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  • *VANITY* Levin: How will he react to Cruz's behavior?

    07/20/2016 11:38:52 PM PDT · 14 of 75
    FlipWilson to cba123

    Levin will launch into a wonderful lecture about our founding principles brought forth by our founding fathers and based on teachings of Locke and others. It will be a wonderful lecture that is best saved for a classroom. It is devoid of the political realities of today’s low info voters. The voters who have been taught that the founders were racist, criminal slave owners and thus our founding was illegitimate.

    In short, all but the already converted will dismiss Mark and he will expand his influence nada. He should have, instead, sought to support while influencing the Trump campaign. Perhaps asking it to get behind his convention of states movement.

    Instead, he picked a flawed horse in Ted Cruz that lost. Now Levin’s actions and words betray a man who has had his ego bruised. He acts like a petulant brat. Was he this upset when McCain and Romney were chosen?


    07/20/2016 7:43:37 PM PDT · 171 of 664
    FlipWilson to Mariner

    I was a Ted Cruz supporter. I donated to him. Tonight, I feel like a fool for ever supporting this self-centered jerk. I will actively do whatever it takes to unseat him from political office. Who is his primary opponent?

    I will reject those who support him as some sort of constitutional God. ARE YOH HEARING ME MARK LEVIN!!! This isn’t some class room. This is not some Constitutional class where we can expect the low information voter to absorb your books like they were the bible. Go teach school while
    the rest of us deal with the political realities of the day.

  • Wisconsin residents without ID can vote in November, judge rules

    07/20/2016 8:14:32 AM PDT · 44 of 64
    FlipWilson to ObozoMustGo2012

    Does the injunction apply to clearing a TSA line as well?

  • Megyn 'LED the march against Ailes': Kelly 'encouraged other women to speak out against Fox [tr]

    07/20/2016 8:11:41 AM PDT · 38 of 58
    FlipWilson to InterceptPoint

    Actually, it’s been reported that Ailes already has the 40 Mil exit in his contract and there is not a non-compete clause. So yes, he can start his own network. As I recall, the reason he received such a favorable contract is because at the time he was being courted to start a new network.

  • 5 injured in crane collapse on Tappan Zee Bridge

    07/19/2016 12:01:17 PM PDT · 17 of 36
    FlipWilson to Hojczyk

    Holy Cow!!! Just crossed that yesterday on the way home from a vacation. We almost stayed an extra day. Glad we didn’t.

  • Report: Megyn Kelly Claimed Ailes Harassed Her

    07/19/2016 11:16:06 AM PDT · 5 of 31
    FlipWilson to C19fan

    I wonder, will the character of FoxNews change if Ailes leaves? Will they hire a liberal to run the network and create MSFOX or CNNFOX?

  • Shepard Smith attacks Bobby Jindal on air for saying ‘all lives matter

    07/18/2016 7:25:25 PM PDT · 16 of 36
    FlipWilson to MtnClimber

    Shepard Smith truly is out of his depth. I watch him and realize you don’t need much to make it in this world.

  • Anti-Trump Dissidents Disrupt Convention, Fail To Stop Nomination

    07/18/2016 3:18:16 PM PDT · 13 of 91
    FlipWilson to SkyPilot

    Soooo, according to Mike Lee they are acting like fascists because they are not allowing the delegates to over turn the will of the primary voters. Have I got that right? Mike Lee and the NeverTrump crowd are being repressed in their efforts to repress the voters.

  • Trump Slashes TV Appearances as Advisers Clash Over Controlling His Message

    07/09/2016 6:12:41 AM PDT · 38 of 105
    FlipWilson to kristinn

    Let’s see: FBI fails to indict Clinton yet de facto indicts Clinton showing she was lying to the American people, repeatedly.

    Obama and the left condemn ALL police as racists. Voila resul five police are gunned down in cold blood by a Black Lives Matter terrorist.

