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Posts by Freeeedooomm

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  • Women Sue DPS for roadside body cavity search

    12/19/2012 10:04:05 AM PST · 52 of 82
    Freeeedooomm to SampleMan

    Even the Nazis didn’t conduct cavity searches in public. Especially not over littering.

  • Professor Blames Mass Shootings on ‘White Male Privilege’

    12/19/2012 6:31:56 AM PST · 50 of 65
    Freeeedooomm to redgolum

    If only those of us around 40 had some way of replenishing our dying genes.

    If only we had some way to ensure our survival of the future...

    If only.

    As to the length of a civil war...

    If only we had millions of veterans of America’s last decade of war. If only we had millions of right leaning veterans who spent 10 years learning how to fight against and in some case for an insurgency.

    If only.

    Well, I’m going to be surrendering today. You convinced me.

  • The 30-year-old prank that became the first computer virus

    12/14/2012 10:34:50 AM PST · 7 of 20
    Freeeedooomm to ShadowAce

    “Computer viruses had been created before...”

    “The first virus, Elk Cloner, was born.”

    It’s definitely one or the other.

  • Fledgling actor dies after fall down chimney of Michigan Avenue hotel

    12/14/2012 10:34:06 AM PST · 18 of 19
    Freeeedooomm to lowbridge
    If only the director had yelled cut in time...

  • Union Goons Destroy Man’s Hot Dog Cart While Calling Him ‘N*****’ & ‘Uncle Tom’ (Lansing, MI)

    12/12/2012 3:55:35 PM PST · 33 of 63
    Freeeedooomm to drewh

    The only amusing part of this was all the knee jerk reactions by the left when the original video was printed.

    Now as more and more video emerges they look like the fools and dupes they are.

    Another Freeper on another thread posted the following link...it appears nearly 18 grand has been raised for this man so far.


    Take that, parasites. You tore up his business in the name of “workers rights,” and the right wing helped him back on his feet with some money for his trouble to boot.

  • Conservatives can be persuaded to care more about the environment, study finds

    12/11/2012 1:22:29 AM PST · 19 of 41
    Freeeedooomm to ConservativeMind

    Notice how they frame the study as if they’re studying some primitive society who must be conditioned to do the right thing.

    Notice the glaring lack of studies of “liberals” (leftists) by the same universities.

    “...moral obligations to care about the natural environment and protect it from harm, a theme that resonates more powerfully with liberals, they added, than with conservatives.”

    Right. So these leftists live in the woods and eat only fallen leaves, right?

    They don’t have larger living spaces than need dictates (not that I think you should have to live that way)...multiple cars...closets full of shoes...the latest gadgets...etc etc. They don’t eat out at restaurants...waste food...throw out bags and bags of garbage a week. They don’t buy and use throwaway goods. Unlike us beastly conservatives.

    They claim to care more...that’s all. They don’t live it. They use false compassion to make their empty lives seem meaningful.

  • War over ‘sexist’ Queens statue

    12/09/2012 8:59:49 AM PST · 17 of 50
    Freeeedooomm to SunTzuWu

    Males created the statue, which depicts sirens as women because males created the myths.

    When a man first came up with the idea of a siren, who lures you with its beautiful voice/form to your destruction, he made it female.

    Because it had to be. Because heterosexual men are very unlikely to be lured to their deaths by a male voice, no matter how melodic. Men would be yelling “shut the hell up, will you” from passing ships. You’d end up “luring” in a bunch of angry guys who wanted to chop your head off.

    Male sirens...now there’s a truly horrifying mythical creature.

  • War over ‘sexist’ Queens statue

    12/09/2012 8:59:45 AM PST · 16 of 50
    Freeeedooomm to SkyDancer

    Well honey, if women want to create a rich tapestry of myths and if a woman wants to carve a wonderful statue based on those myths we men certainly won’t mind. Complaining about the men who actually did those things is easier and more satisfying though.

    I miss the days when women were women (and gloried in being women) and didn’t sound like perpertually jealous little brothers.

  • Loaded semi-automatic handgun found in package of frozen meat [w/video]

    12/08/2012 12:09:35 AM PST · 22 of 66
    Freeeedooomm to Jeff Chandler

    It’s a very popular caliber in Mexico. Mexican citizens are prohibited from owning “military” calibers such as .45ACP and 9MM.

