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  • Who Should Become VP?

    03/19/2008 1:10:23 PM PDT · 42 of 79
    Fritzy to bmweezer
    Crist - Shallow..Must be ready to be run out of Fla.. the State is in a mess.. also.. too metro sexual.. or gay or what ever...
    Jeb Bush - Absolutely!!! - the best qualified candidate for President or VP, but the name needs a bit of a rest
    Condi Rice - Excellent, but needs stronger business sense...
    Jim DeMint - one of my favorites, should be on the next ticket.. excellent productive worker, high ethics,
    Mitt - the solid answer, strong business background, so needed by McCain.. will be great on the global market, can respond to our economic issues placing us back as a major global economic force.. a class act!!!
  • A pledge to never vote for McCain (Vanity)

    02/06/2008 8:45:57 AM PST · 363 of 433
    Fritzy to Tree of Liberty
    This is a very difficult time for us all.. if McCain is the Party’s choice.. it would be impossible for our family (now 27 strong) to vote for him.. for all the known and unknown reasons.. Our votes are sacred, they demonstrate our support and conviction that our candidate will bring forth a stronger, viable, economically healthy and valued democracy... McCain is not the answer..
    This is the second time I have witnessed our party taking a very sharp turn down the road to destruction... remember Mitt’s father??? He made some stupid statement in the Far East.. and everyone dropped him like a hot potato.. my father was a huge Romney supporter.. he was almost ready for tears when the Party selected that year...
    So where will we cast our vote: Sorry dear friends.. for the Democratic choice.. or not at all.. several family members think voting for a socialist for a few years would be better than a certified nut case.. we are still debating..
    We have to get this party together for the right reasons.. can there be a dark horse on the sideline???
    The Fritz is crushed!!!
  • If McCain is the nominee, would you vote for him?

    01/31/2008 11:18:12 AM PST · 284 of 434
    Fritzy to Nachum
    My entire family..all four boys and their wives..will not vote for McCain.. he is too unstable for us.. we have truly research all of the candidates.. discussed until we are blue in the face.. we all agreed that Mitt is the strongest of all candidates.. from both sides of the isle.. While we appreciate McCain’s military sacrifices for our nation.. it does not automatically give him the capacity to lead our country.. he has been in DC too long.. by his own words and verbal responses, he does not understand the economy..he has a terrible temper.. Hillary will chew him up..
    If McCain is the candidate.. the family will sit this one out.. we do not want to be part of the downfall of a nation that we love so much.. for me? I think I will vote for Gladys Knight.. some one said yesterday.. she is black, a women and a Mormon... perhaps she could have one of the Pips as VP.. this entire process is tiresome.. why does America not want an intelligent, business savvy, stable, classy President? Beats me.. I think I am just about ready to give up on the politics of politics...

    01/29/2008 8:34:26 AM PST · 75 of 101
    Fritzy to shortstop
    Absolutely on target... our family arranged to take 87 voters to early polls.. to assist Mitt.. while no one is perfect.. he can/will be the best President of all candidates.. including the Democrats.. we just have to pull together and create the environment for Mitt to win.. we can do it.. look at the alternatives...
    McCain cannot and must not represent Republicans.. his temper and attitude get in the way.. so if you plan on participating in the primary voting.. in any State.. carefully consider Mitt... vote on principals, vision, capacity and value.. not on personalities, TV promos or listening to telephone calls from “friends” of the candidate..
    Another point.. I am in Florida.. who ever said that Charlie is loved by all needs to take another poll... Charlie is trying to position himself for a Cabinet position.. Help us all.. somebody take a good look at Tallahassee.. Charlie is as shallow as they come... goodness knows we have a sufficient number of light weights in DC already...
    Our beloved country is in a terrible position, economically, morally, spiritually.. I work in global investments.. in Africa and the Middle East.. So I see our Nation from many different views.. listening carefully to the economic markets and now watching China moving swiftly to annex Africa.. I just cant imagine McCain participating as a leader on a global platform.. we just have to start electing people who are intelligent, careful listeners, responsive to our people and know how to stay the course that our forefathers delineated.. we can do it.. it is just the huge vacuum in our leadership..
    I know that I am preaching.. but I am absolutely passionate about America and know how exciting our future can be.. it really is up to you and me...
    Regards to all.. It is great to be back ...
  • McCain Wins !!! McCains Wins !!!!!

