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  • Clinton: DOJ investigating me would be 'abuse of power'

    11/16/2017 1:48:50 PM PST · 65 of 70
    Fraxinus to major-pelham
    I used to subscribe to letting the prior administration go and moving on, e.g. Obama letting go of nailing the Iraq CIA officers. Problem with that is it creates a perpetual corruption culture.

    Agree and disagree, in theory getting them out of government would reduce their ability to be corrupt. The other half of the informal deal is that the new admin is allowed to put in their own people and attempt to govern. Because theory and practice are often very different, and because of the Mueller investigation, we need a special prosecutor to go after Obama and especially the Clintons.

  • Are We Sure About Roy Moore, Or Do You Just Hate Him?

    11/13/2017 12:54:16 PM PST · 24 of 38
    Fraxinus to Nifster

    Only a Republican would have a sex scandal with no one involved having sex.

  • Why Are Conservatives More Susceptible to Believing Lieso? (Barf alert)

    11/09/2017 2:00:55 PM PST · 13 of 15
    Fraxinus to Jan_Sobieski

    I have my doubts that he is a Muslim, but the Leftist claim that he is a Christian, not credible. I will claim he he a devout Marxist.

    I know there are people who have long lists of Obama quotes and actions that do not square with him being a christian.

  • Donald J. Trump And The Slow Arrival Of Buyers’ Remorse (Democrats still scratching their heads)

    11/01/2017 1:22:10 PM PDT · 43 of 48
    Fraxinus to wiseprince
    BTW, If economy is booming I would submit that they’re NOT getting PA back in that environment.

    I will claim that part of the reason the Dems lost PA (and OH) is that in many of the areas where there was economic expansion during the Obama Admin, Obama got no credit. Everyone in SE PA and SW OH knew the improving economy in their area was due to fracking. Obama and other Dems repeatedly made it clear they were opposed to any oil or gas exploration and production.

  • Dems need more than 'meh' in Virginia race

    10/19/2017 3:40:24 PM PDT · 14 of 17
    Fraxinus to leaymane

    It really says something about the current state of politics that the biggest drag on both candidates is that they are “party men”.

  • Opinion: Trump is winning the war with the media

    10/18/2017 3:52:57 PM PDT · 20 of 23
    Fraxinus to Parley Baer; libertylover

    I wonder which outlets they used in their estimate, Fox was never as pro-obama as NBC. CNN has always been more pro-Clinton than pro-obama.

    Also GW Bush got fairly positive coverage in the ~18 months immediately after 9/11. What was jarring was that the outlets that were Rabidly anti Bush for the last 3 years of his term, only wrote hagiography about Obama for his entire time in office, then went even more rabid after Trump than they did Bush in the last year he was in office.

  • The Storm Gathers and America is Unready

    10/11/2017 11:47:19 AM PDT · 6 of 8
    Fraxinus to SkyPilot
    The truth is that very few people care.

    A lot of people do care, but they have other higher priorities, and a history of why sequestration was implemented explains this. Dems refuse to cut spending on domestic programs (and often measure effectiveness by inputs). Socialists want cover from nominal conservatives for raising taxes. Obama thought cuts to the Pentagon budget were a Republican pain point.

    Republicans believe that there is enough wasteful spending in the Pentagon budget for a significant cut, and taxes have been a severe pain point for them since a tax hike cost George HW Bush re-election. Note really cutting wasteful spending is very hard as the worst abuses are mandated by law.

  • The dam holding back school choice will soon collapse

    10/02/2017 3:05:48 PM PDT · 14 of 22
    Fraxinus to HLPhat

    Critics are right about school choice skimming the cream off the top, but they are very wrong about the mechanism. They skim the cream by not having to deal with parents (and their kids) who are indifferent or worse about their kids education.

    The ability to tell disruptive bullies they are not welcome is also a big help.

  • [NFL] Owners fret over whether fans will make good on threats to flee [ed]

    09/30/2017 6:06:54 AM PDT · 41 of 106
    Fraxinus to Enlightened1
    I suspect they probably lost around 25% of their entire fan base, and I expect that to grow over time. This is because most of their fans were were conservatives.

    My theory overlap with yours. The bulk of the "super fans" were men who came of age 5 years either side of 1968. These are the people who buy season tickets, build team shrines in their basement, etc. They are reaching the age where death and/or disability stops them from spending big bucks on the team (see actuarial tables). I suspect that if you look closely at the stats the decline in NFL fandom has been ongoing for a few years now. The younger fans just do not have the disposable income, and the casual fans are the ones who quietly leave, and for whom it is less wrenching to change their lifestyle.

    Kapernick would have been an oddity if the wannabe political commentators in the sports press had not turned him into a cause celeb. While Trump's commenting on this issue may have been unwise, the actions of the NFL owners was idiotic. The NFL likely will continue, but it will be with a much reduced fan base as this episode will simply put an exclamation point into the decline of the NFL.

  • Vanity: What's really going on in Puerto Rico (Trump is THE MAN!)

    09/26/2017 5:46:50 PM PDT · 18 of 35
    Fraxinus to SilvieWaldorfMD
    Geraldo Rivera was complaining today that telephone poles were still down

    This guy is proving he is an idiot. Except for the crews that are already there, and are working very hard, additional help will take a min of one week from the storm to arrive. Port must be open, the crews must get their equipment onto ships bound for PR, and they are unlikely to be leaving from the nearest mainland US port (Miami, FL). Large numbers of crews are already deployed into coastal counties of TX and LA, and crews from all over the US are already in FL, GA and AL.

