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  • Rush Limbaugh's Ultimate Betrayal of His Audience

    08/30/2016 7:32:52 AM PDT · 28 of 129
    ExTxMarine to IronJack
    Rush Limbaugh has never masqueraded as a newsman. He’s a polemicist, an entertainer. Meanwhile, scum-organs like the Washington Post and CBS spew their lies and half-truths daily under the mask of “news.”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!!

    BTT and deserves repeating!!
  • NFL players blast Kaepernick's decision to sit during national anthem

    08/29/2016 2:29:43 PM PDT · 51 of 53
    ExTxMarine to NonValueAdded

    Apparently, this undrafted rookie LB has quickly changed his mind and has stated that he WILL stand for the National Anthem.

    I wonder what got him to change his mind so quickly?!? I mean, I truly WONDER! LOL!

  • NFL players blast Kaepernick's decision to sit during national anthem

    08/29/2016 10:39:10 AM PDT · 31 of 53
    ExTxMarine to servo1969

    I believe Colin has the right to say/do something stupid, such as this, that is his RIGHT. But, just as he has a right to say/do anything, other people have the right to respond.

    His assertion that this country is oppressive is simply IGNORANT! We have a black President, a black AG, we have black Mayors, Chiefs of Police, Fire Chiefs, etc...

    Are there people out there that are racist? Yes; of every color and creed! But, you do not get a black President, elected twice, by a country that is 60+% WHITE, if that country is “oppressive” to blacks. PERIOD!

    This whole BLM movement was started by the Trayvon and Michael incidents - both of which proved to be BS claims by other witnesses and evidence!

    So, when you start supporting such idiocy, then you become a laughing stock! That is why, I believe, Clinton and the Democrats are losing many from their base, because even their base knows these claims are BS! And when you have multi-million dollar sports stars disrespecting the U.S., over LIES, I don’t think that will play well, come November.

  • Why many veterans are sticking with Trump, even after he insulted a Gold Star family

    08/22/2016 7:51:38 PM PDT · 35 of 58
    ExTxMarine to Innovative

    It sure is funny and peculiar how the MSM always refer to the “Gold Star Family” that Trump supposedly insulted, but NEVER refer to the “Gold Star Families” whom Clinton lied TO and ABOUT concerning the fall of, and the fall OUT from, Benghazi!

    I wonder why that is?!? I’m sure it is just an “oversight” on the part of the unbiased American MSM - right? RIGHT?!?!

  • Woman Speaks Out: I Saw a Gun Pulled on the Swimmers

    08/19/2016 8:36:52 AM PDT · 25 of 95
    ExTxMarine to Blood of Tyrants
    One of them even paid the Brazilian authorities $11,000 to drop the charges. It was a bribe no matter how you look at it.

    This should be ALL the proof you need to understand that Brazil is a third (maybe fourth) world country!!

    In Brazil, for NON-violent crimes, it is in their legal code that if you pay a "donation" to a charity (not sure who gets to pick the charity, but I doubt it is the person accused of a crime), then the charges are dropped.

    You can call it a fee, a donation, a bribe, extortion, whatever you want, but knowing that this type of stuff is "legal" tells me all I need to know about Brazil - they are corrupt and the rich can do, and get away with, anything they want - PERIOD!
  • Trump slams Clinton for ‘rigged system’ in first general election TV ad

    08/19/2016 7:32:42 AM PDT · 10 of 16
    ExTxMarine to COUNTrecount

    Now that Trump is going to start spending campaign ad money, the skewed polls showing Georgia, and Texas “within striking” distance all make sense!

    Killary is going to try to get Trump to spread his ad money to locations where they are NOT needed, based on these skewed BS polls.

    I hope that his campaign doesn’t fall for this BS!!

  • Hillary Clinton Told F.B.I. Colin Powell Advised Her to Use Private Email

    08/19/2016 5:57:36 AM PDT · 49 of 71
    ExTxMarine to euram

    But that wasn’t an “excuse”, because she is a “no excuses” kind of woman!

    You know how I know, because she said so, and I’m sure she wouldn’t lie about anything like that!

