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  • I can smell the donkey squeal and see November from my house

    10/22/2014 9:44:56 AM PDT · 40 of 48
    ExNewsExSpook to ckilmer

    Thanks for the update...naturally, there’s been nothing about Warner’s shrinking lead in the MSM here in Virgina; in my part of the state (Hampton Roads), political reporting usually consists of regurgitating Warner press releases, so the local media is making its in-kind contribution to the Senator’s campaign.

    Still, I’ve got my doubts about Gillespie. I live in a Congressional district that is at least R+6 and the GOP effort has been lackluster, to say the least. The Republican Congressman is cruising towards re-election, but there has been no real effort to maximize the vote in a heavily Republican district.

    If the Fairfax firewall is in trouble, Ed Gillespie has a chance. But, as you observe, he has to make the most of the time he has left. And I just don’t see it from his low-energy/no-energy campaign.

    This is very premature, but I think Barbara Comstock may be the GOP’s next real hope of winning a Senate race in VA. None of the current GOP congressmen show any interest, and I think she could have very broad appeal.

  • I can smell the donkey squeal and see November from my house

    10/22/2014 7:34:05 AM PDT · 29 of 48
    ExNewsExSpook to LS

    Reporting from the Old Dominion, Ed Gillespie remains 7-9 points behind Mark Warner, and I don’t see him closing that gap by election day. Gillespie has run one of the most lackluster campaigns I’ve ever seen and for all his political acumen (

    (former RNC chairman, senior White House aide), Gillespie had trouble attracting donors for much of the year—his first ad buy in the critical D.C. market didn’t begin until late September.

    Of course, it doesn’t help that more than a dozen RINOs (including former Senator John Warner) have endorsed the Democrat incumbent, Mark Warner. The only good news for Republicans in Virginia this election cycle is that Eric Cantor was sent packing and it looks like Barbara Comstock will hang on to Frank Wolf’s Congressional seat in northern Virginia. Unfortunately, the Virginia GOP is still at war with itself and won’t win very many statewide races until that conflict ends (i.e., the Tea Party displaces the RINOs)

  • Liberian air passenger checked for Ebola in New Jersey: media

    10/22/2014 7:19:40 AM PDT · 12 of 17
    ExNewsExSpook to TangledUpInBlue

    We are checking them (nod, nod, wink, wink). Departing passengers are required to complete out a form affirming they’ve had no exposure to Ebola—the same one Eric Duncan filled out before he flew to the U.S. Never mind that he lied on almost every question. The individual who landed in Newark probably did the same thing.

    And, we’re supposed to sleep well knowing that passengers’ temperatures are taken before departing and again on arrival. About the time that requirement was announced, a physician called Rush Limbaugh’s program; he happened to have one of the devices, which is a bit like a radar gun; point it at someone, and it remotely determines their temperature. While speaking with Rush, the doctor took his own temperature: 91.5.

    Nothing to worry about, your government is here to help.

  • Ben Bradlee Dies, 93

    10/22/2014 7:01:59 AM PDT · 45 of 45
    ExNewsExSpook to Swede Girl

    And he did...from Victor Lasky’s seminal book, “It Didn’t Start With Watergate;” here’s an excerpt featured in Ed Driscoll’s latest column, published today:

    “And talk about sleaziness! In conversations with Benjamin C. Bradlee, President Kennedy would sound out his journalist friend on the possibility of obtaining and publishing information damaging to JFK’s political adversaries — Bradlee who as executive editor of the Washington Post, which claims to have had much to do with saving the Constitution from Richard Nixon’s depredations, apparently was not overly concerned· about such matters when they involved his presidential buddy.

    For, as Bradlee discloses with little disapproval, wiretapping, prying into tax returns, election fraud, misuse of federal agencies — all of these, he admits in effect, were practiced and/or discussed in his presence by President Kennedy.”

    Bradlee was a hypocrite of the first order, and that’s about the nicest thing I can say at his passing.

  • Gardner Pulling Away in Colorado?

    10/21/2014 10:57:48 AM PDT · 12 of 23
    ExNewsExSpook to Signalman

    Moving outside the poll’s MOE and the Democrat MOF (margin of fraud).

    The only thing I’m concerned about is the models being used by various polling firms. We know they blew it badly in 2012 and in this era when most people screen their phone calls (and rely only on a cell phone), it’s more difficult to get the necessary sampling. On the other hand, if the Dims are sending panic messages to mobilize the black vote, the public poll results we’re seeing are probably accurate and may under-represent expected GOP turnout.

    Regarding Colorado, does anyone know if the DSCC has pulled or cancelled any ad buys for Udall? That’s normally the kiss-of-death.

  • Monica Lewinsky: 'My Life Was Ruined By Drudge

    10/21/2014 10:50:21 AM PDT · 78 of 82
    ExNewsExSpook to jonrick46
    Can't daughter is a grad student in psychology and says that Ms. Lewinsky is in desperate need of therapy, since she is still in love with the man who used and rejected her two decades ago—and blames others for the failure of her “relationship.” Similarly, Hillary sees some need to perpetuate her sham of a marriage with Bill, despite the fact that he has humiliated her from the earliest days of their marriage.

    From a psychological standpoint, both are very needy women. Monica is just pathetic; most women in her position would have moved on years ago, but it's clear she still loves the misogynist-in-chief and believes that under the right circumstances, she could still have a relationship with him. Hillary's psychosis is downright scary; a woman who has been repeatedly embarrassed and humiliated by her husband not only stays with him, she aspires to the highest office in the land. I don't know if that's some form of compensation, or another means of coping, but Hillary is just as screwed up as Monica, thanks to the President that feminists adore.

