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  • Pistol under pillow shoots sleeping man

    04/05/2004 6:49:21 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 172 replies · 906+ views
    Washington Times ^ | apr. 3 | unknown
    <p>A man in Granite Falls, Wash., who slept with a pistol beneath his pillow woke up one morning last week to find the gun had gone off and shot him.</p> <p>The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Saturday that the man, who was not identified, went to bed Thursday night with a loaded .22-caliber revolved tucked under his pistol. Sometime during the night, the gun discharged and shot him in the chest, but he apparently didn't realize he was wounded until he awoke early Friday.</p>
  • No charges against man whose gun went off in screener's hand

    03/01/2004 6:44:50 PM PST · by dogbrain · 21 replies · 161+ views ^ | 2/28/04 | unknown
    <p>SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) -- A handgun went off at a courthouse checkpoint but it wasn't the owner's fault, the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office said.</p> <p>The 75-year-old owner, whose name was not released, had turned the gun over to security guards and warned them to be careful because it was loaded, said Cindy Chadwick, a sheriff's office spokeswoman.</p>
  • Trigger Happy

    10/15/2003 5:34:37 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 43 replies · 212+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | October 15, 2003 12:01 a.m. EDT | Mark Yost
    <p>WEST POINT, Ky.--A casualty list from the Knob Creek Gun Range, which hosted one of the country's largest machine-gun shoots this past weekend, would look something like this: Two dozen old appliances. A dozen junked cars. Tens of thousands of rounds of spent ammunition. Zero people.</p>
  • Take Out Al Jazeera

    09/30/2003 8:15:08 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 6 replies · 152+ views ^ | September 29, 2003 | Frank Gaffney, Jr.
    <p>The Iraqi Governing Council (search) -- the national authority created to represent and empower Iraqis until new constitutional arrangements and free elections can be effected -- recently caused a stir in Arab and Western circles.</p> <p>In one of its first official actions, it announced a temporary ban on the Al Jazeera (search) and Al Arabiya satellite television channels in Iraq.</p>
  • Nannyhood and Apple Pie

    09/26/2003 6:58:36 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 257+ views ^ | Oct. 2003 | Sandra Tsing Loh
    On the bulletin board at my frantic Gymboree in Los Angeles there are flyers, business cards, and tear-off slips for services targeted at every brand of overbooked, underappreciated post-feminist new mother. There are lactation support groups, baby yoga classes, eco-friendly housecleaners, Reiki-trained doulas, and a service that takes the notion of mother's helper to a whole new level: "Nanny and Me: For your caregiver and child—courses in Spanish that lovingly teach your Latina nanny the customs and daily practices of Jewish culture." This would be ripe fodder for Arlie Russell Hochschild, a sociologist and the author of The Second Shift...
  • When in Rome, plan to go home

    08/29/2003 7:05:07 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 17 replies · 238+ views ^ | 27/08/2003 | unknown
    A holiday in Italy can make you wish you lived there - but the reality, says Sebastian Cresswell-Turner, is that it's a land of almost unbridled anarchy "How lucky you are to be living in Italy." "That must be heaven." "I do envy you." If you live in Rome, as I do, you get used to comments like these. But you soon realise that the idyllic vision of Italy suffers from just one drawback: it is almost complete rubbish. Rome: unbridled anarchy For the first few months after you move here, all is indeed perfect. The sun is warm, the...
  • How was it for you? Viagra can leave a trail of ruined lives and shattered hopes, says expert

    08/29/2003 6:48:26 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 39 replies · 490+ views
    Independent online ^ | 27 August 2003 | Maxine Frith
    When it was launched five years ago, Viagra was hailed as a wonder drug that would revolutionise the sex lives of millions of men and women. The diamond-shaped pills became a bestselling brand and a designer accessory favoured by everyone from Robbie Williams to the former US presidential candidate Bob Dole. But a new book by a leading American doctor reveals the anti-impotence drug is failing to rise to the occasion. Dr Abraham Morgentaler, a urologist at Harvard Medical School who helped with the implementation of Viagra, says it is causing more problems for some couples than it solves. His...
  • Rook Di Goo<p>Ann Coulter's critics prefer to quote each other

