construction (such as adding mainlanes in between existing frontage roads or completely new roads) that were tolled.

  • White House slams carpooling, new road fees better (children, minorities hardest hit...)

    02/12/2007 1:45:51 PM PST · 48 of 220
    Diddle E. Squat to Logical me; savedbygrace

    They aren't proposing a new tax, they are proposing building new roads and using congestion pricing to finance those new roads, instead of using taxes to build the roads.

    It is a way to get more roads without increasing taxes.

  • Environmental Group Launches Anti-Coal Plant Ads

    02/12/2007 12:36:30 PM PST · 61 of 62
    Diddle E. Squat to Froufrou

    And yet your jumps to conclusions were wrong about the coal plants, wrong about what the former Harvard Dean Summers had said, and wrong about the TTC. Maybe trite rules of thumb aren't always right, and each issue should be examined separately by researching the facts. Just a thought.

  • No Escape: Male Rape In U.S. Prisons

    02/12/2007 11:49:26 AM PST · 101 of 492
    Diddle E. Squat to AppyPappy
    I have spoken to several men who have been in prison and they say the rape concept is way overblown. Most cellmates are reluctant to rape their cellie for fear they might kill them in their sleep. Besides cells, men are rarely unsupervised long enough to rape anyone.

    Or long enough to beat up a former Border Patrol agent, right?

    While there is some truth in what you wrote, there are far too many poorly run prisons where officials do look the other way and/or are understaffed. There is no excuse for bribery and prisoners getting a hold of contraband, but it still happens a lot.

    These days our prison system as a whole is probably America's greatest shame. Lots of reasons, from both the left and right, that led up to where we are, but it is inexcusable and we need reforms.

  • No Escape: Male Rape In U.S. Prisons

    02/12/2007 11:45:12 AM PST · 80 of 492
    Diddle E. Squat to isthisnickcool
    that it is very easy to end up in slam in the United States, even if you're 100% innocent.

    The part in bold may be one of the dumber things I've ever seen posted here.

    Then you must not read your own posts. Ever heard of the Texas Three?

  • Environmental Group Launches Anti-Coal Plant Ads

    02/12/2007 11:19:15 AM PST · 58 of 62
    Diddle E. Squat to Froufrou
    "Is there no end to the sleight of hand being played in Texas?"

    OK, then what exactly was that statement supposed to have implied?

  • Environmental Group Launches Anti-Coal Plant Ads

    02/12/2007 9:33:45 AM PST · 55 of 62
    Diddle E. Squat to Froufrou
    These ads have plastered the local paper, yet I've heard virtually nothing about these proposed plants. Is there no end to the sleight of hand being played in Texas?

    With all due respect, individual ignorance on a topic is not indicative of a gov't conspiracy.

    A Google News search of "Texas" "TXU" "coal" and "plants" produces 585 articles in just the past month. These plants and the approval process have been in the news for more than a year. A Google search of those 4 terms produces 170,000 results. Narrow it down by adding the terms "Perry" still produces 40,000 results.

    I dunno, maybe some simple research might be wise before slandering with charges of "conspiracy, coverup, corruption?"

    I'm not a fan of TXU, and believe that they should be investigated for price fixing, but these plants are needed and are a good thing. They will produce 50% more needed energy (Texas is growing by more than 500,000 a year, a new Austin and San Antonio area every 7 years) while producing 20% LESS total harmful emmissions because the new plants will be cleaner, older plants will be shut down or have cleaner technology installed, and a switch to cleaner Wyoming coal (Powder River Basin) instead of Texas lignite. (Plenty of keywords there to do more research with.) And TXU isn't the only company proposing new coal plants in Texas.