  • Monica Lewinsky: 'My Life Was Ruined By Drudge

    10/21/2014 7:42:11 AM PDT · 56 of 82
    ExNewsExSpook to rktman

    I feel absolutely no sympathy for Monica Lewinsky.

    She grew up in comfort and luxury in Southern California; her father is a prominent oncologist; after her parents divorced, Lewinsky’s mother remarried into the Strauss family, which owned a chain of radio stations.

    Despite meager academic credentials (and a non-existent resume), Ms. Lewinskey—through family connections—gets an unpaid internship in D.C., quickly followed by a paying gig at the White House. From media accounts and legal records, we now that Lewinsky had her eyes on Bill Clinton from Day One, doing everything she could to call attention to herself and get Slick Willie interested. Of course, Bill was happy to oblige, and Lewinsky became another name on the long list of women used, abused and discarded by William Jefferson Clinton.

    After the scandal and her public humiliation, Lewinsky had the resources (read: family wealth) to do as she pleased, even earning a master’s at the London School of Economics. In fact, I can’t find any proof she’s had a steady job since 1997—and she dodged felony perjury and conspiracy charges as well. Poor little waif.

    Now, we’re supposed to welcome her as some sort of expert on-God-knows-what: Lewinskys? Having affairs with married men? Internet bullying? Give me a break; Monica Lewinsky created her own humiliation when she decided to pursue Bill Clinton and became his own, personal humidor. Her “exile” from public life has been very comfortable, free from the financial and job worries that ensnared others in the Clinton orbit. Compare what happened to Monica and the living hell that Linda Tripp, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broderick have been through. You can make the case the Lewinsky got off easy.

    However, it is curious that Ms. Lewinsky has chosen this moment to re-launch herself. I personally believe it has everything to do with Hillary Clinton and the fact that Bill chose her over Monica. Hillary will begin campaigning in earnest for the Democratic presidential nomination early next year, and it looks like Lewinsky will be in the public spotlight as well. Of course, the media considers the Lewinsky affair old news (and would never ask Hillary a question about it), but just her presence on the media circuit is enough to drive Hillary up a wall.

    Apparently, Monica has forgotten that the Clintons have a long history of taking care of potential annoyances and problems. I’m not predicting that Lewinsky will meet a sudden, tragic fate, but it’s certain that Hillary’s media friends will re-launch the nut/slut attacks that drove Lewinsky into exile almost 20 years ago.

  • Thousands of federal workers on extended paid leave

    10/20/2014 12:04:27 PM PDT · 15 of 17
    ExNewsExSpook to Buckeye McFrog

    Sadly, Hugh is right. Two cases-in-point:

    Lois Lerner. In a sane world, she would have been indicted for various crimes a year ago, and by this point, be awaiting trial or doing time in a federal pen. And despite the fact that she is still under investigation, Ms. Lerner was allowed to retire from the IRS with an annual pension of $110,000.

    John Beale. Former senior EPA official, took every Friday off for years—without taking leave—claiming he was part of a CIA task force that met on that day at Langley. Also spent 6 months at his vacation home in Massachusetts while he was supposedly “deployed” to Afghanistan. Billed the government for trips to see family members in Los Angeles. Collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses he was not entitled to. Convicted and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison, but still allowed to retire before his case went to trial. Annual pension believed to be more than $100K a year.

  • Wendy Davis Campaign Launches Its Most Absurd Attack on Greg Abbott Yet

    10/20/2014 11:44:45 AM PDT · 29 of 77
    ExNewsExSpook to sunmars

    I hear the ad linking Abbott to Hitler and the KKK will debut next week. The Davis campaign is saving the “Greg Abbott protects pedophiles” spot for the week before the election.

  • Biden's Son Keeps Law License Despite Drug-Related Navy Reserve Discharge

    10/20/2014 10:30:49 AM PDT · 20 of 21
    ExNewsExSpook to cyclotic

    And you better believe a lot of pressure came from the Navy brass, fearing that Old Joe might get Zero and Harry Reid to cut even more from the ship-building budget.

    Hunter Biden is proof that his family’s DNA pool is pretty shallow. Tested positive for coke during his very first reserve drill weekend. That must be a first. And, since coke leaves your system within 72 hours after use, Hunter must have been taken a toot within a day or so of showing up in Norfolk. Apparently, the Biden spawn was unaware of that fact; if he had used cocaine two days earlier, he would have tested clean—and would still be in the reserves.

    It was obvious that Hunter Biden joined the Naval Reserve in preparation for a future political run. Any possibility that the “failed whizz quiz” and discharge from the reserves derails those plans? Probably not, given his last name and (assuming) he runs in Delaware. I’m guessing he planned to make a run for his brother’s current job (attorney general) when Beau Biden runs for governor.

  • Mary Landrieu is the best choice by far for Louisiana: Editorial (NOLA) (Barf alert)

    10/20/2014 8:48:54 AM PDT · 21 of 24
    ExNewsExSpook to BerniesFriend

    One more example of why the Times-Picayune is no longer a daily paper. Landrieu is part of the Democrat cabal that caused the disaster during Hurricane Katrina; billions of dollars in federal money (that should have been used to strengthen the levees) was diverted instead to pet projects like yacht clubs.

    Damn shame that Bobby Jindal took a pass on this race. He’d be up by 20 points.

  • China’s Aircraft Carrier Trouble—Spewing Steam and Losing Power

    10/20/2014 6:13:15 AM PDT · 12 of 25
    ExNewsExSpook to Robert A. Cook, PE

    Buying a former Russian carrier is about the worst thing any Navy could do.