    08/27/2003 8:14:21 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 25 replies · 170+ views ^ | 26 August, 2003 | by Daniel Sargis
    Ann Coulter's critics prefer to quote each other rather than deal with the arguments contained in Treason. Talk about inferiority complexes! You know, it really tosses some “elites” into paroxysms of envy that Ann Coulter has the moxie to write her convictions in plain English while their cowardice condemns them to a life of paycheck prostitution. As the elite intelligentsia pathetically shuffle through life staring at the insignificance of their politically correct Hush Puppies, Coulter ventures to the leading edge of thought. She makes a tough case and then documents her positions. Unlike the liberal idol Hillary, who employs numerous...
  • Eliminating Smoldering Coals

    08/26/2003 1:14:54 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 3 replies · 146+ views
    techcentralstation ^ | 8/26/2003 | Gordon Cucullu
    In the Vietnam War, when I first felt the pride of placing a green beret on my head, we in Special Forces had a dual mission: we were fighting an unconventional war in Vietnam and simultaneously training to be guerrillas. Our primary unit mission was to carry out a resistance movement behind enemy lines. We trained in sabotage, ambush and guerrilla warfare -- tactics of the weak -- for we were not strong enough to engage the enemy in positional warfare. These tactics are roughly similar to those employed by what Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld calls "dead enders" who...
  • Disney fini? Don't take the Mickey

    08/25/2003 7:59:41 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 22 replies · 443+ views
    telegraph online ^ | 25/08/2003 | unknown
    The French have never liked Disneyland Paris, blaming it for a host of cultural ills. But, as they relish its current financial woes, Philip Delves Broughton, who spent a day there with his family, says it's worth every euro Europe's "cultural Chernobyl", as one French critic called Disneyland Paris, is in meltdown again. Falling attendance, overspending on a new movie-themed park and those cursed terrorists are to blame. This month, it announced it would have trouble repaying its banks and the doomsayers are predicting bankruptcy. Small world: Disneyland Paris aims to bring the famous formula to Europe For those who...
  • Is Your Dog Fulfilled?

    08/21/2003 10:53:44 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 96 replies · 497+ views
    Slate ^ | August 8, 2003, at 5:33 AM PT | By Jon Katz
    I drive a couple of hundred miles each week so my border collies can embrace their destiny—or is it their ancestry?—by herding sheep at a farm. When I'm there, I'm always amazed at the scores of people who show up with all sorts of dogs, from avid herding breeds to bewildered mutts. Their owners are all eager to expose them to the ancient art. "I do agility, obedience, and therapy dog training," the owner of a Lab/shepherd mix told me, "and I'd love to add herding. We have Thursdays and Fridays open." America has enriched its children to the bone...
  • In Defense Of Prostitution

    08/21/2003 7:06:56 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 69 replies · 423+ views
    Legal Affairs ^ | Sept/Oct '03 | By Heidi Fleiss as told to Nadya Labi
    TEN YEARS AGO, I WAS ARRESTED AT MY HOME IN BEVERLY HILLS for pandering, which the dictionary defines as acting as "a go-between in sexual intrigue." In other words, I was a madam. After a jury convicted me of three counts of pandering, the verdicts were thrown out, but the government didn't give up. It made me the Al Capone of prostitution. I spent three years in a federal penitentiary in Dublin, Calif., for conspiracy, tax evasion, and money laundering. But it was the sex that got me in trouble. When I was a Hollywood madam, I had between 20...
  • Injured Dog Amazes By Taking Self To Vet

    08/08/2003 8:14:53 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 35 replies · 171+ views news ^ | August 8, 2003 | unknown
    CORBIN, KY -- A clever canine in Kentucky sought out his own medical care by limping to a local veterinarian's office after getting hit by a car, according to a Local 6 News report. Injured Dog Takes Self To Vet The 6-year-old dog, Scooby, ran away from his owners when his collar ring snapped during a recent thunderstorm. As he was running across a road a vehicle hit him, injuring his leg and tail....
  • 3 Arapahoe County Deputies Hurt At Firing Range

