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  • German Officer To Serve As U.S. Army Europe’s Chief Of Staff

    08/01/2014 5:25:00 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 17 replies
    Stars And Stripes ^ | July 31,2014 | Jim Tice
    A German Army brigadier general who recently served with NATO forces in Afghanistan is assuming duties as the chief of staff of U. S. Army Europe, the first time a non-American officer has held that position.
  • Is Obama Stupid and Lazy?

    02/17/2011 1:07:51 AM PST · by Fighter@heart · 64 replies
    Is Obama Stupid and Lazy? Although that’s quite a provocative question, evidence is mounting that Obama may not be as intelligent as his supporters and cheerleaders in the media constantly assure us. The reality may be that Obama is mostly a creation of the liberal media. Indeed, the more we dig into his past, the more we find very little substance and discover how a network of liberal professors, law firms, and others, gave him a pass on performance while he pursued his political agenda.
  • “China for a Day” in America?

    12/06/2008 5:55:29 AM PST · by Fighter@heart · 25 replies · 719+ views
    Center For Individual Freedom ^ | 12/05/08 | Thomas Friedman
    “China for a Day” in America? Thomas Friedman Openly and Shamelessly Advocates Authoritarian Implementation of Environmentalist Agenda New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, the supposedly “moderate” voice among liberalism’s brigades, has come out and openly advocated what environmentalists were previously afraid to say aloud. Namely, that America should suspend our democratic, Constitutional principles and become “China for a day.” Friedman makes this astounding recommendation in his latest book, ominously entitled Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution – and How It Can Renew America. As summarized by, Friedman righteously concludes that America is suffering from a...
  • Obama seeks delay in voter fraud investigation (pressures DoJ to delay ACORN voter fraud probe)

    10/25/2008 4:33:31 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 113 replies · 4,249+ views
    OneNewsNow ^ | 10/24/2008 | Jim Brown
    Obama seeks delay in voter fraud investigation Jim Brown - OneNewsNow - 10/24/2008 Barack Obama's presidential campaign is pressuring the Department of Justice to put off a probe of voter registration fraud allegations leveled against the now infamous liberal group ACORN. Lawyers for the Obama campaign have written U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, asking him to delay any investigations of voter fraud until after the election. The Obama campaign's general counsel, Robert Bauer, says the FBI should instead be investigating those who have lodged complaints of voter registration fraud against groups like ACORN. Bauer contends that concerns about voter registration...
  • Obama selling election spots to media

    10/24/2008 3:12:01 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 11 replies · 511+ views
    One News Now ^ | 10/23/08 | Jim Brown
    Obama selling election spots to media Jim Brown - OneNewsNow Media analyst Bob Knight is questioning the Obama campaign's decision to sell Chicago election night coverage packages to news outlets. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet notes the Obama campaign is planning to charge reporters $935 for a package that includes access to a heated file tent, power, cable TV, Internet, and food. The cheapest place a reporter could stand on a riser with a view is $880. Members of the media will also be charged $300 for an unlimited long distance phone line and $275 for high-speed wired Internet. According...
  • GLSEN founder part of Obama's team

    10/23/2008 3:50:21 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 26 replies · 858+ views
    One News Now ^ | 10/23/08 | Jim Brown
    GLSEN founder part of Obama's team Jim Brown - OneNewsNow - The founder of a group that's been accused of promoting teen-adult homosexual relationships is the Obama campaign's fundraising co-chair for the "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender" (LGBT) community. Kevin Jennings is the outgoing head of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a group known for its efforts to establish so-called "Gay-Straight Alliance" clubs in public schools across the country. The longtime homosexual activist is also playing a prominent role in Barack Obama's White House bid. Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, says many parents would be frightened...

