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  • Eric Trump defends father over 'developing' immigration plans

    08/24/2016 11:10:44 AM PDT · by dlt · 62 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 8-24-2016 | Kelly Cohen
    When questioned about Trump's comments to NBC News' Chuck Todd last August that illegal immigrants all "have to go," Eric Trump said his father's plans have been evolving.
  • VIDEO: Bernie supporters in Philly say they’re voting Trump

    07/29/2016 3:39:33 PM PDT · by dlt · 25 replies
    Campus Reform ^ | 7-29-2016 | Cabot Phillips
    Campus Reform hit the streets with Bernie protesters to see whether they're staying loyal to the Democrats this fall.
  • Trump Responds to Ryan

    05/05/2016 2:55:46 PM PDT · by dlt · 375 replies
    Trump Website ^ | May 5, 2016 | Donald J. Trump
    DONALD J. TRUMP RESPONDS TO SPEAKER PAUL RYAN "I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan's agenda. Perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the American people. They have been treated so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians to put them first!" Donald J. Trump
  • Donald Trump reveals foreign policy team in meeting with The Washington Post

    03/21/2016 10:23:33 AM PDT · by dlt · 102 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 3-21-2016 | Philip Rucker and Robert Costa
    Donald Trump revealed part of his foreign policy advisory team and outlined an unabashedly non-interventionist approach to world affairs during a wide-ranging meeting Monday with The Washington Post's editorial board. The Republican presidential front-runner listed for the first time five of the individuals who are part of a team, chaired by Sen. Jeff Sessions (Ala.), counseling him on foreign affairs and helping to shape his policies.
  • White male GOP establishment wrong about Trump

    03/21/2016 7:37:32 AM PDT · by dlt · 9 replies
    Toronoto Sun ^ | 3-20-2016 | Crystal Wright
    To the American news media and Republican Party’s dismay, Donald Trump continues to be the 250-kilogram gorilla of a frontrunner in the 2016 presidential election. Trump is by far and wide the heir apparent to the GOP nomination. Yet, reading the Wall Street Journal’s editorial the day after March 15, when Trump won another round of contests, except Ohio, one was left with the impression that Trump was the biggest loser. Kasich finally won Ohio, the only contest he’s won so far.
  • Harvard Economist: Immigration Costs US Workers $500 Billion A Year

    03/17/2016 12:40:25 PM PDT · by dlt · 19 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 3-16-16 | Rachel Stoltzfoos
    Immigration effectively redistributes half a trillion dollars from U.S. workers to the businesses that hire immigrants each year, Harvard economist and immigration and wages expert George Borjas testified before Congress Wednesday.
  • If current trends continue, Donald Trump will clinch the nomination — but not until June

    03/15/2016 10:08:17 AM PDT · by dlt · 31 replies
    Vox ^ | 3-15-2016 | Andrew Prokp, et al.
    If the current trends in the GOP primary race were to continue, Donald Trump would win a majority of delegates and clinch the nomination — but not until the very last day of primary voting in June.
  • Donald Trump just hit a critical threshold for the GOP nomination — one that his opponents might not

    03/15/2016 9:26:18 AM PDT · by dlt · 95 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 3-15-2016 | Philip Bump
    The Northern Marianas are a collection of 15 islands in the Pacific Ocean, located at about the focal point of the Pacific Rim. It's a United States territory, 179 square miles of land -- an area smaller than New York City -- that happens to jut out above the surface of the water. And on Tuesday morning, before you even woke up, it made Donald Trump the first man to qualify for the Republican presidential nomination.
  • Delegates At GOP Convention Not Bound On First Ballot

    03/13/2016 3:29:25 PM PDT · by dlt · 78 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 3-13-2016 | Kerry Pickett
    A Republican National Committee Standing Rules Committee member told the membership Friday that convention delegates are not bound to cast their votes at the convention according to primary vote results in the first round of voting. Curly Haugland of North Dakota, a long time member of the RNC Standing Rules Committee, sent a letter to the RNC membership at large about this issue. He explained how he came to the conclusion that all Republican delegates who participate in the 2016 Republican National Convention are unbound on each ballot round, including the first. Read more:
  • New spin from GOP senators: Maybe Trump's not so bad

    03/02/2016 10:21:29 AM PST · by dlt · 33 replies
    Politico ^ | 3-2-2016 | Burgess Everett Anna Palmer
    Some Republican lawmakers say he could actually help them keep the Senate in November. But others in the party call that spin.
  • O’Reilly Dismisses Trump KKK Controversy as ‘Complete Non-Story’

