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  • Ross Perot Steps Up for Beleaguered Texas Planned Parenthood [Donates $1 million[

    08/30/2013 9:59:47 PM PDT · 29 of 53
    dupree to gleeaikin

    When you support Planned Parenthood you support the killing of an innocent unborn child. If you support Planned Parenthood you support evil. I don’t care how many free condoms they give away.

  • After Five Centuries of Division, Catholics and Lutherans Consider Their Common Heritage

    08/24/2013 9:35:34 PM PDT · 75 of 75
    dupree to slapshot

    What church do you belong to? I’m curious and would like to know how your church survives without passing a collection plate, donations from its members, funds from fundraisers or any other ways to raise money. Please tell me how your church functions without money.

  • Sopranos' star James Gandolfini guzzled at least eight drinks during his final meal: source

    06/25/2013 11:09:08 PM PDT · 89 of 107
    dupree to CaptainK

    I would give it another try. I liked Season 1, but it wasn’t my favorite. Unlike most TV series that have their best seasons early on, the Sopranos got better as it went along. The acting, the writing, the new characters, the locations (New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Italy, L.A.—they really traveled to these places, unlike a lot of series that shoot every scene in a studio)—everything got better. Season 6 Part II (the final) was one of the best, unlike a lot of shows that run out of steam and are canceled. My only complaint is that a couple episodes had dream sequences, which I found difficult to get into.

  • Sopranos' star James Gandolfini guzzled at least eight drinks during his final meal: source

    06/21/2013 11:57:14 PM PDT · 79 of 107
    dupree to CincyRichieRich

    Who cares??? Obviously, millions of Gandolfini’s fans care. It’s only fitting that the greatest TV actor of all time would get this much attention. But I’m biased-—I loved the Sopranos and consider it the best TV show ever made. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

  • Roger Ebert – Last Of A Long Lost Breed

    04/14/2013 1:48:16 AM PDT · 37 of 39
    dupree to ArrogantBustard

    Banal??? This movie was groundbreaking and quite controversial when you compare it to other movies in the late ‘60s. Every character, from leads to bit parts, was interesting and original. Benjamin’s landlord (Norman Fell) and Mr. Robinson are both hilarious.

    Silly??? Elvis movies and Beach,Blanket,Bingo are silly. The Graduate is not. Some of the funniest scenes are the little things, such as ‘track star’ Benjamin running to the church after running out of gas or the toaster popping up after Benjamin tells his parents he’s going to marry Elaine.

    Forgettable??? I’ve seen this movie at least 10 times and will probably see it a few more times. If you’re looking for bathroom jokes or frat house humor then the Graduate is not the movie for you.

  • Michelle Obama Invokes Slain Hadiya Pendleton to Enter Gun Debate [“Hadiya ...Was Me And I Was Her”]

    04/10/2013 10:08:11 PM PDT · 25 of 28
    dupree to Steelfish

    She doesn’t even know this girl. She never even met this girl. How can someone cry for a person that he/she doesn’t know or has ever even met?

    Even though a lot of terrible things happen in the world (just read the newspaper or watch the news), I don’t think that I have ever cried for someone I didn’t know. I might feel sad or upset, but I don’t actually shed tears.

    People like Michelle Obama that cry for strangers are phony attention-seekers with self-serving agendas. Plain and simple.

    If anyone thinks differently let me know where I am wrong on this.

  • First Presbyterian celebrates Passover Seder

    04/02/2013 12:48:31 AM PDT · 2 of 5
    dupree to Cronos

    Why do supposed Christians have the urge to celebrate other religious groups’ holidays? I don’t get it.

    I don’t see a lot of Jews celebrating Christmas or Muslims celebrating Easter. I don’t see a lot of Buddhists celebrating the Ascension or Hindus celebrating All Saints Day.

    All of these things people do to show they are “inclusive” just come across as phony and self-serving.

  • The Baby Who Came Back From The Dead: Mother, 22, Sues Abortion Clinic

    04/01/2013 11:45:30 PM PDT · 17 of 20
    dupree to Steelfish

    Everyone that has posted a comment should re-read the article.

    If everything she has said is true, she doesn’t deserve all of these nasty comments.