    Why would Teump need to do a hostile interview aimed at tripping him up and giving the opposition a sound bite when his enemies are absolutely self destructing? Never interrupt your enemies when they are making a mistake.

  • Congressional Black Caucus Blames Republicans For Dallas Massacre

    07/09/2016 6:03:06 AM PDT · 50 of 56
    FlipWilson to justa-hairyape

    I don’t think the CBC has a clue as to what it is saying.

  • Congressional Black Caucus Blames Republicans For Dallas Massacre

    07/08/2016 10:32:04 PM PDT · 8 of 56
    FlipWilson to HonkyTonkMan

    Wait, I thought that according to the CBC police are targeting and killing blacks. Are they in effect saying we need gun control for the police?

  • When Is Donald Trump Really Going To Go After Hillary Clinton?

    07/08/2016 8:08:17 PM PDT · 39 of 84
    FlipWilson to MaxistheBest

    Yes, when is Donald Trump going to go after Hillary. . .so that the same person writing this article can criticize him for his tone and hateful rhetoric. Sigh (actual sigh and not one read from a prompter).

  • If Hillary Clinton Is Indicted, Would Bernie Sanders Be The Nominee? There's No Guarantee

    07/05/2016 1:13:02 PM PDT · 35 of 36
    FlipWilson to Blood of Tyrants

    Quote: “The FBI will wrap up its investigation and claim that while Hillary did break the law, she didn’t commit a crime.”

    BOOOM!!! YOU AND I WHERE YOU EVER RIGHT ON THE MONEY. I was correct that the FBI would take a dive and you were right about Comey’s statement proclaiming that she broke the law but didn’t commit a crime.

  • Court: Officials can't use private email accounts to evade records laws

    07/05/2016 9:32:22 AM PDT · 1 of 42
    Can this get any more surreal?
  • “Malicious intent” is not required to break the law in Hillary Clinton’s case

    07/05/2016 9:26:11 AM PDT · 17 of 42
    FlipWilson to Cubs Fan

    This was all telegraphed months ago. The MSM has been laser focused on intent. In doing so they de facto amended the law to reflect in the public mind what was needed to clear Hillary.

  • FLASH: FBI Director Comey will address reporters at 11AM ET today at FBI HQ DC... Developing..

    07/05/2016 8:57:49 AM PDT · 626 of 667
    FlipWilson to InterceptPoint

    Quote: “The FBI reputation would be ruined, perhaps forever. They would have to withstand the publicity of a few hundred million dollars being spent by the Trump Campaign lumping the FBI, Comey and Hillary with his now famous Crooked Hillary Tag. Do we really believe the leaks from the FBI, NSA, CIA, DIA and elsewhere would never materialize? Do we really believe that everyone in the FBI is corrupt? I don’t think so.”

    First off, how many institutions, organizations and people have the Clinton’s ruined or corrupted in their quest for power? The FBI would just be another paver stone on the path for those two.

    Secondly, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it does it make a sound? I should have added this to my analysis but the “move on” moment will entail the press ignoring, drowning out and ruining anyone who dares leak anything that does not support the “innocent, victim, exonerated” Hillary narrative.

  • GOP Primary Turnout Up 62% This Year – Dem Primary Turnout Down 21% This Year

    07/05/2016 7:20:56 AM PDT · 19 of 32
    FlipWilson to bert

    Quote: “If folks will not turn out to meet and greet hillary, if they won’t turn out to vote in the primary, how in Heaven’s name can she be ahead in the polls?”

    Because according to the MSM she is “inevitable” and that is all you need.

  • FLASH: FBI Director Comey will address reporters at 11AM ET today at FBI HQ DC... Developing..

    07/05/2016 7:15:53 AM PDT · 240 of 667
    FlipWilson to InterceptPoint

    The problem (is and always was): How does Hillary not only extract herself (she always was going to) from this investigation but do so with MAXIMUM political advantage?

