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  • Christians Attacked by Gays in Castro District, San Francisco

    11/18/2008 1:39:51 AM PST · 100 of 103
    Diva to Lurker
    The miscreant who assaulted her never asked for it, didn't repent of his evil ways, and shows every indication that the behavior will continue.

    As I recall some of Christ's last words from the cross were, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

  • SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters

    11/15/2008 2:58:18 AM PST · 117 of 194
    Diva to Secret Agent Man
    Well, an important thing to consider about all of this, is that if the priests and bishops do not do this, and they knowingly give these unrepentant people communion, they are also guilty of allowing them to partake in communion, and taking damnation upon themselves.

    Except for two things.

    1 How does a priest know if someone voted for Obama unless the person tells him and

    2 Even if he knows they did he may not know if they have been to Confession or what they Confessed.

    All a priest can do about this is teach, preach and warn. If a Catholic wants to take Communion with grave sin on his soul the priest cannot stop them.

    High profile politicians who support abortion are a different matter. The priest is reasonably assured that this individual is using religion and has not stopped supporting a grave evil.

  • SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters

    11/15/2008 2:46:53 AM PST · 116 of 194
    Diva to Balding_Eagle
    Call me stunned. Finally.

    I suspect it is happening all over. I say this because I have heard several priests in this diocese (Detroit) say basically the same thing.

  • Effort to Steal Consecrated Hosts Thwarted by Priest

    11/13/2008 4:23:47 AM PST · 27 of 63
    Diva to Guyin4Os
    How can one “steal” a wafer that is given to one?

    At my Church we receive by intinction and so on the tongue during a Novus Ordo Mass. One Sunday a parishioner noticed a woman letting fall the Eucharist she had just received from the priest onto her hand and then proceed to the exit. The parishioner followed her and told her she would have to consume the Host before leaving the Church.

    Receiving in the hand IMHO makes this a lot easier to do and one reason it shouldn't be allowed but... I don't want to get into an argument about something that is allowed. All of us Catholics need to be watchful as there are people out there who want to get their hands on Consecrated Hosts.

  • What America Has Done (Was the election about racial equality or the right to life?)

    11/09/2008 4:42:22 AM PST · 38 of 68
    Diva to thesetruths
    This election was NOT about healing, triumph, or a promise etched in gold. This election was not “a great thing.”

    Her point is that for many it was. You can call them stupid but at least I can understand a black Protestant in Detroit voting for Obama but I definitely cannot understand a white Catholic in the suburbs.

  • Priests Say it in Plain English: "Catholics Cannot Vote for Obama"

    11/02/2008 1:39:22 PM PST · 50 of 57
    Diva to sneakers

    The problem has been that too many Catholics convince themselves (often with the help of misguided priests), that abortion is just one of many equal issues. In point of fact it is the most important issue because without the right to life there is no right to anything else. Many many more Catholic bishops have been stepping up to say this very thing and I am glad to hear it. But, I hope it isn’t too late for the average Catholic who has been left to his own devices when it comes to proper catechesis since and probably even before Vatican II. It is going to take many years to un-do the damage done since the 1960s.

  • For McCain supporters, it can be a rough town - Ann Arbor

    11/02/2008 10:50:48 AM PST · 33 of 35
    Diva to Rummyfan
    Ann Arbor is right up there alongside Berkeley as far as lefty looney-tune communities go.

    Don't forget Royal Oak, holy cow about every sign in my neighborhood is Obama more than in the Detroit neighborhood where I teach!!

    Guy at my parish today told me to be careful as he worries there will be a riot (in Royal Oak) if McCain pulls off a slim victory. I told him not to worry as the lefties here are too lazy.

  • The Obama Bubble Could Cost the Democrats

    11/02/2008 3:09:06 AM PST · 43 of 50
    Diva to chuckles
    "How is it Christians would vote for an abortionist?"

    How is it that anyone would vote for a pro-death candidate? Without the right to life there are no rights at all.