  • Federal judge declares ‘black lives matter’ during hearing over Seattle police reform

    08/18/2016 3:18:58 PM PDT · 3 of 17
    ExTxMarine to Altura Ct.

    Blacks are less than 20% of the population, but that judge conveniently forgets that they account for over 50% of ALL VIOLENT CRIMES!!!

    So maybe, JUST MAYBE, that would account for the large number of police involved shootings of blacks - not their population numbers but their occupation numbers!!

  • Two Olympic swimmers CONFESS Lochte armed robbery story WAS made up as Brazil cops release [tr]

    08/18/2016 11:48:31 AM PDT · 37 of 53
    ExTxMarine to C19fan

    Did they file a police report about this alleged robbery? If not, then why are the authorities holding or seeking to hold the swimmers?

    Don’t get me wrong, if they lied, then they deserve ridicule and derision, but neither of those involve the Brazilian Authorities!!

    I think the American press are making this to be a bigger deal than it truly is/was.

    Again, stupid lies make you look pretty stupid. But if the police were not involved with the whole incident, then why are they now?

  • Pictured: Armed Milwaukee man, 23, whose traffic stop death at hands of police sparked riots - as ma

    08/16/2016 4:50:43 AM PDT · 116 of 124
    ExTxMarine to gleeaikin

    Many major corporations won’t, and often contractually CAN’T, do pay cuts for their CEOs, without other long-term benefits. This makes it look like they are being heartless, but they are looking at the bottom line (which is where they are supposed to be looking). But, remember these major corporations are not typically the primary employers in America.

    When you start talking about the top 20 major corporations, you are talking about GLOBAL entities that have deliverables beyond just the United States.

    I’m NOT saying what they are doing is right or wrong, but once again Liberal policies are designed to create a globalist economy, and then people (Liberals in particular) complain when globalist businesses do business on a global scale.

    The 2007-2008 “Great Recession” was very similar to the American Great Depression: it was only “great” in America. Most of the rest of the world didn’t do the same stupid things that FDR and Obama did, and their economies recovered quicker and better than America’s.

    More importantly, if you have a problem with GE and their CEO pay, I would suggest you sell your stock and invest in something else - that’s what makes the American economy function.

  • DEA Targeting Innocent Americans

    08/15/2016 1:28:25 PM PDT · 37 of 48
    ExTxMarine to milton23

    Didn’t the wasted money, multiple deaths, and DISMAL results of prohibition teach America ANYTHING?!?

    The war on drugs is like MOST government solutions: sounds great on paper; is a complete waste of time, money, and other resources in action.

    People who want a “high” will do whatever it takes to get that high (i.e., sniff glue, paint, snort and smoke common household cleaners, etc...).

    I’m sorry, but the government should not be trying to keep me safe from ME, they should only be trying to keep YOU safe from me (like drunk driving IS illegal, but drinking alcohol is NOT). Let’s regulate the bad actions which affect others, not the “potential” to cause harm to others.

    Just my two cents!

  • New Jersey Appeals Court OKs Religiously Discriminatory Disinheritance

    08/15/2016 11:33:06 AM PDT · 7 of 15
    ExTxMarine to Mr. Douglas
    You don’t have to justify WHY you do what you do with your money.

    Not yet....
  • KING: Milwaukee riots weren't just caused by Sylville Smith's death, or police brutality, but

    08/15/2016 10:41:32 AM PDT · 18 of 35
    ExTxMarine to Enchante

    Something that this “author” conveniently failed to mention in his espousal of the feelings of the late, great Dr. King.

  • KING: Milwaukee riots weren't just caused by Sylville Smith's death, or police brutality, but

    08/15/2016 10:39:40 AM PDT · 17 of 35
    ExTxMarine to Gunpowder green
    These people want revolution, but in a way that deprives the rest of us of our peace and property. Rather than join us in a movement towards prosperity, they’ve chosen to join a movement that aims only to deprive others of what they have. It can’t work, and won’t work, as has been proven time and time again.

    Riot all they want, they can’t riot their way to prosperity.

