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  • Weekly Preppers Thread

    08/28/2015 6:55:36 PM PDT · 31 of 199
    EternalHope to Kartographer

    Thanks Kartographer!

    No idea how often we should have these threads, but I’m guessing it will become self evident.

    Night vision gear: I goofed and bought a night vision rifle scope. It’s great, but not nearly as useful as night vision googles would have been. With night vision googles I could see around me much more easily than is possible simply from sweeping a rifle scope, and could still see iron sights if necessary.

    The scope is gen 2, which is plenty good. I suspect a gen 1 scope would still be pretty good. No way would I spend the money for a gen 3 scope.

    Solar generator: Lots to choose from, don’t know what’s best. I did it the hard way and built one from scratch. LOTS of work and did not save much money. (Learned a lot though!)

    I’ve learned a bit about EMP since then, and decided to put the solar components in a Faraday cage. Unfortunately, the panels also need to be protected and I haven’t got that done yet.

  • Yes, Trump does mean the end of the GOP

    08/27/2015 9:29:57 AM PDT · 9 of 134
    EternalHope to Mariner

    GOPe... RIP

    And good riddance!

  • What Would Happen if a Massive Solar Storm Hit the Earth?

    08/21/2015 1:03:56 PM PDT · 29 of 88
    EternalHope to Kartographer

    Solar storms at the Carrington level and stronger are not rare. When they hit the earth they affect the ground enough to leave evidence behind. Based on this we have been able to identify multiple similar events prior to the Carrington event, some of them even stronger.

    The need to protect against this has been publicized over and over. There seems to be no scientific dispute about the threat, and that the consequences would be quite severe.

    A small number of politicians have done some public hand wringing about it, but so far nothing has been done.

  • Economists Brace for September: “Building Up to Catastrophe of Historic Proportions”

    08/18/2015 9:10:41 PM PDT · 18 of 39
    EternalHope to Kartographer

    Your manual is excellent, thank you, and I urge everyone to download it.

    HOWEVER, it lacks guidance on how to prepare for an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). Based on everything we are seeing now, it appears even a pipsqueak nation like North Korea could build an effective EMP device. They also have missiles that could deliver it (accuracy would not really matter). Iran is close as well, if not already there.

    So... Since these nations won’t be deterred by potential retaliation, it might make sense to include something on how to build an effective Faraday Cage. A metal trash can with a few simple modifications will do for starters, and it’s actually not very hard.

    Even if all you protect are a few rechargeable batteries w/charger, a radio, flashlights, an old laptop computer or tablet, and a small roll-up solar system, you will have saved some very useful electronics that you will be able to continue to use for a long time. (Add a memory stick and you may still be able to read Kartographer’s manual even though you forgot to print it out!)

    A good site with a huge amount of EMP information and how to protect against it is:

  • Have 'cash on hand,' warns 'blood moons' discoverer - 'We need to be prepared mentally...

    08/15/2015 9:44:01 PM PDT · 20 of 134
    EternalHope to Perseverando; Kartographer

    I know it sounds strange, but I would not automatically dismiss the blood moon issue. We’ve had three different but quite interesting Biblical concepts presented in best selling books lately, and all three concepts mutually reinforce each other.

    The “Harbinger” makes what seems to me to be a very credible case that recent events fit hand in glove with a warning God delivered to ancient Israel. The warning was ignored and disaster followed.

    The same author wrote a book about the Shemitah which is also credible, although the link to modern times is perhaps a tad less convincing than the Harbinger. The key date in this book coincides with the coming blood moon in September. An important point in the book is that the financial storm this heralds does not have to occur on a specific day, but that it will occur soon.

    The third book is about the 4 Blood Moons in a single year that we are currently experiencing. The evidence cited in this book tying major historical events affecting Israel is also credible.

    Significantly, all three of these books tell a mutually reinforcing story, each coming at it from a different direction.

    NONE of them try to pin things to an exact date, although they indicate whatever is coming is likely to be soon. Taken together they add up to an unmistakeable warning.