    The solution(s):

    1) Lynch refuses to prosecute. Not acceptable. It basically takes Hillary’s poop and smears it on the narcissistic one’s regime. Not happening. I also leaves Hillary in worse shape as it does nothing to make her look anything but guilty. Tarmac gate certainly added to that stench.

    2) Slow walk this. Possible solution but one that leaves Hillary exposed for the entire campaign. Not acceptable.

    3) The only solution is and ever was to have the FBI tank this at the roots. Go through the kabuki theatre of their being a real investigation. The FBI takes their time (they could have completed this months ago). Pass along selected “leaks” as to how “outraged” the people on the ground conducting the investigation are as to what they are finding. Pass along these leaks to keep FoxNews reporting and to gin up the conservative commentators. Talk up how “upstanding” Comey is, etc. Then, once the FBI tanks this, and they will, Hillary can play the victim, talk about how there wasn’t even adequate evidence resulting from this upstanding, fair and impartial investigation to indict her (and you can indict a ham sandwich, don’t cha know (can’t you hear Carville now)). What the hell, this can be a further continuation of the VRWC.

    Bam, wham, same old Clinton dance. Another day, another move on moment.

  • FLASH: FBI Director Comey will address reporters at 11AM ET today at FBI HQ DC... Developing..

    07/05/2016 5:50:38 AM PDT · 6 of 667
    FlipWilson to fatima

    Have to clear Hillary now during the week of the Fourth when everyone is on vacation.

  • Protesters march in London, call to rethink Brexit

    07/04/2016 7:31:53 PM PDT · 11 of 28
    FlipWilson to 2ndDivisionVet

    The rule of the mob. It doesn’t matter how you do at the polls, it’s how you do on the street and in the media.

  • It appears the fix for Hillary Clinton is now locked in. "Vanity"

    07/04/2016 6:07:34 AM PDT · 24 of 93
    FlipWilson to JBW1949

    She won’t be indicted but it won’t prove her point about being innocent. It will prove Trump’s point about the powerful being protected by a corrupt system.

  • Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement 1st Time History Pres Candidate Under Fed Investigation

    07/03/2016 8:01:33 AM PDT · 7 of 24
    FlipWilson to ronnie raygun

    Ah, now I see it. Now I see why Lynch met with Bill Clinton for a half hour. It wasn’t for Bill to give her the offer she can’t refuse. It was for Lynch to give Bill everything Hillary would need to prep her for her FBI interview. The Target is usually questioned last so that the prosecutor is asking questions it knows the answers to. It trips up the Target. But if the Target is also clued in as to what the investigators have, then all bets are off.

    Why would Lynch deliver the thumb drive herself? Why not trust a flunkie? Was it because she did not want to risk the flunkie going rogue and having another witness in the chain? Perhaps she did simply get sloppy.

  • If Hillary Clinton Is Indicted, Would Bernie Sanders Be The Nominee? There's No Guarantee

    07/01/2016 6:41:04 PM PDT · 4 of 36
    FlipWilson to 2ndDivisionVet

    Hillary is not getting indicted. We are being sand bagged. The FBI, who we have been told is doing an honest investigation, will tank this. That way, Clinton can claim she is a victim, Obama can spare his AG any appearance of impropriety and we can all be demoralized.

  • Attorney general to back FBI and Justice findings in Clinton email server probe

    07/01/2016 11:18:15 AM PDT · 76 of 88
    FlipWilson to Innovative

    Hillary will skate. But that was likely always a given. The real question is how. How will she skate to afford her maximum political advantage while shielding the Obama administration?

    First step, divide Hillary’s problems into two. 1) Clinton Foundation corruption and 2) e-mail/national security violations

    Step two, The Clinton Foundation corruption is priority one as that supposedly “discredited” book regarding the Clintons has been out for a while and has been anything but discredited. Not to mention that most people can understand the Clintons were poor and are now rich. Thus, the sheeple most readily understand corruption and most readily can get their minds wrapped around this charge. Solution, delay the release of any information on this until well after the election. By that time she is President and the problem is solved.