    Worth repeating...LOUDLY!!
  • Bye, Bye! Comedy Central Cancels Larry Wilmore’s ‘The Nightly Show’

    08/15/2016 9:14:52 AM PDT · 25 of 52
    ExTxMarine to BenLurkin

    True, sadly very true!

  • Bye, Bye! Comedy Central Cancels Larry Wilmore’s ‘The Nightly Show’

    08/15/2016 9:14:19 AM PDT · 23 of 52
    ExTxMarine to 2ndDivisionVet

    Because he probably isn’t “African-American”, he has just become an AMERICAN! Just an FYI, ALL of the people who I know are naturalized Americans, HATE that hyphenated crap!

    If you ask them, they are “Americans” and if you push it, they will say “Naturalized American.” Very seldom, if EVER will they say “Egyptian-American” or “African-American” or “Filipino-American”, etc... They are “Americans”.

    Those people came here to actually work for, and enjoy, what America has to offer. They seldom have the time or temperament to complain about what America hasn’t GIVEN to them!

  • Bye, Bye! Comedy Central Cancels Larry Wilmore’s ‘The Nightly Show’

    08/15/2016 9:06:36 AM PDT · 20 of 52
    ExTxMarine to BenLurkin

    That seems to be an all too common thread among the aggrieved African-Americans: they forget or ignore the American part!!

  • Racial Violence in Milwaukee Was Decades in the Making, Residents Say (NYT alert)

    08/15/2016 8:28:58 AM PDT · 42 of 45
    ExTxMarine to reaganaut1

    The article mentions decaying houses and buildings, meaning there once WAS a thriving city. But, as business owners started losing money due to bad customers, bad employees, and ultimately bad neighborhoods - THEY MOVED!

    No business just up and moves because it’s Tuesday! They leave because the cultural decay and failure of the city PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!

    No one wants to admit this! No one wants to say this!

    Everyone on the Liberal left want to blame this on something and someone OTHER than the truth: the people in that city brought it on themselves through their actions and/or in-actions - PERIOD!

  • Modesty and Beach Volleyball

    08/15/2016 8:08:11 AM PDT · 94 of 284
    ExTxMarine to Biggirl

    Actually, it first started in America.

    But, it did not take long to spread to many countries, including Brazil.

  • Pictured: Armed Milwaukee man, 23, whose traffic stop death at hands of police sparked riots - as ma

    08/15/2016 6:46:33 AM PDT · 97 of 124
    ExTxMarine to Kenny

    They have the media covering for them! The New York Times posted an article over the weekend, LYING, saying that what is happening in Milwaukee was the result of DECADES of decay, corruption, greed, and injustice.

    I think people refuse to see the obvious! There once were great businesses and factories in these old cities (Milwaukee, Baltimore, etc...), but BOTH the customers and the employees stopped providing PROFIT to the owners, so like smart people do, the owners MOVED their business to where it is appreciated - PERIOD!

    Once business owners start seeing the potential for profits again (better customers and better employees), they will invest in these areas again. But until then, you get what is the result of cultural FAILURE.

  • Adviser: Kane and I plotted grand jury leak - and cover-up [Democrat Atty General in PA]

    08/11/2016 3:55:44 PM PDT · 21 of 44
    ExTxMarine to Enchante

    Beat me by 34 seconds!!

  • Adviser: Kane and I plotted grand jury leak - and cover-up [Democrat Atty General in PA]

    08/11/2016 3:53:27 PM PDT · 18 of 44
    ExTxMarine to Engedi
    Clinton’s probably allowed her to be taken down because she didn’t make the required proper donation to the foundation.

    Or they let her take the fall, because she refused Bill Clinton's "donation" offerings!!
  • Dems brace for bad news as FBI indicates ‘more than 100 party officials and groups’ have been hacked

    08/11/2016 3:46:33 PM PDT · 63 of 100
    ExTxMarine to detective

    What I PRAY for, is that some of the lying, Liberal, squishy Republican RINOs are caught in the same trap!!

    You KNOW Collins, Paul Ryan, or John McCan’t has dealings with those snakes! And I hope that den of vipers takes the traitorous RINO villains with them!!

