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  • Dinosaur proteins and radiocarbon wreak ‘Jurassic World’ havoc. Latest creationist research...

    06/29/2015 8:32:43 AM PDT · 10 of 34
    docbnj to .45 Long Colt

    “I just don’t have enough faith to believe in the evolutionary dogma of millions of years.”

    That’s OK, because knowledge of geology does not depend on any faith. It is like geometry, with a bit of chemistry and elementary anatomy thrown in.

    However, you have to learn something to understand it all, and not fall for this creationist stuff.

    Perhaps intelligent reading of the Bible would help. I was discussing this with a fellow Christian, and we both agreed that there is nothing in geology or evolutionary biology that contradicts any of the real message of our religion. (He is a Catholic, and I am a Protestant.)

    But a nice thing is, you don’t really have to believe in the facts of geology and evolution if you don’t want to. It probably makes very little difference in the way you live your life. It may limit your understanding of the world around you just a bit, but no one claims that knowledge alone saves us.

    So, have a great day!

  • Judge Blocks Ban on Dismemberment Abortion On Grounds It Creates An Obstacle for Women

    06/28/2015 7:14:56 AM PDT · 7 of 12
    docbnj to bestintxas

    When you pick a wife, try to find one with tender feelings.

    We are raising women who, after being kicked around on the career path and suffering several bad “relationships,” have become hard as quartz and tough as leather, with little heart left.

  • The Nazis against the church

    06/27/2015 4:50:08 AM PDT · 7 of 9
    docbnj to ealgeone

    In the diary of Joseph Goebbles, he wrote that once the war is over they would have to settle the score with the churches.

    Hitler and Goebbels were both nominal Catholics. But they were certainly not practicing their faith, and Goebbles was quite hostile to Christianity. Cartoons belittled priests, and until the end of the war there were subtle digs against religion in the most important propaganda films.

    I once saw in a university library a pamphlet given to Wehrmacht soldiers at Christmas season. It had nothing in it about the birth of Jesus: just evergreen trees, decorations, and things derived from the pagan Germanic past, but nothing specifically Christian. It was quite amazing.

    It reminds me that Christmas time for most Americans is shopping season, hurly burly, and (at best) family get-togethers. Oh, and parties.

  • GOP 2016 hopefuls Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee gain ground in WSJ/NBC News Poll

    06/22/2015 3:54:56 AM PDT · 7 of 19
    docbnj to Berlin_Freeper

    This is only a could-you-support question. The WSJ also ran an article saying that Bush and Rubio were consolidating their leads.

    All of these people are admirable in some way(s), and every one is worlds better than any of the likely Democrat candidates.

    The only ones who might make me stay home are Ron Paul and Donald Trump. The latter is unreliable. Ron Paul would be a disaster internationally, for he would not know how to handle the Russians and the Chinese and the iranians; and I do not adhere to his “do whatever you want” style of libertarianism, even though I agree with most of his economic and limited government ideals.

  • Gun ownership comes under fire

    06/09/2015 4:39:16 AM PDT · 5 of 17
    docbnj to rellimpank

    This is not a serious bill. It is what Gov. Christie has called “show time”: an extreme suggestion just to rally ones supporters, who in this case are the anti-gun nuts.

    The congressional agenda is cluttered with nonsense bills like this. And then the perpetrators will complain of “gridlock.”

