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  • Could the Different States Become Separate Countries in the Future?

    10/17/2013 9:03:06 AM PDT · 22 of 246
    EagleInGA to ComtedeMaistre

    This is a fantasy scenario. Interesting conversation, but secession is not going to happen.

  • Rush Limbaugh: Caller Wants Sarah to Lead Conservatives

    08/03/2013 5:24:34 PM PDT · 36 of 36
    EagleInGA to Nextrush

    I understand that Sarah Palin has some fans, and if she won in 2016 I would be thrilled. I just think it is delusional to believe she can win or even that she intends to run. It is not going to happen. She chose a different path and the rest of us have moved on.

  • Poll: On National Security, Will the GOP Side With Chris Christie or Rand Paul?

    08/02/2013 10:32:23 AM PDT · 28 of 30
    EagleInGA to oldbill
    I have a better idea ... let's drop the rules of engagement, obliterate the enemy, pay for it with their oil and stop spying on our own?

    This politically correct war on terror is destroying our liberty and robbing us of our freedom. It is time to stop the maddness focused on installing Democracies in war zones. Kill the enemy and then come home.

    Let the fat man from NJ stay in NJ. I'll follow Paul over him any day of the week.

  • Rush Limbaugh: Caller Wants Sarah to Lead Conservatives

    08/02/2013 4:34:59 AM PDT · 8 of 36
    EagleInGA to 2ndDivisionVet

    If Sarah Palin runs only her rabid fans will care. Her opportunity was 2012. We need new blood for 2016.

  • Is America In A Pre-Revolutionary State This July 4th?

    07/02/2013 3:43:04 PM PDT · 136 of 140
    EagleInGA to MWestMom
    What concerns me is that many Americans don’t seem to know that they’ve lost anything.

    As witnessed by the weak reaction to the NSA targeting of American citizens, all in the name of "safety". We are rapidly becoming a police state all the while people walking the streets thinking "that can never happen in America" as the story plays out in front of their eyes. Frightening times.

  • Is America In A Pre-Revolutionary State This July 4th?

    07/02/2013 3:38:54 PM PDT · 135 of 140
    EagleInGA to Eagle of Liberty
    Why does a leader of a protest movement have to be the final leader of the country? Rick Santelli kinda got the TEA Party rolling and I don't see his name on the list of next leaders of the USA.

    What is the point of a protest movement? Many of us protested the blue blood liberal from Mass by staying at home in November. How is that working out for us?

    If what you want is a leader for your protest, then by all means get Sarah. I am just suggesting that the other 95% of the country will be unmoved.

  • Is America In A Pre-Revolutionary State This July 4th?

    07/02/2013 3:30:31 PM PDT · 134 of 140
    EagleInGA to Cringing Negativism Network
    You will find quite a wellspring of support for Palin, right here on FR.

    Over 120 million people voted in the last election. On a very Conservative site Sarah Palin may draw some support. but in the general population? Not so much I suspect.

    Sarah Palin won't run in 2016. Unlike 2012, there is a very strong line up of Conservative Governors, plus the likes of Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Sarah Palin's opportunity has come and gone. You can't sit on the sidelines for 10-plus years, do nothing (media appearances aside) and expect to run a successful candidacy for President.

    Sorry to beat a dead horse but winning back the Presidency starts with living in reality. Sarah Palin had so much promise when she stepped on the stage back in 2008, but that promise has never materialized into the leader so many of us had hoped she would one day become.

    There will be awesome Conservative candidates to choose from in 2016, but Palin will not be among them.

  • Is America In A Pre-Revolutionary State This July 4th?

    07/02/2013 8:03:01 AM PDT · 105 of 140
    EagleInGA to Cringing Negativism Network
    Fair enough ... I just don't get the undying support for a woman who quit being Governor and then passed on a run for the GOP nomination. There are many better, more qualified, candidates to lead the nation. There are Conservative Governors who did not quit and who can lead us out of this mess.

    Do I agree with Sarah Palin's politics? Yes. Do I think Sarah Palin is talented? Yes. Do I think she has a prayer at any type of serious run in 2016? No way.

    After her nonsense leading up to her September 2011 announcement, who would take her seriously?

  • Is America In A Pre-Revolutionary State This July 4th?

    07/02/2013 7:49:27 AM PDT · 97 of 140
    EagleInGA to Cringing Negativism Network
    I currently put the odds of Palin running in 2016 at over 50%. And her support will be huge.