    We the People MUST flush this toilet that has been created in D.C.!!

  • Two dead, several missing and 34 injured after an explosion ... in a Washington DC suburb [trunc]

    08/11/2016 10:40:38 AM PDT · 57 of 105
    ExTxMarine to HollyB
    While in the Marine Corps, I typed Top Secret messages, in a locked closet on a typewriter. You only got issued ONE MESSAGE SHEET per message. You had to change the ribbon for each message.

    In other words, DO NOT MESS UP, because you had to remove the ribbon, remove the message sheet, lock it in a briefcase, leave the closet, take those to the shredder room, then go get a NEW sheet, a NEW ribbon, and start ALL OVER!

    Talk about embarrassing! You become a very careful typist - QUICKLY! Life SUCKED when I first took that job! I did realize that those "easy A" typing and keyboarding classes which I had in High School, would have better served me...had I actually paid attention!!
  • How Hillary blew her big moment

    07/29/2016 4:26:44 AM PDT · 66 of 93
    ExTxMarine to Berlin_Freeper

    I did not watch her speech, although I accidentally heard some of her BULLSNOT when I switched over to see the evening news, and she was still blabbering.

    I quickly changed the station because I have enough CRAP in my life, I don’t need hers!

    But, what I noticed more than anything, anything at all, is the LACK of praise and quotes and fanfare on any internet news this morning, even the local news in San Antonio really only covered it for a few seconds.

    I figured at the very least they would be praising the fact that she is the first woman in a major party...blah...blah, but NOPE. NOTHING!

    That speech must have been pretty boring and plain!

  • Humans in Texas 16,000 Years Ago (my title)

    07/26/2016 2:30:08 PM PDT · 42 of 44
    ExTxMarine to wildbill

    So, according to these findings, even the “Native Americans” aren’t native to America, and we need to determine to whom we owe some major reparations!

    RIGHT?!? I mean, can we really call Columbus Day “Native Americans Day”, when obviously this land wasn’t theirs either!


  • 'This country IS great' Michelle Obama heralds progress she can 'wake up in a W H built by slaves'

    07/26/2016 8:02:21 AM PDT · 32 of 47
    ExTxMarine to COUNTrecount

    Funny, in the last 30 days, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee for President, implied that police are racists and that our criminal system is biased and corrupt.

    In that same time period, various Democrats have claimed that the US causes most wars, most Climate Change, we are an evil people, we have spread diseases on purpose, we are a racist and bigoted country, we are xenophobic, etc... (do I need to continue)? Michelle, herself, was not proud of this country until her husband was elected President!!

    So, which is it? Are we a great country? Or are we all these things you Democrats keep saying about us?!?

  • Obama Scolds TX Lt. Gov. for Saying Cops Don’t ‘Know in Their Hearts’ He’s On Their Side

    07/15/2016 1:43:38 PM PDT · 32 of 44
    ExTxMarine to Dilbert San Diego

    I’m white, and I’ve had women get off of an elevator, because I was the only person on the elevator. I’m also 6’ tall and very largely built, so I can be “intimidating”. But OBVIOUSLY, according to the President, she was demonstrating racism!

    I’ve had people lock their doors when me and some of my friends and I walk down the streets - I guess that was racism? Now, in fairness, one of the guys who ran with us was black, so....

    Hell, I have been stalked by a store owner and even been picked up by the police because I was accused of shoplifting - because there were two other platinum blond, white kids who lived in my neighborhood who looked a little like me (just for the record they were little thieves and white-trash - both did prison time)! Now I know that the white store owner was practicing racism against me?

    All of the things which Obama and his ilk commonly diagnose as “racism” happens to LOTS of people, of different color, of different genders, of different backgrounds, etc... Unfortunately, for these mental midgets, it is easier to cry and complain than realize they are experiencing LIFE! Nothing is fair, and you get over it!

    I was told POINT-BLANK, by a black store owner, that he “doesn’t hire my kind.” He said he hires “his own” to help them get ahead. Now THAT was racism, but I didn’t complain, I went and found a different damn job! DUH!!