    Unfortunately, I think a number of these people believe he is pro-life. I was listening to a radio program a few weeks ago, wish I could remember the hosts name, but he played a rather interesting clip from a Howard Stern program which demonstrates the blind allegiance to Obama. The deal was an interviewer went out to the streets in a very pro-Obama area, I think it was Harlem, and engaged the folks in talk about Obama and McCains policies only flipping them. One of those issues was abortion and McCain was painted as the abortionist and Obama pro-life. None of these people had a clue they were being set up. But they sure were convinced Obama was the guy for them and being pro-life was correct because Obama was "for it."

    It's rather sad to say the least. And believe me I dislike Stern but he got them good with this one, I wonder why. I doubt seriously he is for McCain, I suspect if he supports anyone it is Obama but perhaps neither.

  • [Rush] Limbaugh Predicts McCain Victory

    10/31/2008 5:51:53 PM PDT · 20 of 63
    Diva to Lady GOP

    Very good.

  • The MSM loses its mind over undocumented plumbers(MSM Lies Joe's boss does have license)

    10/17/2008 4:10:17 AM PDT · 72 of 78
    Diva to HerrBlucher
    Is it even possible for democrats to find a more repulsive candidate?

    But he doesn't come across as repulsive to those who want to believe the lie. He comes across as an educated caring individual. If he was repulsive no one would vote for him.

  • Hammer JohnMcCain.Com Comment Section! DEMAND MCCAIN STOP THE SISSY TALK!

    10/10/2008 6:43:53 PM PDT · 87 of 106
    Diva to Onerom99

    Never was a big McCain fan but you sir are an ass. If nothing else the man served his country and deserves some respect...who the hell are you!?

  • Judge sentences rap fan to Bach, Beethoven

    10/10/2008 4:20:44 AM PDT · 45 of 45
    Diva to TrueKnightGalahad


  • Good News for the [Catholic] Liturgy

    10/09/2008 4:28:00 AM PDT · 7 of 19
    Diva to Salvation

    I hear yesterday that the Eucharistic Prayers for children are out.

  • Michigan Republicans oppose McCain pullout

    10/05/2008 3:32:45 AM PDT · 6 of 35
    Diva to jerry557

    Well if it’s off the list for McCain then why are there so many Obama adds on TV? Why is Obama spending so much in the state?

  • Palin's Small Town Snobbery

    10/02/2008 7:24:54 AM PDT · 67 of 87
    Diva to A Strict Constructionist
    I would bet on the SEC particularly in football.

    Living in Michigan I guess I should be a big ten fan but darn... I lived my youth in New Orleans and went to LSU so I am in total agreement with you!

  • Abandoned Saginaw home sells for $1.75 on eBay

    10/02/2008 7:19:33 AM PDT · 34 of 41
    Diva to Dudoight
    About 6 weeks ago I attended a deaconate ordination at the Cathedral in Saginaw. The Cathedral is not in the best of neighborhoods but neither is it a ghetto or at least it didn't look like a ghetto. As I had never been to Saginaw before and had to go secondary roads the map inside my head was not clear. When the ordination was over and I set out for my return trip I got turned around and wound up in some neighborhoods that were tough shall we say. Abandoned homes, businesses shut down and more importantly for me I was just lost. Now the area I was lost in wasn't tough like some of the areas in Detroit where children are no where to be seen and houses are falling down after years of multiple fires and decay, but definitely worrisome. I had to go back to the Cathedral and get new instructions, I was okay after that.

    If you are planning on living in or visiting a city you need to find out information about where things are located that might cause you some trouble. Areas where the current gang is in control and there are many break ins and people are being shot. This isn't racism. There are dangerous places in any city, and unfortunately many places in some cities. Places that decent people to not go into...white or black.