    I realize that in this day and age it is hard to imagine that God might be sending us a warning.

    Personally, I do not know if these constitute a warning, but it certainly seems they may. Regardless, it is easy to sense big trouble is near even if we do not know exactly what it will be or when. These three books, taken as a whole, strongly reinforce that feeling.

  • Preppers' Ping Silver and cash

    08/05/2015 4:42:09 PM PDT · 39 of 154
    EternalHope to Kartographer

    Even a tiny amount of gold is worth too much to buy and/or trade for food and other essentials.

    I suggest silver, such as silver “rounds”, as a potential store of value or future “money”.

    HOWEVER, in a true breakdown, barter items may be king at least for a while. Toilet paper, disposable lighters, batteries, etc.

  • Trump Fans Should Pay Attention to and Prepare for What’s Coming Because it’s Going to Get VERY Ugly

    08/01/2015 8:49:46 AM PDT · 7 of 94
    EternalHope to E. Pluribus Unum
    Unfortunately, there is still one hell of a roadblock in place and it’s called the GOP establishment. Trump is right to engage in combat with the establishment. But at some point the Trump train will need to use the establishment’s tracks. Blowing up those tracks isn’t the answer on the long term front. Because in doing so the establishment will quickly build a bypass for the Bush train.

    This was a good article, thanks for posting.

    HOWEVER: The basis for the entire article is that the GOPe establishment is too strong to beat. Hence the only way to win is to infiltrate the political establishment first, and THEN win.

    Been there, done that. We've been trying to do just that for many years. It hasn't worked, and won't work.

    As Albert Einstein said: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

    Based on Einstein's definition, it's insanity to think we can infiltrate the GOPe and win.

    With abnormally weak candidates for both parties, this may be the year a third party can actually win. It won't be easy, but it's the only option on the table. It's worth a try.

  • Video Proof: Feds Post Letters Identifying Preppers As Potential Terrorists: “Individuals or groups

    07/31/2015 10:01:51 PM PDT · 44 of 81
    EternalHope to Kartographer
    EMP needs something to act as a channel to travel through the miles and miles of power lines and just such a conduit so that what makes the power grid vulnerable as well as anything hook to it. Other things not so much. One thought is things not on and/or not attached to the grid would not suffer serious damage.

    That's what happened with the Carrington event, and will most likely happen again the next time the sun acts up in this way.


    An EMP caused by a nuke optimized to create an EMP and set off at high altitude would cause a much wider range of EMP effects. A Faraday cage would provide protection, but simply disconnecting from the electrical grid would not be enough.

    An excellent web site with outstanding information about EMP is:

  • Video Proof: Feds Post Letters Identifying Preppers As Potential Terrorists: “Individuals or groups

    07/31/2015 9:47:47 PM PDT · 42 of 81
    EternalHope to Kartographer
    Regarding EMP:

    Just leave the batteries out and any flashlights should be fine.

    This is not necessarily so if we are hit by an EMP. Some (most?) LED flashlights will have their electronics burned out by an EMP. Incandescent bulbs are much less vulnerable.

    Since LED flashlights give the most light and use the least power, you might want to protect a couple of them.

  • Sarah Palin stands with Donald Trump, comes out swinging

    07/31/2015 10:31:38 AM PDT · 10 of 60
    EternalHope to 2ndDivisionVet

    The GOPe has to go. I no longer think it can be done from within.

    Trump.. Cruz.. Palin.. the Tea Party and those elected because of it..

    The nucleus of a much needed new party?

    This is the year for a 3rd party win. The Dems cannot find a solid candidate. Neither is Jeb, and that’s who the Pub elite are going to shove down our throats.

    So... This time around a strong 3rd party candidate can win.

  • Jeb Bush was director of philanthropy that gave tens of millions to Planned Parenthood

    07/30/2015 7:12:33 PM PDT · 194 of 258
    EternalHope to EternalVigilance; Lazamataz

    The last election should have changed things. Instead nothing whatsoever has changed. We’ve been had.