    Step three, kill the e-mail investigation at the roots. Someone in the FBI must be found to simply say, “there is no chargeable offense.” Slow walk the investigation until the requisite leverage can be found to get someone in the FBI to play ball. This way, Lynch and Obama stay above it. Hillary can declare that the investigation was so ridiculous as to not even have gotten out of the FBI. The MSM will feast on that declaring Hillary not only innocent but a victim of a witch hunt. Any whistleblowers can be dealt with the Clinton way and by counting on the fact that the legal issues are more complicated than graft and corruption for the low into crowd to digest.

    Here comes a speech by Hillary declaring we should move on.

    This is how it will happen. The Lynch-Bill meeting was just more purposeful distraction, as are any leaks from the FBI, to avert eyes from were the real show or trick is happening. That is happening at the top of the FBI and with the career prosecutors who are well in the tank. Now, it is just a question of timing for maximum benefit for the Clintons.

  • On Trade, Trump Is an Encyclopedia of Error (Enormous Barf Alert!!!)

    06/30/2016 10:26:01 AM PDT · 32 of 67
    FlipWilson to Kaslin

    I am so sick of this schlock. It is possible to be pro free trade while also being pro fair trade. If our supposed partners are cheating or getting benefits from the deals never intended, they why can’t we revisit them? Were they suicide pacts? Are they like social security, that third rail you don’t touch?

    When did common sense become an alien concept?

  • Game of Thrones Finale (Vanity - chime in)

    06/30/2016 10:17:17 AM PDT · 187 of 195
    FlipWilson to Read Write Repeat

    Quote: “The show reflected the same actions as the book. You don’t “see” Euron killing his brother, but that’s what the show displayed. In the book, you “see” what Dragonbinder’s effects are, and in the show, you “see” the same effects but not the actual item.”

    Umm, they showed Euron throwing his brother off the bridge. So yes, you do see it.

  • Game of Thrones Finale (Vanity - chime in)

    06/30/2016 7:03:44 AM PDT · 185 of 195
    FlipWilson to Read Write Repeat

    Quote: “The TV version of the Kingsmoot was a simplified version of the book Kingsmoot, Victarion/Yara/Asha merger withstanding.”

    I got that. I read the books and realized fairly quickly that the show was carving off vast amounts of the books and leaving them on the floor. So far, and I say so far, the horn has been left out.

    I watched the Kingsmoot again and again and the logical conclusion to reach from the SHOW is this. Euron wins (he doesn’t in the books, by the way) because he is the only credible male with a claim that comes forward. He also makes a good case for himself while ridiculing Theon. At the end of the scene he says that his neice and nephew stealing ships won’t help them. He says this not because of some unseen, unintroduced horn but because he has just ordered (on screen, part of the scene) a massive fleet to be built.

    I have no doubt that Euron will turn up. Perhaps with the horn (that needs to be introduced and somewhat explained next season). My guess is that he will 1)intercept Dany at sea; or 2)realize he was too late and ally with her enemies to cause havoc.

  • Game of Thrones Finale (Vanity - chime in)

    06/29/2016 1:33:37 PM PDT · 163 of 195
    FlipWilson to Read Write Repeat

    Dude, I watched the scene. You can’t wish cast a major piece of equipment into a show that has one season left, which they are dividing into two.

  • Game of Thrones Finale (Vanity - chime in)

    06/29/2016 12:04:57 PM PDT · 148 of 195
    FlipWilson to Read Write Repeat

    I just watched the kings moot again and still no horn. If the show were going to use it (they might) they would have featured it a bit more prominently. My theory is that realizing his Brice has beat him to Dany he will ally with Cersi.

  • Miss Teen USA pageant replaces swimsuits with athletic wear

    06/29/2016 10:44:34 AM PDT · 9 of 48
    FlipWilson to Java4Jay

    Burkas next year.