    09/10/2008 8:02:14 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 49 replies · 1,389+ views
    Below is an article which I suspect applies in part to every Governor of every State in at least some way. The locality of Alaska is special. In Hawaii The Hawaii Air National Guard is our line of defense in the Pacific. Nice to know we also have the Alaskan National Guard both ground and air. The article is not opinion but just information. SARAH PALIN'S SECURITY CLEARANCE Before you dismiss the fact that Sarah Palin is Commander of the Alaska National Guard, consider this: Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th...
  • Supreme Court sides with government in second land rights case

    06/22/2005 5:25:43 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 11 replies · 690+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | June 20th, 2005 | GINA HOLLAND
    Supreme Court sides with government in second land rights case By GINA HOLLAND, Associated Press Writer Posted: Monday June 20th, 2005, 12:30 PM WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court said Monday that people who lose state lawsuits claiming the government improperly took their property cannot count on federal courts for help. Land rights is a major issue at the high court this year, and so far the justices have made it tougher for people to win lawsuits claiming that local and state laws amount to an unconstitutional "taking." The biggest of three cases dealing with government authority to seize properties...
  • From A Marine Corp Major

    09/22/2004 6:56:52 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 8 replies · 937+ views
    Neil Boortz ^ | 9-22-04 | Unknown
    From a Marine Corps Major in Baghdad: "A thought from Iraq - "Doom & Gloom about Iraq's future....I don't see it from where I'm sitting." [For those of you who haven't gotten my "Thoughts" before, I'm a Major in the USMC on the Multi-National Corps staff in Baghdad. The analysts and pundits who don't see what I see on a daily basis, in my opinion, have very little credibility to talk about the situation - especially if they have yet to set foot in Iraq. Everything Americans believe about Iraq is simply perception filtered through one's latent prejudices until you...

    10/15/2003 5:57:41 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 97 replies · 247+ views
    Neal Boortz Home Page ^ | 10-15-03 | Neal Boortz
    UH OH ... TAX REVENUES ARE UP. A few weeks ago you were hearing a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth from Democrats and some Republicans in Washington about the size of the projected budget deficit. Democrats almost exclusively blamed this deficit on the Bush tax cuts and stood in line to say that these tax cuts should be turned around. Funny ... you haven't heard a lot about this budget deficit lately, have you? Do you know why? It's because the projected budget deficit is actually shrinking, not growing. When the budget deficit grows that's bad news for...

    10/02/2003 5:14:20 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 28 replies · 281+ views
    Neal Boortz Home Page ^ | 10-2-03 | Neal BoortZ
    HAVE THE COURAGE TO DEBATE THE STATEMENT Make no mistake about this .. no mistake at all. The whole reason that Rush Limbaugh is under fire for his comments on Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is simply because he is perhaps the nation's most prominent conservative ... and a white guy on top of it all! Limbaugh is seen by the left as a huge, almost insurmountable threat to their designs on regaining control in DC. Now, incredibly, Rush Limbaugh has resigned from his position at ESPN. My guess is that the resignation was forced, but he may have just decided...

    10/01/2003 5:50:02 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 26 replies · 1,145+ views ^ | 10-1-03 | NEAL BOORTZ
    STILL THE HOT TOPIC The morning news stories are still hammering the White House leak story. The storyline is that some high level Bush official disclosed the name of a secret CIA spy. The trouble is, the only people saying that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA operative are bush critics. The CIA certainly hasn't said that Plame was a spy ... that she was working undercover, and now that cover has been blown. Consider, please, that the CIA actually confirmed Plame's employment to columnist Robert Novak. Has it occurred to you that the CIA doesn't routinely confirm the employment...
  • What Democrats Believe

    09/26/2003 5:24:54 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 11 replies · 340+ views ^ | 9-25-03 | Rich Lowry
    What Democrats believeRich Lowry A presidential primary is a way for a political party to make up its mind. Through the process of nominating a candidate, a party figures out its stances on the new issues and what adjustments, if any, it will make in its positions on the old. So with that, through their collective rhetoric and actions, the 10 Democratic candidates have arrived at the outlines of a rough philosophy -- the credo of the Democrats of '04. This credo is often nonsensical and hypocritical, but it is clearly discernible. The Democrats of '04 believe: That wars should...
  • "Stupid Americans" (NOT my title!)

