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  • New photos reveal mammoth structure of Paul Allen’s six-engine Stratolaunch

    02/25/2015 5:59:51 PM PST · 30 of 36
    egfowler3 to MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

    Sorry, but it did. Howard flew it for about about a mile during taxi tests on 2 Nov ‘47 with crew and some reporters aboard. Just search on “Spruce Goose” on Wikipedia for more details.

  • 10 states with the worst taxes for average Americans

    02/05/2015 9:31:04 AM PST · 11 of 25
    egfowler3 to Old Yeller

    Really? And how do those Kansans do this? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • 10 states with the worst taxes for average Americans

    02/05/2015 9:29:34 AM PST · 9 of 25
    egfowler3 to Ingtar
    Quote: According to “Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Systems in All 50 States,” a report released by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

    Everything you need to know is in that single piece of the "article".

    Start with "...Distributional...", a catch phrase used so often by our "friends" on the left. Next look at the name of the organization providing this "report": the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. More leftist garbage.

    "When looking at taxes paid as a share of the income earned..." Excuse me but taxes paid are not really a share of income earned like they wish. It is already established that the richest 5% pay over half the taxes collected but they represent the numbers as the poor (paying 0% taxes) and middle class paying the most.

    So it is not surprising that those states with the better tax policies will be at the bottom of their list.

  • The 16 Smartest Things I Ever Bought For Less Than $10

    11/21/2014 8:34:29 AM PST · 32 of 76
    egfowler3 to jimpick

    The web has a lot of sources you might want to check out. One of those I use is known as superbrightleds (the website goes by the same name with a dot com following). Ditto for the local hardware and bldg supply stores.

  • The 16 Smartest Things I Ever Bought For Less Than $10

    11/21/2014 8:17:52 AM PST · 20 of 76
    egfowler3 to jimpick

    That’s because they are designed to be turned on and remain on a minimum of 30 minutes after. Every fluorescent light I’ve ever used the same as an incandescent light has burned out in the same, or less, amount of time.

    For example, we use light sticks in my workbench area. In the beginning I found they generally lasted six (6) months or less. After some time, I started leaving them on, even when I left the room for a short while. Since then, they last, well, seemingly forever. I’m still using those last purchased six years ago. Now my wife has instructions to leave the one over her washing machine area on until she is finished for the night. That one has lasted almost as long as the ones over my work area.

    We only use the cfl bulbs where lights remain on generally over a half hour. Incandescent lights are used elsewhere although we are switching those to LED lighting here of late. They may be expensive but they do last longer and become cost effective over time.

  • 'Groceries Not Guns': Will Kroger Back Down To Bloomberg-Funded Gun Control Group?

    08/24/2014 2:13:27 AM PDT · 3 of 13
    egfowler3 to admin

    Sigh, make that 8/23. Its been a LOOOOOONG night. Again, thanks.

  • 'Groceries Not Guns': Will Kroger Back Down To Bloomberg-Funded Gun Control Group?

    08/24/2014 2:12:01 AM PDT · 2 of 13
    egfowler3 to admin

    Could you please correct the publish date? It was SUPPOSED to be 8/25, not 8/12. Thanks

  • 'Groceries Not Guns': Will Kroger Back Down To Bloomberg-Funded Gun Control Group?

    08/24/2014 2:09:21 AM PDT · 1 of 13
    Recently the article "Open-carry fight moves to Kroger" appeared in Free Republic. This is an update, if you will, that provides valuable insight into how these activists are managing to push these businesses to cave in to their demands.

    What can we do to counter this? How do we set up our own petition or a public boycott? I've more questions and I'm sure you will be able to think of them for me. If we can find a way of torpedoing their efforts, maybe we should show them we have more clout than they do.

    I'll come back to join in later today. I need to crash, go to church, return and rejoin the discussion sometime after lunch CDST. (I'm hoping my research regarding Forbes' articles and Ms O'Connor not being on any lists was good enough to permit me to share what I learned earlier this morning.)

