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  • Shep Smith, just STFU

    05/22/2017 5:37:07 PM PDT · 34 of 113
    ExNewsExSpook to clintonh8r

    He’s managing editor of the “Shep News Team,” the small group of editors, producers and technicians assigned to him in breaking news coverage. And Shep only covers breaking news when there isn’t an anchor whose contract calls for them to lead coverage, or a host who pre-taped their program.

    I used to be a reporter, print and broadcast, in the pre-internet era. In any breaking news situation, there is always the need to check your information for accuracy as best you can under those circumstances. But Shep’s hysteria is ridiculous. The earliest reports of shrapnel injuries and nuts, bolts and nails found in the debris left little doubt about it being a terror attack. And you don’t need to be an EOD tech or counter-terrorism analyst to make that judgement—and quickly.

    Shep is an overpaid fool. Nothing less.

  • Trump budget to slash entitlements by $1.7 trillion!

    05/22/2017 8:50:28 AM PDT · 45 of 103
    ExNewsExSpook to SeekAndFind

    SSDI is in serious need of reform. Obama’s rule changes opened the flood gates, and most anyone claiming a “disability” was approved, adding millions to the rolls—and billions to the annual bill. There are lots of able-bodied folks now on the dole; I know of one young man who was approved for a monthly disability payment for “anxiety.”

    Sadly, another area that needs reform is military disability claims. While the majority are legitimate, I’ve been told that (in some units) all troops leaving the service are instructed to claim PTSD in their separation physical and to file a claim with the VA. Many are approved, even though the claim is doubtful, at best.

    A former subordinate is a retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8). Spent first five years of his career as an operator of the insertion craft used to infiltrate/exfiltrate SEAL teams. Never saw combat. Suffered a broken leg at jump school, but fully recovered. Spent the rest of his career as a Navy recruiter. At retirement, claimed PTSD and disabilities stemming from the jump school accident. Received an 80% disability rating from the VA.

    The sad part is these bogus claims clog up the system, and slow the processing/approval of legitimate claims by warriors who have suffered physical and mental wounds during their service. There is significant opportunity to reduce fraud—and improve service—by reforming the military/VA disability system

  • The Last Full Measure of Devotion

    05/21/2017 5:31:56 PM PDT · 4 of 5
    ExNewsExSpook to Steely Tom

    Many don’t realize that Colonel Kittinger later returned to the “operational” Air Force and served three tours in Vietnam. On his last tour, just days before he was scheduled to rotate back to the states, Kittinger’s F-4 Phantom was shot down over North Vietnam, and he spent 11 months in the Hanoi Hilton.

    A true Air Force hero and legend.

  • [N. Korea] NK claims successful launch of new ballistic missile

    05/14/2017 6:55:32 PM PDT · 31 of 52
    ExNewsExSpook to Karl Spooner

    South Koreans fought with us in Vietnam (as did Australia and a few other allies). ROK units were very effective, particularly the ROK Marines. In one instance, they took over ground defense for an American airbase that had come under frequent rocket and sapper attacks from the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese.

    While the U.S. unit that previously handled the task stayed close to the base, the ROK Marines launched an aggressive patrolling campaign over a wide area to find and engage the enemy. When they killed some ranking VC, they hung their bodies from trees and put up signs announcing they were now in charge of security in that area. Attacks on the base dropped dramatically in a matter of days.

  • Todd Rundgren: ‘If You’re a Trump Supporter, Don’t Come to My Show’

    05/14/2017 5:07:00 PM PDT · 149 of 159
    ExNewsExSpook to GrandJediMasterYoda

    By the dozens....

  • Marty (1953) Rod Steiger [What? Where's Ernie Borgnine?]

    05/14/2017 5:03:48 PM PDT · 16 of 25
    ExNewsExSpook to miss marmelstein

    Surprised the first time I saw the film version of “Marty” by the actor playing Ralph, the title character’s best friend. It was Frank Sutton, best known as Sergeant Carter on “Gomer Pyle, USMC.” Sutton was born and raised in Tennessee, but fit in very well as a New Yorker. The film was Sutton’s big break, but he isn’t listed in the credits.

    Another familiar TV face in the cast is Jerry Paris, the neighbor on the Dick Van Dyke Show, who became a prolific TV director.

