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  • So when is it permissable to check out?

    03/01/2011 10:33:35 PM PST · 114 of 364
    Free2BeMe to PhilosopherStone1000

    You do not have to deal with this problem. You do not have to feel this way. There is help, I promise. Remember that this is just a passing feeling that you won’t consider tomorrow or in a few days. Don’t let your mind go there and accept suicide as an option. There are too many other choices available that will help and heal you. My brother took his life 5 years ago because he thought there was no meaning,hope or happiness. But there was and I wish I knew then what I know now because I maybe could have helped him, but I will reach out to you instead. What our family has had to endure is a hell that I would wish on no one. Least of all my children. Because of his traumatic and senseless death I now have a severe panic disorder now that is somewhat treatable with medication. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if it had been my dad. She will feel that you didn’t love her. She will think that she did something to cause your suicide. She will wonder what she could have done to help you so you would have lived. These feelings will NEVER leave her. She will mourn everyday of her life not only for your absence but also for the way it came about. SHE will live with YOUR decision for the rest of her life. A life that will be jaded and full of depression and regret. Please talk to someone. You may not like the idea but it doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN get better. I will tell you what has gotten me through the darkest of my days when I have felt like you do, surrender all of your worries and problems to the Lord and he will take that burden. Completely and utterly surrender and put it all in God’s hands and he WILL help you. I will pray for your healing and for you to have strength to deal with this. You WILL be okay. You WILL be happy again. Many hugs and prayers for you.

  • Ahmadinejad Shows Off His Special Lady During Lebanon Visit

    10/15/2010 11:21:27 PM PDT · 24 of 54
    Free2BeMe to Justaham

    The lady on the right looks like Jane Seymour!

  • Giant Rat Found in 'Lost Volcano'

    09/07/2009 2:05:59 AM PDT · 35 of 39
    Free2BeMe to krb

    The capybara is the largest rodent on earth at over 4ft in length and weighing around 150lbs. There are other rodents larger than this rat. But that IS a big rat, although it doesn’t really look like any rat I’ve seen. It’s very cute.

  • For Christmas:JOSH GROBAN singing the most beautiful song ever written - O HOLY NIGHT

    12/21/2008 3:24:54 PM PST · 22 of 95
    Free2BeMe to doug from upland
  • Florida Teen Live-Streams His Suicide Online: Egged On by Fellow Bloggers

    11/21/2008 11:45:03 AM PST · 18 of 28
    Free2BeMe to dalereed

    Well, first off, your point was that this world was better off without him makes you a jerk. Secondly, this was a 19 year old kid who felt worthless and what you said makes you a jerk. Lastly, having no problem with your Dad committing suicide makes you a jerk and makes me glad your not my son. Your attitude and lack of compassion sounds exactly like the type of people egging him on.

  • Florida Teen Live-Streams His Suicide Online: Egged On by Fellow Bloggers

    11/21/2008 11:10:46 AM PST · 14 of 28
    Free2BeMe to dalereed

    Excuse me? What is your problem a**hole? A poor kid killed himself and you say something so ignorant? My brother committed suicide and I dare you to say that about my brother to my face.

  • My guest appearance on Saturday Night Live

    10/20/2008 10:35:48 PM PDT · 13 of 50
    Free2BeMe to Maelstorm

    Sent my $100! Please, Please run some ads in NC! All I see are BO’s.

  • Precious Memories

    06/26/2008 12:21:08 PM PDT · 3 of 5
    Free2BeMe to Revski

    How sweet, So very sorry about your nephew. My mom sung Precious Memories to my baby brother every night since he was little. She was able to sing it to him one last time. He committed suicide in 2006 at the age of 18 and thats all we have now, Precious Memories.