    The Conservatives that make up the Republican Party base have been lied to by the elites in the Republican Party for decades.

    One good thing came out of the last election though:

    It’s finally clear to one and all. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republican “elites” and the Democrats.

    Lazamataz has it right: It’s us against the elites.

  • The New Battle Lines: Elitists Vs. Us

    07/29/2015 5:44:05 PM PDT · 56 of 150
    EternalHope to Lazamataz

    Well done! You can’t win the fight if you don’t even know who you are fighting.

    Trump seems willing to shake things up. So does Cruz. Not so sure about ANY of the other milquetoast candidates.

    Unfortunately, it may already be too late to turn things around even with a “win” at the ballot box. Which begs the question: Is there still time, or has the die already been cast?

    Personally, I think we are past the point of no return. Something wicked this way comes.

    Be ready.

  • Jeb Bush Bashes Huckabee: ‘Oven Door’ Comment ‘Just Wrong’

    07/27/2015 5:26:43 PM PDT · 33 of 59
    EternalHope to Red Steel

    I generally don’t much care for Huckabee.

    But in this case his comment was exactly right, and my opinion of him went UP as a result.

    Jeb Bush’s limp response to one of the biggest deliberate catastrophes of Obama’s rule is an example of the elite’s inability to fight back.

    Israel is in a fight for survival, and so are we. All Jeb Bush and the other elites do is politely complain (if even that). Based on their ACTIONS it is hard to tell them apart from Obama’s other minions.

  • Is Donald Trump a Democratic Plant?

    07/08/2015 3:37:00 PM PDT · 3 of 56
    EternalHope to Idaho_Cowboy

    Better question: Is the GOPe a Democratic plant?

  • Free Prepper Downloads

    07/06/2015 5:01:33 PM PDT · 43 of 51
    EternalHope to Kartographer
    So listen to what the bible says: A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. NIV Proverbs 22:3

    I have to think those who can't see danger NOW are so deep in denial that they won't see it until it is upon them. At that point it will be way too late.

    Noah built an ark BEFORE the rains came.

  • Futures sharply lower; live CNBC coverage tonight at 8pm ET

    07/05/2015 4:36:09 PM PDT · 15 of 91
    EternalHope to al baby

    This could be “it”, but maybe not.

    One thing is certain: This is a crisis, and a gigantic test of whatever remaining power the central banks of the world have left.

    It will take a while for the domino effect to kick in, and they will use every trick in the book to keep that from happening. However, if more dominoes start to fall I doubt even the supposedly all powerful central banks will be able to control it.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    06/26/2015 9:48:47 AM PDT · 4,972 of 4,987
    EternalHope to Smokin' Joe

    Thanks for the thread.

    To sum up:

    It ain’t over until it’s over.

    And it ain’t over.

  • The Big American City That Has a Stunning Number of Atheists and Agnostics

    06/01/2015 8:13:20 PM PDT · 12 of 26
    EternalHope to SeekAndFind

    I live in the Seattle area, although well outside of the city itself.

    The entire area is liberal, but the city core is far and away the worst.

    It also has a history of magnitude 9 earthquakes (NOT an exaggeration), with a major fault running right through the metro area (the “Seattle Fault”). The subduction zone offshore has a history of spawning giant tsunamis causing major damage as far away as Japan.

    We could have our own version of the movie “San Andreas”, for real. Obviously disasters at that level are rare, but it even appears we are “due”.

    Many of our mountains are volcanoes that are certain to erupt again. When Mt. Rainier goes it will trigger a flood of debris all the way to Puget Sound. Tacoma (a large suburb of Seattle) is built on top of exactly this kind of debris from past eruptions.

    On the flip side of things, the area is drop dead gorgeous.

  • Two People Die in South Korea After Contracting MERS

    06/01/2015 7:53:07 PM PDT · 6 of 11
    EternalHope to BenLurkin

    Watching. Too soon to assess.