    Since 1911s have been chambered in .38 Super for decades and are not considered a “military caliber” (whatever that really means) the 1911 in .38 Super is very popular there.

    My theory is someone got whacked in a Mexican slaughter house, and having seen too many American mafia movies they thought it would be funny to wrap the gun up with some meat for some peon to find.

  • Everything You Need To Know About The Black Boxes Coming To Your Next Car

    12/07/2012 10:07:27 PM PST · 39 of 67
    Freeeedooomm to George from New England

    I think some nerd hero will quickly step forth to offer a solution to that problem with a hardware based “black box emulator.”

    So in response they’ll make it a felony to tamper with your vehicle’s computer.

  • PSY 'Deeply Sorry' for Singing About Killing Americans (Boycott TNT Advertisers)

    12/07/2012 3:03:31 PM PST · 21 of 53
    Freeeedooomm to jimbo123

    The guy is just another militant homosexual.

    I don’t understand trends. The macarena is a joke but here we go again with this wierdo. 5 years on and he’ll be a joke as well.

    To some he’s a joke now and always was.

  • Gangnam Style singer rapped about killing American soldiers ( will perform at White House )

    12/07/2012 2:19:11 PM PST · 25 of 29
    Freeeedooomm to george76

    Pretty shameful.

  • George Zimmerman sues NBC Universal over edited 911 call

    12/06/2012 8:42:16 PM PST · 40 of 137
    Freeeedooomm to marktwain
    "George Zimmerman sued NBC Universal on Thursday"

    "Zimmerman, who is Hispanic and is charged with..."

    A cynical person might see some relationship between those two sentences. Where oh where did "White Hispanic" go?

    Nah, I'm sure CNN decided to drop the whole White Hispanic charade for other reasons.
  • Students Forced to Stand for 'Black National Anthem'

    12/06/2012 7:47:53 PM PST · 20 of 25
    Freeeedooomm to docbnj

    Which native land do you suppose the Black national anthem is referring to?

    “may we forever stand
    true to our God, true to our native land.”

  • Trayvon Martin shooting: George Zimmerman sues NBC over its coverage of Trayvon Martin case

    12/06/2012 4:09:44 PM PST · 38 of 59
    Freeeedooomm to Tijeras_Slim

    I didn’t know that about Annie Oakley.

    It kind of puts her in a new light. Most people threaten to sue and then fail to follow through...Annie Oakley sued 55 times. Presumably in 55 different jurisdictions. Back when travel was train, ship, or horse.

    I don’t know about cowboy type toughness but going through 55 lawsuit over six years shows a certain bulldog tenacity that is intimidating.

  • For Young Latino Readers, an Image Is Missing

    12/06/2012 6:24:43 AM PST · 50 of 51
    Freeeedooomm to bert

    Your argument fails once people realize Spain is in...wait for it...Europe...and just chock full of White people.

    So to be an “old line” Spanish family is to be a family of White people.

  • After Fatal NYC Subway Shove, Asking: Were There No Heroes {Naem, Umar Abbasi}

    12/05/2012 3:13:36 PM PST · 42 of 46
    Freeeedooomm to ArGee
    "So that, when coming out of a dark tunnel, you can dilate their pupils and they won't see what you're trying to warn them about?

    As I think about what was probably going on during the scene, especially how fast those trains pull in, I'm surprised anyone thought to do anything."

    My friend...read what you just wrote, especially the part in bold.

    Occam's Razor...the photog thought to do what he was trained to do...take pictures.

    I don't want to hear some soccer excuse about how he not only had time to think "I'll warn the train driver with my flash! Yeah!" but also "Better not blind him with it while I'm doing it!" as the train bears down on the poor fellow.

    Combine that with the perfectly framed pictures and it's obvious what happened.

    Next thing you know all the people who had their phones out will claim they were trying to text the train operator to Stop! but they couldn't find the exclamation mark on their phone.
  • After Fatal NYC Subway Shove, Asking: Were There No Heroes {Naem, Umar Abbasi}

    12/05/2012 1:19:28 PM PST · 40 of 46
    Freeeedooomm to ArGee

    “Trying to signal the train operator was probably the wisest thing to try”

    Isn’t it amazing how well composed his accidental shots are when he was simply trying to warn the operator with his flash?