  • There’s Very Little in the Michael Brown Shooting Incident Report

    08/22/2014 8:06:44 PM PDT · 19 of 25
    egfowler3 to Nachum
    I have suspicion that there is no report because he was taken to the hospital to have his face fixed up after the facial Mr Brown applied. One report I read had his supervisor taking him in and reporting that officer Wilson was dazed during his debriefing. Myself, I'd have an awful time trying to write with one half of my face bandaged up. When I got my eye injured in the army they made me wear an eye patch on my GOOD eye to keep the bad from moving. I couldn't do anything without help for two weeks! He's probably going through much the same thing.
  • Craig Ferguson Addresses His Gay Character In How To Train Your Dragon 2

    06/25/2014 8:04:15 PM PDT · 13 of 24
    egfowler3 to Citizen Zed

    I don’t know about their claim, but I didn’t see what Goober said as anything sexual. Just because he (the interviewer) wants to claim it, doesn’t make it so. Like when someone claimed Prof Dumbledore was gay (from Harry Potter). Being single and hanging with members of the same sex does not make you perverted, just single.


  • What if Your Child is Gay?

    06/07/2014 3:16:57 PM PDT · 44 of 138
    egfowler3 to Dilbert San Diego
    "Why homosexuality is deemed so special as to warrant this distinction, I have no idea."

    What they have done to our children is cloud the whole issue in dialog about " we are so in love..." and "...being in love should be a right..." and "...we have as much right to be in love and marry as any one else..." for starters. Many of the parents that have been or become converted were won over by arguments about love and how can it be wrong to be so "in love"? And those fools buy into the arguments, not even thinking about how we can be in love with our house, dog, cat, horse or even car, but that doesn't mean we should marry them!

    Once people allow themselves to accept a fallacious argument, they have lost the argument. I remember when my son was interested in Barbie dolls. He would play with his sisters and I just let him go on for a while. I figured if I let it go for a short while he would tell me why he was playing "dolls." It went on like that the whole summer and I finally asked him about it. He liked pretending with his sisters, but what he really wanted was to play with a GI Joe action figure and hoped they would get a Ken doll along the way. Guess what he got come Christmas from Santa. He and the girls had a ball, especially since we also saw to it that his big sister got a Ken doll as well. Either way was a win for everyone. Poor Ken got drafted into the Army early on so he could help GI Joe save the world.

    Just because a boy/girl finds him/her self interested in stuff from the other side of the fence, does not mean they are suddenly homo. Especially if mom and dad assure them that they are still boys and girls.

  • The Chamber Of Commerce, National Right To Life, & The NRA Are Waging War On Conservatives

    06/06/2014 6:56:52 PM PDT · 6 of 23
    egfowler3 to House Atreides
    Sorry, I don't buy his arguments.

    As a conservative Kansan, I am inundated with junk mail from the Milton Wolf campaign. Milton Wolf is in my cross hairs because he is using the typical democrat techniques for eliminating his opponent in the primary instead of fighting using political arguments regarding why he would be the better candidate. The author of your article “goldwater conservative” supports him AND his techniques.

    So, until I can fully investigate his claims, I choose to ignore him for now.

  • Governor interested in results of Habersham raid investigation (Toddler flashbanged)

    06/03/2014 6:53:08 PM PDT · 29 of 39
    egfowler3 to bamahead

    As a Christian, I know that the good Lord knows who tossed that explosive and I also know that that LEO will pay whatever is due if the price is not paid here. I’m hoping that that LEO cannot sleep at night without hearing poor, tiny Bou Bou’s cries of pain and agony from the explosive tossed into his playpen while he was asleep. I hope the sounds, smells and scene will forever haunt his waking and sleeping moments.

    On the other hand, the city’s Police Chief knows he is going to lose this case no matter what he says or does.

  • WH Benghazi emails have different quotes than earlier reported

    05/07/2014 5:48:16 PM PDT · 21 of 41
    egfowler3 to Bulwinkle

    FYI to all in this forum...

    Using MS Outlook (not the Express or other versions) all it takes is to open the email on your system, click Edit on the menu, edit the email and Save it. Except for the change in the Edit Date, no one would know you made changes to the original email you received. Especially since there is no track record they can access. I used to use this to clean up poorly worded emails from “educated” senders so I could know what they “really” said later when going back to review a request made.

    I have no doubt someone in the current administration knows all about how to do this and liberally does so (pun intended). So, I am not at all surprised the email copies received are not the ones known to have useful evidence, but instead have innocent seeming texts. One has to request the raw email downloads, not those being sent upon request.

  • Black women worried about Army hair regulations

    04/06/2014 12:21:42 AM PDT · 29 of 52
    egfowler3 to wetphoenix

    Actually there IS a very practical reason for proper hair styles.