    Thanks for the ping.

  • 10 Things to Do on the Day The Economy Collapses

    04/28/2015 4:36:28 PM PDT · 140 of 173
    EternalHope to Kartographer

    It’s a shame to see prepper threads collapse into pointless acrimony, like this one did.

    I don’t agree with the “10 Things” in the list given, but the concept of having a last minute checklist of things to do and/or get is a good one. We have one, sort of, but we need to make it better.

    Kartographer, we have your book (excellent, thank you!), but it’s in a safe place right now. So I can’t check it to see if you have something in it for last minute “stuff”. At the risk of duplicating some of your excellent work, here’s a few thoughts on last minute “stuff”.

    Since my wife and I are fortunate enough to be able to shelter in place, we will not be “bugging out”. These comments are most applicable to people like us. (For those who plan to “bug out”, good luck. A lot of things have to go right for that to work.)

    So here’s a start on our own personal “last minute” list:

    1. Contact friends and family members and tell them to get to wherever they need to be when the SHTF. Your phone call may be the nudge that gets them out the door before it’s too late. (Once it’s obvious to everyone that the “time has come”, it’s too late.)

    2. If panic has not yet set in, buy last minute perishables. Since your credit cards may not be working, keep enough cash around to do this.

    2a. If possible and it appears social breakdown may be near, go with two people, both armed (concealed). Have the necessary permits. This would be a terrible time to get arrested.

    2b. If panic has already set in, don’t bother even trying. You should already have the essentials, and you will have lots of last minute things to do at home.

    3. Store some extra water. For instance, fill the bathtubs. You probably have water taken care of already, but some last minute extra would still be nice.

    4. Unplug all unnecessary electrical devices. If things break down you may have some major power surges before the GRID goes down. You might as well save your electrical “stuff” if you can.

    4a. If you can keep the food in your refrigerator cold, consider even flipping off the circuit breakers connecting your home to the GRID. This solves the power surge problem, and also helps a little if (heaven forbid) we have an EMP attack lurking in our future.

    5. You should already be ready for an EMP attack. Read up on it if you don’t already know what this is. It’s real. My bachelor’s degree is in electrical engineering, and I have experience with nuclear weapons in the Air Force. Even with that background, it turns out EMP is much more of a risk than I used to think.

    5a. If, by some miracle, we have advance notice of a possible EMP event, unplug your microwave and put critical electronics in it ASAP. Use cardboard to keep them from touching the metal sides of the microwave. Include some batteries and LED flashlights (LED flashlights are vulnerable to EMP, as are some rechargeable batteries).

    NOTE: We would most likely have enough advance notice of an EMP event caused by the sun for last minute preps to help. If an EMP is caused by an enemy attack, our own gut instincts may be the only advance warning we get. Paying attention to world affairs might help give a little advance notice, but I would not count on it.

    5b. Have a way to generate at least a small amount of electrical power (recharge batteries, if nothing else). Put this in something that will increase its survivability if we are hit with an EMP. A Farady Cage is best (easy to make), but an unplugged microwave is much better than nothing. Putting things in zip lock anti-static bags inside the microwave helps even more.

    6. It’s sad but true: In SHTF, if you can’t defend it, you don’t own it. Once it’s clear we’re in or headed to SHTF, you will have some last minute things to do for defensive purposes. You will most likely have some time before widespread desperation sets in, but you should have thought through what you will do in advance and already have the materials you will need.

    6a. Weapons are not enough. Nor is practice. You need to be ready to fight SMART, which requires thinking things through in advance.

    I suspect this thread is mostly done, and this post will only be read by you. However, you are one of the few people thinking this mess we’re in through, and perhaps you will find a use for it.

  • Boston Fed Admits There Is No Exit, Suggests QE Become "Normal Monetary Policy"

    04/26/2015 7:17:59 PM PDT · 30 of 66
    EternalHope to Kartographer
    In a few years you will be able to pay your mortgage off for the same amount as cup of coffee will cost!

