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  • LA County leaders greenlight effort to pay homeowners to house the homeless

    08/15/2017 9:53:07 PM PDT · 17 of 38
    fini to aquila48

    Looks like a cheap and fast way to get a mother-in-law apartment built. So what if the homeless person is related to you. If you can pretend to be the opposite sex from the tackle you were issued, then you can pretend that your mother is homeless and needs shelter.

  • Drinking Moscow Mules from copper mugs could cause food poisoning

    08/08/2017 8:11:56 PM PDT · 23 of 26
    fini to NonValueAdded
    "Unless its pH is below 6, water through copper pipes should be fine. That’s the difference."

    I read a long time ago (before the Internet) that copper was a very nasty substance in large doses. One detail that caught my eye was that people that had been shot with solid lead bullets and the bullets had never been removed never showed high levels of lead in the blood or symptoms of lead poisoning. But people shot with copper jacketed bullets and the bullets had not been removed showed all kinds of bad effects.

    I do know that you are no longer allowed to coat the bottom of your boat (very popular in the 60s because living things did not attach to the copper coatings) with copper paint because it kills everything in the water.

  • Anthony Weiner Blamed for Clinton Loss by Neighbors, Has No Friends

    08/07/2017 7:05:30 PM PDT · 7 of 43
    fini to dp0622
    I always wondered who I should blame for getting the Clintons. Now I know.

    All I have to say to you is: "Bad person- bad bad person- don't do that again!"

  • Who is Linda Wenzel? German Teenager Who Joined ISIS 'Wants To Go Back Home'

    07/24/2017 1:23:29 PM PDT · 51 of 62
    fini to Steely Tom
    I can't tell if she was 16 when this started or she is 16 now. Regardless, I believe that she was old enough to make the decision, so she should be held to that standard.

    In every war up until recently, there were underage boys enlisting in the Armed Forces getting killed and wounded. I remember during Viet Nam there was a kid who enlisted under a fake name at age 14, got wounded, sent home, reenlisted under another name at age 15, got wounded, sent home, reenlisted under another name at age 16, got discovered and allowed to stay in the Army (because that way they could keep him out of a combat zone).

  • Sean Spicer allegedly swiped a mini-fridge from an office of junior staffers in the dark

    07/23/2017 7:41:36 PM PDT · 56 of 64
    fini to dragnet2

    No, no! It is much worse! The Refrigerator was made in CHINA! Trump is in bed with the Russians and Chinese! This is HUGH!

  • How Classic Cartoons Created a Culturally Literate Generation

    07/23/2017 7:32:45 AM PDT · 67 of 102
    fini to Flaming Conservative

    They used classical music and story lines because they did not have to pay royalties. That gave them free music and story lines. I had a friend who was deep into classic music- he had hundreds of vinyl records. When asked how he got interested in classical music, he unashamedly said- cartoons.

  • Trump administration has fired more than 500 VA employees since January

    07/08/2017 5:38:44 AM PDT · 16 of 25
    fini to spokeshave
    "3. document and prove it"

    Ah, there is the rub. It has been my experience in the govt, that the people that document the most are the ones that do the least. Why? Because they spend all of their time tying all of the strings into pretty bows, while the "pipes burst" and "lights go out."

    I want my people to spend their time correcting problems and figuring out how to prevent problems. The only things I want documented are processes on how to do things and how we corrected serious problems.

  • Thinking about buying a gun. Any advice?

    07/04/2017 9:24:33 AM PDT · 75 of 104
    fini to fini

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add. .22s are very lethal, so give it the same respect as any other caliber. One of the largest grizzly bears ever killed was killed with a single shot 22 rifle. If I remember correctly, it happened in the 50s by an Indian woman who pretty much lived off the grid with her husband and both were trappers.

  • Thinking about buying a gun. Any advice?

    07/04/2017 9:19:52 AM PDT · 73 of 104
    fini to A Cyrenian
    I am not certain I can add anything that already hasn't been said, but maybe it will emphasize something.

    I've owned pistols for over 40 years and always qualified expert in the Marine Corps annual pistol qualification course.

    You are smart to get a 22 pistol. Even after you move to a larger caliber pistol, you need to shoot the 22 to keep bad habits from forming. I typically shoot a 22 at the beginning and end of every range day. It is normal for me to have some glitches at the beginning and end of each session. Usually, I am flinching a wee bit.

    I like a 22 revolver vice a semi, because they are easier to clean (22 ammo fires dirty) and are not prone to jamming.

    Most modern guns are manufactured using computers, so the tolerances are better than 40 years ago. Consequently, even a lot of "cheap" guns shoot well. So unless you are going in to competitive shooting, you don't need an expensive pistol. I have a Heritage 22 single action that is just as accurate for me as my old S&W K22. Now the K22 is more accurate than the Heritage, but not in my hands.

    If you can, borrow or rent the pistol that you want to buy at least twice. Think of the first time as a first date- you are enamored and are on your best behavior. The second time, you begin to notice the small things (good and bad).