    If I were warning someone with a flashing light I’d be sure to point it right at them. Makes sense, right? And since the flash is pointing where the camera is focused...I’d expect the operator of the train to be the center of the shot.

    Yet they’re so well composed.

    Crazy luck, that.

    As for punishment...what punishment could there be?

    But don’t stand by and watch a man die so that you can get a great shot...and then expect people to like you.

  • Barefoot Man Not Homeless: Jeffrey Hillman, Given Boots By NYPD Officer, Has Bronx Apartment

    12/05/2012 1:16:36 PM PST · 35 of 35
    Freeeedooomm to marthemaria

    I didn’t read a word of this story or watch the video when it originally came out.

    Because I knew it was BS.

    America is awash in a sea of discarded/extra shoes/boots/socks.

    It is literally impossible to go without shoes here. One time some fellow employees found a pair of boots in the work dumpster...brand new Timberlands...I wore them for work boots for 2 years until they fell apart. Looking back they were probably murder boots that had been tossed but I wasn’t going to let perfectly good boots in my size go to waste. And I’ve never been a hobo.

    And even if that weren’t true...if used foot wear still had value in America, and we didn’t have literally billions of pairs of unwanted shoes...then I might believe a hobo was sitting around in the cold city shoeless.

    The story stank from the beginning. My sympathy is with the officer for getting taken. Hopefully it causes him to think about what being “homeless” in America really means, and how manipulative the vast majority are.

    As an aside...I once got into an argument with a hobo that always begs at a local intersection.

    Hobo: You don’t know how hard it is to live in the woods.
    Me, from the window of my work truck, begrimed from a day’s labor: You don’t know how hard it is to get up every morning and go to work.

    That hobo refuses to look at me anymore...and I’m pretty sure him and the three other hobos that share that spot have a trailer in a trashy little trailer park about a half mile from their begging spot.

    As I re-read this wall of text I realize it comes across as me disliking hobos. And that’s exactly right...I have no respect for beggars. I used to live in a city that has a high percentage of panhandlers...they’d come up and ask for money, I’d tell them I’d give them a quarter if they told me a joke, or did a little dance. I guess they were all too dignified to do so because I never had a single taker.

  • The Who's Pete Townshend: 'I'm a Bit of a Neocon'

    12/04/2012 11:01:13 AM PST · 27 of 32
    Freeeedooomm to babble-on

    Imagine that...a famous celebrity being apologized to by the establishment after being caught red handed.

    I bet you think Michael Jackson just liked being around children, right?

    “The rock star Pete Townshend was yesterday cautioned by police and placed on the sex offenders register for five years following his admission that he accessed child pornography on the internet.

    He was arrested in January as part of Operation Ore, the largest investigation into child pornography in the UK. He admitted using his credit card to access images but claimed they were for “research” for a book.”


    Did Scotland Yard apologize for making the celebrity confess to the crime?

    It is amazing to me that we’re having this conversation. What hold does pop culture have on your minds?

  • The Who's Pete Townshend: 'I'm a Bit of a Neocon'

    12/04/2012 10:16:08 AM PST · 18 of 32
    Freeeedooomm to SargeK

    What was his excuse again?

    That’s right.

    He was “downloading child porn” to “get it off the internet.”

    That’s right...he claims he believed that every picture he downloaded “removed” it from the internet.

    And then after he had “removed” enough child porn by saving it to his hard drive, he was going to call the cops.

    And people just lap it up. The guy is still touring. And now he’s a neocon...just lol.

  • New Photo Of George Zimmerman From The Night Of Trayvon Martin's Death

    12/03/2012 12:30:28 PM PST · 27 of 114
    Freeeedooomm to TigerClaws

    If they had released the color photo then it would have conflicted with the White Brown guy narrative.

    It also hid the blood nicely.

  • SeaWorld Dolphin Caught on Camera Biting Girl in Orlando: Report

    12/02/2012 6:32:32 PM PST · 76 of 88
    Freeeedooomm to nickcarraway

    “you can’t hold a minor responsible for that.”

    What an odd thing to say...it certainly isn’t illegal to get bit on the hand by a dolphin.

    So is the mother saying that it is the fault of someone else?

    Interact with animals at your own peril.

    And the claim that the puncture wounds were the “size of a dime” is an outright lie. As sue happy daddy insists on documenting the trauma for posterity (and court no doubt) you can see the small wounds.

    And for irony the following can’t be beat...