    Sarah Palin's opportunity was 2012, and she passed. No doubt she has a few rabid fans, but you are living in a fantasy world if you think she has the clout to start a serious 3rd party run.

  • Is America In A Pre-Revolutionary State This July 4th?

    07/02/2013 7:46:24 AM PDT · 93 of 140
    EagleInGA to Biggirl
    Just what does a modern revolution look like? We may one day see a collapse in our economy, civil unrest, riots, etc. I doubt we will ever see a sustainable / meaningful revolution. That is more likely individual fantasy, reality being it is not a winnable fight.

    Unless Barak Obama suddenly declares himself Emperor of the US we will not witness a Conservative uprising against the states, nor will we witness mass succession from the union.

    As for those looking to Sarah Palin ... put a fork in her. She has a few rabid supporters and little else in political clout.

  • Is America In A Pre-Revolutionary State This July 4th?

    07/02/2013 7:33:19 AM PDT · 77 of 140
    EagleInGA to Cringing Negativism Network
    Bring back US manufacturing, and return American jobs.

    In a global economy, the only way to bring home jobs is to create an environmet where the cost to produce and deliver goods in the US is less than that to create and deliver goods overseas.

    If there is not a party currently supporting such policies, then Sarah Palin and other patriotic Americans should start one.

    Sarah Palin had her chance in 2012 to make a difference. She flirted with a run, teased her supporters, but in the end she passed. While she may have some die hard supporters, she no longer has the political clout she once ppocessed. A Sarah Palin 3rd party would likely draw less then 1%-2% support, if that.

    Buy American.

    Honestly, I have never understood what this means in a global economy. If I buy a Volkswagon built in Chattanooga rather then a GM built in Mexico am I buying American? In a global economy, how do you buy American? Based on final product assembly or a percentage of origin of components? At the end of the day I will always choose to spend my money on that which gives me the greatest value. Anything else just rings hollow to me.

  • Police Helicopter Lands to Harass Woman For Her Papers

    02/09/2013 5:09:07 AM PST · 9 of 63
    EagleInGA to Bon mots

    I am confused. Is this area close to the Mexican border? Are we concerned about border security or would we prefer no one be needlessly stopped and identity requested? I don’t see how one can be for greater border security (i.e. stop the illegals) and at the same time against someone being stopped and asked for id (i.e. police state). You can’t have it both ways, can you?

  • Tips are not optional, they are how waiters get paid in America

    02/04/2013 5:56:59 PM PST · 196 of 198
    EagleInGA to rlmorel
    I understand. Thanks for the perspective. By the way, this so-called pastor never had credibility with me. I am one of those right wing Bible believing born again types. I typically equate female pastor with liberal church which makes me think gay marriage and I get mad (what?!?!). Don't misunderstand, gay people don't make me angry (love the sinner hate the sin). I just don't like when churches pick and choose what parts of Scriptures they will follow. The Bible is not a book of instructional stories that need to evolve with the times. God's word is eternal.

    Just giving you a sense of my biases and how my mind works. Its a frightening thing. Hang in there and have a great day!!

  • Tips are not optional, they are how waiters get paid in America

    02/03/2013 6:40:06 PM PST · 192 of 198
    EagleInGA to SaraJohnson
    Alright. So what is your idea of a successful professional attitude for a minimum wage employee who hopes to improve their lot by moving up?

    Show up for work, work hard and keep a positive attitude. Quite frankly, if you want to improve your lot in life you'd be better served improving your education, trying to start your own business, etc.

  • Tips are not optional, they are how waiters get paid in America

    02/03/2013 6:22:05 PM PST · 190 of 198
    EagleInGA to 2ndDivisionVet
    The First Amendment isn't where the waitress screwed up. She was unprofessional and anti-customer. If she was playing a waitress in the movie Waiting I'd understand her behavior. Plus, the purported pastor wasn't even her customer for goodness sakes. Waitstaff that'll share your comments on a check will also share your credit card numbers and other private information. I believe that the original waitress should be fired, as well, for giving this girl access to the check.

    I see a kid who made a poor decision and got fired. I don't see what the big deal is. There is no basis to suggest this person would share personal information. That is an extreme stretch.

    Honestly, I don't understand what the issue is. In my opinion your expectations are way to high for someone who is both very young and working as a waitress.

    As for the pastor, she is a leader and should be ashamed of herself. When this pastor made a decision to memorialize her foolishness in writing she opened herself up for exactly what she is going to receive as this goes viral: public scorn and shame.