    As a former NBC NCO in the US Army I observed one of the biggest causes of failing the 9-sec rule for donning the individual gas mask was hair styling. When the service member complained, no problem. We just took the members into the gas chamber for some quality training time and those unusual hair styles very quickly disappeared. Funny how being unable to establish a good air seal can work wonders on one’s attitude.

  • Honey Maid Found The Perfect Way To Respond To Homophobes Who Hated Its New Ad

    04/04/2014 11:38:06 AM PDT · 33 of 62
    egfowler3 to Jane Long
    Who says you [plural] have to buy or eat "Honey Maid" crackers? Those of us that like graham crackers can just purchase generic or other brands. All are as good these days, and they are ... get this ... cheaper!
  • Why churches should brace for a mass exodus of the faithful: The more conservative churches, anyway

    03/24/2014 2:11:42 PM PDT · 70 of 78
    egfowler3 to cuban leaf; ne1410s
    Excuse me, cuban leaf, but you haven't answered ne1410s’ question: where DID you find Luke 19:50? I've done an online search of several scriptures and my own copies and I cannot even find that quote--besides, that chapter ends at verse 48! I am hoping you misquoted something else or used you own version from whatever ‘Christian’ church you belong to.
  • Giant Prehistoric Elephant Slaughtered by Early Humans

    09/27/2013 6:44:14 PM PDT · 18 of 51
    egfowler3 to SunkenCiv
    I don't know that anyone has noticed this yet but:

    "...deposits containing the elephant remains, along with numerous flint tools and a range of other species such as; wild aurochs, extinct forms of rhinoceros and lion, Barbary macaque, beaver, rabbit, various forms of vole and shrew, and a diverse..."

    As far as I know rhinoceros, lion and elephant are traditionally found south of the equator in a land called Africa, a very long way south of Kent, England. Considering we are talking about 420,000BCE, we cannot use Rome as an excuse, or any other "modern" civilization.

    Elephant I can handle, but how did rhinoceros and lion bones find their way so very far north?

  • Family of shot girl thought she was on period

    09/21/2013 1:47:56 AM PDT · 20 of 23
    egfowler3 to artichokegrower
    Sorry I'm late. Had a computer glitch that is fixed now. Okay, to summarize, we have:

    "The sleeping girl was wounded in the buttocks when someone sprayed her home on the 27000 block of Tampa Avenue with gunfire about 2 a.m. Thursday. Bullets shattered the rear window of a car parked out front, while other rounds went into the home."

    So her home was shot up about at 2am and NO ONE NOTICED????

    "When the girl woke up in pain, she thought she was having her period, because the bleeding 'was consistent with menstruation'... " So we have gunfire outside the home, glass shot out of a car's back window, a child wakes up in pain and bleeding, and they think she's starting her period???? Oh, that's right, "When the girl woke up in pain, she thought she was having her period..." Sigh, Oooookay, I don't know about this "family" but my kid would have been in PAIN and making sure everyone knew it. but they leave her be until...

    "About 7:30 a.m., when the girl awoke, she was still in pain, unaware that the bullet 'was lodged in the pelvic area'... " Excuse me for a second
    (now where did I put those hip waders? Oh, yeah, here they are. Damn stuff's getting awful deep out there.)....
    ...Sorry, I had to put on my (cough) shoes. "The parents then inspected her bed and saw bullet holes. They did a 'full body inspection' of the girl, found an entry wound and immediately called 911..." Oh, NOW they do what they should have done FIVE LOOOONG HOURS (5:00) ago. That poor child, left to suffer for all those hours in pain. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've gotten such an injury and it hurts like hell and leaves you curled up on a ball with excruciating pain in your gut that you wish would end somehow, someway. I wouldn't wish that on some one I hated, much less a 10 year old child.

    "Investigators later spoke with the family's doctor and confirmed that the entry wound was 'rather small' and could have been overlooked if they thought she was starting her period"... I don't know about those law enforcement folk in Hayward, CA, but this should be sending up flares, balloons, rockets, fire alarms, whatever and someone should be placing a call to child protection services for the child's sake.

    Like doc1019, Rides_A_Red_Horse, La Lydia, FrdmLvr, publana, 1010RD, Figment and MacMattico I think something is very, very wrong with these "parents."

    Not to mention that doctor that is covering for them. He has to know they were lying to him yet he allows them to use that lame excuse.

  • Bush ended financial crisis before Obama took office -- three important truths about 2008

    09/18/2013 1:21:37 PM PDT · 22 of 23
    egfowler3 to what's up; Kaslin

    What’s more, they didn’t even learn anything from what happened as a result. So they went out and did it AGAIN four years later, bragging as they did so about how they would teach the GOP a real lesson this time.