    India has spent a decade—and billions of dollars—trying to get “Vikramaditya” (a former Kiev-class helicopter carrier) back in service. They have discovered that many of the components were actually produced outside Russia and that some of the vendors are no longer in business. Of course, Moscow will be happy to fabricate a new component, but that will take time and Delhi pays through the nose.

    Actually, I have very little sympathy for the Indians in this matter; they’ve been buying military hardware from Russia for decades and they know the “low” price gets you the tank, plane, ship or sub; if you want maintenance, spare parts and “service after the sale,” that will cost you more—a lot more in most cases.

    It will be interesting to see how far the Chinese go in reverse-engineering their Russian-designed carrier. It will be difficult to project power to distant points on the globe if your battle group has to include a sea-going tug to pull the carrier when its boilers fail en masse.

  • Vegas, Baby! MSNBC's Dorian Warren Bets 'History Will Be Very, Very Good' to Obama

    10/20/2014 5:57:10 AM PDT · 15 of 41
    ExNewsExSpook to all the best

    Nail, meet hammer. When 90% of college history professors are liberal Democrats, fully invested in the Obama legacy, it’s a sure bet their accounts will gloss over Zero’s many failures, and emphasize his status as the first black President, implementation of Obamacare, and his green agenda.

    If most FReepers took a look at history books being used in high schools and colleges across the country, they’d be shocked. The accomplishments of Ronald Reagan—already ranked among the greatest Presidents in American history—are minimized. Instead, the authors focus on such “issues” as the AIDS epidemic (and Reagan’s response), and Gorbachev’s role in “transforming” the former Soviet Union. Ronaldus Magnus is often portrayed as someone who just happened to be in the White House when the Soviets imploded, and the economy added 20 million new jobs.

    Henry Ford got it right with his assertion that “History is bunk.” Especially when the “scholars” writing that history abandon any pretense of independence and objectivity.

  • Biden's son discharged from Navy after reportedly testing positive for cocaine

    10/17/2014 7:29:20 AM PDT · 23 of 43
    ExNewsExSpook to rktman

    But here’s the irony...since the Navy characterized his service as “honorable,” Hunter Biden may still be eligible for various veterans benefits. My experience was only on the active-duty side (20+ years), so I’m not sure how much service is required for reservists to qualify for such bennies as the GI Bill. It doesn’t look like “Snort” Biden was in long enough for a VA mortgage, but there are provisions that allow that benefit if the reservist was discharged under “certain medical conditions.”

    Rest assured, “Plugs” Biden tidied up this steaming pile to the greatest degree possible. Normally, flunking a drug test is enough for action under the UCMJ, but Biden’s spawn was allowed to quietly resign.

    What’s even more galling is that Hunter Biden was given a direct commission. There are plenty of qualified reservists with actual media credentials/experience who are far more deserving of a commission—and would have served the nation honorably for years to come. But the Navy tried to score some points with Old Joe, and wound up with egg on its face—or more correctly, dust on its nose.

    This much is certain: the commander and the petty officers who ran the Golden Flow program in Biden’s unit won’t be promoted anytime soon. If it were up to me, I’d put them all in for a medal. I can almost guarantee there was pressure to ignore the results, or test again when the coke was out of Biden’s system, but they stuck to their guns.

  • As Dems sweat Iowa, Sen. Harkin sits on millions (Won't give money to Braley)

    10/17/2014 6:17:07 AM PDT · 12 of 20
    ExNewsExSpook to knarf

    Tommy belongs to that generation of pols who can keep their accumulated campaign contributions when they leave office, so it’s no surprise he won’t give Braley a dime. His campaign war chest ($2.4 million) and a federal pension will tide Harkin over until he goes to work on K Street.

    While Mr. Harkin can’t transfer the money into his personal bank account, he can access the money indirectly, and it’s perfectly legal. All he has to do is create a charity or non-profit and appoint himself as CEO; salaries and administrative overhead will eat up most of the money, and there will be only nominal donations to worthy causes. And no one will bat an eye.

    One of the most blatant examples of this practice involves Mikey Weinstein, the attorney (and Air Force Academy grad) who has been battling the military for years over the “undue” influence of Christians in the ranks. Military Times discovered that 47% of the money raised by Weinstein’s group goes right back to him, in the form of salary and other compensation.

    Harkin won’t be quite as egregious in his operation, but rest assured, most of the money that Bruce Braley wants will find its way back to the retiring senator.

  • Annise Parker Doubles Down on Subpoena of Sermons

    10/16/2014 1:08:04 PM PDT · 45 of 50
    ExNewsExSpook to thetallguy24

    Just one question: has Houston’s most famous pastor, Joel Osteen, said anything in support of his fellow clergymen? While I recall him saying that homosexuality is a sin, he gets squishy when you ask about condemning it from the pulpit, or really taking a stand.

    I’ve also gotten the impression that since his church (Lakewood) bought the former Compaq Center from the city of Houston, he’s been fairly chummy with the local political establishment.

  • 1 Texas Ebola patient will move to Atlanta

    10/15/2014 11:16:50 AM PDT · 45 of 80
    ExNewsExSpook to Timber Rattler

    And rightfully so; after being falsely accused of “breaking protocol,” the nurses are fighting back, and what they’re reporting is stunning (but not unsurprising, given the regime’s near-total incompetence).

    According to the medical staff at the Dallas hospital, there was no protocol for Ebola patients; large amounts of Ebola-contaminated materials and waste sat around for days because there was no procedure for handling it. Nurses were supposed to “learn” the protocol by visiting a CDC website or calling the experts.