    09/25/2003 6:56:39 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 8 replies · 234+ views
    Nealz News ^ | 9-25-03 | Neal Boortz
    STUPID AMERICANS Hey ... sorry to begin this rant with those words, but if they work, if they apply, why not use them? This morning we learn from an NBC - Wall Street Journal poll that Bush's approval numbers are now down below 50%. This can be blamed on three reasons: That America is still in the middle of World War IV, the war against terrorism, and that war has by no means been won. There are still thousands of Islamic Terrorist out there who want to make their mark by killing as many Americans as they can, and there...

    09/24/2003 5:48:31 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 45 replies · 2,906+ views
    Neil Boortz Home Page ^ | 9-24-03 | Neil Boortz
    HAVE FUN WITH YOUR BED-WETTING FRIENDS I claim no authorship for this, it was sent to me by a friend. Copy this to a new Word document and print massive quantities .. then distribute them to your leftist friends; you know, the ones who are telling you that President Bush is some sort of a international criminal. 'Bush's Illegal War' Questionnaire Please answer as many of the following questions as you can, and as many with a straight face as possible. Please answer quickly as you already have all of the answers. 1. Since George W. Bush is evil, and...
  • The Death Of Talk Radio

    11/25/2002 6:23:05 AM PST · by Fighter@heart · 27 replies · 6+ views
    Radio Daily News ^ | 11-25-02 | Lynn Woolley
    George W. Bush is President of the United States, and all is well with that particular portion of freedom of speech known as Talk Radio. Perhaps and perhaps not. With Bush in the White House, talk radio gets a reprieve, but not a pardon. The new man to watch is Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. Concerned that no liberal answer to Rush Limbaugh has yet appeared on the national scene, Daschle and his disciples may yet attempt to return to the Bad Old Days of government control of radio talk. The signs are there for anyone who cares to notice...
  • Texas City Restricts Toy Guns In Public

    11/21/2002 8:21:09 AM PST · by Fighter@heart · 13 replies · 5+ views
    CARROLLTON, Texas, Nov. 20 (UPI) -- The Carrollton City Council has restricted the possession of realistic toy guns in public after a recent scare in which a police officer mistook a replica gun held by a child for the real thing. An amended firearms ordinance unanimously approved by the council Tuesday night would prohibit the possession of the toy guns by minors and make it illegal for anybody to use them in a way that could cause public alarm. It takes effect immediately.

    09/19/2001 3:01:30 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 7+ views
    The Power Hour | unknown | Steve Manchester
    Mother Liberty © 2001 The twins were slain before her eyes on the morn of 9-1-1, when a band of cowards struck them down in a Kamikaze run. The screams came from a nightmare. The black smoke choked the sky. The hopes and dreams they held within were gone with one last cry. But mother had been watching, where she stood on the shore. As innocence crashed to its knees, she heard it gasp, "To War..." She'd always promised safety; a better way of life. "They thought they'd kill democracy with cardboard cutting knives?" While heroes sifted rubble and thousands ...
  • Dear Government, Why Won't You Answer?!

    06/14/2001 8:09:32 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 13+ views
    We The People Foundation | 6-11-01 | Bob Schuktz
    One man hungers. A nation prays. As America watches. On July 1, 2001, Bob Schulz, Chairman of the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, will begin a fast which will continue until he dies or until IRS Commissioner Charles O. Rossotti delivers to him a list of the government's experts who will meet on September 18, 2001, in a public forum, at the National Press Club in Washington DC, with tax law researchers from the tax honesty movement, to argue against the conclusions of those researchers. This comes as a result of the government's continued evasion of opportunities the ...
  • China To Issue Citizens National "I.D. Card"

    06/12/2001 5:54:14 AM PDT · by Fighter@heart · 5+ views
    Associated Press | 6-12-01
    Tuesday June 12 12:24 AM ET China to Issue High-Tech ID Cards BEIJING (AP) - China plans to issue new high-tech identification cards to its 1.26 billion people. The plastic cards embedded with a microchip to store personal information will replace existing plastic-coated paper ID cards that are relatively easy to counterfeit, the official China Daily reported Tuesday. The cards will likely be tested this year in a couple of cities and may be issued first for college students next year so they can use them to apply for bank loans, the newspaper said. China's Cabinet has ``basically approved'' the ...