    01/20/2003 2:10:34 AM PST · by dogbrain · 51 replies · 696+ views, denver's 7 ABC ^ | January 15, 2003 | dunno
    Three Arapahoe County sheriff's deputies were injured at the firing range Wednesday when a gun accidentally discharged during a training exercise, Sheriff Grayson Robinson said. The deputies were not hit by any bullets but were bruised by shrapnel and blown concrete, Robinson said. The deputies were identified as David Kleinheksl, Charleen Briggs and Douglas Sauerbreit. The trio were part of a group of 16 deputies who were undergoing mandatory training at Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Facility, at 9008 North Highway 85. Before they can use the firing range, and before they can get their bullets, deputies have to have...
  • 2 Plaintiffs Settle In SUV Lawsuit 2 Plaintiffs Settle In SUV Lawsuit

    01/07/2003 2:29:33 AM PST · by dogbrain · 3+ views
    CBSNEWS.COM ^ | Jan.6, 2003 | By Bob Johnson © MMIII The Associated Press.
    (AP) Bridgestone-Firestone and Ford Motor Co. settled a lawsuit Monday with two people injured in a wreck that killed a civil rights leader. The companies did not settle with Earl Shinhoster's widow, Ruby, and the trial of her wrongful death claims continues Tuesday with jury selection. Attorneys and others involved would not discuss the settlement because Macon County Circuit Judge Howard Bryan placed them under a gag order until after the trial. The settlement was confirmed by several sources close to the case who spoke on condition of anonymity. Shinhoster, a former NAACP acting executive director in Atlanta, was a...
  • DoD's Tail Is Wagging the Dog [kinda long....]

    06/13/2001 9:23:11 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 1+ views
    Naval Institute Proceedings ^ | June 2001 issue | by William J. Toti
    DoD's Tail Is Wagging the Dog by William J. Toti &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Why does a dog wag its tail? Because the dog is smarter than the tail. If the tail were smarter than the dog, the tail would wag the dog.&quot; This tease line from the movie Wag the Dog comes to mind nearly every day now. Over the past decade, I have been transferred from the operating forces to the Pentagon three times to work weapon development and acquisition issues. In that time, I have learned one important lesson: whenever a conflict emerges between career Pentagon bureaucrats and ...
  • DoD's Tail Is Wagging the Dog [kinda long....]

    06/13/2001 9:22:53 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 1+ views
    Naval Institute Proceedings ^ | June 2001 issue | by William J. Toti
    DoD's Tail Is Wagging the Dog by William J. Toti &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Why does a dog wag its tail? Because the dog is smarter than the tail. If the tail were smarter than the dog, the tail would wag the dog.&quot; This tease line from the movie Wag the Dog comes to mind nearly every day now. Over the past decade, I have been transferred from the operating forces to the Pentagon three times to work weapon development and acquisition issues. In that time, I have learned one important lesson: whenever a conflict emerges between career Pentagon bureaucrats and ...
  • DoD's Tail Is Wagging the Dog [kinda long....]

    06/13/2001 9:22:24 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 1+ views
    Naval Institute Proceedings ^ | June 2001 issue | by William J. Toti
    DoD's Tail Is Wagging the Dog by William J. Toti &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Why does a dog wag its tail? Because the dog is smarter than the tail. If the tail were smarter than the dog, the tail would wag the dog.&quot; This tease line from the movie Wag the Dog comes to mind nearly every day now. Over the past decade, I have been transferred from the operating forces to the Pentagon three times to work weapon development and acquisition issues. In that time, I have learned one important lesson: whenever a conflict emerges between career Pentagon bureaucrats and ...
  • FBI agent shoots himself in accident

    06/12/2001 7:16:37 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 1+ views via ^ | Appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on June 12, 2001. | By CORISSA JANSEN of the Journal Sentinel staff
    State's No. 2 leader injured in training exercise in Muskego By CORISSA JANSEN of the Journal Sentinel staff Last Updated: June 11, 2001 The Wisconsin FBI's second-in-command shot himself in the leg during a training exercise at a Muskego shooting range, police said Monday, but FBI representatives refused to release any information on the accident. It was the first such incident at the practice facility, which is used by the FBI and Milwaukee and Muskego police. The agent, Jeffrey J. Berkin, 44, shot himself in the left thigh after apparently neglecting to check for bullets in the chamber of his ...
  • Six Children Dead in Japan School Stabbing