  • How central banks have sown the seeds for the next financial crisis

    06/05/2015 4:17:59 AM PDT · 2 of 14
    docbnj to HomerBohn

    Here is how I see this. I am not an university-trained economist, so you can make your own judgment. Just think about it!
    1. We have been running a “stimulus” policy for years, through the Fed and through deficit spending almost all through the government. Even states with balanced-budget provisions in their constitutions have been evading the rules by piling up huge retirement-benefit provisions which do not figure in their official budgets. NJ has done this, and is rated in some studies as 49th or 50th in financial stability of all the US states.
    2. The policy is inflationary, and intentionally holds interest rates effectively near zero. Almost all countries have been doing this.
    3. With investment rates near zero, where does one put savings? A citizen can simply stop saving, which is what many people do. As a result, many retirees have barely enough saved to make it through one year!
    4. Investments in a zero-interest environment become extremely speculative, which means that many of them will be bad. That means misallocated investment, and the investment essentially lost. The high PE rations mean that people are going for the long shots, hoping that the future will be better. But only a few lucky investments merit such high ratios.
    5. There are some interests which profit by this inflationary environment: politicians, real-estate people. Both are misguided, and indulging in short-range thinking, but that is the way the masses think. One can hardly lose by playing on the gullibility, ignorance, and self-absorption of most people in the country. We are in a age where the motto should be: do whatever you want. A corollary is: it is always someone else’s fault.
    6. There is really nothing physically wrong with the economy! The world populations are richer than ever in history (almost everywhere except Cuba and North Korean). It should be easy to save for capitalization. Yet even the rich countries cannot find a way to save and invest efficiently; and if a few individuals do succeed, they are instant targets for the taxation authorities.
    7. Countries which cannot even balance their budgets will eventually short-change on their defense spending. Meanwhile, countries like Russia, which have always had trouble producing efficiently and creatively, will adopt a conquistador policy: if you can’t make it, invade and take it.
    8. War is the ultimate outcome.

  • Lincoln Chafee’s presidential platform? America to adopt the metric system, of course.

    06/04/2015 6:53:32 AM PDT · 16 of 59
    docbnj to SeekAndFind

    Of course we should adopt the metric system.

    But with common sense, and based on the experience of countries such as Britain and Canada.

    The secret is to adopt where it is easy, and where it makes sense, and keep what works. What works is standardized materials, such as 4x8 plywood sheets.

    Where change is easy, and educationally reasonable is (for example) to adopt °C. One could do that overnight. DO NOT memorize a conversion formula: it will just slow you down. Simply learn that 0°C is freezing, 20°C is room temperature, and 37°C is human body temperature. That is all you need to know to understand weather reports.

    The trouble is, liberals and socialists are not practical, moderate people; so they tend to go to extremes. They are by nature endowed with a strong streak of fanaticism.

  • Muslim Convert to Christianity Told to Murder Pastors ‘or Else’

    06/04/2015 4:44:19 AM PDT · 5 of 8
    docbnj to markomalley

    Ethiopia was Christian since the 1st Century AD. When the communists took over, they tried to eliminate religion, and were assisted by communist cadre from Castro’s Cuba. Ethiopian Bibles (almost all hand-written) were confiscated, and sold overseas as art items popular among European tourists who should have been ashamed, had they known that they were buying stolen goods obtained under such circumstances. Would they buy art works taken by the Nazis from Holocaust victims? Well, I guess they would, so nothing much has changed.

    Now Obama wants to be cozy with the Castros. The Pope thinks it is all right. The Ethiopian church was not under the Pope, so maybe he does not care. But he should.

  • After Violent Weekend, Emanuel Says Stronger Gun Laws Needed

    05/26/2015 3:00:29 PM PDT · 40 of 63
    docbnj to Jack Black

    “Quantity of guns”? I guess that he is not so good at the English language: it should be “number of guns.”

    But other than that, do we not see that ALL of the cities with the worst outbreaks of murders (and other criminal acts indicative of mass social disorder) are:
    *run by liberals;
    *populated by favored minorities;
    *have very strict guns laws already.

    Clearly, this is not a gun problem. It is a people problem. That could not be more obvious.

  • Polish president concedes election defeat to conservative challenger

    05/26/2015 2:06:51 PM PDT · 40 of 53
    docbnj to PotatoHeadMick

    Canada’s traditionally conservative province of Alberta recently elected a NDP (“New Democratic Party”) government. The NDP was called by one of my old Canadian friends “the communists.” They are about like Warren-Sanders democrats in the States.

  • Court Rules New York May Not Issue Pro-Life License Plate

    05/26/2015 1:56:06 PM PDT · 9 of 37
    docbnj to NYer

    The courts just declare “broad discretion,” which essentially means that some bureau can do whatever it wants.

    Believe me, these courts are corrupt as hell. I’ll take that back: hell is pretty straight-forward; these courts are more devious and crooked.

  • Banks as Felons, or Criminality Lite

    05/23/2015 1:47:43 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    docbnj to NRx

    So the banks supposedly manipulated currency, according to the GOVERNMENT?

    This is pure baloney. No one has more power to manipulate currency than the governments of the world: after all, they print the stuff; they “stimulate” the economies with it, and very few governments in the entire world have acted responsibly.