    And the hits just keep on coming...we learn the latest nurse/health worker to be diagnosed made a trip to Cleveland just before she was hospitalized; 132 potential affected on the Frontier flight, and God-knows-how-many in Ohio and Texas.

    The circles of exposure and infection keep getting bigger, and the CDC is making it up their response on the fly. Their incompetent director suggested last night that future patients might be flown to hospitals trained/organized/equipped to deal with diseases like Ebola and (voila) a few hours later, we learn the latest patient is bound for Emory.

    On Megan Kelly’s program last night, their medical editor (Dr Manny Alvarez) debate another doctor who supported the CDCs evolving protocols. Alvarez took him apart, and essentially accused the government of lying to the American people about this crisis. Meanwhile, the medical mouthpieces on ABC, CBS and NBC keep trying to assure us that “all is well.”

  • Here Are The Countries Where Ebola Is Most Likely To Show Up Next

    10/14/2014 11:40:12 AM PDT · 14 of 18
    ExNewsExSpook to TangledUpInBlue

    Very surprised that no Central American countries made the list, particularly in light of General Kelly’s comments last week. He’s one of the few government officials willing to tell the truth in terms of what might come next....

  • Pair of possible Ebola patients quarantined at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital: sources

    10/13/2014 11:49:42 AM PDT · 32 of 41
    ExNewsExSpook to odawg

    I live in southeastern Virginia; my niece is an RN at a regional medial center that serves the area (it’s the only level one trauma center on our side of the water). She told me last week that her hospital’s ER has already treated several people who had recently returned from Africa and were displaying Ebola symptoms. So far, all have tested negative for the disease.

    This scenario is playing out in medical centers all across the country. The number of suspected Ebola cases is much higher than we’ve been told. The hospitals are not reporting patients who are being screened, and neither is the CDC. Just a matter of time before one of these suspected cases is confirmed as Ebola and voila, you have your next outbreak.

    According to the Washington Post, at least 36,000 people have flown out of Ebola-affected countries in West Africa over the past two months. Of course, all of them were screened, just like the late Mr. Duncan (nod, nod; wink, wink)

  • Viewpoint: The deadly disease that killed more people than WW1

    10/13/2014 11:40:33 AM PDT · 18 of 29
    ExNewsExSpook to redgolum

    No kidding...the wife and I are going to accelerate our prepping actions this week; stockpile more food, water and fuel. We have a whole-house generator, powered by natural gas and the means to defend our home as well. If necessary, I can do my job by tele-commuting. My goal is to be able to hunker down for at least six weeks, or a bit longer.

    Trust me, there are plenty of foreign governments (and terror groups) that are actively tracking the spread of Ebola and enterovirus across the U.S., and our refusal to take basic precautions. The current strain of enterovirus came into the country via the “illegal corridor” (I-35) and spread from there. Ebola is as close as the next international flight landing at any American airport.

    Last week’s comments by General Kelly (SOUTHCOM/CC) should have been an alarm bell for anyone with a brain. Start an Ebola outbreak in central America and it will be (as he observed) “Katie bar the door.” Very easy to envision ISIS (or a hostile government) sending hundreds of human vectors across the border, with their arrival time for maximum transmission rates.

  • Eric Frein manhunt costs $1.1 million per week

    10/13/2014 7:47:14 AM PDT · 19 of 39
    ExNewsExSpook to Lion Den Dan

    Bingo...the killer has spent more time in the woods than the cops, and he had plenty of time to prepare hiding places, stockpile ammo and supplies AND map out multiple escape routes.

    Remember the time and effort devoted to the search for Eric Rudolph, the abortion clinic and Olympic Park bomber in Atlanta? The feds spent five years tracking him in the mountains of North Carolina, without success. He was finally captured by a rookie cop who spotted Rudolph dumpster diving for scraps of food.

    The accused cop killer in Pennsylvania appears to be much better prepared, armed and equipped than Rudolph. If he is captured, it will probably be far away from the search area.

  • Wendy Davis is running one of the nastiest campaign ads you will ever see

    10/10/2014 1:51:09 PM PDT · 30 of 62
    ExNewsExSpook to austinaero

    Agreed...Abortion Barbie’s campaign has been imploding since Day One. No need to help the train wreck; just watch the choo choo run off the rails and explode.

    This is the political advertising equivalent of a panic button. If she had any money left (from her donors in New York and Hollywood), Davis will be running ads claiming that Greg Abbott supports child molesters and ISIS.

  • US Military Planes Arrive at Epicenter of Ebola

    10/09/2014 1:56:21 PM PDT · 20 of 40
    ExNewsExSpook to ansel12

    On a related note, the Marines held a pandemic drill at the New River Air Station, near Jacksonville, North Carolina on Wednesday. Officials said the exercise had been in the planning stages for the past nine months.

    Pretty good bet that some of the Osprey crews who landed in Liberia are from MCAS New River and their fellow Marines are based at Camp Lejeune. The Marine Corps is clearly concerned that some of those deployed may be exposed to Ebola and bring it back to southeastern North Carolina.

    Pray for their safety.

  • Hillary Clinton jokes about being worn out by charismatic attractive men like Obama and Bill

    10/09/2014 11:28:04 AM PDT · 29 of 41
    ExNewsExSpook to Citizen Zed

    I can say, with a fair degree of confidence, that Hillary has never been “worn out” by any man, attractive, ugly or somewhere in-between.

    As for women, I refer everyone to Bill’s famous comments to Gennifer Flowers regarding Hillary’s experience in that department.