  • Game of Thrones Finale (Vanity - chime in)

    06/29/2016 9:38:22 AM PDT · 96 of 195
    FlipWilson to TexasFreeper2009

    That is funny, I just watched the kings moot scene again and there was no horn.

  • Game of Thrones Finale (Vanity - chime in)

    06/29/2016 8:33:54 AM PDT · 30 of 195
    FlipWilson to TexasFreeper2009

    Actually, in the books the king of the iron islands doesn’t have the horn, his brother (passed over for the throne) does and arrives in slavers bay as the battle with the maesters is taking place. The show has not even introduced or contemplated that horn. Also, the books don’t make it clear that it is doing anything other than burning the person blowing it.

  • Full transcript: Donald Trump's jobs plan speech

    06/28/2016 12:36:48 PM PDT · 27 of 54
    FlipWilson to woweeitsme

    Quote: “I’ve already seen the posters on FB with pictures of Trump clothing that’s made in China or Mexico. The media will turn this on him quickly and he better be prepared to explain why.”

    He has. He has said, “what choice do I have? I can’t find an American manufacturer that can compete on price.”

    But your point is well taken. I wish he had worked his own business dealings into his speech as a pre-emptive strike as to how American businesses are being hurt.

    Finally, his speeches are one thing. But he needs to start running ads pronto to broadcast the themes from his speeches. He can not afford to continue to allow Hillary free reign of the airwaves.


    06/27/2016 12:57:48 PM PDT · 121 of 164
    FlipWilson to ConjunctionJunction

    Honestly, I felt some of the episodes this season were filled types. I would. I would not mind shorter “get to the point” seasons.

  • Labour MP Demands Parliament Ignore ‘Madness’ Brexit Vote

    06/26/2016 8:01:03 AM PDT · 38 of 55
    FlipWilson to Enlightened1

    I love the smell of totalitarianism in the morning, smells like, slavery.

  • NBC/WSJ Poll: Clinton Leads Trump By 5 Points

    06/26/2016 7:55:29 AM PDT · 10 of 77
    FlipWilson to Hojczyk

    Wait, I thought she lead him by 14? Or was it 20?

  • Clinton Opens 12-Point Lead on Trump as Two-Thirds See Him as Biased (POLL)

    06/26/2016 7:49:07 AM PDT · 75 of 133
    FlipWilson to John W

    I am not going to dismiss polls that don’t go our wast. I suspect Trump’s lack of advert presence is not helping nor is the constant media onslaught. Having said that, I can never see a day where the media shows Trump in the lead. I also smell a voter suppression operation as was done to Romney.

  • Over 1 million people sign petition calling for a second EU referendum

    06/25/2016 10:13:20 PM PDT · 45 of 76
    FlipWilson to 2ndDivisionVet

    Shouldn’t the headline read: “A fraction of the losing side petitions for a do-over”.

  • Brexit petition hits TWO MILLION as Brits call on Parliament to force through(T)

    06/25/2016 3:07:42 PM PDT · 50 of 65
    FlipWilson to rktman

    Yep, heads the liberals win, tails you lose. Frim Wisconsin to London this is how democracy works. And if they were to hold a second referendum and lose they would call for a third and so on and so on. To the totalitarian left democracy is a silly process that is fun to game.

  • George Will exits the GOP

    06/25/2016 7:51:41 AM PDT · 53 of 112
    FlipWilson to Hojczyk

    I felt so unworthy of being a Republican when I realized that such a superior intellect as George Will was also a Republican. I am so unworthy to be a member in any club or organization that the amazing and God like George Will is in. I mean, he can sound really really lordly when he speaks. How can I possibly be worthy to be in his party!! I actually had to avert my eyes the other day when Mr. Will was on the TV for fear of having my unworthy eyes be blinded by Mr Will’s greatness.

    Thank you Mr. Will!! Thanks for being you and living while a lowly personage like me is alive.