  • Transportation Funding: Why It’s Still Toll Roads Versus Public Transit

    09/22/2017 1:09:00 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Fraxinus to FreedomPoster

    I will agree with you that a big problem is that these transportation planners are from NYC and are all in on mass transit. They do not realize that a major portion of the population that needs to be convinced their schemes can be implemented, never mind practical has a very different lifestyle than the one they are so familiar with.

    I think the divide gets to the point where you have people who walk and take mass transit from their apartment to their office trying to convince small farmers who live on 1/8 sections that transit is the way to go. The transport needs of the two populations are so different as to be incompatible.

    I like trains, but their limitations need to be acknowledged. They are a very large upfront capital investment, and the ongoing maintenance is entirely borne by the operator. With roads a large chunk of the maintenance is borne by the users (vehicle repairs and preventative maintenance). Trains can be faster than the alternatives, but this requires a destination near the train station, and still trains are only faster when the train train is less than ~4 hours. Much more freight could and probably should move by rail, however, the class 1 railroads are not interested in cargoes that are less than 1 TEU (basically a 20 ft shipping container), or are traveling less than 500 to 750 mi (probably varies by region and railroad). This means that US RRs do not want less than car load shipments that could be truck shipped to their final destination is less than one day.

    On the other end of things, once density get past a certain point adding lanes to the roads gives diminishing returns. I am highly skeptical of the plans here by the DC beltway of widening 66 through Arlington VA, due to the need for all those people that have been encouraged to drive in having to find a place to park.

  • U.S. Navy swapping $38,000 periscope joysticks for $30 Xbox controllers on high-tech submarines

    09/19/2017 3:01:09 PM PDT · 13 of 37
    Fraxinus to PhiloBedo

    Considering that you can buy 12 thousand for the cost of the part they are replacing, a spare case or two should be simple to get and storing it should not be much harder.

  • 5 Reasons So Many People Hate Hillary Clinton

    09/16/2017 3:20:53 PM PDT · 34 of 58
    Fraxinus to Dilbert San Diego

    I would go with a sub set of that elitist snarky liberal. I believe Rush has said Hillary reminds men of their ex-wife, and the most liberal demographic group is women with multiple divorces.

    I would expand it to be, she reminds men and not a few women of the toxic women who have ruined relationships, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, the prospective mother-in-law who you ended the relationship to get away from. Also she would be excellent for casting as Cinderella’s stepmother.

  • 2018 Could Be The Year Incumbents Are Shown The Door In A ‘Trumpian Manner’

    09/10/2017 3:16:05 PM PDT · 42 of 44
    Fraxinus to momincombatboots

    Wow, just wow.

    Please explain in detail how the deal on offer from the Republicans was better than what Pelosi and Schumer offered?

    As near as I can figure the only difference was three months as opposed to 18 months.

    Pelosi and Schumer have shown ability to deliver on their promises, the Obamacare debate showed that Ryan and McConnell have trouble delivering on theirs.

  • In emergency meeting, Virginia elections board votes to scrap all touch-screen voting machines

    09/09/2017 6:12:47 AM PDT · 12 of 40
    Fraxinus to knarf

    A couple of elections ago when MD had touch screen voting machines, I assisted my Grandmother in voting. She had troubles with the voting machine registering her vote properly due to the way the touch timer was set. Her dexterity is significantly lower than it was at 30, she is well past 90 years old.

  • Walls Close in on Ryan: Conservative Congressmen Warn Speaker About Failures in Governance

    09/07/2017 2:14:16 PM PDT · 16 of 23
    Fraxinus to RegulatorCountry
    Do you think Ryan himself could get 218 votes at this point? I don’t.

    Who else could get 218? While I doubt Ryan could get 218 on the first ballot, remember he was the one Republican they could find with "gravitas", who had not made sufficient enemies to prevent their election as speaker. Democrats have a plurality because Republicans are split between the conservatives and the RNC toadies. RNC toadies are terrified of allowing actual conservatives near the actual levers of power, as they might implement small government policy.

  • Assuring Communications during a Harvey Disaster

    08/29/2017 7:27:36 AM PDT · 18 of 24
    Fraxinus to Repeal The 17th

    Do they have a version that fits inside the lift frame of a 40ft shipping container? Move to the emergency with any equipment designed for intermodal containers, or even flat bed truck in an emergency.

  • I-73: One giant step forward, same old error

    08/20/2017 3:43:52 AM PDT · 7 of 11
    Fraxinus to buckalfa

    The biggest issue with the claimed jobs is the time frame in which those jobs are created. Having spent time in WV, New highways will bring jobs to the area near them (improved transportation always brings jobs to an area), it just often takes 5-20 years for those jobs to actually appear. I do not know what the direction or error in the expected number of jobs is.

    Example of increased jobs and the time frame: How long does a two pump gas station that due to the new Highway is now off an exit take to get financing to build a 10 pump service station? Then there is the time to build the complex.

  • Help, Media trashes President Trump with this...

    08/17/2017 2:13:19 AM PDT · 8 of 8
    Fraxinus to hapnHal

    The Media has demonstrated that they will trash President Trump for any action he took in relation to this incident. So explain the reason he should send anyone to her funeral?

  • The Democrats Who Want to Be President Back Away from Israel

    08/07/2017 12:03:23 PM PDT · 17 of 22
    Fraxinus to Magnatron

    Wow, talk about denial. I also know there is a lot of loyalty to the Democrats of the past. Seriously I believe that there is a block of Jews that vote Dem, because Republicans were anti-immigrant (and at least in part anti-semetic) in the 1920s. Then there is the block who vote Dem because “FDR saved the Jews” (not true, but try telling them that).