  • Federal Funding for Honor Guards at Minnesota Veterans' Funerals Cut

    10/09/2014 11:18:11 AM PDT · 11 of 17
    ExNewsExSpook to ButThreeLeftsDo

    Are they still playing “Taps” on a boombox at veterans’ funerals?

  • Ebola Scare Shuts Down Frisco CareNow

    10/09/2014 6:06:19 AM PDT · 10 of 13
    ExNewsExSpook to Clean_Sweep

    Not to mention the economic impact; let’s face it, there is a lot of business than can’t be conducted over the web; it requires face-to-face interaction (in most cases). Once the outbreak begins to take hold, there will be a lot of us who hunker down at home; we won’t be going out for quite a while and we’ll defend our property to the death. Multiply that by millions of Americans and the economy quickly crashes and burns.

    Worth remembering that your typical grocery store super center only has about a four day supply of food on hand. If warehouse personnel and truckers aren’t showing up for work, those shelves will be bare in no time at all. You’ll see massive food riots within 10 days and a complete breakdown of “civil” society in short order.

    We’re a lot closer to the edge than many people realize.

  • GOP Suddenly Looks Vulnerable in South Dakota Senate Battle

    10/09/2014 5:54:50 AM PDT · 25 of 51
    ExNewsExSpook to CPT Clay

    Yeah, the GOP has cancelled at least $1 million in advertising in Michigan just as Terry Land pulls even with her Democratic opponent. Go figure. The incompetence of the RSCC is breath-taking.

  • Frisco patient suspected to have Ebola (Texas, Duncan contact)

    10/08/2014 1:51:04 PM PDT · 93 of 190
    ExNewsExSpook to Jedidah

    People inside the clinic told WFAA the deputy was doubled over, complaining of nausea and barely able to walk. Doesn’t sound like any sinus infection I’ve ever had.

  • JW Confirms: 4 ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Texas in Last 36 Hours

    10/08/2014 1:36:48 PM PDT · 58 of 72
    ExNewsExSpook to kozanne

    New CG at Fort Bliss assumed command in August and instantly began implementing new security measures, but refused to link the changes to reported ISIS threat. Of course, no one on post believes him.

    Former Delta Force Commander Jerry Boykin says there had to be a “stream” of info indicating that Bliss was a target and the incoming CG is determined he won’t be surprised. Ironically, some of the stuff being done at Bliss (upgrading entry points, for example) should have been done years ago. With the expansion of the post over the last eight years, the Army has poured billions into Bliss, but some basic infrastructure (like base gates/entry control points) were largely ignored.

  • Spanish nurse's assistant may have caught Ebola taking off suit, doctor says

    10/08/2014 11:09:41 AM PDT · 21 of 37
    ExNewsExSpook to bigtoona

    ISIS doesn’t need test tubes; just get some of your fellow jihadis who want to mount a suicide mission for Allah (the crazies in Boko Harum will do nicely). Get them a passport, and arrange a visa through an embassy in Monrovia. Then, get them exposed to the disease, put them on a plane for Mexico, and mix them with the flood coming across the border.

    Or, if you prefer, use the Duncan approach and enter the U.S. on a tourist visa. Multiply by several dozen or 100 and watch the disease spread geometrically. A live vector can infect many more people than a dead one. Imagine how many people a terrorist vector might come in contact with before they finally succumb.

    On a related note, Congressman Duncan Hunter told FNC’s Greta van Susteran last night that at least 10 ISIS operatives have been captured coming across the Mexican border. No word yet on their travel path before they tried to enter the U.S. But since the border patrol only catches about 10% of the illegals entering our country, it’s a safe bet that 90 more made it across and are still at large—with or without exposure to Ebola.

  • Liberian prostitute kills eight soldiers via Ebola transmission

    10/08/2014 10:32:05 AM PDT · 59 of 124
    ExNewsExSpook to GonzoII

    Let’s see...these are members of the same Liberian military that is working side-by-side with U.S. troops sent to the region.

    Pray for our military members deployed to the hot zone. They are being dispatched on a fool’s errand, and their risk of exposure cannot be understated.

    Consider the case of the Spanish nurse, now being treated in Madrid; she was apparently exposed to the virus while taking off her protective suit after caring for a priest who had been evacuated from Africa and later died. Similarly, the cameraman working for NBC was wearing a full protective suit when he was somehow splashed or sprayed with body fluids from an Ebola patient.


    10/08/2014 8:40:14 AM PDT · 28 of 36
    ExNewsExSpook to skeeter

    Disagree...Duncan knew he had no chance in Liberia; if you believe the narrative, he accompanied his landlord’s daughter after she became ill and helped take her to the hospital. She was turned away and sent home to die.

    In America, he was given access to the best health care the world has to offer, completely free (remember, a hospital ER can’t turn anyone away, and your inability to pay does not prevent you from being treated).

    If anything, the Ducan case will encourage other, desperate souls to make the trip to American. And with the lack of effective screening and wide-open borders, there is nothing to stop them.

    There is a Level 1 trauma center about four miles from my office. Just yesterday, there was an article in the daily rag about the medical center’s preparations for dealing with possible Ebola patients. Barely a month ago, we were told the virus would “never make it to America.” Then, we were assured that existing, specialized facilities at Emory University and the University of Nebraska could handle a few cases that might emerge.

    If medical centers in medium-sized cities are conducting preparations, you know the CDC is telling the medical community something quite different than the pablum being served to the public.