    Except, of course, you won't have a job, your savings will have been wiped out, and you won't be able to buy a cup of coffee...

  • The federal debt is worse than you think (210 Trillion)

    04/09/2015 7:27:58 PM PDT · 24 of 28
    EternalHope to Kid Shelleen

    The interesting part of this is not the information. We’ve known that for quite a while.

    The interesting thing is the source: The uber LIBERAL Brookings Institute!

    Can it be that even liberals are beginning to notice?

  • Can Jeb Bush fire up the base like he’s fired up the establishment?

    03/20/2015 9:40:32 AM PDT · 14 of 54
    EternalHope to C19fan

    He cannot fire up the base, but he can certainly drive even more of the base away.

    HOWEVER, if the Republican “leadership” manages to shove him down our throat it just might lead to a third party. Personally, I think that would be a good thing.

    The Republican party leadership is so entrenched, and so bad, that the party itself needs to go away. A new party with new leadership is the only way I see to get the job done.

  • What Do You Prep For?

    03/16/2015 8:14:10 PM PDT · 59 of 77
    EternalHope to JRandomFreeper

    You’ve got your priorities straight. You’ll be fine, whether it starts before you leave or not.

    My wife was diagnosed with incurable cancer (multiple myeloma) almost 15 years ago. She was given a 50/50 shot at 3 months. She’s still here, still has cancer (always will), and is still being treated for it. God wasn’t ready to take her home yet, but He had plenty of things He wanted to teach us both that dealing with impending death helps clarify.

    We expect a major break down, which will mean the end of her medical care. Without that she won’t last long. We’re prepping primarily to (hopefully) save our kids and grand kids. They simply cannot see it coming, but know where to go if it does.


    03/14/2015 3:39:32 PM PDT · 111 of 210
    EternalHope to LucyT

    Thanks for the post and the ping.

    About all that can be said for sure at this time is that something has happened, or is about to happen.

    It would be nice to see confirmation about the stage being constructed in Red Square.

  • Walker, Cruz, Bush and the Iowa Crucible [READ THIS]

    03/08/2015 8:03:00 PM PDT · 24 of 52
    EternalHope to 2ndDivisionVet

    Good for Cruz!

    Personally, I don’t think it will cost him Iowa either. The world needs more food, not more ethanol. Iowa farmers are smart enough to figure that out.

  • Weekly Preppers' Thread

    02/06/2015 6:52:01 PM PST · 14 of 82
    EternalHope to Kartographer

    I suggest spare springs for semi-auto handgun and rifle magazines. Over time the springs in magazines that are left loaded can weaken. Spare springs don’t cost much and solve the problem.

    You also need to practice, practice, practice. Unfortunately, very few people actually do that. Most cannot afford today’s ultra high cost for ammo, and it takes quite a bit of time at the range even if you can afford it.

    One solution is to get one of the new CO2 powered BB pistols with the same weight and slide action as the guns they are modeled after. You may even find one that matches a firearm you own.

    You can practice with these almost anywhere you have 15 feet of open space. I set up mine in the garage. I also set up a back stop capable of easily stopping anything I might fire in there, and absorbent enough that the BB’s do not bounce if they hit it.

    Given the economic realities of today, using the relatively new high quality BB pistols that simulate real firearms is far and away the most convenient and cost effective way to practice. It’s also fun! :)

  • Palin says she’s ‘seriously interested’ in 2016 campaign

    01/24/2015 9:41:00 AM PST · 88 of 123
    EternalHope to standingfirm

    If the Republicans have her on the ticket I might even vote Republican.

    If she’s not on the Republican ticket I hope she runs on a CONSERVATIVE ticket. The Republican party is useless, time to get a new one anyway.

  • Anyone Cursing The Profit Muhammad Should Be Executed

    01/15/2015 4:44:28 PM PST · 52 of 86
    EternalHope to Eleutheria5

    OK. Challenge accepted.