  • Girls do not like to date nice boys

    05/14/2017 4:54:57 PM PDT · 103 of 127
    ExNewsExSpook to Shadow44

    Sadly, there is much truth in your post. I’ve been married to the same woman for over 30 years and decided if anything happens to the missus, I will officially retire from the War of the Sexes.

    Clearly, the rules have fundamentally changed since I was “on the market” back in the 70s and early 80s. The entitlement culture is stunning; one reason that many younger women prefer older men is they can provide the lifestyle they’re looking for—and are less likely to want kids. And better yet, that Sugar Daddy who’s 20-25 years older is likely to take that celestial dirt nap when they’re young enough to inherit the estate (or a good chunk of it), and still young enough to find that next bank account with lots of zeros behind it.

    And that’s just for starters. God help any man who tries to build a relationship with a latter-day feminist. At the other end of the spectrum, good luck in the hook up culture. There’s a reason the highest STD rate in the state of Florida is at The Villages retirement community.

    It’s also true that many younger and men in early middle age have simply stopped looking. They can’t meet the financial “requirements” of the women they want to date and living in their parents’ basement, their prospects for getting ahead are decidedly dim (should have thought twice about that degree in cultural studies versus something with actual market and employment value).

    So, a lot of men simply turn to porn on their mobile devices, and look for ways to stay out of the job market—and the dating scene. If they can’t move in permanently with mom and dad, they file for an SSI check and other welfare benefits. It’s no secret that the ranks of the nation’s disabled swelled dramatically under Zero, and many of those were able-bodied men.

    Meanwhile, the birth rate in immigrant communities is far above GDP, and that means our future middle class will be largely Hispanic and Muslim, so the America of 2040-2050 will look a lot like British cities of today.

    My plans for a retirement mountain top in the Ozarks or the Smoky Mountains is looking better and better all the time.

  • Girls do not like to date nice boys

    05/14/2017 4:13:50 PM PDT · 97 of 127
    ExNewsExSpook to SamAdams76

    In one of his stand-up routines, Jeff Foxworthy quoted an actual survey that showed most women prefer a “dangerous man.”

    Go figure.


    05/13/2017 11:49:11 AM PDT · 34 of 60
    ExNewsExSpook to SMGFan

    You raise a very important point that many don’t realize about the TV business. From the standpoint of the studio (and producers), the goal is to get to five years, which gives you enough episodes for syndication. Beyond that, the show really needs to be a ratings powerhouse to continue, because most of the talent is due a big pay raise in season #6 or shortly thereafter.

    As a proven TV commodity, Tim didn’t start off at union scale, so he was already making a very nice paycheck. And, I’m guessing he is a profit participant, so he’ll be making more that just residuals in the future. Then again, with the creative accounting practices employed in Hollywood, more than a few actors have been surprised at how little “profit” they receive. The late James Garner spent years in court battling Universal over “The Rockford Files.” It was a big hit on NBC and did well in syndication, but the studio produced documents that showed the program actually “lost” money.

  • 20-Year Fox News veteran details coming out as gay while working at ‘craziest conservative network’

    05/08/2017 12:38:18 PM PDT · 55 of 117
    ExNewsExSpook to SeekAndFind

    Amazing, isn’t it? While Shep applauds himself for coming to terms with his own sexuality, and the media chorus sounds its approval, no one bothers to get her side of the story. Between Shep’s massive ego; his determination to reach the top of the TV news business and his own, closeted homosexuality, Ms. Donald must have gone through absolute hell.

    Also worth noting that Shep decided to ditch his wife just before he hit the big time with Fox, as a reporter for “A Current Affair.” What timing. After putting the woman through pure agony, he cuts her loose just before the six- and seven-figure figure paychecks start rolling in.

    Wherever she is, I hope Ms. Donald is happy and found happiness with someone is isn’t an egomaniac and a fraud.

  • Macron to become next French president after beating back Le Pen and her populist tide

    05/07/2017 3:13:39 PM PDT · 44 of 69
    ExNewsExSpook to AnotherUnixGeek

    Surrender is in the French DNA.

  • ‘It’s Got to Go’: Shepard Smith Calls for Mississippi to Remove Confederate Emblem From State Flag

    05/06/2017 8:07:14 PM PDT · 19 of 88
    ExNewsExSpook to 2ndDivisionVet

    I was a Mississippian at the same time, and remember it well. The MSM predicted the old flag would be soundly rejected, but the referendum to replace it went down to defeat. In fact, about one-third of African-American voters voted to keep the existing flag.