  • 'We're Screwed' Major Garrett open mic briefing U S response to Ebola Outbreak Oct 3 2014

    10/08/2014 6:10:45 AM PDT · 48 of 48
    ExNewsExSpook to PghBaldy

    That was before Wallace officially became a “newsman.” Back in the 50s, he was (among other things), a game show emcee, an actor who briefly appeared on Broadway, and the host of a talk program with then-wife Buff Cobb. Mike had no problem plugging sponsor’s products during those early TV appearances.

    He joined CBS in 1964, after one of his sons was killed while hiking in Greece. As one of the conditions for joining the network, he bought out his contract with Parliament cigarettes, to avoid any conflict of interest. As you might expect, there was howls of protest from the journalism purists at CBS, and Wallace got mostly second-tier assignments until Don Hewitt decided to put him on a new program called “60 Minutes.”

    Wallace got the last laugh. Walter Cronkite was forced out at 65 to make room for Dan Rather, but CBS decided to rescind its retirement policy for Wallace. The reason? 60 Minutes made much more money for the network than the “Evening News.”

  • 'We're Screwed' Major Garrett open mic briefing U S response to Ebola Outbreak Oct 3 2014

    10/07/2014 8:15:46 PM PDT · 44 of 48
    ExNewsExSpook to re_nortex

    One thing I’ve always found interesting about Osgood: the late Paul Harvey was excoriated by journalism purists for doing commercials on his radio broadcasts. A “journalist,” they argued, should never be a huckster for his sponsors.

    Listen to one of Osgood’s radio segments. He endorses dozens of products every year, and collects healthy fees for reading those commercials. And the same guy touting products during the week is anchoring one of CBS’s flagship broadcasts every Sunday morning. And no one bats an eye.

  • Actor Stephen Collins investigated for alleged child molestation

    10/07/2014 6:26:48 AM PDT · 22 of 82
    ExNewsExSpook to RegulatorCountry

    Hammer, meet nail. Not a lawyer, but I’ve got to believe Collins’s confession to his therapist is a form of privileged communication.

    Additionally, California is a “two-party consent” state regarding the taping of private conversations. Ms. Grant was required to get the permission of her ex-husband and therapist to legally record their exchange. Obviously, she never asked either one, so not only is the tape inadmissible, she could be prosecuted as well.

    Also, it sounds like these incidents occurred years ago, since of the girls was a relative of his first wife, who he divorced in 1978. What is the statute of limitations for such crimes? I’ll defer to legal FReepers, who know much more about the law than I.

    Make no mistake: it sounds like Collins is a creep and pedophile—hard to believe that more victims won’t come forward. On the other hand, it’s also obvious that Ms Grant is trying to destroy her ex-husband; she gave up her acting career to raise their daughter, and in their divorce filings, claimed that she was “unemployable” as an actor, given her long hiatus from the business.

    Apparently, she wants to make her ex-husband unemployable as well, and it looks like she has succeeded. However, Hollywood has rallied around pedophiles before (Roman Polanski comes to mind) and if he has enough high-powered friends in the business, he could work again in the entertainment industry.

    Also guessing there is a lot of money at stake. He was he lead actor on a very successful series that ran for almost 10 seasons. By the time 7th Heaven finished its run, he was probably knocking down $150-$200,000 an episode, based on a 22-show season. Plus, as one of the stars, he may have received a small cut of syndication sales, which could net him millions more. If Grant signed a pre-up before their wedding back in 1985, she may get only a fraction of his wealth, estimated at more than $10 million (and I think that’s a low-ball estimate).

  • Black Gangs: Memphis Police Giving Up on Public Safety

    10/02/2014 1:36:47 PM PDT · 14 of 23
    ExNewsExSpook to Sybeck1

    I grew up in the Mid-South, and it’s sad that Memphis has become the southern equivalent of Detroit. Neighborhoods like Orange Mound are literal war zones; once “safe” areas like Whitehaven are now the hood, and violence is steadily rising in places like Bartlett, that were almost crime-free 10-20 years go.

    There’s a reason that Desoto County, Mississippi is one of the fastest-growing in the country, and places like Fayette County, Tennessee aren’t far behind. Anyone who isn’t a gang-banger or part of the Memphis political class has moved out of the city over the past 20 years.

    I was back in Memphis for a convention two years ago; the event was held at the Marriott downtown. Luckily, I was able to stay with my son and daughter-in-law in northern Mississippi and drove to the convention each day. Attendees who were staying at the Marriott were warned NOT to go walking outside their hotel at night. After dark, the only police presence downtown is around Beale Street and the FedEx Forum; outside of the tourist and sports destinations, it’s the wild, wild west.

  • What if Baghdad Falls to ISIS?

    10/02/2014 6:47:08 AM PDT · 13 of 26
    ExNewsExSpook to rktman

    There are a lot of things (militarily) that are flying slightly under the radar, and you’ve identified one of them: the USMC unit being deployed to Kuwait specializes in emergency evacuations, among other missions. Makes sense to have them (and lift assets) in place, if you’re worried about a big skedaddle from the Green Zone.

    Some other developments that have been ignored (or misunderstood by the MSM and/or the low-information crowd): we’re deploying a division HQ to Iraq, supposedly for command and control (the HQ is out of Fort Riley, Kansas, part of the 1st Infantry Division, a.k.a., the Big Red One). However, most of the U.S. troops already in Iraq are special forces. So why not send an element from JSOC or one of our SOF groups to provide C2? I believe the division HQ is the lead element for deployment of multiple brigades to Iraq; Obama has been pushing off the announcement until after the election, but ISIS drive towards Baghdad may force his hand before November.