    And they call themselves “conservative”. Bah!

  • Video of Marriage Proposal at Home Depot Goes Viral

    09/13/2013 8:21:32 PM PDT · 27 of 51
    egfowler3 to ConservativeStatement

    This is why I do NOT do business with Hom* Depot. My landlord’s wife works at one here in Kansas City and they were actually not aware of the store’s policies regarding weirdoes.

    All I can say is “it figures”.

  • Butch Cassidy, a Mormon?

    06/12/2013 8:06:44 PM PDT · 24 of 83
    egfowler3 to Colofornian


    You mean you didn’t know about this????

    I mean, you always come on with those looooooong posts you keep on your desktop like you are the be all and end all of Mormonism, that I thought that, I mean, surely you know all about this too.

    I guess this must really mess up that election you were so sure you had.

    Sheesh, I’ve known about this for decades. It was on a movie I watched as a teenager in high school in California back in the ‘60s.

    As I recall, and my memory is pretty shot these days, Billy ‘the Kid’ is on that list too. Matter of fact, I bet a goodly portion of the bad guys of the “wild west” were ex-Mormons or anti-Mormons. Like many of those on this forum that claim to also be ex-Mormons or anti-Mormons.

    We cannot all be perfect, ya know. Oh, that’s right, some here think they ARE perfect and their election is sure. Must be nice.

  • The First Word in BSA Now Stands for Betrayal

    05/24/2013 8:18:35 PM PDT · 33 of 86
    egfowler3 to rhema
    There is another angle I would submit regarding this whole issue. . .

    Since virtually all of the scout troops and dens are supported by churches, all they would have to do is attempt to have a known homo become a member and get rejected. Then they would sue that church for--what is it they call it?--oh, I remember now, discrimination. Many "churches" would cave and allow the compromise in their ranks.

    One can only imagine the chaos that would cause. I say we just sue the pants off the BSA--pun intended--the first time a child is assaulted on a camp-out, not the leader, but the BSA itself for allowing homos to join.

    They made their bed, they can lie in it now.

  • Eric Holder says Feds Will Ignore State Laws and Enforce Gun Grab

    05/06/2013 9:04:27 PM PDT · 84 of 101
    egfowler3 to seekthetruth
    Thanks for the alert.

    Unless I'm mistaken, what our “dearly beloved” emperor is calling laws are nothing more than executive orders he claims possess the power of law.

    Unfortunately, for the emperor, he has no law upon which to anchor his executive orders. Only the legislative branch possesses the power to write laws, not the emperor. It is not up to him to make law when the congress clearly does not wish to do so.

    All our state need do is challenge his authority to make law where none exists because congress has chosen to not do so.

  • EMP – the unimaginable reality (Red Dawn?)

    04/07/2013 2:53:13 AM PDT · 130 of 186
    egfowler3 to Kartographer

    You might consider that that center circle is inside the breadbasket of America. That is also what is so affectionately called “Fly Over Country”. Not to mention the center point is awfully close to my front yard!

  • Favorite Goodbye Songs,Tell us your Favorites.Freeper Canteen 2~8~13

    02/07/2013 10:58:15 PM PST · 327 of 421
    egfowler3 to fatima
    Haven't seen this one yet...
    Green Leaves of Summer (from the movie The Alamo)
    Original Soundtrack by Dimitri Tiomkin is used in this video
  • Early election results, via NBC

    11/05/2012 2:15:15 PM PST · 13 of 21
    egfowler3 to Brown Deer
    What I'm wondering is...

    ...Where are they obtaining the numbers from??????

    After all, SUPPOSEDLY, until 7pm Tuesday night there is no count.
  • 'I was born a boy, became a girl, and now I want to be a boy again'.......

    10/31/2012 9:43:49 PM PDT · 77 of 86
    egfowler3 to mjp

    Say what??? Are you telling us you actually understand what you just said?

  • 'I was born a boy, became a girl, and now I want to be a boy again'.......

    10/31/2012 2:36:02 PM PDT · 49 of 86
    egfowler3 to GeronL
    Actually, there is a proper name for what people go through in these “sex change” operations: cosmetic surgery. Be it face lift, breast implant, “sex change”, or whatever, they are simply cosmetic surgeries.

    Its sad, really, that the psych folk provide one branch of medicine guaranteed income by denying another group the counseling they desperately need.