  • Abandoned Saginaw home sells for $1.75 on eBay

    10/02/2008 5:35:30 AM PDT · 22 of 41
    Diva to itsthejourney

    Up here in Michigan I have been watching an interesting trend...well perhaps not a trend, say a minor social miracle. People in the suburbs of Detroit who have been hit hard by job and home loss have been moving back into the city. It seems they need some sort of anchor, in this case a Catholic church that has weathered the great flight out of the city, but they are now willing to give Detroit a chance. Yes, they give it a chance out of desperation but then that is sometimes how real change happens, tentatively. Most of the homes, well built for cold winters, can be had for the price of the taxes or for under $10,000. Homes that would sell anywhere else in suburban Detroit for 100,000 to 150,000 dollars, (not now perhaps but less than a year ago), are being purchased and fixed up. I hope this phenomena continues. Detroit gets slammed all the time but there are still great people in this beleaguered city who work hard and try to improve their neighborhoods.

  • Palin's Small Town Snobbery

    10/02/2008 5:13:22 AM PDT · 23 of 87
    Diva to Kaslin

    Sounds like this guy is searching for an excuse to complain about Palin.

  • Bill Clinton Defends John McCain’s Debate Decision– Blames Dems For Meltdown!

    09/29/2008 2:44:56 AM PDT · 20 of 30
    Diva to Lorianne

    They don’t want Obama to win because Hilary wants to run in four years.

  • Clinging to Her Religion: The faith journey of Sarah Palin, 'Bible-believing Christian.'

    09/20/2008 3:33:28 AM PDT · 21 of 73
    Diva to Salvation
    Catholic Ping. Now we know why she is so strong on pro-life issues. She was brought up this way until her teen years!

    Being a Catholic myself I would like to think so but I know too many "Catholics" who are not. Also, I have known many Evangelicals, Baptists, Pentecostals who are pro-life. I am just glad she has remained a Christian and is anti-death, not easy to be sometimes.

  • The Top Seven Reasons Conservatives Love Sarah Palin

    09/13/2008 3:23:51 AM PDT · 20 of 42
    Diva to kesg
    I’m looking forward to a Palin-Jindal ticket in 4 or 8 years.


  • Media ferocity toward Palin reveals double standard

    09/09/2008 12:18:31 AM PDT · 16 of 26
    Diva to wardaddy
    My Catholic friends take heed of is not the time to grind your axe. Wise minds in Rome have just now mumbled their approval of her over this most important issue

    Every Catholic I know is very happy Palin was selected by McCain.

  • Sally Quinn Does Complete U-turn on Sarah Palin

    09/06/2008 9:27:09 AM PDT · 116 of 126
    Diva to incredulous joe
    It's funny but I just posted 1 Corinthians 13 on a different thread and we keep it posted on the back door to keep our lives grounded.

    It's my favorite passage from the Bible because for me it sums up God's Love, not that God's Love can be reduced to such a short passage but. if it could... this would be it.

  • McCain Haters For McCain

    09/06/2008 4:15:48 AM PDT · 67 of 150
    Diva to neverdem
    His campaign staff was not only able to keep it a secret, it let the media drink its own bathwater in its silly who's-he-gonna-pick game. And he timed it beautifully to deny Obama a big post-convention bounce. You could almost think McCain knows what he's doing.

    This impressed me as well. I don't want to call myself a McCain hater cause I never hated him but there was no enthusiasm. When people would ask who I supported I would tell them I planned to vote for Menelaus "Pass the biscuits/Pappy" O'Daniel" of O Brother Where Art Thou fame!

    But after he chose Gov. Palin and I had a chance to read about her and then hear her speech I was won over and now believe the fighter jock knows what he is doing.

  • Sally Quinn Does Complete U-turn on Sarah Palin

    09/06/2008 3:55:24 AM PDT · 49 of 126
    Diva to incredulous joe
    God bless you sir. So often when this sort of thing happens the men can't handle it emotionally. Having grown up in the 50s and 60s I can understand and sympathize. But for better or worse our world has changed, at least for the time being, and women are increasingly the ones making the most money or at least have the potential for making the most money in a family.