    06/07/2001 10:11:00 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 1+ views
    Reuters (via Yahoo!) ^ | Friday June 8 12:29 AM ET | By Keiko Kanai
    Six Children Dead in Japan School Stabbing By Keiko KanaiIKEDA, Japan (Reuters) - Six Japanese children were killed on Friday and more than 20 others injured, several critically, by a man who burst into their elementary school classroom and began stabbing at random.The attack, unprecedented in traditionally safe Japan, took place in the middle of morning classes at the elementary school in Ikeda, a suburb of the western city of Osaka.``Six dead and more than twenty others are injured,'' an official at the Ikeda fire department said. Japanese media reported that most of the injured children were in the first ...
  • The Barney Fife Navy

    06/07/2001 2:29:06 AM PDT · by dogbrain · 1+ views
    Frontpage Magazine ^ | June 6, 2001 | Tanya Metaksa
    The Barney Fife Navy | June 6, 2001 WITH EVERY PASSING DAY the consequences of eight years of Clinton-Gore become clearer. The legacy that Bill Clinton tried to leave is unraveling across the globe. The Mid-East peace that he tried to shove down the throats of the Israelis has led to more death and destruction. The once revered federal crime-fighting federal agency, the FBI, is accused of failing to provide crucial documents during the Oklahoma City bombing trial. If all that is not enough, we are now learning the true story of our unprepared military. The May 28, 2001 ...
  • New guns for Tacoma [Police Dept., that is....]

    06/01/2001 9:12:35 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 1+ views
    The Sight M1911-A1 ^ | from todays email | New guns for Tacoma
    New guns for Tacoma After testing several weapons, officers ready to receive updated tools to serve and protect By Stacey Burns and Russ Carmack Ninety years ago, the Colt M-1911 handgun debuted in the U.S. military and quickly gained international appeal because of its quickness, accuracy and reliability. Now, those same qualities have attracted the Tacoma Police Department to an updated 1911-style weapon as one of two handguns that are replacing the Beretta 96Ds issued to the department's nearly 400 officers. &quot;We're the first major police department to transition to the 1911 in 50 years,&quot; said Sgt. Mark Jenkins, the ...
  • Woman kills her former husband

    06/01/2001 3:57:47 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 1+ views
    Mobile Register ^ | 05/30/01 | By BRENDAN KIRBY
    Woman kills her former husband 05/30/01 By BRENDAN KIRBY Staff Reporter FOLEY - A woman eluded a gunshot fired by her ex-husband Monday night and killed him with a return shot from her own pistol, authorities said Tuesday. William Franklin Lewis, 46, was shot in the chest shortly before midnight, staggered out of the Deborah Court house of his ex-wife and collapsed on the porch next door. He was pronounced dead at 1:07 a.m., said Baldwin County Deputy Coroner Stan Vinson. The gun battle appears to have been the culmination of months of escalating conflict between Lewis and his former ...
  • Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over [kinda long]

    05/31/2001 10:01:34 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 1+ views
    American Legion Magazine ^ | June Issue, Vol. 150, No. 6 | By Donald P. Hodel
    Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over California has rejected nearly every effort to solve its power crunch. Now, there's no choice. By Donald P. Hodel June Issue, Vol. 150, No. 6 THE ONLY SURPRISE in this past winter's power crisis in California is that it took so long to arrive. Knowledgeable observers have been shaking their heads for years over the incredible short-sightedness of California's politicians, who - beholden to the green extreme - have rejected every effort to do something about the inevitable power crunch. It arrived with a vengeance. No Green Light. In the 1980s, I had ...
  • Wal-Mart Shooting

    05/24/2001 7:30:06 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 141+ views ^ | May 22, 2001 | dunno...
    Police Shoot Suspected Shoplifter After She Wounds Three R O C K F O R D, Ill., May 22A woman accused of shoplifting at a Wal-Mart store in Rockford, Ill., shot and wounded three employees at the store today before police shot and killed her, authorities said. One victim was reported in fair condition, while the other two were being treated for injuries that were not considered life-threatening. All three were Wal-Mart employees, police said. Hospital officials identified the dead woman to The Associated Press as 33-year-old Laura Gassaway. Woman Tried to Buy Ammo Police said store employees confronted her ...
  • Man Killed In Gun Battle Was Wanted