  • Republican ex-Treasury chief Paulson slams Trump, to vote for Clinton

    06/25/2016 7:43:39 AM PDT · 37 of 91
    FlipWilson to Olog-hai

    This election really is about the elites v. the masses. The elites have the press on their side and are able to spin things. Quite a daunting challenge to overcome this.

  • Clinton stretches lead over Trump to 14 points in national poll

    06/25/2016 5:09:31 AM PDT · 51 of 118
    FlipWilson to cardinal4

    In other news rhe latest polls have “remain” pulling solidly ahead of “leave.”

  • Gutfeld: Orlando’s doom. The most depressing article you will ever share. Share it anyway

    06/23/2016 7:05:55 AM PDT · 41 of 52
    FlipWilson to Kaslin

    Mr Gutfeld, it is very simple, reality is reality. They say it’s guns we say it’s the people holding them and the source of their motivation. We could go into pressure cookers, box cutters and airplanes but why bother. Facts hardly bother those engaged in Orwellian exercises.

    And so more bodies will pile up because reality is reality. More of us will die. Sooner or later reality wins. Getting a divorce?!? Yes, many of us will be getting a divorce from life. But let’s talk about splitting the baby to find a solution or some other tripe.

  • How the U.S. Patent Office Got So Screwed Up

    06/22/2016 7:57:32 AM PDT · 9 of 20
    FlipWilson to NohSpinZone

    Quote: “The problem with the court system is the ability to cherry pick venues by the plaintiffs in rocket docket jurisdictions such as East Texas or Delaware. I feel bad for this doctor in the article but the issue of NPEs is real.”

    It is very real.

    There are many things Congress could have done to stop trolls. First, which is on the table now, is to reform the venue statute for patent cases and treat them like every other case.

    Second, amend the damages and fees section of the Act. If the Court finds a plaintiff or DJ defendant is an NPE (they do it anyway when deciding on injunctive relief under eBay), then said plaintiff/DJ defendant: 1) is not eligible for lost profits or a reasonable royalty; 2)instead is only eligible for some statutory damages (as in copyright); 3) is not eligible to obtain injunctive relief and 4) must pay fees and costs if the patent is held non-infringed or invalid.

    (Caveat, the Plaintiff’s bar would fight this tooth and nail. This is probably why the sledge hammer was taken to the patent act instead of the scalpel.)

  • How the U.S. Patent Office Got So Screwed Up

    06/22/2016 7:48:38 AM PDT · 8 of 20
    FlipWilson to bigbob

    Quote: “Lemelson has turned the USPTO into a shakedown racket that puts Jesse And Rev. Al to shame.”

    They put an end to that years ago. But yes, that guy and his estate were a real shakedown.

  • How the U.S. Patent Office Got So Screwed Up

    06/22/2016 7:46:55 AM PDT · 7 of 20
    FlipWilson to Pelham

    Step 1: The Courts decided that Section 101 of the statute had more substantive effect than intended. Section 101, if read properly, says that a broad range of things are patentable (it is written as inclusive), SUBJECT TO THE PROVISIONS OF THE STATUTE said provisions following Section 101. The Courts then took it upon themselves to declare a wide range of things as being off limits as if Section 101 was non-inclusive rather than inclusive. But still, to this day, they failed to articulate a test for telling us when things are off limits. Why? Because they cannot.

    Step 2: The PTO read the results of Step 1 and refused to consider patent applications of a certain type. Many of those patents were directed to software (”high tech”), a new creature (more on that later). As a result, the PTO accumulated zip, zero, nadda written prior art (the only thing they can rely on, really, to reject a claim).

    Step 3: The Courts (State Street Bank) changed course. Suddenly everything was patentable. The problem was that without prior art, literally every ridiculous idea bombarding the PTO was patentable. There was no basis for rejection.