    “as the girl suffered three puncture wounds the size of dimes, reports the Orlando Sentinel.”

    The words Orlando Sentinel link to the original OS story. Which says, as the byline...

    “Jillian Thomas, 8, suffered four puncture wounds after dolphin bites her hand at SeaWorld Orlando.”

    Just laugh out loud at the media hucksters.

  • City Attorney Tells San Bernardino Residents To ‘Lock Their Doors,’ ‘Load Their Guns’ Because Of....

    12/02/2012 5:23:17 PM PST · 58 of 58
    Freeeedooomm to joesjane

    I think what we’re seeing is the impatience of the hippies.

    Hippies are old now...and they finally know it.

    Damned if they’re going to die without killing America first...so they’re jumping the gun.

    They’ve turned the heat way up but real America is still overwhelmingly strong and terrible in her anger.

    We’re living in interesting times.

  • TX:Dallas Woman Shoots at 2 Intruders; 1 Dead

    12/02/2012 5:22:44 PM PST · 22 of 24
    Freeeedooomm to marktwain

    The woman did great.

    But if you could prevent your door from suddenly flying open for just 100 dollars or so, would you do it?

    I did. I have a “security screen door” on all doors. It cost me about 160 (60 or so for the deadlock/door knob required) bucks a door to do it.

    Will they hold off a determined or clever attacker? No. But I never have to worry about my front door suddenly flying open.

    They’re simply there to buy time as a barrier. While the idiot home invader is making noise trying to get through the security door I have time to prepare myself for the actual door to fly open.


    I’m just using the Home Depot site because it’s convenient to show the different options. Not as an edorsement.

    That’s the exact one I bought. It is much stronger and better built than you would think for 117 bucks. They have many different designs, and from the road mine don’t look like security doors but just like ordinary ornamental screen doors.

  • 'The Hobbit' premiere: Peter Jackson's fantasy epic is eye-popping (FIRST REVIEW)

    12/02/2012 3:55:44 PM PST · 62 of 92
    Freeeedooomm to Eurotwit

    Sorry to go full nerd.

    “Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s 1937 children’s tale which set the stage for the author’s much darker and heavier later books, Jackson’s “The Hobbit” harkens back to a more innocent time when men were men and gold-hoarding dragons were the biggest evils plaguing the land.”

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, fake, wrong.

    This person obviously hasn’t read the books. The way I read this paragraph is that The Hobbit is set in more innocent times than the LOTR. That’s the only way it can be read since the subject is unchanged.

    Going by memory the LOTR saga occurs 70 or so years after the events in The Hobbit. Gandalf reveals in the LOTR that he was actually on an intelligence gathering mission, amongst other things, during the events of The Hobbit. In fact in The Hobbit Gandalf is missing for a period of time during which he is penetrating the lair of the Necromancer. In the LOTR he reveals that the Necromancer was in fact Sauron, gathering his power.

    It is still in living memory of the characters of the book, not a different era as this author suggests. It is really just a continuation of The Hobbit.

    And I’ll never watch the movie. I’ve had the books in my head for 25 or so years...I don’t need no moving pictures messing with my Tolkien reality.

    After typing all this out it sounds incredibly nerdy...but the books really are fantastic and pose many interesting philosophical questions along with a great message.

  • Ambulance gets 'booted' while paramedics tend to emergency

    12/02/2012 3:29:57 PM PST · 55 of 64
    Freeeedooomm to TruthWillWin
    It's a device that clamps onto the wheel/tire hub so that the tire can only rotate a small amount if at all.

    They're made by many manufacturers so there are many types all working on the same principle.

  • Fearless dog saves woman from deadly cottonmouth snake – and almost dies from venomous bites

    12/01/2012 6:44:21 PM PST · 24 of 60
    Freeeedooomm to Ditter

    They’re very aggressive snakes.

    I’ve seen them stand up 2’ or more above the ground to look at you. When a snake has about a third of its body standing straight up and staring at you it’s a very uncomfortable feeling. It feels very personal.

    They also like to hang in low branches near water. When I’m in cottonmouth territory I look like a bobble head.

  • Electronic deer deterrent could prevent over 1 million accidents each year

    12/01/2012 1:07:54 PM PST · 45 of 83
    Freeeedooomm to PGR88; PUGACHEV

    My family and I were leaving a shopping center one night with our Chinese food in tow.