    05/18/2001 4:03:45 PM PDT · by dogbrain
    KCBS Channel ^ | Friday May 18 03:22 AM EDT | dunno....
    Police Thursday identified the suspect who was shot dead during a brief but intense gun battle with LAPD (news - web sites) officers Wednesday night. According to the LAPD, Armando Padernal popped out of a trash dumpster with a handgun in each hand and fired on approaching officers who'd determined that the suspect was holed up in the container. A short burst of return fire from police left Padernal dead. The 19-year-old Los Angeles man was wanted for the attempted murder of a California Highway Patrol officer nearly a week ago, according to authorities. Wire reports said that a Northeast ...
  • Politically Incorrect Movie Reviews

    05/12/2001 12:14:38 AM PDT · by dogbrain
    Sierra Times ^ | 05.11.01 | RadioFree Rocky D
    Rocky D is Back at the News Ranch. Introducing the new feature to be seen every Thursday here at Sierra Times. You'll need to read this before dropping bucks at the local movie house each week. Also for those folks in Dixie: We'll be giving away movie tickets in the future. Stay tuned... Have you ever noticed that the Hollywierd crowd is constantly telling us common folk that cigarettes are evil, guns are evil, eating meat is evil and using gasoline is evil? Yet in every movie, there are meat-eating, gun-toting, ciggy-smokin' heroes piloting around gas-guzzling vehicles. Kind of hypocritical, ...
  • Calif. court to decide gunmaker liability suit

    05/07/2001 6:16:56 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 120+ views
    San Jose Mercury News ^ | May 07, 2001 | dunno
    SAN JOSE -Not far from the site of one of the worst gun massacres in San Francisco history, the California Supreme Court on Wednesday will be thrust into the debate over whether the gun industry ought to pay a price for the way criminals use weapons. The seven justices are reviewing an unprecedented state appeals court ruling from last year that opened the door for negligence lawsuits against gunmakers in California. In that ruling, a divided 1st District Court of Appeal panel concluded that gun manufacturers could be sued for negligence if they market and sell weapons with disregard for ...
  • George F. Will interview by Naval Institute Press

    05/05/2001 10:43:14 PM PDT · by dogbrain
    U.S. Naval Institute Press ^ | May, 2001 issue of 'Proceedings' | Fred L. Schultz
    Proceedings: A perennial favorite subject of discussion in this magazine is the civil-military gap&#151;perceived or not. What can the military do to relate better to the civilian population? Will: The beginning of wisdom is to understand that the gap is real, the gap is not necessarily bad, and the gap cannot and should not be closed. That is, military professionals are different, they have different functions, they have different demands, and they have different and&#151;let&#146;s be candid&#151;higher standards than the ones generally applied to those of us who are just in journalism or selling insurance or filling teeth. The ...
  • Courage in the night at Nam Dong

    05/05/2001 10:17:12 PM PDT · by dogbrain
    American Legion Magazine ^ | May Issue, Vol. 150, No. 5 | By Dan Allsup
    Courage in the night at Nam Dong Donlon's unit held tough, fighting off a bloody VC raid By Dan Allsup May Issue, Vol. 150, No. 5 I t was 2 a.m. on July 6, 1964, and Capt. Roger Donlon uneasily patrolled Nam Dong, a small outpost of freedom in Vietnam, where he commanded the U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment A-726. "I can't put my finger on it, but something's wrong," Donlon mused silently, wringing a final harsh drag from his cigarette. It was quiet, maybe too quiet, and he wasn't the only trooper feeling uneasy. "I don't think we'll see ...
  • Perilous Parallels: Is the United States setting itself up for another Pearl Harbor?

    05/05/2001 5:15:14 PM PDT · by dogbrain
    American Legion Magazine ^ | May Issue, Vol. 150, No. 5 | By Frank Gaffney Jr.
    On Memorial Day, a film depicting the day President Franklin D. Roosevelt correctly predicted would "live in infamy," will open around the country. Images of Japanese Zeros and dive-bombers strafing Americans and destroying their ships and aircraft will soon fill movie theaters. "Pearl Harbor" will be more than entertainment. It will serve as a powerful reminder of the grave dangers that can arise when this nation fails to recognize and respond appropriately to developments overseas that threaten vital interests - and even physical security. How much more infamous would it be if the United States were to make that perilous ...
  • Judge Dismisses $10 Billion PG&E Suit