    01/27/2008 9:04:17 PM PST · 138 of 143
    Fritzy to factmart
    Over two years I have asked our Freepers to take a look at Mitt.. he is not perfect.. but WAAAAY ahead of the others.. he just needs a good VP to back up the pieces that McCain brings to the table.. i.e. the military smarts.. my parents were huge supporters of the first Romney.. the bottom line is the economy and how the U.S. manages on the global platform.. Mitt will get that! ,, also, with a strong VP, vibrant staffing and our full support, Hillary/Obama will be toast.. frankly, I think Obama has a future, but not now.. By the way.. everyone seems to be talking about change.. what does it mean?? Change=good or change=bad.. we never seem to get it is the policies and platform that will create the future.. have already voted (am in FL).. most of my neighbors and Church group are in Mitts corner.. hopefully, our votes will help..
  • [Marie] Osmond's 16-year-old son enters rehab

    11/15/2007 11:50:36 AM PST · 104 of 124
    Fritzy to panaxanax
    General thoughts: 1. I thought Marie was married, briefly, prior to the guy she is just now divorcing ?.. 2. Daughters.. no matter what age.. tend to need their father.. we have four sons and then the one daughter.. at age 25, she is still close to her Dad (thank God!).. 3. I was a foster child.. living with a “foster” mother and father my entire life.. wonderful people, I was truly blessed.. however..there is a deep self-worth vacuum inside, so hard to get over, crushing and really places an adopted child in a vulnerable position.. fortunately for me, I placed all my energy in trying to prove I am worthy.. academics, productivity, perfection.. it took years to get over it..
    4. The Osmonds are going to support Mitt.. what other insane questions would Larry ask.. duh! As a huge Mitt supporter, I mentioned his name 18 months ago to you all - I still do not know if I am going to vote for him.. just waiting to see the others.. my vote is for someone with defined actions,productivity, demonstrated outcomes, vision and integrity - so who is that???
    5. The Osmonds are discovering renewed interest in their lives/talents.. a bit ditsy for sure.. but a welcome escape from the depressing news, insane TV programming and the everyday pressures.. so I think they will do well..
    Cheers to all my Friendly Freepers.. wish I could take more time to visit with you all..


  • Police Sergeant's Wife Goes Missing(Bolingbrook Illinois)

    11/03/2007 3:10:30 PM PDT · 74 of 184
    Fritzy to Thebaddog

    Wonder where the first two wives are... Greta/etc should find them and interview.. could be very interesting..

  • LA Times Sitting On Major Sex Scandal Involiving "Leading Presidential Candidate"

    10/31/2007 2:27:46 PM PDT · 210 of 271
    Fritzy to kevkrom

    Give me a break.. they are all actors... Fred has just pushed it up a notch...

  • LA Times Sitting On Major Sex Scandal Involiving "Leading Presidential Candidate"

    10/31/2007 12:03:20 PM PDT · 58 of 271
    Fritzy to kregger1

    Why is no one mentioning Fred????

  • American Idol 2007--Live Thread (Part II)

    03/22/2007 2:48:31 AM PDT · 2,473 of 12,343
    Fritzy to jonrick46
    You are right... I posted the same note a few days ago.. this is a young man... he has a pleasant voice, has a strong stage presence.. but not up to the professionals now on stage with him... but mark my word.. we have not seen the end of this young man.. he is so like many of the young "crooners" of yesteryears.. my mother was crazy about Sinatra (who was also skinny, young, laughed at by my grandparents.. and had hair!).. it takes time.. I do not think that he will be able to continue toward finalist, but he will make his way into the hearts of many...
  • American Idol 2007--Live Thread (Part II)

    03/15/2007 8:35:10 AM PDT · 1,095 of 12,343
    Fritzy to sirchtruth
    Another side to the Sanjaya issue... if you close your eyes and listen to his voice, he is not too bad... he is just 17 years old, obviously no experience and out of his league for sure... not every guy who is "soft" looking is gay - watch him dance.. looks like a 10 year old...but if given the right process, he could turn out to be a strong singer and the way, take a look at the early photos of Frankie, he looked just about the same way... but Sanjaya is not an American Idol! I watch Idol as a moment of nonsense from my work... but this year it seems the Idol folks did not do a good job in screening... I can't believe the top 10-12 are truly the best in America... somewhere, this is off track...
    Just a moment of reflection this beautiful morning in Florida.. Cheers!
  • Brownback Moves Toward White House Bid

    12/04/2006 9:04:37 AM PST · 15 of 69
    Fritzy to PDR
    Absolutely accurate.. besides, he is close to the Neocons in DC.. has huge financial ties to large lobbyist in DC.. known for his insane earmarks...has wanted to be President for years, with an ego to match.. where are our qualified, productive, visionary leaders... this guy is not one!
  • Martinez to become new RNC chief