    The enviro/media-activists are saying that these coal plants should use the cleaner coal gasification technology, but what they don't mention is that what they propose is so new that there isn't yet an operating plant. In fact Texas has done a good job in competing for fed funds for the demonstration gasification project and is one of the favorites to win the project. Another is being proposed for Corpus Christi, but hasn't been built. You see, what these groups are doing is opposing whatever is being considered and throwing out a nice sounding but not yet obtainable alternative to mute criticism that all they do is oppose. Just like the Dems do with foreign policy to fight the label that they are weak on defense, they criticize Iraq and say that the real problem is Iran. But when we propose dealing with Iran, they say, no you can't do that, N. Korea is the real threat. Or when we propose something on N. Korea it is called the wrong approach, everyone knows that Iran is more of a concern.

    Coal is cheap, the US has centuries of reserves, and the current proposed plants would result in more power with cleaner air than we currently have. These plants should be approved ASAP.

  • Men Followed From Shooting Range, Robbed Of Guns

    02/12/2007 8:55:57 AM PST · 16 of 39
    Diddle E. Squat to kiriath_jearim

    I swear that it looks like a bear is in the lower left corner.

  • Photos show Anna Nicole Smith in bed with Bahamas minister

    02/12/2007 8:49:23 AM PST · 16 of 47
    Diddle E. Squat to King of Florida
    Can this get any weirder?

    Yes. The other night our local Fox station had a clip from her interior decorator talking about this crap. He/she/it was dressed in heavy lipstick and a full-blown Fruit of the Loom costume while imitiating the SNL character 'Mango.'

  • Was Giuliani a Bum on 9/10/01?

    02/12/2007 8:16:05 AM PST · 20 of 88
    Diddle E. Squat to highball
    I disagree. This city was in the midst of some serious Rudy fatigue, tired of his messy personal life. On 9/10, he was a lame duck looking for a legacy.

    His personal life had very little (if anything) to do with "Rudy fatigue." Let's look at the context, a tough-nosed and fiscal conservative mayor in liberal NYC. Not the suburbs, liberal NYC. When faced with a crime crisis the libs were happy to bring in a law and order salvation, but once the problem was solved then many of them were going back to their old ways, wanting someone to pursue more liberal agendas. Plus when times are good people have a natural inclination to start taking things for granted and getting restless for change. The same way the UK dumped Churchill after WWII and the US gave Bush 41 sky-high ratings after the Gulf War but then voted him out soon after.

    I was in north Jersey when he was running for Senate, and he was in the lead before he dropped out. If he had a 40% approval in NYC in 8/01 (and remember that was a prety much a low ebb in the ups and downs, GOP approval ratings always go up as elections near and voters are faced with just 2 choices) then it means he would easily win statewide or nationally, given how liberal NYC is. Virtually all of those with "Rudy fatigue" felt that he was too conservative, not too liberal.

  • Trans Texas Corridor Special Series Part 2

    02/12/2007 7:37:41 AM PST · 23 of 23
    Diddle E. Squat to Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    Linda Stall from Corridor Watch said, "This is a huge project. 184 billion dollars, it's a 50 year agreement, 50 years. That is a long time."

    More deception and dishonesty from Corridor Watch's aptly named Stall family. TTC-35 is a $7 to $8 billion project, the $184 billion figure is for the total statewide buildout plan of many more roads, which is only a concept right now and most of those roads won't be built for decades, if ever. And only a few million dollars of the TTC-35 will be from tax money, all the rest being private investment recouped by tolls.

    She is purposefully confusing the issue to mislead those who don't know much about the project. Read her sentence and many will come away thinking that just the I-35 corridor will cost $184 billion of tax money.

    If Corridor Watch is correct on the issue, why do they always have to resort to dishonesty and misleading the public? Wouldn't the simple truth be good enough? But of course the truth doesn't support their claims and accusations.

  • New York, New York Rudy vs. Hillary in 2008? [NOONAN]

    02/12/2007 7:16:38 AM PST · 36 of 47
    Diddle E. Squat to jrooney
    Noonan has become a BDS hate spewing idiot. Any column written by her should be ignored. She is a has been that is arrogant and vindictive. Her BDS kicked in after she was denied a speech writing for GW. After that occurred she has been spewing vile since. She is the same as Pelosi just on the other side of the aisle.