    The ISIS tide in Iraq (and Syria) cannot be stemmed without American boots on the ground. Another indicator of a ground deployment is the pending arrival of A-10s from the Indiana National Guard, who are heading to the Middle East. A-10s are most effective when working with ground controllers, whether they be SF personnel, or JTACs assigned to conventional units.

    As for Baghdad, ISIS doesn’t have the combat power to take the city. And if they tried to enter Baghdad in force, you’d have every Shiite militia in the city gunning it out with them. Think Beirut circa 1975 and that’s what the Iraqi capital would look like in very short order.

    On the other hand, ISIS can sever lines of communication (reducing access to food, water and electricity), while continuing perimeter attacks around the city. That would have a devastating affect on the civilian populace and further undercut the government’s dwindling authority.

  • Ben Bradlee now in hospice care

    10/01/2014 1:30:12 PM PDT · 16 of 23
    ExNewsExSpook to ansel12

    “Benji” is also the guy who, during a visit with JFK in the Oval Office, was shown copies of the personal tax returns of the president’s political enemies. Naturally, Bradlee never said a word about Kennedy’s illegal activities.

  • 101st Airborne Troops Headed To Liberia In Ebola Fight

    10/01/2014 10:29:32 AM PDT · 39 of 144
    ExNewsExSpook to PastorBooks

    Short answer: none. Ditto for Air Force personnel from Langley AFB, VA who are also enroute to the hot zone.

    I began my career as a military medic over 30 years ago; I was trained to the EMT Level 1 before getting a chance to work for the wing commander and eventually going to Officer Training School. As a medic, I never had any type of training for dealing with something as deadly as ebola, and our doctors and nurses were equally unprepared.

    There are military organizations (USAMID) that are trained/equipped for this type of mission. But “line” engineer, logistics and security personnel are not trained for this type of mission. And the idea you can keep them away from people who’ve been exposed to the virus is ludicrous.

    Here’s an interesting blog post from last week; comments are from current/former military commanders and senior NCOs—the folks who are tasked to carry out something like the Ebola mission. To a person, they said the troops are not trained, equipped or prepared for the job they’ve been given:

  • 101st Airborne Troops Headed To Liberia In Ebola Fight

    10/01/2014 10:16:49 AM PDT · 28 of 144
    ExNewsExSpook to Ingtar

    On another thread, someone reported that a “planeload” of CDC personnel arrived in Dallas yesterday. If any FReepers are in the travel business, it would be interesting to know if the CDC has been buying more airline tickets from Atlanta to Dallas, and reserving rental cars and hotel rooms in Texas.

    As a former civil service employee, I know that many federal travelers make the reservations on their own. But for something this big, the central travel office at CDC or even GSA would take over, to move large numbers of personnel to Dallas as quickly as possible, and ensure they have a place to stay and transportation when they arrive.

  • Second case of Ebola reported in Dallas (radio)

    10/01/2014 10:10:02 AM PDT · 234 of 304
    ExNewsExSpook to penelopesire

    Fairgrounds is approximately 9 miles from the apartment complex; Patient Zero’s apartment is in North Dallas, a short drive up North Central Expressway from the Fairgrounds.

    Incidentally, the Texas State Fair runs through October 19th. Texas and OU play the annual Red River Rivalry game on the 11th; if I were the athletic directors at Oklahoma and UT, I’d move the game to Austin or Norman pronto.

  • Second case of Ebola reported in Dallas (radio)

    10/01/2014 9:55:53 AM PDT · 216 of 304
    ExNewsExSpook to dforest

    Patient Zero’s whereabouts are (at this point) unknown for up to six days after he arrived in the U.S. I’m guessing the guy did what most people do when they come down with a virus—first you try to tough it out, then after seeing the doctor, you take the meds and go about your daily business.

    I’m guessing the Liberian community knows more than the media about this guy’s activities during those periods, and that’s why they’re worried. The number of people that might have been exposed by Patient Zero may number in the dozens and it grows geometrically from there.

    The sad part is, this outbreak could have been easily prevented. When the epidemic unfolded in West Africa, passenger air traffic to/from the area should have been halted. Patient Zero would have been unable to travel there in the first place.

    Lest we forget, there was a Liberan-American man from Minneapolis who was just days from returning stateside when he came down with Ebola and died. If his exposure had occurred a week or so later, he might have brought the virus back to this country, and triggered an outbreak in Minnesota.

    This is going to get scary in very short order.

  • Second case of Ebola reported in Dallas (radio)

    10/01/2014 7:06:43 AM PDT · 123 of 304
    ExNewsExSpook to wrench

    Thanks...just found the same info via a link to a post at Red State. In the same article, Eric Erickson says he was contacted by someone who claims to work at CDC and sounded credible, i.e., he provided details on the Dallas case before they became public.

    Just skimmed the article, but info from the CDC file (provided to Erickson) doesn’t match the timeline provided to the public. In fact, there is a four-day gap between the time he arrived in Dallas and made the first trip to the emergency room, and a two-day gap between that trip and his second visit to the ER.

    No one is saying where he was during those periods. Could have exposed literally hundreds of people, depending on his activities during that time.

    Someone else reported that a “planeload” of specialists from the CDC arrived in Dallas last night, and many of them are medical investigators, trying to determine who the Ebola patient(s) might have come in contact with.

    Patient Zero has arrived and this thing could spread very quickly.

    Watching CBS last night, I saw their “medical correspondent,” Dr John LaPook, do his best “all is well” report, trying to reassure the public that the medical authorities have the matter in hand. Naturally, the good doctor didn’t mention Patient Zero’s stopover at Dulles, and the inconsistencies in the reported timeline between arrival and ER visits.