    So they blame the banks!!

    This is like Ali Baba being tried by the Forty Thieves.

  • Ticket for parking on grass in my own yard(PARKING TICKET)

    05/09/2015 4:45:37 PM PDT · 295 of 295
    docbnj to Jessica2677

    I really object to people parking. on the edge of my lawn. How can I prevent this?

  • Valerie Jarrett Must Go

    03/21/2015 6:51:37 AM PDT · 51 of 83
    docbnj to rktman

    Valerie Jarrett is the brains behind Obama. She is pulling all the strings: probably is the first female President in fact.

    If they got rid of her, Obama’s whole nervous system would collapse: he would fall to the ground, lose bladder and rectal control, and would just lie there, drooling. (I exaggerate only slightly.)

  • ‘Like an idiot I believed that’: Judge blasts DOJ over immigration claims, threatens sanctions

    03/21/2015 6:44:44 AM PDT · 16 of 60
    docbnj to 11th_VA

    I respect this judge, because he admits that he was initially taken in by administration lies. He gets a lot of credit for that.

    We need 50 million more people who can have enough self-respect to realize that they have been taken in by Obama.

  • Kremlin Planning Major Announcement, Stage Being Constructed in Red Square

    03/14/2015 6:37:48 PM PDT · 200 of 217
    docbnj to Georgia Girl 2

    Maybe he drank poison by accident. His last words were: “I thought that you said, the flagon with the dragon has the brew that is true...”

  • How your posh silverware makes food taste bad

    02/12/2015 11:09:08 AM PST · 53 of 69
    docbnj to ConservativeInPA

    Did they test bamboo or ivory chopsticks? What about plastic spoons from a fast-food restaurant? What about fingers? During the Middle Ages, people ate with only one utensil: a knife. The rest was handwork.

  • Charles Manson’s fiancée wanted to marry him for his corpse: source

    02/09/2015 12:25:08 PM PST · 41 of 58
    docbnj to Eric in the Ozarks

    These two make a perfect couple!

  • Greece has 'moral obligation' to claim German WWII reparations: PM

    02/09/2015 6:50:31 AM PST · 9 of 19
    docbnj to docbnj

    It is a basic fact that war is a negative-sum game. It is almost impossible to restore the damage without punishing people who had little or nothing to do with it.

    This is just a way for Greece to deflect the responsibility for their problems onto someone else. If they were to get reparations, they would spend them in a year on partying, and then would be as bad off as even.

  • Greece has 'moral obligation' to claim German WWII reparations: PM

    02/09/2015 6:46:44 AM PST · 8 of 19
    docbnj to I want the USA back
    How do you say “bull$h!t” in Greek? μαλακίες Try: malakies
  • UKRAINE: In interview General Clark called the most powerful weapon against Russian aggression

    02/09/2015 5:32:55 AM PST · 16 of 16
    docbnj to DoughtyOne

    “Isn’t this guy a known putz?”

    Actually, I had thought by now that he would be a FORGOTTEN putz. But you never can get rid of these weaklings: they keep rising from the mire.

  • Bloomberg Suggests Banning Young Minority Males from Gun Ownership

    02/08/2015 7:14:38 AM PST · 47 of 115
    docbnj to Thorliveshere

    Bloomberg is the FORMER mayor of New York City, and is a Democrat.

  • Jordan hangs two terrorists in response to ISIS atrocities. What will Obama do?

    02/04/2015 6:40:33 AM PST · 24 of 56
    docbnj to danamco

    ”He will go play golf!!!”

    Let 0 play as much golf as he wants, and take Biden and the rest with him. The more golf he plays, the less likely he is to be doing harm. I wish that he would play golf forever! That is how kind-hearted I am.

  • Jordan hangs two terrorists in response to ISIS atrocities. What will Obama do?

    02/04/2015 6:36:46 AM PST · 21 of 56
    docbnj to Kaslin

    But they hanged Al-Qaeda members. Those are not the same as ISIL/ISIS. It’s a good start, but this thing has to be thought out.

    I think that Jordan should announce that defectors and surrendering ISIL/ISIS people will be accepted for a week, but after that, no quarter.