  • Report: Trump about to make first mistake in VP pick, as predicted by Ann Coulter

    07/14/2016 11:02:13 AM PDT · 75 of 107
    ExTxMarine to dfwgator

    For the most part, I agree, but sometimes the pick can make a world of difference.

    For example, if John McLame had NOT picked Sarah Palin, he would have been drubbed by Obama like Mondale was by Reagan!

  • Mark Ruffalo Asks Obama to ‘Defund Police Departments’ (by using executive orders)

    07/12/2016 3:39:06 PM PDT · 18 of 61
    ExTxMarine to vpintheak
    As much as you would like to have one.

    Oh, they only want one when THEIR guy is in charge; otherwise, they go ape-crap crazy for every little thing any other party does!
  • Veteran Dallas cop breaks ranks to slam 'public face of togetherness

    07/12/2016 2:52:06 PM PDT · 22 of 23
    ExTxMarine to brwnsuga

    The union thugs have been after Brown since he started making all the cops actually do cop-like work. Yes, he has implemented some more “community” type work, but the real riff is that he has them working different shifts, long shifts, and actually making them be a part of the neighborhood in which they work.

    My in-laws live in west Dallas, and that part of Dallas used to be one of the worst in the city. Since Brown implemented his changes, the police actually came to neighborhood parties and introduced themselves, gave out their business cards, and really got involved.

    The difference has been noticeable and the police presence is now seen as a plus, and not a negative.

    This is union thugs pissed that they aren’t getting their cherry topped, easy life, now that they hung around long enough to get cushy jobs! But, in fairness, Brown himself has been seen walking a beat in downtown, and other parts of the city. The unions hate him, but many of the rank and file (I have several friends who are on the DPD and surrounding cities) actually see that he is trying to make things better.

  • Obama calls for 'public option' for Obamacare

    07/12/2016 12:57:47 PM PDT · 73 of 95
    ExTxMarine to cynicalman
    "We are the only county in western civilization that does not have a government run health care system."

    SO WHAT?!?

    We are just about the only country in the western civilization that still allows private gun ownership. Do you propose we abandon the 2nd Amendment as well?

    We aren't Canada. We aren't Britain. We aren't Australia. If you like what these other "western civilizations" offer, you are FREE to move there and enjoy their "benefits".

    We, well some of us, enjoy our FREEDOMS. And I don't think I should be subsidizing the bad decisions of millions of Americans who are dare-devils or drug users or high-risk-sex-addicts or anything else. I should only be responsible for me and MY decisions and the results of MY decisions.
  • Newt Gingrich: White Americans ‘Don’t Understand Being Black in America’

    07/08/2016 11:01:47 AM PDT · 171 of 324
    ExTxMarine to Cecily
    "If you are a normal, white American, the truth is you don’t understand being black in America and you instinctively under-estimate the level of discrimination and the level of additional risk.”

    The above statement may be true, but in the same breath the FOLLOWING statement would also be true...

    If you are a normal, black American, the truth is you don’t understand being white in America and you instinctively under-estimate the level of discrimination and the level of additional risk.

    I think this shooting shows that black Americans can be violent with their hatred and DISCRIMINATION against whites.

    How many black Americans you know, have areas in "white parts of town" where they are afraid of walking at night because of the residents? How many areas in "black parts of town" are white Americans SPECIFICALLY WARNED not to travel at night because of the residents? With those two contrasting pictures, tell me how either group of "normal...Americans" can really know the others' experiences!?!?
  • Dallas Police Identify a Gunman in Dallas Protest Shootings

    07/08/2016 8:56:55 AM PDT · 44 of 80
    ExTxMarine to JenB987
    Just send in a bomb to blow up suspects?

    Known suspects who continue to engage in gun battles with the police, who have stated that they have bombs and planted bombs...(which leads me to your next questions, "Is that really a road we want to head down?<")...HECK YES!

    This man was not going down without trying to kill more cops - he made that clear. So, why put more people in harms way? That's my opinion.
  • Suspect in Dallas police attack wanted to 'kill white people': chief

    07/08/2016 7:26:19 AM PDT · 43 of 60
    ExTxMarine to 2banana

    Air to surface versions of the Maverick, Tomahawk, or Penguin missiles - probably! LOL!