    For a time in the early 80's that was the case in my family and it hurt my husband deeply. Fortunately, he finally got the job that advanced his career. It doesn't always happen and it doesn't matter really. If there is love and willingness to work together the family will do well no matter who the biggest bread winner is. Again God bless you.

  • Men Behaving Badly On Palin

    08/30/2008 11:53:35 AM PDT · 102 of 129
    Diva to RKBA Democrat
    Sen. McCain didn’t just offer conservatives an olive branch. He dug up the whole bloody tree and handed us an ownership stake in the olive grove.

    She gets my vote too.

  • McCain Shakes Things Up with Palin Pick

    08/29/2008 10:47:03 AM PDT · 19 of 25
    Diva to workerbee

    I really had not cared much about this election until I started reading about this woman today. My husband just told me she has a downs syndrome child and that she knew before the child was born so her pro-life stand is not just rhetoric. Thank God I have a candidate I can vote for now!!!!! It also makes McCain look better to me, he’s a fighter jock and he has rolled the dice as a fighter jock should.

    Ruthy—smilin’ in Michigan

  • Bishops say Pelosi misrepresented abortion teaching in TV interview

    08/26/2008 4:38:46 PM PDT · 18 of 22
    Diva to SuziQ
    She doesn't care one bit about her 'faith', or God's teachings.

    I'll never forget the time I spoke to a young woman who I thought was a devout Catholic and who wanted to know why I didn't support John Kerry. When I told her I couldn't vote for a pro-choice Catholic she seemed truly confused and asked why. When I told her you couldn't be a Catholic in good standing and choose a pro-choice candidate over a pro-life candidate she told me she was pro-choice and a Catholic in good standing. I ended the conversation very quickly. She was a student and a minor and I figured I could take it no further. It is very dis-heartening to find Catholics who believe they are in communion with the Church when they are not. I blame their formation, where was her pastor on this one?

  • Personal Aside: Rockford Diocese Drops Mundelein for Seminarians—Guess Why?... (Catholic Caucus)

    08/01/2008 6:51:54 AM PDT · 14 of 14
    Diva to Diva

    Should qualify I don’t know the situation at Mundelein, just speaking of seminaries in general and in the past. Actually I have heard that Mundelein is getting better as, I believe are other seminaries. It takes time and it isn’t easy to negotiate decades of corrupt appointments and flawed ordinations.

  • Personal Aside: Rockford Diocese Drops Mundelein for Seminarians—Guess Why?... (Catholic Caucus)

    08/01/2008 6:45:47 AM PDT · 13 of 14
    Diva to tiki
    in the past if a young seminarian “told” he was often ignored and since most knew they would be ignored they didn’t often tell.

    Or both seminarians, the one who told and the one who he told on would be kicked out. Sometimes just the one who told.

  • Sex, cleaner of genomes

    06/22/2008 2:58:39 AM PDT · 4 of 21
    Diva to neverdem
    "Ultimately, we would like to know how long a species can abstain from sex without going extinct,"

    Doh! :-O

  • He’s baaaack: Obama supporter Rev. Michael Pfleger flogs Hillary’s “white entitlement” on the pulpit

    05/30/2008 8:45:34 AM PDT · 45 of 46
    Diva to Biggirl

    I wonder what it takes to refuse this “priest” the right to Celebrate Mass in Chicago? I know the ordinary can refuse to give visiting priests faculties but wonder what it would take to stop this guy who I assume is a priest from this archdiocese.

  • Man Butchers 15-Month-Old Nephew in Jeddah Supermarket

    03/04/2008 3:58:07 AM PST · 94 of 103
    Diva to K-oneTexas

    Of course horrible things have never been done to children in this country. This man will probably be executed in our country he would be declared insane and spend the rest of his life (hopefully) behind bars.

  • Italian tenor Di Stefano dies aged 86

    03/04/2008 2:54:09 AM PST · 9 of 9
    Diva to Borges

    Absolutely beautiful voice in his prime. Of course I only heard him on recordings and thank God for those!