    Since this is still a civilized forum, I won’t repeat it exactly here. But to the extent a curse from me is relevant, consider Mohammed well and thoroughly cursed, again.

    My cursing Mohammed is not really relevant. Damning the false “Prophet” Mohammed to eternal damnation is God’s province, not mine. I’m sure it’s well in hand.

    Insults are much more within my capabilities. So he’s well and thoroughly insulted as well. Kinda redundant though. Lots of people all around the world have already done the same thing.

    Just for good measure, here’s a picture of him too: <:(~

    Obviously, the picture is overly flattering, but it’s the best I could do on short notice.

  • If Palin and Levin Walk, the 2016 Nomination Is Not Worth Having

    01/15/2015 4:09:31 PM PST · 156 of 170
    EternalHope to 2ndDivisionVet

    If Palin walks, I walk.

  • The Dark Energy Survey Begins to Reveal Previously Unknown Trans-Neptunian Objects

    01/07/2015 7:46:37 PM PST · 4 of 16
    EternalHope to BenLurkin

    Thanks for posting!

  • McConnell Pledges to Avoid 'Scary' Excesses and 'Strident Stands' of 'Far Right'

    01/05/2015 10:14:05 AM PST · 32 of 63
    EternalHope to INVAR

    We need to dump the entire Republican leadership. I don’t see that happening.

    I can no longer hold my nose and support them as the lesser of two evils.

    So... Time for a new party. Even if it means the Democrats “win” (no one could tell the difference anyway).


    01/01/2015 6:05:03 PM PST · 16 of 210
    EternalHope to KC_Lion

    Thanks for the thread.

  • Prayers requested for Sheila Robinson [Updte #201, 255, 287, 319, 348]

    12/19/2014 10:43:42 PM PST · 198 of 405
    EternalHope to JustAmy

    Prayers up for Sheila, Jim, Chris and John.

    Dear Lord, Please be with them, guide them, and guard them.

    I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  • Has America Finally Begun to Despise BOTH Parties?

    12/19/2014 9:57:30 AM PST · 26 of 57
    EternalHope to Sean_Anthony

    The leaders of the Republican Party have made it clear that they consider me their enemy.

    I no longer think those leaders can be deposed by “working from within”.

    I support a NEW party, even if that means the Republican Party loses the next election. Good riddance if they do.

  • An Open Letter To The Republican Leadership In Congress [Excellent Read]

    12/13/2014 9:21:51 AM PST · 6 of 75
    EternalHope to upchuck

    It’s “simple”. The entire top leadership of the Republican party has to go. And they won’t. And they are so well entrenched that they cannot be thrown out.

    The only alternative is either a new party, or at least an independent candidacy at the Presidential level.

    Starting a new party is impractical. But an independent candidate at the Presidential level can be launched, and can be won.


    Personally, I think that ticket would win in a landslide.


    12/11/2014 9:54:30 AM PST · 110 of 115
    EternalHope to firebrand

    We need a new party.

  • Stonewalled in Obama's Garden of Beasts

    11/25/2014 11:39:32 AM PST · 80 of 161
    EternalHope to Travis McGee

    Outstanding thread.

    I just bought the books, may even end up giving some as gifts.

  • Boehner: House GOP files Obamacare suit

    11/21/2014 11:27:47 AM PST · 52 of 84
    EternalHope to Puppage
    Oooooo, can a letter with stern language be far behind?

    Actually, yes. The only thing I've seen in print with any hope of actually happening is a plan to "censure" him.

    Personally, I think they should hold their breath until they turn blue. That'll show they're really mad.

    My personal preference is for all the top Republican leaders to go on a hunger strike until our dictator caves. He won't, of course, but the country would still be better off.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    11/12/2014 7:27:00 PM PST · 4,782 of 4,987
    EternalHope to Thud

    I had not heard about the cab drivers, but I would expect their “business” to have declined precipitously. You don’t need a cab to take you to an Ebola treatment center if you don’t want to be cremated when you die.