  • The truth about cops killing blacks

    07/07/2016 5:51:55 AM PDT · 9 of 20
    ExTxMarine to knarf

    Actually, when compared to the total number of public contacts police make, the number of shootings are negligible. That’s NOT to say that they aren’t important or that those shot aren’t important.

    Any shooting should be, AND IS, thoroughly investigated!
    BUT, the recent HIGHLY-INCREASED level of scrutiny that is foisted upon police decisions is simply unwarranted.

    The man in Baton Rouge, Alton, was NOT fully restrained. And NONE of the videos, that I have seen, display with ANY certainty that his right hand (the side on which he was carrying his weapon) was restrained.

    The shooting in Minnesota last night, man said he had a gun and then said he reached for his wallet. When you are carrying a weapon, you don’t MOVE without the police officer telling you EXACTLY what to do - period! That’s basic knowledge! Typically, they will have you EXIT the vehicle and THEY will remove the weapon from you. Again, BASIC knowledge.

  • GOP delegate fight to stop Trump heats up in federal court

    07/05/2016 7:22:30 AM PDT · 101 of 101
    ExTxMarine to JBW1949
    Then he should recuse himself from being a “delegate of the people” and wait till November to “vote his conscience”....

    Bears repeating...LOUDLY!!
  • Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi's Religious Freedom Law

    07/01/2016 5:08:26 AM PDT · 12 of 17
    ExTxMarine to SoFloFreeper
    U.S. District Court Judge Carlton Reeves issued a 60-page opinion in which he described the Mississippi law, known as House Bill 1523, as “state-sanctioned discrimination.”

    Which is DIFFERENT from Federally mandated, institutional discrimination, known as "affirmative action", HOW??!!??
  • Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix

    06/29/2016 1:28:15 PM PDT · 31 of 92
    ExTxMarine to Chaguito

    That’s what I read!

    Also, they said it was an “illegal sale”, but what made it illegal? I can sell my personal guns to you, without doing an 4473 form - I’m not a dealer.

    So, WHY was this an “illegal sale”??

  • 3 Arrested With Multiple Loaded Guns, Knives, Body Armor at Holland Tunnel on Way to NYC

    06/21/2016 11:08:14 AM PDT · 82 of 119
    ExTxMarine to DCBryan1

    OMG! You just made my steter piff!!

  • What are gunshow loop holes?

    06/21/2016 8:02:41 AM PDT · 23 of 42
    ExTxMarine to Kozy

    Basically, the “gun show loophole” is PRIVATE SELLS!

    Bottom line, the gun grabbers want to criminalize the sell of weapons between two private parties.

    That is EXACTLY what they mean when they say “gun show loophole”. It is their camel’s nose under the tent, so that they can start tracking the ownership and movement of any weapon in America.

    The problem is, once again, this law will only be applicable to law-abiding citizens. 99.9% of all would-be criminals (who are purchasing a weapon for malcontent purposes) will NOT be following this law (or any other laws like those against murder or gun-free zone signs or brandishing or, etc....)!!

  • What are gunshow loop holes?

    06/21/2016 7:48:09 AM PDT · 19 of 42
    ExTxMarine to Ancesthntr
    Also FYI, until 1968, EVERY gun sale was done this way - there wasn’t any such thing as a 4473, and the background checks didn’t start until the mid-1990s under Clinton.

    I wonder how well these great and powerful laws have affected gun violence in America. For instance, I wonder if we looked at the statistics from a specific city, like oh, I don't know, maybe...Chicago, and then compare their current gun violence and shooting deaths to pre-mid 90's or pre-'68 statistics to see if strict enforcement of either of the above mentioned requirements have deterred or eliminated gun violence in that city?!?

  • Betrayed by an America-hating press

    06/02/2016 5:50:02 AM PDT · 53 of 94
    ExTxMarine to BluH2o

    Rush was talking a few days ago how the Press keeps telling Trump that he must start being “Presidential” and then the Press will take him serious.