    05/02/2001 10:14:33 PM PDT · by dogbrain
    Reuters via Yahoo! ^ | Thursday May 3 12:19 AM ET | dunno
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters)A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Pacific Gas & Electric against the California Public Utilities Commission (news - web sites) (CPUC) which sought to recoup some $10 billion from ratepayers for money spent buying energy on the volatile wholesale market. San Francisco City Attorney Louise Renne, who intervened in the case opposing the emergency funding request by the state's largest utility, said the suit was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Ronald Lew. "It would be unfair to California ratepayers who have paid artificially high energy bills to change the terms of the deregulation law ...
  • OASIS FOR GUN LOVERS: Resort aims to change view

    04/30/2001 4:39:31 PM PDT · by dogbrain · 213+ views
    Las Vegas Review-Journal ^ | Sunday, April 29, 2001 | By GLENN PUIT, REVIEW-JOURNAL
    It wasn't the gambling or Hoover Dam that brought Richard Guerra Cabral from Los Angeles to Southern Nevada last weekend.It was the Uzis.On April 20, Cabral stood in the desert near the Clark and Nye county borders and held in his hands a forbidden fruit for many Californians -- a fully automatic Uzi 9 mm submachine gun capable of firing 600 rounds per minute."I call it therapy," said Cabral, just moments after he pulled the trigger, letting loose a barrage of bullets at a shooting target.Cabral wasn't alone. Standing next to him at one of the training ranges at Front ...
  • Gunman, Two Victims Dead in Florida

    04/27/2001 3:48:12 PM PDT · by dogbrain
    Reuters via Yahoo ^ | Friday April 27 3:38 PM ET | dunno...
    HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (Reuters)A gunman shot four people, two of them fatally, at a high-rise condominium building in the Fort Lauderdale suburb of Hollywood and was himself killed Friday.Police confirmed the gunman was dead.They initially said he had survived a shootout with police but later added they did not know whether he died in the exchange of fire or committed suicide.Police did not have a motive and did not know whether the gunman knew any of the victims, one of whom was a pregnant woman.The gunman opened fire in the apartment parking lot near a busy traffic circle, fatally shooting a ...
  • Navy Panel Says No Criminal Charge for

    04/13/2001 10:27:48 PM PDT · by dogbrain
    yahoo ^ | Friday April 13 10:43 PM ET | By Joan Conrow
    HONOLULU, Hawaii (Reuters)A U.S. Navy court of inquiry is recommending that the captain of a U.S. submarine that sank a Japanese fishing boat off Hawaii in February should not face criminal charges, a Navy official said on Friday. Three U.S. admirals who conducted last month's formal probe into the USS Greeneville (news - web sites)'s Feb. 9 sinking of the trawler, the Ehime Maru, presented their panel's findings and recommendations Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Thomas Fargo in a meeting on Friday at Pearl Harbor Naval Base on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The nearly 2,000-page report, which includes a written ...
  • Diaper Rash In Academia

    04/04/2001 5:28:59 PM PDT · by dogbrain ^ | Week of Mar. 18, 2001 | Fred Reed
    Diaper Rash And The Politics Of Academia Universities In All But Fact The next boom market may be in accouterments for faculty lounges at universities. I have in mind training bras and, for the women, maybe penis gourds -- big ugly ones, such as denizens of New Guinea's rain forests wear. The idea isn't as strange as it seems. A penis sheath might double as a Walkman antenna, and you could fly a Cuban flag from one. But their real purpose would be much like a child's throwing creamed spinach from a high chair: To make Mommy mad. That now ...
  • Military memorial not PC enough

    04/02/2001 9:32:46 PM PDT · by dogbrain ^ | Monday, April 2, 2001 | By Jon Dougherty
    Military memorial not PC enough Critics say monument to those who 'gave their lives' not 'diversified' By Jon Dougherty © 2001 Critics of a planned memorial on the University of Georgia campus to commemorate alumni who "gave their lives" in military service to the United States say the honorarium is not "diversified" enough. Specifically, critics -- who are blocking the erection of the memorial on campus -- say it should also include persons who served in the Peace Corps, and that names on the memorial wouldn't honor women. Also, they have complained that homosexuals and lesbians -– who are ...