    We pulled out onto the 4 lane divided roadway in a quiet residential area. As I was accelerating in the right lane a car with two older ladies in it passed us in the left lane.

    As they did, they apparently hit a rabbit that had darted out in front of them.

    The rabbits head/skull shot out of it’s skin, screamed across the road at an angle in front of us, and bounced off the curb back towards them. This all happened about 10 yards in front of us so we all got a good look.

    I looked over at the ladies and they seemed to be in a state of shock. The ladies horror seemed to redouble when they looked over and saw an entire young family laughing as hard as they could.

    Never saw a rabbit’s head come off like that before, man. It did cause me to look at my kung pao chicken slightly askance when I got home.

  • 'Bear attack' killed local man

    11/30/2012 12:23:36 PM PST · 27 of 45
    Freeeedooomm to freedomlover

    “They hate the seats! Stay away from the seats!”

    With apologies to the movie “The Jerk.”

  • Little Falls shooting: Killing of 2 teens sparks homeowner rights controversy

    11/28/2012 2:01:30 PM PST · 123 of 171
    Freeeedooomm to Uncle Chip

    Is this the first question you’ve avoided or do you make a practice of it?

    Care to explain why you used the loaded phrase of “high power rifle” when that is a known gun grabber phrase often used by the media to describe all rifles no matter what their caliber?

    Or you could check my join date again.

    PS. It’s duct tape. For taping ducts. Not ducks.

  • Little Falls shooting: Killing of 2 teens sparks homeowner rights controversy

    11/28/2012 1:26:38 PM PST · 117 of 171
    Freeeedooomm to Uncle Chip
    "He just shot the guy in the hip with a high power rifle that just he fell down the steps..."

    With a "high power rifle," eh?

    Where do we usually hear that phrase, I wonder?

    High power rifles and "duck" tape. Quite the combo.

    Going into histrionics and using phrases like "shot with a high power rifle" (a .223, and probably a black rifle as well with a bayonet lug and one of those shoulder things that goes up) really give you away, Mr. Brady.
  • Little Falls shooting: Killing of 2 teens sparks homeowner rights controversy

    11/28/2012 1:26:14 PM PST · 115 of 171
    Freeeedooomm to Blackirish

    I think what you just said says volumes about your character.

    65 years old, former cop, served his community/nation with honor (since we haven’t heard otherwise).

    But in your mind two drug addicted thieves matter more. The thieves get a slap on the wrist if caught...the old man makes a mistake and kills two people (who really were of no value, as druggie thieves) and it’s off to prison and say hi to bubba for me.

    Pretty sick really. In fact if I had to choose between associating with a former cop who wasted two home invading druggies and a guy who gleefully imagines homosexual prison rape scenes as a form of punishment...I think I’d go with the thief killer.

  • Little Falls shooting: Killing of 2 teens sparks homeowner rights controversy

    11/28/2012 12:57:35 PM PST · 111 of 171
    Freeeedooomm to wideawake

    Perhaps not the kind you think you’ll be standing next to in Heaven, since apparently your definition of Christianity involves persecuting an old man for dealing with thieves.

    I’m comfortable with how I’ll be judged.

    Do you object to death in war? I’ll bet that you think that justified war isn’t murder...as do I. So we probably agree.

    What we probably disagree on is what constitutes a war. God never said anything about nations or congress being necessary.

    If you break into someone’s house with the intent of robbing them...you have declared war. You, as the aggressor, and the invader, have forfeited your life if it comes to that.

    Simple as that.

  • Little Falls shooting: Killing of 2 teens sparks homeowner rights controversy

    11/28/2012 12:18:43 PM PST · 99 of 171
    Freeeedooomm to Texas Songwriter

    And sorry for making multiple posts to you, I should have put this in my other to you.

    “Property trumps 2 young lives?”

    Well, let’s see.

    What is property? It is usually a physical item that you exchanged something of value for. Probably cash.

    How does one get money? By working, generally.

    What does to work mean? It means someone pays you for your time.

    So truthfully...you’re exchanging time for property. When someone steals “just property” from you, what they really stole is the labor hours it took for you to earn whatever they stole.

    That means they’re taking part of your life. Because they’re too lazy to exchange their time for money. They’d rather just take yours...it’s easier, and kind of a rush.