    And we should do the same thing. I am sick of the dumb Rear Admiral who speaks for the military now, on behalf of the Obama people. What does a Rear Admiral know about a desert, anyway?

    Enough of the “boots on the ground” and the various puerile sports-analogies. This is not a child’s game. It is time to get serious. Do they think sandals on the ground will do better?

    I think that it would be fine to have a formal declaration of war. I was amazed and pleased last night to hear Krauthammer make the same suggestion. I would like independent declarations of war against ISIL/ISIS from Japan, Jordan, and others, on their own, with coordination, but no grand (supposedly US-led) “coalitions,” please.

    To often we lead, and certain so-called allies pretend support, and then everyone treats the US as a pariah for helping them.

    Right now, all our friends are being undercut by Obama. He is secretly trying to destroy the Egyptians, and control the results of the Israeli election. His buddies are actually working with the opposition to Netanyahu. Obama might as well be a terrorist enabler.

    It means that we also have work to do at home, short-circuting the creeps in the 0 administration wherever possible.

  • Sowell: Stormy Weather and Politics

    02/03/2015 3:38:28 PM PST · 9 of 14
    docbnj to gcraig

    ‘Why do carbon dioxide molecules behave like diodes? In other words, why don’t they block infrared wavelength energy as it travels towards the earth?”

    The “greenhouse gases” do NOT act as diodes. They do filter IR coming in. But as you probably learned in your astronomy class, the wavelength of the radiation is a function of the temperature of the radiating body. The Earth’s surface is much cooler than that of the sun! It radiates more in the IR band, and not at all in visible or UV wavelengths.

    Now, the global-warming enthusiasts do not mention several things. First, a greenhouse does not really heat up by the so-called ”greenhouse effect.” This has been understood for the better part of a century, so “greenhouse gases” is a misnomer. It is also the case that a car with closed windows, parked in the sun, does not heat up by this “greenhouse effect”, but merely because the heated air in the car does not have a chance to mix with the air outside. It is suppression of convention that does the trick. Rudolph Geiger actually proved this and described it in Das Klima der bodennahen Luftschicht, a classic book, but unfortunately not translated into English until after WWII.

    Another interesting thing is that the so-called “greenhouse gases” act like filters (though in a very complicated way). But like any filter effect, adding more filter only effects the light not already filtered. Think of a filter than filters out say 50% of the light. If you add another such filter, it filters out half of the remaining light, leaving 25% coming through, and so on. Thus adding more filters never leads to a “runaway”, but really a saturation of the process.

    It probably is much the same with filtering gases in the atmosphere. If this is ignored, then it could cause great overestimates of the effect of IR-filtering gases.

    The most important IR-flitering (“greenhouse”) gas is just water vapor, far more powerful as a filter than CO2. It’s behavior is very complex. which may explain why the models are so often in error.

  • Departing From Japan’s Pacifism, Shinzo Abe Vows Revenge for Killings

    02/03/2015 2:32:18 PM PST · 30 of 43
    docbnj to AmericanVictory

    I was hoping for this! Since we are not leading under Obama, I would like to see a whole slew of countries INDEPENDENTLY declaring war on ISIL/ISIS, so that the islamic terrorists won’t even know who will hit them next.

    I would love to help the Japanese in their effort!

  • Pentagon: Islamic State Burning Hostage Alive ‘Not The Act of a Winner’

    02/03/2015 2:06:59 PM PST · 21 of 54
    docbnj to lowbridge

    Rear Admiral John Kirby is a complete IDIOT. This is not about whether the islamic terrorist are winners or not. It is about EVIL.

    We need a completely new government in this country, if we are to have chance to survive. This war is not about whether or not to have boots on the ground or not, or any of the other stupid expressions and infantile sports analogies. It is about EVIL, and it is about SURVIVAL. It is about the fight for Life and for Freedom.

  • Sowell: Obama Versus America

    02/02/2015 2:43:46 PM PST · 21 of 30
    docbnj to jazusamo

    Thomas Sowell is a jewel. He is a clear thinker, a lucid writer, and in this case he knows from experience whereof he speaks.
    If you ever get a chance to hear Sowell when he was a guest on Milton Friedman’s TV series, don’t miss it. It is probably on YouTube somewhere.
    Ah, try, or

    And there are many more.