    Now the hard part- learn to love your gun. What that means is shoot that gun a lot and become familiar with that particular pistol so that you have muscle memory. I have a pile of pistols, but I keep coming back to the same three. Those three aren't the best or highest quality, but because I have used those guns for decades, I can just pick them up and shoot well. Why? Because I know at a subconscious level when the trigger will break, what it is capable of doing, how to manage the recoil and which ammo they like. Think of it like the car you drive daily, you probably don't even have to give parallel parking much thought,

  • Study Lists Top 50 Worst US Cities

    07/03/2017 8:52:13 PM PDT · 96 of 119
    fini to LUV W

    I guess this “study” shows how objectively grading on certain criteria can create false outcomes. For instance, it lists Albany GA as worse than Baltimore, MD. Albany is a nice town, so obviously the criteria is giving skewed results.

  • Crayola asking for help picking name for new shade of blue

    07/03/2017 8:02:08 PM PDT · 86 of 98
    fini to Bob
    "You probably also think that peach is a fruit, not a color, right?"

    Of course, a color doesn't grow on a tree.

  • Crayola asking for help picking name for new shade of blue

    07/03/2017 5:56:35 PM PDT · 19 of 98
    fini to LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget

    I vote for “medium blue.” I am a guy, do you expect different?

  • Thousands of illegal immigrants who fled to Canada in fear of Trump are trapped in legal limbo...

    06/26/2017 6:46:24 PM PDT · 20 of 64
    fini to Catholic Canadian
    "You guys down there really need to do something about your sieve of an immigration system..."

    I agree. What if we send you some of our liberal judges, so the conservative judges can help expedite building the wall. Maybe you can use the liberal judges we send you as administrative judges for environmental claims. Since most of your environmental claims occur above the arctic circle, they need to be sent there to be acclimatized.

  • Vatican reportedly working on “Ecumenical Rite of Mass” for joint worship with Protestants

    06/24/2017 7:26:50 PM PDT · 158 of 448
    fini to Georgia Girl 2
    "Anybody is welcome at a Catholic mass now. You just can’t take communion."

    Bingo, this is the answer I've been looking for. I am a protestant. I've gone to Catholic mass with friends. It has never occurred to me that they should modify their communion for me.

    What I believe is different than what my Catholic friends believe, but it has never occurred to me that they should change for me.

    I wish I knew what God considers important; and which is fluff; and which is "good, but not required." But I guess that if we could figure that out, there wouldn't be different religions.

  • Ramadan Abdullah Arrested for Hording Massive Weapons Cache in New York State

    06/22/2017 6:25:51 PM PDT · 9 of 54
    fini to super7man

    I am guessing he was a collector. Why? Because no two weapons are alike. If he was planning something nefarious, he would buy weapons that are alike.

  • Purdue researcher verifies the existence of 53 people mentioned in Hebrew Bible

    06/17/2017 5:55:09 PM PDT · 26 of 30
    fini to Harmless Teddy Bear
    "They are not looking to verify their faith but to show that the Bible is an accurate historical book as well as being a book about the right way to live.

    One of the things it does show is that the people who "late date" the books of the Bible are incorrect....."

    Concur. When I was in law school, I had a professor who spent a lot of time having us read ancient history, written by the ancients. Because the ancient people would only tell the story form the perspective most favorable to them. The objective of his lessons was to learn how to state situation most favorable to your position in a persuasive manner.

    Someone asked him why we did not study Bible. He said that the Bible wasn't written that way. He said the Bible was written more objectively than any history book he had ever read, e.g. King David committed adultery and had the husband killed.

  • Dem Operative on MSNBC: Kushner “Lucky he’s not in Jail . . . Guilty of a Crime”

    06/17/2017 1:03:46 PM PDT · 37 of 49
    fini to governsleastgovernsbest
    Trying to destroy Kushner and his wife only show how irrational the Demos are. Kushner and his wife are big time liberals. I would be more than happy if they left and never came back. But progressives are showing what happens if you disagree or leave the reservation-destruction.

    If Obama had had a conservative daughter and son-in-law, I would have encouraged them.

    Such is the difference.

  • We took major heat for backing Trump; here's what we think now

    06/12/2017 5:36:20 PM PDT · 67 of 109
    fini to 2ndDivisionVet

    I was a solid Pres Bush supporter, but look what got us. Pres Trump was my third choice, but I’m liking him more every day.

  • Hollywood Purchases ‘Terrorism Insurance’ for New Film about Teen Jesus

    06/10/2017 12:31:44 PM PDT · 41 of 41
    fini to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    I don’t know what they are thinking. Christians are not going to watch it because it is non-theological [since there is nothing really written about his youth]. And non-Christians are not going to watch it regardless of its position because they don’t care. Maybe they are just trying to establish their “cred” to be edgy.

  • This Syria-Bound Super Hornet Is Carrying A Uniquely Massive Bomb Load

    06/10/2017 12:02:40 PM PDT · 28 of 32
    fini to sukhoi-30mki
    One thing that everyone seems to forget it that loading a plane near its maximum load wears the plane out fast. Think of loading your pickup truck near it max load every day- wouldn't last more than a couple of years.

    Since they stopped manufacturing F18s years ago, a lot of structural parts are having to custom manufactured to rebuild them; which is very very expensive. Because many F18s are past their expected life span, we have a lot of worn out planes that need parts that were never expected to wear out.