    02/29/2016 8:10:51 PM PST · by dlt · 67 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 2-29-16 | Josh Feldman
    Bill O’Reilly briefly weighed in on the Donald Trump KKK controversy and dismissed it out of hand.
  • Trump: The First 100 Days

    02/29/2016 7:55:17 PM PST · by dlt · 16 replies
    Politico ^ | 2-29-2016 | Matt Latimer
    It’s time to start thinking about his—gulp—presidency.
  • Trump nabs endorsement from Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino

    02/29/2016 3:47:06 PM PST · by dlt · 13 replies
    Politico ^ | 2-29-16 | Daniel Lipman
    Rep. Tom Marino, a Republican from the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania, is jumping on the Trump train. Marino on Monday became the fifth sitting member of Congress to publicly throw his support to Donald Trump, as the Republican front-runner rolls toward Super Tuesday. Read more:
  • Tenn. lawmaker casts vote early for Trump (4th Congressional Endorsement)

    02/29/2016 2:51:22 PM PST · by dlt · 5 replies
    The Hill ^ | 2-29-16 | Christina Marcos
    Donald Trump secured his fourth congressional endorsement on Monday from Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.), who represents a state in the critical Super Tuesday contests this week. DesJarlais said in a statement that he cast his vote early for Trump ahead of Tuesday's primary in Tennessee.
  • The Suicide of the GOP Establishment

    02/29/2016 1:05:10 PM PST · by dlt · 34 replies
    Polizette ^ | 2-29-16 (I think) | Laura Ingraham
    Despite the Trump juggernaut, they refuse to rethink Bushism in their support for Rubio
  • RUSH LIMBAUGH SPARKS OUTRAGE After Suggesting Trump is Pandering for KKK Vote

    02/29/2016 12:50:56 PM PST · by dlt · 309 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 2-29-16 | Jim Hoft
    On Sunday Donald Trump went on CNN and was asked once again about David Duke’s endorsement. Trump told Jake Tapper he didn’t know anything about David Duke or white supremacy. This sent shock waves across the liberal media and GOP establishment circles.
  • Secretary of State (Kansas) Kris Kobach endorses Donald Trump for president

    02/29/2016 11:35:21 AM PST · by dlt · 14 replies
    Secretary of State Kris Kobach endorsed Donald Trump for president Monday, as the incendiary businessman marches toward Saturday’s Kansas caucuses with a lead among Republicans. Kobach, who has gained his own national reputation for a tough stance on illegal immigration, said Trump “stands head and shoulders” above other candidates on the issue and recognizing its effects on national security.
  • [Vanity] One day some caller phoned in to a show claiming Rubio sold "supplements" in college, and

    02/27/2016 5:41:17 PM PST · by dlt · 16 replies
    Podcast ^ | unknown | FinebaumFriday Radio Show
    Big Chris from New Jersey makes a lofty accusation. Paul is joined by Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, Booger McFarland of the SEC Network, and Tim Brando of FOX Sports.
  • Trump ahead in 8 of the Next 12 Primary States

    02/21/2016 5:01:23 PM PST · by dlt · 117 replies
    March 1 Republican Primaries and Caucuses
  • Rubio Surge Means Trump Wins The Nomination

    02/20/2016 11:50:08 AM PST · by dlt · 126 replies
    Daily Wire ^ | 2-20-16 | Ben Shapiro
    A close finish for second place in South Carolina means nobody leaves. Just as importantly, Marco Rubio's decision to cut up Cruz personally, suggesting that Cruz is a nefarious crook and brutal manipulator, means that Cruz will never drop out and endorse Rubio; Rubio obviously won't do that for Cruz, either. ... Which spells a Trump nomination.
  • The Trump supremacy

    02/20/2016 10:49:22 AM PST · by dlt · 72 replies
    Politico ^ | 2-20-16 | Kyle Cheney
    The Trump-Truthers are running out of arguments for why The Donald can't win the Republican nomination, and on Saturday, Trump could end that discussion entirely. With a victory here -- coming on the heels of a blowout in New Hampshire -- Trump would not only prove that he can win the primary, he'd cement himself as the race's frontrunner.
  • [November/December 2015 ]Prodigal Son: Marco Rubio’s complicated Cuban legacy.