    Actually this article is pretty good. Yes, she's had some odd clunkers lately, but your post is what is coming across as vindictive and spewing vile. To say that Noonan is the same as Pelosi is ridiculous.

  • I-69 is Semi-Finalist in Corridors of the Future Program

    02/12/2007 6:12:39 AM PST · 72 of 78
    Diddle E. Squat to TXnMA
    * White Jeffrey Dahmer

    * White Bill Clinton

    * White Pee Wee Herman

    * White TXnMA

    Using your kook logic, should we connect those dots, too?

  • Texas deputy to pay price for defending self

    02/11/2007 6:29:21 PM PST · 53 of 80
    Diddle E. Squat to Ladycalif

    Yes, bttt

  • I-69 is Semi-Finalist in Corridors of the Future Program

    02/11/2007 6:03:11 PM PST · 63 of 78
    Diddle E. Squat to GinaLolaB
    First of all, the government is going to seize people's farms and property for a private venture

    No, the road will be state-owned the entire time. The state is simply using private financing instead of taxpayer financing.

    ...that is going to make it easier to bring illegal Mexicans and aliens with drugs and terrorism into the country.

    How so? The road will only be built in the US, doesn't add a new border crossing, and doesn't change border procedures. From 2015 to at least 2025 it will only be a road from San Antonio to Dallas, with the extensions to be added later when enough traffic builds to warrant extension. You do realize that there are already roads criss-crossing Texas and crosssing the border, yes? Why would drug smugglers and terrorists give up using these mostly unsupervised roads to risk using a new one with monitored and recorded cameras at toll booths and all along the way?

    Secondly, it is going to lower the wages of American truckers because Mexicans will be driving the trucks.

    Really? There are special laws just for this road? Of course not, any laws/regulations regarding Mexican truckers would apply equally to all roads, and thus that issue has nothing to do with the TTC.

    Thirdly, no real American wants to be merged with Mexico and Canada with a super highway.

    A road doesn't merge countries, only treaties can do that. Good roads can make it cheaper to travel between and do business with other countries, but these roads also do the same between all the states, counties, and cities along the way. I don't want Canada and Mexico to become part of the US, but I do 100% support the TTC. What you are claiming is kinda like saying that eliminating cancer in the US will cause illegal immigration to increase. So I should be against finding a cure for cancers? Ridiculous faux-logic.

    Fourthly, once they make these corrupt arrangements, like a fifty year lease, they never get rid of them.

    It isn't corrupt, over time everything has been made public and several years after being proposed we still are in the public hearing phase. If Texans don't want the lease, they can always vote in a governor or legislature that can cancel the lease. That is stated in the contract. Might be a good idea to read it, someone has mislead you with a load of lies.

  • Giuliani's Social Views Not Well Known

    02/11/2007 5:04:24 PM PST · 94 of 237
    Diddle E. Squat to TitansAFC
    43% Of Republicans, when informed of his views, are unlikely to support him or just rule out his candidacy entirely.

    That is a lie, but I'd expect that from you. The actual info in the article:

    'Less likely' is far different from 'unlikely', especially when only 4 options are given regarding their responses. Not all voters are single-issue ones, and Giuliani blows McCain away in the polls regarding leadership, who is the strongest leader, and who is most likely to beat the Dem in the general election (55% to 38%, the closest of those categories.)

  • Pelosi flies disputed military jet home [nonstop!]

    02/11/2007 4:46:45 PM PST · 31 of 106
    Diddle E. Squat to seanmerc
    Believe me, I'm no Nancy Pelosi fan, but we should stick to the facts. As was pointed out earlier, the smaller aircraft can fly the route non-step IF the weather conditions/atmospherics are right. Sometimes they will be, sometimes they won't. The larger aircraft would always be able to fly the route non-stop

    Bad weather can reduce the plane's range from 6300 miles to 2100?