    04/25/2008 2:41:45 AM PDT · 7 of 20
    Free2BeMe to Recovering_Democrat

    I would like to note that WRAL-TV 5 in Raleigh NC has refused to run this “controversial” campaign ad. Call WRAL and let them know of your displeasure. 1(800) 245-WRAL

  • Find out if TeenScreen is lurking around your child's school

    10/28/2007 12:13:18 AM PDT · 13 of 29
    Free2BeMe to ddtorquee
    As teen Suicide rates soar something needs to be done to help these kids before it’s too late. I’m thrilled that someone is trying to help in this often misunderstood situation. My brother committed suicide in 2006 at the age of 18. I don’t want any family to ever have to experience what we have lived through.
  • Vanity: I have a dilemma regarding my cat

    06/28/2006 10:50:16 PM PDT · 105 of 277
    Free2BeMe to RSteyn
    >but I love living debt free even more.<

    "Back in the late 1940s before I existed my father and his mother discussed whether or not to pay for the surgery to treat my (future) mother's breast cancer, or to just let the condition be... "

    That's just ridiculous and you know it. Get a grip.
  • The UN Plan for Your Mental Health (UNESCO)

    02/09/2006 12:53:39 AM PST · 149 of 234
    Free2BeMe to ntnychik
    Some insightful spew from the Earth Charter...

    16. Promote a culture of tolerance, nonviolence, and peace.
    a. Encourage and support mutual understanding, solidarity, and cooperation among all peoples and within and among nations.
    b. Implement comprehensive strategies to prevent violent conflict and use collaborative problem solving to manage and resolve environmental conflicts and other disputes.
    c. Demilitarize national security systems to the level of a non-provocative defense posture, and convert military resources to peaceful purposes, including ecological restoration.
    d. Eliminate nuclear, biological, and toxic weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
    e. Ensure that the use of orbital and outer space supports environmental protection and peace.
    f. Recognize that peace is the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which all are a part.

    In order to build a sustainable global community, the nations of the world must renew their commitment to the United Nations, fulfill their obligations under existing international agreements, and support the implementation of Earth Charter principles with an international legally binding instrument on environment and development.
  • The UN Plan for Your Mental Health (UNESCO)

    02/09/2006 12:37:36 AM PST · 148 of 234
    Free2BeMe to Calpernia
    Only one of the the biosphere reserves is even in compliance to the UN's requirements...
  • The UN Plan for Your Mental Health (UNESCO)

    02/08/2006 10:03:40 PM PST · 138 of 234
    Free2BeMe to Calpernia

    Sorry Cal, I have so much UN crap archived that I keep stumbling upon more, but it is completely relevant...,50

    Big Media Won't Touch Agenda 21

    I keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Bill O’Reilly or Shaun Hannity or Oprah Winfrey or somebody…..anybody, who has daily access to the multitudes, to say the words, “Agenda 21.” I’m still waiting, and for the life of me, I don’t understand the refusal to talk about the greatest threat to America that has ever existed. However, it dawns on me that wrapping a brain around Agenda 21 requires time, effort, interest, and a lot diligence. No one told me about Agenda 21. I found it by accident on the Internet. Then I went to the U.N.’s website and read Agenda 21. From there I went to Buenos Aires, The President’s Commission of Sustainable Development, my local sustainable development commissions and planners, to local visioning commissions, ecology conglomerates, and then back to the U.N.. After about six months of reading about a whole lot of global, national, and philanthropic organizations, I started documenting and keeping running lists because, I discovered, Agenda 21 was huge, highly developed, and a done deal. “How is it,” I asked myself, “that in 50 years, I never heard of any of this before? Where were my trusted newscasters? And why hasn’t my President, or the previous Presidents, ever talked about Agenda 21, the meetings in Buenos Aires, and Agenda 21’s connections to the World Trade Organization, World Bank, and a thousand other global organizations?”

    So, I kept researching the Net. And lo and behold, I finally realized that Agenda 21 would never be publicized to Americans. It really can’t be.