    02/19/2016 6:27:55 PM PST · by dlt · 6 replies
    Politico Mag Profile ^ | By Ann Louise Bardach November/December 2015 | By Ann Louise Bardach November/December 2015Piotr Lesniak
    At first glance, Marco Rubio seems to be the boy wonder of 2016. On stage during the debates and at campaign appearances, he appears young, handsome, almost cherubic. But anyone who thinks that Rubio is naive, soft or inexperienced would be mistaken.
  • I Don’t Believe The Latest SC Polls - Here’s Why (Clemson and Opinion Savvy Polls Are Wrong)

    02/19/2016 1:28:38 PM PST · by dlt · 57 replies
    National Review ^ | 2-19-16 | Henry Olsen
    Two polls, one from Clemson University and the other from Opinion Savvy, have been released since I wrote my blog post on SC. Both have Trump in the high 20s, suggesting tomorrow night will be closer than I predicted. Here's why I discount each poll. Read more at:
  • Sales Pitch | Ted Cruz TV Ad (Very Effective Anti-Rubio Ad From Cruz on Immigration)

    02/18/2016 4:00:26 PM PST · by dlt · 19 replies
    Ted Cruz You Tube Account ^ | Published on February 17, 2016
    I am a Trump supporter, but this ad from Cruz is the most effective anti-Rubio Ad on Immigration that could possibly be. I have to give Cruz credit for this. No negative innuendos, just the cold facts.
  • Donald Trump is a bigger frontrunner to be the Republican nominee than you think

    02/18/2016 1:53:46 PM PST · by dlt · 121 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 2-18-16 | Chris Cillizza
    Why isn't Trump getting the credit and coverage he deserves? Because, at root, there is still a belief within the party establishment and the ranks of the media that he will somehow implode or voters will "wise up" or "get real" or something.
  • Murdoch tells Trump to "Calm Down"

    02/18/2016 1:51:19 PM PST · by dlt · 36 replies
    The Hill ^ | 2-18-15 | Jesse Burns
    Rupert Murdoch on Thursday urged Donald Trump to "calm down" after the GOP presidential candidate blasted the media mogul and his Wall Street Journal. "Trump blames me for WSJ poll, fights FoxNews. Time to calm down. If I running anti-Trump conspiracy then doing lousy job!" Murdoch tweeted.
  • Trump poised to win South Carolina.Cruz and Rubio battle for second place-Evangelicals and Independe

    02/17/2016 3:24:53 PM PST · by dlt · 23 replies ^ | 2-17-15 | Emerson University, SC
    In a new poll in South Carolina, Donald Trump holds a strong lead among likely Republican primary voters with 33% of the vote, followed by Ted Cruz (20%) and Marco Rubio (19%). John Kasich and Jeb Bush are far behind, with 9% each, and Ben Carson comes in last with 5%, despite a two-year focus on the state and the highest favorability rating (70%) of all the Republican candidates.
  • Nikki Haley: Anyone but Trump (Haley goes GOPe)

    02/17/2016 7:12:53 AM PST · by dlt · 96 replies
    CBS News ^ | 2-17-2016 | CBS/AP
    South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley says she may not endorse anyone ahead of Saturday's first-in-the-South GOP primary, but if she does, it certainly won't be Donald Trump.
  • Trump Schedules Competing MSNBC Town Hall Opposite Cruz, Rubio CNN Town Hall

    02/16/2016 10:40:15 AM PST · by dlt · 149 replies
    Breitbart News ^ | 2-16-2016 | John Nolte
    In yet another aggressive move that will thrill Trump supporters, late Tuesday morning, Jesse Rodriguez, Senior Producer of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, announced a town hall event with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump that will take place Wednesday night at 8 p.m. The night will be hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. The MSNBC town hall will compete directly with CNN’s long-schedule town hall with Trump’s two closest competitors, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio.

    02/15/2016 3:09:42 PM PST · by dlt · 186 replies
    Article claims that Cruz' citizenship papers are under seal, and he may not even be able to sit as a Senator. The fact is that someone, at some point, is going to make Cruz' place of birth an issue, and this is far more meatier than the Obama birther issue.
  • Why Donald Trump's vicious attack on George W. Bush was so brutally effective — and brilliant

    02/14/2016 11:19:26 AM PST · by dlt · 146 replies
    The Week ^ | 2-14-2016 | James Poulus
    "But Trump is not just running against Bushism. He's running against what it's a symptom of the certain kind of insider sophistry that he says defines the political class. That's why he was onstage at all last night. That's why he's in first place now. And that's why he's more at home in the GOP than so many want to admit."
  • Donald Trump: Bush Admin: "Everything is A Lie" (From 2007)

    02/14/2016 7:50:24 AM PST · by dlt · 48 replies
    Trump CNN Interview 2007 ^ | March 2007 | Donald Trump
    You Tube. Trump explained in 2007 that the Iraq War turned into a civil war; someday the US will have to leave and "it will be a disaster." Trump reached out to returning maimed Iraqi vets. Worth a watch.
  • Unbelievable ARG SC Poll

    02/13/2016 4:41:10 PM PST · by dlt · 51 replies
    American Research Group website ^ | 2-13-16 | American Research Group
    South Carolina Likely Republican Primary Voters Feb 12-13 Trump 35% Kasich 15% Rubio 14% Cruz 12% Bush 10%
  • This Should Shake the GOPe to its Core.