  • I-69 is Semi-Finalist in Corridors of the Future Program

    02/11/2007 4:35:54 PM PST · 61 of 78
    Diddle E. Squat to GinaLolaB
    I meant that they are going to use the Kelo decision to seize the property to give to a private company to build the road in the first place.

    Nobody is giving anything, the state is LEASING the rights to build, operate, and maintain the road. A private company is paying more than $7 billion for that lease, but the state will still own the road.

    Not really any different than if a city leases out its garbage collection or when the state let's private companies bid on road construction projects. In this case instead of taxes paying for the construction, the private company will front all the construction costs and then recoup that and a profit through tolls. BTW, the 50-year lease can be canceled by the state at any time.

  • Clinton on Rove, Gingrich, and DeLay: 'I'm the one person they are most afraid of.'

    02/11/2007 4:24:43 PM PST · 51 of 57
    Diddle E. Squat

    "I know that privately DeLay, Gingrich, and Rove have said, "Whatever you do, don't throw me into the Briar Patch"..."

  • I-69 is Semi-Finalist in Corridors of the Future Program

    02/11/2007 10:27:55 AM PST · 47 of 78
    Diddle E. Squat to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    Yeah, and those La Raza racist nutcases are small group, mainly confined to colleges. Which has nothing to do with the TXDOT official who was smeared in post #11 simply because he had a hispanic name.

  • I-69 is Semi-Finalist in Corridors of the Future Program

    02/11/2007 10:10:05 AM PST · 45 of 78
    Diddle E. Squat to BnBlFlag
    "Racism" charges are today's last refuge of a scoundrel. It's tired and so dated.

    When employed by Jesse Jackson. OTOH, it is accurate in regards to post #11. Perhaps it hits too close to home for you?

  • I-69 is Semi-Finalist in Corridors of the Future Program

    02/11/2007 10:07:41 AM PST · 44 of 78
    Diddle E. Squat to Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    Is it OK with you if we continue to criticize and disparage the brown racists who want to take back the American southwest for Mexico and drive us back to Europe?

    And how exactly did you deduce that the TXDOT employee (the man whose name was highlighted in the post I responded to) was a 'brown racist' other than him simply having a hispanic name?

  • 2 Italians Stoned to Death on Cape Verde

    02/11/2007 10:03:20 AM PST · 10 of 33
    Diddle E. Squat to Mr. Mojo
    No mention of the fact that Senegal is 94% Muslim and that stoning is a typical Muslim punishment, of course.

    Probably because:

    1) This happened in Cape Verde, not Senegal (which is 500 miles away) and had nothing to do with Senegal other than it being used as geographic reference point

    2) Cape Verde is Catholic and Protestant, not Muslim

    3) The writer is likely not an ignorant knee-jerker. Sometimes it is wise to actually read the story and get facts before spouting off.

  • Holding Your Nose, AKA the Lesser of Two Evils (Vanity)

    02/11/2007 6:46:08 AM PST · 70 of 211
    Diddle E. Squat to Ultra Sonic 007
    When it comes down to the national election, I will probably vote R. It depends. But when it comes to the primaries, there is NO reason to hang up your hat and vote for someone like Giuliani this early.

    Well, that completely depends on one's assessment of what the political landscape will be in late 2008. If one concludes that there are no social conservative candidates who can win in the general, then any responsible conservative has to look at who can when and then choose which of those is the best on the issues. But I can certainly understand that there is a difference of opinion right now on who is and isn't electable in the general.

  • Holding Your Nose, AKA the Lesser of Two Evils (Vanity)

    02/11/2007 6:34:58 AM PST · 47 of 211
    Diddle E. Squat to Ultra Sonic 007

    War inevitably involves the death of innocents, no war has been fought where one side was able to totally avoid collateral damage and death.

    By your definition, we should never compromise our Judeo-Christian beliefs and go to war. Killing an innocent is about the greatest sin one can commit, so how can we rationalize war as ok since it is at best only the 'lesser of evils'?