  • Anti-Catholic pastor who endorsed McCain likened to Farrakhan

    03/01/2008 11:54:42 AM PST · 124 of 304
    Diva to The Ghost of FReepers Past
    I am sure Catholics can handle the fact that Hagee disagrees with their theology.

    While I agree that we Catholics can handle this I must point out that Mr. Hagee goes far beyond mere disagreement with the Roman Catholic Church, he is a religious bigot.

  • What I like about the French

    02/18/2008 3:37:44 AM PST · 8 of 34
    Diva to Jet Jaguar

    I really like one of the things Sarkozy would like to do. He wants every child in school to examine the life a of a child killed during the Holocaust so they (today’s children) will become familiar with this horror on a personal level. So many children are oblivious to what can happen when evil is allowed because of ignorance, he seems also to be of the opinion that Christianity matters. Of course he is being vilified by the usual suspects.

  • That's Just So WRONG! -Then Again, It Makes Sense...

    02/18/2008 3:30:08 AM PST · 5 of 84
    Diva to 60Gunner

    Oh my gosh!!!! Funny...but ick

  • The Deeper Meaning of Christmas

    12/29/2007 4:46:56 AM PST · 8 of 8
    Diva to Salvation

    Thanks for posting Salvation, after reading this morning’s news out of Seattle it helped calm me down.

  • Private: My wife has had an accident on Christmas Eve (Update @ #98)

    12/27/2007 6:27:20 AM PST · 105 of 107
    Diva to GAB-1955
    Thank God!

    just logged in after being off FR for most of December to see this. Hope she has full recovery of her hand.

  • Pope to purge the Vatican of modern music

    11/25/2007 2:49:58 AM PST · 43 of 49
    Diva to Jeff Chandler
    “This an awful song It heaven above...”

    Or my favorite, "Our God is an awesome God he rains fire from heaven above."

  • Pope to purge the Vatican of modern music

    11/24/2007 3:04:05 AM PST · 41 of 49
    Diva to virgil
    I don’t really know what we’re referring to when we reference “praise music”. But I think Sing of Mary is a beautiful song. Is this to say that we shouldn’t sing O Come Emmanuel at Advent?

    You are aware of the antiquity of that tune right? 12c if I remember right. The words used to be "Veni Veni Emmanuel," but the tune was the same. Sung in English, Latin or Swahili it is perfectly acceptable at Mass. Sing of Mary is newer of course but also acceptable at Mass. Praise and Worship Music is Protestantized rock hymns generally sung at Charismatic Masses, (though not all Charismatic Churches are into this sort of thing). Also, other hymns such as Sing a New Church into Being (old music new words), is heretical but continues to be sung at many Masses. Simply put, I don't think you can even compare O Come, O Come Emmanuel to something as lamentable as Our God is an Awesome God.

  • Pope to purge the Vatican of modern music

    11/23/2007 12:12:31 PM PST · 32 of 49
    Diva to Greg F
    When you freeze music for 100’s of years though, in my opinion, it becomes at best an acquired taste and at worst a form of worship that no longer leads to actual worship but just rote repetition . . .

    Music during Mass is suppose to bring you outside the world not place you at a "bar" or "social dance." That being said I think there is a place for praise and worship music but it ought not to be during Mass. Lots of so called modern songs (motets), have been written that are worthy for Mass and in English if that is the Language of your choice.

    The reality, sadly, is that you should have no problem finding a Mass to suit your musical and language tastes while those who search for a better musical liturgy i.e., more than IV, V, I chords, will most likely have to travel great distances. It's about substance; hot dogs as opposed to prime rib. Nothing wrong with hot dogs at the ball game. Nothing wrong with praise and worship music (as long as the words are not heretical), and this music is a part of Benediction, prayer service, etc. It is popular piety and there is nothing wrong with popular piety in its place.

    At Mass we should be offering to God our best. Praise and worship may be nice to listen to but it isn't the best. For instance, you could offer God Andy Warhol over Raphael, but why?