    We are studying Timothy in Sunday School and the timing could not have been better. It is this woman who should be fearing for her job, assuming she has a "flock" left not to ashamed to call her their pastor.

    You and I aren't going to agree on this one. That's ok, I am sure we'll be back in sync in no time. Thanks for the post!!

  • Tips are not optional, they are how waiters get paid in America

    02/03/2013 3:37:13 PM PST · 178 of 198
    EagleInGA to rlmorel
    As I opined to another poster, it is the one in the professional setting who has to adhere to employer's guidelines. If the positions had been reversed, say the "Pastor" had been performing church services and was rude to the waitress above in her role as a parishioner, the shoe would most definitely have been on the other foot, and I would have supported any efforts she made to have the "Pastor" disciplined or dealt with in some fashion.

    You know I could really care less about the waitress. Whether or not she should have been fired is between her and Applebees. Your comments regarding professionalism are dead on, but why this made FreeRepublic is beyond me.

    Where we disagree is on the actions of the Pastor. When you are a leader in a church you are the face of God. It is not a job that you show up for on Sunday. Her witness is TERRIBLE and likely to add fuel to those who believe Christians are a bunch of hypocrites.

    So my point is this: on one hand we have a kid (young adult) who acts like a dope and gets fired (real shocker).

    On the other hand we have someone who is supposed to be a leader in the church who makes an absolute fool of herself over an Applebee policy, and in doing so gives a very poor witness to the world. It is my opinion that this woman has earned all the embarrassment and scorn coming her way.

    As for the people trying to make this some kind of liberal waitress thing, you have got to be kidding me.

  • Tips are not optional, they are how waiters get paid in America

    02/03/2013 3:17:50 PM PST · 176 of 198
    EagleInGA to 2ndDivisionVet
    The pastor has a First Amendment right to say, write or do whatever she pleases as long as it isn't defamatory or traitorous.

    The pastor has accountability to God. This is a terrible witness, which is really supposed to be priority number one.

    The real problem here is an employee of the restaurant putting that check on the Internet. That she had to run to the furthest-left major newspaper in the world to complain about her termination tells me volumes.

    Excuse me but the same first amendment rights that protect the so-called pastor also protect the waitress. Or are you now claiming a right to privacy on restaurant checks?

    Whether or not the waitress is a liberal is besides the point. I believe you'd find the pastor is as well. I have followed many of your posts before and often find myself lock-step in agreement. I do respect you opinion, but in this instance I think you are dead wrong.

    What this pastor did was ignorant, especially given her expected role as a church leader. And rather then recognizing her rude behavior she doubles down and insists someone be fired. She is a church Leader for crying out loud. She represents Jesus Christ our Lord, you know the man who suffered and died for our sins. She looks petty and cheap and she has earned all the embarrassment and scorn coming her way.

  • Tips are not optional, they are how waiters get paid in America

    02/03/2013 4:35:44 AM PST · 156 of 198
    EagleInGA to SaraJohnson
    Unemployed liar. She totally intended to harass the customer and now she’s playing the poor little waitress victim. That is why she put the receipt on the internet for her entitled lefty thug pals to bully.

    I know snark and bullying are the fad for young leftists these days. It goes with the territory of lefty self righteous entitlement(unmerited, high self esteem), entitlement and class envy (jealously). It is the opposite of gratitude, creativity and excellent service to others. This is the worst attitude if you want a happy, successful life.

    You have got to be kidding me. You can not possibly believe this nonsense you posted.

  • Tips are not optional, they are how waiters get paid in America

    02/03/2013 4:24:04 AM PST · 155 of 198
    EagleInGA to A CA Guy
    It was a female Pastor who enjoys getting 10% of the wages from her flock who thought it was wrong to give an 18% tip to a waitress for serving her LARGE table full of people.

    How do you know the tipper was a female pastor? If so then that really is pathetic. To call the restaurant and demand someone be fired? This person should be shamed and then some. Were I a member of whatever church I would find another church. This person does not represent my Lord.

    James 2:19-20

    You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?

  • Tips are not optional, they are how waiters get paid in America

    02/03/2013 4:12:15 AM PST · 154 of 198
    EagleInGA to 2ndDivisionVet
    You don’t feel she violated his privacy and held the guest up to ridicule? How is that being service oriented?

    You don't feel the customer reacted in anger to the Applebee policy and in doing so embarrassed his/her church (not to mention God)? What kind of witness is that?