  • Jordanian government threatens to kill all Islamic State captives if their pilot is executed

    01/31/2015 12:09:00 PM PST · 24 of 32
    docbnj to SeekAndFind

    This is wholly legitimate. ISIS members are not in a recognized arm which observers Geneva rules. They thus do not get any protections given to combatants in a declared war.

    They actually can be executer in the field of battle.

  • Islam’s Self-Destructive Seed

    01/23/2015 7:22:45 AM PST · 14 of 19
    docbnj to SJackson

    I think that this article clearly misinterprets the message of those hadiths, which was an that an undesirable alternative outcome was possible. Mohammed was probably worried that “revisionists” would transform Islam from its original idealistic “purity.”

    If you read the Sermon on the Mount, you will see that Jesus had the same sort of worry, only expressed it more explicitly. Jesus was actually not a total optimist, and predicted that his followers would be a small minority, but nonetheless influential, just as a small quantity of salt flavors food.

    In the Torah, there is a prediction that the Jews, though chosen by God, will always be a small minority.

    A reasoned pessimism is nothing more than realism.

  • German judge defends right of men to pee standing up

    01/22/2015 10:06:52 AM PST · 15 of 67
    docbnj to Red Badger

    Restroom (or Canadian Washroom) for men in Germany is not a Herrn Raum. Raum means room as in space. Zimmer is room, meaning a room in a building..
    But in practice, what one usually sees on a restroom is WC, abbreviation for the English “water closet.” Pronounce it “vay, tsay.”

  • Russia says Donetsk attack on civilians 'blunt provocation'

    01/22/2015 5:57:01 AM PST · 4 of 6
    docbnj to docbnj

    And I forgot to add: Putin is supported by a huge proportion of the Russian population. Now Russia has historically produced some wonderful people; but in general, as far as policy goes: Never, never, never trust the Russians!

  • Russia says Donetsk attack on civilians 'blunt provocation'

    01/22/2015 5:54:34 AM PST · 3 of 6
    docbnj to McGruff

    Putin is merely interested in this as an opportune excuse to pursue his invasion of Ukraine. It is not just territory he is after, but the weakening or destruction of a neighboring country. It is the way his mind works, and the way he sees things.
    Let’s face it: Putin is a total barbarian.

  • President Obama’s State of the Union Address — Remarks As Prepared for Delivery

    01/20/2015 7:41:50 PM PST · 24 of 26
    docbnj to iowamark

    Blah, blah, blah! Who believes in Obama anymore?

    I did NOT listen to the speech, and thereby probably extended my life by about a month, and enjoyed doing something enjoyable instead of plaguing myself by listening to a liar.

  • N.D. Catholic school students to lead national anti-abortion march

    01/20/2015 7:36:05 PM PST · 3 of 3
    docbnj to Morgana

    How many right-to-lifers can there be in ND? For that matter, how many people are there in ND? And they are shrinking in population, at that.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the country does not care enough.

  • Arsonists attack office of German newspaper that printed Charlie Hebdo cartoons [Hamburg]

    01/11/2015 7:05:10 AM PST · 17 of 23
    docbnj to Lonely Bull

    Report in the Hamburger Morgenpost itself is here:—wir-sind-erschuettert-,5067140,29532008.html

    It calls the attack arson. Translating, it say: The arsonist came under cover of darkness and started a fire in the building of the Hamburger Morgenpost. Who and what was behind the deed is still unclear.
    “We are shocked at the arson attack on our firms building,’ said chief director Franz Niggemeier. “That such a thing happened in a liberal city so open to the world as Hamburg, shocks us. ... The police will have to figure out to what extent the attack is connected to the reporting of the Hamburger Morgenpost.”

  • Durbin, now in minority, subs for injured Reid as top Democrat

    01/06/2015 6:41:07 PM PST · 22 of 32
    docbnj to Ronin

    Accident? Beating?

    Who knows? All we can say is, he lose face.

  • Update: Boehner elected Speaker, loses 25 votes

    01/06/2015 2:43:23 PM PST · 223 of 272
    docbnj to C19fan

    I wonder how many of the posters for this subject are really Democrats sewing dissension.

    I just wonder.

    But I saw the picture of Boehner kissing Nancy Pelosi. This is revoltingly bad taste on several levels.