    Because failure to stop the greater evil will result in far, far more death and bloodshed.

    When the family hid Ann Frank they broke the law, failed to 'Render unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's", and repeatedly lied. The bible clearly says not to lie. Was the family wrong to commit the 'lesser of evils'?

    So clearly, there are times when choosing the 'lesser of evils' is the only moral and right choice to make. And the invoking of that phrase is misleading and extremely short-sighted and foolish.

    Self-righteousness cannot absolve oneself of responsibilities (see Pontius Pilate...)

  • I-69 is Semi-Finalist in Corridors of the Future Program

    02/11/2007 6:04:11 AM PST · 17 of 78
    Diddle E. Squat to TXnMA

    Take your racist trash elsewhere.

  • Heavy Snow Event Nears

    02/11/2007 6:03:02 AM PST · 4 of 28
    Diddle E. Squat to John W

    November baby boom added to forecast?

  • Baptist group fights Texas coal plants

    02/11/2007 6:00:06 AM PST · 24 of 32
    Diddle E. Squat to NormsRevenge

    They are either liars or fools. The facts are that TXU's plan will increase their power generated by 50% while the TOTAL of harmful emissions will GO DOWN BY 20%. How can TXU possibly accomplish that? By building new, far cleaner coal plants that will replace and shut down some of the older, sootier plants, and upgrading other existing plants with cleaner technology and/or using more cleaner-burning WY coal instead of TX lignite.

    All that is ALWAYS pointed out to these groups and the media, so if it is missing from the story then the writer either failed to get both sides or is a dishonest advocate of the leftist side.

  • Vanity: Geico Cavemen fans -- this rules!

    02/09/2007 6:15:23 PM PST · 8 of 37
    Diddle E. Squat to Mr. Buzzcut

    Cool, it has all the music from the commercials. Good taste in music!

  • NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - TEXAS SENATE (Trans-Texas Corridor, PPPs, Toll Roads)

    02/09/2007 4:34:08 PM PST · 19 of 24
    Diddle E. Squat to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    OK, let's look at several examples. On a typical highway most drivers use only a portion in literally thousand of different start and endpoints, so I'll give some common ones. Since they moved the route of TTC-35 on the DFW end (in response to feedback from local govt's and the public in the hearing process, so much for the anti-TTC lies about not responding to public comment) most users will get on the TTC around Venus, coming from the Dallas area on US 67, which is what I'll use for the northern end. Many from Ft. Worth will enter around Mansfield from US 287, about 6 miles north, so add $1 to the cost for them. Others would get on at I-20/360, which is almost 11 miles further north, so for them add another $1.65 (that assumes that the future mainlanes of 360 south of I-20 will be built as toll lanes, north of there it is already freeway.)

    On the TTC, Venus-the outlet shops at Hillsboro is 25 miles, so $3.75 ($6.40 from I-20.) Double if a round-trip, though many may choose to use the free roads in one direction if they are traveling at an off-peak time.

    Venus-Waco exit (TX 30) is 87 miles, so $8.55 (to $11.20.)

    Venus-Temple/Killeen/Ft. Hood exit (US 190) is 132 miles, so $19.80 (to $22.45.)

    Venus-Georgetown exit is 158 miles, $23.70 ($26.35.)

    Venus-Round Rock exit is 174 miles, $26.10 ($28.75.)

    Venus-US 290/US183 interchange (where the 290 mainlanes that are already built begin, 6 miles from the state capitol complex) is 189 miles, $28.35 ($31.00.)

    So at the $.15 per mile rate, going from DFW to the capitol is about $30 one-way. That may seem high to the average Joe, but there are plenty of lobbyists, local officials, businessmen, etc. who would gladly expense account it, a lot cheaper for the business/gov't entity then an airline ticket. Especially considering that with a speed limit of 85 mph it would be about a 3 hour or so trip, competitive door to door with air travel. Cheaper than a hotel room for those with morning meetings.

