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  • CNBC Democrat telethon continues today

    11/01/2006 5:56:25 AM PST · by ElRushbo · 31 replies · 801+ views
    CNBC at it again today. Now defending Kerry for his slanderous comments. CNBC playing it out as a "botched joke" or at worst a "poor statement"! Again, nothing to do with business or the markets. The are relentless in these past few days. Anything they can do to support the democrats.

    10/31/2006 10:29:39 AM PST · by ElRushbo · 21 replies · 811+ views
    Anybody watching cnbcBS today? All day democratic telethon. Anti Bush- Anti-economy news all day. This coming from a business channel whose target audience are financial professionals and successful people with investments to manage. Nice work, NBC... they could be doing a program on the Miami Heat and they would find a way to bash Bush.
  • Ken Lay has died (heart attack)

    07/05/2006 7:03:35 AM PDT · by ElRushbo · 514 replies · 21,476+ views
    Reuters | 7/5/06
    cause of death unknown
  • New York Transit Strike to End ?

    12/22/2005 6:29:07 AM PST · by ElRushbo · 47 replies · 1,212+ views
    New York times
    just saw a headline come across about a possible resolution-- cnbc reporting annoncement may come shortly...
  • Google the word "failure"

    09/26/2005 7:37:04 AM PDT · by ElRushbo · 52 replies · 3,595+ views
    has anyone seen this before? How does this happen?
  • Delta Air Lines Files Bankruptcy petition in New York

    09/14/2005 1:48:24 PM PDT · by ElRushbo · 32 replies · 746+ views
    War in Iraq the reason for high oil prices--- it's all Bush's fault!!!! Guarantee Bush will be somehow blamed
  • Democrats threaten to delay vote on Bolton Nomination to UN

    05/25/2005 11:00:38 AM PDT · by ElRushbo · 24 replies · 1,656+ views
    Dodd says bush admin must give requested documents
  • Eastern Motors Commercial- Featuring NFL players

    12/07/2004 7:46:18 AM PST · by ElRushbo · 7 replies · 3,123+ views
    This has to be the funniest commercial I have ever seen. Definetly makes me want to go buy a car at Eastern motors Eastern Motors commercial
  • Exit polls-- does anyone know of any I can subsribe to for the presidential election?

    10/14/2004 8:14:00 PM PDT · by ElRushbo · 19 replies · 878+ views
    During election night I want to have the latest exit poll data for states like Ohio and Florida-- does anyone know of any exit poll services? I am mostly interested in Florida and Ohio but I'd probably purchase data for all 50 states if available. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  • Overnight S&P 500 stock index breaks after Kerry named winner by several media instant polls

    09/30/2004 8:17:23 PM PDT · by ElRushbo · 86 replies · 4,595+ views
    Bloomberg TV
    If there is any doubt what a Kerry win would mean to the investor class, you only have to look at the immediate 3 point break in the Overnight S&P 500 trade. The market broke 3 full points as soon as the media instant polls were reported showing a win for Kerry
  • AP Boo-Boo? News group works quickly to cover it's tracks on Bush Speech

    09/09/2004 4:52:56 PM PDT · by ElRushbo · 20 replies · 1,685+ views ^ | 09/09/2004 | Mark Belling
    AP Boo-boo? News group works quickly to cover its tracks on Bush speech Viewers around the world tuning into BBC World Report on Friday night learned that when President Bush told a Milwaukee crowd earlier that day that former President Clinton was in the hospital that the crowd booed the mention of Clinton’s name. For that matter, the same report appeared for hours on the famed "Drudge Report" Web site. Ditto for the Boston Globe Web site. TV stations around the country picked up the report that also aired on countless radio stations. If you’d like a clear indication of...
  • Latest Tradesports Market Predicting Specter Win

    04/27/2004 10:42:52 AM PDT · by ElRushbo · 4 replies · 100+ views
    Current Market- 69 Bid 74 Offer (approx 70% chance Specter Wins) This is a very bad sign. Historically, Tradesports has been very accurate in predicting election results. You can view real time changes in the market by going to Clicking on "Politics" and then choosing "Primary Elections"
  • Bloomberg News "Court Throws out Ruling to Delay California's Oct. Recall"