    Another factor that is kicking in about now is malaria. It has the same symptoms in the early stages as Ebola. Since now is malaria season I would expect everyone with symptoms to insist (and hope/believe) they have malaria. If they die, and are never tested, many (most?) of these deaths will be listed as malaria.

    All in all, the actions of the Liberian government have made it impossible to assess what is really going on. But I am quite skeptical that “educating” the population of Monrovia is sufficient to explain the change they are reporting.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    11/12/2014 8:29:33 AM PST · 4,780 of 4,987
    EternalHope to EternalHope

    I should have mentioned:

    My previous post gave background information on what is going on Liberia. The article linked in that post is an excellent piece about conditions on the ground in Liberia, but does NOT include the info I put in the post. That info is a recap of previous information already available in this thread.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    11/12/2014 8:23:04 AM PST · 4,779 of 4,987
    EternalHope to Smokin' Joe
    Every 1 of these children is a ticking Ebola timebomb(abbreviated)

    This is an outstanding article. I highly recommend reading all of it, not just the abbreviated information on FR.

    For those who missed it, conditions in Liberia are far different than reported in the press. In particular, people should be aware that:

    1. It is now illegal to publish negative articles about how Ebola is affecting Liberia. They also made it illegal for reporters to visit Ebola centers. (I don't know if they may stand outside and look.) As a result, even Doctors Without Borders has clammed up. You do NOT want to spend time in a Liberian prison.

    2. Liberia has made it illegal to do anything except cremate a dead Ebola patient. This is what SHOULD be done, but it violates deeply held beliefs of the Liberian people. As soon as this law went into place the number of people being taken to Ebola treatment centers dropped precipitously.

    3. The Liberian government is hyping the drop in new cases caused by their new law as evidence that their "Ebola education campaign" is working. Report anything else, of course, and you risk going to jail.

    4. Most of our brain dead media has swallowed this line of BS. (Obama's Ebola Czar/Propaganda Minister may have helped them along with this.)

    5. Add it all up, and its pretty clear we won't get the truth about Liberia until it's so bad it simply can't be covered up anymore. Then everyone will be "Shocked!".

    6. Ebola is growing exponentially, and this cannot be covered up indefinitely. My personal guess is that they will not be able to keep the lid on in Liberia much past the the end of December.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    10/31/2014 11:05:02 PM PDT · 4,657 of 4,987
    EternalHope to All

    The Ebola treatment centers in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, are no longer full. Some in the media and the shills at WHO have seized on this as a ray of hope. PROGRESS AT LAST!

    Those who have been following this thread know better. The government of Liberia has decreed that all Ebola victims must be cremated.

    Cremation is directly counter to strong local customs. The predictable result has happened: Many people are no longer taking people suffering from Ebola to the centers for care. Instead they are kept at home, and buried in secret.

    A few people in the media know this also. But most are unable (or unwilling) to think ahead to the obvious and completely predictable result.

    The sicker the person, the more contagious they become. When these people are the sickest they will not be in a treatment center. They will still be exposing those around them instead. When they die their bodies will still be highly contagious, and they will be buried unsafely.

    The end result will be catastrophic. Look for an explosion of Ebola cases in Liberia.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    10/20/2014 3:45:34 PM PDT · 4,354 of 4,987
    EternalHope to Covenantor
    Since EVD is present in saliva, ie nose mouth, sneezing or coughing will carry it on expulsion.

    I know.

    The issue has been how well it survives in the air, and how long it hangs in the air once the tiny liquid droplets dry.

    It's known that "fomites" (essentially, what's left when a droplet dries out) can survive quite a while. If you breathe one of these in, and it lands on a cell Ebola is capable of infecting, you are most likely going to get Ebola.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    10/20/2014 2:22:25 PM PDT · 4,352 of 4,987
    EternalHope to Smokin' Joe
    You might want to check out this thread on the AvianFluTalk forum:

    Ebola airborne stability

    I have not checked out the source materials cited, although I was already familiar with some of it. The part I am familiar with checks out. However, this is really explosive "stuff", and it ALL needs to check out before it should be considered credible.