    She chose to abort because her life was in danger and she could have died, leaving her son motherless. This is one of those “life of the mother” exceptions that most people would agree with. Most people in her shoes would do the same thing.

    If she was truly treated this way she should sue those quacks and inform the community of their actions and bad judgments. I hope the jury awards her thousands more than she is asking for. What they did was horrible.

    Keep in mind-—she was told she could die. She wasn’t aborting for birth control or because the child would cramp her lifestyle. Thank goodness things turned out the way they did. I wish them the best, especially for the the sake of the little ones.

  • Michelle Obama says ‘hard choices' needed on guns

    02/28/2013 11:49:06 PM PST · 6 of 40
    dupree to 2ndDivisionVet

    I don’t recall Laura Bush bragging on every TV show she was “first lady of the United States of America.” Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    She’s just like everyone else until she reminds us that she’s better than everyone else because she has some meaningless title. She’s arrogant and full of herself and has ZERO class.

  • Why Was Michelle Obama At The Oscars?

    02/25/2013 8:44:40 PM PST · 9 of 30
    dupree to Steelfish

    God, I miss Laura Bush.

  • LIVE: At the Oscars

    02/24/2013 10:22:10 PM PST · 391 of 478
    dupree to nutmeg

    It’s happened before. Barbra Streisand and Katharine Hepburn tied for best actress in l969.

  • Is There Any Event the Obamas Won't Ruin?

    02/24/2013 9:16:37 PM PST · 16 of 114
    dupree to originalbuckeye

    For Oscar fans this is OUTRAGEOUS! I used to love to watch the Academy Awards when I was a kid in the 70’s. Good movies, good acting. Now the show is just a joke. How appropriate that one of the Obama clowns shows up to ruin the show even more.

  • Michelle Obama Does 'The Bump' With Cross-Dressed Jimmy Fallon

    02/24/2013 12:05:41 AM PST · 27 of 32
    dupree to chessplayer

    I can’t believe this “fashion icon” hasn’t noticed how ridiculous she looks with that AWFUL wig glued to her head! You can’t even see her eyes under her bangs.

    A message to Jimmy Fallon: You’re Not Funny!

    A message to Michelle: Go Away!You’re Annoying!

  • Hillary Clinton to Charge $200,000 per Speech

    02/23/2013 11:37:51 PM PST · 15 of 34
    dupree to 2ndDivisionVet; CitizenUSA

    The amount in the article says $1,89,000. I think they meant to say $189,000.

    I wouldn’t pay $1.89 to hear either of these frauds speak.

  • Joe Paterno's widow to appear on Katie Couric's talk show

    02/05/2013 10:19:28 PM PST · 67 of 127
    dupree to FlJoePa

    How many times have you heard people say, “I just don’t want to get involved.”

    Is it possible that Paterno was one of these types of people?

    I know several people like this. You mention a problem to them and they don’t want to deal with it or they ignore it. There is something in their human nature that makes them like this. They don’t even see the problem. It doesn’t even register. Plus they have the ability to move on to other things as though the problem doesn’t exist. In Paterno’s case you’re dealing with an elderly man who’s got the whole football program on his shoulders. I think he knew Sandusky was a problem, but he was incapable of dealing with it.

  • World’s largest Marian statue unveiled in Bolivia

    02/05/2013 12:38:31 AM PST · 40 of 73
    dupree to sasportas

    I have been in many Catholic churches in my lifetime and have never witnessed “idol worship” of a statue of Mary or any other statue. In fact, one of the things I like about a Catholic church is that they have beautiful paintings, stain-glass windows, and statues.

    I’m curious-—do you have photographs of family members or paintings in your house? Wood carvings or ceramic figures or dolls? Christmas ornaments? Do you visit museums? I’m sure the answer is ‘no’ since you are anti-idol worship.

  • A good friend is considering joining the Jehovah's Witnesses. What should he worry about?

    01/31/2013 11:22:29 PM PST · 76 of 144
    dupree to Dallas59

    I feel sorry for the kids. They are sometimes outcasts because they don’t celebrate holidays or birthdays.