  • Romney and Ryan: America's comeback team

    08/12/2012 9:22:01 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    egfowler3 to TADSLOS
    So, TADSLOS, lets take a closer look at your posted link...

    "Internal Memo Suggests Romney Will Applaud Ryan Budget Plan But Not Embrace It"

    The source is but when you read the ENTIRE article you find that:

    "CNN obtained the memo first, and the relevant part is below"

    Oh, really, from CNN, that souring pile of bovine excrement. A source that is so very honest and forthcoming in all they do (pardon me while I barf into my bucket. Better now). Umm, where was I?

    Following that link took me to; hummmm, the plot thickens!

    This blog is so full of nastiness and falsehoods that I had to stop reading or my head would pop (besides, my bucket is full). I don't know if what I was reading was original or not, but knowing how upright and upstanding the CNN staff are, I won't even quote what is there. Besides, I'm not qualified to deal in such filthiness. I took a short look at what the author also posted and came away badly burned and needing a new display monitor (it melted the case, such a stench!). And then I looked at the comments to his writings, OUCH!

    No thanks, if I want to find out about someone, CNN is not the place to go, thank you very very much.

  • GM exec: 100, 200 miles on a charge may be coming

    08/10/2012 12:20:29 AM PDT · 35 of 95
    egfowler3 to Nachum; All
    I can see it now...

    You live in Kansas City, MO. You decide to go for an 100 miles per charge trip to see your Mother in St. Louis (about 250 to 290 mi).

    On day one you travel a hundred miles east on I-70, stop in Columbia (you had the wind at your back all the way) and stay the night so the batteries can charge. Then start out the next day (day two) and arrive in O'Fallon (the wind was gone) to once more stay the night and charge the batteries. Now, on day three you head out and arrive to visit mom and (of course) charge the batteries.

    Relations never were the best with mom and you normally only visit for about an hour or so, but now you are driving your nice, shiny, spanking new Volt. You are stuck now until tomorrow and can drive home, into the wind this time. This trip used to take you half a day and you could go home and really rest from the visit, with one gas stop on the way.

    Question: what do you do now??? ;^) (sounds of evil laughter)

  • 14-year-old Phoenix boy shoots armed intruder

    06/23/2012 3:43:49 PM PDT · 49 of 63
    egfowler3 to BitWielder1
    About that quote and your comment... "... but this young man did exactly what he should have done," he said. "I'm not sure he gave full thought about what he had to do. He just acted."

    In the context of the officer's remarks, it actually looks like he is actually giving the young man praise. After all, a well trained firearm user will, indeed, "just act". Until the training takes hold, the trainee must think through whatever he/she must do to accomplish the goal. This young man obviously knew what he was doing and ...

    ... did it.

    Under pressure

    And from a position requiring a shot downhill

    that almost killed the perp!

    I couldn't ask for anything more than that. He took aim, squeezed the trigger, and hit the target, taking out the target with only one shot! A Marksman in my book.

  • Woman claims Southwest wouldn't let her board plane because of her cleavage: report

    06/18/2012 2:27:16 PM PDT · 86 of 101
    egfowler3 to Zakeet
    Oh, the jeans, to be honest I didn't even notice she had any on, umm, maybe she should fix the knees?

    What? Jeans in the background? What jeans in the ba... Oooooooh...

    As I was saying she needs to do something about those knees.

  • Catholic Teen Defends Her Right to Attend Mass: Margeaux Graham Chooses Faith Over Honors

    06/07/2012 12:15:27 PM PDT · 26 of 58
    egfowler3 to iowamark
    Excuse me, but isn't this part of the same American Legion that supposedly supports our American veterans?

    And, if so, since when does an organization "supporting veterans" intentionally slight them by denying a young American woman her right to exercise her religion? Who are they more interested in: the American veterans they supposedly represent and their American values OR some imaginary, hypothetical, who-knows-they-might-show-up, offended... whomever?

    That does it, I'm dumping my membership in the American Legion.

  • Bush v. Gore judge: Your evidence, Mr. Obama

    06/01/2012 7:34:26 AM PDT · 96 of 152
    egfowler3 to Red Steel
    I hate to put a damper on your parade, but where is the judge's signature?????

    These appear to be the copies filed with the court pending the judge's signature. They are useless without him / her signing them.

  • Wanda Group of China Buys AMC Entertainment [Second Largest US Theater Chain!!]

