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  • Rosenstein: Mueller needs to come to me if he wants to chase any crime outside scope of Russia probe

    08/07/2017 2:49:38 PM PDT · 11 of 20
    EternalHope to detective

    This is BS put out by Rosenstein for spin control, and to cover his own behind if enough Republicans find their spine and call him on it. (very doubtful)

    Mueller is ALREADY pursuing things far, far removed from anything in the election. Rosenstein has done nothing to restrain him, and clearly has no intention of ever doing so.

    This is exactly what it looks like: A witch hunt. The goal is to find or manufacture some flimsy excuse to remove President Trump.

    The Grand Jury was picked in a location that went 91% Hillary, 4% Trump. Any pretense of objectivity is absurd.

    Don’t look for the “Republicans” to stop this. On the contrary, this is exactly what they want.

    Want proof? EVERY SINGLE SENATOR voted to block President Trump from making recess appointments while they were on vacation. This is after slow walking all of his appointments.

    Most of the “Republicans” in both the House and Senate have been lying to us for decades. At least now we can see what they really are.

  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    08/07/2017 9:46:01 AM PDT · 4,110 of 4,189
    EternalHope to abb

    Most of us don’t have anything to contribute at this point so we don’t post.

    However, we are still following this thread.

    We lurkers appreciate all the good work you and the others currently posting are continuing to contribute!

  • Dunkirk and the History Christopher Nolan Failed to Mention

    07/26/2017 3:26:26 PM PDT · 30 of 49
    EternalHope to colorado tanker; dfwgator; discostu

    You all have valid points, but I have to disagree.

    GIVEN the validity of your points, it is still very likely that Germany had enough air power during the period right after Dunkirk to provide sufficient cover for a limited invasion.

    All Germany needed at that time was enough force to gain control of a single port and air field, plus the ability to hold it against a British counter attack.

    If they could get that their position in the air would have been greatly improved. A better position in the air would translate to improved ability to move ground troops into Britain. More ground troops, more territory/air fields/ports, etc. It would not have taken much of this at that time and Great Britain would have fallen.

    BUT a weak expeditionary force was all Germany could have sent in the face of Britain’s navy and air force at that time. A small/weak force would not have been enough against even the lightly armed forces Great Britain was able to save at Dunkirk.

    The Germans believed Britain had enough remaining land strength to defeat a weak expeditionary force, hence they had to gain control of the English Channel. (It is possible that Germany was wrong about how much land opposition the British could actually mount. Equipment counts. The weakness of Britain’s land forces was a tightly guarded secret.)

    To gain control of the English Channel Germany had to gain air superiority first.

    Their strategy to gain air superiority was fatally flawed, but nevertheless still had a chance to succeed. Hence Churchill’s famous, “Never have so many owed so much to so few.”

  • Dunkirk and the History Christopher Nolan Failed to Mention

    07/26/2017 12:29:40 PM PDT · 10 of 49
    EternalHope to Thistooshallpass9

    Don’t forget, those soldiers were essential to the defense of Britain.

    If they had not made it home the Germans would have had an excellent chance of conquering Great Britain. It was a near thing anyway, with only the RAF standing in the way.

    That would have left the Germans with a single front war against Russia.

    Russia would have fallen.

    North Africa and the Middle East would have fallen.

  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    07/25/2017 10:17:57 AM PDT · 4,073 of 4,189
    EternalHope to EarthResearcher333

    Perhaps some of the people at that meeting have been following this thread...

  • Possible temporary workaround for pages and sidebars not fully loading problem

    07/14/2017 12:41:58 PM PDT · 113 of 114
    EternalHope to Jim Robinson

    Ongoing prayers.

    The Lord has this.

  • Will Paul Ryan Suffer the Cantor Fate?

    06/30/2017 8:22:17 AM PDT · 4 of 20
    EternalHope to Oldpuppymax

    I don’t care who beats Ryan, just as long as he’s out.

    Ryan is the leader of the GOPe, and a top figure in the uniparty. He has to go.

    Even Maxine Waters would be better than he is. At least she would not be an enemy within.

  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    06/13/2017 11:07:54 AM PDT · 3,823 of 4,189
    EternalHope to EarthResearcher333


    (Just in case anyone wondered if the coverup extended to FERC...)

  • Should the WH Revoke CNN, New York Times Press Credentials for Sponsoring Trump Assassination Play?

    06/12/2017 2:06:07 PM PDT · 45 of 67
    EternalHope to davikkm


  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    05/31/2017 8:55:07 PM PDT · 3,753 of 4,189
    EternalHope to KC Burke

    So far I’ve seen no spike in the Oroville Dam inflow.

    Is spring melt in Oroville usually way behind the rivers in central California? Are they still expecting a huge inflow spike at Oroville?

  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    05/25/2017 4:58:56 PM PDT · 3,722 of 4,189
    EternalHope to EarthResearcher333

    Anyone who has been following the information and excellent analysis on this thread is aware that maintenance on the Oroville dam has been appalling (NOT just on the spillway).

    It is clear that the DWR is covering this up.

    Since the same DWR is in charge of many other dams in California, it seems certain that other dams in California are also at risk.

    Thus far, however, I see very little to indicate the people of California have figured this out.

  • USAA Faces Customer Backlash After Canceling Ads on Troop Supporting Sean Hannity

    05/25/2017 9:56:18 AM PDT · 46 of 67
    EternalHope to markomalley

    A lot of Freepers, like me, are with USAA.

    Until now I was happy with them.

    I’ve already sent them my opinion. No reply.

    All of our insurance and much of our banking is with them. It would be difficult and quite time consuming to move. Have not yet decided what my next step will be.