    As my running lists were now becoming encyclopedic, I also realized that there was no way to explain Agenda 21 easily. It’s too big, profoundly sophisticated, intentionally masked and hidden by corporate agendas and ecological ideologies that are, themselves, exploited by corporate agendas. But more than that, I realized that for Americans to understand Agenda 21, they would have to come to terms with a truth that, I fear, they won’t believe. What would that truth be? Let me try to say it in one sentence: Agenda 21 is the end of America.

    As I read that sentence I think, “Well, Nancy, now everyone is going to think you are an extremist and no one will believe anything you say from now on. Everyone knows there can be no end to America….”

  • The UN Plan for Your Mental Health (UNESCO)

    02/08/2006 9:50:50 PM PST · 130 of 234
    Free2BeMe to Calpernia

    Here's more UN infiltration into US sovereignty...

    UN Threatens to Trump US Land Policy

    The ITTA, a U.N. measure the United States signed July 1, 1999, and accepted Nov. 14, 1996, created an organization that controls the world’s production (and consumption) of timber. The agreement, overseen and administered by the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development, labels nations as either timber producers or consumers and allots voting quotas based on levels of production versus consumption – with more voting weight granted to the former. The United States, a consumer, therefore does not possess the same ability to control - via ballot - the application of this agreement, as many of the producing nations do (e.g. Indonesia or Malaysia).

  • The UN Plan for Your Mental Health (UNESCO)

    02/08/2006 9:36:38 PM PST · 124 of 234
    Free2BeMe to Calpernia

    Oops, the text didn't post...

    UN plans to release untapped wealth of $7 trillion (and solve the world's problems at a stroke)

    The most potent threats to life on earth - global warming, health pandemics, poverty and armed conflict - could be ended by moves that would unlock $7 trillion - $7,000,000,000,000 (£3.9trn) - of previously untapped wealth, the United Nations claims today.

    The price? An admission that the nation-state is an old-fashioned concept that has no role to play in a modern globalised world where financial markets have to be harnessed rather than simply condemned.

    In a groundbreaking move, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) has drawn up a visionary proposal that has been endorsed by a range of figures including Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Laureate.

    It says an unprecedented outbreak of co-operation between countries, applied through six specific financial tools, would slice through the Gordian knot of problems that have bedevilled the world for most of the last century.

    If its recommendations are accepted - and the authors acknowledge this could take years or even decades - it could finally force countries to face up to the fact that their public finance and growth figures conceal the vast damage their economies do to the environment.

    At the heart of the proposal, unveiled at a gathering of world business leaders at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, is a push to get countries to account for the cost of failed policies, and use the money saved "up front" to avert crises before they hit. Top of the list is a challenge to the United States to join an international pollution permit trading system which, the UN claims, could deliver $3.64trn of global wealth.

    Inge Kaul, a special adviser at the UNDP, said: "The way we run our economies today is vastly expensive and inefficient because we don't manage risk well and we don't prevent crises." She downplayed concerns over up-front costs and interest payments for the new-fangled financial devices. "The gains in terms of development would outweigh those costs. Money is wasted because we dribble aid, and the costs of not solving the problems are much, much higher than what we would have to pay for getting the financial markets to lend the money."

    The UNDP is determined to ensure globalisation, which has generated vast wealth for multinational companies, benefits the poorest in society.

    It urges politicians to embrace some groundbreaking schemes put in place in the past 12 months to tackle global warning, poverty and disease, based on working with the global markets to share out the risk.

    These include a pilot international finance facility (IFF) to "front load" $4bn of cash for vaccines by borrowing money against pledges of future government aid.

    The scheme, which is backed by the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was born out of a proposal by Gordon Brown for a larger scheme to double the total aid budget to $100bn a year.

    In an endorsement of the report, Mr Brown said: "This shows how we can equip people and countries for a new global economy that combined greater prosperity and fairness both within and across nations."

    The UNDP says rich countries should build on this and go further. It proposes six schemes to harness the power of the markets:

    * Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through pollution permit trading; net gain $3.64trn.

    * Cutting poor countries' borrowing costs by securing the debts against the income from stable parts of their economies; net gain $2.90trn.