  • Will the Pope's Pronouncement Set Ecumenism Back a Hundred Years? (Challenge to Apostolicity)

    11/04/2007 2:39:35 PM PST · 10,391 of 13,166
    Diva to Forest Keeper; kosta50; OLD REGGIE; MarkBsnr; Kolokotronis
    While this seems to say that they were not technically Fathers, I still find it interesting how much influence they DID have over actual Fathers, even though they were "tinged with heresy". :)

    Most of the Fathers of the Church I am aware of are the ones quoted in Catholic Prayer books or books on theology. I always assumed the Fathers of the Church would also have to be declared Saints. Guess I'm wrong. Is there a criteria for determining who is and isn't? I would think they all had to be from the 6th century or earlier and of course writers, teachers, theologians and probably priests, bishops or monks.

  • Will the Pope's Pronouncement Set Ecumenism Back a Hundred Years? (Challenge to Apostolicity)

    11/02/2007 11:43:35 AM PDT · 10,313 of 13,166
    Diva to Forest Keeper

    Wasn't Origen considered an early Father? Yet, he was excommunicated. In addition, many of the original Reformers, now considered heretics, were humanly inspired by Augustine. All I was saying is that there were lots of Fathers who went off the reservation, as compared to the majority, on at least one issue or other. I'm asserting that the reason for that must have been the accusation of private interpretation.

    Pretty sure that was a local excommunication. You have me intrigued, I haven't spent that much time investigating all of the Fathers of the Church, there are quite a few. I'm not prepared to say that "lots" of the Church Fathers "went off the reservation" but will try to do more reading concerning the issue. Thanks.

  • Will the Pope's Pronouncement Set Ecumenism Back a Hundred Years? (Challenge to Apostolicity)

    11/02/2007 4:30:10 AM PDT · 10,290 of 13,166
    Diva to Forest Keeper
    Were not many of the early Fathers accused of heresy on specific issues?

    By who? Bishops, the Pope, or other Fathers of the Church?

  • you're not what was wanted, i'm afraid (intriguing assessment of pending TAC request)

    10/27/2007 5:17:14 PM PDT · 35 of 41
    Diva to AnAmericanMother
    Check out the Latin - especially noteworthy are the Byrd "Ave Verum,"

    I love this motet, we sing it at our parish. I'm trying to get Father to let us sing one of his Masses. Byrd was Roman Catholic but was employed by the Queen Elizabeth I, wasn't he?

  • Why I'm Catholic (Sola Scriptura leads atheist to Catholic Church)

    10/26/2007 1:32:40 PM PDT · 132 of 187
    Diva to NYer

    Interesting conversion account. My first questions while a young So. Baptist centered around the purpose of communion, the grape juice and cracker thing we would have at our church on occasion. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they even bothered to do it, it seemed silly. I read the Bible and talked to people and tried to understand why it was important, why would Jesus want us to remember something that seemed, excuse the expression, trite. When I began to take a look at the Catholic Church (mostly because I was intrigued by old movies like The Bells of St. Mary), and discovered that these people actually believed that there was a big point to Communion I was hooked. It took a few more years until I actually “Poped” and one of the reasons I was finally willing to offend my family was the thought that this Church has existed since the time of Jesus and so they have the experience. They’ve been around longer than the Baptists et al.

  • Jew to conduct Wagner in Berlin

    10/20/2007 11:02:47 AM PDT · 12 of 12
    Diva to nmh
    This topic is stupid - much to do about nothing and no truth to it.

    Which parts are not true?

  • Priests' opposing views on Latin Mass

    10/18/2007 6:37:50 AM PDT · 34 of 36
    Diva to Bigg Red
    The poor widdle things. Good grief! Sounds like a whiny girl.

    Sounds like he had a difficult time with Latin at the seminary.

  • Priests' opposing views on Latin Mass

    10/18/2007 6:34:21 AM PDT · 33 of 36
    Diva to maryz

    College seminarians at Sacred Heart in Detroit are required to take it.