    It partly depends on what USAA does as a result of the pressure they are now under. They have deeply offended me and much of their customer base, so perhaps they will wise up.

  • Dropping the Hammer on Comey... Brilliant!

    05/25/2017 8:04:50 AM PDT · 10 of 83
    EternalHope to marktwain


  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    05/14/2017 10:02:08 AM PDT · 3,660 of 4,189
    EternalHope to jpal
    Ideally DWR would be proactive, but it appears that the collective experience on this forum is that the only way DWR will react is via increased public scrutiny.

    Good post, with one quibble. IMHO you went way too easy on DWR.

    Unfortunately, DWR has done a demonstrably terrible job at maintaining this dam. They have shown a great willingness to coverup, obfuscate, and outright lie in order to prevent the public from becoming aware of just how egregious this has been. They are covering for themselves, and for the politicians they serve.

    To counteract this DWR requires IMMENSE public scrutiny. The news media does not have the expertise to do this.

    This thread is one of the best on the net at providing the information and analysis needed for that purpose.

  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    05/13/2017 9:56:47 AM PDT · 3,658 of 4,189
    EternalHope to mad_as_he$$
    In a sane world DWR would be, at this point, slowly barbequed by the Kalifornia Legislature. The misfeasance is breathtaking.

    Sums it up nicely.

  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    05/13/2017 8:40:01 AM PDT · 3,655 of 4,189
    EternalHope to jpal

    The source of the water for the green spot is obviously a critical issue. What happens this summer may shed some light on that.

    IMHO opinion, however, the CRITICAL issue is the trend. If it is worsening we have a major problem that must be addressed as soon as possible.

    The green spot provides a very crude measure of this. If it is worse this year than 2011, especially since the average lake elevation is likely to be less, then we may be looking at a worsening trend.

    Worsening water flow will NOT be linear even if it appears to be in the early stages. Once it starts to worsen it will accelerate slowly at first, but the rate of acceleration will increase over time.

    The head of water (only that above the leak) pushing water through the dam is variable, hence the volume of water is almost certainly variable as well. The volume of water and rate of flow of that water will impact the time it takes for some of that water to reach the green spot. Put those factors together and you have a very hard to estimate, but nevertheless non-linear, curve.

    The acceleration will not follow an easily extrapolated exponential curve, but that is basically what it will be.

  • Tunnel at plutonium finishing plant collapses in Hanford

    05/09/2017 9:57:13 AM PDT · 28 of 93
    EternalHope to lancium

    I live in Washington state, but far upwind of Hanford.

    Hanford has a long history of trouble.

    Shelter in place instructions have been issued, and are very rare even at Hanford.

    If it turns out that plutonium particles have escaped (possible, but not confirmed) then this could be the worst yet.

  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    05/09/2017 9:27:39 AM PDT · 3,600 of 4,189
    EternalHope to KC Burke


  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    05/09/2017 9:21:30 AM PDT · 3,598 of 4,189
    EternalHope to EternalHope

    Another general observation:

    DWR seems to have arranged an unintentional experiment for us dam watchers to observe. Apparently they plan to open the spillway when the lake level reaches 850 feet in the next few days, and then leave the spillway closed once they have again lowered the lake.

    Since the snowpack is at a record level, it seems likely that we will have much higher than normal runoff. DWR apparently “thinks” the reservoir will have enough capacity to hold this much water without using the spillway.

    If the DWR is right then this approach will give them more time to work.

    The “experiment” comes from the lake level once again rising to a level near its full capacity. If the head of water has an impact on seepage in the green spot we will most likely see it sometime in the next few months.

    I very much hope DWR will have a credible means to actively monitor and study the green spot during this period. If they believe their own propaganda (”its just rain”), then they may not.

  • Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

    05/09/2017 8:57:44 AM PDT · 3,595 of 4,189
    EternalHope to jpal; EarthResearcher333

    To a layman like me, my starting point assumption was that the erosion channels under the green spot HAD to have been caused by flowing water on the surface. This would be very serious whether it came from a natural spring from the hillside flowing into the dam, or from a leak inside the dam.

    A major problem with my thinking was that no one has ever seen flowing water on the surface through these numerous channels. The overall volume of water would have to be large to even show on the surface. If water HAD shown as a surface flow it would have been cause for an immediate loud alarm, and it certainly would have been documented. There is no record of that ever happening.

    Apparently there is an alternative explanation that involves water seepage taking out some of the material, but leaving other (generally larger) material behind. That is what EarthResearcher333 has been researching, and provided evidence for on this thread. In spite of my common sense saying otherwise, he has convinced me.

    A side issue I have not seen addressed is the SIZE of these channels. They are obvious in photographs, but I have never seen a picture with a person or other object that would put them in perspective. Given the size of the dam, my guess is that they are each a few feet wide, with an unknown depth (shallow relative to their width).

    Another side issue I have not seen mentioned is the number of these channels, and the fact that they seem somewhat evenly spaced and approximately the same size. This is not what I would expect from a single point source. Likewise, as time went by, I would have expected a small number of channels to become dominant, with a noticeable difference between them.

    My layman’s conclusion on this is that the source is relatively evenly spread out over the length of the green spot. This would be consistent with seepage along a construction related seam in the impermeable wall inside the dam, but NOT consistent with a natural spring along the side of the dam.

    So... My personal conclusion is that common sense failed me - the channels were not caused by water flowing on the surface. It also seems unlikely that the water is from a point source.

    If the water is from seepage along a construction related seam inside the dam, another question is how much head of water is needed to cause seepage to begin, and how long a lag exists between the seepage starting up and the water finding its way to the surface.

    Regardless, the most important question is not the source of the water or whether it has ever flowed on the surface. The CRITICAL question is whether it is getting worse.