    09/23/2003 9:04:03 AM PDT · by ElRushbo · 19 replies · 156+ views
    Breaking news on Bloomberg
  • Bill, Hillary Clinton Denied $3.5 Million in Attorney Fees

    07/15/2003 7:22:20 AM PDT · by ElRushbo · 60 replies · 269+ views
    Breaking News on Bloomberg
  • Latest Iowa Electronic Market quotes predicting Dems win Senate

    10/31/2002 7:59:31 AM PST · by ElRushbo · 18 replies · 170+ views
    Since its beginning in the 1988 U.S. Presidential election, the IEM has established a reputation for forecasting election results with great accuracy, with an average prediction error of 1.37 percent. The latest quotes are looking ominous for Republicans. The markets are pricing a 23-25% chance that the Republicans win both the House and the Senate versus a 27-28% chance that the Dems will win both! The most likely outcome seems to be Republicans taking the house and Dems taking the Senate--- the market is .45 bid .49 offer (45-49% chance) I have been watching the Iowa Electronic Markets for about...
  • Bloomberg TV "stop the Hate" commercial

    10/24/2002 3:26:12 PM PDT · by ElRushbo · 15 replies · 46+ views
    Bloomberg TV | ? | weprevent/
    Has anyone seen the obnoxious "Stop the Hate" commercial on Bloomberg television? It stars several liberal Hollywood actors. Here is a letter I wrote in response to the slanderous ad. I hope other freepers who are annoyed with seeing this commercial over and over all day long will drop Bloomberg a little love note. Dear Bloomberg TV, You have been running a commercial repetitively everyday that tells America how we should all stop hating. It cites as fact that there is multiple hate crimes since Sept 11th. Independent studies and polls have shown this not to be a fact. If...
  • Exit Polls? Subscriptions?

    10/23/2002 12:07:34 PM PDT · by ElRushbo · 1 replies · 31+ views
    I was wondering if I could get a little advice from fellow freepers? I am interested in subscribing to a exit poll service/polling agency etc. so I can get up to the minute data for the November elections. I tried calling Voter News service and they basically hung up on me. I was told to try Zogby and Gallup? Any ideas? Appreciate your help.
  • Freedom Fighters-FR mentioned in Liberal paper

    05/09/2002 11:21:02 AM PDT · by ElRushbo · 197 replies · 697+ views
    badger herald ^ | 05/09/02 | Kate McDonald
    Freedom fighters by Kate MacDonald, Staff Writer May 09, 2002 One of the most influential and monumental First Amendment battles of this new millennium is being fought in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The unhappy marriage of print media and the Internet has finally reached an impasse. Free Republic bills itself as a "loosely organized group of grassroots Americans who support the constitution and look for honesty, integrity and honor from those in government." Nice PR. Really, this staunchly conservative activist group's popularity and fondness for a good battle have turned quite a few heads on Capitol Hill. Active...
  • Alec Baldwin for President???

    03/08/2002 12:28:52 PM PST · by ElRushbo · 31 replies · 1,202+ views | Jan/Feb 1998 | Bess Rattray
    ALEC BALDWIN FOR PRESIDENT? By Bess Rattray Alec Baldwin does not want to be Senator, Governor, or President...Yet. He has Kennedy's charisma, Reagan's hair and the wonky passion of Ralph Nader, but he swears he's not a politician. Bess Rattray surveys the role he was born to play. Stories about movie stars are supposed to open with a meal, over which the actor discloses his or her hard-won sense of satisfaction with the world: Cameron Diaz and a plate of steak frites reach new levels of personal awareness; Brad Pitt, contemplating a mesclun salad with ciabatta croutons, posits that a ...
  • "Tenn. Sen . Thompson won't seek re-election"

    03/08/2002 6:42:47 AM PST · by ElRushbo · 236 replies · 438+ views
    dow jones news | 03/08/02 | dow jones
    "Tenn. Sen . Thompson won't seek re-election