    Then he hit the Press with REALITY - G.W. Bush was a very “Presidential” President - he respected the office, and let the Press and Obama walk all over him - to maintain his respect for the did the Press treat Bush???

    The only reason the Press wants Trump to change is so that they can bash him as a flip-flopper and create division in his supporters - PERIOD!

  • VA secretary: Disney doesn't measure wait times, so why should VA?

    05/23/2016 6:47:29 PM PDT · 77 of 83
    ExTxMarine to Mr. K
    I think it would be safe to assume the dead would be “completely unsatisfied”.

    WRONG! Those people are like the people who have quit looking for work...they just don't count anymore!!
  • Millions of Poor Still Could Have Gotten Coverage Without Obamacare [Gruber is back]

    05/02/2016 2:33:38 PM PDT · 13 of 19
    ExTxMarine to Amendment10

    This is one of the reasons that REPUBLICANS want insurance to be sold across state lines, because THEN it is INTERSTATE Commerce, and then the US Congress can do whatever the hell they want to us!

    They aren’t trying to lower costs, they are trying to give the UNI-PARTY complete cover, for when some Federal Judge actually IMPLEMENTS that old, dusty piece of paper, called “The U.S. Constitution”!!

  • AMERICA IS HAMMERING TARGET: #BoycottTarget Petition Swells To Over 1 MILLION Signatures…

    04/29/2016 9:46:59 AM PDT · 26 of 55
    ExTxMarine to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain

    As I have stated to some family and friends, who think this is not a big deal, if a crossdressing tranny is using either bathroom, according to the way they look, most people would not care, know, nor care to know.

    But, by announcing, with great fanfare, that any man can use any facility, which they want, Target not only put a target on the safety of women and children, but Target GAVE these perverts carte blanche access, AND an excuse to have access.

    Up until this happened, if an OBVIOUS man walked into the restroom, dressing room, etc... of a public facility, the facility, women in there, and any decent man, would have said something or done something to eliminate this hazard.

    By giving perverts excuses and unfettered access, NOW, just ASKING or even WONDERING why a MAN is in the WOMENS restroom, or a WOMAN is in the MENS restroom is not only considered wrong, but down right inappropriate and offensive! AND, Target has even demonstrated, via hidden-camera incidents, that they will defend the pervert against any sane, level-headed person that has a problem with the pervert being in the WRONG restroom.

    I think THAT is why so many people are so incensed and upset over this stupidity! Target decided to take a stand, which was a REALLY stupid stance!!

  • A new poll shows Donald Trump dominating a state he's not necessarily supposed to win

    04/29/2016 5:45:53 AM PDT · 32 of 72
    ExTxMarine to bert

    Democrats and Liberals are like locusts!

    They hate where they are, so they find a nice new lovely city and move there. Then, they destroy everything they moved there to enjoy (by voting in stupid policies and politicians) and then they start hating where they are, so they find a new lovely city and move there....

    Rinse, lather, burn eyes, repeat!!

  • Cruz announces Fiorina as choice for running mate

    04/27/2016 2:32:26 PM PDT · 143 of 243
    ExTxMarine to LeoWindhorse

    Apparently, Glenn Beck refused to take a pay cut to be his mate!

    I mean running mate.....

  • Bernie Sanders Is Right: The US Is Already a Socialist Country [Rev 13]

    04/27/2016 2:29:00 PM PDT · 20 of 29
    ExTxMarine to fuzzylogic
    Your rights stop when somebody else believes the collective is better off without them.

    As proof of how far we have fallen, take a look at the social issues of today: gender identity! Herein lies an excellent example, where the system (our version of Democratic Socialism) has decided that the needs and "feelings" of 0.03% of the population is more important than the safety and dignity of the 99+%!!!

    But, remember, social issues and financial issues and political issues are three separate things - ask any DC/GOPe talking head!!!
  • Donald Trump's foreign policy: 'America first'

    04/27/2016 2:19:35 PM PDT · 39 of 39
    ExTxMarine to IDontLikeToPayTaxes
    We could see Trump do rallies in many many congressional districts to get rid of the "dead wood" in Congress.

    From your keyboard to my eyes and to God's ear!!!