    In his remarks, Shep said something to the effect of “the confederate flag must be removed from his state.” If that’s true, he ought to talk to Andrew Cuomo, since Shep and his boy toy spend most of their time in Manhattan. He only goes back to Oxford for Ole Miss football games.

    BTW, Shep left the University of Mississippi a couple of credits shy of his degree in journalism. There was an informal move about 10 years ago to waive the remaining requirements and award his bachelor’s. The proposal was soundly rejected by the journalism faculty. Of course, that was before Shep became such a flaming lib on camera. Maybe that’s been part of the ploy; prove that he’s enough of a “good liberal” to finally get his sheepskin from Ole Miss.

  • Target Seeing Financial Red, Reduces CEO Pay

    05/03/2017 2:14:42 PM PDT · 24 of 28
    ExNewsExSpook to donna

    The boys and girls down in Bentonville must be getting a real chuckle over Target’s attempt at corporate suicide.

  • North Korea Threatens China With “Grave Consequences” Over “Betrayal”

    05/03/2017 2:10:42 PM PDT · 23 of 54
    ExNewsExSpook to beethovenfan


    World’s. Largest. Glass. Parking Lot.

  • Book (Review) : Barack Obama asked woman to marry him before meeting Michelle

    05/03/2017 6:39:46 AM PDT · 26 of 62
    ExNewsExSpook to simpson96

    Go back to his college days. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone at Occidental or Columbia who knew him. I remember reading a column from a poly sci major at Columbia who was a student at the same time as Obama. He recalled there were about 150 students in the program during that period; the man has no recollection of Obama, and neither do his classmates.

    And isn’t it true that BHO was meeting regularly with movers-and-shakers in Chicago before he went off to Harvard Law. One eyewitness saw Obama at the home of Bill Ayers’ father (retired ConEd president) in the late 80s, when he was still a community organizer for ACORN. Rather odd that someone with the influence and power of the elder Ayers would spend time with a low-level social activist, but it’s clear that the liberal elites (at least in Chicago) had already pegged Obama for bigger and better things.

    His “lack of a trail” (as you observe) is fascinating. The negative stuff we do know has been developed through dogged effort by a few conservative journalists, while the liberal MSM falls over itself to maintain the Obama facade. When the truth finally emerges—probably decades down the road—we’ll learn the effort to promote and install BHO began much earlier than we realized, with the help of foreign powers who favor the long game.

  • A Thinking Mom's Message for Jimmy Kimmel

    05/03/2017 6:11:45 AM PDT · 28 of 40
    ExNewsExSpook to SoFloFreeper

    Bravo, indeed. In fact, someone ought to do a little digging and see what type of coverage Kimmmel has for his family. He’s been hosting a late night talk show for several years, and collecting a big pay check—by some estimates, his personal fortune is between $35-40 million.

    And here’s the dirty little secret of the very rich and health care: many are self-insured, since they have the ability to pay for even catastrophic injuries and illness and still have millions in the bank.

    Rush Limbaugh alluded to this a few years ago, when he had a heart episode while vacationing in Hawaii. While undergoing tests for a possible heart attack (they proved negative), the hospital rep asked about his insurance. Rush told them he would simply write them a check for the entire bill and requested the cash discount (yes, hospitals do offer a significant savings to those who can pay in full upon discharge, without using insurance). By paying cash, Rush received a 33% discount on everything. He still wrote a big check, but the amount been billed to an insurance provider would have been much higher.

    Here’s hoping Michelle Malkin can do a little digging and see how Kimmel is paying for his child’s care. At a minimum, he has coverage through his union, SAG-AFTRA. But more likely, he has a policy through his production company or he may decide to simply pay cash.

    Glad Mr. Kimmel’s child is doing better and his long-term prognosis is excellent. As a parent, I certainly understand the anxiety and fear that comes with a sick child. But please, spare us the sermonizing over health care for everyone. If he wants to do his part, Kimmel could simply become the health coverage equivalent of a “Secret Santa.” Just visit the billing office of Cedars-Sinai (where his son was treated) and pick up the tab for other families with sick children and mounting medical bills.