    Ughh! Does he think that this will make her his friend? How could he do that. Barf.

  • Barack H. Obama is the Greatest President of Modern Times (No, it is no satire)

    01/03/2015 2:21:44 PM PST · 61 of 86
    docbnj to South40

    Hrafnkell Haraldssonmore is something of a crank. His bio says that he is not a follower of an Abramic faith, nor an atheist, but rather a polytheist, according to old Norse traditions of his ancestors.

    He also seems admire Obama because Obama fixed the economy. I read that and thought, “Can this be real?” The whole website is like that: probably supported by some leftist multi-millionaire.

    If you believe that Thor causes lightning, I guess that it is easier to believe that Obama cures the economy. It is similar to the idea that being bled by leeches is good for one’s health.

  • Yarmuth: Cuban embargo has 'not accomplished anything'

    01/03/2015 2:11:10 PM PST · 6 of 23
    docbnj to SandRat

    People like this congress-critter say that our policy toward Cuba has not worked.
    But it is just true that the policy of relations (diplomatic, trade, and who knows what else) has been followed by many other countries, and that certainly has not worked, either.

    So the Castro regime has not changed. They do not wish to, and so they don’t.

    We should long ago have invaded Cuba. We should have done this when the Castro regime in effect invaded other countries by subversion, and by propping up communist police state elsewhere in the world.

    For now, we should do nothing, and turn to securing our own southern border. We need to cut out all immigration by Muslims, because each one is a time bomb.

    Then maybe we can worry about Cuba.

  • Egg prices expected to rise 'dramatically' across US after California law takes effect requiring

    01/02/2015 7:25:17 AM PST · 55 of 109
    docbnj to C19fan

    There are ways around this law. I am inspired by how farmers in the former East Germany managed to attain the ridiculous egg quotas decreed by the SED (Socialist Unity Party). The farmers and their family members went to the stores and bought up eggs which were subsidized as part of the social welfare plan. Then they turned in those eggs as their own production , and were paid at the higher “wholesale” rate given to the cooperatives and collective farms. The eggs were thus credited a second time against the goals of the latest Plan. This recycling of eggs earned them extra money, and made the Plan look successful, and everyone was happy. Government figures showed that people were just stuffing themselves with eggs. Of course, there never seemed to be many actually for sale, but that did not bother the planners.

    Now back to the USA, and the new CA requirements. In this case, a chicken farmer in IA need only to have a few “California pens” meeting the standards of the new CA law. (You can take it from there.)

  • Gun owners fear Maryland cops target them for traffic stops

    12/31/2014 12:38:21 PM PST · 136 of 147
    docbnj to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    Apparently the citizen did not have any gun with him.

    But if he had, and it was securely in the trunk, then he would have been protected when traveling interstate by Federal statute, no matter what Maryland’s laws are.

    As for SC, they issue carry permits only to SC residents or property-owners. They do not honor other state’s carry permits.

    NJ and MD, and parts of southeastern NY, and MA, do not in practice issue carry permits. I know NJ best: they have a procedure on the books, but in practice do not issue carry permits to ordinary citizens. They require that you have evidence ahead of time that you (as an individual) are under some direct threat, specific threat. Then they may take up to six months to issue a permit. They evade the 2nd Amendment, and ignore recent Federal court rulings on this issue, and get away with it because those rulings were not made in the Federal District to which NJ belongs.

    If the Federal courts do not get throughly packed with 0’s appointees, it is possible that the courts will eventually rule against NJ.

    NJ is generally a lawless state, anyway: it is ruled by its own politicized courts, who make up their own rules by fiat. We need a new state constitution here in the Garden State! But that would probably be of no use, because the state is virtually broke, and would not have the money to print copies of the new constitution.

  • Pakistani officials furious over country’s portrayal in ‘Homeland’

    12/27/2014 7:20:37 AM PST · 21 of 29
    docbnj to Jim Noble

    I have met some wonderful Pakistani immigrants to the US. When I got to know them a little, I asked why they moved here. The answer: they are Christians, and were beginning to fear for their lives. They don’t even wish to go back to Pakistan for a visit.