    05/20/2012 9:36:57 PM PDT · 10 of 19
    egfowler3 to Steelfish
    I live in the Kansas City metro and have access to AMC, Dickenson and Cinimark movie theaters. Well, I might have access, but AMC will no longer be on our list of favorite theaters. However, we haven't gone to a movie in an AMC theater since, since, since... I cannot remember when we last went to one, we go to Dickenson theaters now a days. At least my dollars are staying here in the USA, for the moment.
  • Evidence mixed for Zimmerman's self-defense claim [Media Hoping George is Convicted]

    05/18/2012 2:53:54 AM PDT · 10 of 43
    egfowler3 to SoFloFreeper
    Also notice how the media routinely states that Zimmerman had called 911 and been told to not follow Martin. Zimmerman never called 911. He called the police dispatcher as he had been trained to do before becoming a Neighborhood Watch captain. 911 is reserved for EMERGENCIES, not for something like checking out the suspicious behavior of a adolescent acting suspiciously.

    I think the media is hoping none of the public is willing to actually look at the evidence and will accept their "executive summary" instead.

  • People Not In Labor Force Soar By 522,000, Labor Force Participation Rate Lowest Since 1981

    05/05/2012 6:22:31 PM PDT · 22 of 27
    egfowler3 to All
    (clearing throat)

    This is all about what lie works the best to keep everyone confused and willing to believe whatever you are told. In this case the lie that those no longer being counted by the various government entities commonly referred to as Department of Human Resource Development are somehow not qualified to be called "unemployed". Why? Because they no longer are qualified to receive unemployment benefits because their benefits have simply run out.

    I must first disclose my own personal bias. I am one of those mythical entities referred to as "People Not In Labor Force". I became one unexpectedly in May 2010 when my unemployment checks stopped appearing in my mailbox (about $500 a week less federal taxes) even though I was still religiously filing my paperwork and looking for work.

    On that day I was magically changed from someone actively seeking employment to someone: who voluntarily retired early; who was now collecting disability; who was now living off some other government entity; who's wife is now carrying the load because she is able to work (this one is true); who is __________ (fill in the blank).

    The truth is that I am 63 now (I was younger then) and no longer seem to be worth the simple dignity of a letter letting me know I'm too old. Hey! There are only so many Wal-Mart greeters in the world, ya know.

    Guys (and gals) don't believe that cr*p being spread out there about how those of us on unemployment are living the life of Riley. We're not. However, once we are no longer receiving any form of government largess it is not right to simply no longer count us as part of the unemployed. I am still out there trying to find that job, if there is one. Maybe I'll get that one you are seeking while on unemployment and being counted (ha! ha! ha!).

    What is kinda kool though is that I can still vote, and I remember how I got here in the first place. And my being here does have a very negative impact of the US economy... after all, I cannot buy what I have no money for.

  • Chuck Schumer to Overturn Supreme Court's Arizona Immigration Ruling?

    04/26/2012 1:29:53 PM PDT · 22 of 29
    egfowler3 to Freemarkets101
    One of my favorite moments was when the Solicitor responded that those picked up would have to be incarcerated for two weeks pending clearing their authorization to be in the US. The AZ attorney returned that it would only take 10 minutes to do so, not two weeks. To that the dear Solicitor responded that that was not true, it took at least an hour for the database to respond and then the 10 minutes for a total of 70 minutes.

    I never did notice if he realized he had yanked the rug out from under his argument. I was too busy laughing.

  • Caught On Tape: Teen falls through sidewalk (Communist China)

    04/26/2012 12:35:54 PM PDT · 17 of 18
    egfowler3 to Cringing Negativism Network
    Having read the article and watched the video about this I was impressed by how quickly everyone came to her rescue. Had it been in NY, LA, KC, SF, or any other US major city she would have simply

    disappeared forever.

    The taxi driver was simply the one willing to jump in and attempt to rescue her before anyone else had. Others called for help. She was scared (like, really?) and had to be coaxed out but all in all she came out in pretty fine shape.

    And like someone already said, it was a hole caused by water washing away the road's foundation. Along with rescuing her, now they know about a hole that needs to be fixed.

  • Bar Is High for Proving Hate Crime Case Against George Zimmerman, Says AG Eric Holder

    04/11/2012 1:25:58 PM PDT · 16 of 35
    egfowler3 to 2ndDivisionVet

    And notice who was right on top of reporting it... ABC

  • Defending George Zimmerman with Facts

    04/11/2012 10:09:04 AM PDT · 55 of 56
    egfowler3 to Aunt Polgara
    I'm sorry. I was trying to point out that the claim made by Trayvon's GF of an ongoing conversation vs the statements by GZ that he was suddenly attacked without any warning do not fit. I think the GF heard exactly what happened and does not want the truth to be told, or someone is making her withhold the truth. Assuming, of course, there was a conversation at that time.