    My friend the teacher says they are a pain in the @$$. Doing traditional things in the classroom, like writing about their Christmas traditions, doing a Halloween crossword puzzle, or even singing “Happy Birthday”, becomes a nightmare because of these kids. You either feel guilty for excluding them or hurting the feelings of the non-JW kids, which is 95% of the class. And don’t even get her started on the classroom parties, which are a rare occurrence these days because of “respect for diversity.” Kids can’t even bring cupcakes to celebrate their birthdays anymore—they’re banned. The stated reason is allergies to foods, but the real reason is respecting the ones that don’t celebrate, the 5%.

  • Burt Reynolds in Florida ICU after flu, rep says

    01/25/2013 10:05:34 PM PST · 38 of 40
    dupree to boop

    It’s unfortunate that Deliverance came out the same year as the Godfather and only received three Oscar nominations-—amazingly none for acting, screenplay, cinematography, or the music. Brando was good, I admit, but ignoring Burt, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty, and Ronny Cox was a CRIME. You’re probably wondering who got the nominations? Michael Caine, Peter O’Toole, and Laurence Olivier in movies I never heard of.

  • 20 Things I never throw away

    01/22/2013 11:22:59 PM PST · 61 of 92
    dupree to Kartographer

    Cereal bags-—I cut the bottom off and carefully open the seem to make a large piece of heavy wax paper. It’s stronger and doesn’t tear. I roll and cut cinnamon rolls, cookie dough, biscuits, and more.

    Plastic wrap rolls-—They are heavier than paper towel holders. I wrap my Christmas tree lights around them so they don’t tangle and store them in a large box.

  • It's Not Just a 'War on Christmas' - It's a War on Christianity

    12/26/2012 9:43:06 PM PST · 22 of 22
    dupree to InHisService

    Actually I agree with a lot of what you said. It’s unfortunate that people get so caught up in the secular that they forget or ignore the religious. And the war on Christmas and Christianity doesn’t help.

  • It's Not Just a 'War on Christmas' - It's a War on Christianity

    12/24/2012 12:35:22 AM PST · 19 of 22
    dupree to InHisService

    Since you feel strongly that Christmas as we know it should come to an end, would you please provide for us all a list of businesses that you, your children, your family or friends own, operate, work for, or profit from so we can stop buying their goods and services and other things that help us celebrate Christmas as we know it. Since Christmas sales sometimes make or break a business I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if all of the ones you and your family are associated with lose lots of money or better yet, go out of business.

  • Canceled Comcast

    11/08/2012 9:02:26 AM PST · 2 of 127
    dupree to PHloon

    I’m curious—did she try to offer you a better deal? Any time I have called to cancel they immediately offer a deal for 6 months.

  • Christie: Call from Springsteen made me weep

    11/06/2012 4:27:22 AM PST · 15 of 101
    dupree to chessplayer

    Another reason Christie is a wimp——I DESPISE Bruce Springsteen!

    Put a fork in his national political career——it’s over.

  • Moore: Founding Fathers Suppressed The Vote; Calls It A "Founding Principle Of This Country" (video)

    11/06/2012 4:20:41 AM PST · 10 of 12
    dupree to i88schwartz

    Michael Moore looked morbidly obese last night. MSNBC must use an extra-large chair when he’s on the show because he would for sure collapse in one of their normal chairs.

    Seriously, his wife and Chris Christie’s wife should check their spouses into a hospital for weight issues or else they are looking at their children being fatherless in the near future.

    Christie looked like a barge waddling around on the Jersey shore. He will never be elected president if he doesn’t lose the pounds and make some changes, although I doubt he will be elected after his lovefest with Obama.

  • Ohio: "we're possibly on track for a significantly different turnout model vs. '08"

    11/06/2012 4:08:50 AM PST · 49 of 136
    dupree to LongWayHome

    I totally agree—their body language said it all, especially when Michelle hugged him and mouthed, “It’s okay.” Most people say ‘it’s okay’ when facing trouble.

    I’m shocked the media, which usually picks up body language (remember G.H.W. Bush looking at his watch?), had no mention of it other than to say that the Obamas were emotional because it was their last political appearance. Heck, I would be jumping for joy if that was the case and I was on my way to victory. No more chicken dinners and living on an airplane.