    For those headede to San Marcos, the tourist areas around New Braunfels, and San Antonio that just want to loop around Austin, it is 218 miles, $32.70 ($35.35.)

    All the way from DFW to I-10 east of San Antonio (where the TTC will end for the first 10-15 years) is about 250 miles, $37.50 (to $40.15.)

    Plus all the users from Waco, Temple, north Austin, Austin, south Austin, New Braunfels, and various areas of San Antonio and all the combinations of trips they can make. Most of the trips under $40 (really under $30.) When you think of all the business travel that will expense account it, and the speed factor making it competitive and cheaper than airfare and avoiding some hotel stays, Cintra's projected use at even $.15 per mile may indeed be realistic.

  • "Gov. Rick Perry's Huge Mistake"

    02/09/2007 1:34:47 PM PST · 48 of 55
    Diddle E. Squat to jmaroneps37
    What do you tell a little girl who wants to know why she is being given this injection?

    That it is to prevent some types of cancer.

    How hard is that? And if you simply opt out, you don't even have to do that.

    I don't agree with Perry's action on this, but the typical Freeper harping, handwringing, and hysteria over each outrage de jour is ridiculous. Plug-n-play misery, oh how you have been abandoned to wander in the wilderness and die.

  • Play's Controversial Title Leads To Complaints, Change (hooha monologue)

    02/09/2007 8:36:48 AM PST · 27 of 37
    Diddle E. Squat to Jeff MD
    I don't even know what a hooha is and I have 6 years of post graduate education.

    You've never seen the bumper sticker, "Hoohaa is for lovers"?

  • Report: Harvard To Name First Woman President

    02/09/2007 8:05:12 AM PST · 29 of 74
    Diddle E. Squat to MadIvan

    Well, there's at least one version of the Soldier's Chorus online:

  • Report: Harvard To Name First Woman President

    02/09/2007 7:59:19 AM PST · 15 of 74
    Diddle E. Squat to NonValueAdded
    Board of Overseers? Now there is a loaded, non-PC moniker. How could that one pass Rev. Jackson by? A "golden" opportunity for the right race card player.

    But the focus groups preferred it over "Mephistopheles"...

  • Report: Harvard To Name First Woman President

    02/09/2007 7:56:13 AM PST · 5 of 74
    Diddle E. Squat

    Faust, eh?

    Boy, I'm curious about the details of that contract...

    "What a bargain!"

  • Reports: Wade Phillips New Cowboys Coach

    02/08/2007 10:27:20 AM PST · 40 of 77
    Diddle E. Squat to Perdogg
    All these people who pretend to show reverence for Tom Landry, never had a kind word for him or liked him when he was alive coaching the Cowboys.

    Total BS, but BS is typical from the average Cowgirl fan. Win a game and they are Super Bowl bound, lose on a fluke play and the world has ended and the coach is a baby killer who must be fired. Randy Galloway is lame these days, but he hits the nail on the head when he calls it "Overreaction Monday" during the NFL season.

  • Reports: Wade Phillips New Cowboys Coach

    02/08/2007 5:38:52 AM PST · 17 of 77
    Diddle E. Squat to Perdogg

    Underwhelming and dumb move, unless:

    1) He's a placeholder so that they can go after Lovie Smith in a year (Phillips has been a half-year interim head coach before at New Orleans and Atlanta)

    2) They view Jason Garrett as a true phenom and Phillip is there for a few years to groom Garrett for the HC position

    As a Cowgirl hater, I love this hire!

  • Pentagon Rejects Speaker Pelosi's Request for Military Aircraft

    02/07/2007 6:01:57 PM PST · 52 of 351
    Diddle E. Squat
    For those who may have missed it, Pelosi and "Palomino"
  • Pentagon Rejects Speaker Pelosi's Request for Military Aircraft

    02/07/2007 5:59:18 PM PST · 44 of 351
    Diddle E. Squat to Howlin

    Typical, ego and the entourage sounds like the real reasons.

    Will they rename whatever plane she ends up with "Palomino One"?