  • Second case of Ebola reported in Dallas (radio)

    10/01/2014 6:49:41 AM PDT · 112 of 304
    ExNewsExSpook to Dallas59

    Here’s another little unreported and inconvenient fact from the Dallas outbreak: there are no direct flights from Monrovia to Texas, as far as I can tell. They connect through Miami (American), Atlanta (Delta) or Charlotte (US Air).

    So Patient Zero may have exposed a number of people in a major U.S. airport. Funny, the CDC and the MSM didn’t mention that as they were trying to reassure everyone.

  • These may be the only F-22’s Achilles’ heels in a dogfight against 4th gen fighter jets

    09/30/2014 9:44:56 AM PDT · 16 of 36
    ExNewsExSpook to Rich21IE

    The Foxhound is no match for the F-22 in any environment. It’s essentially a Foxbat airframe; large, heavy and with limited maneuverability, equipped with a pulse-Doppler radar and slightly-better air-to-air missiles.

    The Russians claim the Foxhound can function as a “mini-AWACS” and that may be one reason they’ve been flying with the Bears into Alaskan airspace. But the F-22 would kill both the MiG-31 (and the TU-95) long before they realized the F-22 was in the area.

    One thing worth remembering: depending on the scenario and/or ROE, the Raptor has varying degrees of “stealthiness.” There is some reason to believe that not even our European allies have flown against the F-22 in its “full up” stealth mode, or with its complete ESM/ISR package on display.

  • Juan Williams: Economy could tip election to Dems

    09/30/2014 5:39:00 AM PDT · 39 of 65
    ExNewsExSpook to Sir Napsalot

    Juan really needs to put down the crack pipe. He must be doing some heavy duty drugs if he believes the economy will tip the election to the Dims...hope is medical coverage at FNC includes in-patient drug rehabilitation.

  • Nate Silver's Senate Update: When Should Democrats Panic?

    09/29/2014 11:25:56 AM PDT · 30 of 58
    ExNewsExSpook to KC_Conspirator

    You’re giving Gillespie far more credit than I do. He has run an appalling campaign; first attack ad just debuted, while the various PACs supporting Warner have been defining Gillespie as an “Enron lobbyist” for more than six weeks.

    And if you want a better barometer, Ed’s friends in the GOP-E are avoiding his race like the plague. Gillespie is the ultimate “Rove” candidate, but Crossroads hasn’t spent a dime on his campaign, as far as I can tell.
    Sad, because Warner is nothing more than an Obama rubber stamp and there are plenty of Virginians who want to send him packing.

    The Virginia GOP is lost in the wilderness and no one seems capable of leading them out.

  • ‘No Plans at This Point’ to Assign Code Name for Syria, Iraq Operations

    09/27/2014 3:32:55 PM PDT · 46 of 65
    ExNewsExSpook to tellw

    It isn’t war, but we’re dispatching a division HQ from Fort Riley to Iraq for command and control. You don’t need a division HQ element to direct a few hundred “advisers” (read: SF personnel).

    The real plan is becoming very clear. The JCS have told Obama that the Kurds can hold in the north (and even regain a limited amount of territory), but the Iraqi Army is a shambles and there is no guarantee they can keep ISIS out of Baghdad. Members of the JCS have also informed the CINC that without American boots on the ground, there’s a very good chance that ISIS will take over all of Iraq, except for Kurdistan.

    Obama has no stomach for a ground war, but he doesn’t want to be known as the President who lost Iraq, either. The Division HQ will become the command element of up to three brigade combat teams, which will deploy to Iraq after election day; probably one to secure the Baghdad area, and two to jump start an offensive in the north. It’s no coincidence the division HQ element was announced the same week that the Indiana ANG announced it was sending a squadron of A-10s to the Middle East.

    The increase in deployments will slowly increase, and the big announcement will come in early November. Until then, Barry will stick to his claims of “no [more] boots on the ground in hopes of increasing the Dim turnout in November.

  • Pentagon to deploy 12 A-10s to Middle East

    09/24/2014 11:28:34 PM PDT · 16 of 30
    ExNewsExSpook to NYFreeper

    Yet another indicator of boots already on the ground...while virtually all A-10 pilots are qualified as airborne forward air controllers (FAC-A), they work best in tandem with ground-based controllers, such as special forces teams or JTACs.

    Three weeks ago, a reporter for the Daily Beast (who served as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq) was given permission to move up with Kurdish forces near the Mosul Dam. Suddenly, the reporter and his Kurdish escort were told to hold in place because they had “visitors.” Moments later, several armored Toyota pick-up trucks sped past; the reporter said the men inside looked like western SOF, and a Kurdish official confirmed that U.S. and German SF teams are on the ground with the Peshmerga.

    If Barry Zero had half a clue, he’d turn the SOF loose, just as GWB did during the surge. SF teams did a lot of critical work that helped break the back of the insurgency.

    I don’t care how well financed ISIS is, or how much more competent they are than their predecessor, Al Qaida in Iraq. There isn’t an ISIS fighter alive who is a match for a Green Beret, a SEAL, a Delta operator, a member of the British or Australian SAS, or Germany’s KSK.

  • Waitress Says Rush Limbaugh Tipped Her $1,000 on Two Occasions..

    09/24/2014 4:53:52 AM PDT · 55 of 84
    ExNewsExSpook to Shimmer1

    I’m guessing the “sizeable chunk” was $25 or $50, and the rest went in her pocket. We all know that libs are notoriously cheap and give almost nothing to charity. I don’t think her group was able to fund very many abortions with her donation.