    Another thing I noticed is the two daughters are not anywhere to be seen. I realize they want to protect them and the girls have their own lives with school and their routines, but you would think for historical purposes they would want their daughters to witness their father’s last political victory. I think they are protecting them from a possible loss and want to prepare them for what’s ahead without media attention.

  • High School Kicker Makes 67-Yard Field Goal [VIDEO]

    10/20/2012 7:20:38 AM PDT · 16 of 26
    dupree to trailz

    I believe I read that he is a Mormon. Just sayin......

  • High School Kicker Makes 67-Yard Field Goal [VIDEO]

    10/20/2012 7:19:21 AM PDT · 15 of 26
    dupree to lowbridge

    Another interesting thing lost in all the hoopla: The opposing quarterback from Shadle Park High School in Spokane, Wash. threw for 577 yards and broke the state record for passing yards in a game and the league record for passing yards in a single season. Brett Rypien is the nephew of NFL quarterback/Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien, also a Shadle Park alum and is only a SOPHOMORE.

  • Scarborough: Obama's Rocky Mountain horror show

    10/11/2012 12:08:29 AM PDT · 6 of 9
    dupree to 2ndDivisionVet

    Joe said he predicted Romney would surge after the debate? If I remember correctly he was one of the national “conservatives” still bad-mouthing Mitt along with Bill Kristol and Peggy Noonan just days before the debate, going out of his way to discourage Republicans. He even was on Meet the Press taking the liberal side against Bay Buchanan, whining about how bad Mitt’s campaign was.

    Nice try, but you’re full of it, Joe, you big JERK!

  • More polls: Romney now within three points in Michigan, two in Pennsylvania

    10/08/2012 10:59:39 PM PDT · 8 of 27
    dupree to spokeshave

    The cameras at the debate only showed a few shots of Michelle Obama on stage and, from what I saw, she looked FURIOUS. I bet she tore into Barack and read him the riot act when they got to their hotel. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few lamps were broken and the Secret Service had to intervene.

  • Obama Jokes About His Debate Performance at Hollywood Fundraiser

    10/08/2012 1:03:45 AM PDT · 28 of 37
    dupree to Kaslin

    “...not if I have anything to say about it.”

    LOL!!!! As I recall, every time you tried it at the debate the other night Mitt steamrolled right over you and left you speechless.

  • What I would love to see at the next presidential debate

    10/08/2012 12:55:33 AM PDT · 17 of 25
    dupree to 09Patriot

    Since Gary Johnson supports a “woman’s right to choose up to the point of viability” I would love to hear him explain when exactly that moment of viability occurs.


    10/06/2012 5:55:24 AM PDT · 7 of 36
    dupree to mamelukesabre

    You have everything you want to know at the touch of your fingertips. Have you ever heard of Wikipedia? Reliable or not it has some true information.

    Christmas is around the corner. Some of his best songs are Christmas songs, in my opinion. His version of “Oh, Holy Night” is probably my all-time favorite.

  • Procrastinator in chief avoids debate prep, visits Hoover Dam instead

    10/02/2012 11:35:52 PM PDT · 46 of 68
    dupree to Major Matt Mason

    Looks like neither candidate wants the job? Are you kidding? Mitt has been running for about 6 years now, probably planning since his dad ran. He’s out campaigning almost every day, raising millions, planning strategy, etc. You gotta want to win to go through all of that work. I and most people I know wouldn’t last a week. It looks exhausting with all of the travel and living on a plane and in hotels.

  • Vanity: Reduce Personal Spending including Christmas items, Until Taxmaggedon is resolved

    10/02/2012 11:05:17 PM PDT · 17 of 29
    dupree to Steelers6

    This will only hurt a lot of innocent people, probably even your own family members and friends if they own small businesses or work for one.

  • New York City’s oldest and largest abortion clinic stops abortions due to pro-life protests

    10/02/2012 10:58:00 PM PDT · 36 of 44
    dupree to NYer

    The clinic in Queens has a “problem” because it’s “struggling to find patients.”

    Why is this a problem?

  • No tax, no blessing: German church insists on levy

    10/01/2012 10:16:27 PM PDT · 38 of 39
    dupree to svcw

    analogy=a comparison of certain similarities between two things which are otherwise unlike.