    I'm at work and can't spend that much more time on it right now, but here's a boiled down version of what it says:

    1. The U.S. Army believes Ebola is just as stable as influenza A in the air.
    2. The U.S. Army believes spread through the air is most optimal in the winter.

    My comment (not in the article): Ebola typically does not result in as much coughing as influenza. Likewise, at least early in the course of the disease, the virus might not be present in the lungs. Hence it is less likely to be ejected into the air.


  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    10/18/2014 3:03:41 PM PDT · 4,291 of 4,987
    EternalHope to PA Engineer
    I am still concerned about the 21 day period for known direct contacts. The WHO study of a 42 day period raises doubts about the effectiveness of a 21 day quarantine in at least 5% of infected patients.


    And I remain quite suspicious that we are not being told the whole story.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    10/18/2014 2:04:42 PM PDT · 4,289 of 4,987
    EternalHope to PA Engineer

    Thanks for the link. I still smell a rat, but thanks to your info the stench is not quite as strong.

    I hope it’s true, and the family is indeed Ebola free.

    Unfortunately, the source is second hand. He did NOT say he had personally spoken with any of them, although it is easy to infer he had. If he has spoken with them he certainly did NOT say when.

    In other words, we still have zero communication from the actual people involved. Why not?

    The reporter failed to ask any questions about their lives in quarantine. Nor were any questions asked about their reactions to the additional people infected. Both of these questions are certain to have high human interest value, and even a cub reporter would have asked them.

    So... I’m not convinced, but willing to hope for the best. If we don’t hear something a lot more convincing than this interview on Monday, however, my suspicion level will max out.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    10/18/2014 1:29:23 PM PDT · 4,285 of 4,987
    EternalHope to Smokin' Joe

    What is the current status of Duncan’s family?

    If they were doing well you can bet we would be hearing about it.

    You can also bet the oBozo administration wants to get this off the front page as soon as possible. They have a STRONG incentive to cover it up if the family is not doing well.

    I have seen only ONE reference to communication with any of the people who shared the apartment with Duncan, and it was undated and second hand. I have seen no reference at all to communication with his girl friend.

    We were told they were moved to an undisclosed private residence in a gated community. Since then we have no way to verify they are still Ebola free, or even alive.

    So... In this case is “no news” the same as bad news?

    I smell the rotten odor of a cover up.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    10/12/2014 7:29:48 AM PDT · 3,698 of 4,987
    EternalHope to Smokin' Joe
    It may be that we, as a nation, and a host of individuals have dodged the proverbial bullet in Texas, and no further infections will result.

    We did not dodge the proverbial bullet.

    We now have one confirmed secondary case, and may soon have two. (Local reports say an additional person is hospitalized, awaiting test results.)

    According to the news conference this morning, the confirmed case is a health care worker who cared for Duncan AFTER he was known to have Ebola.

    The implications are enormous. The scaled down level of protection the CDC insisted was adequate failed. The CDC attempt to treat this as something nearly every hospital is equipped to handle has failed.

    The official response is that they "authorities" still have complete confidence in the protection provided to health care workers. The claim is certain to be made that the cause of the infection is human error.

    But human error is a fact of life. If human error occurred in this case then the steps taken to protect the lives of the health care workers were inadequate. Based on the "confidence" expressed in this morning's press conference, they still are.

  • Ebola Surveillance Thread

    10/11/2014 11:41:57 AM PDT · 3,649 of 4,987
    EternalHope to Thud
    Sierra Leone has been written off as hopeless. Its collapse is just a matter of time now.


    Liberia is just as bad, or worse. They've imposed draconian controls on the press, so we may not hear not much about it though.


    The questions of the moment are:

    1. Will Guinea go the way of Liberia and Sierra Leone?

    2. When will the outsiders who are trying to help pull out?

    3. How will the flood of desperate refugees that is surely coming be contained?