  • Hannity Confirms That He Is ‘Not Negotiating’ For an Exit at Fox News

    05/02/2017 11:53:55 AM PDT · 53 of 53
    ExNewsExSpook to The Westerner

    What ruined CNN (oddly enough) was the Persian Gulf War. Until then, it was—largely—a straight news operation, with most of the talent, producers and technical staff drawn from the ranks of local stations. In fact, about the “biggest names” on CNN in those days were Bernard Shaw and Don Farmer, who had been second and third-tier correspondents at CBS and ABC, respectively.

    When CNN beat the broadcast networks with its coverage from Baghdad, it suddenly became part of the liberal news establishment. No longer derided as “chicken noodle news,” CNN began to act more like its well-established counterparts. A lot of the originals left, and were replaced by more retreads from the network. More “analytical journalism” (read: liberal opinion) than straight news. And it worked for a while, until much of CNN’s Middle America audience discovered Fox News.

    Back in the day, when a major story broke outside New York or LA, it wasn’t unusual for CNN to simply carry the coverage of its local affiliate. I remember a night in the late 80s when an MD-80 crashed shortly after takeoff from Detroit, killing all onboard except a young girl. Instead of speculating from Atlanta or New York, CNN just picked up the feed from one of the Detroit stations (WXYZ or WDIV as I recall). The local coverage was excellent, because the reporters, producers and anchors knew the area and had the contacts to provide timely, factual information.

    These days, a cable net might briefly air a live shot from a local station, especially if they have a helicopter on the scene. But the network reporters and anchors, along with their speculation, conjecture and bias, will be heard, no matter how clueless they area. Attention must be paid to the cable net talking heads.

  • Hannity Confirms That He Is ‘Not Negotiating’ For an Exit at Fox News

    05/01/2017 8:44:54 PM PDT · 42 of 53
    ExNewsExSpook to Keen-Minded

    Hannity, along with Greta and O’Reilly, had clauses in their contracts allowing them to leave if there was a change in management at Fox News. Greta exercised hers and departed last fall. I’ve heard that she believed Roger Ailes and others would quickly launch a new channel and she would be part of the prime time line-up. Unfortunately, the upstart network failed to materialize and she signed with MSNBC.

    This is beginning to look like 1996 all over again. Ailes had the vision; Murdoch had the money and there was a plethora of talent that was ready for the national level. This time around, the prospective talent (and behind-the-scenes management) is much more experienced and ready to hit the ground running. All that’s needed are investors willing to lose big money for the first year or so, and access to enough cable homes to establish a foundation and provide the initial audience.

    As someone once observed, “nothing succeeds like an idea whose time has come.” With the younger Murdochs determined to wreck Fox News, a new conservative network could be very successful—and even faster than FNC was.

  • North Korea Threatens To Sink U.S. Nuclear Submarine Deployed To South Korea

    04/30/2017 4:44:40 PM PDT · 20 of 38
    ExNewsExSpook to ArtDodger

    No kidding. Apparently, Fat Boy doesn’t know how there are at least two U.S. Virginia and Los Angeles class attack boats in the area, along with advanced diesel electric boats from the Japanese and ROK navies, along with subs from Russia, China and other countries as well.

    And did I mention the airborne ASW assets that are active over the SOJ? True, we don’t have the P-3 fleet we once did, but it’s a sure bet we have P-3s and P-8s active, along with sub-hunting aircraft from our allied nations, and ASW helos from the Vinson.

    North Korea’s subs are primarily old Soviet-era Romeo class boats—not much of a punch and very noisy. Not a matter of if they get killed when the balloon goes up, just a question of what gets to them first.

    The Romeos are a key SOF insertion platform for Pyongyang, so sending most of them to the bottom will make things a little less hectic in our rear areas, since the commandos will be sleeping with the fishes instead of attacking C2, logistics, air defense sites and other key targets.

  • Journalists fire back at ‘dirtbags reveling in ESPN’s layoffs’

    04/27/2017 6:33:01 AM PDT · 81 of 82
    ExNewsExSpook to Blue Highway

    Ley still has a job; he used his commentary segment to ask viewers to think about his colleagues who had just been laid off.

    Given the political trajectory of ESPN, I’d say his request fell (largely) on deaf ears.