  • No tax, no blessing: German church insists on levy

    10/01/2012 6:35:52 AM PDT · 36 of 39
    dupree to jimtorr; samtheman

    Obviously, Germany’s system is not our system and I am not endorsing it. But it’s their system, so they have to deal with it. I was addressing the ones that NEITHER pay the tax or donate. Remember, those people are paying NOTHING, but still want to take part in what the Church offers.

    Reality check: churches cannot operate for free. Like every other operation they need money to survive. I see an aspect of this in my own church. Some people simply do not pay or underpay. I’m not talking about the ones that can’t afford it or the truly poor-—I’m talking about people that think nothing of spending 5 bucks on a coffee or 10 bucks for a movie and then ignore the collection plate on Sunday. They want others to foot the bill for them. If that idea is stupid or in the devil’s league, so be it.

  • Are the debates going to matter?

    10/01/2012 1:40:11 AM PDT · 42 of 48
    dupree to Tennessee Nana

    The media tells us that Mitt feels entitled and better than the rest of us. And you go right along and drink the kool-aid and fall for their BS hook, line, and sinker.

    When exactly has Mitt ever said he was “better than us’ or said he was “entitled”? Please direct me to the date and occasion.

    Fixed smile? I guess you prefer the charisma of John McCain or Bob Dole.

    Fear of normal people? I guess you missed him at the airport the other day greeting, shaking hands, and thanking a group of war veterans as they disembarked their airplane.

    I don’t mind criticism, but you should be truthful when doing so.

  • No tax, no blessing: German church insists on levy

    10/01/2012 1:19:25 AM PDT · 30 of 39
    dupree to jimtorr; svcw

    Let’s say you own a restaurant. By your argument, you would have no problem with customers who have money in their pockets not paying their food bills, they could come in and use the restroom for free, they could hold a wedding there and use the heat/a.c. along with lighting and water for free, make a big mess and leave it for you to clean up, and they could use your waiters without paying them (hey,kind and generous owner that you are, you would love to pay them out of your own pocket).

  • Pssst, Mitt! Read this before Wednesday's debate

    10/01/2012 12:54:38 AM PDT · 71 of 87
    dupree to JRandomFreeper

    My personal opinion, I think you’re an attention seeker. You like to post your comments to get a reaction/attention from people. You know you’re going to get Freepers riled up, begging you to vote for Mitt and reasoning that your non-vote is a vote for Obama, etc. etc. And you get to respond to all of these attacks, stand up for your so-called principles, show you’re not going to cave in, just so they can give you more attention with their second, third, fourth pleas for you to change your mind.... and the cycle continues. Which is fine——I don’t have a problem with people having a good time. You’re just not fooling everyone.

  • Andy Williams Can't get used to loving you

    09/28/2012 11:22:41 PM PDT · 21 of 26
    dupree to djone; Fiji Hill; cherry; 2ndDivisionVet

    My all-time favorite Andy Williams song is actually a Christmas song, “Oh, Holy Night.” The music is simple, his voice is AMAZING, especially when he hits the high note.

    His most famous Christmas song is probably “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, which is great too, but he really scores with “Oh, Holy Night.”

  • Fox News Poll: Most voters Want Change, Even As Obama Holds Edge [Likely Voters: 48%-43%]

    09/28/2012 8:47:07 AM PDT · 5 of 17
    dupree to Steelfish

    Fox Polls are one of the worst. I can’t believe they don’t weight the polls according to party ID when it’s this close to an election. The bad part about this is every news story will use this poll like it’s accurate and not mention the ID question.

    We need to bombard their website with nasty emails, especially Bret Baier, who pays attention to party ID when he reports on the polls.

  • Several "Liberal Biased Questions" That May Be Asked Of Obama In The Debates.

    09/27/2012 1:06:36 AM PDT · 51 of 51
    dupree to Iron Munro; Ryan_Rubio_2016

    One thing that I have not heard mentioned in the media is October 3 will be the Obamas’ 20th wedding anniversary. How much do you want to bet that Barack will somehow mention it and gush at how wonderful Michelle is. And the audience will just ooh and aah with joy.

    I can’t believe that the Romney camp did not object to this date. Why give Obama an opening to look good?