    02/12/2016 8:59:16 AM PST · by dlt · 57 replies
    From an attendee at the Baton Rouge Ralley last night.
  • Christie talks to Trump, and makes decision to drop out of race

    02/10/2016 8:32:40 AM PST · by dlt · 72 replies
    News was leaked by morning talk show hosts who were told by Trump
  • Iowa Post-Caucus Survey

    02/08/2016 4:10:44 PM PST · by dlt · 59 replies Tweet indicates that Trump had a lot of support in precincts where Rubio "won." I don't post very often, but I am a Freeepr fan. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  • President Bush Pushes Bailout Plan; House Republicans Resist

    09/26/2008 11:59:42 AM PDT · by dlt · 168 replies · 4,914+ views
    ABC News ^ | September 26, 2008 | JAKE TAPPER and RUSSELL GOLDMAN
    President Bush and Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain pleaded with GOP members of the House to end their party rebellion and quickly approve a Wall Street bailout plan.
  • The X Factor

    09/06/2008 9:52:36 PM PDT · by dlt · 15 replies · 163+ views
    Lynette Long Blog ^ | September 6, 2008 | Lynette Long
    The X Factor Gloria Steinem, in her September 4th editorial in the Los Angeles Times, came out strongly against Governor Palin claiming the only thing women have in common with Palin is an X chromosome. I respectfully disagree. Governor Palin knows what it is like to be a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister - things the two men on the Democratic ticket can never fully understand. She knows what it is like to grow up invisible in an incredibly sexist society, to be stared at, groped, and sexually harassed. She knows what it is like to be smaller...
  • Rudolph the Red Cell Terrorist:

    12/24/2001 8:00:37 PM PST · by dlt · 2 replies · 157+ views
    Texas Mercury ^ | December 25, 2001 | UPYRS Wire
    Rudolph the Red Cell Terrorist: Mysterious White-Bearded "Bomber" Downed by US Air Force Over the Dakotas COLORADO SPRINGS, CO— Air Force officials working out of the Cheyenne Mountain facility confirmed today that American F-15E fighters engaged and shot down a suspected terrorist aircraft. Powered by eight reindeer, the sled-like contraption entered American airspace via Canada, and refused to flash its IFF code, a radio signal that identifies aircraft to ground controllers. "It was a tough call," Air Force Colonel and F-15 pilot John Maser said while describing what happened. "There we were: an unidentified flying object had entered our defense ...
  • School apologizes for burning New Testament

    12/24/2001 4:49:53 PM PST · by dlt · 282 replies · 6,394+ views
    Jersualem Post ^ | December 25, 2001 | Shoshana Kordova
    BEIT SHEMESH (December 25) - The organization that administers Orot school in Beit Shemesh issued an apology yesterday for publicly burning a copy of the New Testament a student received from Christian missionaries. "Everybody knows we made a mistake," said Jordana Klein, spokeswoman for Sha'alei Torah. "We wouldn't do it again. We don't think it's the right thing to do." The book-burning took place in the school courtyard the week before Hanukka, after a teacher in the boys' school found that one of his sixth-grade students had brought in a Hebrew copy of the New Testament. The student received it ...
  • Israeli-backed PR campaign promotes Arafat "face of terror"

    12/16/2001 11:48:23 AM PST · by dlt · 2 replies · 148+ views
    Israel Insider ^ | December 12, 2001 | Ellis Shuman
    Hundreds of posters are being circulated around the world featuring a large, full-face photo of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. The caption on the bottom of the poster reads, "What You See Is What You Get." A closer examination of the picture reveals that it is actually a mosaic composed of thousands of little photographs depicting terrorist attack scenes. The poster, according to ynet, is being distributed to pro-Israel organizations, both Jewish and non-Jewish, in North America and Europe. Officials in Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs claim they are "not involved in distributing the poster." Diplomatic sources told ynet that ...