    11/13/2006 2:03:07 PM PST · 477 of 771
    Fritzy to TommyDale
    We need to all get together... this entire scene is insane... and getting worst every day... after twenty years of funding the Republican party... I am so discouraged...
    We seem to just want to buy or tint elections with certain colors: green, brown, black, etc... it really should be about character, vision, productivity - but I guess I am way out of order in today's politics...
    Point of interest:
    We have a neighbor who ran for a judicial position - no one was less qualified, the guy's an alcoholic, working on his third wife, kids run wild.. but yet, took $200,000 of his own money, borrowed on his home for an additional $100,000 and won the election - he is now going to be a judge for $140,000 a year... let's do you spell "under the table gifts"????
    Perhaps I am destined for a new party or a new country... Australia anyone?
  • Martinez to become new RNC chief

    11/13/2006 1:51:59 PM PST · 450 of 771
    Fritzy to Txsleuth

    Me too.. I love Lamar, but his personality is so low key, however, I had the opportunity of sitting before Mel last summer to discuss an international issue, he was so empty, so lost on basic commerce.. I was truly surprised.. then living in Fla I have been to several of his fund raisers.. he is so bla... he just does not get it.. what ever it is these days...

  • Martinez to become new RNC chief

    11/13/2006 1:28:11 PM PST · 384 of 771
    Fritzy to Txsleuth
    Your on target.. someone said we need a street fighter.. someone who knows the American interest, willing to challenge the Dems.. excited enough to stump in every circle for a new, emerging, visionary and responsive Republican party.. full of hope, opportunity and integrity.. that is just not good old, sleepy eyed, lazy, bumbling Mel... I am so heartbroken with our leadership... and just voted a full Republican ticket... I need to sit with Jeb a bit to discover what idiot came up with this guy... by the way, just because organizations promote someone on a certain standard does not endorse or evaluate the capacity for specific roles... don't be fooled by applause sheets!
  • Martinez to become new RNC chief

    11/13/2006 12:29:17 PM PST · 87 of 771
    Fritzy to PhiKapMom
    How in the world can our leadership continue to make mistakes like this.. Mel is Cuban, Floridian, etc... but he cannot plan a picnic.. is not interested in or knowledgeable Re: economics, global commerce, key domestic issues and on top of it all... does not or cannot listen worth a darn to American hopes/dreams/visions.. has not had the capacity to actually hire competent staff (remember the insane staffing in his first year?)how in the heck can he possibly lead our party... has George gone totally nutz???
  • Martinez to become new RNC chief

    11/13/2006 12:18:21 PM PST · 37 of 771
    Fritzy to Tulsa Ramjet

    Mel is such a looser... perhaps this will give him something to do.. he does not do anything in Office.. so he has plenty of time to chair this... what a loss for our Republican leadership... I am SO ready for a new party...

  • Ex-Harris aides provide peek into campaign

    08/07/2006 12:24:20 PM PDT · 48 of 124
    Fritzy to RNO1
    OK.. I live in Florida... know the national and local Republicans pretty well.. this report is all about getting rid of Harris.. just follow the relationships and money... The Bushes do not like Harris-for a number of reasons, some valid - they have publicly and privately asked her not run... Jim Dornan is a "patsy" for a man by the name of Ari.. a close associate/on the take from several big time Florida campaign contributors to the Bushes.. he or Ari are getting paid big time for this "enlightenment".. Ari is also on a presidential committee for Brownback in Kansas.. hoping for a payback... while I do not endorse Harris.. I absolutely resent a former campaigner coming forth with such negative discussions - I for one, if I were to run for an office, would NEVER hire Dornan or any of the other Beltway lobbyist.. Dornan, Ari are high paid lobbyist!! By the way.. is there a connection to the large, outspoken Dornan family???
  • American Idol 2006--Live Thread (Part III)

    05/28/2006 8:03:07 AM PDT · 10,860 of 11,455
    Fritzy to Netizen; Jim Robinson
    At long last.. I thought I was going nutz.. thanks Netizen...

    As one FReeper defined.. this thread is about entertainment.. a sharing of personal perspectives and endorsements for specific talent as showcased on AI...

    Frankly, Doodlelady is waaaay out of line..

    Catch you all later...

    Sorry Jim... I have been out of the country.. returning to discover the antics of Doodlelady.. thinking that FR had changed... my apology to you and your staff...
  • American Idol 2006--Live Thread (Part III)

    05/27/2006 3:44:00 PM PDT · 10,715 of 11,455
    Fritzy to floridaobserver
    You are right .. the end of his life was horrible.. not at all what we wanted..however.. his voice was incredible... Taylor is no where near the voice... again, Elvis was not all he appeared to be... however, he did have manners. the business chews up people, as we all know..

    I like to watch Taylor.. he is fun... but as far a a voice with quality and long-term staying power... in my opinion, he just does not have it...

    Thanks for the civilized come back!