    Step 4: “High Tech” patents and the age of the internet corresponded with the courts change of direction. Many of these patents are so damn vague as to read on anything and everything. I have a colleague defending his client’s computer monitor against a patent covering an LED flashlight. Software, high tech, whatever you want to call it perplexes the Courts and PTO. Is it copyright, patent, or abstract. Hint, hint Congress, perhaps it is time to give software its own type of patent (like plants have patents, there are design patents, why not one for software with specific rights?)

    Step 5: Send in the trolls. As Microsoft and the rest of the big guns killed the little guys or little guys simply couldn’t make it, what happened to their patent portfolios? Some enterprising people figured out what to do with them and hence was born the troll or NPE. Poor Microsoft, in many cases its long forgotten conquests came back home to roost. Problem is that the NPE’s took advantage of what I outlined in No. 4 above and went to town.

    Step 6: What a powerful lobby that High Tech is. They went to Congress professing the evils of the patent system. The abuses!!! They demanded “reform” and a “get out of jail free” card. Really, they demanded the end to the patent system. But for other industries tempering that lobby, High Tech would have gotten their way.

    Step 7: Back to the Courts and their voodoo. They were much maligned by the High Tech lobby and decided to head off the Congress at the pass rather than being embarrassed. Hence, they not only reversed the broadening of Section 101 but went so far as to de facto amend it killing entire legitimate industries (Prometheus) having nadda to do with High Tech. Try developing a treatment or drug, for example, without the diagnostics behind it.

    Step 8: The America Invents Act, or as we like to call it, the America No Longer Invents Act passed. So many gems in this Act, for example, if you pay a ton of money to the PTO to get your patent through prosecution, you can count on paying a ton more to defend it in front of a new part of said PTO just to likely see it invalidated (at an 80% clip) under the new post grant procedures of the AIA.

    Conclusion: I look at it this way. In the hurry to get to the devil (the patent Trolls) they cut down the laws that made us an innovative juggernaut. But the devil wears many faces(foreign knock-offs, for example). Now that the devil is turning around on us and the laws are cut down, how is that “reform” feeling. I have had two foreign knock-off companies contact me to ask if I can help them “enter” the U.S. market by destroying patents.

    Congress could have amended the statute to specifically target trolls. Instead, Congress did what it always does. They played crony capitalism and took a slege hammer out where a scapel was needed.

  • Betrayed! 1,000 delegates to ditch Trump?

    06/21/2016 8:36:34 AM PDT · 40 of 217
    FlipWilson to Taxman

    Sorry, not buying it. Can we please stop posting the same story over and over again? This is contrived MSM BS right out of voter suppression 101.

  • Trump campaign has only $1.3 million in cash, to Clinton's $42.5 million

    06/21/2016 8:12:41 AM PDT · 74 of 121
    FlipWilson to LdSentinal

    Same old tripe: Hillary is inevitable, Trump is facing a revolt at the convention. Trump has no money. All is lost.

    Rush used to say the media chooses the GOP’s candidate in the primaries. Forget that, they are picking our President. The neo-aristocracy is picking the President despite the country burning down. They are doing it with a brainless mob of free stuff collectors who are controlled by a media that can convince them the oceans are filled with milk and the sky is pink. Orwell could not have dreamed up this shit.

    There are no more elections. This is mob rule, plain and simple. Facts no longer matter. Reality no longer matters.

  • Warren blasts Trump on several topics in New Hampshire speech (squaw on heap big warpath alert)

    06/19/2016 6:41:05 AM PDT · 37 of 66
    FlipWilson to Zakeet

    This all brings up an interesting thought. Wouldn’t Trump be better off with his own attack dog? This shows how much the GOPe is sabotaging this guy. If this was Jeb running, the GOPe would have their designated attack dog out there already. Instead, Trump is carrying the entire load.

  • Democrats to give Trump 'rude awakening' in summer onslaught

    06/19/2016 6:31:07 AM PDT · 4 of 101
    FlipWilson to Berlin_Freeper

    Ha!!! The dems are pikers in comparison to what the Republicans are already unleashing.