    He’s an old man...he doesn’t have much time left. So stealing time from an old man is an even greater crime.

    I’m glad they’re dead. I’d bet that in the past they had gloated over other succesful robberies...well sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

    And their short lives ended on the floor of a basement, choking in blood after trying and failing to victimize an old man. Their existence was so short and meaningless that they might as well never have lived.


  • Little Falls shooting: Killing of 2 teens sparks homeowner rights controversy

    11/28/2012 12:11:35 PM PST · 95 of 171
    Freeeedooomm to Texas Songwriter

    I’m not ignoring the rest of your post or cherrypicking, the rest I agree with entirely.

    “He acted beyond what the law allows.”

    The people he killed were acting beyond what the law allowed. They didn’t care...why should he?

    Seems like it comes up even to me.

    As an aside, they actually held a vigil for these two morons. Can you imagine a scenario 150 years ago in which citizens are holding a vigil for two thieves caught in the act...no matter how they died?

    “Billy was just stealing that man’s horse and he shot him out of the saddle and then hung him! Billy didn’t deserve that!”

    Hang ‘em high.

    My mind...it boggles.

  • Accused Beacon Hill rapist sprung from custody twice in 5 months

    11/28/2012 12:08:47 PM PST · 4 of 5
    Freeeedooomm to massmike

    Thank God the woman didn’t have a pistol to defend herself with.

    She might have gut shot him...and then while thinking about what he intended to do become so enraged that she finished him off with a kill shot under the chin.

    And then the rapist would have become a saint, and the woman would have become a psycho.

    At least that’s how it goes in Little Falls.

  • Little Falls shooting: Killing of 2 teens sparks homeowner rights controversy

    11/28/2012 11:44:27 AM PST · 91 of 171
    Freeeedooomm to Blackirish

    “This is cold blooded murder. If you were in the military and did this toa combantant you’d be court marshaled.”

    Don’t ever read any history about America’s major wars then.

    You’ll be horrified beyond belief at how calous some soldiers can be towards people who are trying to kill them.

    And rightfully so.

    If you break into someone’s house...I don’t care what they do to you, up to and including telling you to put the lotion on your skin.

    Keep your thieving hands to yourself and stop robbing old men...and you won’t get shot by one in his house.

    What other crimes do you feel aren’t so bad?

  • Little Falls shooting: Killing of 2 teens sparks homeowner rights controversy

    11/28/2012 11:44:18 AM PST · 90 of 171
    Freeeedooomm to hoosierham

    “...looks to me like the homeowner is a psycho murderer.”

    Isn’t it amazing how many people here keep talking about how sick the old man being robbed is...

    But they can’t spare a single word of criticism for the two young, healthy thieves who broke in to support their illegal drug addictions?

    Yep, old men who defend themselves and act out of rage at being victimized are psychos.

    Pill head girls who break into the homes of the elderly, armed with a pipe, to steal his posessions that at his age he has no chance of regaining...they’re the real victims.

    My baby didn’t do nuffin.

  • Little Falls shooting: Killing of 2 teens sparks homeowner rights controversy

    11/28/2012 11:33:15 AM PST · 87 of 171
    Freeeedooomm to Blackirish

    “Lots of kids do really stupid stuff ...I know I did. A break in?”

    So how many old men did you rob to support your drug habit in your youth?

  • Walmart Workers Say Protest was a Success

    11/27/2012 4:03:36 PM PST · 43 of 48
    Freeeedooomm to ksen

    This article deals with state health care costs.

    It has nothing to do with proving your claim that we spend 2.7 billion a year on welfare for Walmart employees.

    lol...you’re just posting random articles and hoping people don’t read them.

  • Walmart Workers Say Protest was a Success

    11/27/2012 4:03:28 PM PST · 42 of 48
    Freeeedooomm to ksen

    Why have you ignored Brooklyn’s question?

    You’re basing your “80 percent of Walmart workers are on welfare” claim based on ONE woman at ONE meeting.

    Completely ridiculous.

    Show us some numbers.

  • Walmart Workers Say Protest was a Success

    11/27/2012 4:03:21 PM PST · 41 of 48
    Freeeedooomm to ksen

    “WalMart’s best defense against the emergence of a union is to treat their employees better and more equitably. They have the means to do it they just choose not to. “

    Where/what is your proof that employees are being mistreated?

    Without that your entire argument just falls apart.