    * Reducing government debt costs by linking payments to the country's economic output; net gain $600bn.

    * An enlarged version of the vaccine scheme; net gain (including benefits of lower mortality) $47bn.

    * Using the vast flow of money from migrants back to their home country to guarantee; net gain $31bn.

    * Aid agencies underwriting loans to market investors to lower interest rates; net gain $22bn.

    Professor Stiglitz, the former chief economist of the World Bank and a staunch critic of the way globalisation harms the poor, said: "Globalisation has meant the closer integration of countries, and that in turn has meant a greater need for collective action.

    "One of the most important areas of failure is the environment. Without government intervention, firms and households have no incentive to limit their pollution." He said a global public finance system would force countries to acknowledge the external damage their policies had, "the most important being global climate change".

    Solving the environmental crisis tops the UN's $7trn wish-list. It calls for an international market to trade pollution permits that would encourage rich countries to cut pollution and hit their targets under the Kyoto protocol.

    But - and the UN admits it is a big "but" - the US would have to sign up to Kyoto and carbon trading to achieve the $3.64trn that it believes the system would deliver over time.

    "We are dealing with a global problem as pollution can only be dealt with internationally," Ms Kaul said. Richard Sandor, the head of the Chicago Climate Exchange, added: "Many encouraging signs are emerging. When the business case is clear, private entrepreneurs step forward."

    But, the proposal is unlikely to get support from some green groups who believe that action to curb consumption, rather than market incentives, are the way to reduce carbon emissions.

    Andrew Simms, director of the New Economics Foundation, said it left unanswered questions over how these markets would be managed and how the benefits and costs would be distributed. "We have nothing against markets so it would be missing the point to get into a pro- or anti-market stance. The point is how you distribute the benefits."

  • The UN Plan for Your Mental Health (UNESCO)

    02/08/2006 9:30:48 PM PST · 120 of 234
    Free2BeMe to Calpernia

    Don't forget about this....

    UN plans to release untapped wealth of $7 trillion (and solve the world's problems at a stroke)

  • Caption Hillary!

    01/31/2006 9:43:28 PM PST · 128 of 214
    Free2BeMe to maggief

    It's the sour grapes

  • Intelligent Design Might Be Meeting Its Maker

    12/04/2005 1:23:37 PM PST · 620 of 1,060
    Free2BeMe to narby

    Viruses don't randomly insert their gene sequences into host DNA. There are specific locations where the viral genetic material is inserted. Since chimps and humans (some more than others) are so similar, the parts of the genome where viral genes can be inserted are similar, if not the same. Again, you (evolutionists) are applying your conclusion to what you see. Your evidence shows nothing more than that the ERV sequence was inserted in both chimps and humans in the past and is now part of our permanent genome. This doesn't show a common ancestor organism either; that's a leap. No gene sequence in the genome does so, even retrovirus genes inserted into genome. Almost every human in the world has been infected by a herpes virus and carries it genome its own, but that by itself doesn't scream common ancestor. I know a herpes virus isn't an ERV and that its incorporation into our genome is different from that of ERV and its supposed role in protecting an unborn baby from maternal immune attack, but you get my point. Go far enough back and have enough chimps and enough humans "infected," and you end up with chimps and humans having the ERV sequence in their genome. Your "evidence" is inference. If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to fit everything you see into that paradigm. This isn't proof.

  • Intelligent Design Might Be Meeting Its Maker

    12/04/2005 1:04:00 PM PST · 602 of 1,060
    Free2BeMe to Coyoteman

    This doesn't prove anything. Not because I'm blind. I see the skulls, now I want you to CITE SPECIFIC UNDENIABLE PROOF that shows the species represented by these skulls evolved from each other. Don't give me datings, look at my reply to Carolina Guitarman about the fossil record. Give me proof. These skulls are actually more likely to be from primate species that existed independently of each other. I really have to go for now, but I've enjoyed this and can't wait to continue. Bye.