  • Plane load of veterans is pleasant surprise for Romney (Mitt greets Honor Flight)

    09/26/2012 11:00:47 PM PDT · 11 of 15
    dupree to smoothsailing; entropy12

    The media won’t report on this because it breaks apart their narrative that they have set in stone that Romney is stiff, he’s uncomfortable around people, he has no charisma. And it’s not just the liberals-—I want to scream at Brit Hume every time he repeats this nonsense. I heard him tell O’Reilly the other night that Romney is ‘stiff’ for the millionth time.

  • Akin Refuse to Drop Out Of Senate Race

    09/25/2012 10:51:45 PM PDT · 65 of 123
    dupree to MplsSteve

    I judge a congressman by how well he represents his district and how he votes. What part of his voting record makes him an assclown? And may I remind you that he has a BS in Engineering and a Masters of Divinity and served in the US Army.

  • Chuck Heath Sr. and Chuck Heath Jr. on ‘Fox & Friends’ (Palin Ping!!!)

    09/25/2012 10:12:21 PM PDT · 5 of 5
    dupree to Kolath

    Shouldn’t they have written this book four years ago? No offense—her dad seems like a nice man, hope he makes some money, but Sarah Palin is old news.

  • RNC memo claims 2012 ground game has already surpassed 2008

    09/24/2012 9:04:27 PM PDT · 17 of 37
    dupree to SeekAndFind

    This can’t be true. The media says Romney is a horrible candidate, Bill Kristol says Romney is stupid and arrogant, Joe Scarborough can’t find one thing positive about Romney’s campaign, David Brooks can’t see a crease in Romney’s slacks, Peggy Noonan thinks Romney talks when he should shut up, and the list goes on and on and on.....

  • Priebus: GOP ‘Not Going to Play in MO with Todd Akin’ (No RNC Money for Akin)

    09/24/2012 1:44:25 AM PDT · 161 of 169
    dupree to hecht

    I have a college degree (so I guess I’m educated) and I can HONESTLY say I was not disgusted at all by his comments. They were a little odd, but nothing to get outraged about. He said he was sorry, he seems like a decent-enough man by looking at his military service and voting record. I don’t mind having average, everyday people making decisions with my money in Washington, D.C. as opposed to ivy league-”educated” geniuses like Barack Obama, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, etc. that you seem to prefer.

  • health vanity question about cake

    09/21/2012 9:31:05 PM PDT · 43 of 61
    dupree to married21

    Maybe it’s the pizza, burgers, french fries, fried chicken, burritos,etc. that you ate BEFORE you ate the Costco cake.

    Seriously, I would bet that there are very few healthy ingredients in that cake, especially the frosting, which is probably solid grease of some sort. Do you ever wonder why the frosting is dazzling white? If it had butter it would be ivory.

    I remember the old days when store-bought stuff used to taste good-—Hostess, chips ahoy, Hershey bars, etc. Now all of that overpriced stuff is made with the cheapest
    ingredients—quality doesn’t even matter to these companies. I threw away a Hostess pie the other day because it tasted like chemicals. Cookies taste like sawdust. Everything has grease. It’s a pity because none of this stuff will ever get better, only worse than it already is.

  • Prominent Members of Chicago Black Community: Those closest to Obama know there's no 2nd term

    09/20/2012 10:48:19 AM PDT · 60 of 87
    dupree to Mean Maryjean

    When I originally commented on this article it was to one of the comments in the article that Michelle Obama does not enjoy being first lady and would love to give it all up. I totally disagree with that-—she loves being first lady and takes every chance she can to point it out that she is the first lady, something I don’t remember Laura Bush doing in such a vocal matter, but I could be mistaken on that point since I don’t remember everything Mrs. Bush ever said. And that’s another story for another day. The idea of taking her kids out of their schools was just a minor point in the whole equation-—just one more thing she probably wouldn’t want to deal with if she didn’t have to deal with it.

    I don’t know about you, but I and most people I know avoid problems and hassles if they can. It sounds like you embraced all of the changes in your youth and didn’t regard them as hassles-—God Bless you. Not everyone is like you.
    Not to keep beating the horse, but that was my point.