  • Putin Is Mentally Unhinged

    12/27/2014 7:11:04 AM PST · 24 of 100
    docbnj to Flintlock

    Putin is, in a perverse way, representative of the Russian mind. Russia has long been a country subject to invasions from the east by unproductive people bent on conquest. Eventually, Russia became a country which only understood conquest as the road to wealth. The creative minority has been selectively eliminated by emigration and revolution. The eight decades of communist rule were the most intensive for selection against civilizational characteristics, and the destruction of healthy traditions. Never forget that Putin is a KGB man, and their personnel were not picked for humanitarian characteristics.

    It is sad to say, but the Russian people are easily led, and admire and hug the lash.

    This is not to imply that our own current ruler is any better, though he is different. It is a good debate. Which is better as a leader: a paranoid madman with vigor; or a lazy, inexperienced, narcissistic weakling?

  • President Obama's Joke Calling Troops 'Santa in Fatigues' Silences Audience

    12/15/2014 3:18:36 PM PST · 22 of 111
    docbnj to Nachum

    We all know that 0 is a dim bulb, but his speech-writers are also pretty lame.

  • HOSTAGE DIED A HERO: Captive man was 'lunging for gun'

    12/15/2014 3:15:07 PM PST · 12 of 82
    docbnj to naturalman1975

    This was heroism — but also tragedy.

  • CUNY Professor Arrested on Riot Charge After NYC Protest Violence

    12/15/2014 5:59:35 AM PST · 12 of 15
    docbnj to dennisw

    An adjunct professor teaches usually part time, and has no tenure.

    Since modern poetry is generally formless and dense, and requires no talent, teachers of poetry require not much more than simply a pose. It means that this guy can easily be replaced. That is the good news.

    The bad news is that he will probably be replaced with another such.

  • Pope Francis says all dogs do go to heaven

    12/13/2014 6:34:41 AM PST · 171 of 211
    docbnj to FR_addict

    Actually, the Bible does not give any explicit picture of heaven: no pearly gates, no check-in by Saint Peter, and no animals are ever mentioned, unless a dog is a kind of angel.

    There is one direct reference by Jesus. He is asked by someone in a crowd (probably a plant from the opposition) one of those trick questions which occasionally popped up: would marriage apply in heaven? This poses a dilemma, obviously. Jesus answered that there will be no giving or taking in marriage in heaven, and moved on to more immediate topics. This implies that heaven is a spiritual state: no floating on clouds, no playing harps (as the cartoons would have it).

    There is a lot of pagan influence in many of our religious images, and the Catholic Church in particular takes readily to these features.

    And since ‘tis the season, I might as well mention that Santa Claus is not Saint Nicholas. Santa Claus is of Germanic origin, and is derived from Belsnickel (or Pelznickel), which means fur devil. He was supposed to visit around the winter solstice, with a whip to punish bad children, and a bag of toys for good ones. Saint Nicholas, on the other hand, was a priest in Anatolia (what is now Turkey), where they did not wear furs; nor did they have sleighs and reindeer. Decorating fur trees is a Germanic seasonal derivation from pagan times. All these things are fun, but they do not have anything directly to do with Christianity. I hope that this does not disappoint anyone! It makes little difference, because the customs are mainly harmless, and even enjoyable.

    Back to the Pope. He perhaps should have told the boy that he sympathized, but that he should save up and get another dog. We have many hardships, but we have to carry on.

  • McDermott: GOP Created Name "ObamaCare" to Symbolically Destroy Obama

    12/10/2014 10:06:47 AM PST · 54 of 61
    docbnj to docbnj

    I got it! McDermott deserves the nickname McDermatitis, because he is an red itch which needs to be scratched.

  • McDermott: GOP Created Name "ObamaCare" to Symbolically Destroy Obama

    12/10/2014 10:03:51 AM PST · 52 of 61
    docbnj to tellw

    It seems to be unclear who invented the term Obamacare. Most likely it was the media, for several reasons which I will not go into here.

    McDermott is complaining that the Republicans are tying the bill to Obama, as his responsibility. Well, ... he wanted to take credit for it. Biden was caught on-mic telling the President that it was a “big f___ing’ deal.” At this Obama smiled.

    Obama never has tried to give anyone else the credit.

    The official name of the bill is so self-serving, as well as clumsy and unmemorable, that a shorter name was necessary and almost inevitable.

    Note: McDermott is such a loon, that he deserves a nick-name of his own.