    Of course there could have been an argument going on between TM and his GF and she could have been hung up on just prior to the "brawl".

    I can see it now, Trayvon walking along with his cell phone in hand connected to him by a headset of some sort while talking to his girlfriend as he approaches Zimmerman and begins to argue. Now, I am in my 60's and a bit clumsy to boot. I've walked into my share of doors, walls, poles and such while talking on the phone. Yes, my headset, both wired and unwired, popped out of my ear on many of those occasions. And I quickly learned the phone was still on and I could put the headset back in my ear, apologize to the person on the other end and keep talking. So, as someone a week or so ago remarked, how did that headset (and attached phone) get turned off when the brawl/fight/beating started?????

    My thoughts are that the phone was either on and she heard more than is being provided or it was off and she heard nothing whatsoever.

  • Defending George Zimmerman with Facts

    04/11/2012 9:43:09 AM PDT · 52 of 56
    egfowler3 to Sherman Logan
    Actually I was basing my reply on the ABC interview article linked to in your reply #31. There is a photo provided at that site of the girlfriend's supposed call record showing calls at 7:04 & 7:12, both incoming and neither showing the length of the calls.

    I once worked for Sprint Telecom in their customer records and billing division and you are right, the phone companies do have the start, stop, length and more phone call information, but that is not what ABC shows in their photo. ABC implies that there was an ongoing continuous conversation, but the photo only indicates when the calls started and indicates nothing else whatsoever.

    So, if the Florida law enforcement folk provide that information to the public, I will then believe the time line. However, I have no reason to trust media that use false or misleading information to boost their ratings.

  • Defending George Zimmerman with Facts

    04/11/2012 1:06:14 AM PDT · 47 of 56
    egfowler3 to Houmatt; Aunt Polgara
    About that conversation that was supposed to be going on between Trayvon and his GF. It was supposed to be going on with Trayvon using a bluetooth headset

    There are several rules and observations one needs to be aware of regarding the presence of a bluetooth headset. As a routine user of such a device I can safely state the following:

    1. The most basic BT device has a range of 10m (roughly 30ft). So, unless it is turned off or out of range, it continues to function.
    2. The phone the BT headset is connected to does not have to be open if it is one of the clamshell design phones. So, you can carry your phone in a pocket and (in some cases) initiate a call, hold a conversation and then end the conversation without touching the phone.
    3. If something should happen to cause the connection to break between your BT and phone, the phone remains on and connected to the party you are conversing with.
    4. Since your phone can be out of sight, you can look a bit crazy talking to yourself. I imagine many of you have already come across someone with a headset you didn't see until you were up close and thought that person was acting a bit strange until then.
    Which brings us to some discrepancies about the conversation Dee Dee says Trayvon and she were engaged in up to the moment Trayvon and GZ tangle.

    If he is having a conversation with DD (as reported by DD) up to the moment the "scuffle" begins how come GZ did not hear it going on prior to the "scuffle"? Anyone who has used a cellphone headset, BT or not, knows you cannot whisper into the headset when outdoors. So you cannot be sneaky and use one.

    What happened to this conversation? DD, I'm being followed by some guy. He looks white and kinda tubby. He's driving a pickup, license number ____. Yadda, yadda, yadda while facing the guy following him so that guy knows Trayvon is talking to someone and providing info about his follower.

    I keep hearing questions about why he turned on GZ. Has anyone thought about what happens to a kid's head when his mom and dad are getting/have gotten a divorce and that kid is around one of them and that parent's new "significant other"? And dad has gone out with his girlfriend and he has to babysit for them. And kid wants to be with his own girlfriend for his own face time. And kid was suspended for a week from school and sent to be with his dad. Wanna bet that 17-year-old boy is getting hot? And then some whitey starts following him around, its starting to rain, and... ...what do you think is going to happen next?

    I think she either heard everything that happened that night, because the phone was still on and sending every sound it picked up all around Trayvon to her phone until she hung up, or her conversation with Trayvon never took place. Those call records they show only indicated when the calls were received, not when they ended. For all we know they might have had a fight during the earlier call listed so he called her back and she hung up on him. On top of the stuff I listed earlier he could have been angry about that as well.

    Like Houmatt, I cannot trust a thing she says about what happened that night.

  • Obama, if wind works so well why are Scots facing "heat or eat?" and paying over $7.00 for gas?

    03/26/2012 12:20:52 PM PDT · 14 of 15
    egfowler3 to FrankR

    is that pic photoshopped or real?

  • OBAMA THE JOB ROBBER: Quietly Extending H-1B Visas of Foreign Workers, leaving US Engineers Jobless

    03/26/2012 11:14:22 AM PDT · 17 of 22
    egfowler3 to coon2000
    "...It is being operated illegally as no H1-B applicant is supposed to be hired until it is proven that an American is not available to fill the job. ..."

    You don't have to look at overseas job placement firms, just at the local business head hunters themselves. Being When I became an unemployed Systems Analyst looking for new employment I found myself an infrequent recipient of telephonic interviews designed to "prove" I was not qualified for the position applied for. The voice on the phone was always foreign accented and I was always overqualified. It didn't take long to figure out that they only wanted to disqualify me.

    As StolarStorm said earlier in #1: "...Battled that issue in the past...."


    03/24/2012 2:58:22 PM PDT · 224 of 357
    egfowler3 to Godebert



    03/24/2012 1:46:32 PM PDT · 212 of 357
    egfowler3 to Godebert; Texas Tea

    Umm, Mr Godebert, where is YOUR About Page????????

    Oh, and most of us work for a living and don’t have the time to be on here responding to every self important fool that comes along. Now why don’t YOU go back under the rock YOU crawled out from under.

    “People who live in glass houses should never throw stones.”


    03/24/2012 1:30:10 PM PDT · 210 of 357
    egfowler3 to nathanbedford

    Like I said to the Missus when I read my reply out loud to her...

    Assume you were speading down the highway and were pulled over by the hiway patrol. The officer issues the ticket like one would expect with the admonitions that accompany it. Up to here we are going with what one would expect.

    Now, continue the assumption with a modification to what happens next. The officer just files away his book of tickets on returning to the station. Nothing else, just files it away in a box or whatever. No one else sees it, reads it or even gets to act on it. Oh, maybe someone finds it or otherwise acquires it and uses the info in it to prepare statistics and such but it never goes on to generate court action for fines and all.

    Back to you in the car, you forget or decide to ignore it. What will happen? Nothing.

    The INS seems to require JQ Public just do as told. Otherwise we wouldn’t have such a problem with aliens here in the USA that have just skipped out on whatever they should do to leave the country, extend their visas, or whatever. In all likelihood she could ignore what she was told and who would know?

    To directly answer your question, my folks had to follow up on my brother’s paperwork. I was only in the second grade at the time and, being a typical boy, only interested in the moment. My mom told me details later in life as I followed up on our family tree regarding my baby brother. She dug up the paperwork to show me and they did have to do it themselves. There was no outside prompting that it be done.

    So, if it wasn’t done for ‘O’, he would actually still be a native of Kenya—assuming he was actually born there. However, due to the laws of HI as we know them to exist in the ‘60s, anyone from any country could apply for and receive HI residency and subsequent US citizenship at the time he (Obama) was born.

    You know, I hate to think that that might be the flaw in this whole mess. Maybe someone needs to look at the HI territorial to statehood laws and all to determine whether such could happen? Could a resident at that time become NBC simply by being a resident or being declared born there? Is there a law that should have been cut out but was overlooked and affects this?

    Scary thought!


    03/24/2012 11:32:41 AM PDT · 191 of 357
    egfowler3 to nathanbedford

    Edge919 already addressed part of your question and I can address part of the other.

    I have a younger brother born in the Azores islands while my USAF dad was stationed there in the late ‘50’s. On our return to the USA, and enroute to his next duty station in NM, my parents (although my father was natural born, my mother was an immigrant citizen (making me not a natural born citizen since she became one three years after I was born)) had to stop at a US Consulate in Texas to have his (my brother’s) citizenship naturalized. Until the process was complete he was an alien citizen with the papers that went along with it. After the process completed he became a NATURALIZED US citizen, and only a NUSC.

    The key question is, did the mother in this record actually complete the process? If the mother was like some anti-US types, she could have flaunted the process and, on arrival home, just said her child was born on the way home. After all, if her child was a new-born (even recently born can fool some folk) she could say it was born on the way HOME when she arrived at her destination.